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WC Interview by Prezident Bejda


have been a student of the game for many years, I like the street stuff. I appreciate cats like you that have lyrics! I appreciate you for having your opinion but a lot of the blame is not on the artists. I use to pull my teeth out but Im gonna be real with you, a lot of kids are doing it because it is what the record label and the radio says in order to be accepted. To me that is one of the reasons why it is going down like that. To give credit to the youngsters they don’t even know what happened in the 90s, most of them were born in the 90s. I am trying to educate them! There you go. Look at how they are dressing! We call them swaggots! Let me ask you a question, would you wanna see your son wearing those clothes with a skate board in his hands or wearing khakis with a pistol! That is definitely a good question. Well I would not want him to have a pistol, but I would find a different medium for him. I understand you don’t want the tight shit on for him. Here we are conversing trying to come up with a solution and I appreciate that!


You do a lot what else do you have going on? I got shoes coming out soon that I am working with. I never sold merchandise so I am excited about this. I also got a film crew and we got a couple of straight to DVD films coming out. At the top of the year we are gonna drop an EP as well as a physical copy. We got a couple of projects that we are working on right now. Are you doing the acting?

West Coast legends dating back to the 1980s WC came through for Continued page 15 a recent visit on the Murder Master Music Show hosted by Down’s very own Prezident Bejda. The two chopped it up about numerous subjects. Here is a taste of that interview.




hats poppin in Germany? Its been a while, since we last talked to you. Whats good Tony! Good to talk to you again! Man I really cant speak for the whole country. All I know is Schweinfurt (SDubb), thats where I was born and raised. To make a long story short, we are still doing it big in Schweinfurt City. When we were coming together for the first time, I told DOWN, that we have a lot of American soldiers, living here. Schweinfurt is a German town, with an American flavour. The soldiers and their families will leave SDubb city in about 2 years. Honestly, I cant imagine, Schweinfurt with out em. Anyway, life goes on and shout out to everybody in my city! Tell me the name of your new album? Its called BK (stands for Burger King, Burger is my family name) Da G-Funk Album. By the way, G stands for German in this case. Sounds good man! Is G-Funk still out

there? Thought everybody is swaggin these days!? 100! Not to many are still doing this. If GFunk was dead, we resurrected it! I have been a Rap/Hip Hop fan since the age of 12, today this dates back to the year 1989. To make a long story short once again, I never did music, to please somebody! I am only doing what I love to do = real Rap!

Funk, Crunk, Hardcore Hip-Hop and even a club banger. As I said, music for everybody into Rap!

After a lot of projects without any or only a few features on, do you have any guests on BK? You are right, on past albums like Dat Muthafucka Burga, Ma Passion & Schorleface, featured names were hard to find. But this time I felt like hooking up with some heavyhitters in the game. So on BK you will find a lot of guests.

Name some of the new songs. Ok, let me start off with my personal fav track = Hard Rhymers, it features Big Mike and Renizance and got produced by B-Dubb. It has a talkbox on the hook. It got played by the homie Keith Guerrero. It takes yall back to the days of California Love (RIP PAC), its nothing but fire. Then we have a track called Dirty Talk feat. M.C. Mack. Its something for the Ladies to get they twerk on and of course for all the playas out there, getting their pimp on! Another one is called Grab The Mic and it features HTowns own K-Rino, which is all about showing some lyrical skills. 2 of my solo songs are, Nothing Lasts Forever and Sucka Free 2012. Those are songs, telling yall how I feel. Real shit 100!

