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Mid April 2013

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Help Aussie kids!

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Proceeds donated to

Kidney Health Australia’s national kids campS! A fantastic opportunity to obtain an exclusive Perth Mint-struck full-colour medallion, the new 2013 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion also gives you the chance to help Aussie kids living with kidney disease. All proceeds from the sale of the medallion will be donated to the National Kidney Kids Camps run by Kidney Health Australia! Kidney Health Australia strives to help improve the quality of life of the many Australian children suffering Kidney Disease, with the National Kidney Kids Camps program central to its efforts. Providing a sense of adventure, and building the confidence of children with Kidney Disease through recreational activities, the 5-day National Kidney Kids Camps are held on an 18-month rotational basis in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. Each National Kidney Kids Camp has been a tremendous success, and Kidney Health Australia is naturally dedicated to the continued implementation of the program – but they can’t do it alone. The program is largely made possible through the substantial fundraising created by the annual Kidney Kar Rally – an event in which Ken and Kathryn Downie have proudly participated for the last few years. With the launch of the eye-catching full-colour 2013 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion, you have the chance to play a key role in this eminently worthy cause. Created by Downies, along with the generous assistance of Macquarie Mint, The Perth Mint and Print Graphics, this exclusive 39.34mm aluminium-bronze medallion features both the official logo and mascot of this important foundation – in glorious full-colour! Set within an attractive card, all proceeds from the retail price of A$9.95 of this medallion will be directly donated to Kidney Health Australia. ®® Exclusive limited edition medallion – just 1,000 issued! ®® Struck by Australia’s precious metal specialists, The Perth Mint ®® All proceeds donated to Kidney Health Australia! ®® Each 39.34mm full-colour medallion set in an attractive A$ 95 card



w e n

Sell-out imminent! nies will be in a position Unquestionably the last time Dow ely popular Deadly & hug the in ion edit st to offer the late 3 $1 Yellow-bellied 201 in Dangerous Series, the 5,000-co p of a complete cus the on is of Pro er Silv Sea Snake 1oz d. rise sell-out. No one should be surp lly Australian theme, With demand driven by the powerfu the magnificent and igns des ur the splendid full-colo previous coins in this the of h eac lity, qua f Proo t Perth Min ram has sold out prog ctor colle d internationally renowne in secondary ntly ifica at super-speed, with all rising sign is obviously $1 er Spid k -bac Red 6 market value. The 200 market the with es, seri the most notable success of the at White Gre 7 200 the but , ,200 A$1 value at approximately e at trad both $1 ile cod Shark $1 and 2008 Saltwater Cro opus $1 Oct ed -ring Blue 0 201 ular ctac A$200+, with the spe than A$400! seen on the open market at more f standard from a troy Struck to rigorous Perth Mint Proo ng a crown-sized suri mea ounce of .999 fine silver, and n of when, and stio que a only is it , eter diam 40.60mm in sold out. At is coin er tend l not if, this outstanding lega available – s coin few a had still we ing, the time of writ numbered a with case er each set in a high-gloss timb but – city enti Auth Certificate of A$ you would be unwise to delay your order. Tuvalu 2013 $1 Deadly & Dangerous Act now, and guarantee supply – yellow-bellied Sea Snake of the Deadly & Dangerous 1oz silver Proof Sea d ellie 2013 $1 Yellow-b ial Issue Price Offic Snake 1oz Silver Proof at the SH074 affordable Official Issue Price!

2013 $1

Kangaroo in Outback Silver Proof! Tiny numbers available in Australia!


Limited edition 5,000!

Spine chilling stamps

Struck for the Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection, each .999 fine Silver Proof carries a special F15 Privymark upon its broad 40mm diameter flan

Proving extremely popular, as with all official Australian few examples of the Perth Show Products, we have only a ey Fair Year of the Snake Mint’s 2013 $1 Berlin World Mon Measuring a whopping k. 1oz Colour Silver BU left in stoc silver Australian .999 1oz h eac , eter 45.60mm in diam with a numbered case ial offic legal tender coin is set in an in a distinctive Berlin Certificate of Authenticity, housed . World Money Fair outer box

t lethal creatures, this Celebrating six of Australia’s mos s the consummate form et ishe official Australia Post min from the Deadly & complement to any of the coins es. Dangerous Silver Proof Seri minisheet is highlighted Issued in 2006, this unique 6-stamp p, as well as stam $1 ke Sna Sea d by the Yellow-bellie the Saltwater rk, Sha te stamps honouring the Great Whi Crocodile, the Box Jellyfish, the 50 Blue-ringed Octopus and the A$ at Eastern Brown Snake. Available h eac , 6.50 A$1 le 2006 Dangerous rdab affo t a mos Australians Minisheet official Australia Post minisheet is n. MUH in pristine Mint Unhinged conditio






AU695 2

A brand new, unique Australian legal tender coin from the Royal Australian Mint, it is with great delight that we can now reveal the stunning 2013 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof to the Australian collector community! Created specifically in response to an international order, and not to be offered by the RAM to Australian collectors, the 2013 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof is an eye-catching illustration of the beauty and originality of the RAM’s precious metal coinage. A natural progression from the 2012 Outback Kangaroo release, but bearing a unique design, this new Australian legal tender issue forms a vibrant celebration of Australia’s primary native icon. An imposing crown-sized coin, crafted to Proof quality from 1oz of pure .999 silver, the 40mm flan is distinguished by a bold, muscular design of the kangaroo bounding across the Aussie Outback. Enhancing the powerful sense of movement that makes the 2013 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof so captivating, the kangaroo’s shadow has been cleverly incorporated into the design, with a windmill depicted in the background. Despite the obvious appeal to Australian collectors, the entire mintage of 5,000 was instantly dispatched overseas to become part of the 2013 Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection. Knowing that the RAM was not intending to offer this coin in Australia, we took advantage of our international contacts and can now offer this powerful precious metal tribute in Australia. With only a small number of coins in stock – each set in an official RAM case with an official RAM Certificate of Authenticity – and knowing that so many of our clients will be desperate to own such a quintessentially Australian release, we must advise immediate action. ®® Exclusive, with the worldwide mintage set at just 5,000 ®® Entire mintage whipped overseas – not available at the RAM! A$ ®® Struck to the RAM’s Proof quality from 1oz .999 fine silver 2013 $1 ®® Beautifully presented within an official RAM case Kangaroo in Outback 1oz Silver Proof ®® Accompanied by an official RAM Certificate of AU696 Authenticity

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 3

Triangular Triumph!

