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December 2009

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Qty US$ Price AQ649 AQ650 KC683 AQ652 AQ030 AQ031 AQ188 AO785 KC630 AP453 AP613 AP614 AP615 AQ429 AQ428 AE367 AP791 AQ511 AQ512 AQ513 AQ514 KC676 SH065 AQ518 AQ517 AQ516 AQ559 AQ560 AQ561 AQ153 AQ404 SH055 AJ654 SH057 SH050 AM188 KC686 KC687 KC688 KC689 KC690 AJ871 KC691 AQ653 AQ654 HA422 AQ321 KC684

Money – December 2009 Page 1 – Ocean Series Over Stocked! 2006 $1 Ocean Series Bottlenose Dolphin Al-Br Unc Capsule Only 2006 $1 Ocean Series Eastern Clown Fish Al-Br Unc Capsule Only 2006 $1 Ocean Series Dolphin & Clown Fish Unc Pair Capsule Only SAVE $25 Pages 2 & 3 – Gold Banknotes Australia Coombs/Wilson $1 & $2 First Prefix Gold Note Pair Australia $100 Gold Paper Banknote Australia $100 Gold Polymer Banknote Page 4 – Dynamite Dollars 2009 $1 Master Mintmark Counterstamp Al-Br BU 2008 $1 Quarantine PNC 2009 $1 Citizenship Mintmark/Privymark Al-Br BU Collection (4 Coins) 2009 $1 Citizenship ‘C’ Mintmark Al-Br BU 2009 $1 Citizenship ‘B’ Privymark Al-Br BU 2009 $1 Citizenship ‘S’ Privymark Al-Br BU 2009 $1 Citizenship ‘M’ Privymark Al-Br BU 2009 $1 Centenary Of Age Pension Al-Br BU 2009 $1 Centenary Of Age Pension Al-Br BU Mint Roll (20) Unc 1999 $1 International Year Of Older Persons Al-Br Unc Page 5 – Gold Roo! 2009 $1 25th Anniversary Gold Proof Pages 6 & 7 – The 2010 Collector Sets 2010 Burke & Wills 2-coin Unc Set 2010 Burke & Wills 2-coin Proof Set 2010 Mint Set 2010 Proof Set All four 2010 Annual Sets w/FREE Burke & Wills Replica Medal 1861 Burke & Wills Replica Medal 2010 Wedding Proof Set 2010 Baby Mint Set 2010 Baby Proof Set Page 8 – Perth Mint 2010 $1 First Powered Flight Centenary 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Governor Macquarie Bicentenary 1oz Silver Proof Tuvalu 2010 $1 Pheidippides’ Marathon 2,500th Anniversary High Relief 1oz Silver Proof Tuvalu 2009 $1 Battle Of Hastings 1oz Silver Proof Tuvalu 2009 $1 Battle Of Balaklava 1oz Silver Proof Page 9 – Aussie Icons Tuvalu 2010 $1 Ned Kelly 1oz Silver Proof Collection (4) w/FREE Print Cook Islands 2004 50c Ned Kelly Coin Pack Cu-Ni Unc Cook Islands 2009 $1 Cooks’ Cottage 1oz Silver Proof Cook Islands 2009 $1 Captain Cook 0.5g Gold Proof Cook Islands 2007 50c 1930 Penny Tribute Copper Prooflike Pages 10 & 11 – World Coin Sets By Region World Coin Packs – Africa World Coin Packs – Americas World Coin Packs – Asia World Coin Packs – Europe World Coin Packs – Oceania World Money Album Complete World Coins Collection Plus Album Pages 12 & 13 – Lasts And Firsts 1982-1991 $1-$100 Complete Last Prefix Paper Banknote Set (7) Unc 1982-1991 $1-$100 Complete Last Prefix Paper Banknote Consecutive Pairs Collection (14) Unc $1 R76B Knight/Wheeler DBP Test Note Unc $1 R76B Knight/Wheeler DBP Test Note Consecutive Pair Unc 1966-84 $1-$100 First Decimal Paper Banknote Set Unc (7 Notes) SUBTOTAL COLUMN ONE


Qty US$ Price KC685 1992-96 $5-$100 First Day of Issue Polymer Banknote Set Unc

$12.00 $12.00 $20.00 $235.00 $156.00 $156.00 $38.00 $16.00 $9.75 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $2.50 $3.25 $30.00 $16.00 $1,597.00 $12.00 $36.00 $24.00 $96.00 $168.00 $16.00 $96.00 $28.00 $96.00 $72.00 $72.00 $76.00 $72.00 $72.00

