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June 2014

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Just 4,000 struck! A sspectacular silver celebration of one of Australia’s pivotal historical figures, and exclusive, with a mere 4,000 struck, this brilliantly designed g legal tender coin pays homage to explorer Matthew Flinders (1774-1814). l B Beyond his feat as the first man to circumnavigate the Great Southern Land, Flinders’ fame is built upon his promotion of the official use of the name ‘Australia’. His advocacy of the title is evidenced by his famous map – the ‘General Chart of Terra Australis or Australia’. Dispatched to Joseph Banks in 1804, this map first received broad attention when Flinders’ book, A Voyage to Terra Australis, was first published, exactly 200 years ago – the day before Flinders’ death. Distinguished by a strong, proud portrait of this legendary F explorer, contrasting brilliantly against a full-colour appreciation of his ship, ex the Investigator, this 40mm coin forms a powerful tribute to Flinders’ key role in Australian history. Aust Hot on the heels of the Royal Australian Mint’s popular legal tender tributes to Flinders, there is no doubt that this eye-catching precious metal Proof will chart the same course cours to success.  

A supe superbly designed, precisely struck precise maritime maritim legal tender tribute

Exclusive! Tiny worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 4,000! Struck to flawless Proof quality from 25 grams of sterling silver An official legal tender issue A$ – spans a crown-sized 40mm in diameter TOKELAU 2014 $5 MATTHEW FLINDERS Housed within a case with a SILVER PROOF numbered Certificate of Authenticity


Official Issue Price SH268

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Continuing our long association with Kidney Health Australia, Downies will once again be represented by Ken and Kathryn Downie in the 2014 014 Kidney Kar Rally in August. st. Starting in Gundagai and concluding at Cootamundra, dra, the 26th annual Kidney Kar Rally will once again play a key role in raising vital funds to fight kidney disease – and you can play a part! Eye-catching, affordable and, with just 1,000 issued, exclusive, this Perth Mint-struck 39.34mm 2014 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion gives you the chance to help this worthy cause. Available on the Order Form, every cent A$ 95 from the retail price of A$9.95 will be donated to assist the annual 2014 KIDNEY KAR RALLY National Kidney Kids Camps – held AL-BR MEDALLION for children suffering kidney disease.


Manager of Block Arcade Coins for 6 years, Neil has chosen a genuine ‘modern classic’ as his favourite coin – the 2009 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset 1oz Silver Proof.

“My favourite coin…”

The 2014 Kidney Karr Rally!

“It’s a tough call, because of the quality of modern collector coinage, but I would have to say that my favourite coin would be the 2009 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset Silver Proof. The beauty of this Royal Australian Mint Silver Proof, to me, lies in the simplicity and sleekness of the design. The minimalism is not only eye-catching in itself, with the brilliant use of the shadow of the kangaroo implying movement, but it creates a powerfully symbolic celebration of Australia, and an intense reflection of the stark beauty of the Outback. And the design looks utterly sensational al on a silver crown-sized coin struck k to Proof quality!” Neil is not alone in his appreciation of what has as been called Australia’s finest modern coin. Indeed, employed on a variety of gold and silver issues from 2007, this design has achieved unrivalled popular and critical acclaim. Not only has every Kangaroo at Sunset set coin sold out, but the design was nominated for the prestigious Peoples Choice oice Coin of the Year!


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FIRST CONFLICT... A beautifully designed Australian legal tender commemorative, and one of few full-colour 50c types, this unique coin honours Australia’s first overseas military engagement as a nation – the 18991902 Boer War. Not to be issued for circulation – mintagee just 50,000. 2014 50c BOER WAR CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price A$


Australia’s first victory at sea…


When HMAS Sydney defeated SMS Emden – a ‘lone wolf’ that had terrorised Allied shipping in the Indian Ocean in the early days of WWI – she registered Australia’s first major naval victory. Of the 6,429 Mexican Silver Dollars found aboard the German vessel after the Battle of the Cocos, 1,000 were used to create the Sydney-Emden Medal. Conferred upon those aboard the Sydney, this rare, famous medal is valued at around A$3,000 today. Set in an informative booklet detailing the battle, this full-size, detailed Sydney-Emden Medal replica gives everyone the chance to honour a major milestone in Australian military history.



A MUST-HAVE! Part of a mintage of 50,000, this not-issuedfor-circulation RAM 50c type honours Australia’s first naval victory. Perfect partner for the Sydney-Emden Medal Me Booklet!



Buy both h A$






2014 50c BATTLE OF COCOS ISLANDS CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price A$



Ho Honouring the first Australian military personnel to make mi the ultimate sacrifice in WWI, this th one-year-only RAM 50c honours those killed in h September 1914 during the S occupation of Germany’s o colonial outpost of New co Guinea. Not to be issued for Gu G circulation, this Australian ccir legal le eg tender 50c is taken from mintage of 50,000. am 2014 50c GERMAN NEW GUINEA CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price A$





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MINTAGE a crazy 250! The above number may seem minuscule, but it is huge compared to the number of 2014 $200 Koala High Relief 2oz Gold Proofs available to Australian collectors! With most of the tiny 250coin mintage of this chunky 32.60mm 99.99% pure Gold Proof destined for the USA, the number left for Australian collectors to fight over is ridiculously small. Struck to the Perth Mint’s exquisite High Relief Proof quality, and beautifully presented within a lavish case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this is your one-and-only opportunity to secure this prestigious Australian legal leg tender 2oz Gold Proof.



2014 $200 KOALA HIGH HIG RELIEF 2oz GOLD PROOF O Official Issue Price AW737

Hot & High!

