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July 2013

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Qty A$ Price SH166 AR364 AU790 AU000 AU001 KC968 KC967 KC969 AU004 AU005 AU006 KC970

KA024 AU949 AU729 AU948 AU648 AU982 AU579 AU947 AU730

KA030 AN124 AS274 AV025 AV000 AV001 AV002 AV003 AV004 AV005 KA031 AV006 AV007 AV008 AV009 AV010 AV011 KA032 AU951 AU644 AU329 AT981 AT761 AU765 AU763 AU726 AU542 AD281 AD291 AD292

AU254 AT906 AU668 KA033 AU718


Australian Explorers in GOLD! Tokelau 2013 $5 Explorers Of Australia 0.5 gram Gold Proof Collection 1772 Resolution & Adventure Medal Doctor Who 50th Anniversary! Niue 2013 $2 50th Anniversary Of Doctor Who 1oz Silver Proof 2013 – the key RAM annual issues… 2013 Mining Two-Coin Unc Set 2013 Mining Two-Coin Proof Set 2013 Proof Set w/Free Platypus Booklet 2013 Mint Set w/Free Platypus Booklet 2013 Proof & Mint Set Pair w/FREE Predec Zoological Stamps Fine Used 2013 Baby Proof Set 2013 Baby Mint Set 2013 Wedding Proof Set 2013 Annual Set Collection (7) July Money 2013 Page 1 Exclusive Perth Mint Silver Trio! 2013 $1 National Parks 1oz Silver Proof Trio Page 3 New from the Perth Mint! 2013 $1 High Relief Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof 2013 $1 High Relief Kookaburra 1oz Silver Proof 2013 $2 Mini Koala 0.5g Gold BU NEW! 2013 $2 Mini Roo 0.5g Gold BU Pages 4 & 5 Precious Metal Treasures! Cook Islands 2013 $20 Luxury Line Swarovski Crystal 100g Silver Proof Palau 2013 $5 Marine Life Protection Oyster Pearl Silver Proof 2013 $100 Treasures Of The World Europe Garnet 1oz Gold Proof 2013 $1 Treasures Of The World Europe Garnet 1oz Silver Proof Pages 6 & 7 Curved Coins from the RAM! 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved Colour 1oz Silver Proof w/FREE 2008 Two-Coin Unc Set SAVE A$15 2008 20c & $1 Two-Coin Unc Set Cook Islands 2011 $5 Terminator 2 3-Coin Collection 2013 $5 Southern Skies Pavo Curved Colour 1oz Silver Proof Pages 8 & 9 New 2013 Silver & Gold Proof Sets! 2013 5c Silver Proof 2013 10c Silver Proof 2013 20c Silver Proof 2013 50c Silver Proof 2013 $1 Silver Proof 2013 $2 Silver Proof Complete 2013 Silver Proof Collection 2013 5c Gold Proof 2013 10c Gold Proof 2013 20c Gold Proof 2013 50c Gold Proof 2013 $1 Gold Proof 2013 $2 Gold Proof Complete 2013 Gold Proof Collection Pages 10 & 11 Bush Babies II – COMPLETE! 2013 50c Bush Babies II Wombat 1/2oz Silver Proof 2013 50c Bush Babies II Platypus 1/2oz Silver Proof 2013 50c Bush Babies II Echidna 1/2oz Silver Proof 2013 50c Bush Babies II Possum 1/2oz Silver Proof 2012 50c Bush Babies II Kookaburra 1/2oz Silver Proof 2013 $1 Bush Babies II Echidna PNC 2013 $1 Bush Babies II Platypus PNC 2013 $1 Bush Babies II Possum PNC 2013 $1 Bush Babies II Kookaburra PNC Pages 12 & 13 George V Stamp Sets! 1913-36 Kangaroo & George V Definitives From ½d to 5/- Fine Used (39 Stamps) SAVE A$120 1927-36 Complete George V Commemorative Stamp Collection MUH 1927-36 Complete George V Commemorative Stamp Collection Fine Used Page 14 Masterpieces of Minting Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows Of Heaven – Bethlehem Silver Proof Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows Of Heaven – St Francis Silver Proof Cook Islands 2013 $10 Windows Of Heaven – Chartres Silver Proof Cook Islands 2012-13 Windows Of Heaven Silver Proof Trio SAVE A$80 Cook Islands 2013 $20 Masterpieces Of Art Delacroix Liberty 3oz Silver Proof Page 15 $2 – Last Note, First Coin! $2 Last Note First Coin Premium Edition Pack Subtotal Column One

