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November 2013

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Official British Tributes!

Top value at A$25! Affordable, imposing and beautifully designed, the Royal Mint’s 2013 £5 Royal Christening BU gives everybody the chance to pay homage to the baptism of Prince George of Cambridge. An official British legal tender £5, this distinctive type represents outstanding value-for-money at a mere A$25. An irresistible opportunity to obtain a permanent keepsake of this historic event, this coin is as A$ notable for its aesthetic quality as it is for its affordability. Graced with a powerful, ornate GB 2013 £5 ROYALL design upon its crown-sized 38.61mm flan, CHRISTENING BU the 2013 £5 Royal Christening BU is set in an AV727 official Royal Mint pack.


A stunner… … sterling silver! An …in affor a dable precious metal tribu t te to the Royal Christening, each 38.6 3 1mm 28.28g Silver Proof is taken a mintage of 12,500, and is from f set within an official Royal Mint case with a A$ A$ Certificate of Authenticity GB 2013 £5 ROYAL and an informative CHRISTENING SILVER PROOF booklet.

149 1


Just 100 struck! The mo Th most prestigious, most exclusive Royal Christening tribu trib bute te,, we have been granted a tiny number of Brita Brit tain’s in’s exceptionally rare DOUBLE THICKNES S PIED PIE EDFO FORT .995 fine Platinum Proof £5! Take n from a mintage of just 100, A$ A each 38.61mm, 94.20g British legal tender coin GB 2013 £5 ROYAL is set in an official case CHRI CH HRIS STEN T ING PLATINUM with a Certificate of PIE PIEDFORT PROOF Authenticity. AV730


A Au u st stra t ra ralli l i a Toll free 1300 788 358 lia Australia

A sensational success! Australia’s first International Coin & Banknote Show, held in Melbourne on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October, was very successful and was packed with many highlights. The array of international mints left an indelible impression on the Australian numismatic community, with a mind-blowing wealth of official Show issues launched over the weekend. A rare pleasure for Australian collectors, Britain’s Royal Mint was represented, and got the party started on the Friday with the launch of an exclusive Show Mint Set. Strictly limited to an issue of 500, and inspiring a mad rush of collectors racing to the Royal Mint stand, we have Britain’s first international Show Mint Set since 2005 available on p5. With the 2013 ANDA International Coin & Banknote Show also chosen as the venue for the official launch of the Royal Australian Mint’s new range of 2014 collector issues, and the Perth Mint’s stunning Lenticular Moving Image coin, as well as the superb Mega Roo coin on the opposite page, you can see why the show was considered by many to be the most important event in recent Australian numismatic history. TELEPHONE Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm TOLL FREE

1300 788 358 FACSIMILE

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A wondrous celebration of comics, cartoons, sci-fi, movies and more, Downies was also delighted to attend Armageddon Expo 2013 on the 19th and 20th of October

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Prehistoric Mega Roo IN SILVER!



Launched to in instant acclaim at the 2013 ANDA International Coin & Note Show iin Melbourne in October, demand for the first coin in the Mint’s Australian Megafauna Silver Proof Series has proved Perth Mint as big as the Mega Kangaroo that it celebrates! A sensa sensational start to this highly original Australian legal tender progra program, the first issue of the Australian Megafauna Silver Proof 5-coin Series honours the ancestor of the kangaroo – the 5-co Procoptodon. Inhabiting Australia during the Pleistocene period, Proc and existing at least until 50,000 years ago, the Procoptodon is the largest, heaviest known kangaroo, standing up to 2m high and an weighing up to 200kg. Making every effort to ensure the accuracy and authenticity M of this fascinating exploration of Australia’s prehistoric past, pa the Perth Mint commissioned renowned wildlife artist Peter Pe Trusler to create a design for each of the five coins in the series. Known worldwide for his scientifically rigorous reconstructions of prehistoric fauna, and on hand at the ANDA rec Show Sho when the coin was launched, Trusler’s magnificent design of the Mega Roo looks outstanding when struck to the desig impeccable Proof standards of the Perth Mint from 1oz of .999 impec silver. fine silv Illustrating that Australia’s internationally renowned unique flora and Illustratin fauna goes back to prehistoric times, this intriguing new release is… 





crafted to immaculate Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver strictly limited to a worldwide mintage of just 6,500 coins an official Australian legal tender issue – measures 40.60mm in diameter set in an official Perth Mint case – and presented with a complete 5-coin series case!  complete with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 3

Portrait of Power




ue as thee As majesstic as the eagle, and as uniq e, scap land s Lake ndra richly hued Willa is a this official Australian Show Product ing. mint ern mod of work powerful A sstrictly limited edition, to be enjoyed by the privileged few, the 2013 $1 Sydney ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof Syd forms a brilliant tribute to the Willandra ible Lakes region. Crafted to the finest poss ne fi .999 of e ounc troy standaard from a the noble silver, the sharply sculpted depiction of with rast cont ing gripp a s Wedge-tailed Eagle form A fine ack. Outb ie Auss the of tion depic l olour ll the vibrant ffull-c coin is also er tend legal n ralia Aust collector acquisition, this official 0! 2,50 just is AGE MINT IMUM MAX the – very exclusive Sydney ANDA Show 1oz Silver With just a few examples of the 2013 $1 t act now! mus you , ation alloc tiny Proof left from our

