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Mid January 2012

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Mother Of Pearl Dragon Fiji 2012 $50 Lunar Dragon Mother Of Pearl 5oz Silver Proof $776.00 In stock February Money Mid January 2012 Page 1: Vietnam 50th Anniversary SH120 Niue 2012 $5 Vietnam 5oz Silver Proof $470.00 AH899 2003 $1 Vietnam War Al-Br Unc $44.00 Page 2: Wheat - Australia’s Golden Grain SH125 2012 Australia’s Golden Grain Coin & Banknote Portfolio $69.00 AT002 2012 $1 Australian Wheat Silver Proof $54.00 Page 3: Titanic 100th Anniversary AS384 Cook Islands 2012 $10 Windows Of History Titanic 50g Silver Proof $295.00 AT182 Cook Islands 2012 $5 Titanic 100th Anniversary Silver Proof $103.00 AR940 Titanic Remembered Medallion $16.75 Pages 4 & 5: Official Diamond Jubilee Tributes! AT303 2012 $25 Diamond Jubilee 1/4oz Gold Proof $770.00 AT188 2012 $1 Diamond Jubilee 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 AT005 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee Cu-Ni BU $9.00 AT006 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $78.00 AT324 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $136.00 AT325 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof $4,250.00 AT050 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee Cu-Ni BU $18.50 Pages 6 & 7: Complete Commemorative Collections SH123 2001 20c Federation Coin Pack Unc (9) $69.00 SH122 1966-2011 20c Commemorative Coin Pack Unc (9) $59.00 SH032 1966-1990 50c Commemorative Coin Pack EF-aUnc (6) $59.00 SH033 1991-2000 50c Commemorative Coin Pack EF-aUnc (6) $59.00 SH034 2001 50c Federation Coin Pack Unc (10) $88.00 SH035 2002-2005 50c Commemorative Pack Unc (5) $39.00 KC912 BUY ALL 20c & 50c Commemorative Packs $322.00 Page 8: Mintmark Mayhem! AT326 2006-2009 Mintmark Set BU (6) $49.00 AL757 2006 $1 Television B Unc $5.00 AL531 2006 $1 Television C Unc $5.00 AL988 2006 $1 Television M Unc $5.00 AL756 2006 $1 Television S Unc $5.00 AM611 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge S Unc $6.00 KT380 2000 $1 Olymphilex Pair Unc $35.00 AG382 2000 $1 Olymphilex Sydney Unc $19.50 KC909 1995 $1 Waltzing Matilda C, M, S Unc Trio $98.00 KC910 1997-98 $1 ‘C’ Mintmark Pair Unc $39.00 AH900 2003 $1 Korean War B Unc $5.75 AJ657 2004 $1 Eureka Stockade E Unc $9.75 KC911 2004 $1 Eureka Stockade B, C, S Unc Trio $17.75 Page 9: New from the RAM! AT011 2012 $5 100th Australian Open Al-Zn-Br Unc $24.50 AT010 2012 $2 100th Australian Open Gold-plated Silver Proof $93.00 AT008 2012 $1 100th Australian Open Men’s Trophy Al-Br Unc $14.75 AT009 2012 $1 100th Australian Open Women’s Trophy Al-Br Unc $14.75 AT004 2012 $1 International Year Of Co-operatives Al-Br BU $13.25 AT003 2012 $1 Year Of The Farmer Al-Br BU $13.25 Pages 10 & 11: Australia’s first national currency AS176 1910 Florin w/natural toning Unc $3,998.00 AM392 1911 Penny Choice Unc $2,438.00 AT317

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Qty US$ Price AR197 AT041 KC913 AS853 AS981 AT190 AS753 AS835 AT016 AT012 AT013 AT014 AT015

1913 10/- R1C Collins/Allen Fair 1915 10/- R2 Collins/Allen VG Page 12: Complete Bush Babies Set! 2011 $1 Bush Babies PNC Collection (5) 2011 $1 Bush Babies Bilby PNC 2011 $1 Bush Babies Sugar Glider PNC 2011 $1 Bush Babies Kangaroo PNC FDC Album On The Order Form… 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver BU 2012 Silver Proof Year Set (6) 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf C,B,M,S Mintmark/ Privymark Pack BU (4) 2012 50c & 20c Shores Under Siege 3-Coin Set Cu-Ni Unc 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Elephant BU 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Gorilla BU Subtotal Column Two


$8,288.00 SOLD OUT $86.25 $15.75 $15.75 $15.75 $27.00 $97.00 $298.00 $18.75 $25.00 $14.75 $14.75


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State Tax (Californian Residents) @7.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Sales Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg (4.4lbs), we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________

Sold out at the Mint! With the 300,000-coin mintage alrea already sold out at the Perth Mint, do not miss this limited window oof opportunity to secure the majestic, imposing 45.60mm .999 fine 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver BU! Limited stock available!




The new 2012 Silver Proof Set! Worldwide mintage just 5,000 sets! A wonderful opportunity to secure examples of Australia’s much loved decimal coin types struck to the highest quality from pure precious metal, the Royal Australian Mint’s new 2012 Silver Proof Set has just been launched!

exquisite Proof coin is underpinned by sharply detailed, highly frosted designs, contrasting brilliantly against the most pristine of mirror fields.

