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7 Product Lifetime Optimisation

The walls are also mobile to adapt according to the company’s needs (and to facilitate carrying out surveys). The dividing walls are designed so that the electricity, EDP and telephone cables pass through the holes in the wainscoting, via beams attached to the ceiling or via proper shafts buried in the partition walls. 7.9.1 Leo is a cot-bed, designed by Irene Puorto, that can be spread out by lowering the elevated sides when no longer needed because of the child growing. Example 7.9.1 The Leo bed, designed by Irene Puorto

7.9.2 Back in 1979, the Klippan sofa was brought onto the market by Ikea. The sofa had easily removable covers, it was possible to buy new covers every year if a make-over was wanted, or the covers could be created oneself according to paper patterns.

Example 7.9.2 The Klippan sofa by Ikea

Design for Environmental Sustainability  

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