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WWI/WWII British and Australian Group of Five; WWI BWM and Victory; WWII War Medal and ASM all impressed to Capt J.B.Ferguson; plus cased Geo V Silver Jubilee Medal unnamed as usual, the WWII medals with paperwork in original box, EF-Unc (5 medals) Est. $200


WWI/WWII framed miniature medals with photo of soldier in glazed frame; 1914-15 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal, Defence Medal and ASM; plus a similar framed WWII miniatures Group of Seven to George P. Latta; 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal, ASM, ASM 1945-75 with PNG bar, QEII Long Service Medal VF-gEF (2 items) Est. $100


WWI/WWII family and in-laws collection of four groups crudely mounted on padded board: WWI/WWII Group of Four; WWI BWM and Victory impressed to 5317 Pte D.H.Collins 24 Bn AIF; WWII War Medal and ASM impressed to V81007 D.H.Collins WWI/WWII Group of Six; WWI BWM impressed to 4544 W.Rowlands Pte RM; WWII 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence, War Medal, ASM impressed to VX14249 W.J.Rowlands, the Africa Star named in a more recent style. Separately is an unofficial Infantry Frontline Service Medal engraved “W.J.Rowlands Syria 1941” WWII Group of Five; 1939-45 Star and Africa Star impressed 15090, War Medal and ASM impressed to 15090.R.Blakey, RAN LSGC impressed to 15090 Ldg Seaman R.Blakey RAN; plus separate Tobruk Siege 1941 and uncertain 1940-41 Greek medal impressed 15090 and crudely engraved R.Blakey. The miniature OBE (Civil) is also attributed to him WWII and later Pair with miniatures; WWII War Medal impressed to 157333 J.T.W.Rowlands, Efficiency Medal Eliz II type engraved to 3/77395 S/Sgt J.T.W.Rowlands CMF The lot also comes with two RAN whistles, mothers badge with one star by Rodd 1940 impressed 197, paperwork relating to the war service of Robert Blakey incl the reason for the Greek award, City of Prahran certificate of appreciation to Blakey for volunteering for service in WWII, some handwritten notes that provide some clues to tying the four servicemen together, and an obit in Gaelic for Lieut J.A.Rowlands (1865-1902) presumably the patriarch of the family. A generally VF and interesting lot that demands further research (lot) Est. $1,250


WWII Group of Five; 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, War Medal, Defence and ASM impressed to WX1898 H.Knight; plus Volunteered badge impressed 33222. The medals aUnc, the badge VF Staff Sergeant Herbert Knight was born 11th July 1897 in London, enlisted 5th March 1940 in Perth, discharged 3rd Nov 1944. Posting at discharge 2/1 Con Depot 6 Div Est. $125


WWII RAAF Group of Four court mounted; 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, War Medal with MID oak leaf, ASM engraved 1763 Edmunds HO, the lot comes with photograph album with WWII period travel snaps and photos of allied and enemy aircraft, framed studio portrait, framed cartoon 1942 by Wells depicting Edmunds, framed dispatch letter dated 1941 from the Governor General, framed George VI letter dated 1st Jan 1943 signed by the Secretary of State for Air, OHMS form signed by war acquaintances, and framed 50th Anniv end of WWII certificate signed by Prime Minister Paul Keating. A lovely lot worthy of further research Harry Oswald Edmunds born 8th Feb 1913 at Annandale NSW, enlisted 3rd Aug 1936 at Laverton Vic, discharged 12th April 1946 at rank of Flight Lieutenant. Posting at discharge Air Gunners School Est. $750


WWII Trio; Burma Star, War Medal and Defence unnamed as issued with ribbons in original card box of issue addressed to Dr S.C.Williams of PO Box 19, North Queensland(!) with British Air Council leaflet enclosed, possibly RAF Est. $125


WWII Trio; 1939-45 Star, Defence and ASM engraved to J.R.McDonnell PM6204, EF Jack Raymond McDonnell born 9th May 1920 at Port Melbourne, enlisted 19th Aug 1942, discharged 15th March 1946. Posting at discharge HMAS Lonsdale at rank of Writer Est. $150

Australian Military Medals


Boer War QSA bars Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Belfast impressed to 83A Pte W.H.James Victoria MR on ribbon fragment, VF and rare Est. $1,250


WWI (WIA) Pair; BWM and Victory impressed to 92 Sgt C.W.Thompson 3-Pnr Bn AIF, a very nice and highly desirable pair, gEF with original ribbons; together with Returned badge and United Society of Boiler Makers & Shipbuilders Victoria badge Charles Walter Thompson, Machine Gun Section 3rd Pioneers, born Birkenhead England (had four years prior service with Liverpool Regt); was a boilermaker residing at 201 Spring Street Melbourne when he enlisted with the AIF aged 33 on 22nd Feb 1916; embarked Melbourne HMAT A62 Wandilla 6th June 1916; wounded at Messines: AIF casualty list no.92 of 28th July 1917 (was later present in the same section as VC winner Walter Peeler at Broodseinde); returned to Australia 24th Jan 1919 Est. $300


WWI British War Medal impressed to 3208 Pte J.Evans 56Bn AIF; together with death plaque, mother’s badge and OHMS envelope addressed to a female relative (mother?) with two perf OS Threepence ‘Roos attached. The lot also comes with Internet research and a photo of the recipient Est. $250


WWI British War Medal impressed to 19320 Pte F.R.O’Connell 2 H.Ship AIF no ribbon; plus misc 1887 medalet and Lauris pocket watch (not working) Est. $100


WWI British War Medal impressed to G.E.Gitsham LCMte (Leading Cooks Mate) RANB (Royal Australian Naval Brigade) a most interesting EF medal with correct ribbon Est. $100


WWI British War Medal impressed to 7515 A-Sjt L.H.J.Levy 6 Bn AIF, no ribbon VF Leonard Henry Levy enlisted 4th Oct 1916 and returned to Australia 8th Aug 1918 Est. $100

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WWII Pair; 1939-45 Star and ASM impressed V335754 G.H.Henderson, AMF Staff Sergeant George Henry Henderson born 22nd Feb 1914 at Melbourne, enlisted 20th Jan 1942, discharged 17th Jan 1946. Location at discharge HQ – AMF Est. $75


WWII Pair court mounted; War Medal and ASM impressed to 105840 Elias.E; together with ARP badge, two return badges, RAAF wings and crown, bronze propeller with lugs intact 1948 badge and Internet research Edith Elias enlisted 17th Aug 1942 at West Cessnock and discharged 16th Feb 1944 at rank of Maintenance Engineer Est. $100


WWII RAAF Pair; War Medal and ASM impressed to 11916 C.K.I.Hosken EF (2 medals) Clarence Keith Irving Hosken enlisted East St Kilda 14th August 1940; discharged (as Sergeant) 7th March 1946. Posting at discharge Air Force HQ Est. $75


WWII 1939-45 Star pantographed to 88291 R.R.Burrows (not full entitlement); together with official and unofficial documents incl medal entitlement, service history, baptism and school certificates etc, modern two-up set and Veterans’ Affairs WWII medallion Raymond Roy Burrows born Hobart Tasmania 1st December 1924, enlisted with the RAAF at New Town Tasmania 14th Dec 1942, discharged 20th Nov 1954. Posting at discharge 5 Squadron at rank of Leading Aircraftman Est. $75


WWII Civilian Service Medal pantographed to Terence Keith Robinson with miniature and ribbon bar in correct case of issue, As Struck and a scarce award with some Internet research Terry Robinson, (1915-2001) was a welder in the Northern Territory with Communist Party affiliations and was a member of the Northern Australia Workers Union who later became one of only two non-indigenous leaders of the Northern Territorial Council for Aboriginal Rights Est. $150


Australian Service Medal bar Bougainville to S155785 M.D.Griffiths in fitted case, with separate miniature and bar, Unc Est. $350


Miniature Group of Seven attributed to Neville Poynton McEachern MBE [service number 3501 (VX7620)] and POW; MBE, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence, War Medal, ASM, LSGC Geo VI, mounted for wearing, a vintage quality set with some research WO1 Neville McEachern born 30th Dec 1905 at Casterton Vic, enlisted Castlemaine 1st Nov 1939, discharged 30th Dec 1960. Posting at discharge 1 Royal Victorian Regiment Est. $100


Framed replica WWI and WWII sets, the first with Victoria Cross, Military Cross, Distinguished Conduct Medal, Military Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Campaign Trio, 1967 Anzac Plaque and Rising Sun, mounted in a nicely glazed framed by Amor Badge Co; the second set containing the eight different stars, Defence, War Medal and ASM, framed but unglazed, ready for wall hanging and most attractive (2 items) Est. $90

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Return and Other Fobs


WWI return fob in 15ct gold by Stewart Dawson & Co with hallmarks, reverse engraved “Presented by Kilmore Residents to Sapper M.M.Lincoln Aust Corps Signal Co Enlisted 5.7.15 Returned 7.6.19”; together with related fob, VF (2 items) Est. $300


WWI British 9ct gold return fob 26x34mm, Lydney’s Welcome Home, reverse impressed to “C. Hughes”, a nice item Lydney is a small town in the English county of Gloucestershire Est. $225

Australian Militaria


Tasmania; Derwent Regiment helmet plate 103mm in white metal by J.R.Gaunt London with lugs intact, EF and rare Est. $750


Caulfield Technical School Cadet Corps hat badge in copper by Stokes with lugs intact; plus box of related military items and other badges (21) Mixed Condition (22 items) Est. $90

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Volunteer Cadet Corps Victoria cap or collar badge 38x32mm pre 1900 with lugs intact; together with Colony of Victoria British made uniform buttons 1880-1893 (one in white metal, the other in brass) and anonymous epaulette button, all housed in small display frames (4 items) Est. $75 Pre-Federation artillery collar badge in copper with lugs intact, the legend reads “Australia Custodes Portarum” (Guardians of the Gates) gVF Est. $75

Pre WWI and later group compr Lord Roberts pin back badge, WWI infantry Rising Sun sweetheart badge, Soldiers & Dependents’ Welfare Association Drummoyne 1916 fob named on reverse, HMAS Australia enamel badge, Empire Day NSW 1917 buttonhole, Australia Day Adelaide 1918 pin, WWII mother’s badge with one star, other misc badges and pins (3); plus small bag containing military buttons with heavy duplication (12) Mixed Condition (22 items) Est. $75