Pure 99.99% value! Providing everyone with the chance to enjoy the Perth Mint’s superb one-year-only koala motif, the 16.10mm, 99.99% pure 2014 $15 Koala 1/10oz Gold Proof unites quality, affordability and limited availability in equal parts. Just 5,000 struck!

Hot property on the international market, a vast majority of the 2,000-coin mintage of the 27.30mm 1oz 99.99% gold High Relief Koala will also be whipped off overseas! Understandably, we have been granted only a tiny allocation of coins – each set in a A$ Perth Mint case with a 2014 $100 KOALA Certificate.



HIGH HIG GH RELIEF 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AW738


2014 $15 KOALA 1/10oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue sue Price ce AW739 739 4

TINY NUMBER in Australia! Und Underpinned by the exceptional depth and detail of the designs, the Perth Mint’s new 2014 $8 Koala High Relief 5oz Silver Proof is sure to stir up Mi huge interest. With the mintage the same as its predecessor – a coin h that sold out at the Mint – time is of the essence for those seeking to t experience this powerful work of precious metal minting. Crafted from FIVE TROY OUNCES of 99.9% silver, this Australian legal tender coin is naturally notable for its imposing dimensions. Spanning a massive 50.60mm in diameter, the 2014 $8 Koala High Relief 5oz Silver Proof is struck on a flan that is 12.50mm thick! With the one-year-only koala motif and the obverse portrait of Elizabeth II standing out even more prominently than on 1oz High Relief coins, this spellbinding Silver Proof will impress every collector. w mintage just 5,000, this coin would be seen as exclusive under any With the mi W circumstances. cir rcumstanc With a substantial majority of the mintage to be dispatched overseas, however, and with the tiny Australian allocation sure to be overseas blown away by demand, an early order is recommended.  



2014 $8 KOALA HIGH RELIEF 5oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AW741

Struck to High Relief Proof quality from 5oz of 99.9% silver Mintage restricted to 5,000 coins – sell-out guaranteed Australian legal tender – spans 50.60mm in diameter Set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

A RAM ‘first’! Joining the High Relief revolution, the RAM has created a contender for ‘Coin off JJo the th Year’ – the 2014 $1 High Relief 1oz Silver Proof. The RAM’s FIRST High Relief Silver Proof, forming a sensational way to mark the 30th anniversary R of o the $1 coin, this chunky 32mm 99.9% pure A$ Australian legal tender coin A is set in an official case with 2014 $1 30th ANNIVERSARY Y a Certificate of Authenticity HIGH RELIEF confirming the mintage of 1oz SILVER PROOF just j 10,000. Official Issue Price



allia To o lll ffree r ee re e e 13 1 3 00 00 7 88 3 88 58 58 Australia Toll 1300 788 358 5

Rare full-colour 50c!

Playingg an important important, insightful role as Australia continues the process of reconciliation, the Royal Australian Mint has issued this unique 50c tribute to the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). One of few Unc 50c types enhanced with colour, this Australian legal tender type is desirable for the aesthetic quality alone. Featuring the AIATSIS logo, and forming a symbolic celebration of 50 years of research, promotion and preservation of indigenous societies, the RAM hopes that this unique type will be an emblem of “unity and understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cultures.” Part of a mintage of 30,000, this coin also forms a crucial acquisition for decimal collectors. Why? Because 2014 50c AIATSIS Colour Cu-Ni Unc will not be issued for circulation! A must-have for those keen en to maintain a complete collection, this affordable Aussie 50c is set in a RAM pack.


Spirit of the Dreamtime Forming the perfect complement to the RAM’s new 2014 50c AIATSIS Unc, the Indigenous Coin & Note Pack unites five previous Australian currency issues celebrating the nation’s indigenous heritage. -art Capturing the Spirit of the Dreamtime within state-of-the-art currency production, the first Australian indigenous legal tender issue was the $1 note – first issued in 1966. The second indigenous issue, the 1988 Bicentennial $10, was Australia’s first commemorative note, and the world’s first polymer note. This set features BOTH notes, united with the RAM’s 1988 Bicentennial $1, the 19882014 Indigenous Elder $2 and the Perth Mint’s 2005 $1 Al-Br Roo – all in Unc!



2014 50c AIATSIS COLOUR UR CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price e AW803


INDIG INDIGENOUS COIN & NOTE PACK SH038 com/ co om/ m do d w s 6

Doctor Who Monsters! Doctor Who is currently the longest running and most successful science fiction television series of all time. Produced by the BBC, the programme follows the adventures of the last of the Time Lords – the Doctor. The Doctor first encountered Daleks on the radiation-soaked planet of Skaro, waging war with the peaceful Thals. The Daleks were the mangled and mutated remains of the Kaled people, placed in metal war machines by the Kaled's chief scientist Davros. Known as 'The Lonely Assassins', the Weeping Angels are quantum-locked alien killers, as old as the universe itself. When observed, they freeze like stone, but in the blink of an eye can move vast distances. The touch of an Angel hurls their victim back in time – allowing the Angel to feast on the energy of their unlived days. Originally born on Earth's twin planet Mondas, the Cybermen were created as the Mondasians replaced parts of their dying bodies with plastic and steel. Eventually they added emotional inhibitors, suppressing all feelings. Cybermen can convert humans wherever they go, and take orders from a Cyberleader, whose data can be downloaded to a drone if the leader is destroyed. An advanced race of reptilian humanoids, tribes of Homo Reptilia were the dominant lifeform on Earth before the evolution of humanity. When a large object appeared in the sky the Silurians retreated underground or escaped Earth in an Ark which entered Earth's orbit as the Moon. The Sontarans are an aggressive, clone-warrior race from Sontar. They were engaged in a war lasting thousands of years with the Rutans. In pursuit of an advantage, Commander Linx tried to invade 13th century Earth, until repelled by the Doctor. In collaboration, BBC Worldwide Australia and New Zealand and New Zealand Mint offer these collectable 1/2oz silver proof coins to continue Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebrations. Issued by New Zealand Mint as legal tender under the authority of Niue Island, only 5,000 of each 1/2oz silver proof coin design will be released worldwide.

