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9 Facilitating Disassembly

9.4 Power Macintosh G5 is a computer workstation that has been designed for easy upgrading. Easy accessibility and visible internal parts facilitate the replacing of components, such as video cards and RAM, by the user himself, without the need to call for technical assistance, which may turn out to be too expensive and could be avoided. Example 9.4 Apple PowerMac G5 workstation, equipped with easily replaceable components

9.5 Dry chair, designed by Massimo Morozzi, has a structure of 20 wooden components fastened by one screw; no other fastening materials (glue, nails) are used. Example 9.5 Dry chair, designed by Massimo Morozzi


Use only screws with similarly shaped heads.

Design for Environmental Sustainability  
Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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