Complete 4-Coin Counterstamp Set! ucts, defifined Distinctive, official Australian Show Prod ckss ed stock limit mely extre have we , by low mintages r Al-Br amp terst of the RAM’s complete 2013 Coun ! $1 Unc collection Set in official packs, the complete set d at comprises four coins – P, B, S & M – issue , the Perth ANDA Show, Brisbane Ekka Show A AND e ourn Melb and Sydney Easter Show ely. International Coin & Note Show respectiv RAM the at able avail not With these $1 types limited after each Show, you must not ignore this . shut slam soon will It ty. rtuni window of oppo















tionaall opportunity for a handful of our ensaation A sens 2012 $1 have just TWENTY of the 20 we ts, clien Trio in stock! Unc Al-Br amp ANDA Show Counterst rating the celeb type, n ulatio -circ d-for ssue not-i A 1910-64 Wheat 3d, A$ the set includes the exclusive B, S and M 2012 $1 ANDA SHOW Counterstamp issues TERSTAMP (M,B,S) COUN – with a maximum R UNC TRIO AL-B mintage of 5,000 KA037 apiece.

48 4

Limited edition JUST 500! The first ever Australian Show Product issued by the Royal Mint and the first offi ficia Royal Mint Show Mint Set since the 2005 ciall San Francisco ANA Show, this affordabl blee release is astonishingly exclusive. Ther e are a mere 500 examples of the 2013 Melbourne ANDA Show Unc Coin Set in existence! Unveiled at the Royal Mint stand on the first day of this unprecedented internatio nal numismatic exhibition, this exclusive AND A Show Product comprises the seven defi nitive British coinage denominations. Presente ve d in pristine Uncirculated condition, and unitingg to form the Shield of Arms, the seven coins are presented within a unique, individual ly numbered presentation pack created espe cially for the 2013 ANDA International Coin & Note Show. With only a few sets in stock at Downies, there’s no time to lose!  Exclusive! Limited edition just 500 sets!  Official Melbou rne ANDA Show release  Comprises seve A$ n Unc coins from 1p to £1  Set in an individua lly numbered Show pack GB 2013 MELBOURNE ANDA




Sell-out close at hand!

The first Australian Lenticular release since 2007, the Perth Mint’s 2013 $1 ANDA Show Sister Cities Lenticular 1oz AN Silver Proof is already on the cusp of a complete sell-out. Unveiled at the 2013 ANDA International Un Coin & Note Show, and featuring a design that changes from a depiction of des Melbourne to its sister city St Petersburg as yyou change the angle of the coin, this stunning Silver Proof is a must-have – but you must act A$ now. W With SIXTY PER CENT of the mintage of 5,000 dispatche tched to Russia, and with the remaining 2,000 2013 $1 coins issued in ANDA Show packaging, our allocation was MELBOURNE ANDA SHOW necessarily tiny. A sell-out is already close SISTER CITIES LENTICUL AR at hand! 1oz SILVER PROOF Limited edition 2,000 – sell-out imm inent AV489 Struck to Proof quality from 1oz .999 silver Australian legal tender – measure s 40.60mm Set in a Perth Mint case in ANDA Show outer box


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 5

Unique, exclusive presentation – just 3,000 Sure to command the attention of full-colour coin collector and Lunar buyer alike, we are delighted to announce the release of the Perth Mint’s sensational new 2014 $1 Lunar Horse Rectangle Silver Proof Collection!

quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver. Individually eye-catching examples of the Mint’s glorious full-colour minting abilities, this quality quartet is united by an interlinked design – a sensational twist that can be fully appreciated due to the nature of the transparent, see-both-sides display case.

Notable for the panoramic presentation packaging, with the official Perth Mint case specifically engineered to provide easier display and greater enjoyment of your precious new acquisition, this exclusive collection features four 47.60mm x 27.60mm rectangle legal tender coins – each crafted to the pinnacle of Proof

Surprisingly exclusive given the barnstorming demand for all Perth Mint-struck Lunar commemorative issues, and the popularity of horses specifically, the worldwide mintage has been restricted to a mere 3,000 collections.

AUSSIE ICONS IN HIGH RELIEF! Taking on a new, distinctively Australian look in 2013, this exclusive set comprises the Perth Mint’s 32.60mm 2013 Kookaburra, Koala and Kangaroo .999 fine 1oz silver coins – each struck to High Relief Proof standard! Part of a limited edition of 1,000, sure to sell out, this highly desirable Australian legal tender trio is set in an official case with wi a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. y



2013 $1 HIGH RELIEF 1oz 1 SILVER PROOF TRIO Offi O cial Issue Price AV471 w ww ww. w tw co om/ m/do downies s 6

sets struck!      

Exclusive! Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 3,000 collections! s! Comprises four rectangular .999 fine 1oz Silver Proofs Struck by the Perth Mint as official Cook Islands legal tender Superbly enhanced with colour, each $1 coin measures 47.60mm x 27.60mm m Beautifully presented within an official, see-both-sides display case Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity




HIGH RELIEF HORSE!! A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silver coin at a chunky 6mm in width, the new 2014 $ 1 Lunar Horse High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is powerful evidence of the Perth Mint’s precious metal prowess. Struck on concave surfaces to ensure the optimum flow of silver, the level of detail found in the designs of this .999 silver masterpiece will take your breath away. Top value at just a few dollars more than a standard 1oz Silver Proof, each 32.60mm Australian legal tender coin is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 7,500.