WWI period 44th Battalion West Australian Rifles hat or cap badge with lugs intact; together with related 11/51 “Absent, Yet Ever Near” sweetheart brooch by Austral Company Perth. A nice scarce pair with related research Est. $125


WWI period Australian tinplate badges featuring Roberts, Jellicoe, Verdun etc (7 badges) Est. $75


WWI period Town Talk tobacco tin recovered in France by Private E.W.Tye containing a naval cap tally band for HMS Vivid and two personal notes (one relating to how he received the cap band). An interesting lot that contains service details for Private Tye HMS Vivid was originally launched as the gunboat HMS Cuckoo in 1873 and was renamed in 1912 Est. $75

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WWI period cushion cover decorated with four silk postcard souvenirs from France; another with patriotic theme; plus handkerchief displaying British regiments, and another entitled “Fall In” with Allied flags aroun the border (4 items) Est. $125


WWI death plaque 120mm named to Alfred Roberts, VF Est. $125


WWI period Kodak vest pocket folding camera (touted as “the soldier’s camera”) with photographs taken in Egypt during the war and addressed to relative or sweetheart in Footscray; plus related 1916 Kodak advertisement (4 items) Est. $75


WWI “Army and Navy” field binoculars in leather with nickel plating (mainly intact); together with Perth Mint Proof One Ounce 2004 Sydney/Emden coin with replica medallion and postcards; and Wills Emden cigarette card (3 items) Est. $100


WWI period Princess Mary Christmas cake tin 1914 containing misc badges, coins, pocket knife, Middlesex Regiment slider cap badge etc, Mixed Condition (18 items) Est. $75


Framed and glazed display featuring WWI period “A” for Anzac badge in brass with lugs intact; together with picture of digger wearing the shoulder title Est. $100


Framed and glazed displays featuring Rising Sun hat and collar badges, silver war badge no.A32235, and group of eight pre-Federation uniform buttons (3 framed items) Est. $75


Framed and glazed display featuring WWI silver war badge no.A363132, Proficiency Star in blackened copper, sand-cast signal flags, and c.1948-1953 Royal Australian Regiment hat and collar badges with lugs intact, VF or better (5 items) Est. $100


Post WWI foolscap leaflet “The Great War, 1914-19” by C.E.W.Bean written at the request of the Commonwealth Peace Celebrations Committee for use at the presentation of peace souvenir medals; WWII book “Jungle Warfare” in original shipper; Town of Coburg WWI appreciation certificate to J.N.Hartley dated 30th Aug 1919; misc cloth patches (13); plus partial retirement certificate on board (lot) Est. $75


WWI/WWII Rising Suns, sweethearts, buttons, badges etc, Avge Circ-VF (25 items) Est. $75


WWI/WWII returned services badges incl RSSILA large and small types, RSSAILA both types, and early Redcliffe RSL Ex Service Club member badge; plus misc WWI/WWII British hat badges (6) Mixed Condition (12 items) Est. $75


WWII Ministry of Munitions photo ID card for employee Mr G.Harding; together with Mr Harding’s Australian Shipbuilding Board pass dated 1944 and two misc items (4 items) Est. $75


WWII period wristwatch with no band engraved on backplate “N76149 Capt Desbois NSW 8.7.42” ticks over but would benefit from overhaul, with Veterans’ Affairs certificate Daniel Robert Desbois born Cooktown Qld 8th July 1891, enlisted 3rd July 1940 at Victoria Barracks NSW, discharged 19th Sept 1943. Posting at discharge RRD Showgrounds Est. $75


WWII RAAF sweetheart badges and officials incl RAAF Assn, Air Training Corps etc (12 items) Est. $90

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WWII decommissioned 3-inch 10 Pound mortar by J&W in lacquered carrying tube, nice condition Est. $100


WWII period Voluntary Aid Detachment shoulder titles (2), pips (4), uniform buttons (10); misc medal ribbon; Red Cross cloth patches (5); souvenirs and coin brooch; Girl Guides patch; SCC badge 1930-31; Q.Vic Diamond Jubilee medalet; graduated sterling silver double Albert watch chain; and silver and gold clad fob, all housed in old Craven “A” tin, a nice lot (30 items) Est. $175



Shilling 1943S smoothed on obverse and engraved “JNEERA/V. YBIR. LBH./DRERAVPR” it is believed that YBIR refers to Birchip and LBH refers to Lake Boga Hangar – references to the Lake Boga flying boat base near Birchip Victoria that was commissioned in June 1942 after the bombing of flying boat bases in Broome and Darwin by the Japanese. An interesting lot that contains some basic Internet information, but is worthy of further research Est. $100 WWII period ephemera oddments including ‘Passed by Censor’ cover postmarked 1943; Bruce Bairnsfather postcards (6); booklet “the AIF in Malaya”; German Third Reich brass sporting badge by maker Ferdinand Wagner (catch broken on reverse); together with Brisbane Rifle Club hallmarked sterling silver spoon with presentation inscription to the recipient 1919 (slight metal damage on the tip but the multicolour Rifle Club enamelled finial unaffected); and a small souvenir EPNS 3-handled cup with enamelled badge “Niagara” across a blue ensign, Mixed Condition (11 items) The last item possibly from the ocean liner RMS ‘Niagara’ (although the badge omits ‘RMS’). On a civilian passage from Auckland to Vancouver the ship struck a mine laid by the German cruiser ‘Orion’ and sank off the coast off Whangarei NZ in June 1940 Est. $75


WWII period aircraft identification booklets (3); together with WWI period Bruce Bairnsfather booklet with comical depictions of British soldiers on the front (4 items) Est. $75


WWII Nadzab Airport New Guinea aerial photographs c.1943 (2) one by 8th Photo Squadron 83 J-JAC March 1943, the other showing hideouts around the airstrip, most interesting and with research (2 items) Est. $75


WWII period accumulation of colour patches all appearing to be different, noticed several Tobruk and other scarcer types. The lot comes with descriptive colour booklet “History of Colour Patches of the Australian Army”, a few with moth damage, the majority in excellent condition (approx 200 items) Est. $500


WWII period boomerang with signatures and service numbers of 81 identified and five unidentified service personnel. The lot comes with details of the known servicemen that includes Japanese POW Private J.Arnell of 2/19 Battalion with copy of service certificate. A most interesting item Est. $175


WWII period brass match box holder with Royal Australian Artillery motif; together with two early whistles; Rising Sun cap badge; piece of trench art in tube; possibly another whistle (?); and German cap badge, all housed in old cigarette tin, Mixed Condition (6 items) Est. $90


WWII period War Widows Guild badge 38mm in silver by Meszaros c.1951 in Pinches of London box of issue, Unc Est. $75


Australian and British army badges incl Signals Corps collars (4), crossed rifles (20), machine gunner (10), Australian artillery collars (30), WWI Lewis gunner (5), other gunners (10), Service Corps hat and collar set, other (16); Australian artillery blackened metal uniform buttons (30); plus misc Thailand items (5), and Russia post-WWII group of six medals (139 items) Est. $100


Group of WWI/WWII Rising Sun hat badges, sweetheart, pip and crown Eliz II type, shoulder titles, Anzac Day pins (6), naval bullion badges (3), misc patches, Sergeants stripes etc, all housed in timber cake tin, Mixed Condition (26 items) Est. $100


Small group compr cased replica Rising Sun set of seven, cased Sands of Gallipoli Prominent Medals set containing two medallions and replica WWI Trio; together with USA Purple Heart; and Charles II miniature replica crown, orb and staff (no paperwork) (4  items) Est. $75


WWI “Anzac” trowel; together with 1918 Defence Carnival badge, misc tinnies etc (9), tin of Bell’s wax vestas, sweetheart brooch, pigskin belt wallet, “Australia” collar title, and female relative’s badge in silver (lot) Est. $150


Cake fork and sugar spoon fashioned from plated cartridge shells, one with crudely engraved monoplane; plus very old Masonic water jug and two glasses, all in good condition (lot) Est. $75


WWII period salt and pepper shakers fashioned from two shells with Penny 1933 bases; plus three similar cheese knives, nice (5 items) Est. $90


WWII period pair of vases fashioned from artillery and rifle shells approx 16mm, both with Territory of New Guinea Shillings attached (2 items) Est. $90

Lot 52

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Commonwealth of Australia: The Navy List: 1st January 1926, 86pp; 1st April 1926, 86pp; 1st July 1926, 88pp; 1st October 1926, 87pp, all by R.J.Green government Printer Melbourne, bound into a single volume, April, July and October with covers bound in, half leather and textured blue paper covered boards, gilt embossed spine, sighted one pen notation in the text of October otherwise clean and fresh throughout Est. $100


Commonwealth of Australia: The Navy List: July 1944, 312pp; October 1947, 178pp; July 1951, 192pp; the first two by Government Printer Melbourne, the last by Government Printer Sydney, hardbound with gilt-embossed spines and marbled paper inside, the first with infrequent pen notation in the text and a couple of pages with binder’s reinforcement, the last with a couple of pages towards the end with tape repairs on the fore edge; together with Navy List June 1989, a professionally bound example with pages which appear to be single-sided facsimile or photocopy, 170pp, blue cloth with gilt maroon spine panels (4 items) The first two essential for WWII research Est. $200


Australian War Memorial: Australia in the War of 1939-1945 series 3, Vols 1-4 comprising “Royal Australian Air Force 1939-1942” by Gillison, 786pp; “Air War Against Japan 1943-1945” by Odgers, 533pp; “Air War Against Germany and Italy 1939-1943” by Hetherington, 731pp; “Air Power Over Europe 1944-1945” by Hetherington, 539pp, hardbound, the first two with dust jackets; plus Frank Johnson “RAAF Over Europe”, London 1946, 189pp + additional photographic plates, hardbound with gilt RAAF armorial on the front; Peter Lewis “Squadron Histories: RFC, RNAS and RAF Since 1912” hardcover with dust jacket, 224pp (6 items) Est. $75