$288.00 $24.00 $74.00 $79.00 $16.00 $126.00 $96.00 $135.00 $160.00 $28.00 $31.50 $520.00

$1,035.00 $2,070.00 $156.00 $312.00 $992.00


AQ228 AQ057 AG463 AD050 AB820 AF950 AH909 AK202 AP715 AK824 HI492 AC187 AQ541 AQ444 AQ445 AQ175 AQ176 AP732 AQ174 AP735 AP738 AP158 AP159 AP734 AP737 AP071 AP072 AP733 AP736 AQ177 AQ178 AP115 AP112 AQ173 AP746 AO466 AO115 AP768 AP086 AQ201 AP079 AP101 AO412 AP128 AP215 AP088 AO444 AO369 AQ088 AP502 AO962 AM279 AP116 AN255 AQ269 AG592


Page 14 – An Aussie Selection… Australia 1850s Token Fine 1871-77S Young Head Shield Sovereign VF 1981 20c 3.5 Claws Type Unc 1995 20c Platypus Unc 1995 50c Weary Dunlop PNC 1999 50c Coat Of Arms Unc 2003 50c Elizabeth II Coronation PNC 2004 50c Coat Of Arms Unc 2006 1c & 2c Proof Pair NPA Training Note $2-$100 (6) Set $50 R507 Knight/Stone Unc $5 Fraser/Evans 1996 Unc Page 15 – Japan Japan 2009 10,000¥ Accession 20th Anniversary Proof Pair Japan 2009 1000¥ Niigata Silver Proof Japan 2009 1000¥ Niigata Silver Proof w/Stamps Japan 2009 1000¥ Nagano Silver Proof Japan 2009 1000¥ Nagano Silver Proof w/Stamps Japan 2008 1000¥ Shimane Silver Proof Japan 2008 1000¥ Shimane Silver Proof w/Stamps Japan 2008 500¥ Shimane Bimetal Proof Japan 2008 500¥ Shimane Unc Japan 2008 1000¥ Kyoto Silver Proof Japan 2008 1000¥ Kyoto Silver Proof w/Stamps Japan 2008 500¥ Kyoto Bimetal Proof Japan 2008 500¥ Kyoto Unc Japan 2008 1000¥ Hokkaido Silver Proof Japan 2008 1400¥ Hokkaido Silver Proof & Stamp Set Japan 2008 500¥ Hokkaido Bimetal Proof Japan 2008 500¥ Hokkaido Unc Japan 2009 Cherry Blossom Proof Set Japan 2009 Cherry Blossom Mint Set Pages 16 & 17 – Round The World China 1914 10 Yuan Banknote Fine+ Cook Islands 1987 $3 Banknote Unc GB 2009 Ashes Series Medal German East Africa 1908 5 Heller F-VF Hungary 2008 1000Huf Telephone News Service Cu-Ni Proof Monaco 1999 100Fr Rainier III Silver Unc Rwanda 2007 100Fr Amafaranga Bimetal Unc Singapore 2000 $5 Bimetal Unc Slovakia 2009 10€ 150th Anniversary Birth Of Aurel Stodola Silver Proof Tajikistan 2004 3 Somoni 80th Anniversary Of Dushanbe City Unc Tonga 1981 1 Pa’anga Unc Ukraine 2007 5Hr Bugai Bimetal Unc Malta 2008 10€ Europa Auberge De Castille Silver Proof Turkey 2004 3 Yuro The Blue Mosque Medal Cook Islands 2003 $1 Unc Czech Republic 2008 200Zk 650th Anniversary Vineyard Planting Decree Silver Proof Slovenia 2008 3€ Unc Spanish American 1759-88 Charles III 1R Fine Mongolia 2008 500T Snow Leopard Silver Proof South Africa 2005 2R FIFA World Cup Silver Proof Liechtenstein 2006 10Fr 200 Years Of Sovereignty Silver Proof Thailand 2004 100 Baht Commemorative Banknote GB 2008 £5 Charles 60th Birthday Crown Cu-Ni BU Hungary 2009 200Huf Bimetal Unc Pages 18 & 19 – All The Accessories Dansco Supreme Album Halfpenny

