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7 Product Lifetime Optimisation

Example 7.19.1 Testing and storing re-usable photocopiers, Rank Xerox

7.19.2 Grammer AG, Germany, presented in 1993 a new product line of office chairs called Natura. The objective of this line was to extend the lifetime of chairs and their components. Natura chairs are designed to last 30 years and in the end they have to be returned to Grammer, who guarantees the re-use of their parts (and materials). The recovered goods are carefully disassembled and separated parts go through an examination. After a series of renewal operations, the components are used in the assembly of new chairs. Grammer had to accomplish several economic tasks, the logistics of recollection and client involvement. To ensure economic feasibility the costs are covered by a lay-away plan: the income from sales is used for the future costs of re-use.

Example 7.19.2 Office chair by Grammer

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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