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December 2013

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Qty A$ Price

AV816 AV822

AV815 AV374 KA024 KA070 SH202 SH203 SH216 SH097 AK051 AV500 AV501 AV502 AV503 AV504 KA074 AU473 AU636 AV711 AU694 AV831 AV166 AU471 AU793 AV012 AV726 SH161 AU060 AV375 AV342 AU002 AU644 AV727 AV729 AV731 AV728 AV730 AV751 AV018 AV104 AV103 AV340 AV022 AV164

AV457 AU586 AS990 AS991 KA081 AS994 AB036 GX404 SH051 AT739 AO878 AD760 AV712 AV110 AU451 AH372 AT535

December Money 2013 Page 1 Sovereign in Silver GB 2013 £20 St George & Dragon Silver BU Page 2 New Year’s Eve Fireworks Hologram! 2014 $1 Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks Hologram 1oz Silver Proof Page 3 Australia in full-colour… 2013 $1 Purnululu National Park 1oz Silver Proof 2013 $1 Willandra Lakes Region Sydney ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof 2013 $1 National Parks 1oz Silver Proof Trio Pages 4 & 5 WWI Centenary Tributes Solomon Islands 2014 $10 WWI 1914 Silver Proof Pair Solomon Islands 2014 $10 WWI Embarking For War 1914 Silver Proof Solomon Islands 2014 $10 WWI HMAS Sydney 1914 Silver Proof RAN Fleet Gold Medallion 2012 $2 Remembrance Day Poppy RSL Unc 1914 HMAS Sydney SMS Emden Original Medal VF Pages 6 & 7 New RAM 2014 Collector Sets! 2014 Proof Set 2014 Mint Set 2014 Baby Proof Set 2014 Baby Mint Set 2014 Wedding Proof Set 2014 Annual Set Collection (5) Pages 8 & 9 The Doctor, Spidey & Monopoly! Niue 2013 $2 Monopoly 1oz Silver Proof Set GB 2013 Doctor Who Stamp Presentation Pack Niue 2013 $2 50 Years Of Spider-Man 1oz Silver Proof Doctor Who Tardis Moneybox Page 10 Cartoon Crackers! Niue 2013 $1 Bugs Bunny Silver Proof Niue 2013 $1 Tweety Silver Proof Niue 2013 $1 Tom & Jerry Silver Proof Niue 2013 $1 Scooby Doo Silver Proof France 2013 10€ Asterix Silver Proof 200 Different Disney Stamps MUH Page 11 Australia’s iconic Frilled Neck Lizard Tuvalu 2013 $1 Remarkable Reptiles - Frilled Necked Lizard 1oz Silver Proof 10 x 1980 2c Uncirculated GB 2013 Dinosaurs Medallion Cover Page 12 Platypus Plethora! 2013 $1 Australia Map Shaped Platypus 1oz Silver Specimen 2013 Proof Set 2013 50c Bush Babies II Platypus 1/2oz Silver Proof Page 13 Royal Christening Official Tributes GB 2013 £5 Royal Christening BU GB 2013 £5 Royal Christening Silver Proof GB 2013 £5 Royal Christening Gold Proof GB 2013 £5 Royal Christening Silver Piedfort Proof GB 2013 £5 Royal Christening Platinum Piedfort Proof GB 2013 £10 Royal Christening 5oz Silver Proof Pages 14 & 15 World Wonders in Silver Fiji 2013 $10 Gladiator 1oz Colour Silver Proof Niue 2013 $2 Croceye 1oz Colour Silver Antique Proof Fiji 2012 $20 Paradise Bird 2oz Colour Silver Antique Proof Cook Islands 2013 $10 Windows Of Heaven Milan Cathedral Silver Proof Niue 2013 $2 Continents Europe Silver Proof Tokelau 2013 $4 Memlings The Last Judgement Triptych Silver Proof Trio Page 15 Golfing Greats! Cook Islands 2013 $5 PGA Tour Hole In One Silver Prooflike Cook Islands 2013 $5 PGA Tour Golf Club Silver Proof 2011 $1 PGA Presidents Cup Al-Br Unc 2011 $1 PGA Presidents Cup Silver Proof Buy ALL Of The above PGA Coins SAVE A$104! 2011 $1 PGA Presidents Cup Colour 1oz Silver Proof Page 16 Icons of Decimal Changeover 1967 $1 Goose Pattern Silver Proof 1967 $1 Goose Pattern Silver Unc 1966 50c On Card EF-aUnc Page 17 Genuine, original Ancients Barbarous Radiate Celtic Bronze Ring Money Constantine URBS Roma “Wolf & Twins” Bronze, Fine Greek (500-600BC) Ionian Miletos Silver Diobol F-VF Greek Histiaia (340-330BC) Silver Tetrobol VF Hadrian 117-138AD Sestertius VG Herod The Great Bronze Prutah Fair - Fine Judaea Alexander Janneus 103-76BC Bronze Prutah Subtotal Column One