Austin, M.: “The Australian Army in Australia 1840-1850” Canberra 1979, hardcover with dust jacket, 290pp; Dept of Defence (Navy): “An Outline of Australian Naval History” Canberra 1976, hardcover with dust jacket, 90pp; Aenus Gunn “My Boys – A Book of Remembrance” RSL Monbulk Melbourne 2000, hardcover with dust jacket, 218pp; N.C.Smith “They Came Unseen: The Men and Women of Z Special Force” Melbourne 2010, hardcover, 265pp; Readers Digest “True Stories of Great Escapes” Vols 1 and 2, hardcover 352+352pp; Gavin Long, Australia in the War of 1939-1945: To Benghazi” 1961 reprint, hardcover with dust jacket, 336pp; Raymond Paul “Retreat From Kokoda” hardcover 1958 reprint, 319pp; Chester Wilmot “Tobruk 1941: Capture, Siege, Relief”, Sydney 1945, hardcover348pp; plus a related paper covered booklet “Combined Operations” (10 items) Est. $100

Military Forces List of the Commonwealth of Australia 30 June 1907 by Kemp, Government Printer Melbourne, hardcover, 455pp all interleaved with ruled paper, unusual interleaving but all in good order and clean throughout Est. $100

Naval Forces List of the Commonwealth of Australia 30th November 1910 by Kemp, Government Printer Melbourne, 34pp hardbound, a printer’s offprint(?) with the pages printed single-sided, pages 22 and 23 bound out of order, no page 6 or 30 (possibly blank and omitted), hand penned annotations throughout, numerous pages with binder’s reinforcement on the fore edges, some pages bound slightly off alignment with some loss of text, textured blue papered boards with half-binding in textured black paper, gilt embossed spine, marbled paper inside, the pages hole-punched at the top near the hinge, extremely scarce and rarely offered thus desirable despite the faults Est. $125

Australian Military Forces, Officers List 1920, 296pp, half maroon leather with raised spine bands, marbled inside, missing the title page (pages commence at p.3), occasional tape repairs to some pages and infrequent penned notations, a rare and much sought after publication and a nice copy in attractive quality binding Est. $250

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Barnes, I.L: “Gallant and Distinguished Service Vietnam 1962-1973, being a Record of British and Foreign Decorations Awarded to Australian Servicemen”, Military History Society of Australia 1974, numbered “8” of a limited edition of 1000 copies, 154pp, hardbound with a good dust jacket and a nice clean copy; together with Vietnam Dept of Defence: “Huy Chuong An Thuong Trong Quan-Luc Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa” (spine title: Orders and Medals of Vietnam), Vietnamese produced book, no date, 233pp, rebound hardcover with the original printed card front cover and plain rear cover bound in, bilingual text in English and Vietnamese with colour illustrations of the medals and decorations of the Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces (2 items) Est. $75


Chaffey, A.O.: “Long Service and Good Conduct Medals to the Permanent Members of the Royal Australian Navy, 2 vols: 1902-1956, 1958-1977, hardcover uniformly bound, pp1-53 and 54-82, minor pen notations in the text (2 items) Est. $75

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Dalton, Robert: “The Australian Efficiency Decoration, The Cadet Forces Medal, The King’s Medal, The Queen’s Medal to Australia 1935-1986, Researched and Compiled by Robert Dalton 1987”, 115pp, No.6 of a limited edition of 30 copies, signed by the author Est. $100


Dean, E.T: “War Service Record of the First Australian Field Artillery Brigade 1914-1919”, first edition by W.K.Thomas & Co printers of Adelaide, no publication date (c.1920), hardcover, 250pp, includes the foldout maps of Ypres and the Somme, a couple of pages with adhesive tape reinforcement on the bottom edge, an extremely scarce publication Est. $400


Fagg, C.M: “George Albert & Edward Medals to Australians 1887-1984”; Clark “First Queensland Mounted Infantry Contingents in the South African War”; Mostly Unsung publications including “Ambon 1942: AIF Personnel Missing in Action or Prisoner of War”, Movements and Locations of AIF Units in the Middle East World War Two”, “Commander in Chief’s Commendations AMF World War Two”, “Australia And The Commonwealth in the Malaya Emergency 1948-1960”, “Operation Crimp With the Australian Army on the Malay Peninsula 1964-65”, “Young Women’s Christian Association World War Two and British Commonwealth Occupation Force Nominal Rolls”, AMF Recipients of the Burma and France & Germany Star WWII; other items including photocopies in DIY-type bindings or folders including “Australian Nurses Decorated in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Between Wars”, “Australians With the RAF”, “CBE(M) Recipients”, “Australians KIA in WWII”; “Unit Awards to 2 Squadron RAAF”, “HMAS Sydney: Loss & Controversy”, “Nightingales in the Mud: Diggers Sisters of the Great War 1914-1918”, “Duntroon: the Royal Military College of Australia 1911-1986”, “The Lineage of the Australian Army”, “Australian Army Unit Colour Patches 1987-Present”, “WWII Caterpillar & Roo Club Members”, “RAAF No.463 and 467 Squadron WW2 Nominal Rolls”, “Third Supplement to the London Gazette 1942”, “RAAF Personnel with MFO Sinai 1982-1986”, “Australian Army Roll of Deaths July 1947-1973”, “RAN Members Deceased 1914-1918”, “Australian Prisoners of the Turks 1915-1918”, “RAN Personnel Missing in Action or Prisoner of War in the Far East Theatre”, “Philippine Liberation Medal: Australian Army Members with Qualifying Service”; other pamphlets, photocopies etc including “Nurses File Boer War to Present”, “SAS Honours Roll”, “Royal Red Cross WWI, WWII and Later”; plus several other related items (lot) Est. $125

Cossum, J.K.: “Australian Army Badges: A collector’s Reference Guide” 3 vols: 1930-1942, 1900-1930 and 1948-1985; plus Cossum’s “Australian Army Badges: Cloth Insignia of the Army in Australia 1860-1993”, “Australian Army Badges: The Rising Sun Badge”, and “Buttons of the Defence Forces in Australia”; Philip Blackwell “Australian Army Unit Colour Patches 1987-2008”; various other related printed items including sales lists, photographs of badges etc; together with Numismatic Association of Australia Journal Vol 1 July 1985 (3), Vol 2, 4 and 6 (lot) Est. $75


Dalton, Robert: “The Volunteer Officers’ Decoration, The Volunteer Long Service Medal, The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers’ Decoration, The Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal to Australia 1894-1938, Researched and Compiled by Robert Dalton 1985”, 126pp, No.6 of a limited edition of 30 copies, signed by the author Est. $100


Dalton, Robert: “Australian State Long Service and Good Conduct Medals, The Commonwealth of Australia Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, The Permanent Forces of the Empire Beyond The Seas Long Service and good Conduct Medal, The Australian Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct (Military), Australian State Meritorious Service Medals, The Commonwealth of Australia Meritorious Service Medal to Australia, 1897-1985 Researched and Compiled by Robert Dalton 1986”, 224pp, No.6 of a limited edition of 30 copies, signed by the author Est. $125

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Government Printing Office microfiche sets of the “Nominal Roll of AIF (Service Abroad) 1914-1918 War”, “AN, MEF and AIF Casualty Lists 1915, 1916 and 1917”, and “Graduation List of Officers (Generals to Majors) 1945, all housed in microfiche case, with a Leigh-Mardon microfiche reader in working order; together with a nicely framed colour poster “The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards” (lot) Note: It is the buyer’s responsibility for removal of this lot from the auction premises. The microfiche reader is presently working. If shipping is required, all care will be taken in packing however we cannot guarantee the handling of the item after it has left our premises and the lot is not subject to return or compensation if the reader arrives not working, or if it is damaged in any way including glass components and lens. The fiche sets are believed to be complete but have not been checked. The lot is sold as is and is not subject to return if deficiencies are found. Presale inspection recommended Est. $75


Harding & Macdonald: “War in South Africa and the Dark Continent From Savagery to Civilization, including the War With the Boers, With a History of The Australian Contingents in the South African War etc” printed by Dominion Co Chicago for the Australian Publishing Co Melbourne (c.1902), 699pp, a poor copy with the spine detached (just a portion remaining with the book), the bindings extremely loose and frail; together with “The Century Cyclopedia of Names, The Times London & New York 1902 edition, hardbound half leather, the spine and leather-work extremely worn but the binding and contents surprisingly good (2 items) Both useful for Boer War research Est. $75


Johnston, E.S: “the RAAF Ground Staff of the Desert Air Force Squadrons” 1992, hardcover, 246pp; Lew Lind “Historic Naval Events of Australia Day By Day” hardcover ex-library 272pp; Colin Burgess: Destination Buchenwald: The Allied Airmen Including Australians and New Zealanders Sent to Buchenwald”, card cover 184pp; RAAF: “Defence Instruction (Air) AAP598 The Air Force List part B: Citizen Air Force and Retired List 1977, card cover, ex-library 73pp; assorted militaria works including By Skill & Valour, Alfresco Flight (RAAF Antarctic), They Dared Mightily, Australia in Arms, Proudly We Serve, the Golden Eagles, High Latitude, Oxford War Atlas, British & Foreign Ribbons, several other assorted items including Royal Humane Society of Australasia Annual Reports for 1982 and 1991; and a copy of Medal Yearbook 2008 edition (lot) Est. $100


Kirkland, Frederick: “Sometimes Forgotten: Being a Record of Those of Australia’s Military Forces Who Died and Those Who Were Decorated in Vietnam, Malaya, Borneo, Malay Peninsula, Korea, BCOF, UN, HMAS Voyager and RMC Duntroon” Cremorne NSW 1990, 238pp; J.Atkinson “The Kapyong Battalion” Medal Roll of the 3rd Btn RAR Battle of Kapyong Korea 1951” MHS 1977, 80pp; N.C.Smith “Home By Christmas: With the Australian Army in Korea 1950-1956” Melbourne 1990; Dept of Veterans’ Affairs: “Nominal Roll of Australian Veterans of the Korean War” Canberra 2000, 204pp; N.C.Smith “Nothing Short of War: With the Australian Army in Borneo 1962-66” Melbourne 1999, 191pp; Ross Sutton “Australian Awards Vietnam 1962-1991” Sydney 1992, presentation copy signed by the author, 127pp; Frederick Kirkland “Operation Damask: The Gulf War, Iraq-Kuwait 1990-1991 – Incorporating Those for the ADF Who Served with Operation Desert Shield, Desert Storm, etc” Cremorne NSW 1991, 225p (8 items) Est. $75