Heavyhitters? Tell us more about this please! I got Legends like KOKANE, YUKMOUTH, X-RAIDED (FREE A. BROWN), BIG MIKE of the GETO BOYS, CELLY CEL, TOMMY WRIGHT III, M.C. MACK and ANT BANKS of TOO SHORTS DANGEROUS CREW up on it. Damn! How did you get so many OGs in the game upon BK? Hard work homie! Hard work! Me and my potna = B-DUBB, were networking a lot the past 2 years. Both of us were doing major moves, without any help from no one! BK is our baby B-Dubb! I want the whole world to know this! Can nobody take this away from us anymore! Much luv & respect bro! God bless! Who produced the album? B-Dubb for Bfunkarea Productions, my brother Intone & Renizance of Immortal Soldierz. Teaming up with 3 different producers makes this project real special! The first idea of the album was to do a cd, packed with strictly G-Funk songs on it. Thats where the title comes from. But at the end of the day, we now have tracks for everybody upon BK. G-

Is the album already in stores? Yea it is distributed by cdbaby and online everywhere now. Itunes, amazon, etc.. I have the cd for only 5 bucks up on cdbaby as well, for all them old schoolers like me out there!

After so many years in the game, DMB how have you improved? Its the will to survive man. The rapgame is bloodsport. Only the strong survive. By talking about the rapgame, I am not talking about the industry, cause we all know that Hip-Hop cant be found there any more. It makes me sad, that everybody is rappin and singing over cheap thechno beats in these days, fa real! But it is not only the will to survive, I got 2 real mfs by side = B-Dubb & Intone, I cant imagine Burger-Records with out em! Thanx for everything! Are you well known, in Germany? I have a fan base worldwide, but when it comes to Germany I gotta give a shout out to the Pimpclinic & .. Yall know good music playaz! Shout out to



dRUMMA BOY I just did some work with Chris Brownand Mary J Blige. Chris Brown just leaked a couple of the records we did. interview Scott Bejda photo Hannibal Matthews



emphis is rich in rap history. Coming up who were some of your influences?

Cats like Isaac Hayes and Al Green. There is a mix because you got gospel, rock, pop, and so many genres. It is definitely a blessing to be from this gumbo. Memphis is the home. IT is a gumbo city. When people ask me to describe my sound I always say “Gumbo” because there is so much here. Not many give props to the M-Town though why is that? Man I don’t know. VH1 did the Hiphop Honors for the south and they failed to mention Memphis as well. Yeah I thought for sure they would have mentioned Memphis on the VH1 Honors, I was disappointed myself on that one. They didn’t even mention Eightball & MJG or Three 6 Mafia. Memphis got totally slept on. If you do the “South” as a whole you have to include Memphis. I have seen a lot of people rip off the Bay Area and a lot of people rip off Memphis too. There is a lot of influence coming from Memphis! Oh definitely! A lot of areas got sound from us. I have heard your production poppin up just about every where for awhile now. Who are some of the people you did production for? From the beginning me and Gotti came up. That was one of the first artists I worked with along with Tela, Gangsta Boo, Playa Fly, Bun-B and then other cats would hear it like Pastor Troy. I did 3 beats for Pastor Troy before I even met him. Next thing you know I started working with Young Jeezy then Plies, Paul Wall, and then I did a song for Usher called “Stranger” so I got off into the R&B thing. Any artists you plan on working with in the future? I just did some work with Chris Brown and Mary J Blige. Chris Brown just leaked a couple of the records we did. Continued page 15

Strictly 4 The Strippers WWW.DOWNMAGAZINE.BIZ 7


Interview by Scott Bejda



irst of all you already know that I have to go into the realm of football in the NFL. As far as the Detroit Lions are concerned you picked a good year to come over to this franchise because in recent years they have been hurting as an organization. You guys had a real good year in 2011 how would you sum it all up? It was a good year overall but it was still disappointing in the end. I felt like we had all the tools of everything that we needed to really go on a run to be played in the game that is going on this weekend meeting the Super Bowl, but things didn’t quite work out. I do think it was an amazing season because we got back to the playoffs for the first time since ’99. Overall was a good year but we still have a lot to do and work on for next year. Just like with the Chicago Bulls and basketball since the Jordan era it took years for the team to get back into the groove, I think that the Detroit Lions have found that group. Would you say that is a fair assumption to make? We got some young defensive talent and good offense and it is definitely a possibility as was everybody stays focused. We just have to continue to work hard. Continued page 15



Andrew Goudelock L A K E R S P G G O E S TO D - L E A G U E Yeah definitely things that I need to improve. I think I have come a long way, but it never stops there. You got to keep getting better every day. That’s how you get better as a player so. I been pleased with what I been doing so far. I got a long way to go. In college you were the 3 point champ in college that true? Yeah. Is that your forte 3 point shooting or the floater? The three point shooting. I been doing that since I can remember. That’s what I was known for, floaters just recently.