2014 $1 LUNAR HORSE HIGH RELIEF 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AV477

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 7

Red hot Poppies… Aust Australia’s first $2 Al-Br commemoratives, the RAM’s three 2012 $2 Poppy types have been among the biggest selling coins at Downies over the last year. Do Au Australia’s lowest mintage circulating decimal commemorative, with the mintage closed at 500,000, the RSL $2 Remembrance Day is the key coin of the trio. A major landmark in numismatic history, Australia’s first full-colour $2 was also issued for collectors Austr bearing the C mintmark, along with the RAM’s nonbe colour circulating version of this inspiring co Australian legal Au al 2012 $22 COLOUR RSL tender ten militaryy REMEMBRANCE R DAY UNC commemorative. com ve. A$ 95 20122 $2 COLOUR REMEMBRANCE DAY ‘C’ MINTMARK UNC A$ 95




Your You big chance to secure all se three different types, each 20.62mm $2 coin is set in its own distinctive pack.





A poignant work of numismatic art… A vital opportu opportunity for those who missed out last year, with our stocks sold Britain’s out, Brita ain’s Royal Mint has issued 2013-dated versions of the £5 Remembrance Day Cupro-Nickel BU and £5 Remembrance Day Reme embr Silver Silv ver PProof. A bri brilliantly balanced work of numismatic art, capturing perfectly perf the poppy’s dramatic hues, the full-colour motif has been bee created using a trichromatic technique, which layers the different shades and colours onto the coin. Beautifully presented, the 38.61mm cu-ni BU £5 is set in an official pre folder, fold with the 38.61mm 28.28g sterling silver Proof housed within an officcial case with a Certificate of Authenticity ty confirming rrmin the tiny worldwide mintage of 3,000. A permanent tribute to those who fought andd perm died, died and to the bravery of our Armed Forces es today, tod we are delighted to have secured ann allocation of these poignant legal tender allo coins coi by virtue of our status as official distributor for the Royal Mint. dis twit itte tter com m/d m/ /do down wnie ies es

SINCE 1856... SIN Ins Instituted by Queen Victoria in 1856, Vic and arguably the an world’s most famous wo military medal, the m Victoria Cross is the Vic British Empire’s most Br prestigious award for pr bravery in wartime. br Complete with correct Co ribbon, this detailed, rib full-size, die-cast fu reproduction is a re must-have for anyone m interested in VICTORIA CROSS REPLICA Australia’s MEDAL rich military A$ 95 heritage.







AV716 8

Not found in change! The per perfect partner to the Royal Mint’s new 2013 £5 Royal Christ stening BU on page 1, the Royal Aust ralian Mint’s 2013 50c R Royal Baby Cu-Ni Unc forms an official, permanent keepsake of the birth of Prince George. Stru k to Uncirculated standard, this uniq Struc ue, one-year-only 50c is desirable for the aesthetic quality alone. Indeed, bear be ing a superbly balanced design, we believe that the 31.5 31 1mm 2013 50c Royal Baby Cu-Ni Unc ranks as one of the finest issues in Australia’s 50c com memorativee series. Sure to be sought after by collectors, with this Australia ra n legal tender type not to be issued for circula lation, each coin is set in an official RAM pack.



Also Available

2013 50c ROYA RO L BABY CU-NI U UNC Official Iss Issue Price AV368

2013 50c ROYAL BABY SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price



A golden tribute from Canada…

An enchanting, official celebration of the birth of Prince George of Cambridge, and a rare example of the Royal Canadian Mint’s exquisite selec tivee gold-plating techniques, we are delighted to have ave secured a modest allocation of the 2013 $5 Royal Baby Gilded Silver Proof! Struck from 23.17g of .9999 fine silver – the highest silver purity in global numismatics – thiss official Canadian legal tender coin span s 36mm in diameter. That broad, near crown-siz ed flan forms the perfect host for the inventive reverse motif, which unites a depiction of baby toys and the crowned initials of the new parents – with the he latter expertly finished in pure gold! Limited to a mintage of 15,000 – A$ with nearly 12,000 already snapped up – each $5 coin is set in an official CANADA 2013 $5 ROYAL case with a numbered Certificate of BABY GILDED SILVER PROO OFF Authenticity. AV745


Perfect partner! P Official, affordable and eye-catching, the Royal Canadian Mint’s 2013 50c Royal Baby Cu-N Can i Unc is tthe compulsory complement to the coins on this page. A highly original tribute, each 35mm legal tender 25c BU is set in an official llega pack.



3995 3


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 9

Germany WWII Iron Cross








Re-instituted by Adolf Hitler in 1939 to reward acts of bravery during WWII, and distinguished by the presence of the Swastika, the Iron Cross is one of the world’s most famous military decorations.

Complete with the correct ribbon, this genuine Nazi Germany WWII decoration was issued to reward those who designed and built Germany’s western fortifications – known as the West Wall or the Siegfried Line.

Germany WWII 40 Years Of Service Cross Medal

Germany WWII Entry Into Czechoslovakia Medal




An unusual remembrance of the hardcore followers of Hitler’s vision of a 1,000-year Reich, this official medal was awarded for 40 years faithful service to the Nazis. Genuine, and complete with correct ribbon.

Germany WWII Wound Badge, Black 3rd Class

Germany WWII West Wall Medal




Awarded to those wounded once or twice in action, including air raids, or frostbitten in the line of duty, the Wound Badge Black, 3rd Class was highly prized due to the fact it was ‘bought with blood’.

Germany WWII DRL Sports Badge



A genuine Nazi decoration, awarded to all who aided Germany‘s annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia in 1938 – the Allies’ most infamous act of ‘appeasement’ before WWII broke out in September 1939.