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Kirkland, Frederick and Cary, W.G.: “Order of Australia 1975-1993” 1st edition Cremorne NSW 1993, hardcover with dust jacket, 782pp; Lionel Wigmore “They Dared Mightily” AWM Canberra first edition 1963, hardcover with dust jacket, 317pp; together with Neville Poulsom “The White Ribbon: A Medallic Record of British Polar Exploration”, Seaby London 1968, hardcover with dust jacket, 216pp; Pillinger & Staunton :Victoria Cross Locator” card cover 58pp; and a copy of British “Who’s Who” 1945 edition (5 items) Est. $100


Mackinlay, G.A.: “True Courage: The Distinguished Conduct Medal to Australians 1939-1972”, James Stedman Books and Militaria Sydney first edition 1992, numbered 43 of a limited edition of 100, Est. $125 hardbound 116pp


Maton, Michael: “A Roll of Imperial Honours Bestowed On Australians 1901-1989”, published by the author St Ives NSW first edition 1999, 3 vols: vol.1 “Order of the Garter to D.S.O.”, vol.2 “D.C.M. To Polar Medal”, vol.3 “Master Index”, each volume being copy no. 2 of a limited edition of 50 of each volume, the first and third signed (M.M.) by the author, 1-334, 335-735 and (736)-910pp, a very scarce set Note: this and the following Michael Maton publications were supplied by the author to Reg Williams unbound at his request. Reg had them bound to his own specifications and they are thus unique examples of each volume or set. All are virtually mint condition and handsomely bound in durable hard cover. All are extremely scarce limited editions, with each individual work being an exhaustive and invaluable source of reference in each specific topic Est. $300


Maton, Michael: “(Index to) A Roll of Imperial Honours Bestowed On Australians 1901-1989”, published by the author ND (1999), meant to compliment the companion volumes (see previous) but useful in itself for alphabetically listing recipients by surname with their award entitlement, includes a useful table analysis of awards from the Boer War to Vietnam plus other post-WWII awards including civilian Est. $75


Maton, Michael: “The Distinguished Flying Cross to Australians”, published by the author St Ives NSW first edition 2000, copy no. 2 of limited edition of 150, 515pp, signed (M.M.) by the author and with correspondence from the author laid in Est. $200


Maton, Michael: “Gallantry and Distinguished Service Awards to the Royal Australian Air Force in the Second World War”, published by the author North Turramurra NSW first edition 2002, copy no. 49 of limited edition of 100, 327pp, signed (M.M.) by the author tabloid feature article of Jack Wong Sue (Z-Force) laid in Est. $200


Maton, Michael: an untitled, unpublished(?) listing of Australian WWI Military Medal recipients with letter from the author to Reg Williams bound in which reads: “I enclose a print out of what I reckon is now the final MM WW1 Data Base of 9935 + 490* + 15** + 1*** names = 10441 names”, pages printed single-sided and not enumerated, binding matches the other Maton publications in this group, the spine label with title “World War 1 Military Medals to Australia 1915-1920” An exhaustive, extremely useful and apparently complete listing of recipients listed alphabetically and conveniently bound into a single volume, lists service number, name, rank, MM/MM* (etc), date, gazette and regiment for each recipient Est. $100

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Session 1 89

Naval Forces List of the Commonwealth of Australia 30th September 1904, 29pp; 1st October 1905, 32pp; 1st November 1906, 32pp; 1st October 1907, 32pp; 30th November 1908, 32pp, all by Government Printer Melbourne (Brain 1904-1905), Kemp 1906-1908), the five years bound into a single volume, gilt-embossed black leather with tooled border, the 1904 missing pages 15 and 16, hand penned notations throughout, the back cover hole punched at the top near the hinge, rare Est. $200


Newbury, George: “Mentioned in Despatches – Australians World War I” inscribed presentation copy, hardbound limited edition numbered 15 of 250 copies, 150pp, listed by regiment/unit, indexed by surname Est. $125


O’Neill, Robert: “Australia in the Korean War 1950-1953”, the Australian War Memorial’s official history of the Australian Army, RAN and RAAF in the Korean conflict, 2 vols, Volume I: “Strategy and Diplomacy’ 1981; Volume II: “Combat Operations” 1985, 548 + 782pp, includes illustrations, photo plates, maps etc, hardcover with illustrated dust jackets, published jointly by the A.W.M. and the Australian Government Publishing Service, out of print, volume II now very hard to find (2 items) A thorough and exhaustive work detailing every aspect of Australia’s involvement in the Korean conflict Est. $100


Prisoners of War (WWII): two volumes comprising “Armies and Other Land Forces of the British Empire 1939-1945”, and “Naval and Air Forces of Great Britain and the Empire 1939-1945: Alphabetical Nominal Registers of Prisoners of War of All Ranks Held in Gernay and German Occupied Territories”, pages unnumbered, hardbound with matching printed dust jackets, some very infrequent red pen underlining of several entries, very scarce (2 items) First published in 1945: this edition by J.B.Hayward & Son Polstead UK 1990 Est. $100

Maton, Michael: “The Military Cross to Australians”, published by the author North Turramurra NSW first edition 2004, copy no. 6 of limited edition of 100, 805pp, signed (M.M.) by the author Est. $200


Maton, Michael: “Gallantry and Distinguished Service Awards to the Australian Army During the First World War”, published by the author North Turramurra NSW first edition 2005, 3 vols: vol 1 MM A-K, vol 2 MM L-Z, vol 3 British & Other Awards, copies no. 38 (vol 1), no. 5 (vol 2) and 34 (vol 3) of a limited edition of 100 of each volume, 887, 911 and 860pp, each volume signed (M.M.) by the author, with correspondence from the author laid in Est. $500


Murray, Lieut.Col. P.L.:”Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa 1899-1902”, Melbourne (1911) facsimile edition, hardcover 607pp, numerous related printed items laid in, some entries underlined in red pen with notations added; together with assorted Boer War publications and material including National Archives spirex-bound publication: “The Boer War” by Wilcox; stapled paper-cover compilation “Australian Roll of Honour for the South African War 1899-1902 for Those Who Fell in Battle, Died of Wounds or Illness” by Truswell & Trill; Mostly unsung pamphlets “Brought to Notice” and “Australian Recipients of the KSA” by Smith; together with photocopy of the Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force Nominal Roll in binder; assorted unbound handwritten papers, notes, photocopies of records etc gathered by Reg Williams in his research and study, a useful and interesting group, the first item the primary and essential reference (lot) Est. $100



(Murray): “Index to Murray’s Official Records of the Australian Military Contingents to the War in South Africa” compiled by ‘A.L.B.’ 1989, rebound in brown cloth with the original printed card covers bound in, pages not enumerated, arranged by State with names listed alphabetically by surname with regiment and service number; G.A.Newbury “South Australians and the South African War 1899-1902, being an Alphabetical Roll of Those Who Took Part” 1988; 41pp, hardbound; R.L.Wallace: “The Australians at the Boer War”, hardcover 420pp with dust jacket, the first item a useful companion to Murray (3 items) The first item states in the preface that Murray’s Official Records “is a must for the initial research into the recipients of Boer War medals, but that it has a number of irritating weaknesses, not the least is the absence of a comprehensive index. This index lists all mentions for every solder in Murray. Now the researcher may quickly find every mention in Murray for all Officers, Nurses and Men” Est. $125

Page 14 Image viewable on website

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Lot 97

Sale No. 311

“RAAF Honours and Awards World War 2”, no author or date, hardbound 395pp printed single-sided (enumerated A-Y + 1-357 + A-C), an extensive photocopied typescript reproducing the gazette entries of each award, several related papers laid in including a booklet “Aircrew Who Flew Operationally Under Fighter Command Control in the Battle of Britain 1940”, unknown origin but a useful work bringing all the entries into a single volume for easy reference Est. $75


Smith, N.C: “Worth a Mention: Members of the Australian Army Mentioned in Despatches in World War Two”, Mostly Unsung Military History Research and Publications first edition Gardenvale Victoria 1994, 111pp, hardbound, blue cloth with gilt spine lettering, couple of related printed items laid in Est. $100


Vietnam group including Alexander Palmer “Vietnam Veterans Honours & Awards Army” Mosman Park WA 1995, hardcover with dust jacket, 302pp; Gregory Pemberton “Vietnam Remembered”, Willoughby NSW 1990, hardcover with dust jacket, 292pp; Denis Fairfax “Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam: A Record of the Royal Australian Navy in the Vietnam War 1965-1872”, Canberra 1980, card cover, 232pp; Siobhan McHugh “Minefields and Miniskirts: Australian Women and the Vietnam War”, Moorebank NSW 1993, card cover, 295pp; The Australian tabloid broadsheet feature special edition 1992 “ 500: The Australians Who Died in Vietnam” with a photocopy booklet of same (6 items) Est. $75


Williams, R.D: “The Victoria Volunteer Long And Efficient Service Medal 1881-1901” hard cover, 131pp; George F.Ward: “Victorian Land Forces 1853-1883” card cover, 155pp; Leonard Barton “Australians in the Waikato War 1863-1864” hardcover with dust jacket, 119pp; (booklet) The New Zealand Wars 1845-1866: Medal Rolls of Officers and men of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Who Received the Medal etc” card cover, 24pp; James Atkinson: Australian Contingents to the China Field Force 1900-1901” card cover, 69pp; Govt Printer “Staff and Regimental Lists of the Australian Military Forces 1st Jan 1914” facsimile edition, hardcover with dust jacket, 155pp; Govt Printer “AIF Staff Regimental and Graduation Lists of Officers” facsimile edition, hardcover with dust jacket, 132pp; N.C.Smith: Men of Beersheba: A History of the 4th Light Horse Regt 1914-1919, hardcover with dust jacket, 239pp; Got Printer “The AIF (Middle East) Staff and Regimental List of Officers No.3 8 December 1941 facsimile edition, soft cover with dust jacket, 274pp (9 items) Est. $100