The Platypus 20c stunning in gold… If you only own one Royal Australian Mint Proof Set, this has to be it. Highlighted by the very first Platypus 20c coin finished in the world’s favourite precious metal, and featuring the 5c, 10c, 50c, $1 and $2 in breathtaking Proof quality, this popular collection is a triumph of the minter’s art. The strong demand for the 2013 Proof Set is in no doubt partly due to the traditional qualities of the series. Australia’s primary numismatic archive, the powerful combination of exquisite Proof quality,



2013 Proof Set w/Free Platypus booklet Official Issue Price KC968

First 20c

Australian legal tender status and colourful, official presentation packaging means that the RAM’s annual Proof Set is always popular. Crucially, interest in this particular set has been heightened significantly by the presence of the unprecedented 20c type. With Australia’s first selectively gold-plated 20c catching the eye of collectors across the globe, there seems little doubt that the 2013 Proof Set will be among the most sought issues of the 1966-2013 series – in both the short and the longterm. Secure your piece of Australian numismatic history at the Official Issue Price!



2013 $5 Parliament House Triangular Silver Proof Official Issue Price AU605

Not issued for circulation! A one-year-only type from the Royal Australian Mint, this new Australian legal tender 20c forms an affordable celebration of the 25th anniversary of the opening of Parliament House in Canberra in 1988. Featuring a fine depiction of the current Parliament House, with Australia’s original Parliament House in Canberra skillfully integrated into the design, this coin is more than just an eye-catching tribute to one of Australia’s most important institutions. Not to be issued for circulation and therefore never found in change, the 2013 20c Australian Parliament House 25th Anniversary Unc is a crucial acquisition for the many thousands of decimal enthusiasts desperate to A$ preserve a complete collection! 2013 20c Parliament House Presented within an official RAM pack, the 25th anniversary Unc Official Issue Price of just A$8 means that no Official Issue Price collection need be without this unique Australian AU606 legal tender type.

Unique types!

in colour!

Available in Proof and Uncirculated quality, the RAM’s 2013 2-Coin Sets form a fitting tribute to the contribution of the mining industry to Australia’s economic progress – and a compulsory acquisition for traditional decimal collectors. Why? Because, not to be issued for circulation, and not found in the 2013 Mint & Proof Sets, this is the only way you can secure the unique, oneyear-only $1 and 20c mining commemoratives! Beautifully presented within official RAM packs, and great value at Official Issue Price, these 2-coin sets are a must-have for those keen on preserving a complete collection.

Headlined by Australia’s first ever fullcolour 20c, the Royal Australian Mint’s 2013 Mint Set is a groundbreaking work of modern minting. With the RAM breathing new life into Stuart Devlin’s iconic platypus motif – first seen at the dawn of the decimal era in 1966 – it is no surprise that this key annual Australian legal tender issue has sparked such fervent demand. Complete with a FREE, superbly A$ 50 illustrated platypus booklet – as with 2013 mint Set the Proof Set above – don’t miss the opportunity to secure this groundbreaking w/Free Platypus booklet Official Issue Price 6-coin (5c-$2) collection at the RAM’s KC967 affordable Official Issue Price.






2013 MINING TWO-COIN PROOF SET Official Issue Price AU001


2013 MINING TWO-COIN UNC SET Official Issue Price AU000 4

Instantly catching the eye of collectors across the globe, Australia’s very first triangular legal tender issue has proved an unbounded success for the Royal Australian Mint. From Tocumwal to Timbuktu, everyone wants this pioneering precious metal Proof! The fervent demand for Australia’s first 3-sided release will come as no shock to our clients. Crafted to immaculate Proof standard from 22.23g of pure .999 silver, this 33.90mm Australian legal tender coin is simply a must-have for anyone looking to add ‘that something different’ to his or her collection. Above and beyond the originality of the format, the demand for this unique tribute to the 25th anniversary of Australia’s Parliament House must also be attributed to the quality of the design, and the absolutely stunning Proof strike. A masterpiece of detail and perspective, the design of Parliament House is perfectly accommodated – and indeed, enhanced – by the triangular nature of the flan. The actual strike is utterly magnificent – a glorious synthesis of sharp detail and precisely frosted surfaces. Powerful evidence of the expertise of their craftsmen, and to the time, care and effort put into the production of every coin they create, the RAM has accomplished the unprecedented feat of striking a triangular coin with aplomb. A spellbinding example of the power and adaptability of modern minting, the mintage of the 2013 $5 Parliament House Triangular Silver Proof has been set at 10,000 coins – each presented within a RAM case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

The Original! The importance of Australia’s seat of Government is such that the nation’s very first commemorative coin was devoted to the launch of the original Parliament House in Canberra – opened in 1927. Distinguished by what is arguably Australia’s most beautiful reverse design, and featuring the unique George V obverse created by Australian Sir Edgar Mackennal, the 1927 Canberra Florin was struck at the Melbourne Mint, with the tiny mintage closed at two million. The perfect partner for either of the two new Royal Australian A$ 95 Mint coins offered above, we have this 1927 FLORIN CANBERRA F-VF unique, one-year-only type in Fine to Very In Pack Fine condition – housed within a superbly sh172 designed new pack!


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 5

Super stamps celebration! The Australia 2013 World Stamp Expo! To commemorate the centenary of the issue of Australia’s first national postage stamp, Australia is to host the world’s leading philatelic festival – the 2013 FIP International Stamp Exhibition.

Exhibition Buildings from 10 to 15 May 2013, this collectable extravaganza is THE major highlight of the 2013 philatelic calendar. Sure to draw the eyes of the global collector community upon Australia, the exhibition will see key industry figures descend on Melbourne – including Britain’s Royal Mail, Deutsche Post, the Perth Mint, and Downies of course!

To be held under the auspices of the Federation Internationale de Philatelie at Melbourne’s Royal

A truly international event, with stand holders representing 31 countries from all six populated continents, the Australia 2013 FIP International Stamp Exhibition will encompass nearly 90 trade stands, operated by local and international stamp and coin dealers, auctioneers, postal administrators, mints and other philatelic organisations.

HUGE 24-carat gold stamps!

There will be plenty to see and do, including the latest World Stamp Expo issues and products, innovations in stamp design and production, free appraisals and much, much more. Along with our traditionally broad range of material, we will also have an array of official Royal Mail numismatic/ philatelic issues available – some never before offered in this country!