With sport seen as fundamental to a strong, united Germany, the DRL (body controlling all sport during the 3rd Reich) issued official Nazi decorations to promote physical training and raise morale.

Germany WWII Wound Badge, Silver 2nd Class




The Wound Badge Silver (2nd Class) was awarded to those who had been wounded multiple times, or had lost a limb, lost sight or suffered facial disfigurement or brain damage as a result of hostile action.

Germany WWII Russian Front Medal




An intriguing memento of the Nazi’s disastrous, war-changing invasion of Russia in 1941, this genuine medal was awarded to those poor souls who served in the horrific conditions on the Eastern Front. 10

Authentic WWI Medals! An especially appropriate acquisition as we approach one of Australia’s most important days of national commemoration, Remembrance Day, these genuine, official World War I Service Medals unlock the door to the true starting point of Australia’s rich military heritage. Offering the collector an opportunity to forge an unusually personal link with the soldiers of WWI, the trio of authentic, official British Empire decorations comprises the 1914-18 War Medal, the 1914-19 Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star – complete with appropriate ribbon. Of particular importance, the 1914-15 Star was only awarded to those serving before 31 December 1915, and was thus bestowed upon all Gallipoli veterans. Indeed, the medal became so identifiable with Australia’s Baptism of Fire that it was commonly referred to as the ‘Gallipoli Star’!

1914-15 Star 1914-18 War Medal – for troops serving in – for service to the New Guinea, Egypt and Gallipoli Empire in the Great War

1914-19 Victory Medal – distinctive tribute to the Allied triumph

An authentic, fascinating slice of Australian history, and exceptional examples of early 20th century medallic art, these official British Empire military medals form a fine way to honour the sacrifice of A$ those who served in the WWI SERVICE MEDAL TRIO ‘war to end all wars’.





Genuine and original!

398 KC980

A poignant pathway to the past, and a must-have for collector, historian and military buff alike, this genuine, original trio of military decorations forms a tangible reminder of the commitment, courage and sacrifice of Empire forces during World War II. Granted to qualifying Empire Forces, the British Government authorised the award of three different medals for service during World War II – the 1939-45 War Medal, 1939-45 Star and the Defence Medal. Fully authenticated and presented with the correct ribbon, the 1939-45 War Medal was awarded to all Empire Forces serving for a continuous 28-day period in WWII, the 1939-45 Star was awarded for 6-month operational service in a variety of theatres of war, whilst the Defence Medal was received by those engaged in non-operational service in defence of the Empire.

1939-45 War Medal – depicts the Lion (Britain) over the Dragon (Germany), with crowned portrait of George VI on obverse

Guaranteed as genuine, these official WWII military decorations are astonishingly affordable. Indeed, given the history inherent in these 1939-45 Star Defence Medal unique military artefacts, the trio A$ – a distinctive British Empire – unites stylised represents incredible value at A$145. military award, highlighted double-lion motif with Act now – limited stocks available! WWII SERVICE MEDAL TRIO by the Royal Cypher uncrowned George VI portrait



of George VI

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 11

The Perth Mint


Melbourne Mint

Kings of Copper! Established, like the Melbourne Mint, to convert Australian gold into sovereigns of the Empire, and defined in recent times by its creation of collector coins in platinum, silver and gold, the Perth Mint is known as Australia’s precious metal specialists. From 1922, when the first copper coins were struck, to the last predecimal halfpennies and pennies in 1964, the Mint could have been dubbed ‘the copper specialists’! The 1955-63 Collector Proof Series, in particular, saw the Mint attain a level of excellence in the creation of copper Proofs unmatched anywhere in the world. Magnificent to behold ‘in the flesh’, the penny and halfpenny Proofs of Perth are underpinned by a solid, blazing orange hue, with flawless fields the ideal host for detailed designs. However, despite the fact that these are some of the finest coins ever created in Australia, the Perth Mint 1955-63 Collector Proof Series is notorious for more than the quality. The extreme rarity of the series, and the inevitably strong long-term market performance, are defining characteristics. With the value of the complete 1955-63 Perth Mint Proof Collection hurtling from A$13,265 in 1997 to A$57,650 today, the chance to acquire this 14-coin collection demands careful consideration – especially at our price. With the 1955 1/2d and 1d in aFDC, and the other 12 coins in flawless FDC quality, we are able to offer this prestigious presentation at below current catalogue value. One of the rarest rarest, most hi historic istoric and istori most prestigious elements of Australian numismatics, Downies is delighted to have the exciting opportunity to present to our clients the complete Melbourne Mint 1955-63 Proof Collection!


42,500 4 2 500

1955-1963 COMPLETE PERTH MINT PROOF COLLECTION (14 coins) KT028 tw wit itte ter.c m//do down own wnie ies s

Australia’s first ongoing numismatic program designed specifically for collectors, and issued for a mere nine years, the 1955-63 Proof Collection entails nine individual Proof Sets – together comprising a total of 40 coins. With every one of those Proof coins struck to the most rigorous standards – from the selection and polishing of the blanks to the die preparation to the actual striking of the coins – the Melbourne Mint’s Proof coins 12

Predecimal Proof Series – COMPLETE from 1955 to 1963!

Complete Collection!

