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July 2013

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Tiny worldwide mintage JUST 2,500!

A glorious union of Proof quality, pure .999 silver and vibrant full-colour, this official Australian legal tender trio is notable for one particular characteristic – the astonishingly astonishingl small mintage. The Perth Mint has struck just 2,500 sets!




Honouri three of Australia’s World Heritage Listed sites – Fraser Island, Honouring H Lord Howe Island and Kakadu – the 2013 $1 National Parks 1oz Silver Silve Proof Trio captures the unique beauty of Australia’s natural environment with a stunning fusion of traditional numismatic env sculpture and full-colour minting. Housed in a Perth Mint case, scu each eac 40.60mm coin is complete with a Certificate of Authenticity confi con rming the absurdly low mintage. With that mintage just 2,500, and these official Perth Mint issues NOT AVAILABLE at the Perth Mint, you must act now! AVAILA


RE LE MO COL ! HO p21 W on OR

Australia Toll free 1300 T7 358 88 3 88 58 8 C 788



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Downies New Look!

July 201 3

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In more than 80 years in the industry, there is perhaps one key element behind Downies success – our willingness to embrace the future, and to embrace change as we constantly strive to improve the level of service we provide to our clients. We have never been afraid to try something different, and it is Downies’ long-term pioneering approach that has led to our decision to experiment with the format of our traditional Money magazine. Returning to the classic format of the early days of Money magazine, first issued in 1988, and providing more pages to pack with our traditionally fantastic variety of coins and banknotes, we are confident that the compact, convenient new format will be welcomed by our clients. Increasing efficiency and reducing waste, this change is also completely in keeping with our determination to reduce our ecological footprint – a determination that has seen us link up with Printgraphics, a printer that is among the most environmentally sound operators in Australia, and is officially accredited to ISO14001, the internationally recognised standard of Environmental Management.


1300 788 358 FACSIMILE

MAIL PO Box 3131 Nunawading, Vic 3131

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www.eur oco


and Co llectables ownies.c om


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ST 2,500!

A glorious union of official Austr Proof alian legal quality, pure .999 astonishing tender trio is notab silver and vibran ly small mintage. le for one partic t full-colour, this ular The Perth Honourin ring three Mint has characteristic of – the struck just Lord H Howe IslandAustralia’s World 2,500 sets! Heritage and Kakad Proof Trio Listed sites u– captur with a stunni es the unique the 2013 $1National – Fraser Island , Parks 1oz colo colour mintinng fusion of traditibeauty Australia’s natural enviro Silver onal numis g. House com complete nment with a Certifid in a Perth Mint matic sculpture low minta and fullcate of Authe case, each ge. nticity confir 40.60mm coin With that is ming the minta absurd ge just AVAILABLE ly www. at the Perth 2,500, and these down official Perth Mint, you ies.c must act Mint issues om now! NOT




Aus tral





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ia Toll HO 21! free 130 R W on p. 0 TO 78 788 8 88 8 358 35 35 C7 58 8


©2013 – All rights reserved. Every Downies catalogue is printed on environmentally friendly chlorine-free and acid-free paper manufactured by an accredited mill. Both paper manufacturer and printer are accredited to ISO14001, the internationally recognised standard to Environmental Management. All items offered are subject to being sold out prior to receipt of order. Products may be pictured not at actual size. Some items in this magazine may not be immediately available from our retail outlets. This list cancels all previous direct selling lists. Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Prices may include GST.


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We will be trialing this new format over the next month or two, and, as we have in large part made this decision for the benefit of our clients, we would naturally love your feedback. Please visit or email us at and let us know what you think!

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ding Jou

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NEW RELEASES from the Perth

New 2013 High Relief Roo! Powerful evidence of the unparalleled Po precious metal prowess of the Perth pre Mint, the new 2013 $ 1 Kangaroo High Relie f 1oz Silver Proof has just been released! Sil A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silve s r coin at a chunky 6mm in width, this .999 . fine silver masterpiece is defined by extraordinary detail in the designs. Struc k on concave surfaces to ensure that the optimum flow of silver is achieved by the strike, the Mint has gone to great lengths to t capture the beauty and muscularity of the t iconic kangaroo. One O of few issuing authorities to have mastered the art of High Relief minting, ma the few High Relief Silver Proofs issued by the PPerth Min Mint have created huge interest. Taken from a mintage of 20,000, the 32.60mm 2013 $1 Kangaroo High Relie Re f 1oz Silver Proof is sure to prov pro oke just as much interest – in part pa due to the fantastic value! With Wit the Official Issue Price a mere A$96 A$9 – just a few dollars more than a standard 1oz Silver Proof – this t outstanding work of numismatic craftsman sm manship is a must-have for every Australia ra n collector.

A$ Outstanding value-for-money at the affordable Official Issue Price, each 32.60mm .999 fine Silver Proof is set in an official case with a numbere d Certificate of Authenticity


2013 $1 HIGH RELIEF KANGAROO 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AU949



If you thinkk that pure Aussie gold is beyond your ur reach, think again! An inspired initiative on the part of the Perth Mint, the 11.60mm diameter 2013 $2 Kangaroo 0.5g Gold BU gives every Australian the chance to own a coin struck from .9999 fine gold. Genuine Australian legal tend er, struck to the height of Brilliant Uncircula ted quality, each coin is set in an official Perth Mint ppack. Fantasstic gift idea! Of Official Australian legal ten tender, each coin carries the po ait of Elizabeth II portr