Stamp of quality in silver!

Mintage just 4,000!

Marking the centenary of Australia’s first national philatelic system, this breathtaking set comprises massive versions of the nation’s first stamps – crafted from pure 24-carat GOLD! Absolutely sensational when crafted from the world’s favourite precious metal, the Kangaroo & Map 1d and George V Portrait 1d Gold Stamps will instantly command attention – in part because of the larger-than-life dimensions. Much bigger than the original, each perfectly detailed pure 24-carat gold replica stamp measures 75mm by 58mm! Set within an acrylic stand, each gold stamp set is accompanied by the First Australian Stamps Pack – valued at A$14.95 but yours for FREE!


Sure to command the attention of stamp and coin collectors alike, the Perth Mint and Australia Post have joined forces in the creation of this exclusive, official, unique tribute to the centenary of Australia’s first national stamp issue. Strictly limited to a worldwide mintage of 4,000, this memorable presentation is headlined by the Perth Mint’s unique, full-colour, stamp-shaped 50c Australian legal tender coin. Measuring 30.50mm x 22.70mm, and crafted from half a troy ounce of pure .999 silver, this unusual stamp-shaped Proof coin features a perfect recreation of the design of Australia’s 1913 Map & Kangaroo stamp on the reverse, with the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse. The consummate complement, the 50c 1/2oz Silver Proof is accompanied by an official Australia Post $10 stamp – issued in honour of the 100th anniversary of the release of Australia’s first stamp! United within a plush, official timber display case, set in an illustrated outer box, this dynamic duo is complete with a Certificate of A$ 95 Authenticity attesting to the surprisingly small 2013 50c First Stamp worldwide mintage of just 4,000. Centenary Stamp Shaped 1/2oz Silver Proof To be issued on the 10th of May, take advantage AU697 of this pre-release opportunity and guarantee Due for release 10 May supply of this spectacular presentation today!


1913 FIRST AUSTRALIAN STAMPS GOLD REPLICA Set w/free original stamps in pack KC937

Underground PNC!


Inimitable... Affordable and official, this eyecatching PNC from the Royal Mail forms a wonderful way to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of literary legend ‘The Inimitable’ Charles Dickens (1812-1870). Uniting the Royal Mint’s brilliantly designed 2012 £2 Charles Dickens Bimetal BU commemorative with six beautifully illustrated stamps depicting the most famous of Dickens’ broad array of characters, this official Royal Mail PNC is within the reach of all at less than A$30.

Britain’s Royal Mail is known worldwide for the quality of its presentations. Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the world’s first subterranean railway, the London Underground PNC is a powerful illustration. Portraying the development of the Underground from its launch in 1863, the PNC features six large British stamps, united with the Royal Mint’s two oneyear-only £2 commemoratives – set within an informative, individually numbered pack.







Unique, must-have Australian legal tender types!



2013 $1 & 20c 100th Anniversary Of First Banknote PNC AU698 Due for release 10 May

In the same year that the first stamp was unveiled, Australia also launched its first national banknote – the Ten Shillings. Marking the 100th anniversary of this landmark event, we are delighted to present this Perth Mint-Royal Australian MintAustralia Post joint issue! A vital acquisition for all coin collectors, this PNC is highlighted by two official Australian legal tender coins – one from the RAM and one from the Perth Mint. Not to be issued for circulation, the RAM’s 28.52mm 20c Unc bears the original depiction of Goulburn Weir in Victoria found on the reverse of the first 10/- note type, with the Perth Mint’s 30.60mm $1 depicting elements of the obverse. Set upon the beautifully illustrated official envelope, the 60c and $2.60 stamps portray the official ‘numbering ceremony’ in 1913 and the Australian Coat of Arms as it appears on the first 10/- banknote. An affordable opportunity to celebrate the centenary of one of the most important moments in the history of Australian currency, this impressive PNC is a bargain at just A$33.50.

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 7

A superb selection of Military Memorabilia… Genuine, original WWI medals! for such Outstanding value-for-money ian tral Aus an authentic slice of history, Downies is delighted to present the official, historic, . genuine WWI Service Medal Trio g lifyin qua Awarded to all Empire Forces, the trio comprises the British Empire 1914-18 War Medal, the 1914-19 . Victory Medal and the 1914-15 Star The last mentioned is inextricably it linked with the Anzac Legend, as was awarded only to those serving before 31 December 1915, including al became so Gallipoli veterans. Indeed, this med of Fire that it tism Bap a’s trali Aus identifiable with lipoli Star’! ‘Gal the as was commonly referred to the of An unusual link with the soldiers ice Medal 1914‑18 Great War, the WWI Serv ribbon and is ect corr the with e plet com is Trio . guaranteed genuine by Downies

The Battle of Lone Pine…

Features real sand from Gall





SAVE $44!

Iron Cross

for men of steel…




275 KT376

For the Fatherland A visually striking military decoration, Germany’s World War I Honour Cross medal provides the collector with a unique connection to the ordinary soldiers who fought for the Fatherland during World War I. Featuring the dates of the 1914-18 Great War, encircled by a wreath, the World War I Honour Cross was awarded to all German World War I veterans who experienced frontline service during the four years of bloody conflict. Guaranteed as genuine, and complete with the correct ribbon, it is remarkable ke that such a richly historic keepsa could be GERMANY WWI HONOUR yours at CROSS MEDAL such an 50 A$ affordable price. AK515

Among the world’s most famous military decorations, Germany’s ent WWI Iron Cross forms a key elem n. ctio colle aria milit y of ever Frederick III created the Iron Cross exactly 200 years ago, in March 1813, to reward acts of heroism or leadership during the Napoleonic Wars. Upon the outbreak of hostilities in WWI, Wilhelm II re-instituted the Iron Cross as Germany’s major military award, with the original 1813 Iron Cross design on the obverse, and the date 1914 and ‘W’ for Wilhelm on the reverse. Guaranteed as genuine, and GERMANY WWI IRON CROSS MEDAL complete with the correct ribbon, we have just a few A$ examples of this celebrated AH419 medal in stock – graded Fine.