! Official licensed products ! All five coin releases in series

featuring classic Doctor Who Monsters ! 1/2oz 99.9% pure silver in proof quality ! Limited mintage – 5,000 each ! Niue legal tender

n1/2oz Silver Proof Coins




DOCTOR WHO logo © 2012 & TM BBC. Licensed by BBC WW Ltd. DALEKS (word marks and devices) are trademarks of the BBC and are used under licence.


PRODUCT CODE: AW125 – Daleks AW323 – Weeping Angels AW391 – Cybermen AW769 – Silurians AW772 – Sontarans

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New RAM $1 Type! Available individually!

to decimal collectors, Downies is delighted An important opportunity for serious A Unc! y enar Cent WWI $1 2014 ly symbolic pres p ent the Royal Australian Mint’s high ning 25mm in diameter, this onespan , An A official Australian legal tender issue to commemorate the beginning of the yeary only type has been issued by the RAM e of the Anzac Spirit to the Australian rtanc FFirst World War, and to highlight the impo in an Australia Post PNC, Downies can nnational identity. Previously only available Uncirculated example of the 2014 WWI tly now give you the chance to secure a stric no a y $1 individually! enar nten Cent Cen will A$ 95 Although the 2014 $1 WWI Centenary Unc Alth e istibl irres an is this , bbe issued for circulation 2014 $1 WWI CENTENARY plete in oopportunity to keep your collection com UNC in ed hous yet, r Bette ition. cond sstrictly Uncirculated 1 SH27 type key this a pack created especially for Downies, e! apiec 95 A$6. can be yours at a mere ca

Taken from RAM bags and in Unc quality!


IT… IR P S C A Z N A E TH G IN R U O N O H ring a Featu F 50c 5 & two 20c th trio types types, this marks 70 years yea since si Japa J n’s fierce attac a ks on Aust Aus ralia in 1942 & 1943. 2012 50c & 20c 20 ES UNDER SIEGE S SHOR COI SET CU-NI UNC 3 COIN O Official Issue Price


2550 AT013

ng Honouring ‘the battltlee vedd that save Australia’, this unique 50c pays homage to the brave Aussies who served during the Kokoda Campaign. 2012 50c 70th ANNIV OF THE KOKODA TRAIL CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price A$

A with the 2012 As SShores Under S t and 2012 Kokoda Sieg Si e Set 50c at left, the 2013 Korean War 60th Anniversary $1 was not issued for circulation 2013 $1 KORE AN WAR and won’t 60th ANNIV AL-BR UNC be found Official Issue Price in change! 50 A$




AT02 2

ralia’s A stral You may findd Aust first circulating $2 commemorative in your change, but the chance to secure the RAM’s poignant 2012 Remembrance Day $2 coin in guaranteed Unc quality must not be missed! 2012 $2 REMEMBR ANCE COIN PACK



SH08 6 8

VC Replica!

Silver celebration…

Your chance to enjoy a full-size, detailed, faithful recreation of one of the world’s most famous, most prestigious military awards, we have the Victoria Cross Medal Replica available at a mere A$39.95! Celebrating the British Empire’s most prestigious award for acts of gallantry, valour or self-sacrifice in the presence of the enemy, the VC Replica is the perfect partner for the RAM’s new 2014 $5 Victoria Cross Silver FrUnc.





Celebrating th the worlld’ d’s most famous military decoration in pure silver, this official RAM tribute to the Victoria Cros s has triggered overwhelming demand. A fine work of numismatic art, the popu larity of the 2014 $5 Victoria Cross 1oz Silver FrUnc is no shock. Depicting the VC with a ‘mirrored finish’, contrasting superbly with the frosted ‘V for Valour’ background motif, this 40mm Australian legal tender coin capt ures perfectly the spirit, beautyy and importance of this revered military medal.

Fully Fu updated, the hardback Australians Awa Aw rded Guide 2nd ed is the most com co prehensive reference of honours, deco de rations, awards and medals to Aust A ralians ever issued. DOU D BLE THE SIZE of the 1st ed at more than th 800 pages, Australians Awarded form fo s a definitive overview of Honours, Med M als and Decorations to Australians from f 1770 to 2013. Including infor i mation on medal types, ribbons, badges as well as updated valuations – and much more A$ – this book is simply a mustAUSTRALIANS AWARDED have for collectors, investors, GUIDE HARDCOVER 2nd Ed. historians and militaria AW717 aficionados.