Total AH284

$92.50 $315.00

AS973 AS974 AO846 AD514 AC920 AJ036 AT375 AV732 AA535




AA422 HI499 AB096 AB097

$59.00 $120.00 $99.95

$95.00 $199.00 $24.95 $3,900.00 $130.00 $32.50 $125.00 $45.00 $145.00 $477.50 $175.00 $29.95 $119.00 $34.50 $72.50 $72.50 $72.50 $72.50 $92.50 $29.50 $107.00 $9.95 $34.95 $104.00 $130.00 $63.50 $25.00 $149.00 $4,250.00 $249.00 $11,950.00 $795.00 $149.00 $199.00 $299.00


AV467 AV492 AV493 AV736 AV774 AV775 AV776 AV777 AV153 AM395 AS676 AR237 KA082 AU929 AU230 AU228 AU229 AV134 AV058 AV833 AV368 AV369 AV738 AV456 AU044 SH079 AU110 AU177 AV352 AV858

$359.00 $249.00



AT997 AV330

$189.00 $139.00 $29.00 $75.00 $328.00 $129.00 $2,850.00 $2,500.00 $24.95 $29.95 $24.95 $39.95 $115.00 $169.50 $175.00 $69.00 $49.00


AV753 AV773 AV746

SH151 SH074

Qty A$ Price Judean Widows Mites Fair $14.95 Page 18 An Australian Selection… 1946 Sixpence Choice BU $165.00 1946 Shilling Choice BU $135.00 1944S Florin Unc $65.00 1942 R13 10/- Armitage/McFarlane VF $235.00 1942 R30 £1 Armitage/McFarlane VF $135.00 1954 R16 10/- Coombs/Wilson Comm. Bank EF $195.00 1966 20c London/Canberra Pair Unc $93.00 1971 50c Choice BU $29.00 1992 $1 Barcelona Olympic Games Unc $49.00 Page 19 Complete Paper $100 Note Set! 1984-91 $100 Complete Set Of Paper Notes Unc (4 Notes) $1,095.00 ALSO AVAILABLE 1984 $100 R608 Johnston/Stone Unc $360.00 1985 $100 R609 Johnston/Fraser Unc $350.00 1990 $100 R612 Fraser/Higgins Unc $345.00 1991 $100 R613 Fraser/Cole Unc $340.00 Page 20 Affordable American Icons USA Statue Of Liberty Commemorative Folder $19.95 USA $1 Uncut Sheet Of 4 Notes Unc $29.95 USA Mount Rushmore Commemorative Folder $39.00 Page 21 US State Quarters in GOLD! USA 1999-2008 Gold-plated State Quarters Set (50) w/Free Case $625.00 Pages 22 & 23 Innovative Year of the Horse tributes Laos 2014 2000 Kip Lunar Horse Jade 2oz Silver Proof $295.00 Niue 2014 $2 Rotating Lunar Horse 2oz Silver Proof $319.00 Macau 2014 20P Lunar Horse 1oz Colour Silver Proof $149.00 Palau $5 2014 High Relief Lunar Horse Gilded 1oz Silver Proof $129.00 GB 2014 £2 Lunar Horse 1oz Silver Proof $159.00 GB 2014 £10 Lunar Horse 5oz Silver Proof $795.00 GB 2014 £100 Lunar Horse 1oz Gold Proof $4,250.00 GB 2014 £10 Lunar Horse 1/10oz Gold BU $475.00 Canada 2014 $15 Lunar Lotus Horse Silver Proof In Shipper $139.00 Page 24 Australia’s lowest mintage pennies… 1930 Penny VF $39,500.00 1946 Penny Fine-VF $95.00 1925 Penny Fine-VF $250.00 1925 & 1946 Penny F-VF Pair $295.00 On The Order Form 1911 One Shilling ‘Antique’ Coin Watch $499.00 Gold-plated 1c Wristwatch $199.00 1c Gold-plated Cufflink Pair $99.00 1c Rhodium-plated Cufflink Pair $99.00 Steiff Royal Baby Prince George Teddy Bear $495.00 Renniks Coin & Banknote 25th Edition Softcover $35.00 Greg McDonald Guide 21st Edition Softcover - available mid-December! $39.95 2013 50c Royal Baby Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 2013 50c Royal Baby Silver Proof $80.00 Kiribati 2013 $5 Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Ruby Silver Proof $99.00 Cook Islands 2013 $5 Christmas 3D Star Shaped Silver Proof $99.00 Samoa 2012 $5 Christmas Star Silver Proof $99.95 Christmas Pudding Pack (9) $29.50 2012 $1 Christmas Locket 1oz Silver Proof $125.00 Kiribati 2012 $20 Christmas Tree Cut Out 2oz Silver Proof $339.00 2013 50c Christmas 1/2oz Silver Proof $63.50 2014 $1 Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Graham Colour 1oz Silver Proof $110.00 2013 $1 Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Bindi Colour 1oz Silver Proof $110.00 2013 $1 Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Bindi 1oz Silver Unc $80.00 2014 $1 Australian Saltwater Crocodiles Graham 1oz Silver Unc $80.00 Tokelau 2012 $5 Deadly & Dangerous .5g Gold Proof Collection (6) $599.00 Tuvalu 2013 $1 Deadly & Dangerous Yellow Bellied Sea Snake 1oz Silver Proof $129.00 Subtotal Column Two