Magic from Melbourne

Highly sought after individually, the chance to secure either the complete 14-coin Perth Mint 1955-63 Proof Collection or the complete 40-coin Melbourne Mint 1955-63 Proof Collection is seldom available to collectors. The chance to become the proud owner of BOTH of these immensely prestigious predecimal Proof collections is rarely seen, and must be grasped with both hands.

are as eye-catching as they ey aree historically imperative. These coins simply shine with quality. Indeed, rightly considered to be among the most important coins struck by the Melbourne Mint, these prestigious Australian Proof coins are defined by exquisite razor-sharp edges, flawless silky smooth fields, immaculately struck-up designs and, crucially, extraordinarily low mintages. Catering for an Australian collector market in its infancy, the Melbourne Mint issued the 1955-63 Proof coins in the tiniest of numbers. The lowest mintage issue of this short-lived series was a mere 1,200 sets, in 1955, with the highest comprising a measly 5,042 sets, in 1963. The annual average mintage for the Melbourne Mint 1955-63 Proof Series was just 1,903 sets! To put these figures into perspective, the Royal Australian Mint has issued, on

average, 43,667 Proof Sets per year from 1966 to 2010. 4 2010 With the number of sets actually available to collectors today falling way below the tiny mintage figures, the extreme rarity of the 1955-63 Proof Series has led to intense competition, with the pressure on supply resulting in dramatic surges in value. Cataloguing at A$7,855 in 2001, the Melbourne Mint 1955-63 Proof Collection is now valued at A$22,675! A vital opportunity for passionate collector and astute investor alike, we have just one utterly comprehensive faultless FDC 40-coin collection available.


A mouth-watering opportunity to dine at the head table of Australian numismatics, we have just ONE complete 1955-63 Australian Proof Collection currently in stock. Given increasing interest in this exceedingly rare, eminently historic series, the need for immediate action is obvious.






Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

Ruby Nosed Rudolph! Strictly limited availability, official legal tender status, a genuine ruby embedded in the reverse, prestigious gold-plating...this sensational 2013 Christmas Silver Proof coin has got the lot! Struck to immaculate Proof quality from 20 grams of sterling silver, this official legal tender $5 issue is headlined by a glittering goldplated portrayal of Santa’s favourite reindeer – contrasting superbly with a frosted winter scene. The perfect finishing touch, Rudolph’s red no nose iis a stunning REAL ruby! SSpanning a crown-sized 38.61mm in diameter, and forming Span an unparalleled Christmas gift, this innovative, eyecatching coin is taken from ca a mintage of just 5,000. A$ United with a Certificate U oof Authenticity featuring KIRIBATI 2013 $5 RUDOLPH the words and notes of the th THE RED NOSED REINDEER famous Christmas song, each fa RUBY SILVER PROOF $5 Silver Proof is set in an AV738 impressive presentation case. im mpre


The STAR of 2013!


TThere’s only one key ingredient nt of a genuine Aussie Christmas Pudding – real Australian C tralian silver! Without the predecimal tthreepence and sixpence, it’s just not the real thing! With nine coins in eevery bag (six 3d & three 6d), you can pop ssome in the pudding, and hand around the A$ 50 extras!

A uuni unique, ique, innovative gift, this legal tender deer $5 iss ssett to bbe the Star of Christmas 2013!! An A A$ A $ celebration of this fundamental symbol aaptt ccelebra mbol Christmas, oof C Ch hristm each star-shaped 43.50mm COOK ISLANDS 2013 $5 15g 115 5gg ..999 silver Proof depicts an angel – CHRISTMAS 3D STAR SHAPED withh the angel’s wings literally sitting upon wit wi SILVER PROOF thee ssurface of the coin! Mintage just 2,013!

99 9


Wash coins with baking soda prior to inserting into cooked pudding – remove coins from leftover pudding before reheating



The Holey Dollar in pure GOLD! The most prestigious Australian legal tender tribute to the iconic 1813 Holey Dollar & Dump, this exquisitely struck .9999 fine Gold Proof is also the most exclusive. The mintage is a mere 2,500 coins! Marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Australia’s first locally struck coins, the Royal Australian Mint’s Holey Dollar & Dump commemoratives have been among the hottest issues on the market in 2013. As with the Silver Proof and Al-Br issues, demand for the 2013 $10 1/10oz Bicentenary Holey Dollar & Dump has been substantial. The success of this coin mirrors that of so many of the RAM’s 17.53mm 1/10oz .9999 fine Gold Proofs – such as the 2009 & 2010 $10 Kangaroos, and the 2008 $10 Scouts and 2008 $10 Rugby coins – and we have only A$ a few in stock.


Beautifully presented, this impeccably struck coin is housed within a RAM case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



TOP VALUE UNDER A$20! AT U An irresistible opportunity to honour Australia’s first locally struck coins, this value-formoney trio recreates the classic Bust type Holey Dollar and Dump, as Dolla well we as the earliest known, unique Pillar kno type typ Holey Dollar. Full-size, and faithful Full to the originals, the trio is a bargain bargai at A$19.90.

With the 4,000-coin mintagee sold out out, you must not miss this rare chance to secure the Perth Mint’s 2013 Holey Dollar & Dump Silver Proof Pair. Comprising a 40.60mm 25.188g $1 and a 17.60mm 5.947g 25c, we have sourced a few .999 silver sets from America – each A$ 95 in an a official 2013 HOLEY DOLLAR & DUMP case cas with a 1oz SILVER PROOF PAIR numbered num AU337 Certifi Cer cate.

149 49




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

Massive Mother of Pearl Maritime Masterpieces!

Genuine Mother of Pearl – set within FIVE TROY OUNCES of .999 SILVER! Just 750 struck!

Struck from a massive FIVE TROY OUNCES of pure .9999 GOLD! Mintage just 25!