Andrew Goudelock the rookie guard for the Lakers speaks to Down Magazine about life in the NBA, Metta, Kobe and his favorite rappers. Kobe Bryant has named Drew as the Mini Mamba for his fearless shooting early in the season. The Lakers lost to eventual finals runner up OKC but should be a force next year. Down Magazine:First of all how you doing Andrew? Andrew Goudelock: Im doing good how about you? I’m good. How has your rookie season been Andrew? It’s going pretty well. I think that I have exceeded some expectations… You have played alot of games this season are you happy with your play, things you have to improve?

you surprised? Nah I wasn’t surprised at all. I think I was actually well prepared. I wasn’t star struck by any means by some of these guys. Especially when you’re on a team with one of the best players in the league, I was good. Were you nervous on your first game with the Lakers? I was nervous definitely pumping. I don’t think I was really nervous when I got into the game. It was more fun for me than anything else. It was a challenge for me so, I haven’t been real nervous. What about ShowTime from college all the stars on the court. That is crazy. It’s a lot different it takes getting used to. I see celebrities I look once in a while on the court.

Playing with the greatest ever in Kobe what has he taught you? Just from the mental aspect his demeanor, he keeps his demeanor always right. Even when you know he may be frustrated, you don’t see it in his face. Just to be smart about everything have confidence.

What do you think of Magic Johnson buying the Dodgers? I think it was a good investment. He’s a businessman and does a lot of things. One more big thing to add to his list.

What did Fish teach you this season? Fisher just taught me a lot about the business. The business side of things. He was so active in the NBA, that helped me. He would always tell me little secrets on how the business works. From being a point guard standpoint, mentally. I’ve never ran point before this year. When I did he was always in my ear helping me out. A easier way to get by. He was a really big help really miss him here.

Blake is front of you and Session do you feel you should get more minutes on the court, any frustrations? It is what it is. I always support my team mates first though. I have confidence in those guys, whoever coach puts on the court, I’m rooting for. These guys have a lot of talent. Most of these guys have experience. They really are a lot older. It is what it is. Nobody likes to watch the game rather play in it. But it’s not always up to you.

Was it a shock to you Fish was traded? Nobody really has a clue who is going to be traded. You hear things in the media but you really don’t know. We didn’t have any clue we didn’t know.

What was your best game of the season so far? I know you scored 13, and 14 against the Clippers. Probably those first couple of games I actually got to play. The Clippers and Nuggets so first of all got to play some

The jump from college to pros were WWW.DOWNLOWMAGAZINE.COM


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T.O.N.E-z Interview by: Prezident Bejda


ou have been in the game for a minute and have been around many legends. What was the first album that you put

out? The first album released was “In Tone We Trust” which came out on Select Records back in 1991. That was a good era in rap! How did the album do for you? It did around 300,000 but keep in mind that the industry wasn’t really relying on Soundscan back then. I use to look at the books on the low-low and I would see the numbers. That was impressive for a debut! Most definitely! Back then to do those numbers would be like going Gold or almost Platinum today. Being in the game this long, how do you feel abut the game in 1991 verses 2012? What are the major changes that you have noticed?

I don’t like to call it the game. I think when people call it the game that gave it a whole new stigma. It’s not too much different, the only difference that I see which is a big problem is nobody is really doing it for the love of Hip Hop. It is more about hustlin’ and gettin’ your money. You know the golden rule in the hood is you don’t hate on nobody for getting any money but as far as Hip Hop goes that is the main difference. There’s no substance! Everything else is the same though because there are still politics, still have DJs that don’t play your stuff, so everything is the same it is just on a bigger scale with more business involved. There is no love for the culture and the passion of Hip Hop, it is just about bread. How does it feel to have a theme song for a show on TV? Feels amazing; over 200,000 in sales. I am in a different zone. My music is heard throughout Hollywood and it gets heard on the radio. The same politics that an average artist has to go through I don’t have to go through.