Restricted to a mintage of just 30,000, this distinctive 1oz 99.9% Silver FrUnc is set in an official RAM A$ card with a Certificate of 2014 $5 VICTORIA CROSS Authenticity. 1oz SILVER FRUNC



Official Issue Price AW765

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 9

Purely Australian…

egal new Perth Mint Australian legal A vibrant work of full-colour minting, this . Reef er Barri t the Grea tende te r coin forms a captivating tribute to landmark, the 40.60mm alian Austr Capturing the beauty of this key C 1oz Silver Proof Reef er Barri t Grea r Unde n Dow 22014 $1 Land distinctively the g inuin Cont ccarries an aerial view of the reef. and making this s, Serie r Unde n Dow Land the of ’ AAustralian ‘look as, this eas, overs cts conta and ccoin a fantastic gift for friends off Map a n withi ed fram is n desig olour sstriking full-c Austr A alia motif. Taken from a mintage off A$ 5,000, each coin is set R in an official AustraliaUNDE N DOW 20144 $1 LAND 201 shaped case with a GR T BARRIER REEF G GREA numbered Certificate of 1oz SILVER PROOF Of cial Issue Price O Offi Authenticity.




lar celebration An eminently prestigious, truly spectacu ers, the wond of o one of the world’s greatest natural t Grea $25 Mint’s 2014 Perth P A$ Barr B ier Reef 1/4oz Gold Proof is also a extremely exclusive. The 2014 $25 LAND DOWN UNDER mint m age is a mere 1,000! Struck GREAT BARRIER REEF each gold, 9% 1/4oz of 99.9 from f 1/4oz GOLD PROOF Aust A ralian legal tender coin is set Official Issue Price in an Australia-shaped case with AW743 a numbered Certificate.


Mintage just 500! , and Paying homage to the Great Barrier Reef olour full-c g antin ench an by ed guish distin sing design of the Reef’s inhabitants, this impo icted restr is 2oz r silve pure % 99.9 m, 50m – to a mintage of just 500 legal tender coins of cate fi Certi a with case er timb a in set each Authenticity. ww ww. twit itte tter. com co m/d m/ /do down wnies wni e




Will you be one of the 150? A coin of im immense beauty, exquisite detail and unquestionable prestige, tthe 2014 $100 Green Sea Turtle 1oz Gold Proof is just as nnotable for the unbelievably low mintage. It is only possible for a mere 150 people around the world to be possib the pproud owner of this vivid legal tender coin. Will you be oone of the privileged few members of this exclusive club? clu A limited window of opportunity that will soon slam shut, tthis outstanding work of modern minting has won critical aacclaim worldwide. Produced by Swiss precious metal experts Produits Artistiques Metaux Precieux (PAMP), and crafted from a massive TROY OUNCE of 99.99% fine gold, a single glance at the spellbinding depiction of the Green Sea Turtle will tell you why. Beautifully accommodated by the expansive 38.61mm flan, the fully struck-up design captures the turtle’s compelling f cornucopia of colours perfectly. The contrast with the c gglittering surface of this 1oz Gold Proof is breathtaking. Even if it had no point of comparison, the sheer quality of Eve this coin would ensure a sell-out of the mintage of 150. As it is, we know that the 150-coin mintage of the first three issues of the Endangered & Extinct Gold Proof Series sold out, and this coin – aarguably the best of the program – is sure to march down the same path to success.    

Matching the numbered Certificate, each 99.99% Gold Proof is individually edge-numbered

E Extremely exclusive, with the mintage restricted to a mere 150 coins! Absolutely stunning full-colour design – created A in fully struck up relief! Struck to faultless Proof quality from a troy ounce S of 99.99% pure gold o Complete with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity Beautifully presented A$ within a plush, attractive timber case NIUE 2014 $100 Measuring 38.61mm, GREEN SEA TURTLE 1oz GOLD PROOF the 1oz gold flan is Official Issue Price distinguished by SH260 edge-numbering


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 11

1952 R15 10/- Coombs/ Wilson Unc

1939 R12 10/- Sheehan/ McFarlane Unc A$ AT789



The first 10/- note issued during the reign of George VI, and the rarest – issued from 1939 to 1942

Exceedingly rare in pristine Uncirculated quality, as here – and rarely available at this price!

Also Also Available Ava vail ilab abl ble le





1933 R28 £1 Riddle/ Sheehan about Unc A$ AH510



A sought after, highly symbolic Australian note – the last 10/- issued during the predecimal era

The last £1 banknote of the King George V era – issued from 1933 until two years after his death

Absolutely sensational valuefor-money, this note in strictly Unc can be yours for less than A$200!

Very rarely seen in such excellent condition, we have two examples in about Uncirculated quality

1942 R30 £1 Armitage/ McFarlane Unc A$ AG413

1949 R31 £1 Coombs/ Watt Unc A$ AE023



Highly sought after wartime memento – first issued during the darkest days of the Second World War  A fantastic opportunity, we have the George VI 1942 Armitage/McFarlane £1 in strictly Unc quality





Last Australian George VI 10/- note – a one-year-only issue, cut short by the death of the King  Outstanding quality at an astonishing price, this key 62-year-old predecimal note is rare in Unc

1961 R17 10/- Coombs/ Wilson Reserve Bank Unc A$ AJ304

Also Available



The third £1 of the King George VI era, this Baby Boomer banknote was issued for only three years

Scarce in Uncirculated condition, and virtually never seen at such a value-formoney price 12

1952 R32 £1 Coombs/ Wilson Unc A$ AE027

1953 R33 £1 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Unc A$ AJ072



Also Available

A valuable piece of Australian history – the very last £1 issued during the reign of King George VI  A one-year-type – rarely seen in this spectacular state of preservation. Strictly Unc quality!

Also Available

The first Elizabeth II £1 banknote – first seen in circulation in the Queen’s Coronation year  Amazing value-for-money at A$195, this landmark type is offered in flawless Uncirculated quality









1952 R48 £5 Coombs/ Wilson Unc A$ AW976

1949 R60 £10 Coombs/ Watt gEF A$ AK356



The last King George VI £5 banknote – and the last £5 note to depict the reigning monarch

Premium grade examples of the penultimate George VI £10 note – in impressive good Extremely Fine

Rarely offered in pristine Uncirculated quality, we have just three examples of this key note in stock

With £10 representing an amazing amount of spending power, this note was rarely set aside at issue

1954 R62 £10 Coombs/ Wilson Commonwealth Bank about Unc A$ AJ115

1960 R63 £10 Coombs/ Wilson Reserve Bank Unc A$ AE016



The first £10 banknote issued during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – scarce to rare in any grade

Exceptional opportunity to secure this high denomination in superb aUnc – at a price sure to shock!

