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5 Minimising Resource Consumption

5.1.2 All elevators by Kone MonoSpace use the Kone EcoDisc, an axial synchronous engine on permanent magnets (that works at an adjustable frequency and without a reducer) without an engine room, which is considerable dematerialisation, in addition to the notable reduction in the space occupied. Also, the elevators are equipped with highly efficient LED lights, along with alternative energy sources consisting of photovoltaics and halogen-free cables. Example 5.1.2 Kone MonoSpace elevator

5.1.3 Bass guitar designed by Jean-Remi Corti. The material content is reduced to the bare essentials and everything not strictly functional has been simply written off. The body hosts the electronic components: natural amplification is kept to a minimum and inside there is only the pick-up (a sort of microphone that draws in and transmits the vibration of the cords to the amplifier) and a mini-amplifier that allows direct connection with a pair of headphones.

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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