Australian Military Forces, Graduation List of Officers 18 January 1945 Active List, 7 March 1946 Active List and Reserve/Retired List; Army List of Officers 1st October 1950 Active List, 31st December 1951 Reserve List, all hardbound; plus card cover lists (2) including 1961 Corps Lists of Officers Regular Army & Special Reserve, and 1977 Army List of Officers: Field Marshals to Brigadiers (7 items) Est. $100


Assorted hardcover and card cover works including Bassett “Guns and Brooches: Australian Army Nursing from the Boer War to the Gulf War”; Clive Johnson “Renniks Australians Awarded – a Concise Guide”; Michael Maton “The National Honours & Awards of Australia”; Bulow “Foreign Awards to Australia From World War One to the Korean War:; Smith “Carving Up The Melon: Australians in the Boxer Rebellion China 1900-1901”; Price “They Proved to All The Earth: A Source Book of Victoria’s Dead in the South African War 1899-1902”; Newbury “The Australian Commonwealth Horse”; Barton “RAAF Gallantry Awards 1939-1945 War”; Price “Southern Cross Scots: The Australian and New Zealand Participation in the Marquis of Tullibardine’s Scottish Horse During the South African War of 1899-1902”; other pamphlets and booklets including Smith “Pour Le Merite: French Awards to Australians in World War One”; Chaffey “Long Service and Good Conduct Medals Issued in the Commonwealth of Australia 1901 to 1978”; MHSA “Australia’s First Naval Fight November 1914”; Smith “Dictionary of Australian Military Abbreviations”; photocopy in folder of the First AIF Embarkation Roll; and a copy of ‘Sabretache’ MHSA April/ June 1988 (15 items) Est. $125


Mostly unsung publications by various authors, includes Java 1942: AIF Personnel Missing in Action or Prisoner of War; Anzacs Interned in Germany World War One; Prisoners of War on the Montevideo Maru; Australian Army Female Service in South Vietnam 1965-1973; Royal Australian Navy Nursing Service Detailed Listing of Those Who Served 1942-1948; Medals to the Royal Australian Navy During World War I; Australian Army Members for the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition 1947-1986; Australian Volunteer Aid Detachments in Wold War Two; World War Two Australian Army Militia Medals; Australia’s Redcoats 1788-1870; Men of the 5th Australian Bomb Disposal Platoon; Australians and the Cape Medical Staff Corps: Boer War 1899-1902; Men of Beersheba: The Chargers of the 4th Light Horse Regiment; Tropical Force Veterans of the 1st Australian Imperial Force 1914-1921; Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (Tropical Force) 1914-1921 Embarkation Roll; together with other publications including Dept of Defence Campaign & Operational Medals Awarded to the ADF and Long Service & Other Non-Operational Medals Awarded to the ADF; Military Historical Society of Australia: Australian Imperial Forces 1914-1920 Data; Fagg’s Police Force Queen Victoria Medal 1897 for Queensland and W.A.; Identification Chart for Wearing Ribbons of Australian Decorations and Medals; Military Society of Australia: Medals Awarded to Australian Contingents Boxer Rebellion 1900 (a raw typescript in a springback binder); photocopy of Third Supplement to the Victoria Government Gazette 1871; Auction Catalogue of the Pat Grierson Collection; Spink Medal Supplement; Hayward & Son Books in Print brochure; Weekend Australian: Prisoners of War – Australians Under Nippon; plus misc magazine or tabloid articles, general research notes, etc (lot) Est. $100

Williams, Reg D: extensive group of research material for a proposed new fully revised and expanded edition of his “Medals to Australia”, the previous editions of which were, for many years, the best reference available to Australian Militaria collectors, incorporates research and photographic material painstakingly brought together in countless hours of work, presently in a somewhat semi-organized state and all ready to go for an author or publisher dedicated to taking on the project and bringing it to completion, or simply an invaluable treasure-trove of comprehensive material for dealers, collectors or enthusiasts, inspection highly recommended (lot) Est. $250



Australian Military Forces ‘Army List of Officers’ and related publications including The Regimental Lists and Manning Tables of Officers on the Active List No.1 15th October 1944 Vol 1 & 2; Regimental Lists and Manning Tables of Officers on the Active List No.3 1st October 1945 part 1: Permanent Military Forces, General and Special Lists, printed card covers, cloth spines (3 items) Est. $75

Sale No. 311 Image viewable on website

Abbott, P.E.: “Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1855-1909, being a list, with other details, of all those who received the Medal before the outbreak of the First World War”, published Hayward & Son London 1975, 88pp, hardbound, some entries underlined with red pen; plus R.W.Walker: “Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914-1920, being a list arranged regimentally and alphabetically of all those awarded the D.C.M. Between August 1914 and June 1920” published Midland Medals Birmingham 1981, 219pp, hardbound with dust jacket (2 items) Est. $125

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Session 1



Abbott, P.E. and Tamplin, J.M.A: “British Gallantry Awards”, Nimrod Dix & Co London 1981, 316pp, hardbound with dust jacket; D.V.Henderson: “Dragons Can Be Defeated – A Complete Record of the George Medal’s Progress 1940-1983”, Spink & Son London 1984, hardbound 120pp, some entries marked with highlighter pen; R.W.Gould and K.J. Douglas-Morris: “The Army of India Medal Roll 1799-1826”, Hayward & Son London 1974, 123pp, hardbound; unbound photocopy of London Gazette Extract of George Cross and George Medal Citations 1953-1957; plus two sundry leaflets including USA War Office “Decorations and Awards, Illustrations of Awards”, July 1967 (6 items) Est. $90

Douglas-Morris, Capt. K.J. (Kenneth): “The Naval General Service Medal Roll 1793-1840”, published (privately) London 1982, printed by Her Majesty’s Printers Eyre & Spottiswoode, Margate, 403pp, first (limited) edition numbered 63 of 250 in blue half buckram, top edges gilt, raised spine bands, signed by the author on the half-title, with slipcase A chronological listing with date of action, recipient’s name, rating, ship etc Est. $400


Dorling, H.Taprell: “Ribbons and Medals” edited and revised by Alec Purves, Osprey Publishing London 1983, 320pp; Leslie McDonnell: “Insignia of World War II”, Silverdale Books Enderby UK 1999, 223pp; Guido Rosignoli: “The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Military Insignia of the 20th Century – A Comprehensive A-Z Guide to the Badges, Patches and Embellishments of the World’s Armed Forces”, Sandstone Books Leichhardt NSW 1997, 224pp, all illustrated, hardcover with dust jackets (3 items) Est. $75


Hayward & Son “Services of Military Officers Arranged Alphabetically, Corrected to December 1920” London reprint c.1986, 2080pp, red cloth casebound, gilt spine and front, the table of contents indicates War Services of Officers of the Army &c, members of Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, The Territorial Force Nursing Service and Officers of the Forces of the Overseas Dominions and Colonies, some minor foxing on the outer edges, the contents and bindings all good, a massive work A military “Who’s Who” and an essential research tool Est. $100


Spink’s “Standard Catalogue of British and Associated Orders, Decorations and Medals with valuations’ by A.R.Litherland and B.T.Simpkin, London 1990, hardbound with dust jacket, 222pp, illustrated; Spink: “British Battles & Medals” by E.C.Joslin, A.R.Litherland and B.T.Simpkin, London 1988, hardbound with dust jacket, 298pp, illustrated (2 items) Est. $75

Page 16 Image viewable on website


This England Publications: “The Register of the Victoria Cross”, Cheltenham Gloucestershire 1981, hardcover with dust jacket, 303pp, errata list laid in; with companion volume: The Register of the George Cross” 1985, hardcover with dust jacket, 151pp; W.H.Fevyer: “The Distinguished Service Medal 1939-1946”, Hayward & Son Polstead UK 1981, hardcover 163pp (3 items) Est. $75


Wilkinson: “Badges of the British Army 1820 to the Present: An Illustrated Reference Guide for Collectors” 1987 edn; Harris: “A Guide to Military Temperance Medals” 2001; McInnes “The Meritorious Service Medal to Aerial Forces” 1984; Hayward & Son’s “Army Honours and Awards” with the companion volume “Naval and Air Force Honours and Awards”; Purves “The Medals, Decorations & Orders of the Great War 1914-1918”, the second and third card cover, others hardcover with dust jackets (6 items) Est. $75


Wilson, Sir Arnold and McEwan, Capt. J.H.F: “Gallantry: Its Public Recognition and Reward in Peace and in War at Home and Abroad”, Oxford University Press, undated facsimile (c.1980’s) of the 1939 first edition, blue cloth hardcover gilt, 498pp; W.M.Lummis: “Honour the light Brigade”, Hayward & Son London 1973, hardbound with a chipped and bumped illustrated dust jacket, 320pp; W.H.Fevyer: “The George Medal”, Spink & Son London 1980, printed card cover, 114pp (3 items) Est. $75


Various books and booklets including Army Officer Awards Napoleonic Period; Transport Medal Roll 1899-1902; The Medals of Our Fighting Men; Orders and Decorations; Ribbons and Medals Naval Military Air Force and Civil; Purves’ Collecting Medals and Decorations; Rosignoli’s Ribbons of Orders, Decorations and Medals; Hierymussen’s Orders, Medals and Decorations of Britain and Europe in Colour; Clarke’s Gallantry Medals & Awards of the World; Windrow & Greene’s Militaria Directory & Sourcebook 1994; Vernon’s Collector’s Guide to Orders Medals & Decorations; Weber’s Order of St.Sava; pocket books of Japanese Swords, Spanish Orders of Chivalry, Italian Orders of Chivalry, Russian Imperial Orders; plus assorted papers and pamphlets (lot) Est. $75


Germany: group of mixed hardcover and card cover works on German and European awards and insignia with emphasis on Third Reich (some English language, mostly German), includes Jurgen Brinkmann “Orden und Ehrenzeichen des Dritten Reiches”; Brian Davis “Badges & Insignia of the Third Reich 1933-1945”; Forman’s “Guide to Third Reich German Awards” first and third editions; Hartung “Verleihungs Urkunden des 3.Reiches; Kahl “Insignia, Decorations and Badges of the Third Reich and Occupied Countries”; Klenau “Europaische Orden ab1700 Katalog Ohne Deutschland”; Klietmann “Pour le Merite und Tapferkeitsmedaille; Lumsden “Collector’s Guide to Third Reich Militaria: Detecting the Fakes”; small pocketbooks including Hartung’s “Hoheitszeichen des 3.Reiches”, “Awards of the 3rd Reich”, and Nimmergut’s 1800-1945 Orden & Ehrenzeichen 1993/94 Katalog”; Karl Loy’s card foldout “Ordensband-farbenkarte” (ribbons for German awards illustrated with actual miniature ribbon segments); plus several sales catalogues including Klenau, Mars & Merkur GmbH Lanz Munchen (5), an extremely useful group (20 items) Est. $125