Exclusive, eye-catching and high lighted by genuine sand from the beaches where Australia endured its Baptism of Fire in 1915, the 201 3 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Collection form s a haunting tribute to the Battle of Lone Pine. A key moment of the Gallipoli cam paign, the Battle of Lone Pine was fought from the 6th to the 10th of August 1915, with 2,277 Australian and up to 7,000 Turkish casualties registered. An historic ally precise tribute to SANDS OF GALLIPOLI this bloody clash, each of the six 50mm silver-plated 2013 proof MEDALLION COLLECTION (6) medallions found in this gripping collection features A$ replica and a miniature version of a segment of the dramatic, evocati ve artwork ‘The Harrison’s painting – as well as a Battle of Lone Pine’, created by au66 5 noted Australian artist numbered Certificate of Authenti Drew Harrison. city Also Available AND a vial of sand from Gallipoli Above and beyond the quality, imp – ortance and strictly SAND S OF GALLIPOLI eac h set is bea utifu lly presented in limited availability, with a mere 2,50 2013 MEDALLION PAIR 0 sets issued, the a freestanding timber case. 2013 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Med allion Collection is A$ A poignant acquisition for any also surprisingly affordable. At less AU66 4 than A$40 per 50mm Aus tralian as we remember the fallen full-colour silver-plated medallion, on Anzac Day, part of the it would be tough proceeds from the sale of the 201 to find better value-for-money – 3 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallio especially considering n Collection will be donated to Sold the presentation! Highlighted by ier On – an Australian organisation an Anzac Hat Badge established to assist Australian serv ice personnel wounded in action.


Just 6 sets in stock! One of the most expansive, mos t popular military commemoratives offered by Downies, we have just six examples in stock of the 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins. A masterwork of military memorab ilia, this collection is a compelling chronicle of one of the most devastating periods of warfare in human hist ory. Commemorating the major 20th century

wars – including WWI (1914-18), the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), WWII (1939‑45 ), the Cold War (1948-91), First Gulf War (1990-91) and more – each collection includes a won drous array of authentic artefacts from this horrific era of conflict. In highly collectable quality, with many items in perfect, unused condition, the collection includes 30 stamps, 7 coins and 12 banknotes from 21 different countries! 20th CENTURY WARS A highly professional presentation, collection of BANK NOTEs, the currency of each conflict is set upo STAMPs & COINs n the thic k, illustrated, informative pages of A$ a hardcover album, which is protecte d by a AT56 4 sturdy, embossed outer case.


145 8


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 9

The Prize of the Proclamation! The largest, most valuable coin of Governor Philip Gidley King’s Currency Proclamation of 1800 – assigned a value of £4 – Portugal’s 18th century Gold Johanna is a great Australian rarity. Struck in Portugal and in the Portuguese colony of Brazil, and comprising nearly one ounce of 22-carat gold, the Johanna (denomination 12,800 Reis) was produced only from 1722 to 1732. Despite the fact that the series ended after little more than a decade, this large, majestic gold coin was accepted across the globe for many years, and circulated in the Australian colonial economy in the years after Settlement in 1788. Known as ‘The Prize of the Proclamation’, the Gold Johanna’s importance as a component of Australia’s first official currency system has seen it become one of the most desirable acquisitions for the serious Australian collector – especially when found in pristine condition, as here. A stunning opportunity for one of our clients, we have just the single example of this profoundly beautiful, historically invaluable gold coin available. Officially slabbed and graded at MS61 (equivalent to Uncirculated) by Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, and defined by the usual softness of the reverse but a well struck up obverse, the 1732M Gold Johanna is rare in this superb state of preservation.




Superb aUnc quality!

A highly desirable acquisition for any collector, but particularly those interested in Australia’s early history, this majestic, rare 18th century Spanish 8 Escudos (12,800 Reis) coin comprises a hefty 27 grams of 87.5% gold, and measures an imposing 37mm. Although it was a key source of silver for coins of Spain, gold coins struck in Bolivia are scarce. The Bolivian Gold 8 Escudos was struck only from 1791 until the end of the reign of King Charles IV in 1808, and is acknowledged as rare – especially in the near flawless state of preservation seen here. In about Uncirculated condition, and A$ underpinned by an unusually strong strike, we have just the one spectacular example BOLIVIA 1797 8 ESCUDOS of this important Proclamation Era coin aUNC available. AU552


Rare Spanish gold… Struck in Madrid in 1786 – at what is known as a ‘Spanish Continental Mint’, rather than one of the many Spanish mints established in the Americas – this superbly designed 18th century Spanish Gold 4 Escudos is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious coin types of the Proclamation Era. Issued in the name of Spain’s King Charles III, and of paramount importance to Australian collectors, the Gold 4 Escudos spans 30mm in diameter, and comprises 13.54g of 87.5% fine gold. Seldom offered in such an impressive state of preservation, the single example of this golden rarity we have available is distinguished by an obverse graded at about Extremely Fine, with the aesthetically captivating reverse in Extremely Fine condition.




Struck in the year of Settlement… A key element of every Australian collection, representing a vivid reflection of Australia’s early colonial heritage, Britain’s Gold Spade Guinea is most highly sought after in Australia when, as here, it is dated 1788 – the year of European Settlement. Struck only from 1787 – the year the First Fleet embarked on its voyage to the Great Southern Land – until 1799, the Spade Guinea circulated in the earliest days after Settlement. Testimony to its lofty status, it was given one of the highest values (£1 2/-) of the Proclamation of 1800 – Australia’s first official currency system. A coin of great beauty, with the spade-like Shield from which the coin takes its name united with a distinctive portrait of George III, we have just a few 1788 Spade Guineas in stock – graded VF.

Digging up the past… The first time that the Royal Mint has used a British coin to honour one of its predecessors, this sparkling legal tender £2 commemorative honours the 350th anniversary of the Gold Guinea – Britain’s premier gold coin from 1663 until 1817. Portraying the traditional Spade Guinea – so familiar to Australians due to the Proclamation Era – each 28.40mm £2 is beautifully presented within a typically superb Royal Mint pack. Top value-for-money at a mere A$19.95!

A$ A$



GB 2013 £2 350th Anniversary Of the Guinea BIMETAL BU AU350


Complete 1/3 Guinea Set!

Rare gold

of King George I!

Undeniably rare and immensely desirable, we are delighted to present the COMPLETE series of Britain’s scarce King George III Gold 1/3 Guineas! With gold so scarce due to turmoil in Europe, Britain suspended production of the full Guinea from 1799 until 1813. Issued in its place, the gold 1/3 Guinea series was struck in limited numbers from 1797 until 1813, and comprised three different types – the 1797-1800 Type I, 1801-03 Type II and final issue 1804-13 Type III. A must-have for gold Type I collectors, we have all three 17mm 22-carat 1/3 Guinea types in stock!