Lavish,, prestigious, p g , uunusual and astonis astonishingly shi gly exclusive, Downies is proud to have obtained an allocat shingly allocation of two coins on the planet – the 2014 $50 Mother of Pearl Nautilus 5oz Silver Proof and 2014 $50 Mother of the hottest coi Nautilus 5oz Gold Proof! of Pearl Naut Issued in ttiny numbers, with a mere 750 of the Silver 5oz available worldwide and the Gold 5oz restricted to a phenomenally mintage of just 25, this dynamic duo pays homage to the famous submarine from the classic science fiction novel, Twenty low min Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, penned by Jules Verne and published in 1870. The Nautilus was described by Verne as ‘a Thous masterpiece containing masterpieces’ – a description that should be applied to both of these spectacular coins! mast Spanning a massive 65mm in diameter, and comprising FIVE TROY OUNCES of pure .9999 GOLD and FIVE TROY Spa OUNCES of pure .999 SILVER respectively, both of these stunning legal tender issues are highlighted by a core of OU genuine Mother of Pearl. A miniature work of art, depicting the Nautilus passing a giant octopus, the authentic Mother gen of PPearl insert adds the perfect finishing touch to coins of the utmost quality, splendour and prestige. With the first two coins of both the Gold 5oz and Silver 5oz Mother of Pearl Series – honouring the Titanic and the Zeppelin – sold out at super speed, Downies is delighted that our strong presence in the European numismatic Zepp market has enabled us to secure an allocation of each of these 5oz giants. marke   





17,000 17 000



Exclusive! Gold 5oz mintage just 25, with a mere 750 Silver 5oz coins struck! Pure! Gold 5oz struck to .9999 purity, with Silver 5oz at .999 fine Massive! Both precious metal coins span a whopping 65mm Genuine! Both the $1,000 Gold 5oz & $50 Silver 5oz are official legal tender coins Official! Complete with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity Eye-catching! Beautifully presented within a plush, official case 16

PREMIERS in precious metal... A must-have for footy fans and Silve r Proof collectors alike, the Royal Australian Mint’s 2013 $1 AFL Premiersh ip 1oz Silver Proof forms a glorious, permanent celebration of the victory of Hawthorn Football Club in the 2013 Grand Final against Fremantle. Struck to the pinnacle of Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this one-year-only Australian legal tend er type is a glittering example of the impeccable quality of all official RAM issue imp s. Spanning 40mm in diameter, and dominated byy a sharply struck depic tion of the AFL Premiership Cup, this thi unique crown-sized coin is also an exclusive limited editio edi n – destined to be enjoyed by the privileged few. The overall mintage has been set at a mere 5,000 coins – A$ each eac beautifully presented withi wit n an official RAM case, 2013 $1 AFL PREMIERSHIP 1oz SILVER PROOF unite unit d with a serial-numbered Official Issue Price Certi Cer ficate of Authenticity.



MUST-HAVE $1 1!!


A must-have for Hawks’ fans, with the 2013 AFL Premiers’ name on the reverse, this coin is also crucial to collectors. Not issued for circulation, this 25mm Australian legal tender type is essential for a complete collection!



2013 $1 AFL PREM MIER IERS SH HIP AL-BR UNC Official Issue Price AV494

Honouring Hawthorn’s victory in the 2008 AFL Grand Final, this official Australia Post PNC forms a must-have for those celeb ratinngg the Hawks most recent triumph. Individual lyy numbered from a limited edition of 10,0 00, each illustrated PNC features an eye-catch ing full-colour 38mm medallion.

A$ $



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The 1966 Australian $20 IN FLAWLESS A sensational, and increasingly rare, opportunity, we are delighted to give our clients the chance to secure an example of virtually every Australian $20 paper type! Seldom seen on the market, this set encompasses fifteen of the sixteen $20 note types issued from 1966 until the paper note was supplanted by polymer in 1994. With only the excessively rare Coombs/Randall $20, offered at right, absent, the 15-note set includes some of Australia’s most sought after types – not just across the $20 denomination, but across the whole decimal field! Notes such as the Phillips/Wheeler Australia banner $20 (valued at A$500), the Knight/Wheeler $20 Side Thread (valued at A$500) and Johnston/Fraser Gothic $20 (valued at A$725) – amongst others – are all hotly pursued in their own right. Along with a host of highly desirable, scarce types, including the first $20, issued during the one-year-only Coombs/ Wilson decimal signature combination, and last paper $20, released during the Fraser/Evans signature combination, these key notes are all found in this splendid presentation. Most importantly, every one of the fifteen banknotes is presented in absolutely faultless condition. Selecting only those notes we considered to be in a perfect state of preservation, this prestigious presentation is defined by strictly Uncirculated quality. Becoming scarcer by the day in this pristine condition, this sweeping selection is a must-have for the passionate collector – especially given the super saving! Currently valued at A$4,695, this 15-note set is now available at a whopping A$1,700 off catalogue price! With this highly desirable 15-note collection rarely offered, and every note presented in flawless Uncirculated condition, our limited stock is sure to be snapped up at speed. With just a few sets in stock, we highly recommend a prompt response. 18

to 1993 banknote series… UNCIRCULATED QUALITY! 

Comprises fifteen paper $20 banknotes – from the first in 1966 to the last in 1993 A stunning presentation, with every note in faultless Uncirculated condition Outstanding opportunity – SAVE A$1,700 off the catalogue value!