$40.00 $557.00 $120.00 $44.00 $32.00 $8.00 $40.00 $6.50 $16.00 $8.00 $220.00 $32.00 $1,395.00 $99.75 $125.00 $99.75 $125.00 SOLD OUT $125.00 $63.00 $12.00 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT $63.00 $12.00 SOLD OUT $125.00 $63.00 $12.00 $189.00 $29.95 $8.00 $8.00 $28.00 $120.00 $21.00 52.00 $8.00 $20.00 $44.00 $8.00 $20.00 $13.50 $70.00 $5.75 $8.00 $44.00 $13.75 $30.00 $69.00 $72.00 $40.00 $16.00 $28.00 $5.75 $40.00



Get Cooking! There’s only one essential ingredient of the genuine Australian Christmas pudding – genuine Australian silver! Without the ‘trey’ (threepence) and ‘zac’ (sixpence), it’s just not the real thing! Your chance to add an authentic Aussie flavour to your Christmas Day celebrations, this longstanding Australian tradition continues at Downies, with these bags of original predecimal silver threepence and sixpence coins (6 x 3d and 4 x 6d). And, with each bag comprising ten coins, you can give anyone that missed out on a coin in the pudding one of the extras!







Qty US$ Price AG593 AG594 AG595 AG596 AH703 AH704 AH705 AH706 AH707 AH708 AO788 AO789 AO790 AO791 AO792 AO793 AO843 AO794 AO795 AO796 AO787 AN555 AN552 AN553 AN554 GZ470 GZ466 AL130 AL131 AL132 AL133 AL134 AL135 AL136 AL137 AL138 AL139 AL140 AL141 AL142 AL143 AJ794 AP654

Dansco Supreme Album Penny Dansco Supreme Album Threepence & Sixpence Dansco Supreme Album Shilling Dansco Supreme Album Florin Dansco Supreme Album 5c Dansco Supreme Album 10c Dansco Supreme Album 20c Dansco Supreme Album 50c Dansco Supreme Album $1 Dansco Supreme Album $2 Bag Of 50 Mylars 17.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 20mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 22.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 25mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 27.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 30mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 32.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 35mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 37.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars 39.5mm Bag Of 50 Mylars Assorted 15 Coin Blue Tray 24 Coin Blue Tray 40 Coin Blue Tray 77 Coin Blue Tray Banknote Album Coin Album Plastic Coin Pages 20 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Coin Pages 30 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Coin Pages 42 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Coin Pages 56 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Coin Pages 63 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Coin Pages 72 Pocket Pack Of 10 Plastic Banknote Pages Size 1 Pack Of 10 Plastic Banknote Pages Size 2 Pack Of 10 Plastic Banknote Pages Size 3 Pack Of 10 Vario Banknote Pages 1C Pack Of 5 Vario Banknote Pages 2C Pack Of 5 Vario Banknote Pages 3C Pack Of 5 Vario Banknote Pages 2VC Pack Of 5 Vario Banknote Pages 4VC Pack Of 5 Aluminium Coin Carry Case Greg McDonald Guide 16th Edition Hardcover SUBTOTAL COLUMN THREE

$40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $40.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $8.00 $11.25 $11.25 $11.25 $11.25 $16.00 $16.00 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $11.75 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $80.00 $28.00


Qty US$ Price AN436 Greg McDonald Guide 15th Edition Signed Hardcover AL582 Downies 2006 Auction Of The RBA Gold Coins Catalogue

Hardback Edition


$18.00 $16.00

Page 20 – Ducati

AQ486 Palau 2009 Ducati World Champions Silver Proof Pair AH459 AQ663 AQ664 AQ155 AQ665


On The Order Form… Christmas Pudding 3d & 6d Pack 10 2009 Australia Post Year Collection 2009 Australian Territories Stamp Collection Complete 2009 $1 Young Collectors – Space BU Collection 2010 $1 Citizenship BU SUBTOTAL COLUMN FOUR

$15.00 $80.00 $20.00 $64.00 $10.50


Subtotal Column One


Subtotal Column Two


Subtotal Column Three


Subtotal Column Four


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Postage & Insurance – Canada


Postage & Insurance – Overseas


Orders over $500


State Tax (Californian Residents) @8.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg, we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________


Australia and its Territories… Every stamp for 2009! An utterly comprehensive overview of Australian philatelics for the past 12 months, we are delighted to present the new 2009 Australia Post Year Collection and the 2009 Australian Territories Stamp Collection! Twin towers of philatelic memorabilia, these eye-catching, official Australia Post releases incorporate an example of EVERY stamp, minisheet and sheetlet issued in 2009!