The end of an era – the concluding £10 banknote issue of the 1913-65 predecimal banknote series

Like all high denominations, too valuable to set aside at the time of issue and very rare in Unc

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

It’s time to CELEBRATE ELIZABETH II – the beginning…

Taking you on a journey back to the earliest days of the long reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this impressive predecimal coin & note pack is important, attractive and very affordable. The first Australian currency of Elizabeth II also turned out to be the last of the predecimal era. A fine overview of the final days of a system used in Australia since Settlement in 1788, this pack includes a 195365 Coombs/Wilson £1 in Fine, a 1953-63 Silver Shilling in VF-EF and a 1953-64 Penny in VF-EF. Creating the perfect environment for this terrific trio, the £1 note, shilling and penny are secured behind see-botharchival quality bubble, and then set in sides, arch an illustrated portfolio. illus

First Fiver The accession of Elizabeth II saw a complete redesign of Australia’s banknotes, including the high denomination £5. Issued during the Coombs/Wilson signature combination from 1954 to 1961, and available in premium grade EF and aUnc condition, we have the very first Elizabeth II £5 in stock! Very scarce in this superb quality!







Limited edition!

A$ $

79 95

A$ $


32 3 25500


The home of the British Monarchy, and the venue for Mon the baptism in 1926 of the future fut Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace is an Bu integral element of Great int Britain. Strictly limited to Br an edition of just 9,000, and a featuring six official stamps united with a s 40mm Cu-Ni medallion 4 from the Royal Mint, this exclusive exclus PNC forms an official, eye-catching, affordable tribute to one of the world’s most famous, most richly symbolic buildings. 14

the Queen’s Birthday! Vanished from circulation! A fantastic way to enjoy the birthday celebrations of Queen Elizabeth II in June, we are delighted to be able to make this first-time offer of the Royal Australian Mint’s second ever $2 commemorative – the 2013 $2 Coronation Colour Al-Br Unc! This coin was issued for circulation last year, but have you even seen one? It may well be due to uneven distribution across the country by the RBA, or it could be a supreme example of Australia’s national pastime – ‘hoarding the commemorative’ – but anecdotal evidence suggests that this coin has instantly vanished. A wonderful opportunity to add Australia’s second full-colour circulating coin type to your collection – and do so in strictly Uncirculated condition – we have ve the 2013 $2 Coronation Colour Al-Br Unc available at just A$9.95 apiece!

A$ A $ Straight from Mint bags and in Unc!

An incredibly affordable opportunity, this landmark Australian legal tender nder type is presented in an eye-catching pack created especially for Downies.

Just A$9 apiece! Not issu issued for circulation and never found in change, this beautifully designed ch Royal Ro Australian Mint 50c type was w issued to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of a Queen Elizabeth II. Set in an El officia cial RAM card, this affordable Australian affo legal le tender type is i still available at Offi O cial Issue Price!

A$ $


Portrait of Power Depicting the young Elizabeth II early in what is currently the 2nd longest reign of any British monarch, this vibrant 40.60mm 99.9% Silver Proof features a perfect fullcolour recreation of the official Coronation portrait of the Queen taken by Sir Cecil Beaton Cecil Beatoon in 1953. Set in a Perth Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity – mintage just 5,000!



2013 50c CORONATION N UNC Official Issue Price rice AU868




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15


2695 AW977

A$ A $

1939 Roo Halfpenny Fine

39 3


1942, 1944, 1945, 1945Y Halfpennies VG-Fine


2390 AW978

Features four hard-to-find Roaring 20s dates. Includes 1924 1/2d – mintage just 681,000!

The crucial date of the King George VI halfpenny series – scarce across all grades

Scarce 1/2d date set – includes 1942 1/2d (mintage 720k!) & 1944 1/2d (mintage 729k!)

Excellent value-for-money at just A$26.95, the set of four is graded from VG to Fine

With revision of 1/2d design implemented late in 1939, the mintage was just 782,400!

An interesting memento of the WWII era, and within the reach of all collectors at A$23.90

1925 Penny VG-Fine A$ 



Australia’s 3rd rarest penny, the George VI 1946 1d is behind only the 1930 1d and the 1925 1d Mintage concluded at a mere 363,000 coins, and naturally absent from most collections


One of the key coins of 1910-63 Florin Series – tiny mintage just 500,000 is the 3rd lowest!

Struck at Heaton Mint, Birmingham, this 100-year-old coin is missing from most collections



The sterling silver 1942 3d was the lowest mintage coin and key date of 1910-64 3d Series

Just 528,000 3d struck at the Melbourne Mint in 1942 – George VI annual average was 17.6m!


Scarce WWII dates! Features 2nd lowest mintage George VI 1d – 1940 K.G mintage just 1.113m!  In highly collectable VG-Fine – top value-for-money at an average price of A$6.60 per coin!

11939 Florin VG-Fine A$ AW980


Tiny mintage just 630,000 – compared to George VI silver florin annual average of 13m!

Rarest George VI florin, and 5th lowest mintage issue of the 1910-63 Commonwealth florin series! 16




2650 2


1942 Melbourne Threepence Fine



A$ $


11914H Florin Good-VG

1940K.G, 1941K.G, 1944, 1945Y Pennies VG-Fine (4 coins)


Very low mintage of just 117,000 coins, and extremely scarce regardless of the grade



Australia’s 2nd rarest penny – only the King of Australian coins, the 1930 1d, is rarer!