Hopkins, Jeffrey E: “Selected New Zealand War Medal Rolls of Entitlements, Rejections and Applications Granted up to 1900” published 1997 by the author with the Victoria Barracks Historical Society Brisbane, 134+16pp, hardbound Est. $75

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

Sale No. 311

Werlich, Robert: “Orders and Decorations of All Nations – Ancient and Modern, Civil and Military” first edition 1965, hardcover, no dust jacket, 336pp; Vaclav Mericka: “Orders and Decorations” first (English) edition 1967, hardcover with dust jacket, 316pp; Vaclav Mericka: “Book of Orders and Decorations” first (English) edition 1975, hardcover with dust jacket, 247pp, all with illustrations in the text and/or plates, some in colour, a useful lot (3 items) Est. $75


Werlich, Robert: “Badges of Imperial Russia – Military, Civil, Religious” first edition 1972, hardcover 211pp; plus Robert Werlich: “Russian Orders, Decorations and Medals” second edition 1981, hardcover, 160pp, both with illustrations throughout the text, some in colour (2 items) Est. $75




Orders and Medals Research Society Journal (UK) 1973-2011 (issued quarterly) almost complete, comprising 1973-1977 complete, 1978 (missing #1, 2, 3), 1979 (missing #1), 1980-1981 complete, 1982 (missing #1), 1983 complete, 1984 (missing #3, 4), 1985 (missing #1, 4), 1986-2010 complete plus the first two issues only of 2011; together with progressive Index booklets from 1973, the most recent being 1973-1997; other index pages; plus the Society’s booklet ‘Miscellany of Honours’ (10) and a Membership Handbooks 1974, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1991, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2006, 2010, an indispensible resource with a wealth of invaluable information on a broad range of aspects of (mainly) British and British Commonwealth campaigns, medals, recipients and persons of interest, various militaria, associated and related topics (lot) As well as war campaigns, servicemen and medals, the following was noted in a brief glance of indexed topics: Constabulary Medals, Polar Medals, R.N. And R.A.F. Official Numbering System, New Zealand Special Service Medal for Nuclear Testing, Honour and Awards for Colditz, Detecting Fakes and Forgeries, Regimental Temperance Medals, Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem and many others Est. $175


Graf Klenau oHG Munich, Orden & Ehrenzeichen illustrated auction catalogues 1974-1988, printed card covers, many with penned marks and notations within but extremely useful with illustrations of mainly European plus other World orders and decorations (67 items) Est. $75


‘The Medal Collector’ – Official Publication of the Orders and Medals Society of America 1972-1975 (issued monthly), missing June 1974 else complete with the 1972 handbook plus the Jan and Feb editions of 1976, includes information on medals, campaigns and militaria worldwide; together with Hamilton’s Coin & Medal Despatch Glasgow (9, some duplication), Hayward’s Gazette London commemorative issue 1975, Dixon’s Gazette Bridlington UK 2002, Mostly Unsung Military History Research Publications 2001-2011 (28); plus Forman of Piccadilly illustrated fixed price lists, mainly 1975-1986, some earlier (58), Military Sweetheart & Jewellery Postal Auctions 2007-2008 (9), an extremely useful group for the information and illustrations (lot) Est. $75

Helfgott, David: “Australian Awards of the Coronation and Jubilee Medals 1897-1977” Sydney 1994; Les Carlisle “Australian Commemorative Medals and Medalets From 1788” Sydney 1983 edition; W.J.Mira “Coinage and Currency in New South Wales 1788-1829, Sydney 1981; R.D.Williams “Medals to Australia with valuations” 3rd edition 1990; plus Renniks Australian Coin & Banknote Guide 14th edition; McDonald’s Australian Coin & Banknote Market Guide 1st edition (6 items, the first four hardcover) Est. $100

Krause World Coins 1801-1900 4th edition, 1901-Present 2005 2nd edition; Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money General Issues Vol 2 10th edition; Davenport Standard Price Guide to World Crowns & Talers; Mira “From Cowrie to Kina”; Seaby “English Coins” 1995 edition; US “Red Book” 1984 edition; Alan Nicholson “Australian Banknote Catalogue”; George Dean “Handbook on E.W.Cole Tokens & Medals”; Mira “James Cook: His Coins & Medals”; Roger McNeice “Tasmanian Promissory Notes”; Galloway “Illustrated Coin Dating Guide for the Eastern World”; P.J.Downie “Roy Brook Collection” Public Auction sale catalogue 1978, with monochrome illustration of 1937 Shilling reverse laid in; Australian Numismatist publications (3); misc paper-covered related items (2); together with Dion Skinner “Cigarette Cards: Australian Issues & Values”; Kornan “Australian Postcard Catalogue 1984”; Vukovic “Collecting Australian Postcards”; Westcott “Australiana & Collectables Price Guide” 1986; and Trustees of the British Museum “Grains and Grammes: A Table of Equivalents for the Use of Numismatics” 1920 edition (23 items) Est. $100


Large accumulation of numismatic and militaria auction catalogues, fixed price lists etc including British companies Baldwin (25), DNW (2), Morton & Eden (5), St James (13); South African City Coins Capetown (9); Australian issues including Australian Numismatic Co (3), CAB Magazine (17), C.J.Medals (3), Colonial Coins & Medals (15), Downies Australian Coin Auctions (34), Status International (7), plus several other Numismatic and non-numismatic items, mainly 2005-2011 dated issues, some markings and annotations throughout but an invaluable resource for identification and valuation (lot) Est. $75


Max Stern sales catalogues October 1975, November 1976, July 1977 and October 1977; Spink & Son (Australia), Spink Auctions (Australia), Spink-Noble and Noble Numismatics auction catalogues October 1977 (No.1) to July 2003 (No.77), missing sales 55, 61B and 64B otherwise complete; plus sales 82, 83, 88A and 88B (85 catalogues) Est. $100





Carlisle, Les: “Australian Historical Medals 1788-1988” Sydney 2008, 681pp, hardcover with the illustrated dust jacket, supplementary price guide laid in, the essential definitive work on the subject Est. $150

Sale No. 311 Image viewable on website

Heaton, J. Henniker: “Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time: Containing the History of Australasia From 1542 to May 1879”, first edition Sydney 1879, 234+330pp, gilt brown hardcover, the hinges split, the back cover beginning to come loose but intact, the elaborate front cover gilding virtually all intact and bold, slightly discoloured on the lower spine, some foxing on the edges and minor staining to the top corner of some pages otherwise generally clean throughout and a popular work with useful historical information Est. $200

Downies Australian Coin Auctions

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Session 1 129

Johns, Fred: “John’s Notable Australians, or Who is Who in Australasia”, first edition G.Robertson & Co Adelaide 1906, 218pp, gilt embossed cover with tooled border, tape repaired flyleaf, some rubbing on the covers but the binding tight and intact, an extremely scarce and much desired first edition of this widely used reference, rarely, if ever, sighted The Australian biographical reference Who’s Who in Australia was first published in 1906 as ‘John’s Notable Australians’ which appeared again in 1908 in an expanded second edition. Third, fourth and fifth editions titled ‘Fred John’s Annual’ were published 1912 to 1914 before it became Who’s Who in the Commonwealth of Australia’ in 1922. The seventh edition (1927) was retitled ‘Who’s Who in Australia’, the name which has remained in all subsequent editions to the present day Est. $150


Wantrup, Jonathan “Australian Rare Books”, Hordern House Potts Point NSW 1987, hardbound 468pp with a good dust jacket which is slightly bumped at top and bottom but not faded, very scarce; together with Australian Book Auction Records 1975-76, 1977-78, 1983-85; and a group of Book auction catalogues and sales lists by Leonard Joel, Christies, Gaston Renard, Spink Numismatic Dept etc (24 items) Est. $100


Who’s Who in Australia 1944, 1947, 1950, Herald & Weekly Times Melbourne, faded gilt spines and covers, the bindings loose but intact, an invaluable trio for WWII research, the second especially useful and hard to find (3 items) Est. $125


Who’s Who in Australia 1955, 1962, 1965, 1968, 1971, 1974, 1980, 1993, 1999, 2000, hardcover, gilt lettering on spines and covers, the first three with faded spines, the last three with dust jackets, some ex library (10 items) Bookshop retail prices indicate $50-$100+ each Est. $100





Johns, Fred: “John’s Notable Australians and Who is Who in Australasia”, second edition published Adelaide 1908 by the author in limited edition (though called for, this copy is unnumbered), printed by W.K.Thomas & Co Adelaide, 370pp, pages untrimmed on the bottom edge, gilt wreathed title and facsimile Fred Johns signature on the front cover, the covers slightly rubbed in places but the gilt embossing intact and the binding good, another very scarce and highly desirable edition Much expanded on the first edition, the second encompasses a great many more entries than its predecessor Est. $100 Johns, Fred: Who’s Who in Australia, Hassell Press Adelaide, seventh edition 1927-8, 279pp, the spine faded, the covers partially so, the front cover slightly buckled, the bindings a little loose and the covers starting to fray, tape marks on a couple of pages; together with 1933-34 and 1938 editions of “Who’s Who in Australia”, the first being very useful for WWI and earlier research, extremely scarce and desirable despite the faults (3 items) Est. $100 Syme, Marten A: “Shipping Arrivals and Departures: Victorian Ports Vol.1 1798-1845”, Roebuck Society Melbourne 1984 first edition, hardcover 293pp, various charts and illustrations in the text; Jack Loney “Australian Shipwrecks Volume 2: 1851-1871”, hardcover 239pp; Ritchie & Kent “Australian Dictionary of Biography” Index for Volumes 1-12 1788-1939, hardcover 326pp; A&N Learmonth “Encyclopedia of Australia” second edition 1973, hardcover 606pp; Joseph Bradley & M.D.Cobcroft “Adventures of a Native of Australia When Astray From His Ship” 97pp hardcover reissue of the Parramatta original c.1860 (whaling interest); Roy Mendham “Dictionary of Australian Bushrangers” hardcover 179pp; Charles Bateson “The Convict Ships 1787-1868” cardcover reprint 1974, 421pp; Edgar Penzig “In Defence of Lives & Property: The Weapons Used in Australia in the Wild Colonial Days” hardcover 96pp signed by the author; Eureka Stockade booklets (3) by Ballarat Heritage, Dorothy Wickham and Neil Smith; cardcover booklets (3) including The Loch Ard Disaster, Lady Nelson 1799-1825 and Victorian Historical Society Journal July 1988; two larger card cover books including SBS Australian Almanac 2001 and The Macquarie Book of Events That Shaped Australia; and an info leaflet on the HMSAS ‘Protector’ Warship (17 items) Est. $100