First struck nearly three centuries ago, and limited to a tiny mintage of just 37,380, we rarely have the pleasure of offering this scarce, one-year-only fractional gold denomination – the 1718 Gold Quarter Guinea of the first Hanoverian King of Great Britain, George I (1714-27). Never really accepted by the populace of early 18th century Britain, the unpopularity of the short-lived 15mm 2.12g 1718 Gold Quarter Guinea as a circulation coin stands in stark contrast to the powerful long-term popularity of the type amongst collectors. A hotly pursued, unique precious metal A$ issue, we have secured just a few examples of this historic gold coin GB 1718 GEOrge I QUARTER GUINEA F-VF in better-than-usually-seen Fine to Very Fine quality. AS802

A$ Type II


Type III

495 each

GB 1797-1800 1/3 GUINEA TYPE I FINE AS257 GB 1801-1803 1/3 GUINEA TYPE II FINE AS258 GB 1804-1813 1/3 GUINEA TYPE III FINE AS259

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 11


1955-59 3d Set of 5 BU A$ 50 AU699 ®® Last


®® Perfect

®® Australia’s

®® A


The finest known Elizabeth II florins!


1942S, 1943S & 1944S Florin Trio Unc A$ AU700


®® Struck


at San Francisco Mint as USA assisted Australian wartime coin production ®® In Uncirculated condition, this lustrous predecimal silver trio is now a whopping A$50 off current catalogue value!

1972 5c MS67 FDC BU



4th 1c issue – slabbed & graded by PCGS at MS65 (equivalent to BU) ®® One of the finest known 1969 1c coins – less than 80 from a mintage of nearly 20 million have been graded this high!

1934 1/6 Hermes Imprint Block of 4 MUH A$ 95


partner for the set at left – the last five predecimal silver 3d! ®® As good as the day it was struck, each coin is in strictly Unc quality – the set is now A$10 below catalogue value!

1968 1c MS65 Gem BU



1960-64 3d Set of 5 BU A$ 80 AR051

five silver threepences of the 50s – in immaculate Uncirculated condition! ®® An affordable opportunity to secure some Elizabeth II silver in high-grade – SAVE over A$20 off catalogue value!




®® Graded


all coins graded by professionally trained experts, using computer technology to achieve consistent grading ®® grading techniques developed by PCGS to identify the miniscule differences between coins at the highest level ®® coins set in museum standard coin holders, ensuring long-term protection of the original condition ®® PCGS refuse to grade any coin altered from its original condition ®® each graded coin has a unique file number on slab, and is photographed in slab to make the coin easy to identify ®® ensures that both the seller and the purchaser of a PCGS slabbed coin can proceed with complete confidence Whilst surprisingly affordable individually, given the astonishing quality, the trio is available at a super special discount. Buy all three coins and SAVE A$170 – and receive a high-quality album valued at A$49.95 for FREE! ®®

1971 20c MS66 FDC BU



MS67 by PCGS – equivalent to BU, this coin is FDC to the naked eye ®® Extremely rare in this absolutely stunning quality, with about 40 coins from 8.3m mintage considered MS67 or better

A mouth-watering opportunity for the serious predecimal collector, we have in stock what are among the finest known florins issued during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II – and unquestionably the finest we have ever offered. The photos below barely do these wondrous predecimal coins justice. The lustrous surfaces literally glow with quality, whilst you will never see florins originally struck for circulation with such razor-sharp detail in the designs. Each coin has been officially slabbed and graded by Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS – the USA’s leading, most trusted 3rd party grading and verification service) at MS66. That makes the 1961 and 1963 florins on offer THE FINEST KNOWN AUSTRALIAN ELIZABETH II FLORINS of their respective dates, with only a handful of 1960 Florins graded above MS66. Although the spellbinding quality of these coins is so obvious that you scarcely need 3rd party authentication, there are some significant advantages in securing coins officially assessed by PCGS…

®® Lowest



mintage 20c from 1966 to 1984 – key to series & very rare in FDC BU ®® Among the finest known examples – less than 20 coins have been graded at this level or better. Mind-blowing quality!

1957-65 AAT Complete Predecimal Stamp Set (7 MUH stamps) A$ 95 AU706


®® The


seldom offered special issue, used for air mail to the UK in the 1930s ®® Carries ‘WCG McCracken’ imprint on selvedge – highly sought after, as it appears on only a few issues from 1934 to 1941

first seven stamps of the Australian 1948-49 High Values Imprint Block Antarctic Territory – 5d to 2/3d Set (3 Blocks of 4, 12 MUH stamps) ® ® Highlighting the stark A$ 95 AU705 beauty of the Antarctic wilderness, the complete ®® Scarce set of high value definitive set of AAT predecimal stamps – all in imprint blocks of 4! stamps is scarce in MUH ®® Includes 1/3 Bull, 1/6 Hermes & 2/Crocodile Blocks – taken from an ‘old time’ Also Available as blocks of 4 (28 MUH stamps) A$ 95 AS885 collection, and in perfect MUH condition



1960 Florin in PCGS coin holder graded MS66 – FDC

1961 Florin in PCGS coin holder graded MS66 – FDC

Of the huge number of coins assessed by PCGS, only a few have ever been graded at above MS66 – those graded MS67 have attained prices of up to A$1,450, with MS66-graded A$ coins fetching more than A$400! AU707


1963 Florin in PCGS coin holder graded MS66 – FDC

The finest known, highest graded Australian florins of this date, the sharply struck, superbly lustrous silver 1961 Florins before you are unrivalled. Put simply, no 1961 Florins have been A$ graded by PCGS at better than MS66. AU708


A breathtaking opportunity for a few of our clients, the Elizabeth II 1963 Silver Florins presented here are the highest graded, finest known florins of this date. Recent sales of MS66 1963 Florins have A$ fetched more than A$500 apiece! AU709


The perfect setting... 1966 $20 R401 Coombs/Wilson Unc A$ HA440 ®® Historic


type – Australia’s very first $20 note issue in flawless Unc quality ®® An irresistible bargain for a 47-year-old note in Unc at under five times face value – SAVE A$41 off catalogue price! Also Available as Consecutive pair A$ AK659


1974 $20 R404 Phillips/Wheeler C of A Unc A$ HI473 ®® The


last ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ $20 before banner changed to ‘Australia’ ®® Key addition to every serious Australian note collection – especially at over A$150 off current Unc catalogue value!

