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May 2013

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Remarkable Reptiles SH161 Tuvalu 2013 $1 Remarkable Reptiles – Frilled Neck Lizard 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 AU431 2013 $2 0.5g Frilled Neck Lizard Gold Proof $79.95 Stamps in Gold! KC937 1913 First Australian Stamps Gold Replica Set w/FREE Original Stamps in Pack $175.00 SH138 First Australian Stamps Pack – 1913 Red Penny KGV and Kangaroo $14.95 May Money 2013 Page 1 Sydney Mint Sovereign – reborn! AU727 2013 $25 Sovereign Gold Proof $650.00 AL103 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type I gVF $8,950.00 AQ846 1856 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type I gVF $8,450.00 AK173 1855 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type I VF $5,950.00 AL105 1856 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type I good Fine to about VF $6,500.00 AK308 1856 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type I VF $5,500.00 Page 2 Classic Car Commemoratives SH131 2013 Kidney Kar Rally Al-Br Medallion $9.95 AT989 2013 50c 50 Years Of Racing At Bathurst Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 SH139 Niue 2012 $1 First Car Across Australia Silver Proof $99.00 Page 3 Outback Kangaroos! AU696 2013 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof $109.00 AT730 2012 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof $129.00 Page 4 Hot Aussie Birds! AU728 2013 Birds Of Australia Rainbow Lorikeet 1/2oz Silver Proof $62.00 AU669 Christmas Island Booby Bird Stamp Pair $4.95 AU729 2013 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $102.00 Page 5 The Road to Federation SH121 Road To Federation Gold-plated Halfpenny Collection $99.00 Pages 6 & 7 New from the Perth Mint AU733 Tuvalu 2013 50c Forest Babies – Brown Bear 1/2oz Silver Proof $59.00 AU731 Tuvalu 2013 50c Forest Babies – Grey Wolf 1/2oz Silver Proof $59.00 AU732 Tuvalu 2013 50c Forest Babies – Red Squirrel 1/2oz Silver Proof $59.00 AU734 Tuvalu 2013 50c Forest Babies 1/2oz Silver Proof Trio save A$11 $166.00 AU730 2013 $1 Treasures Of the World – Europe Garnet 1oz Silver Proof $125.00 AS119 2011 $1 Treasures Of Australia Pearl 1oz Silver Proof $249.00 Page 8 Hot Holey Dollars! AU688 2013 $1 ANDA Show S Holey Dollar Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $7.95 AU607 2013 Holey Dollar & Dump 3 Coin Silver Proof Set $220.00 sh176 1813 NSW Holey Dollar & Dump Replica $9.95 sh175 Proclamation Spanish-American Pillar Dollar Replica $9.95 AU337 2013 Holey Dollar & Dump 1oz Silver Proof Pair $115.00 AU344 2013 $1 Bicentenary Holey Dollar Silver Proof $55.00 AU430 2013 $1 Bicentenary Holey Dollar & Dump Mintmark & Privymark Set Al-Br BU (4) $22.50 Page 9 Official Legacy Tribute SH160 Legacy 90th Anniversary 1/2oz Silver Proof & Medallion Pair $90.00 Pages 10 & 11 Complete 1966-84 Collection AT769 1966-84 Complete Decimal Coin Collection Unc (114 coins) save a$107 $1,425.00 AT770 1966-84 1c & 2c Complete Machin Portrait Coin Set Unc (38 Coins) $269.00 AT771 1966-84 5c & 10c Complete Machin Portrait Coin Set Unc (38 coins) $268.00 Subtotal Column One