11946 Penny VG-Fine


1920, 1924, 1925, 1928 Halfpennies VG-Fine 4 coins

1984 & 1985 1c 1 & 2c Last/First Portraits BU (4 coins) A$ 95 AM527


1969 & 1970 20c Pair BU

Unites last Machin portrait 1c & 2c (1984) with first Maklouf portrait 1c & 2c (1985) Defined by superb Brilliant Unc quality

A$ $




1991 1c & 2c Pair air BU



1985, 1986, 1987 10c Trio BU A$



The last Australian 1c and 2c dates struck before denominations demonetised

First three 10c coins bearing Maklouf portrait – a scarce decimal trio, especially in BU

Not issued for circulation – only found in RAM 1991 Mint Set! Tiny mintage just 147,900!

Low number of 10c coins issued for circulation in 1985, with NONE issued in 1986 or 1987!

1989, 1990, 1991 20c Trio BU A$$



A $ A$

1998 & 1999 20c Last/First Portrait Pair BU

12 1 295 AK542

Early dates from the Australian decimal series – seldom stashed away at the time of issue

Key dates in the 20c series – not issued for circulation and found only in RAM sets

An historic pair, uniting last Maklouf portrait 20c date with first Rank-Broadley 20c date

Cherry-picked from original RAM rolls and in sparkling Brilliant Uncirculated condition

Tiny mintages! 1989 20c – 150,602; 1990 20c – 103,766; 1991 20c – 147,900. Offered in BU!

Taken from original RAM bags and in BU condition. Genuine bargain given the pristine quality!

2005 20c WWII Anniv & Platypus Design Pair BU 

2005 $1 R Roos & WW WWII WII P Pair i BU A$

14 1 495


1295 AT567

Includes standard 2005 Platypus 20c and 2005 WWII 60th Anniversary 20c – in BU quality  Unusual – standard & commemorative types not generally issued for circulation in same year 10 X 2005 20c PAIRS Also Available A$ 50 AT567 E V A

1986 & 1987 50c Pair BU


33 3


Not issued for circulation, the 1986 & 1987 50c dates are found only in official RAM sets

Low-mintage issues, with 180,000 1986 and 200,000 1987 50c struck. Offered in superb BU!

79 S$ A 0! w w5w . d o w n i e s . c o m

Unites 2005 Roos $1 with 2005 WWII $1 commemorative – hand selected from original RAM bags

Increasingly scarce in glittering BU, particularly Roos $1, with few set aside at issue Also Available 10 X 2005 $1 PAIRS E A$ 50 AT528 V A S


50! Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 A$



Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows of History Titanic Silver Proof A$ AS384

Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows of Heaven St Francis Silver Proof A$ AT906

Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows of Heaven Bethlehem Silver Proof A$ AU254

Features a stained glass window based on the dome over the Grand Staircase of the ill-fated Titanic!

A spectacular legal tender tribute to the famous St Francis of Assisi’s Church in Krakow, Poland.

Honours the Church of St Catherine – part of the larger Church of the Nativityy in Bethlehem.

Cook Islands 2013 $10 Windows of Heaven Chartres Silver Proof A$ AU668

Cook Islands 2013 $10 Windows of Heavenn Milan Cathedral Silver Proof A$ AV340

Cook Islands Islands d 2013 20 $10 Windows of Heaven Lourdes Silver Proof A$ AV963

Pays homage to a magnificent example of French medieval Gothic architecture – the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres.

A spellbinding silver celebration of the masterpiece of o Gothic architecture, the Milan Mil Cathedral.

Featuring a genuine stained glass window set in the 50g, 50mm flan, the latest Silver Proof in this sought after series celebrates France’s famous Lourdes ourdes Cathedral.




Palau 2012 $10 Holy Windows ows Votive Church Vienna Antique ue Proof A$ AV490


Part of a mintage of 999, and measuring 42mm x 42mm, this exquisite 2oz sterling silver legal all tender tribute to the Votive Church ch h in Vienna is yours for FREE when en you buy the six above coins!




The six coins seen above are united by a wealth of irresistible qualities! Th ties! s! Each coin complete with a genuine,  Presented within a case see SAVE transparent, see-both-sides stained glass with a Certificate of A$ 349! window set within the 50mm flan! Authenticity  Official legal tender, each coin is taken  Buy all six coins A$ from a mintage of just 2,000! above and get the coin at left BUY ALL 7!  Struck to Proof quality from a whopping for FREE! KA118 50 grams of sterling silver 

2,154 2 154 w.twittter. terr..c co om//do own w ie ies 18

Silver Croc shock! A groundbreaking release, exemplifying the strength of the Perth Mint’s role in the global silver market, this sparkling 99.9% silver coin honours the fierce Saltwater Crocodile. The world’s largest living reptile, and as distinctively Australian as another Perth Mint silver icon, the kookaburra, the Saltwater Crocodile forms a fine subject for this new series. Notable for its imposing size, and well known as a formidable and opportunistic predator, the ferocity of this awe-inspiring beast is captured perfectly upon the 40.60mm diameter flan.


Sure to be targeted as much by Silver Crown collectors as those seeking to move decisively into precious metals, this one-year-only type represents sensational value-for-money at just A$39.95!  Struck to impeccable Brilliant Uncirculated quality  Comprised of a troy ounce of pure, precious 99.9% silver  Australian legal tender – measures 40.60mm in diameter  Outstanding value-for-money at less than A$40!