A$ A


2013 $2 MINI ROO 0.5g GOLD BU Official Issue Price AU648

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 3

Swarovski Sparkles in Silver! You will be impressed with the glistening Proof quality; you will be enticed by the massive 100g of pure .999 silver; you will be intrigued by the presentation – but you will be utterly blown away by the mesmeric sparkle of the gigantic, genuine diamond-like Swarovski Crystal y embedded within this sensational new coin! Undoubtedly one of the most eye-catching coins we have ever offered, ffered, this gargantuan legal tender issue is crafted from a whopping 1000 GRAMS of pure .999 silver. Measuring an enormous 55mm x 85mm, the expansive rectangular flan of this lavish release is dominated by a large, real crystal from legendary crystalmakers Swarovski. Measuring an imposing 25mm across and 36mm in length, the refractive qualities of this large, superbly crafted Swarovski Crystal must be seen to be believed. Go to for a sneak peek at this scintillating silver stunner er in action! We naturally thought that this ‘giant crystal’ concept was going too be really special, but this breathtaking coin has exceeded even our lofty expectations. xpectations. Forming a fine setting for this luxurious legal tender issue, and enhancing nhancing the captivating, hypnotic sparkle of the crystal, each $20 coin is set in a case featuring a red LED Lamp. 

Features massive 25mm x 36mm Swarovski Crystal

Struck from 100g .999 silver! Mintage just 1,000!

Official legal tender – measures 55mm x 85mm

Complete with Certificate – set in a case with LED Lamp!




Features a real pearl… Although the 2,500-coin mintage was heavily oversubscribed, Downies long-term erm support for Coin Invest Trust ensured we received an allocation of the 9th coin in the $5 Pearl Series – one of the world’s most sought after legal tender programs. ms. With understandably rampant demand, however, that allocation is now virtuallyy exhausted! Struck to Proof quality from 25g of sterling silver, and highlighted by a REAL pearl embedded in the reverse, we have just a few examples of this innovative coin left in stock – each set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

A$ A$



Struck from 1oz of .9999 fine gold! TINY WORLDWIDE MINTAGE JUST 750 COINS! T A must-have for those who secured any of the Perth Mint’s sensational Treasures of Australia $100 1oz Gold Proofs, we are delighted to be able to reveal the very first coin in the equally splendid Treasures of the World 1oz Gold Proof Series! Crafted from a full troy ounce of pure, prestigious .9999 gold, and underpinned by the Perth Mint’s most exquisite Proof quality, this unique Australian legal tender $100 coin celebrates the gemstone garnet. Known to humanity for thousands of years, and valued for both its beauty and its symbolic qualities, genuine pieces of this eye-catching red gemstone are found in the transparent locket set within the heart of this stunning 32.60mm 1oz .9999 fine Gold Proof. Beautifully presented within an official Perth Mint case, and accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this highly desirable Australian legal tender issue is also notable for the astonishing limited availability. Ensuring a mad scramble amongst passionate gold collectors worldwide, the Perth Mint has, somewhat surprisingly, restricted the mintage to just 750 coins. With substantial demand expected from the European market, where garnet has been extremely popular for hundreds of years, Downies has received a tiny allocation of coins.



2013 $100 TREASURES OF THE WORLD – EUROPE GARNET 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AU947

Superb in Silver… An affordable opportunity to enjoy this enchanting Australian legal tender der program, the Perth Mint’s 2013 $1 Treasures of the World Garnet 1oz Silver Proof has caught the eye of collectors across the globe. Crafted to impeccable Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, and highlighted by a see-through locket comprising pieces of genuine garnet, this unique, A$ 50 exclusive, crown-sized 40.60mm $1 coin is set in an official case 2013 $1 TREASURES OF THE WORLD ORLD with a numbered Certificate of – EUROPE GARNET 1oz SILVER PROOF ROOF Authenticity confirming the limited Official Issue Price mintage of just 7,500. AU730


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 5

Sold out at the RAM! ave/ The first Australian coin struck in a conc Skies hern Sout $5 2012 ’s RAM the at, convex form ng amo ingly rpris unsu Curved 1oz Silver Proof was ed, Inde . 2012 of ses relea after ht the most soug Mint! the 10,000-coin mintage sold out at the One On of Australia’s most advanced, most $5 soph so isticated coins, demand for the 2012 to sure is f Proo r Silve 1oz ed Curv s Sout So hern Skie Pavo s Skie hern surg sur e with the new 2013 $5 Sout

t sky in Curved 1oz Silver Proof. Depicting the nigh hern Sout the of stars the full-colour, highlighted by f Proo r silve .999 2mm 39.6 d, -date 2012 Cross, the new lar tacu spec ’s RAM is the perfect partner to the Silver Proof offered at right. the 2012 $5 Strictly limited to a mintage of 10,000, is housed in f Proo r Silve 1oz ed Curv s Skie Southern ficate of Certi d bere num an official RAM case with a ity. Authentic



...when you secure the coin at left,, 008 2-Coin Unc the RAM’s 2008 Set was issued in honour of the Year of Planet Earth, and includes a Platypus 20c, united with a one-yearonly Planet Earth $1.