How did you land your song as the theme of Justified? Myself and this kid Rench, we had some stuff circulating over the internet and people at FX heard it. It was in 2010 when they hit us up and said “Yo, we wanna use this for a commercial for a new TV show!” The joint got so much love, next thing we know they hit us up asking for us to do a theme song. My dude sent me a plain drum track and I banged out the vocals and the chorus and they said “You got it!” so we was good from there.

How is it doing? The album is doing good. I-tunes is doing real good. I got the single “Sittin’ In My Room” and that is getting crazy response. We just did the video for it, and the people that did the video for it are the people that work on the set of Justified. I’m tying it all in!

One thing I was really impressed by was your Emmy nomination. That is huge! Can you tell me about that? It was an Emmy nomination for “The Best Written Song.” After the first season they told me that I was nominated and I was like “What?” All of it happened real fast, too!

I am happy to hear that you have lyrics because now days that is missing greatly! Oh yeah definitely because without that what is the point? I come from the cloth of Furious Five, Rakim, and LL. You can’t even be mentioned if you don’t have any bars otherwise you are just gonna be one of those dudes.

How did that help “High Voltage?” Yeah you are heard by all these people plus even after syndication it will continue to get heard! Yeah plus the 3rd season DVD will be out soon. I’m sure it will go up to 10 seasons. Then it will eventually be on other networks. Even if the Fresh Prince wouldn’t be in movies he would still be getting bread just form the song off his show as well as him acting in it.

How would you describe “High Voltage?” I definitely got the lyrics, the beats are crazy, but I still got joints that can jump on the radio.

Where can cats get at you? also you can catch me on Twitter @toneztwit Before we go is there anything that you want to touch on or any shout outs you want to give? First off all much love to you for doing the interview and showing love. I appreciate everybody from the big

you can’t buy that kind of publicity! I’m still riding off of it, and I had a cameo in the 3rd season. It has helped me greatly. People watch more TV than they listen to the radio. I could have a record on the radio for four months straight and it wouldn’t amount to two nights on TV.

When did your album High Voltage drop? I put it out digitally in early 2012. I put it out as an independent thing and the beauty of that is I can rock that out for a few years if I want to.

magazines to the small blogs. I don’t care if it is 5 people or 5 million I appreciate everybody. Of course also Grit PR and Laurena who handles pretty much everything that I do. Much love goes out to her and all of the artists that she works with. Also everyone who shows me any kind of love!





ANDREW GOUDELOCK LAKERS PG Big Boi, Andre 3000, Outkast those guys. What about Goodie Mob growing up. Little bit, little bit. You signed for a couple years with the Lakers? Yeah I got a two year contract.

significant minutes. Feel like I did a pretty good job of leaving a impression in people’s heads. Who are your favorite players now? I really don’t have any favorite players anymore. What point guards do you match up against? Every guard in the league is good so. Russell Westbrook is a tough guy to matchup with.

Who’s the quickest guard John Wall? Russell Westbrook. Did you matchup with him this year? I didn’t. I played against him one time. The last time I didn’t play. I haven’t really had to matchup with him like I would want. Who was the quickest guard you personally went up against? Probably have to give it to Jamal Crawford maybe. He’s probably the quickest guy. Name some of your favorite rappers? I like Lil Wayne, J-Cole, Nas is one of my favorite rappers all time. I like Drake. I listen to a variety of guys. You listening to Lupe? I really don’t like Lupe.

