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7 Product Lifetime Optimisation

7.21.4 Supermarket chain Iper, Italy, markets its own brand of detergents, bundled with a refilling service: after the client has consumed the products purchased, he can return to the outlet with the empty container and refill it from a dispenser. The same container can be used over and over, until it is worn out and eventually recycled.

Example 7.21.4 Detergent dispenser, supermarket chain Iper


Ferrero sells Nutella in glass jars that can be later used as cups.

Example 7.22 Jar/glass of Nutella

7.6.7 Facilitating Re-manufacturing Re-manufacturing20 is an industrial process of renewing products frazzled by use, which will regain a condition comparable to that of new products.


Besides re-manufacturing, the term refurbishment is used; the former refers to more consistent use of industrial operations. In this book we will not use an extra subdivision, though we see that the real difference is made by using or not using such operations for component modification.

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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