20c & $1 2008 20 TWO-COIN UNC SET A$



KA03 0

ARNIE IN ACTION! of the most Celebrating the 20th anniversary of one spectacular 3-coin set important films in the sci-fi genre, this Schwarzenegger. honours Terminator 2 and its star, Arnold d after the CPU Housed within a superb collectors box style 38.61mm, 25g three s prise com set the chip from the movie, a sterling silver Proofs – each depicting for COOK ISLANDS 2011 $5 key scene from the movie. An ideal gift this , TERMINATOR 2 alike ctors colle coin and buffs e movi CTION IN COLLECTIO 3-CO to icted restr was tion spectacular presenta just A$ a mintage of just 2,011, and we have FOUR sets left in stock. AS274

279 com m//d dow o n 6

Australia’s second EVER curved coin ! Powerful evidence of the Royal Australia n Mint’s ongoing quest to create inventive, fascinating, distinctiv ely Australia aliann collector coinage, Downies is delighted to unve il the specctac tacuular lar new 2013 $5 Southern Skies Curved Pavo 1oz Silver Proof! Unquestionably among the most inno vative, mosstt inspired Australian coins of the year, there is no doubt that this spellbinding concave/convex Silver Proo ooff will be one of the most sought after. Following in the imposing footsteps of the 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved 1oz Silver Proof – mintage 10,000 sold out at the RAM – this sparkling new Australian legal tender release is underpinn ed by the same key characteristics as its hotly pursued predecessor. Utilising minting technolog y that is employed by very few issuing authoritie s across the globe, the RAM has created a truly memorable, utterly unique tribute to Pavo – a constellat ion in the Southern Sky steeped in Greco/Roman mythology. Considering the originality of the concave/c onvex concept, the international demand for the 2012 issue and the stunning quality of this parti cular fullcolour Australian legal tender coin, imm ediate action is recommended. Certain to be targeted by those who were quick enough to secure last year’s coin – and by thosee who missed out of course! – the mintage of 10,000 is unlikkely ely to sate demand. 

Only the second ever concave/co nvex Australian legal tender coin Crafted to the pinnacle of Proof quality y from 1oz of .999 fine silver Official Australian legal tender – measures 39.62mm in diameter Taken from a strictly limited wor ldwide mintage of 10,000 coins Beautifully presented within an official Royal Australian Mint case Complete with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity


12 1 20


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 7

The Royal Australian Mint’s premier silver issue... STRICTLY LIMITED MINTAGE JUST 5,000! One oof the most eagerly anticipated releases on the collector calendar, with Downies fielding innumerable calls regarding the launch date, we are delighted Do to unveil the sparkling new 2013 Silver Proof Set – the Royal Australian Mint’s premier annual silver issue. p Struck to th the pinnacle of Proof standard from pure, prestigious .999 silver, silv the 2013 Silver Proof Set comprises six coins, from tthe 5c to the $2. Magnificent when struck to the nest possible quality, each official Australian legal fine tender coin is adorned with its traditional motif, with ten the $2 created by Horst Hahne, and the 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c and $1 the work of legendary Australian 20 numismatic master craftsman, Stuart Devlin. num

Each of the six .999 fine Silver Proofs is set within an individual RAM case, complete with an individual RAM Certificate of Authenticity

Whilst Whil all six coins are available separately on the Order Form – presented in official RAM cases – the individual individu brilliance of each immaculate .999 fine silver significantly enhanced when assembled as one single, coin is sign complete collection. collectio Indeed, as all collectors will know, the worth of a complete collection is much greater than the sum of its parts. com A must-have for anyone with an appreciation of the finest that modern m minting has to offer, the RAM has restricted the mintage to a mere 5,000 mi collections worldwide. col  Exceedingly exclusive, with a mere 5,000 issued worldwide

2013 5c




.999 Silver



2013 10c

.999 Silver



2013 20c

.999 Silver



2013 50c

.999 Silver



2013 $1

.999 Silver



2013 $2

.999 Silver



Official Australian legal tender release – struck by the Royal Australian Mint

Underpinned by faultless Proof quality – struck from pure .999 silver

Each coin beautifully presented within the plush confines of an official, individual RAM case

Each coin complete with an individual, numbered Certificate of Authenticity



COMPLETE 2013 SILVER PROOF COLLECTION Official Issue Price KA031 Coins are available individually on the Order Form 8

The RAM’s NEW 2013 Gold Proof Set! TINY WORLDWIDE MINTAGE JUST 500! Arguably the most important release in Australian numismatics, the Royal Australian Mint’s Gold Proof Set issue represents the epitome of prestige, e, presentation and limited availability. The ultimatee acquisition for those with a love of the unique beauty, purity and mystique of the world’s favourite precious metal, the 2013 Gold Proof Set is now available! Struck to faultless Proof quality from .9999 gold, this lavish collection comprises six coins from the 5c to the $2, with each coin distinguished by the traditional design for its denomination. Housed within individual RAM cases, the six 2013-dated Gold Proofs are available either as single coins – please see the Order Form – or as a complete 6-coin set housed within six individual cases. Individually brilliant works of precious metal minting, there is no question that the six Australian legal tender coins move ve to a new level when united as one complete collection. n Notwithstanding that this is only the second Gold Proof Set issued by the RAM since 2007, and in spite of thee growing market for Australian collector coinage, the RAM has resisted the temptation to increase the worldwide de mintage of this luxurious, prestigious collection. One of Australia’s most exclusive numismatic issues, the worldwide mintage of the 2013 Gold Proof Set has been restricted to a mere 500.


Metal/Purity M t l/P it


COMPLETE 2013 GOLD PROOF COLLECTION Official Issue Price KA032 Coins are available individually on the Order Form

Struck from pure .9999 99 gold gold, the six Proof coins are presented within individual RAM cases, each accompanied by an individual RAM Certificate of Authenticity

M Mass

Di Diameter t

2013 5c

.9999 Gold



2013 10c

.9999 Gold



2013 20c

.9999 Gold



2013 50c

.9999 Gold



2013 $1

.9999 Gold



2013 $2

.9999 Gold



Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 9


The Bush Babies II Series An enc enchanting Australian legal tender coin, forming a fabulous finale to a much-admired Perth Mint program, the last release in the Bush Babies II much Silver Silve Proof Series has just been launched! A wonderful opportunity to complete your collection, or create a complete collection in one hit, com we have the new Baby Wombat 1/2oz Silver Proof in stock – as well as each of its predecessors! Honouring one of our most well known Ho native creatures, the 2013 50c Bush na Babies II Wombat 1/2oz Silver Proof is Ba a stand-alone release of great quality, s undeniable beauty and strictly limited un availability. to the finest possible aava ab ty Struck S standard from pure, prestigious .999 f silver, and a measuring a near crownsized 36.60mm in diameter, this eye-catching new precious eye metal me Proof is distinguished by an enchanting full-colour appreciation of our beloved ap nocturnal marsupial. The noc delicately frosted representation delic