$339.00 $8,500.00 $115.00 $20.00 $55.00 $130.00 $32.50 $162.50 $125.00 $45.00 $145.00 $549.50

$315.00 $96.00 $96.00 $59.50 $59.50



Qty A$ Price AG759 AE042 AE028 AJ072 AV026 AE062 HA436 HG554 AS863 AM616 AR261 AV027 AV028 AV029 AV030 AF043 AT365 AV031 AV032 AU361 AU670 AS825 KA008 AU934 AU953 KA029

$112.00 $2,695.00 $118.50

$169.00 $15.00 $279.00 $120.00 $35.00 $45.00 $60.00 $80.00 $55.00 $50.00 $325.00 $595.00 $1,195.00 $1,995.00 $2,800.00 $1,795.00 $1,395.00 $9,775.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $15.95 $15.95 $15.95 $15.95

$495.00 $2,980.00

AU930 AU833 AU834 AU835 AV033 AU097 AU636 AU633 AU634 AU635 AU694 AU946

AQ937 AS246 AU543 AS242 KA034 AU939 AU940 AV023 AV024 KT583 AH901 AJ126 AH640 AH900 AU966 AU112 AU115 AU116 AU555 AU932 AU667

Pages 16 & 17 An Australian selection… 1933 £1 R28 Riddle/Sheehan VF 1939 10/- R12 Sheehan/McFarlane Fine 1938 £1 R29 Sheehan/McFarlane Fine 1953 £1 R33 Coombs/Wilson QEII Comm Bank Unc 1960 £5 R50 Coombs/Wilson QEII Res Bank Consec Pair Unc 1943 £10 R59 Armitage/McFarlane Fine 1969 $10 Phillips/Randall Unc 1990 $20 Fraser/Higgins Unc Also Available As A Consec Pair Unc 1973 $50 YAA First Prefix aUnc 1943S & 1944S Shilling Pair Unc 1960 & 1961 Florin Pair BU 1985, 1987 & 1988 1c RAM Roll Trio (150 Coins) 1993-95 $1 C Mintmark Trio Unc 1997-99 $1 C Mintmark Trio Unc 2000 $1 Victoria Cross BU 1992 $5 Light & Dark Green Serials Unc SAVE A$95 1992 $5 ‘7 July 1992’ O/P Light Green Serials Unc 1993 $5 BA93 First Prefix Light Green Serials Unc Pages 18 & 19 Mythical Creatures Tuvalu 2013 $1 Mythical Creatures Griffin 1oz Silver Proof Tuvalu 2013 $1 Mythical Creatures Unicorn 1oz Silver Proof 2011 $1 Young Collectors Mythical Creatures Collection (9) 2013 Unicorn & 2011 Mythical Creatures Collection Pair SAVE A$20 Tuvalu 2013 $1 Mythical Creatures Phoenix 1oz Silver Proof Somalia 2013 Mythical Creatures Gold-plated Rectangular Set 2013 Phoenix Silver Proof & Mythical Creatures BU Set Pair SAVE A$20 Page 20 Super Cities! Cook Islands 2013 $1 Romantic Cities – Venice Silver Proof GB 2010 £1 Belfast PNC GB 2011 £1 Cardiff PNC GB 2011 £1 Edinburgh PNC Fiji 2012 $10 Cities At Night Paris 1oz Silver Proof Fiji 2012 $10 Cities At Night London 1oz Silver Proof Page 21 Official Doctor Who Tributes GB 2013 Doctor Who Stamp Presentation Pack GB 2013 Doctor Who Minisheet First Day Cover GB 2013 Classic Doctors First Day Cover GB 2013 Modern Doctors First Day Cover Doctor Who Tardis Moneybox Pages 22 The Perth Mint 2013 Outback Trio 2013 50c Australian Outback Kooka, Koala & Kangaroo 1/2oz Silver BU Trio Page 23 Queen Victoria Sovereigns! 1879S Young Head Sovereign VF 1887S Jubilee Head Sovereign F-VF 1896M Veiled Head Sovereign Unc 1899M Veiled Head Sovereign BU Buy All 4 & SAVE A$240 Page 24 NZ Maori Art Series! NZ 2013 $1 Maori Art Kora 1oz Silver Proof NZ 2013 $10 Maori Art Kora 1oz Gold Proof On The Order Form 2013 $1 Korean War 60th Anniversary Silver Proof 2013 $1 Korean War 60th Anniversary Al-Br Unc 2003 $1 Korean War Mintmark Set (4) Unc 2003 $1 Korean War S Unc 2003 $1 Korean War M Unc 2003 $1 Korean War C Unc 2003 $1 Korean War B Unc 2013 $2 Coronation Colour Unc France 2012 10€ Cyrano De Bergerac Silver Proof France 2012 10€ D’Artagnan Silver Proof France 2012 10€ Puss In Boots Silver Proof France 2012 10€ Yves Klein Silver Proof France 2013 10€ Louis XI Silver Proof Rwanda 2013 10FR Noble Five Precious Metals Set Subtotal Column Two