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McCulloch, Alan: “Encyclopedia of Australian Art” Hutchinson Richmond (Vic) 1968 first edition, 668pp, illustrations in colour and b/w, no dust jacket, a primary reference work which was expanded and revised in subsequent editions but a nice copy of the first edition and desirable; plus James Gleeson: “Australian Painters 1788-1970” 4th edition 1981, hardcover with dust jacket (2 items) Est. $100



Foskett, Daphne: “A Dictionary of British Miniature Painters” vols 1 (text) and 2 (illustrations), Faber & Faber London 1972, blue cloth, spines gilt, both with good dust jackets, the first 596pp with colour plates interspersed throughout the text, the second 108ppp and 400 monochrome plates (2 items) Est. $75

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Hodgson & Eaton, “The Royal Academy and Its Members 1768-1830 with portraits and illustrations”, published London 1905 by John Murray, 412pp, hardcover with elaborate red and gilt embossed armorial on the front, 11 interleaved illustrations with several nicely engraved portraits including King George III (frontis), Sir Joshua Reynolds, Thomas Gainsborough and others, deckle edges, some foxing within but an attractive, decorative and useful work; together with Carson & Pagan “History of the Royal Numismatic Society with Record of Members and Fellows” London 1986, card cover 143pp; other booklets or pamphlets by the Royal Numismatic Society (2), British Museum Society (4) and Royal Naval Museum; plus a National Geographic (Dec 1987) featuring the Oldest Known Shipwreck (10 items) Est. $75


Cavill, K. Cocks, G. & Grace, J.: “Australian Jewellers Gold & Silversmiths Makers & Marks”, C.G.C. Gold, Roseville NSW 1992, durable hardcover, no dust jacket, 336pp, illustrations and plates throughout with many in colour, a finely produced work with biographical and commercial information on medallists, badge makers and jewellers and illustrating an abundance of their works, out of print and rare An essential guide, used by many dealers, retailers and auction houses as a product reference Est. $250


Jackson, C.J.: “English Goldsmiths and Their Marks”, (extended title): A History of the Goldsmiths and Plate Workers of England, Scotland and Ireland with over Thirteen Thousand Marks etc” second edition revised and enlarged, Dover Publications New York NY facsimile edition 1964 of the 1921 original, 747pp, brown half leather, the covers a little warped but internally clean and unmarked, a superior copy of this massive work Est. $125


Paulson, Paul L: “Guide to Russian Silver Hallmarks” 1976, card cover, 78pp, includes 34 page tables of mark illustrations; Gustav A.Tammann “Imperial Russian Makers’ Marks on Orders and Decorations”, Spink London 1993, card cover, 50pp; together with H.C.Bainbridge “Peter Carl Faberge: Goldsmith and Jeweller to the Russian Imperial Court”, London 1966 edition, hardcover, with bumped but untorn printed dust jacket, 167pp, illustrations, some in colour; and a 1978 Sotheby (Zurich) auction catalogue of Carl Faberge Fine Works of Art (4 items) Est. $75


Ramsey, L: “The Complete Encyclopedia of Antiques” London 1969 edition; Plenderleith & Werner “Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art” second edition 1974; Corbeiller “European and American Snuff Boxes 1730-1830” New York 1966; David Ell “First Fleet to Federation Australian Antiques” Sydney 1977; together with a Carter’s Price Guide to Antiques 1992, and a group of illustrated auction catalogues 1977-1980 by Christie’s (2), Sotheby’s (10) featuring collections of Miniatures, Gold Boxes, Russian Works of Art etc, the first five items hardcover, the others card cover, a useful reference group (17 items) Est. $100



Albrecht, Kurt: “Nineteenth Century Australian Gold and Silver Smiths, (Hunchinson Group) Richmond Victoria 1969 first edition, hardcover, 69pp, b/w plates, illustrated dust jacket with tear at foot which has been tape repaired causing minor discolouration otherwise a good clean copy, related tabloid feature article laid in, an essential reference which commands high retail prices in any condition; J.B.Hawkins “Australian Silver 1800-1900” NSW National Trust of Australia 1973, 128+12pp, b/w plate illustrations, hardcover with a good dust jacket; plus Exhibition booklets including Australian Gold & Silver 1820-1976 at Georges Gallery 1976 and Geelong Art Gallery 1988 (illustrated), both card cover (4 items) The first lists the gold and silver-smiths in Australia with dates, marks, work and addresses; the second features makers’ biographical details and illustrations of some makers’ marks Est. $125

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Tardy “International Hallmarks on Silver”, soft cover 539pp; Jan Divis “Silver Marks of the World” hardcover with torn dust jacket 246pp; Jeffrey Jacob “Court Jewelers of the World, hardcover with dust jacket, 92pp; Geoffrey Godden “ Encyclopaedia of British Pottery and Porcelain Marks, hardcover with dust jacket 765pp; Emanuel Poche “Porcelain Marks of the World”, hardcover with dust jacket, 255pp; Hooper & Phillips “A Manual of Marks on Pottery and Porcelain, small hardcover pocket book 240pp; S.W.Fisher “English Pottery and Porcelain Marks card cover 98pp; together with Australian and other art references including Jackson-Mooney “Brief Dictionary of Tasmanian Artists” hardcover limited edition, 54pp; various booklets and sales catalogues on Australian Art, Australian Historical Drawings and Paintings; Antique Jewellery and Porcelain etc, English Miniatures; other items (3) including Maurice Pope’s “The Story of Decipherment: From Egyptian Hieroglyphic to Linear B” (16 items) Est. $100


Royal Imperial and National Order of the Legion of Honour, Louis Philippe type 1830-1848, Henri IV reverse complete with ribbon, with miniature of same attached, some enamel chips and crude repair but scarce Est. $150


Group of mainly WWI period medals with ribbons compr Legion of Honour with palm, Croix de Guerre (4 diff types), Military Medal, Dardanelles Medal, Combatants Cross, Volunteer Combatant, Defence of Verdun, Medal for Prisoners (2 types), Free French Forces WWII, Campaign Against Italy, wound badge 1914-18, and four misc items incl French Indo China, all have reverse adhesions from mounting on board but a nice lot (19 items) Est. $150


Assorted genealogy plus other reference and information material including Naval Records for Genealogists, Genealogical Research Directory, Australian Guide to Online Genealogy, Finding Families: A Guide to the National Archives of Australia for Genealogists, Tracing Your Scottish Ancestors, Public Record Office List of Holdings 1985, Family & Local History Sources in Victoria, Our Heritage: A Directory to Archives & Manuscripts in Australia, Museums in Australia 1975, List of Post and Telegraph Offices (PMG Dept 1964), Walhalla Masonic Lodge Centenary booklet 1976, Oxford English Dictionary and Britannica World Language Edition of the Oxford Dictionary vols 1 and 2 (including World Languages into English); Australian Reptiles & Frogs, What Mammal is That, Official Guidebook of China, Pam’s Guide to Discount Melbourne, two binders of Easy PC: The Family Guide to Successful Home Computing, misc items (4) (24 items) Est. $100


World Military Medals and Militaria AUSTRIA 146

Pre-WWI and WWI group of ephemera and personal effects belonging to Gustav Rudolf Edward Ridokar (Konrad Ritter) Oberleutenant II Field Howitzer Regiment of the Austrian Army, includes framed display with photo and ribbon bar for Mobilisation Cross 1912, Carl Cross for Bravery, Franz-Josef Bravery Medal in bronze, Emperor Karl Signum Laudis silver medal with two crowns and sword; plus timber cutlery box containing postcards and photographs (19); artillery instruction handbook for 10mc field howitzer Vienna 1909; tactical handbook for Austrian army 1913 edition; Service Regulations for the Imperial and Royal Army Part 2, 1912 (2 copies); original enlistment papers; six certificates dated 1908, 1910, 1911, 1915, 1916, 1917; and two reconnaissance maps c.1916 for Poland. A most interesting lot Gustav Ridokar born 8th April 1887, enlisted 9th Aug 1906, became a cadet 28th Dec 1907, Lieutenant 30th Dec 1910, Oberleutenant 1st May 1915 Est. $100


WWI British War Medal impressed to 336950 Gnr B.C.Cooke CFA with ribbon, EF Est. $75


WWI Trio: Iron Cross, Hanseatic Cross (Hamburg) for Bravery and 1914-18 Cross of Honour; together with Prussian Bronze Red Cross Medal 3rd class with bow ribbon in original case and box, cased silver 1st class Iron Cross, Epaulette, Open Wound Badge 1916 (2, one in mount), both Iron (for gold) and two sports badges (one silver, one gilt), two stick pins for same, another wound badge and set of miniatures, all from the same family, a fine original group housed in an old Cuban cigar box VF-EF (12 items) Ex Reg Willliams Collection Est. $1,250


Old Havelock tin containing mixed Nazi Germany related badges etc, Mixed Condition (14 items) Est. $75



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Indian Army Meritorious Service Medal 1848 named to Serjeant Major John Payne 10H Regiment Bomy N.I., VF and scarce Est. $400

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Victorian period presentation snuff box hallmarked Birmingham 1845 by Edward Smith, 132gms with gilt interior, engraved “Presented by the Sergeants Depot 59th Regiment to Sergeant Major C.Dell, as a token of their respect, Tralee, 5th June 1851”. A superbly crafted piece with no dents or hinge stress by one of Birmingham’s best silversmiths Tralee is the county town of County Kerry in the south west of Ireland. The Sergeants Depot of the 59th Regiment of Foot was in Ireland from 1850 to 1860 and was involved in the recruitment, training and placement of reinforcements Est. $600