BUSH BABIES A tremendously affordable opportunity to enjoy one of the Perth Mint’s most enchanting, most admired Australian legal tender series, we have all four of Australia Post’s official 2013 Bush Babies II PNCs in stock! Celebrating the platypus, kookaburra, possum and echidna, the Bush Babies II PNC Series honours some of Australia’s most beloved native creatures. Highlighted by an official Australian stamp, each PNC also features an Australian legal tender 30.60mm Al-Br BU $1 coin from the Perth Mint – bearing the same design as one of the Bush Babies II Silver Proofs! ww dow wnie ies es 10


is now COMPLETE! of Australian bush flowers provides a fine complement to the endearing full-colour Baby Wombat motif. Clearly an essential acquisition for those seeking to assemble the complete 2012-13 50c Bush Babies II 1/2oz Silver Proof Series, this Australian legal tender coin is taken from a mintage of just 10,000 – with each coin beautifully presented within the plush confines of an official Perth Mint case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. 

Struck to flawless Proof quality from 1/2oz of pure .999 silver

Strictly limited worldwide mintage – just 10,000 coins struck!

Set within a plush, official Perth Mint presentation case

Accompanied by an official, numbered Certificate of Authenticity



2013 50c BUSH BABIES II WOMBAT 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AU951

As with the final coin in the series, each 36.60mm Bush Babies II coin is struck from 1/2oz of .999 silver, and is set in an official Perth Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the limited mintage of 10,000


60 each

2012 & 2013 50c BUSH BABIES II PLATYPUS, ECHIDNA, POSSUM & KOOKABURRA 1/2oz SILVER PROOFS Official Issue Price AU644, AU329, AT981, AT761

Born Again! The compulsory complement to the stunning Silver Proofs above – especially at the affordable Official Issue Price! – each distinctively Australian Bush Babies II A$ 95 BU coin is set in a card, each and housed within a 2013 $1 BUSH BABIES II delightfully illustrated PLATYPUS, ECHIDNA, official envelope. POSSUM & KOOKABURRA


PNCs Official Issue Price AU763, AU765, AU726, AU5422

tra a lia l i a To li T ll free e 13 1 3 00 00 7 Australia Toll 1300 788 358 11

A new nation’s first stamps Highly sought after, yet surprisingly affordable, the 1913–36 George V Definitive Stamp Collection is arguably the most critical element of Australian philatelics. The foundation stone of Australia’s national heritage, and the heart of every serious collection, this historic set is now A$120 off regular market price! Delayed by debate and red tape, Australia’s first stamp issue did not take place until 12 years after unity had been achieved at Federation in 1901! This procrastination ended in 1913, with the release of the young nation’s ti ’ first non-commemorative Definitive stamp. Bearing a kangaroo, Australia’s first variety was soon joined by the George V Portrait type following its creation by the conservative Government in 1914. From 1913 to 1936, these two designs were issued in a variety of colours and denominations – 39 in all. This complete 39-stamp collection includes a Fine Used example of each Definitive type from the 1/2d to the 5/- from 1913 until 1936. Housed in an attractive album, set in a separate slipcase and protective dustcover, the 14 Kangaroo and 23 George V types are all included. The Engraved 1914 1d and 6d (value A$120) are yours with our compliments! An outstanding collector opportunity, the 1913–36 George V Definitive Stamp Collection is fantastic value-for-money at A$120 off market price.

Comprehensive – includes 39 stamp stamps p ps from 1/2d to 5/- from 1913 to 1936

Quality – each of these scarce stamps ps is in Fine Used condition

Attractive – each set of 39 stamps iss housed in a high-quality album

Informative – each album provides extensive background on the stampss

Affordable – valued at A$615, so you SAVE A$120

SAV E 120!




1913–36 KANGAROO & GEORGE V DEFINITIVES FROM 1/2d TO 5/- Fine Used (39 stamps) AD281 12


A relic from the past with a strong future, the George V 1927–36 Commemorative Stamp Collection is beautifully presented, utterly comprehensive and rising in market value. Seldom seen as a complete set, this is your limited window of opportunity to own one of the most sought after series in Australian philatelics. A sweeping smorgasbord of the final series of George V commemoratives, each set features an example of all 32 stamps issued from 1927 to 1936, united with Australia’s only predecimal mini-sheet! This includes a range of scarce and rare stamps – headlined by the highly sought after 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/-. Now worth around A$2,000 in top grade, this key type has jumped more than A$500 in just the last five years!

An outstanding collection with an array of features… a 

Includes an example of every 1927–36 commemorative – 32 stamps, and 3d kookaburra mini-sheet now valued at A$400 in MUH!

Available in either superb Mint Unhinged or attractive Fine Used condition

Housed within a presentation album, set in a separate slipcase with protective dustcover

The album is complete with background information on the stamps, the designers and more

Rising in market value, and recognised for long-term potential

An important piece of the nation’s early philatelic A$ A$ heritage, we have just two George V 1927–36 1927-36 COMPLETE GEORGE V 1927-36 COMPLETE GEORGE V Commemorative Stamp Collections in Mint COMMEMORATIVE STAMP COMMEMORATIVE STAMP Unhinged quality and seven in Fine Used condition.





Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

Real stained glass Windows of Heaven!

From one of the hottest series on the planet, we are delighted to offer three different Windows of Heaven Silver Proofs – each featuring a GENUINE STAINED GLASS WINDOW set in the flan! Struck from 50g of sterling silver, and set in a case with a Certificate confirming the mintage of 2,000, these coins honour the Church of St Catherine in Bethlehem, Palestine, the Church of

St Fran Francis of Assisi in Poland and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in France. Measuring 50mm, the broad flan of each legal tender coin features a spectacular recreation of the stained glass windows found in each of these revered places of worship. Hold any of these coins up to the light, and the true beauty of the range of colours of the seethrough stained glass window is revealed!


359 each


SAVE A$ 80! A$



Liberty Leading the People! Crafted from a massive THREE TROY OUNCES of .999 silver, and spanning an expansive 55mm, this gargantuan legal tender coin pays homage to leading French romantic artist, Eugène Delacroix (1798-1863) and his renowned depiction of Liberty Leading the People. Distinguished by a vivid reproduction of Delacroix’s famous painting, depicting Parisians taking up arms under the banner of the tricolour representing equality, liberty and fraternity, this prestigious legal tender masterpiece also features genuine Swarovski crystals. The latest in the sought after Masterpieces of Art Series, each coin is set in a lavish case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 1,830.




Last Prefix $2 Note, First Silver $2 Co



An exclusive tribute to a crucial junc ture in the history of Australian currency, with the limited edition set at just 500, this affordable presentation unites Australia ’s last $2 note – carrying the Last Prefix LQG! – with a Silver Proo f version of the nation’s first $2 coin! Like its lower denomination $1 counterpa rt, the $2 note fell victim to inflation, as well as the greater durability and cost-effectiveness of a coin. First seen in 1966, at the dawn of the decimal era, the issue of the last $2 note occurred in 1988, during the Johnston/Frase aserr signature combination. Indicating that the note foun d in this prem mium ium edition pack was among the last to roll off the presses,, each Johnston/Fraser $2 is distinguished by the highly desirable Last Prefix LQG! Like every First and Last Prefifix Australian note, this landmark Australia n currency issuee is scarce in Unc. The perfect complement to the $2 John ston/Fraser Last Prefix LQG, forming the perfect way to mark this momentous change in Australia’s circulating currency, this exclusive presentation also encompa sses the first date of the $2 coin series – crafted from precious metal! Struck by the Royal Australian Mint , and bearing a memorable design uniting an Indigenou s Elder and thee iconic constellation the Southern Cross, the nation’s firstt $2 coin looks absolutely magnificent when crafted to Proo ooff quality from sterling silver. Extremely exclusive, with the limited editio n set at a mere re 500, these crucial ‘last’ and ‘first’ legal tender issue s are beautifully pres pre ente t d within an informative, individually numbere d full-colour 244mm x 174mm pack. 

Exclusive! Tiny worldwide limited edition restricted to a mere 500 sets! Features an Uncirculated exampl e of Australia’s last $2 note – carrying the very last $2 prefix, LQG Includes the first Australian $2 coin – dated 1988 and struck to Pro of quality A$ from sterling silver! $2 LAST NOTE FIRST COIN Presented within an illustrated, PREMIUM EDITION PACK informative, individually numbere d fullAM199 colour pack

13 39 9

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

1933 £1 R28 Riddle/Sheehan VF


695 69


1939 110/1939 0/- R1 0/ R122 Sh Shee Sheehan/ eeha han/ n/ A$ McFarlane Fine

245 24

19938 ££11 R29 1938 R29 Sheehan/ Sheehhan// A$ Sh McFarlane Fine


139 13


The last £1 of George V, this Great Depression Era issue is extremely scarce and hotly pursued in all grades

Issued from 1939 to 1942, this early WWII note was the first, and rarest, 10/- note of the reign of George VI

A crucial Australian WWII-era banknote type – the very first £1 note of King George VI, and the scarcest

Also the first of Australia’s then new ‘Legal Tender’ Series, where banknotes were no longer backed by gold

A unique, important type – the only George VI 10/- type with the signatures in the same colour as the note!

Also only George VI £1 with signatures in same colour as the note, this unique type is a must-have at our price

1953 £1 R33 Coombs/ A$ Wilson Comm Bank Unc 

The very first £1 note of Elizabeth II – and last £1 issued under authority of Commonwealth Bank (1953-61) First issued exactly 60 years ago, this historic predecimal type is offered in pristine Uncirculated condition

1969 $10 Phillips/ Randall Unc 



A$ $



Australia’s third $10 banknote – rarely stashed away at the time of issue, and very scarce in Unc, as here

A$ 19960 ££55 R5 1960 R500 Re Ress Ba Bank nk A$ Consec Pair Unc 


Australia’s last £5 – carries Coombs/Wilson signatures and issued under auspices of Reserve Bank (1960-65) Scarce in Unc, as here, grasp the chance to secure this high denomination note in Consecutive Pair format!