E HALF PRIC ! e g Posta



Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________

SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia For Overseas Rates, see website

$9.25 $4.40 $12.00 $6.00 $20.00 $9.90 FREE

*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges – We will advise cost on a case by case basis

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

TINY NUMBER left in stock! An exclusive tribute from the company that created the very first Teddy Bear in 1902, with the worldwide limited edition set at a tiny 1,500, we have just a few examples left in stock of Steiff’s Royal Baby Prince George Teddy Bear! Made from delicately tipped mohair, with the combination of blonde and brown fur instantly catching the eye, this high quality Baby Bear is handmade by the craftsmen at Steiff. A delightful addition to any Royal Bear collection, and a fantastic gift for another, this gorgeous commemorative Teddy Bear will win the heart of the harshest critic.


Standing 260mm tall, the luxuriant beauty of the Baby Bear’s coat is complemented perfectly by the commemorative embroidery and the large satin ribbon. The right foot of the Teddy Bear is adorned with a crown, to indicate Prince George’s Royal lineage, whilst the ribbon carries both George’s name and his date of birth. The perfect finishing touch, the Teddy will give an appreciative squeak when you give him a squeeze!



With only a few examples of this lavish commemorative remaining in stock, you must act now!


Features the first George V Silver Shilling! TINY LIMITED EDITION JUST 100! Headlined by a genuine example of Australia’s second shilling date – and the first shilling date of the 1911-36 George V Series – this prestigious, exclusive Coinwatch is a must-have for the seriouss Australian coin collector. Also a must-have for anyone with an appreciation of the finest quality, and those seeking an exclusive xclusive limited edition, with A MERE 100 EXAMPLES ISSUED ACROSS THE WORLD, the genuine 1911 Silver Shilling is complemented by an outer dial in white with gold Roman numerals – all enclosed within a domed scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Complete with an 18mm solid stainless steel el bracelet, and underpinned by precision Swiss movement, the 1911 Silver Shilling Pocket Watchh is, like all genuine Coinwatch products, also backed by a three-year international warranty. Whether as an indulgence for yourself or as the perfect present for another, this spectacular watch will impress the toughest critic. Beautifully presented within a plush, elegant case, and featuring an engraved serial number as well as an official Certificate of Authenticity, the 1911 Silver Shilling Watch is a high-quality timepiece that will be treasured for years to come.




Extremely exclusive! Limited edition just 100!