1974 $20 R405 Phillips/Wheeler Australia Unc A$ HI474 ®® Perfect


partner to note at left – the first $20 with the ‘Australia’ banner! ®® We have just a few of these groundbreaking banknotes in strictly Unc quality – at more than A$150 off catalogue value! 12

Available with the compliments of Downies when you purchase all three magnificent 1960s florins seen above, this handsome album provides a fitting environment for coins of such outstanding quality. A beautifully produced, hardbound leatherette folder, complete with a specially designed album page, this impressive album is a mustA$ 95 have for those keen to embrace the ALBUM For slabbed coins benefits of collecting w/slipcase & one sheet slabbed coins. AU710

SAVE A$ 170! A$



Buy the set of 3 ka009

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

The Wreck of El Cazador…

Louisiana Territory. The loss of such a significant amount of money led the Spanish to ponder the worth of the colony, and following further failed efforts to boost the economy, ceded Louisiana Territory back to France in 1800. The French, under Napoleon, then sold to the USA in 1803 – doubling the size of the country, opening the way for westward expansion and establishing the USA as ‘the land of opportunity’. Thus, more than just physical evidence of a mysterious maritime tragedy, the silver coins salvaged from the Wreck of the El Cazador are quite rightly known as ‘the coins that changed the world’.

Beautiful, powerful and inherently dangerous, the ocean has, for millennia, proved an essential partner in man’s pursuit of knowledge, trade and bounty. However, as much foe as friend, Mother Nature’s unpredictability has sent many a fine vessel to Davy Jones’ Locker – such as the Spanish Brig of War, El Cazador, and her immense treasure of silver coins. Hundreds of thousands of sparkling new silver coins from the Mexico Mint were aboard the El Cazador when she sank in 1784 on her way to bail out the faltering economy of Spain’s north American colonial possession – the million square miles of land from the Mississippi to the Rockies known as the

El Cazador Silver!

Great value!

Salvaged from the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, more than 200 years after lost when El Cazador disappeared in 1784, these intriguing SpanishAmerican Silver 8 Reales coins provide an authentic link to one of the world’s most important, most mysterious, maritime disasters. It was not known whether it was one of the raging storms so prevalent that year – or perhaps the everpresent pirate ships – that led to El Cazador’s demise, but Spain was in no doubt as to the significance of the loss. The pre-eminent international trade coin of the 17th and 18th centuries, there were approximately 400,000 Silver 8 Reales coins on board El Cazador when she was located by a fisherman in 1993. Guaranteed as genuine, and officially slabbed and graded by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, we have just a few of these fascinating, eminently historic El Cazador 8 Reales coins in stock.

The new Prehistoric Life Silver Proof Series! A sensational start to a stunning new program from the Austrian Mint, we are delighted to present the first coin of the Prehistoric Life Silver Proof Series – honouring the Triassic period. Following the Jurassic period, the Triassic spanned from 251 to 200 million years BC. The Triassic timeline appears at the foot of this intriguing 34mm diameter, 20g, 90% Silver Proof, inscribed below the acutely detailed depiction of an ammonite – an extinct seadwelling cephalopod shown in both live and fossilised form. The reverse shows a Triassic Ichthyosaurus with an ammonite in its long, narrow jaws, while A$ 50 a Nothosaurus swims below. The coin’s palpable Austria 2013 20€ underwater ambience is beautifully achieved with the Prehistoric Life help of aquatic flora that appear to move beneath the – Triassic Silver Proof ripples of the surface – testimony to the time, care and AU681 effort that the craftsmen at the Austrian Mint put into the production of every coin they create. Further enhancing the enjoyment of your new A$ 50 acquisition, you also get a free smart phone App! The Austria 2013 20€ gateway to the fascinating and frightening world of Prehistoric Life prehistoric monsters, the App allows you to see stunning – Triassic Silver Proof moving images, in both in skeletal and fleshy form, that with Collection Case bring the dinosaurs back to life before your eyes!





Providing our clients with an affordable opportunity to secure an authentic relic from this world-famous maritime disaster, we have genuine Mexico Mint Silver 2 Reales coins from the wreck of El Cazador in stock! Issued under King Charles III of Spain (1759-88), and in remarkably good condition given that they spent over two centuries at the bottom of the Caribbean, each authentic A$ 95 El Cazador Silver SPANISH 2 REALES 2 Reales coin EL CAZADOR SHIPWRECK is graded Fine SILVER with some water AU506 wear.

Just A$9.95 apiece!

A sensational opportunity to experience the Perth Mint’s world-renowned full-colour minting techniques, this 30.60mm legal tender type pays homage to the infamous Blackbeard – one of the icons of the Golden Age of Piracy. A fine addition to any collection, and an exciting gift for the young collector, each 2010 $1 Blackbeard Al-Br BU is set in a brilliantly designed freestanding, illustrated card.

A full-size, accurate and eminently affordable replica, this intriguing release recreates the Spanish-American Silver Cob 8 Reales coins found on the Vergulde Draeck (also known as Gilt Dragon) – the VOC ship carrying silver coins worth 185,000 guilder, which sank after striking a reef off Western Australia on the night of 28 April 1656.





Meteorite Magic!

Great Balls of Fire!





The infamous Blackbeard...


Back from the Dead!

Uniting pure silver, full-colour and genuine meteorite, Downies is delighted to have secured an allocation of the latest issues in the Fiji Meteorite Silver Proof Series – honouring Canada’s Abee and China’s Jilin meteorites! Crafted from 20g .999 silver, and comprising authentic pieces from Abee and Jilin meteorites, these official legal tender coins are strictly limited to a mintage of just 999 apiece. With the Neuschswanstein and Brenham Meteorite coins sold out at speed, these captivating coins will be available for a short time only. Just 30 of each A$ each in stock – each FIJI 2012 $10 abee & JILIN set in a case with METEORITE SILVER PROOF a Certificate of AU675, AU676 Authenticity.


Highlighted by an authentic piece of Russia’s famous Seymchan Meteorite set within the reverse, and restricted to an astonishingly small mintage of just 2,500 – sold out at speed – we have just secured a fresh batch of the stunning 2012 $5 Seymchan Meteorite Silver Proof! Among the finest issues of one of the world’s hottest series, uniting a striking full-colour depiction of the meteorite hitting the Hekandue River with a genuine piece of the actual meteorite, each 38.61mm 20g sterling silver legal tender A$ coin is set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity.



Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

Premium predecimals in consecutive sequence!

Dynamic Duo!

Five of the best!

Top value given the rarity, the first Elizabeth II 10/- is seldom seen in Consec Pair format. First printed some 59 years ago, one year after the Queen’s Coronation, these notes were issued under the Commonwealth Bank from 1954 to 1960. Few have survived in superb Uncirculated condition, and even fewer have survived as part of an Unc Consecutive Pair!

If Elizabeth II predecimal notes are recognised as scarce in Unc – and, of course, they are – then those notes are undeniably rare when found in consecutive sequence. Issued from 1953 to 1960 under the authority of the Commonwealth Bank, the first Elizabeth II £1 note is a most historic type. Highly sought after individually when found in Unc, this landmark predecimal issue always creates frenzied demand when offered in sequential format. Surprisingly affordable given the heady fusion of history, rarity and quality, we have just two consecutive runs of five in stock.

1954 10/- R16 Coombs/ Also Available Wilson Commonwealth 1954 10/- R16 Coombs/ Bank consecutive pair UNC Wilson QEII Commonwealth A$ Bank single note UNC

989 AN315




1953 £1 R33 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank consecutive run of 5 UNC A$ AU711


Also Available as Consecutive pair UNC as single note UNC




The chance to own one Australian banknote carrying a Solid Serial number is amazing enough – the chance to secure a MATCHING PAIR of Solid Serial Number banknotes with MATCHING Prefixes is breathtaking. That is the very prospect that confronts you. Taken from exactly the same position on sheets of forty notes printed by Note Printing Australia in consecutive years, and therefore bearing identical prefixes, this rare, prestigious pair comprises a 2007 Stevens/Henry $5 and a 2008 Stevens/Henry $5. Incredibly, both of these banknotes are distinguished by serial numbers reading 07 333333 and 08 333333 respectively. This is an extremely rare combination. Considering that only one Solid Serial note will be found among every 100,000 notes printed, the odds against an individual finding notes with the same prefix and same solid serial number from successive annual print-runs are just astronomical. Indeed, you would imagine that such a prospect would be virtually impossible. The odds against finding two such notes in strictly Uncirculated condition, as here, are truly mindboggling. Outstanding value-for-money at A$995, given the astonishing A$ rarity of this extraordinary Also Available combination, and representing 2008 $5 Stevens/Henry 2007 & 2008 $5 Stevens/ a mouth-watering opportunity SOLID serial numbered Henry Matched Solid note UNC for serious decimal banknote Serials and Matched collectors, we highly recommend A$ Prefixes Pair UNC AU713 you get your order in early. AU712




Matching Solid Serials! Matching Prefixes!



Pair beyond compare!

Snare a Rare Pair… Rare Run of 5 – in Unc! A great opportunity to secure immensely rare, successively numbered notes from Australia’s highest predecimal denomination, we have available the 1954-60 Commonwealth Bank £10 in strictly Uncirculated consecutive pairs! Rare individually in Unc, with the £10 too valuable for most to be able to stash away, the chance to own Australia’s last £10 type in sequential format should not be missed.

1954 £10 R62 Coombs/Wilson QEII Commonwealth Bank consecutive pair UNC A$

3,890 AQ229

Uniting a Solid Serial Note with a Radar Note, we have a small stock of 2008 $20 Stevens/Henry polymer banknotes bearing ’08777777’ and ‘08777778’ serial numbers! Once a specialist field, Solid Serial Number notes have carved out a significant following over recent years. This is largely attributable to the rarity of the area. As mentioned in the article above, this intriguing element of banknote collecting is unquestionably rare, with a Solid Serial Number banknote printed only once in every 100,000 notes. If one in 100,000 seems rare, how many of these notes would have been issued and suffered the rigours of circulation? How many would still be in original, strictly Uncirculated condition? Regardless of your traditional interest, this extreme level of rarity is always attractive to serious collectors. An extremely rare pair, representing a truly prestigious acquisition for the serious collector, we rarely have the opportunity to offer such an unusual banknote configuration. Sure to command a premium at auction in the long-term, with unusual serial number combinations A$ forming a thriving field, 2008 $20 Stevens/Henry the few pairs in SOLID serials and RADAR stock are from original Note Printing serials consecutive Pair Australia bundles and are therefore in UNC immaculate Uncirculated condition. AU714

The compulsory complement to the consecutive run of five 1953-60 Commonwealth Bank £1 banknotes offered above, we also have three consecutive runs of five £1 banknotes issued from 1961 to 1965 under the auspices of the Reserve Bank! Underpinned by absolutely pristine quality, with every note in original Uncirculated condition, Australia’s final £1 is incontestably rare when found as a consecutive run of five. Definitely one to put away for the future, with such sequences regularly commanding a premium at auction, we have only three consecutive runs of five available. Only immediate action will suffice! 1961 £1 R34 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Runs of 5 notes UNC A$ AT491

Also Available

Also Available

1954 £10 R62 Coombs/ Wilson QEII Commonwealth Bank single note UNC





1961 £1 R34 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive pair UNC




AP723 16

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 17

full colour firsts!


1980 Mint Set Hoard! Following Downies acquisition of a gigantic hoard, we are delighted to be able to present our clients with the unrivalled opportunity to secure the Royal Australian Mint’s 1980 Mint Set at a ridiculously low price. Issued more than three decades ago, the Royal Australian Mint’s 1980 Mint Set comprised Australia’s six original decimal denominations. Australia’s lowest denominations, the much-loved copper 1c and 2c, are both found in this set, along with the 5c, 10c, 20c and Coat of Arms 50c. Perfect examples of the nation’s currency for the year, each coin features a reverse design created by legendary Australian numismatic master craftsman Stuart Devlin. The obverse of each coin is distinguished by the original decimal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II – designed by Arnold Machin. Never having been offered to collectors, the original RAM ‘red wallet’ of each set is in pristine condition. We have rarely had the chance to secure such a significant number of early decimal collector sets, and we naturally jumped

at the chance. And, as we secured the entire hoard – comprising nearly 400 sets – we were able to drive a hard bargain, and we are pleased to be able to pass on the savings to our clients. We have slashed the price to a mere A$15. At little more than A$2 per strictly Uncirculated coin, you will be hard pressed to find better value for your collector dollar. ®® Comprises Australia’s six original decimal denominations A$ – 1c to 50c 1980 Mint Set ®® Each coin struck to the RAM’s GX224 rigorous Uncirculated standard ®® Housed within the RAM’s original red wallet of issue ®® An irresistible bargain at below catalogue value – just A$15 buy 5 for apiece! A$

2012 $2 Remembrance Day Coloured Poppy RSL Unc

Canada 2004 25c Poppy Unc In Pack

Canada 2006 25c Pink Ribbon Unc In Pack

A crucial Australian legal tender issue, this unique $2 is the first Australian circulation coin embellished with colour! Also Australia’s lowest mintage circulating commemorative, with only 500,000 struck, this A$ 95 20.62mm $2 type will soon disappear forever. SH097

One of the world’s most innovative issuing authorities, the Royal Canadian Mint released the world’s first fullcolour circulation coin in 2004. Created using a high speed pressurised ink process, and hoarded out of circulation, this 23.88mm 25c type is in strictly Unc.