Kobe called you mini Mamba how does that make you feel? I’m very, very honored. Even if he didn’t say anything at all, he acknowledged me. It comes from a lot of hard work. Having good people around me, my parents, some good friends. I’m just happy that I got in a situation I got in. Did you know on draft day if you were going to the Lakers or some other team? I didn’t have a clue. Nobody really knows outside of maybe one team, so that day was pretty crazy for me. I wasn’t sure. I knew New Jersey, Miami, Chicago were looking at me. There was a lot of teams that could have picked, around the time I was going to go. I didn’t know the Lakers would pick me. Did you do the workouts with the teams? I had 16 of those. I went to about every city. The Lakers must have been one of them. Yeah. The Lakers were like my second one. It was probably one of my best workouts. Metta what kind of guy is on and off the court? He’s a great guy. I’m closer with him than other guys. More than anyone else. He was the first person to actually speak with me when I got off training camp. I got a really good relationship with him. He would always talk for me. A great guy, a great team mate. I got a good friendship with most of the guys on the team. What do you tell Down Magazine fans of you and the Lakers about following your dream? I’m just looking forward to the future. Everything I do opportunity to get better. Opportunity for people to know we a little bit better. I’m looking forward for the future.

You from North Carolina? Nah I’m from Atlanta. TI is from Atlanta, Young Jeezy, 23 DOWNLOW

ad a concussion and I know it jUSTIN DURANT CONTINUED is a rough sport but how physically demanding as it? Even in the off-season and you have to do continuous preparation? Most definitely man it is definitely taxing and a sum that you really have to do all year. You might get a month or so off but you have to get right back on your grind. I am about to start back up in another week or two just to start my preparation for the season. That is something a lot of people don’t see because they think that we just go out there planned Sunday’s but we officially start back up on April 16 and you have to be ready to go which means you have to start sometime in February or March. One thing that you and I have in common is our love fera to me. DRUMMA BOY CONTINUED That is impressive man! Thanks man. Do you have a favorite? It is too hard to say! What do you have coming out? Right now you can get “Welcome to My City 2” and in the future I got the mixtapes “Hustle Game Cash Game”, “Clash of the Titans”, and “Strictly 4 The Strippers.”


all my folks in the U.S. and Japan as

Yeah I am starring in the films but I am not really trippin on the acting I am more focused on what going on behind the scenes.

well. We will continue, to serve yall with nothing but Heat!

Back to rappin you have a very unique style, how did you develop it? Im a big fan of a lot of cats that came before me. I use to listen to Treacherous Three and so many other groups that a lot of people wasn’t up on. I was definitely a big Kool g rap fan though. I loved the way he played with the words and same with KRS-1. FOR MORE OF THIS INTERVIEW GO TO usicshow


So you got any upcoming new projects as well? Hell Yea! If somebody thought we were, done after dropping BK, here is a big NAW, WE AINT for yall! We will drop a single called Hate Around Da Corner feat. WC (Westside Connection), Tha Realest & C-Siccness real soon! Then we will come up with another DMB project, around fall 2012. Its gone be an EP or an album called KNOCK OUT MUZIK. I will come up with a few more DMB solo songs then. This project will be produced by the world famous TRACK PROS and of course by my man B-DUBB. I already knew, that you are a big fan of rap DMB, let DOWN know, about some of your favourite songs of all time! Fa sho, here we go with a few: Above the Law – Clinic 2000, SPM (FREE SPM) – Wiggy, Big Mike / Geto Boys – No Nuts no Glory, NWA – Straight outta Compton (RIP EAZY E), X-Raided (FREE X) – Unforgiven, UGK (RIP PIMP C) – Choppin Blades, Three 6 Mafia – Tear Da Club Up & RUN DMC (RIP JAM MASTER J) – Sucker MCs, just to name a few. If you take a look at the list and how many MCs are in prison or already dead, I am asking: Is this coincidence? My answer = NO! Cause I haven’t even named 2 of the greatest of all times = PAC & BIGGIE (RIP) They wanna see Hip-Hop dead, but Rap will never die!! Any last words? Yea much Luv to all like minded people = real rap lovers out there! Thanx for the support! WWW.BURGER-RECORDS.COM





he song “For All” by Far East Movement was for Obama to be reelected over another right winger. Tell Down Magazine how the song came together? We’ve always been interested in the political process, working with rock the vote from back in the day till now and we’ve been long time Obama supporters so his team asked us to perform at a “Gotta Vote” awareness concert in Richmond VA. That inspired us to do a song around the ideas of President Obama’s For All/ Forward campaign and we got a chance to perform it at the event for their team. They loved the track and with the help of the community we put together the music video. Obviously we got tough times now in