Features a genuine George V 1911 Silver Shilling

Backed by a 3-year international warranty

Presented in a plush, attractive black case

Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity

SAVE! A$ 200

Link to the past L

Fo the For dis sce discerning lady…

Highlighted by genuine examples of Australia’s High much muuc loved, long-gone 1c piece, these impressive cufflinks form a fine collector imp mp accessory – and a gift that is sure to delight aac collector coollect and non-collector alike!


99 9 ea each ch h


Set within sterling silver frames, we have two t different types of this superbb accessory available, with the tth 1c Cufflinks availablee precisely finished in either precci lavish, prestigious 22-carat la carat gold g or rhodium – a rare white metal of the platinum w group. setting to create the g p. A lovely l perfect present for that someone special, each cufflink pair is beautifully presented within a ‘ready-to-wrap’ case. Now A$30 off!

A high-quality high-quality ccollector accessory, and representing represe enting aan absolutely perfect gift for the discerning lady, this luxurious timepiece from discern ing lad craftsmen the craf ftsme at Coinwatch is highlighted by Australian copper 1c coin – beautifully a real AAustra finishedd in genuine rose gold!


19 199


Highlighted by Ronda Swiss parts Highhlig movement, and complete with a stainless m o steel sst case and bracelet – the Gold-plated 1c 1 Wristwatch is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. Beautifully presented w within wit a plush case, the superb rose w Gold-plated 1c Wristwatch is underpinned by a ld 3-year international warranty. Normally A$299 – SAVE A$100!

New Renniks 25th ed!

New Maccas 21st ed!

One On of Australia’s most m important, most m reliable collector guides, c the t new Renniks Coin C & Banknote 25th 2 ed maintains a longstanding tradition of value-for-money and accurate assessment of the market.




Providing Provid essential collector information and, most crucially, up-to-date pricing, Renniks Coin & Banknote guide is enriched with more than 1,800 full-colour, high-quality images. Providing a comprehensive overview of Australian numismatics, the latest edition of this esteemed collector reference covers Proclamation Era coins, Australian sovereigns, Traders Tokens, predecimal coins & notes, decimal coins & notes, modern collector issues…and more!

Th Number One The Australian coin and Au banknote guide, ba forming the easiest fo way w for you to keep a close eye on the th value of your collection, the new c 21st 2 edition of the McDonald’s Guide to Australian Coins & Banknotes has just been launched!




Including a massive variety of mas Australian coin and note types from 1788 to the latest releases, this comprehensive full-colour catalogue now comprises a whopping 550 pages of images, information and, crucially, updated pricing. With over 300 new items listed, this important Australian reference work is an essential part of every Australian coin and banknote collector’s armoury.

The OFFICIAL Prince George Tribute! Brilliantly designed, these impressive Australian legal tender coins from the Royal Australian Mint form the official Australian tribute to the arrival of the firstborn child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – Prince George Alexander Louis, born Monday 22 July 2013. The 50c coin is the primary vehicle for Australian decimal commemorative tributes, with a vast array of superb designs gracing the denomination since the first 50c commemorative in 1970. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but seldom has a 50c commemorative borne a design as good as that gracing the 2013 50c Royal Baby coins.



2013 50c ROYAL BABY CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price AV368



2013 50c ROYAL BABY SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AV369

An exclusive limited edition, this unique type is available as an 18.24g .999 fine Silver Proof, with each coin housed in an official Royal Australian Mint M case with a Certificate of Authenticity confi c rming the mintage of 10,000. Providing everyone with the chance to honour Prince George, e this t commemorative is also offered in Cu-Ni BU – a type that will not be issued for circulation and will t never be found in change! n Whichever you choose, either coin provides a W permanent Australian memento of this crucial p juncture in the history of the Royal Family – the j birth b of the future king.

Ru Ruby Nosed Rudolph! WORLDWIDE WORL L MINTAGE JUST 5,000! Strictly limited availability, official legal tender status, a genuine ruby embedded in the reverse, prestigious gold-plating...this sensational 2013 Christmas Silver Proof commemorative coin has got the lot! An official legal tender issue of the Commonwealth nation of Kiribati, this unique, impressive $5 coin is crafted to immaculate Proof quality from 20 grams of sterling silver. A glorious celebration of Christmas, each crown-sized legal tender coin is headlined by a glittering gold-plated portrayal of Santa’s favourite reindeer – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. A fine work of full-colour minting, the vibrant depiction of Rudolph contrasts superbly with the fully struck-up frosted winter scene. The perfect finishing touch to a coin of eye-catching originality, Rudolph’s red nose is a stunning REAL ruby! Spanning a crown-sized 38.61mm in diameter, and set in an impressive presentation case, each $5 Silver Proof is taken from a mintage of just 5,000 coins. United with an official Certificate of Authenticity featuring the words and notes of the famous Christmas song, this innovative coin forms an unparalleled Christmas gift.