Highlighting the fight against breast cancer, the world’s 2nd full-colour circulation coin was hoarded just as fast as its predecessor. Bearing the world-renowned Pink Ribbon in colour, we have just a few of this poignant, unique A$ 95 23.88mm 25c available – au304 in strictly Unc.

Canada 2008 25c End Of WWI 90th Anniversary Unc In Pack

Canada 2010 25c Poppy Unc In Pack

PNG 2008 50 Toea 35th Anniversary PNG Bank Coloured Unc

Inspired by the success of the 2004 and 2006 full-colour issues, the Royal Canadian Mint issued this vibrant full-colour coin into circulation to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the conclusion of WWI. Set in an impressive pack, A$ 95 each 25c is in flawless au305 Unc quality.

An utterly unique type, with the 23.88mm flan bearing a reverse design featuring TWO full-colour poppies, this eyecatching Canadian legal tender type is a bargain at less than A$13. Presented in strictly Unc quality, each A$ 95 25c coin is housed in an illustrated pack. au306

Papua New Guinea became the 2nd nation in the world to release a full-colour circulation coin when it commissioned the Royal Canadian Mint to strike the 30mm 2008 50 Toea PNG Bank 35th Anniversary. A first time offer for A$ 95 Downies, and a must-have at this price in Unc. au715



1295 AU269




save A$15!



SAVE $10! buy all 6 circulating colour coins

An Aussie Proof Set for just A$30!

No, it’s not a mistake. Just a fabulous opportunity for our clients to enjoy the Royal Australian Mint’s world-renowned Proof quality at an astonishing price. The perfect partner for the 1980 Mint Set, we have the 1980 Proof Set at just A$30 apiece! Struck to the highest possible standard, the 1980 Proof Set encompasses all six of Australia’s original decimal denominations – each bearing a reverse designed by Stuart Devlin. From the long-gone, beloved copper 1c and A$ 2c, to the 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c, each of the six coins in the 1980 Proof Set literally sparkles with quality. Sealed within 1980 PROOF SET the original case of issue, the 1980 Proof Set is simply a GX199 must-have at this price.





Full-colour Fifty!

First full-colour Proof Set!


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Breaking new ground, the RAM set the collector world on fire with the 2000 Proof Set – the very first Australian Proof Set to feature a full-colour coin! Celebrating the dawn of the new millennium, and always likely to be hotly pursued as a result, the RAM guaranteed huge demand with its inclusion of the eyecatching Australian Flag 50c. Naturally

among the most highly sought after issues of the 1966-2013 Proof Set Series, and trading at over five times Official Issue Price, we are seldom able to offer this crucial 6-coin set (5c-$2) to our clients. Don’t miss this 2000 Proof Set rare opportunity! A$

350 AE674

A dramatic innovation by the RAM, the 2012 Mint Set was the very first Mint Set to comprise a full-colour coin! A musthave for the vibrant full-colour 50c alone, this popular 6-coin (5c-$2) Australian legal tender Unc set 2012 MINT SET is housed in an A$ official RAM pack.



Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19

Heading The King of

Australian Coins!

Australia’s highest profile rarity, the 1930 Penny is undoubtedly the nation’s ‘King of Coins’. Undeniably rare, with only 1,500 thought to exist, we have been able to track down an amazing SIX examples of this iconic Australian coin. During the Great Depression, the Melbourne Mint lay idle for long periods, with no need for more currency in the deflationary Australian economy. Indeed, no 3d or 6d coins were issued from 1929 to 1933, with no 1/- or 2/- coins struck in 1929 or 1930. It was thought that no pennies were struck in 1930 either, but it is now believed that a small number were struck during die-testing, and that these coins were released into circulation with the 1931 Penny issue. More than three decades later, as Australians attempted to assemble complete predecimal sets in the countdown to decimalisation in 1966, the rarity of the 1930 1d became apparent. Becoming Australia’s ‘ultimate collector acquisition’, the 1930 1d also caught the eye of investors, leading to increased competition for Australia’s most famous coin. Incontrovertible evidence that rarity – rather than quality – is the driving force behind long-term growth, a 1930 1d in Fine has jumped from A$8,750 to A$26,000 since 1997! Having been issued for circulation with the 1931 1d, the 1930 1d is generally found in well used condition, and all examples we have accumulated over recent months are graded Fine to Good Fine with minor faults. Setting the price below the current catalogue value for the grade as a result, this is an irresistible opportunity for you to join the select band of people who own Australia’s most sought after coin.

Bearing minor faults such as edge marks, these coins represent an excellent opportunity to acquire Australia’s most sought after coin.



1930 PENNY FINE-GOOD FINE (with minor defects) AR343

Heading Rare in any grade…




A great Australian rarity, yet still available at a reasonable price, the 1923 1/2d is undoubtedly the key to the 1911-64 Halfpenny Series – and one of the most prized coins of the entire Commonwealth Series across all denominations. Although records indicate that 1.113m halfpennies were struck in 1923, the actual mintage of the 1923 Halfpenny is estimated to be approximately 15,000. With the number in existence well below that tiny figure, this celebrated copper rarity is one of the most important acquisitions the collector can make. Also sought after by those keen to diversify their portfolios, any opportunity to secure the 1923 Halfpenny must be grasped with both hands. Just five examples available – conservatively graded at about Fine. 20

Mid-April 2013 Money  

Downies Mid-April 2013 Money Catalogue

Mid-April 2013 Money  

Downies Mid-April 2013 Money Catalogue