1966-1993 $20 SET (no Coombs/Randall) UNC (15) AV719

The C Coombs/Randall b /R d ll $20 iis th the kkey tto th the decimal series. Hard to find in any grade, thiss note is Australia’s rarest issued decimal note. ghh on impossible to If it is difficult to find in average grade, then it is nigh source this note in premium quality. Less than 2% of all ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ (1966-74) notes were issued in the name of Coombs/Randall, and the percentage of those that were $20 notes was tiny. As a result, demand has seen the catalogue price leap from A$2,000 to A$ nearly A$5,000 in aUnc over the last decade.


A rare opportunity to complete the $20 set offered at left, the few notes in stock are in near flawless aUnc.

1968 $20 R402 COOMBS/ RANDALL aUNC HA441

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1850-1899 Colonial Stamp Pack (50) Used


1913-36 Kangaroo & George V Stamp Pack (25) Used

95 49 A window into the earliest days after Settlement in

50 48 Including 25 stamps from the King George V era,

Australia, this pack includes FIFTY different stamps issued by the colonies – from the Gold Rush of the 1850s to the turn of the century! Astonishing value!

this historic, affordable pack represents Australia’s first two stamp types – the Kangaroo & Map type and the George V type, both first issued in 1913.

Fantastic opportunity for the variety collector, we have Australia’s very first stamp – issued exactly 100 years ago – available in lots of 100! In mixed condition, and a red-hot bargain at just A$1.25c per stamp!

1930 2d d Re Redd ‘J ‘John Joh ohnn Ash’ Ash Imprint Imp mpri rint nt Pair Pai air M MUH

1935 19 35 G George eorge V Jubilee Jubi billee St Stamp TTrio riio M MLH LH


50 Different 1927-65 Stamps MUH


95 24 An outstanding opportunity to start an Australian AV720


1913 1d Red Kangaroo Bundle of 100 Poor-Used



59 Distinguished by the printer’s name, with ‘John Ash, AV722

predecimal collection, this pack comprises FIFTY Australian Note and Stamp Printer’ on the selvedge, different stamps issued from 1927 until the end of the this Depression Era 2d George V stamp issue is seldom predecimal era in 1965. That’s less than 50c per stamp! offered as a pair in superb Mint Unhinged, as here.





59 Marking the 25th anniversary of the reign of George AV723

V, this key trio comprises the 2d, 3d and high-value 2/- stamps – each depicting the King upon Anzac, the horse given to him by the Australian Government.

1951 Federation Block B lo Set (16 stamps)

A$ A

80 19 Issued to mark the Iss 1950-52 9500-52 52 Aborigine Abor Ab orig igin inee Block Bloc Bl ockk of 4 Pair Pai airr MUH MUH



39 Comprising two Blocks of Four, this high-value stamp AV724

pair features the 8 1/2d Block and the 2’6 Block, with both in pristine Mint Unhinged condition. Issued from 1950 to 1952, and a bargain at our price!


50th anniversary of 50t Australian nationhood, Aus this set includes the Federation Jubilee 5 1/2d Blue Fe ederation Jubi aand 1/6 Brown in Blocks of 4, with Parkes 3d and Barton 3d w ppresented as a Block of 8. Top value at just over A$1 per stamp! va

1964 19 964 N Navigator avig av igat ator orr Set Se of 6 Stamps MUH




Among the final and most sought after predecimal stamp issues, and, as high denominations, seldom set aside, this 6-stamp set (4/- to £2) celebrates the great explorers of Australian history. Scarce in MUH! 20

Australia’s first stamps… DEADLY & DANGEROUS…


An official issue from m Australia Post, this bright, colourful, unique que minisheet celebratess six of Australia’s most st lethal creatures. Issued in 2006, and comprising six official al Australian stamps, the minisheet depictss the Yellow-bellied Sea Snake, the Great White Shark, the he Saltwater Crocodile, the Box Jellyfish, the Blue-ringed Octopus and the Eastern Brown wn Snake. In pristine Mint Unhinged, and a bargain at just A$16.50. A lavish, prestigious tribute to the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first national philatelic system, launched in 1913, this breathtaking presentation comprises massive versions of the nation’s first stamps – crafted from pure 24-carat GOLD! Perfect recreations of these historic 100-year-old stamps, the 1913 Kangaroo & Map 1d and 1913 George V Portrait 1d look absolutely sensational when crafted from the world’s favourite precious metal. Measuring 75mm x 58mm, and therefore much, much larger than the original stamps, this glittering golden duo is superbly presented within a solid acrylic stand – ideal to display your prestigious new acquisition. A fine presentation, perfect for display in the home or office, this exceptional philatelic tribute represents outstanding collector value at the affordable price of just A$175.    

Comprises recreations of Australia’s first two stamps – crafted from 24-carat gold! Bigger than the original, each gold stamp measures a massive 75mm x 58mm A$ Beautifully presented within a highquality, solid acrylic display stand FIRST AUSTRALIAN STAMPS GOLD REPLICA SET Fantastic value-for-money at our SH137 eminently affordable price!



16 6500


RARE US$1m ERROR REVIVED! Reviving one of the world’s most famous stamps, this US Post presentation comprises a minisheet and an FDC featuring recreations of the USA’s 1918 Inverted Jenny 24c – featuring a depiction of an upside down plane! With the original Error worth around US$1m, don’t miss the chance to own seven perfect replicas at a mere A$32.50!




