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Gamers out there are rightly familiar about the newest console of Nintendo, the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s newest gaming console against the many gaming consoles today.


Nintendo Wii U boasts itself with its “all-new, Power-based microprocessor”, which is designed by IBM. No provisions have been releasedyet about this CPU but it may seem like it’s going to be really quality.. If you have been a Nintendolover ever since, then you might have the Nintendo Wii and you will be glad to see that the recent Nintendo is even better than this. For the Graphics Processing Unit of this new Nintendo video game console, it is by AMD using Radeon Technology.Newly-released information regardingthis game console set that its GPU can evolve Xbox 360’s and PS3’s GPUs. It is clearly seen that Nintendo Wii U emphasizes more on firm gameplay in place of offering gamers out there the extreme graphics. The Nintendo Wii U doesn’t have an internal hard drive but it has a 8gb onboard internal flash storage. Players are nudged to utilize USB for more capacity. Players who use Nintendo Wii can use of the remote with their Nintendo Wii U.. Nintendo is making methodsto make the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U work and be attuned with each other. Nintendo Wii games can be used through Nintendo Wii U. The Nintendo Wii U has another video output provisions like its 480i to 1080p outputs and big screen video modes ranging from 4:3 to 16:9. Its tablet controller is the most thrilling part and Nintendo gamers are very much excited with this..According to new reports, it has an accelerometer and gyroscope, which are both 3-axis. It is also a touchscreen. A lot of gamers are so excited for the release of this game console.. Gamers today cannot wait to buy the Nintendo Wii U. Obtaining this video gaming console for free is probable. All you have to do is visit for a chance to win a new gaming console from Nintendo. Aside from this, the site will also give you with a lot of information about the gaming console and other games that you can enjoy with it. It is very easy to get a no cost game console; all you have to do is follow the methods.

Nintendo Wii U  
Nintendo Wii U  

The Nintendo Wii U doesn’t have an internal hard drive but it has a 8gb onboard internal flash storage