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7.6 Guidelines


7.11.3 Some shirts are sold with replaceable wristbands and collars. These are worn out faster than other parts and can be replaced, extending the lifetime of clothes and saving money for the consumer. 7.12.1 Rank Xerox has equipped its photocopiers with automatic systems for monitoring the easily worn and periodically replaceable components. 7.12.2 Some motorbikes have an oil window to check the oil level without opening the tank. 7.12.3 BMW and Rolls Royce co-produce an air engine BR 700 integrated with a monitoring system for problem identification. It has a modular structure with easy access to maintainable components to facilitate maintenance. Example 7.12.3 BR 700 jet engine by BMW Rolls Royce

7.13.1 Piano bookshelves are exemplary in terms of long-term goods. The quality of the timber used (multilayered wood, veneered and bordered by allwood panels) and the overall structure aim to extend the useful lifetime of the product. Different parts of the bookshelf are examined in order to offer easy assembly and disassembly: they permit easy replacement and upgrading of components and ensure longevity.

Example 7.13.1 Piano bookshelves, equipped with maintenance kit, Riva

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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