1990 $20 Fraser/ Higgins Unc 

1,985 1 985




One-year type – print-run cut short by death of Secretary to the Treasury, Christopher Higgins, in 1990

1943 ££10 100 R R59 59 A Armitage/ rmit rm iittag age ge/ ee// A$$ McFarlane Fine


A high denomination WWII-era note type and, like all George VI £10 notes, scarce today regardless of the grade

Rarely set aside at time of issue, we have the sought after Armitage/McFarlane £10 in highly collectable Fine

1973 $$50 50 YAA First Prefix aUnc

A$ $

750 75 50


Australia’s very first $50, the scarce 1973 $50 Phillips/ Wheeler is distinguished by the very first prefix, YAA

Scarce, like all First Prefix notes, we have the $50 YAA First Prefix in aUnc – at A$250 below catalogue price! 16


Surprisingly affordable, this note is missing from many collections – especially in superb Unc quality as here  Part of a hoard find, we can offer this premium grade Also Available AS A CONSECUTIVE PAIR UNC Unc note at HALF current catalogue value! SAVE A$95! A$ AS863


19 & 1961 1960 Florin Pair BU Fl A$ A AV027

1943S & 1944S Shilling Pair Unc A$ AR261



The 2nd and 3rd of three 1/dates struck at San Franciscoo Mint as US assisted Australiann WWII coin production

Distinguished by the prominent ‘S’ mintmark of the San Francisco Mint, each sterling silver coin is graded Unc

1993 95 $11 C Mintm 1993-95 Mintmark k Trio Unc


39 3


The first two florin issuess of the 1960s – struck at the Melbourne Mint and in superb, original condition

1985, 1987 & 1988 1c A$ RAM Roll Trio (150 coins)

Cherry-picked from original rolls, each Brilliant Uncirculated coinn is defined by a lovely full mint bloom

1997-99 19 997 99 $11 C Mintmark Mintm k Trio Unc


49 4 9




Trio comprises an official Royal Australian Mint roll of fifty Unc 1c coins from 1985, 1987 and 1988

Top value at 59c a coin, you also get a FREE 1c coin from each year so you don’t have to break open the rolls!

2000 Victoria Cross BU A$



Comprises C Mintmark Landcare $1, Decade $1 and Waltzing Matilda $1 – last two not issued for circulation!

Key ‘not-issued-for-circulation’ types – honouring Charles Kingsford Smith, Howard Florey and The Last Anzacs

Honours centenary of Australia’s first Victoria Cross – not issued for circulation and never found in change!

In original RAM packs of issue, each coin is in Uncirculated condition – great value at just A$13 per coin!

A must-have for a complete $1 collection, each strictly Unc C Mintmark $1 set in the official RAM pack of issue

Key to the $1 series – mintage just 98,809, and rising in value from an issue price of A$5 to over A$300!

VE ! SAA$ 95

1992 $$55 Li 1992 Ligh Light ightt & Da Dark rk Green Serials Unc

A$ $

95 9 5

AT365 AT3 65

1992 119 992 $$55 ‘7 JJuly uly l 19 1992 1992’ 92’’ O/ O/P P Light Green Serials Unc

A$ A

145 AV031

1993 $5 BA93 First Prefix Light Green Serials Unc


275 AV032

Australia’s very first polymer $5 note issue – available as a pair with Dark and RARE Light Green Serials!

A landmark banknote type, each 1992 Fraser/Cole $5 carries official First Day of Issue ‘7 July 1992’ Overprint!

Issued 20 years ago, we have the 1993 BA93 First Prefix $5 in stock – carrying rare Light Green Serials!

Issued under the Fraser/Cole signature combination, and available in flawless, strictly Uncirculated condition

A new discovery, not listed in McDonald’s, each Uncirculated note also carries rare Light Green serials!

Three times as rare as the Dark Green Serials issue, this key Fraser/Evans $5 type is seldom offered in Unc

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A splendid selection of The legendary Unicorn… T al coin in the Mythological Struck from 1oz of .999 silver, the 2nd S to te tribu ue uniq a s form s Serie f Creatures Silver Proo e uni orn – the mythological white hors the unic lling spira , long the distinnguished by horn growing from its forehead. Whilst obviously notable for the stunning Wh full-colour portrayal of this legendary onefull 2013 horned beast, the hor Unicorn 1oz Silver Proof $1 U 95 A$ is as exclusive as it is eyecatchiing. Set within a case TUVALU 2013 $1 MYTHICALL CREATURES UNICORN numbered Certificate of with a nu 1oz SILVER PROOF Perth ss awle fl this ity, Authentic Official Issue Price strucckk 40.60mm Silver Proof Mint-stru AU670 has a mintage of just 5,000!


FIRST in the series!

l A spellbinding work of precious meta Perth all of ity qual the of al typic minting, ical Mint full-colour coins, the 2013 $1 Myth has f Proo r Silve 1oz n Griffi s Creature been predictably popular with collectors worldwide. The first issue in the Perth Mint-struck Mythical Creatures Silver Proof Series, crafted to the height of Proof quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver, we have just a few ation 40.60mm diameter coins from our alloc remaining in stock – each set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the worldwide mintage of 5,000.


A FANTASTIC PRESENTATION… i on ins A fine complement to any of the coins e se relea dable pages, this affor these t urs nine of the world’s bestt honours wnn mythical creatures, know cludding the phoenix, inclu inc unicorn, dragon, griffin uunic and more. Limited to mintage of 4,000, am tthe nine 30.60mm Australian legal tender AAus all oinn are set in an official coins cco aackk, united with a pack pa y,, rt ficate of Authenticity, Certi Cert C a ddouble-sided poster, n ni colour stickers and a mini col magnifying glass! ma


A$ A


SAVE A$20! A$



99 95

S YOUNG COLLECTORS 2011 $1 YO ICAL CREATURES MYTHIC COLLECTION (9) AS825 down wnie nie ies ies ww.fa fa ace ce 18


Rising from the ashes… TThe third issue in the Mythical Creature s Series, this spectacular nnew full-colour .999 1oz Silver Proof pays homage to the Phoenix – tthe mythical bird that rises from the ashes following reincarnation tthrough fire.