39 95


2,500 STRUCK! A stunning work of full-colour minting, the 2014 $1 Uluru National Park 1oz Silverr Proof enshrines one of Australia’s mostt important natural environments in Australian legal tender. Spanning 40.60mm, this entrancing 1oz 99.9% Silver Proof is taken from a tiny mintage of 2,500 coins – each set in a Perth Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity. y

Eye-popping! A$ $




199 19 99


Featuring a brilliant close-up design of a crocodile eye, this mesmerising 54mm x 32mm 1oz 99.9% silver coin is a shining example of the ongoing quest for evermore innovative collector coinage. Slightly unnerving and visually irresistible, this inventive legal tender issue has a tiny mintage of 1,000!

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19


1932 2d, 3d, d 5/ 5// B Bridge rid idge S Set et of 3 Very Fine Used 

395 AT410

Celebrating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932 – comprises 2d, 3d & 5/-

A$ $ 95


1936 2d & 3d Tasmania Cable MUH


A$ $

1936 2d, 3d, d 11// S South outh th A Australia usttralilia Centenary Set of 3 MUH



Honouring laying of first telephone cable to Tasmania from mainland Australia – in MUH!

Official philatelic tribute to the centenary of South Australia – includes 2d, 3d & 1/-

Issued April 1936 – first of only three Australian stamp issues during reign of Edward VIII

The second Australian stamp issue of the reign of King Edward VIII – offered in MUH

The 5/- Green is the key – very rare, and known as ‘the 1930 Penny of Australian stamps’

Also Available AS BLOCKS OF 4




Also Available AS BLOCKS OF 4




1945 2/- Maroon Roo Stamp MUH A$ 95 AL349


1940 AIF Set of 4 MUH 

A$ $



Honouring Australia’s Armed Forces – includes the 1d, 2d, 3d and 6d stamps in superb MUH

A key issue – among very few military commemorative Also Available AS BLOCKS OF 4 issues released during World A$ War II AW999


End of an era – last stamp to carry the classic Kangaroo & Map design first seen in 1913

1949 Arms 5/- to £2 High Value Definitives Set of 4 MUH

Scarce in MUH, and a valuable, yet amazingly affordable keepsake of the final year of WWII



1963 5d Green Imperf Between Error Pane of 6 MUH A$ 95


1955 C 1955 Cobb obb bb & C Coo B Block lockk off Four Pair

A$ 95

A seldom seen imperforate error – the perforation between stamps in Pane of 6 is absent

Among last stamps of the predecimal era – surprisingly affordable in Mint Unhinged quality


Official tribute to Australia’s pioneering colonial mail & transport enterprise – Cobb & Co

Comprises two Blocks of Four (8 stamps) in supreme Mint Unhinged condition


Features four stamps from 5/- to £2 – among most valuable Australian George VI stamps

Rare in MUH, as here – too valuable, as high denominations, to pop away as a memento


1957-65 AAT Complete Predecimal Stamp Set (7 MUH Stamps) A$ 95 AU706


The ONLY seven stamps of the Australian Antarcticc Territory issued in the predecimal period  Highlighting the beauty of the Antarctic, the complete set (5d to 2/3d) is scarce in MUH Also Available AS BLOCKS OF 4



AS885 20

345 3 45








1991 991 91 $10 $10 FFraser/Cole rase ra ser/ r/C /Col Co Consecutive Pair With and without ‘PIL’ Unc 

A$ $

119 AW984

1973 $$50 1973 50 R505 R50 5055 Phillips/ Philillilips// Ph Wheeler YAA First Prefix aUnc 1988 $10 R310a Bicentennial centtenniiall A$ Faulty OVD Unc

Unites consecutive 1991 $10 notes – one with PIL (Plate Identification Letter), one without PIL

Very rare, desirable combination, with very few Fraser/Cole $10 notes issued with a PIL



First issue of world’s first polymer & Australia’s first commemorative banknote

A$ $

595 AM616

Key Australian decimal type – Australia’s first $50 note, carrying the First Prefix YAA

Extremely scarce in better grade, we have this sought after note in near flawless aUnc

The faulty OVD type (varnish over OVD easily worn) was quickly withdrawn – now scarce

Also Available IN UNC




S A$ AV 8 E


1991 $100 R613 Johnston/Fraser ZLD Last Prefix Unc


295 AC243

1995 $5 Fraser/Evans Solid 111111 Serial Number Unc

A$ $

495 AW985

2007 $5 Stevens/Henry Solid 222222 Serial Number Unc

A$ $

395 AW986

The end of an era – Australia’s last paper $100 note, featuring the Last Prefix, ZLD

Extremely rare Solid Serial note, from the first issue of the Modified Colour $5 note

Taken from the first year of the Stevens/Henry signature combination

Scarce in any grade, and particularly scarce in superb Uncirculated quality, as seen here

Very few Solid Serial notes survived from the 1990s in any grade, let alone in Unc!

Very rare, as with all Solid Serials – only 1 Solid Serial in every 100,000 notes printed

2006 $10 Macfarlane/ M f l / Henry Solid 333333 Serial Number Unc

A$ $

395 AR122

2007 $20 Stevens/Henryy Solid 666666 Serial Number Unc

A$ $

439 AU424

2009 $50 Stevens/Henryy Solid 777777 Serial Number Unc

A$ $

485 AU425

Taken from the final year of the short-lived Macfarlane/Henry signature combination

An eye-catching banknote, featuring the devilishly attractive 666666 Solid Serials!

Lucky 7s! Your lucky day, we have several notes in stock carrying a 777777 Solid Serial!