Family group of medals with Australian connection awarded to the Bates family including Crimea Medal engraved A.Bates Grenadier Gds (missing suspender); Egypt Medal 1882-89 engraved S.Bates A.B. HMS Minotaur and Khedives Star 1882; WWI/II mounted Group of Eight: 1914-15 Star, BWM, Victory, 1939-45 Star (detached, an unnamed replacement), Pacific Star, War Medal, ASM and Messina Earthquake Medal 1908 awarded to 234447 A.E.Bates P.O., R.N.; together with corresponding dress miniatures; silver cigarette case engraved to Lieut. Albert Bates R.N. on the occasion of his transfer to the Royal Australian Navy 7 March 1941; WWII Trio: War Medal, Defence, RAF LSGC Eliz II to Flt. Lt. E.K.Bates RAF with miniatures; together with a cased set of RAF cloth and bullion uniform badges; a brass Scots Guards plate engraved to 2692651 R.Cookson, a corresponding cap badge and a nice Trench Art cigarette cast with Scots Guards badges on the sides, a remarkable family group spanning several generations with some interesting extras, the medals VF-EF (lot) Est. $2,000

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Boer War campaign spirit lantern by HAK & Co London with four bevelled glass windows and original carrying case with inscription “J.Starkie Preston 1st Bn Royal Scots”; together with Preston’s handwritten letter of application for induction to the 3rd East Lancashire Regiment, Fleetwood dated 5th July 1899; and service details. The lamp in lovely condition 2nd Lieut John Starkie Preston of the 1st Battalion Royal Scots, an old boy of Hailebury College, died of enteric fever during the campaign and was buried in Dewetsdorp South Africa 27th June 1900 aged 21 Est. $300


WWI Trio mounted for wear; 1914 Star with attached Tudor Rose, BWM and Victory impressed to M1-5936 Pte S.L.Reynolds ASC, VF, the ribbons new Est. $150


WWI Pair; BWM and Victory impressed to 282422 Pte 2 W.T.Prinsep RAF with ribbons in original boxes of issue, As New Est. $90


WWI British War Medal impressed to Lt Col K.H.L.Arnott in original (and scarce) Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Company Ltd envelope. The enclosed Commonwealth War Graves Commission certificate convincingly suggests the recipient to be Lt Col Kenneth Hugh Lowden Arnott DSO MC who was KIA 30th May 1918 Est. $125


WWI British War Medal impressed to T4-234674 Dvr S.J.Salmon ASC; another impressed to 121986 Sjt A.S.Medd AS Medd RA, VF-EF (2 medals) Est. $125


WWI Victory Medals all named and with ribbons, mixed regiments (10 medals) Est. $100


WWI period Anson Battalion cap badge with lugs bent but intact; plus research on campaign details Est. $90


Large cased sterling silver travelling communion set consisting of chalice and paten from the renowned cleric suppliers Burns, Oates and Washbourne of London, the base of the chalice is inscribed “ORA PRO BCB 1923” with the paten hallmarked a little later. Attached to the case is a silver George VI type parachute regiment badge (total weight 345gms) a superb item in choice condition Est. $600

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India/WWII and later Group of Four; India General Service Medal bar Burma 1930-32 impressed 3520767 Pte W.Baker Manch R; WWII War Medal and Defence unnamed as issued; LSGC George VI 1949-52 type impressed to 3520767 Gnr W.Baker R A. Ribbon for the War Medal missing and others tatty, aVF-VF (4 medals) Est. $150 WWII KIA Group of Five; 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, War Medal and Defence unnamed in original shipper with inserts addressed to A.Ford of Marple (near Stockport) As New (5 medals) 14289148 Trooper Augustus Alan Ford of the 51st RAC (Leeds Rifles) was Killed in Action in Italy 19th May 1944 aged 20 years Est. $150


WWII Trio court mounted in glazed frame; 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, War Medal with MID oak leaf attributed to A/g(?) Sergeant Robert Austin Knight Royal Artillery, 3 Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery who died in action 24th March 1945 (the medals appear to be unnamed), also enclosed in the frame is his MID certificate, tinted photograph, memorial scroll and Pegasus plaque presented to his mother at the premiere of the movie “The Longest Day” (an additional bronze plaque with personal details is attached to the outer glass). The lot also comes with a swag of personal letters and other correspondence, some relating to the reasons for the MID, his last will and testament, and a letter confirming his death. A most interesting collection (lot) Est. $500


WWII Pair; War Medal and Defence Medal in original shipper with insert addressed to 3534507 Private George Earnest Tinsley; plus his personal pay book (2 items) Est. $75


WWII period Royal Engineers Inland Water Transport ensign, numerous holes but a complete example A souvenir retained by a Royal Navy veteran who saw service in North Africa Est. $75




Knight Bachelor’s Badge with original silk neck ribbon in Royal Mint fitted case, full Birmingham sterling silver hallmarks for Garrard & Company 2010 Est. $350


Queen’s Royal Lancers shako plate; together with a cloth badge, shoulder titles and rope epaulettes, the first item in superb condition (8 items) Est. $75


Empty cases for Eliz II type Military Cross and DFC; plus empty case for Golden Jubilee Medal 2002 with reverse label for Sqn Ldr S.P.Rochelle (8029255Q) RAF, all in nice grade (3 cases) Est. $125



Order of the Golden Kite 7th Class, early WWII issue in gilt silver with case of issue, Unc; Japanese retired military ex soldier’s badge of honour (2), plus assorted uniform badges (6), VF-Unc (9 items) Est. $200


WWII period enamelled gilt pinback medal/badge for life saving at sea, front view of lifeboat in a translucent blue enamel encircled by a lifebuoy over an anchor, Kanji ideograms on reverse, the pin and clasp intact, EF, a finely crafted and attractive item Est. $200


Konjuhosho or Merit Medal (Medal of Honour), private benefactor’s medallion with plain reverse and dark navy ribbon, the bar dated Showa 53 (1978), housed in the black lacquer-ware case as issued, Unc Awarded to benefactors who contributed a large donation (upwards of 100,000 Yen). Lot includes Orders & Medals Society of America Monograph No.1 “Orders & Medals of Japan and Associated States” by J.W.Peterson, Chicago 1967, hardbound, 110pp, b&w illustrations Est. $200

9ct gold and enamel sweetheart brooch for 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF 51x25mm with Birmingham hallmarks in Gieves & Hawkes London case. The vendor states that the item was given to F.W.Walters, winner of the only Conspicuous Gallantry Medal awarded to the squadron (although two commanding officers received VCs). Nice Est. $200

MBE (Military) with silver gallantry oak leaf attached to ribbon in Eliz II type Royal Mint case of issue, sterling silver pin (as against later plated pins) and desirable as such, aUnc Est. $175

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WWII Group of Seven compr 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, Defence; plus three Polish decorations incl Monte Cassino May 1944 Bronze Cross; together with photos, army pay book, 1944 military driving licence, and other documents relating to the likely medals recipient, Driver Marion Kaminski, VF-EF (14 items) Est. $125

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Naval bullion patch; together with misc army and naval badges, VF (6 items) Est. $75


10th Regiment North Otago Rifles New Zealand cap badge c.1904 with lugs removed; nickel and sterling silver military-style wristwatch with grille cover to avoid radium hands and pointers being seen at night (no band, missing dial but ticks over); misc button, medalet and USA badge; souvenir pocket knife; cigarette holder; ski badge; arm title; coin brooch compr Florin with Tenth Gulden 1942; Masonic emblem; cased Westminster Abbey medallions (2); 1988 Expo medal; together with Japanese souvenir medallion from the ship “Sunflower” c.1976 with research. Mixed Condition but an interesting lot (14 items); and Est. $100


WWI propaganda souvenir wash pan 19mm in nickel with depiction of German soldier and reverse text “Dernier Coup de Feu 1914-1915” (loose translation “Last (gun)shot”); together with cased Barque Polly Woodside 1985 medallion 47mm in sterling silver by Stokes (62.3gms), and Singapore One Dollar 1987 (15) (17 items) Est. $125


WWI period Magic Lantern b/w slides depicting scenes including Allied soldiers (3); misc German WWI medals (2); plus misc ornamental item (6 items) Est. $75


Poland WWI/WWII Cross of Merit 1st and 2nd Class mounted pair (possibly replicas); Austro-Hungarian Empire mounted display of Austrian Iron Cross of Merit with ribbon for bravery, 1914-1918 Hungarian Combatants Medal with ribbon; together with WWI period British smoker’s paraphernalia compr John Player cigarette packet, match box and cover, wax vestas in tin, trench art ashtray and vesta case in brass; plus German match box cover, Fine-Unc (11 items) Est. $100


WWI and WWII period badges, medalets, patches etc plus military related silk cigarette cards in old Pascall sweets tin, Mixed Condition (approx 60 items) Est. $75


WWI/ WWII accumulation of military cap and collar badges, mainly British but a few NZ (86); together with ‘stay bright’ modern issues (70), Mixed Condition (156 items) Est. $150


Accumulation of misc enamel badges including ARP, Home Front, Red Cross etc (21); together with misc world medals and miniatures, inc George V council medal, and few replicas (7), ships tallies (2), Cameron Highlanders embroidered handkerchief; plus obsolete Victoria State Emergency Services and misc services cloth patches uncut and still on sheets and folder of coloured copies of old war photographs and postcards (lot) Est. $125

Vyner Brooke-Rajah Government Long Service Medal c.1930s, aUnc and rare Est. $300




WWII period pilot’s wings 24gms in sterling silver by K.G.Luke Melbourne, nicely toned EF or better and rare by this maker Est. $175

Vietnam group of medals to SP4 John Arthur Verno KIA Cambodia 11th May 1970 compr cased Bronze Star (named); cased Purple Heart; Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry and Military Merit Medal; US Army Good Conduct Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, National Service Medal; Combat Infantry badge, ‘Medic’ badge, marksman’s qualification badge, brass collar title, and specialist 4-rank patch, VF-Unc and comes with detailed Internet service history (13 items) Est. $400

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