Highlighted by a REAL RUBY for Rudolph’s nose!

Struck to Proof quality from 20 grams of sterling silver

Tiny worldwide mintage limited to a mere 5,000

Beautifully presented within an official, ‘ready-to-wrap’ case

Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity featuring the words and notes of the famous Christmas song, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer


Get Cooking!

The S Star St of 2013! 201 1 A uunique addition to any collection, and an innovative gift, this official legal tender $5 is i undoubtedly the Star of Christmas 2013! Chhri Spanning Spanning a large 43.50mm, and struck strucck to Proof quality from 15g of pure ppur .999 silver, the 2013 $5 Christmas Christm 3D Star Shaped Silver PPro Proof forms an entirely apt celebration celebrrat of this fundamental Christmas Christm symbol. Each starChrist shaped Silver Proof is distinguished by a fully struck up depiction of an angel – with the angel’s wings literally sitting ssitt upon the surface of the coin!

Th ’ only There’s l one kkey iingredient di t off a genuine i Aussie Christmas Pudding – real Australian silver! Without the ‘trey’ (threepence) or ‘zac’ (sixpence), it’s just not the real thing!

A typically typic outstanding release from ‘the world’s world’s most innovative coin producer’, Coinn Invest Trust, the mintage of this I groundbreaking coin is just 2,013! groun









A key part of the Australian Christmas experience, dating back to the 19th century, this longstanding tradition continues at Downies with these bags of original predecimal silver coins. And, with nine coins found in every bag (six 3d and three 6d), you can give anyone that missed out on a coin in the pudding one of the extras! A bargain at just A$29.50! Wash coins with baking soda prior to inserting into cooked pudding – remove coins from leftover pudding before reheating

Cracking Colour Crocodile Crown! Unveiled, appropriately, on Steve Irwin Day, the Royal Australian Mint has launched the 2014 $1 Graham Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Silver Proof! The second Saltwater Crocodile celebrated in this distinctively Australian series, following the highly sought after Bindi Saltwater Crocodile issue, this official Australian legal tender release honours Graham – another resident of Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo and the partner of Bindi! Capturing this 11.84 foot long, 350kg reptilian monster in glorious full-colour, the Royal Australian Mint has created a coin sure to appeal to collectors right across the globe – which is why such a huge percentage of the mintage has already been allocated to the international market!


Crafted from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, and underpinned by the finest Proof quality that Australian numismatics has to offer, the mintage of this unique, crown-sized full-colour precious metal Proof has been set at just 5,000. Immediate action highly recommended!







Tiny worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 5,000, with a vast majority of that figure destined for the international market

Struck to flawless Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver

An official Australian legal tender $1 issue – spans 40mm in diameter

Beautifully presented within an official Royal Australian Mint leatherette case

Accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Last chance? Honouring the Yellow Yellow-bellied bellied Sea Snake, this precious metal Proof exceptional preciou the ‘big hits’ of was one of th 2013. With demand driven d by the th powerfully Australian theme, Aus the th splendid full-colour design fu and a the Perth Mint M Proof quality, the 2013 q $1 $ Yellow-bellied Sea S Snake 1oz Silver Proof sold Si out at super-speed – just jus like every Deadly & Dangerous coin. We have just a few 40mm .999 Silver Proofs in stock – each in a case with a Certifi cate of Authenticity Certificate Authenticit confirming the mintage g of 5,000. ,

Deadly GOLD! D A thrilling opportunity to enjoy the designs of one o of Australia’s hottest coin series, this sought after a set comprises six 11mm .9999 1/2g $5 Gold G Proofs – each carrying a reverse first seen in i the 2006-2011 Deadly & Dangerous Silver Proof Series! Limited to a mintage of 2,000, P the t 2012 $5 Deadly & Dangerous 0.5g Gold Proof Set is housed in a case with an illustrated, P informative booklet incorporating a Certificate of i Authenticity. A







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