Bearing the 333333 Solid Serial numbers and offered in pristine Uncirculated condition

Just a few examples available – each in pristine, strictly Uncirculated condition

Seldom set aside due to face value, high denomination Solid Serial notes extremely scarce

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 21

Stamp of Perth Mint quality… Sure to catch the eye of stamp and coin collectors alike, the Perth Mint and Australia Post have united to create this exclusive, official, unique tribute to the centenary of Australia’s first George V letterpress Red 1d stamp – issued in July 1914. A most memorable presentation, this new release is headlined by a fullcolour, stamp-shaped 50c Australian legal tender coin from the Perth Mint. Measuring 30.50mm x 22.70mm, and crafted from 1/2oz of 99.9% silver, this unusual stamp-shaped Proof coin features a perfect recreation of the design of Australia’s 1914 George V Red 1d stamp. The consummate complement, the 50c 1/2oz Silver Proof is accompanied by a 2014 George V 70c stamp. With the mintage restricted to just 2,500, our allocation is tiny. Immediate action essential!  

Headlined by a 30.50mm x 22.70mm 99.9% 1/2oz Silver Proof Includes an Aus Australia Post 70c stamp featuring the George V 1d Red design 1  Set within an official timber case with A$ a Certificate of 2014 50c Authenticity GEORGE V STAMP SHAPED  Australian legal tender 1/2oz SILVER PROOF – mintage strictly AW740 limited to just 2,500


RAM Roo! One of the RAM’s finest recent 50c commemoratives, the 2013 50c 100th Anniversary of Commonwealth Stamps Cu-Ni Unc nc features a stylistic representationn of Australia’s first postage stamp – the 1913 Map & Kangaroo 1d Red. Crucially for collectors, this Australian legal tender coin was not issued for circulation!


Super in Silver! Following the release of the George V stamp tribute, we have hunted down a few of its ‘perfect partner’ – the 2013 50c Kangaroo & Map Stamp Shaped 1/2oz Silver Proof! Celebrating Australia’s first stamp, and part of a mintage of 4,000, this 30.50mm x 22.70mm 99.9% Silver Proof is united with an Australian $10 stamp – set in a case with a Certificate.


2013 50c 100th ANNIV OF COMMONWEALTH STAMPS CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price AU737



2013 50c KANGAROO & MAP P STAMP SHAPED 1/2oz SILVER PROOF AU697 www.facebo bo book ook m/d /do 22

Taken from a low mintage of 30,000, each coin is set in an official RAM pack

G for George!

New series takes off!

Brilliantly designed, the RAM’s unique 25mm Australian legal tender type marks the 70th anniversary of the retirement of ‘G for George’.

A sensational silver celebration of ‘the icons of the air’, this outstanding new full-colour legal tender coin series pays homage to key stages in the history of aviation.

A WWII Avro Lancaster heavy bomber crewed mainly by Australians, ‘G for George’ survived 90 missions over Nazi-occupied Europe from 1942 to 1944. Now displayed at the Australian War Memorial as an embodiment of the strength, endurance and sacrifices of those who have served Australia in times of war, this ‘lucky’ bomber is a fine subject for this RAM military commemorative.

Virtually since its invention, the aeroplane has been employed for military purposes, with aviation playing a particularly key role in the Second World War. Struck to the height of Proof quality, the first three coins of the series honour three planes which served in the battle for supremacy in the skies during the conflict – Poland’s PZL P11,, Germany’s Messerschmitt BF109 and the USSR’s Yakovlev Yakk 7B.



2014 $1 ‘G FOR GEORGE’ AL-BR UNC Official Issue Price AW802

In addition, this coin is crucial for collectors. A must-have for a complete collection, this type is not to be issued for circulation, and will never be found in change! Guarantee supply now!

Superbly enhanced with full-colour, and strictly limited to a tiny mintage of just 2,014, each 38.60mm 20g 99.9% silver coin is set in an attractive A$ each case with a BURUNDI 2014 5000FR AVIATION ON N– Certificate of GERMAN MESSERSCHMITT 109, 1009, Authenticity.



T o llll ffree To rree re ee 1 13 30 00 788 358 Australia Toll 1300 23


in the tail!

Driven by the undeniable quality of the coin, and the virtually unrivalled global success of the Australian Deadly & unrivalle Dangerous Silver Proof Series, this frightening tribute to Dange the ffearsome Spider-Hunting Scorpion has been met with an overwhelming wave of demand. No one should be surprised. su SStruck to Proof quality from 1oz of pure 99.9% silver, this oofficial legal tender coin is a typically vibrant example of the Perth Mint’s precious metal prowess. Distinguished by large pincers and a twisting tail topped with a stinger, the nightmarish physique of the Spider-Hunting Scorpion has been captured perfectly upon the crown-sized 40.60mm flan of this dramatic legal tender release. A stand-alone issue of unmitigated excellence, this coin is also a must-have for those lucky enough to own any of its predecessors in the Deadly & Dangerous Series – each oof which has sold out and soared in price. The 2006 Redback Spider $1 can fetch A$1,200+, the 2010 Blue-Ringed ba Octopus $1 has regularly sold for A$400, and even a very Oct recent issue such as the 2012 Funnel-Web Spider $1 has rece already been seen on the open market at A$200+. alread the rising values of the series, and the strength of initial Given th demand, nnow is the time for action. Guarantee supply of the spellbinding 2014 $1 Spider-Hunting Scorpion 1oz Silver Proof at Price! Official Issue Pri  Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 5,000 coins – sure to sell out  Features a frightening full-colour appreciation of the Spider-Hunting Scorpion  Crafted to Proof quality from a troy ounce of pure, lustrous 99.9% silver  Struck as official Tuvalu A$ legal tender by Australia’s TUVALU 2014 $1 own Perth Mint SPIDER-HUNTING SCORPION  Set within a timber case 1oz SILVER PROOF with a numbered Certificate Official Issue Price of Authenticity SH261


Struck S k by b nies 24

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