Headlined by the Norfolk Island Green Parrot 4-stamp sheetlet from the Species at Risk issue – exclusive to this collection! – the 2009 Australia Post Year Collection comprises 55 Mint stamps, nine miniature sheets and three sheetlets. Every stamp issued in Australia in 2009 is represented! Spread across a stunning album, distinguished by a wealth of photographs and illustrations, with mounts affixed to the album in which to place the stamps, each stamp tamp is complemented by extensive background information. ation.

The perfect partner to the 2009 Australia Post Year Collection, the Australian Territories Stamp Collection comprises all 30 stamps issued in 2009 by Australia’s external territories – the Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. Headlined by the South Magnetic Pole 19092009, Poles & Glaciers and Species at Risk minisheets – the latter being a joint territories issue including Australia and Norfolk Island – this official Australia Post release is set within an official, attractive folder, complete with the story behind each stamp. Colourful, professionally produced and outstanding value-formoney, these prestigious sets will impress any collector – and make a fabulous gift for Christmas!

An unparalleled presentation... Rover – one of the small remote-controlled vehicles used in the exploration of Mars

Hubble Space Telescope – one of the largest space telescopes, and crucial to research

Daedalus – a 93km wide, 3km deep crater located on the far side of the Moon

Pioneer – space probe used to transport information on the human race into deep space

The perfect vehicle to encourage children of all ages to explore the mysteries of the Universe – and make a start in the wonderful world Saturn V – the biggest, most of numismatics – the Perth Mint’s powerful rocket used in regular 2009 $1 Young Collectors Space operational service Collection is also a must-have for traditional Australian decimal collectors. ors. Defined by great variety, stunning presentation and incredible collector value, this collection forms a celebration of mankind’s eternal fascination with space. Comprising nine unique Australian legal tender BU coins, each portraying an aspect of our ongoing exploration of the Universe, this sensational new release has been specifically created to catch the eye of the younger generation. A comprehensive presentation, with a lavishly illustrated coin album, detailed information book on the planets, a 60 minute Parkes – Australia’s famous radio DVD on asteroids, two posters and an activity book all included, telescope, located at the national the 2009 Young Collectors Space $1 Collection forms a gift that is sure to amaze, delight and enlighten. observatory at Parkes NSW This innovative, affordable Perth Mint series is more than just a fantastic present – it is also an essential acquisition for decimal collectors. Comprising nine brilliantly designed, expertly struck, genuine Australian legal tender $1 coins, this magnificent presentation represents a crucial addition to any established Australian coin collection. For the serious Australian $1 type collector in particular, it is simply a must-have.

Galileo Galilei – the ‘father of observational astronomy’, and key player in the Scientific Revolution






Discovery – one of NASA’s three currently operational Space Shuttles: the first re-usable spacecraft


Whether to make an interesting addition to your own collection, or as a great way to share your love of numismatics with another, this sparkling new Australian series is well within your Moon – the Earth’s only natural reach at Official Issue Price. At an average price of less than A$9 satellite per coin, 2009 $1 Young Collectors Space Collection represents unbelievably good value – especially given the amazing range of bonus features!

Comprises nine Australian legal tender 30.6mm $1 BU coins Housed in capsules and presented in a superbly illustrated album Highlighted by a richly detailed, beautifully illustrated information book Includes activity book with word and picture puzzles – PLUS Space stickers! Features bonus 60-minute National Geographic DVD on asteroids! Two 400mm x 690mm glossy, coloured Space posters also included! Top value at Official Issue Price – average cost of less than A$9 per coin!

New 2010 Citizenship $1 released! l d! Crafted to the impeccable Brilliant Uncirculated standards of Australia’s precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint, the second in the $1 Citizenship Series has just been released!





2010 $1 CITIZENSHIP BU Official Issue Price

A proudly Australian program, this new series enshrines the importance of Australian citizenship in genuine Australian legal tender. Graced with the Perth Mint’s powerful Australian Coat of Arms design, this sparkling 30.6mm BU coin will fit neatly into any $1 collection – and is a must-have for those that secured the 2009 edition. A fine presentation, this new 2010-dated release is also the perfect gift for those undertaking the citizenship pledge. Beautifully presented within an official, fullcolour Perth Mint card – bearing a variety of iconic Australian images – the 2010 $1 Citizenship BU is available at the Mint’s very affordable Official Issue Price.

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