Bearing a blazing full-colour design depic B ting the phoenix rising sing from the flames, each 40.60mm Perth Mint fr -struck $1 legal tender coin is beautifully presented withi te n a case, united withh a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of just 5,000. A$ A 95 A portion of the proceeds from the TTUVALU 2013 $1 MYTHICAL sale of this coin will go to UNICEF CREATURES PHOENIX Australia, with a total of A$25,000 1oz SILVER PROOF to be donated over the course of the Official Issue Price Mythical Creatures Series. AU934


SA S AVE A$20! A$

Finished in gold!



Comprising six unique rectangular 45m C m x 26mm legal ttender coin types – each finished in genu ine gold! – this eeye-catching collection represents exce llent valuefor-money at just A$16.66 per coin. The fo pperfect complement to any of the coins oon these pages, buy the 2013 25 Shillings Mythical Creatures Gold-plated Rectangu M larr BU Set and the new Perth Mint-struck B 22013 $1 Mythical Creatures Phoenix 1oz Silver Proof above and SAVE A$20! 1o


99 95


30 00 07 88 3 88 58 8 Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19

The romance of Venice… A spec spectacular union of blazing full-colour and sumptuous selective gold-plating, this exclusive Silver Proof forms a unique, eye-catching tribute to one of the world’s most exclus famous, most romantic cities – Venice. famo A ccaptivating concept, sure to appeal to collectors and romantics alike, this impressive legal ten tender $1 coin is crafted to flawless Proof quality from 20g of .999 fine silver. Measuring 338.60mm,, the crown-sized frame forms the perfect venue for the full-colour, goldreverse design – celebrating the waterways, gondolas, Carnevale and plated reve architecture for which the metropolis of Venice is so well known. An official architec legal tender issue of the Cook Islands, the obverse is distinguished by the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Ian  An exotic addition to any coin collection, and an enchanting acquisition for anyone an with a connection to the City of Canals, wit this spectacular full-colour coin is also very exclusive. The mintage has been restricted to exc mere 5,000! We have only a small number of a me coins in stock – each set within a plush case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity. a numbere




Headlined by Stuart Devlin’s 22.50mm Belfast £1, Cardiff £1 and Edinburgh £1, these Royal Mail tributes to the capital A$ 50 each cities of Northern Ireland, Wales GB 2010 £1 BELFAST & and Scotland are set in illustrated, 2011 £1 CARDIFF & informative, individually numbered EDINBURGH PNCs covers. Just 10,000 of each PNC AU833, AU834, AU835 issued!

The consummate complement to the Venice Silver Proof, we also have a few of the 2012 $10 Cities at Night Paris Silver Proofs in stock! Struck from 1oz .999 silver, and measuring 53mm x 36mm, each legal tender $10 is set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 3,500.









Celebrating the eleven different Doct ors to appear in the show since first aired in 1963 – as well as the Doct or’s most lethal, most well kknown foes – the Royal Mail’s official Doctor Who 50th Anniversary FFirst Day Covers represent terrific valu e-for-money. TThe Classic Doctors FDC features eight stamps depicting the first eight Doctors to appear in the show, whilst the D Modern Doctors FDC includes tthree stamps portraying the most recent th actors to play this cherished British TTV role. The ideal complement, the Doct or Who Minisheet FDC iss highlighted by a 5-stamp minisheet hono uring the Cybermen, the Ood, the Daleks and the C Weeping Angels, a well as the Doct as ctor or’ss time machine, thee TARDIS.

The ultimate tribute to the 50th anniversary of the BBC’s legendary sci-fi TV series, this impressive, affordable, official presentation from the Royal Mail is a must-have for every Doctor Who fan. The most comprehensive philatelic 50th anniversary celebration, the Doctor Who Stamp Presentation Pack includes all ELEVEN Doctor Who stamps PLUS a special 5-stamp minisheet honouring the TARDIS as well as four of the Doctor’s evil enemies – the Cybermen, the Ood, the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. Top value at A$29.95, this fantastic philatelic feast is set in a An absolutely fantastic gift for highly informative, superbly the Doctor Who fanatic, this designed Royal Mail folder. ceramic moneybox recreates one of the most iconic elements A$ 95 of the celebrated TV series – the Doctor’s physics-defying GB 2013 DOCTOR WHO time machine, the TARDIS. STAMP PRESENTATION PACK K Measuring approximately AU636 150mm x 75mm x 75mm, and set in a presentation box, this impressive piece of memorabilia is a bargain at A$34.50.




Your own TARDIS!

A$ $

19 1 995



A$ A$


DOCTOR WHO TARDIS MONEYBOX AU694 Doctor Who logo © 2012 & ™ BBC. Licensed by BBC WW Ltd.

34 3 450



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Precious metal perfection!

Australia’s native icons… Individually serial-numbered, that Certificate confirms the limited availability of this striking presentation. Just 5,000 sets have been issued worldwide! With demand for such An official Australian legal tender issue, this eye-catching a quintessentially Australian coin collection sure to be set comprises three coins – each crafted to the height of huge – both at home and overseas – our allocation has Specimen Sp quality from 1/2oz of .999 fine silver. Carrying been strictly limited.  Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere a unique, one-year-only design, the near crownu sized 5,000 collections siz 36.60mm flan of each coin has been precisely embellished with full-colour, with  Comprises three 36.60mm .999 fine silver the koala, kkookaburra and kangaroo 1/2oz Specimen coins shimmering beautifully in contrast to  Official Australian legal tender – superbly vibrant full-colour backdrops. the vibran enhanced with colour! setting for this handsome A fine se new pprecious metal presentation,  Set within an official case with a each set is housed within eac numbered Certificate of Authenticity the plush confines of an  Excellent value-for-money at the Mint’s official case, complete with a affordable Official Issue Price! Certificcate of Authenticity.

