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9.2 Guidelines


• Design leaning surfaces and grabbing features in compliance with standards (Example 9.4) • Arrange leaning surfaces around the product’s centre of gravity • Design for an easy centring on the component base Shape and accessibility of joints: • Avoid joining systems that require simultaneous interventions for opening • Minimise the overall number of fasteners (Example 9.5) • Minimise the overall number of different fastener types (that demand different tools) (Example 9.6) • Avoid difficult-to-handle fasteners • Design accessible and recognisable entrances for dismantling • Design accessible and controllable dismantling points

Examples 9.1 The cooling circuits of refrigerators that contain substances hazardous to humans or nature should be positioned so that they can be accessed directly from outside. 9.2 Printed circuit boards contain recyclable high value elements like silver, gold and chromium; toxic elements like beryllium and mercury; and other elements that could compromise the recycling processes like organic electrolytic solutions inside the condensers (which corrode metals during recycling). Therefore, the separation of toxic and hazardous materials has to be facilitated, as well as the separation of high value elements. 9.3 Cab chairs, designed by Mario Bellini in 1977, have an easily separable structure of a steel support and a leather cover.

Example 9.3 Cab chair by Cassina, designed by Mario Bellini

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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