Qty A$ Price


1966-84 20c & 50c Complete Machin Portrait Coin Set Unc (37 coins) $995.00 Page 12 Volcanoes! AU717 Fiji 2013 $10 Volcanoes – Mt St Helens Silver Proof $129.00 AR684 Iceland 2010 Volcanic Ash Stamp Trio MUH $14.95 Page 13 JFK 50th Anniversary AU510 USA JFK 50th Anniversary Set $19.95 au792 Samoa 2013 $10 JFK Minted Micro-text Silver Proof $109.00 au791 Samoa 2013 $5 JFK Pop Art Silver Proof $99.95 AU301 USA 1964 Half Dollar Kennedy Silver BU $28.95 Pages 14 & 15 CIT – Innovation & Inspiration! AU585 Andorra 2013 5 Diners Swallowtail Butterfly 3D Colour Silver Proof $125.00 AU589 Mongolia 2013 500 Togrog Mongolian Nature – Crying Wolf 1/2oz Silver BU $125.00 AU584 Cook Islands 2013 $10 Nano Space Colour 50g Silver Proof $299.00 Page 16 Australia’s precious native icons… SH162 2013 Australian Animals 1oz Gold & Silver Specimen Set $1,995.00 Order Form AU511 China 1 Yuan Snake Charmer Colour Unc $6.95 AU716 Canada 2013 $10 O Canada – Mounted Police 1/2oz Silver Proof $69.00 AU620 Canada 2013 $10 O Canada – Inukshuk 1/2oz Silver Proof $69.00 AU621 Canada 2013 $10 O Canada – Beaver 1/2oz Silver Proof $69.00 AU735 2013 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset 1/5oz Silver Proof $65.00 AU736 2013 20c & 50c Centenary Of Australian Banknotes Cu-Ni Unc Trio $30.00 AU737 2013 50c 100th Anniversary Of Commonwealth Stamps Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 Also available from the Perth Mint in May: AU738 2013 $25 FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014™ 1/4oz Gold Proof $695.00 AT772

Subtotal Column Two


Utterly Charming! A light-hearted tribute to the Year of the Snake, highlighted a delightful vintage-style reverse design, this brightly coloured, official 1 Yuan legal tender issue from the Peoples Republic of China represents sensational value-for-money at our special price. A must-have at a mere A$6.95 apiece, each 24.90mm nickel-plated steel 1 Yuan coin is taken from a surprisingly small limited edition of just 5,000. With this unique, distinctive Year of the Snake commemorative proving A$ 95 extremely popular, we have a mere fifty examples of the China 1 yuan Snake China 1 Yuan Snake Charmer Charmer colour unc Colour Unc in stock!



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The Mounties! In pure .9999 silver! A stand-alone product of flawless quality, impeccable purity and strictly limited availability, the Royal Canadian Mint has just launched the third coin in the 2013 O Canada Silver Proof Program! Celebrating one of Canada’s most iconic institutions – the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, or the Mounties – this stunning Silver Proof is sure to be as sought after as its predecessors in the series.


Dominated by a portrayal of a Mountie on horseback, this new release is struck to the most immaculate of Proof quality from 1/2oz of .9999 fine silver. Honouring such a world-renowned symbol of Canada, there is no doubt that this impressive legal tender issue will be highly sought after in its own right. Indeed, 96% of the mintage has already sold! With the 2013 O Canada Silver Proof Program met with thunderous demand both at home and abroad, and this coin essential to those determined to piece together the entire 12-coin set, we are fortunate that our status as official Mint distributor has ensured we receive an allocation of 75 coins.

69 each

canada 2013 $10 o canada – mounted police 1/2oz silver proof au716 canada 2013 $10 o canada – inukshuk 1/2oz silver proof au620 canada 2013 $10 o canada – beaver 1/2oz silver proof au621

As with the Beaver (95% of mintage sold) and Inuksuk (completely sold out!), the 2013 $10 Mounted Police 1/2oz Silver Proof is…