$695.00 $245.00 $139.00 $345.00 $1,985.00 $375.00 $95.00 $145.00 $290.00 $750.00 $95.00 $59.00 $89.00 $39.00 $49.00 $295.00 $95.00 $145.00 $275.00 $114.50 $99.95 $99.95 $179.00 $99.95 $99.95 $179.00 $109.00 $29.50 $29.50 $29.50 $139.00 $139.00 $29.95 $12.50 $19.95 $11.50 $34.50

$149.00 $795.00 $795.00 $850.00 $795.00 $2,995.00 $129.00 $3,295.00 $55.00 $13.50 $24.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $6.00 $12.95 $89.50 $89.50 $89.50 $89.50 $89.50 $1,295.00


$995.00 Subtotal Column One $____________ $359.00 $359.00 $359.00 $997.00 $499.00 $139.00


Subtotal Column Two $____________ SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia For Overseas Rates, see website

$9.25 $12.00 $20.00 FREE

*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges – We will advise cost on a case by case basis

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

Unique Uniqu RAM Silver Proof tribute… TINY WORLDWIDE MINTAGE JUST 5,000! TIN An impressive new precious metal Proof from the Royal Australian Mint, this unique, exclusive, one-year-only Australian legal tender type commemorates the 60th anniversary of the end of the 1950-53 Korean War. Struck to immaculate Proof quality from 11.66g of pure .999 silver, each coin carries a distinctive, richly symbolic design upon the reverse of its 25mm diameter flan. Featuring a dove in flight, set against intricate swirling patterns, along with the word ‘peace’ in Korean, this unique motif celebrates the moment that the armistice was signed by leaders of the Communist north and United Nations officials in 1953. Forming a fine tribute to this key moment in 20th century history, this unique Australian legal tender type is also extremely exclusive. Somewhat surprisingly, the Royal Australian Mint has restricted the worldwide mintage to a mere 5,000 coins – each housed within a plush, official RAM case, united with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



2013 $1 KOREAN WAR 60th ANNIVERSARY SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AV023




Exclusive! Strictly limited to a worldwide mintage of just 5,000!

Struck to the height of Proof quality from 11.66 grams of .999 fine silver

Official Australian legal tender – measures 25mm in diameter

Beautifully presented in an official Royal Australian Mint case

Accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Available at the Royal Australian Mint’s Official Issue Price!

Not issued for circulation!

Perfect Partner!

An affordable alternative to the spellbinding Silver Proof above, this value-for-money Korean War 60th Anniversary $1 Unc is a must-have at the Royal Australian Mint’s Official IIssue Price of just A$13.50 – especially for the serious Australian decimal collector. Au

Highlighted by the Royal Australian Mint’s Highligh beautifully balanced commemorative reverse beautifu design, featuring the ‘Dove of Peace’, the complete 2003 $1 Korean War 50th Anniversary Mintmark Set is the perfect partner for the new KKorean War 60th anniversary issues.