A stunning tribute to Australia’s key native icons, the 2013 50c Australian Outback 1/2oz Silver BU Trio has just been launched by the Perth Mint!




Extremely scarce…

First Jubilee Sovereign

Among the lowest mintage dates of Austr Am alia’s Queen Victoria 1871-87 Young Head Sove Qu reign Series, with the Sydney Mint’s combined Se 1879 St George and Shield Sovereign issue conc luding at just over 1.3m coins, the 1879S St Geor ge Sovereign is extremely scarce today. So Also Als notable as one of the highest cataloguin g dates dat of the 1871-87 Young Head St Geor da ge series, and annd naturally hotly pursued by sovereign collectors acros ac s the globe, we have a few examples of this unde un niably important Sydney Mint issue remaining in stock – with each historic, 134-year-old, 22-carat gold coin A$ available in strong Very Fine 1879S YOUNG HEAD condition. SOVEREIGN VF

The Th first date of a short-lived series, this key Sydn Sy ey Mint issue is among Australia’s most hotly purs pu ued Queen Victoria 1887-93 Jubilee Gold Sove So reigns. In part driven by the ‘first-of-its-kind’ statu s, dem de and for the 1887S Sovereign is also due to the scarcity of the date. The lowest mint age Sydn Sy ey Jubilee issue, and 2nd lowest mint age Jubil Juu ee date overall, the 1887S had a mint age of jjust one million! Featuring the memorab le, if cont co roversial portrait by Sir Jeremy Boeh m, and amo am ng the highest cataloguing dates of the 7-year serie se s, we have just jus a few Fine to A$ Very Ver Fine 1887S 1887S JUBILEE HEAD Jubil Jub ee Sovereigns SOVEREIGN F-VF avail ava able.




BUY ALL 4 & SAVE A$240!

Sharply detailed…



Gene Ge rally, the very last Australian sove so reigns of Queen Victoria are defined by grea gr t historical importance and undeniabl e beauty. Spec Sp ifically, the dazzling Queen Victoria 1896M Sove So reigns before you are defined by fault less Unci Un rculated condition. As good as the day they were struck at the Melb Me ourne Mint, some 117 years ago, these M exqu exxq isite 22-carat gold coins are all in stric tly Mint Min state quality. Increasingly scarce in such a spell sp binding state of preservation, each sovereign is underpinned by an alluring full mint mi bloom, and A$ shar sh ply detailed 1896M VEILED HEAD desig de ns. Just a SOVEREIGN UNC few left in stock!



Rare BU quality! A sensational opportunity for our clients, we also have a tiny number of the Queen Victoria ha 1896M Sovereign remaining in stock – each in So lustrous, detailed, strictly Brilliant Uncirculated cond de ition! The final sovereign type issued during the Th record-breaking reign of Queen Victoria, re the Veiled Head Sovereign is considered to Ve be one of the Empire’s most beautiful coins. Distingui shed byy the last portrait of Queen Victoria, crea ted byy Sir Thomas Brock, as well as the time less beauty of Pistrucci’s St George & the Drag be on reverse, these designs look superb when re found on 22-carat gold sovereigns in the so A$ upper echelons of up 1899M VEILED HEAD quality as here. qu





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A gripping work of numismatic art… STRUCK BY THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN MINT! Arguably the most enthralling work of numismatic art ever to adorn a New Zealand A coin, the 2013 Maori Art Series represents a powerful insight into the rich indigenous co culture of the Land of the Long White Cloud – and a collector release of the utmost cu beauty, quality and intrigue. be The third issue in the extremely popular Maori Art Series, struck by the Royal Australian Mint, the 201 2013 release celebrates the koru – a pattern based on the unfurling silver fern frond that is integral Maori art and culture. The koru is depicted on the reverse of both the .9999 1oz Gold Proof to M and tthe .999 1oz Silver Proof, but it is the depiction of the Maori God of the Forest, Tane Mahuta, dominates. Struck to the Royal Australian Mint’s most immaculate Proof quality, this gripping, that do somewhat sinister reverse motif looks absolutely magnificent in both glorious gold and stunning silver. somewha


129 9

NZ 2013 $1 MAORI ART RT KORA 1oz SILVER PROOF AU939 An affordable opportunity to experience this gripping work of numismatic artistry – depicting the Maori God of the Forest, Tane Mahuta – the 40mm diameter, Royal Australian Mint-struck 2013 $1 Maori Art 1oz Silver Proof is taken from a mintage of just 2,000

The 2013 $$10 Maori Art 1oz Gold Proof – struck from ppure .9999 ggold,, official case with a numberedd Certificate of and set in aan of Authenticity Authentic ity – instantly caught the eye of gold collectors worldwide. worldw wide Indeed, the entire mintage of 250 already been wiped out! Limited to has aalrea mintage of just 2,000, and also am beautifully presented in an official be case with a numbered Certificate of cas Authenticity, the 40mm diameter Au 2013 $1 Maori Art 1oz Silver 201 Proof provides the chance for all Proo collectors to enjoy this dramatic collec piece of numismatic creativity. which coin No matter wh oin sparks k your iinterest, t t you will have ave to move like lightning. Our meagre gre allocation of the Gold Proof is just st 10 coins, with a mere 100 of the Silver Proof in stock. With both breathtaking legal tender coins set to sell out at super speed, we must recommend immediate action. Struck to Royal Australian Mint Proof quality from a full troy ounce of .9999 fine gold, and set in a richly symbolic, NZ 2013 $10 MAORI ART KORA hand-carved timber case, this 1oz GOLD PROOF prestigious 38.74mm diameter coin has a AU940 mintage of 250 – already SOLD OUT!

A$ A$

3 ,29 3,295 24

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July 2013 Money  

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