Also Available Inukshuk Beaver


struck to the Royal Canadian Mint’s most rigorous Proof quality


comprised of 1/2oz of .9999 fine silver, and measures 34mm


official Canadian legal tender – and part of a mintage of 40,000


set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

New 2013 ‘Roo at Sunset $1! Tremendous value-for-money, with the Official Issue Price set at just A$65, the Royal Australian Mint’s sparkling new 2013 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset Silver Proof represents the most affordable way for collectors to enjoy what is arguably the most impressive coin design to emerge from Australia in the modern era. The key to the astonishing ongoing demand for the few Kangaroo at Sunset coins that have been released by the RAM thus far, this spellbinding reverse design captures the essence of the great Australian Outback with a skilful blend of detail and perspective. Internationally acclaimed, with the design nominated for a Coin of the Year award by US numismatic publishing giants, Krause, the Mint’s inspired decision to employ the motif for a silver coin has given a broader band of collectors the opportunity to experience the Kangaroo at Sunset design firsthand. The success of its predecessors confirms that it is an opportunity that collectors have found impossible to resist. Struck to the Royal Australian Mint’s most rigorous quality from .999 fine silver, and the ideal complement to the Outback Kangaroo Silver Proofs on p3 of your May Money Magazine, this sparkling precious metal Proof is sure to be as popular as its predecessors.



2013 $1 kangaroo at sunset 1/5oz silver proof au735 Official Issue Price


Struck to immaculate Proof quality from 1/5oz of pure, prestigious .999 silver


Distinguished by the brilliant Kangaroo at Sunset motif


Official Australian legal tender – measures 21.69mm in diameter


Beautifully presented in an official RAM case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity


Available at the RAM’s affordable Official Issue Price!

Not issued for circulation! Issued by the Royal Australian Mint to mark one of the most important numismatic landmarks of the year, this impressive and eminently affordable release pays homage to the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first national banknotes – unveiled in 1913. Celebrating the history of Australian banknote production with the power of modern minting, the 2013 20c & 50c Centenary of Australian Banknotes Cu-Ni Unc Trio features two superbly designed 20c coins depicting the vignettes from Australia’s first Ten Shillings and £1 banknote issues – unveiled in 1913. Distinguished by the vignette found upon the nation’s first £5 note, the 50c forms the perfect complement to the unique, one-year-only 20c coins. Each coin is beautifully presented within an individual, highly informative card, with all three coins united within a handsome, official outer pack. Importantly for all serious decimal collectors, none of the three coins will be issued for circulation, and will never be found in change. A must-have for a complete decimal collection, secure your piece of Australian numismatic history at the Royal Australian Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price.



2013 20c & 50c centenary of australian banknotes CU-NI Unc trio au736 Official Issue Price

Stunning Design! A unique, one-year-only Australian legal tender type, celebrating the beginning of Australia’s first national stamp series, we are delighted to present the 2013 50c 100th Anniversary of Commonwealth Stamps Cu-Ni Unc! Distinguished by what is arguably the finest 50c design produced by the Royal Australian Mint in many a long year, the 2013 50c 100th Anniversary of Commonwealth Stamps Cu-Ni Unc features a stylistic representation of Australia’s very first postage stamp – the kangaroo penny red from 1913. Beautifully presented within an entirely fitting official pack, completed in a style highly reminiscent of that original pre-WWI postage stamp, this new release from the Royal Australian Mint is more than just an eye-catching tribute to one of the most important moments in Australian philatelic history.



2013 50c 100th anniversary of commonwealth stamps CU-NI Unc au737 Official Issue Price

Why? Because, crucially for serious collectors, this superbly designed coin will not be issued for circulation and will never be found in change! A must-have for a complete decimal or 50c commemorative collection, this historic coin is well within the reach of all Australians at the Royal Australian Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price of just A$9. ®®

Official unique tribute to the centenary of Australia’s very first postage stamp


Struck to flawless Uncirculated standard from cupro-nickel


Beautifully presented within an official Royal Australian Mint pack


Not to be issued for circulation and therefore never found in change!


An absolute bargain at the Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price!


Official unique tribute to the centenary of Australia’s very first banknotes


Each coin struck to rigorous Uncirculated standard from cupro-nickel


Each coin set within a highly informative card, with the trio presented within an official RAM pack


None of these coins will be issued for circulation – never found in change!


Within the reach of all collectors at the RAM’s affordable Official Issue Price!

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