America but Obama has improved things from Bush. What do you guys think living in Cali? Living in Cali we see education needs to improve. We grew up in the LA districts and feel the next generation needs the funds to learn what the new world is bringing. We Hope to see improvement all throughout our city and are keeping expectations to a realistic timeline. How did you get guys like George Lopez to be on the song? A lot of the cameos in the video came from relationships we have, donated resources from Stampede Management and Transparent Agency and people in the community interested in the cause.

community we put together the music video. Obviously we got tough times now in America but Obama has improved things from Bush. What do you guys think living in Cali? Living in Cali we see education needs to improve. We grew up in the LA districts and feel the next generation needs the funds to learn what the new world is bringing. We Hope to see improvement all throughout our city and are keeping expectations to a realistic timeline. How did you get guys like George Lopez to be on the song? A lot of the cameos in the video came from relationships we have, donated resources from Stampede 17 DOWNLOWMAGAZINE.COM



Management and Transparent Agency and people in the community interested in the cause. It’s a positive event that attracted some positive people that we’re extremely grateful for. Where are you guys right now? Just got home to downtown LA. At the recording studio working on music. You guys are kinda like rags to riches how do you 18 WWW.DOWNLOWMAGAZINE.COM

feel about your success? We feel we’re far from where we want to be but it was definitely a long road to get to this point. Almost 10 years of grinding with extreme highs n lows and our community as city to keep us inspired. What are you telling others about voting for Obama and how important every vote maybe? We’re showing people how the President inspires us personally and telling people to vote in




I remember things like touring with a lot of my heroes like Rakim and Chuck D. You got songs like “Goddamn Uncle Sam” that have a great positive message. Is that important? I have many songs like that but I also have songs that aren’t positive though. I am not against any of the things that are going on now. I just like seeing people making music expressing themselves. People speak about what they know. A lot of the rap today is garbage though! They are in a situation where they have not been taught a lot of the stuff that we were taught. I grew up listening to people like Chuck D, Ice Cube, and others. These kids didn’t grow up on that stuff. At that time hiphop fans controlled the market. The big industry hadn’t learned how to control the market yet. I can’t be too mad at these kids. I kind of feel sad for them in away because there are other sides to them that they feel they can’t express. You are right they did not have the Geto Boys, Ice Cubes, etc, but at the end of the day I love lyrics. You have lyrics! Thank you my brother.

ou have been in the game awhile. What has been the most memorable moments in your career? There have been a lot of moments. I would say not having a major machine behind me all of this time is memorable. I also work with a lot of great people like Atmosphere and Rhyme Sayers. They have been a great team for me. We have grown over the years.


You also stand up for what you believe in. Recently you got arrested at a rally. Can you explain what happened? The people at the top are doing better than anybody while so many are not doing well. Everyone knows about Occupy Wall Street and in Minnesota there is Occupy Homes and one of the things we looked at is the banks are stealing people’s homes. What we decided to do was apply some pressure by protesting. We went to some houses of people who have done everything and might have only missed one or two payments. We start working with the family and if the police come to evict the family we block the police from coming in. There might be 100 people

there at the house so you will have to arrest 100 people. It creates enough time for the banks to renegotiate with people. I got arrested at this one house and it’s a fight. This is the next phase of what people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King was doing. Tell me about your album “Mourning in America…Dreaming in Color?” The mourning is like being at a funeral because there is a lot of pain in our country right now for a lot of different reasons. When we were kids the hood was going through bad things but the suburbs were untouched, but right now everybody is feeling this shit right now. People are losing tier homes, retirement, and healthcare. The cost to go to college is so much that when cats come out of college they have so much debt with no jobs. Somebody made a decision awhile ago that art was not suppose to be about problems and it was suppose to be about an escape from our lives but the people of power made that decision. The truth is we have pain and we need to express ourselves. I respect that! Yeah we are gonna talk about what is going on with the people. Pain is a universal thing because it reminds us that we are human and we are not the shit. We have imperfections and we are experiencing life together. People are suffering together and it’s a unifying thing. There is a reason why you see a white school teacher handcuff himself to a Mexican ladies house and then tell the white police “You gotta arrest me!” It sounds like a real deep album! I am as torn up as ever but I am also excited about the real hope at the same time. When did it drop? It dropped back in August on the 21st. Before you go can you tell the fans where they can catch up with you at? and find me under Brother Ali on Facebook and Twitter. by Scott Bejda