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Second EVER full-colour $2! Highly sought after by decimal collectors, this is your chance to secure Australia’s second ever commemorative $2 coin – and second ever full-colour $2 type – in pristine Uncirculated quality! D Depicting St Edward’s Crown, encircled with a vibrant splash of Royal purple, this eeye-catching full-colour Australian legal tender coin forms a truly memorable nnational tribute to the 60th anniversary of the Coronation of Elizabeth II. Housed within a RAM pack, this Australian legal tender C Mintmark $2 is highlighted by a w ppowerful burst of Royal purple, surrounding a fine depiction of St Edward’s Crown. SStruck to rigorous Uncirculated quality, and outstanding value-for-money at O Official Issue Price, this utterly unique Australian ccoin is crucial to the many people trying to A$ 95 maintain a complete collection. Forget the search m 2013 $2 CORONATION tthrough change – this is your chance to secure COLOUR UNC tthis spectacular one-year-only type in guaranteed Official Issue Price Uncirculated condition!



The Perfect Pair! Afford Affordable, official, important and never to be found in change, we have the Royal Australian Mint’s 2012 ch 50c Diamond Jubilee Unc and 2013 50c Coronation Unc Un in stock! The perfect pair, forming an affordable, appropriate way to pay homage to the long-reign of Elizabeth II, these thes official Australian legal tender commemoratives are even more important to traditional decimal collectors. e Not issued for circulation, the 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee is Unc and an the 2013 50c Coronation Unc are crucial to those desperate to maintain a complete collection. Given the des affordability of these key types, no one needs to miss out!



2013 50c CORONATION UNC NC Official Issue Price e AU868

Set within individual, official RAM cards, these unique, one-yearonly 50c issues are within the reach of all collectors at an Official Issue Price of just A$9 apiece.

A $ A$


2012 50cc DIAMOND JUBILEE JUBI UNC Official Issue Price AT005 We also have the 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof and 2013 Coronation 50c Silver Proof in stock! See the Order Form for pricing… 22

Coast to Coast...



Never before offered by Downies, s, and a must-have for a complete History of Railroads Silver Proof Collection, we are delighted to have secured a tiny allocation off this sparkling release – paying homage to France’s Train à Grand Vitesse (TGV – high-speedd train). The fastest conventional wheel train in the world – clocked at nearly 600km/hr in 2007 – the TGV is superbly depicted upon the he broad crown-sized 38.60mm flann of this unique, exclusive 20g puree .999 Silver Proof. We have a mere 20 examples from the worldwide mintage of 1,981 in stock – each complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

999 silverr, this sparkling new .999 Enshrining a true Aussie icon in pure n Pacific train – offering India the precious metal Proof celebrates . ralia Aust in ey journ the longest train Perth, and the first train to Travelling coast to coast from Sydney to , the Indian Pacific is so inent cont n ralia Aust the travel direct across c Oceans. A weekly Pacifi and n named because it connects the India railroad is now among c iconi this , 1970 in hed launc passenger service, is a fine addition to the and eys journ the most famous of the world’s rail Series. A coin never f Proo r Silve oads Railr the of ry extensive $5 Histo $5 coin carries a fine er tend legal cial before offered by Downies, this offi crown-sized 38.60mm diameter portrayal of this legendary train upon its flan. the most popular coin of the Knowing that this would undoubtedly be to have our traditional allocation t series in Australia, we made every effor increased. Whilst our representations helped secure a few extra coins from the 95 A$ mintage of just 1,970 – each complete with a Certificate of Authenticity – our LIBERIA 2011 $5 stock will still be inadequate to meet N TRAI FIC INDIAN PACI demand. Get on board, and guarantee SILVER PROOF supply today! 3 AV71


79 7 995



A$ $


50 89 8 950


Distingui Disti shed by a ‘train-wheel edge’, edge this innovative tribute from Monnaie Monn de Paris celebrates the rail line between b Gare du Nord and St Pancras Pan – the rail line connecting Paris Par and London. An official legal tender ten issue, with a worldwide mintage mi of just 5,000, we have just jus a few examples p of this unique 37mm, 22.20g 22.20 90% Silver Proof Pro in stock – each set in an official case cas with a Certifi Cer cate of Authentic Aut ity.

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A lavish presentation…

E l i eye-catching Exclusive, t hi and d finished i h d in i pure 24-carat 24 t gold, ld the th Lunar L Puzzle Gold-Plated Medallion edallion Set forms a truly breathtaking tribute to the Chinese Lunar Calendar – and an affordable one! The perfect way to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Cycle, this formidable release includes twelve fan-shaped 44mm x 26.80mm medallions. Finished in 24-carat gold, each 19g medallion is graced with a depiction of one of the twelve Lunar Signs, with the Forbidden City of China on each obverse. Struck to Proof quality, the twelve medallions surround a massive 94g, 65mm gold-plated medallion. lion. Depicting a Buddha and the Lunar animals on the reverse, with a Yin & Yang motif and the Chinese characters for the twelve signs found on the obverse, this giant gold-plated medallion forms a commanding centrepiece for this awe-inspiring collection. Providing a fitting standard of presentation for such an enchanting Lunar release, the individual elements of the Lunar Puzzle Gold-Plated Medallionn Set are protected within capsules and united within a high-gloss timber case. Strictly limited A$ to a mintage of 8,888, each set also includes a numbered informative booklet. CHINESE LUNAR PUZZLE

349 9

Surprisingly affordable at just A$349, we expect our limited allocation from that ‘lucky’ 8,888-set worldwide mintage will be devastated by demand.


November 2013 Money  
November 2013 Money