Why? Because this 25mm Al-Br Wh Australian legal tender coin type is Aus not to t be issued for circulation, and will nnever be found in change! An absolutely essential acquisition for absolu thousands of collectors desperate the tho to maintain a complete $1 commemorative collection, the 2013 $1 Korean War 60th Anniversary Al-Br Unc is presented in an official pack.




Comprising the S, M, B and C incuse Co Mintmark $1 coins – each measuring Min 25mm in diameter, and each struck to rigorous Uncirculated standard from aluminium-bronze. Official Australian legal tender coins, representing a type that was not issued for circulation and will never be found in change, each of the four $1 Mintmark issues is set in an official Royal Australian Mint pack.

Second EVER full-colour $2! A must-have for every Australian decimal collector, this official RAM striking is Australia’s second ever commemorative $2 coin – and second ever full-colour $2 type!




A memorable national tribute to the Elizabeth II Coronation 60th anniversary, with a vibrant splash of Royal purple surrounding a depiction of St Edward’s Crown, this C Mintmark $2 is a compulsory acquisition for those who secured the 2012 $2 Remembrance Day Unc. That poignant military commemorative was Australia’s biggest selling coin of 2012, and demand for the 20.62mm 2013 $2 Coronation Unc is sure to be just as massive – if not bigger! Struck to rigorous Uncirculated quality, this unique Australian legal tender coin is set in an official RAM pack.

Literary Legends! A$

Official legal tender issues from Monnaie de Paris, and part of a splendid series honouring legends of French literature, these sparkling Silver Proofs honour Cyrano de Bergerac, D’Artagnan and Puss in Boots respectively. Strictly limited to a mintage of just 5,000 apiece, Downies is delighted to have secured a tiny allocation of each official 10€ coin – each set within an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

8950 each



89 950


Exclusive! Tiny limited worldwide mintage just 5,000!

Crafted to flawless Proof quality from 22.2 grams of 90% silver

An official 10€ legal tender issue – struck by Monnaie de Paris

Measures a broad, crown-sized 37mm in diameter

Louis, Louis…

True Bleu! Selectively enhanced with a vibrant blue enamel, enamel this 2012 10€ legal tender issue from the Monnaie de Paris bears be the likeness of brilliant French artist Yves Klein. F Part P of the Europa Star coin program, pprogra this superb Proof is struck struc from 22.2g of 90% silver and s a measures 37mm in diame diameter. The obverse shows of Klein’s shows a portion p notorious nnotorio monochromatic gold go work ‘MG 9’ (1962), sold for $21m at a Christie’s in 2008 – yours you at just A$89.50.




Struck to Proof quality from 22.2g of 90% silver by Monnaie de Paris, Pari this sparkling fusion of numismatic history and cutting edge minting c technology forms a superb t tribute to the French king t Louis XI (1423-1483). Bearing a striking portrait of B Louis Lo XI on the obverse, this 2013 201 10€ legal tender issue carries a reverse depiction of the infamous cages used during his reign i f – cages known as ‘fillettes’, meaning ‘little girls’ in French, for their small size. Taken from a mintage of 30,000, each coin is set in an official case with a Certificate.

Five different precious metals! A$



Headlined by the very first coin in the world struck from precious iridium, this stunning presentation comprises five official legal tender coins struck from five different precious metals! A sensational selection of the world’s most desirable precious metals, each set comprises coins struck in GOLD, SILVER, IRIDIUM, PALLADIUM and PLATINUM!!!

1/100oz Gold Proof, 1/25oz Iridium BU, 1/100oz Palladium Proof and 1/100oz Platinum Proof – each bearing a Lion motif, along with an inscription of the metal, element symbol, weight and purity.

The entire set is presented within a superbly crafted, luxurious acrylic display case featuring a viewing window, and accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to Measuring 11mm in diameter, and struck to .999 fine purity, the five coins found in this lavish collection are the 1/25oz Silver Proof, the mintage of just 1,000.

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