general. We have an audience that may be a part of x, y and z political parties and respect their freedom to choose... And what we love about our audience is that whatever their beliefs are they respect our freedom to express our opinion n still love the music. We’re not interested in alienating our fans but feel the importance to represent what’s true to us. Being Asian, do you think hip hop is now race free?

It’s getting closer thanks to all the people that have paved the way n opened that door. It’s awesome to turn on MTV Jams and see so many different color artists with music vids in rotation and with hot flows. 20 DOWNLOWMAGAZINE.COM

It’s exciting to hear all these different perspectives in music and more exciting that the listeners are interested. This year it was crazy for us to see the acceptance in Europe and a lot of countries we’ve never visited with the success of “Turn Up The Love” really showed us that the whole world is becoming more and more colorblind to music artists. What can you guys tell Down Magazine about Obama and following your dream? The song “For All” is the statement for both. Dreams become reality when you feel entitled to them. With Nash, Howard and Kobe are we gonna win it this year? As long as they all stay healthy and give the Heat and Thunder due respect. Will be exciting. LA all day. Down Magazine thanks you guys for taking some time out of your busy schedule. Interview by Tony Garcia WWW.DOWNLOWMAGAZINE.COM Thanks to Greg Miller


-1 and first met in 1990 at FAMU in Tallahassee, FL and connected through their passion for music and similar ideologies. After moving to New York and connecting with Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar, the duo released their debut album, Let’s Get Free, which spawned their hit single, “Hip Hop.” Their revolutionary lyrics brought them to the forefront of hip-hop’s politically conscious movement. On Information Age, stic and M-1, once again express views of


liberation, both conceptually and sonically, while expanding the hiphop conversation. No longer labeled as “political” or “gangster,” dead prez, is genre bending. “We’re not trying to repeat ourselves with this album, we’re trying to expand the story,” remarked stic. “Many of the industry’s genre divisions are just a covert form of musical apartheid. We want to break genre limitations and reach out into new areas with our creativity.” Before the election you guys said it didn’t matter if Obama


won or lost. Do you still believe the better choice doesn’t even help in a small way? Or are you talking about something bigger? stic: “Time will tell. They still bombing folks last I heard. Police brutality still rampant. Business as usual.” How did it feel when Dave Chappelle picked an instrumental version of “Hip Hop” to be his intro music for his TV show? Stic: “It was an honor. Dave is such a hilarious, relevant, caring comedic voice and he shared his platform with us. So thankful. I see him in the

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same school as Richard Pryor and Paul Mooney in terms of social integrity.” On the new album, in your opinion, what is a song that fans will really feel for 2013? Stic: “The one that they resonate with the most will be based in their individual preferences and where they are at in their lives. On the deluxe edition “Intelligence is Sexy” is fun! “No Way As The Way” speaks to the spiritual seekers. “Time Travel” is a marathon running anthem for me. “Dirty White Girl” is raw and edgy. There is a lot of different vibes. I’m happy it’s well rounded...hopefully many tastes can be satisfied.” What can fans of Dead Prez fans do to make the world a better place? Stic: “Meditate, organize, eat and live green, be active in the issues that affect you and your loved ones, be the change you want to see don’t wait on nothing to do it for you.” Your top 5 rappers or groups? Stic:“-Cody Chesnutt, -KRS One ,2 PAC, Bob Marley, Malcolm X.” Entire Dead Prez interview in #36 Down Print issue. Feb 2013



Down Magazine 35  

Features Drumma boy, Far East Movement, Dead Prez, DMB, WC, Andrew goudelock

Down Magazine 35  

Features Drumma boy, Far East Movement, Dead Prez, DMB, WC, Andrew goudelock