A sumptuous, exclusive presentation…

Unparalleled Proof quality… U A fine fine aadd addition to the Royal Australian Mint’s premier prem m annual silver issue, underpinned by breathtaking quality, impeccable presentation brre and strictly limited availability, the 2012 an Silver Proof Set comprises an example of S each of Australia’s six circulating types from the 5c to the $2. Distinguished by the traditional motif for its denomination, each coin found in this scintillating new release stands as powerful testimony to r the tth Minter’s art. Struck on specially prepared dies from ffro pure .999 silver, each

An entirely appropriate environment for such a prestigious Australian legal tender coin collection, this highly desirable 6-coin set is beautifully presented within an official Royal Australian Mint timber case. An undeniably eye-catching presentation, the plush black surrounds of the case provide a dramatic contrast with the entrancing lustre of the pure silver coins. Featuring an individually numbered plaque set beneath the handcrafted timber lid, the 2012 Silver Proof Set also includes a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity, providing official confirmation of the worldwide mintage of just 5,000 sets.

A prestigious p acquisition... A pres prestigious sti acquisition for any collector, and a must-have for those who w own any of its seldom seen predecessors, the 2012 Silve er Proof Set represents Australian numismatics at its best. Silver • EEx Exclusive! Worldwide mintage restricted to just 5,000 sets • IIncludes six coins (5c-$2) struck to Proof quality from .9 silver .999 • Presented in a lavish, official timber case with a n numbered plaque • Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity • Offered Offeere at the Royal Australian Mint’s Official Issue Issue Price!



2012 SILVER PROOF YEAR SET (6) Official Issue Price AT016

Available February 6 2012

The Th he new 2012 Wheat Sheaf Al-Br $1 Keep your collection complete! An utterly perfect recreation of Australia’s last silver threepence – issued from 1938 until 1964 during the reigns of King George VI and his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II – the Royal Australian Mint’s new Wheat Sheaf $1 type is now available struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality from aluminium-bronze! Comprising four examples of this one-year-only 25mm Australian legal tender type – the C Mintmark and S, M and B Privymark coins – the 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf Al-Br Mintmark/Privymark BU Set is obviously a vital acquisition for long-term Min Mintmark Series collectors. Also a must-have for those who have secured the 2012 Fields of Gold 2-Coin B BU Set, this value-for-money presentation is perhaps even moree attractive to tradition traditional decimal collectors. With the 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf BU B not to be issued for circulation, circulatio and never to be found in your change, the 2012 $1 $ Al-Br Mintmark/Privymark BU Set represents the onlyy way wa you can keep your collection complete!



2012 $1 WHEAT SHEAF C,B,M,S MINTMARK/PRIVY MARK PACK BU (4) Official Issue Price AT012

Available February 6 2012

Underpinned by superb Brilliant Uncirculated quality, and well within the reach of all Australians at an Official Issue Price of just US$19, the four Australian legal tender coins U are beautifully presented within an official, informative Royal Australian Mint pack. info

United in an official Mint Set style pack, each of the four Australian legal tender 2011 $1 Ram’s Head coins carries the portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse

New 3-coin set from the RAM! 1942 – Australia under siege! Unlike World War I, Australia endured a genuine, justifiable fear of invasion during World War II – a fear intensified by the intensive bombing raids inflicted by the Japanese on Australia’s northern and eastern coastlines in 1942 and 1943. Undoubtedly the darkest days of World War II, the Japanese forces successfully bombarded a number of Australian cities, with perhaps the midget submarine attacks on Sydney and the lethal air raids on Darwin, known as ‘Australia’s Pearl Harbour’, the most famous. To mark the 70th anniversary of the start of these attacks, the Royal Australian Mint has issued a unique Australian legal tender presentation – each comprising a 50c and two 20c types. Affordable, poignant and important, this 3-coin set is, however, more than just an impressive Australian military commemorative. Not to be issued for general circulation, and therefore never to be secured from your change, these unique types are absolutely crucial to serious decimal collectors. Not to be issued in any other form, these coins are simply a must-have for those seeking to maintain a complete collection.



2012 50c & 20c SHORES UNDER SIEGE 3-COIN SET Cu-Ni Unc Official Issue Price AT013

Housed in an official RAM card – created in the format of a WWII telegraph – the 2012 50c & 20c Shores Under Siege Cu-Ni BU 3-Coin Set is well within your reach at an Official Issue Price of just US$25.50.

Available February 6 2012 A

The Animals of the Melbourne Zoo! Not to be issued for circulation! Affordable, eye-catching, enlightening Australian legal tender presentations, we are delighted to announce the release of the Royal Australian Mint’s new 2012 Animals of the Zoo $1 Al-Br BU Series! Issued to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Australia’s world-renowned Melbourne Zoo – established in 1862 in Royal Park, Parkville, where the illfated Burke & Wills Expedition had departed two years before – the first two coins of this fascinating new series honour the Western Lowland Gorilla and Asian Elephant. Sure to capture the imagination of non-collectors with the glorious designs, bright presentation and detailed information, these unique $1 types will also be hotly pursued by traditional collectors. Not to be issued for circulation, and certain to have relatively low mintages, the Western Lowland Gorilla and the Asian Elephant $1 coins are simply a must-have for a complete $1 collection! Whether an exotic addition to your own collection, or a fantastic way for you to share your love of numismatics with the younger generation, these sparkling new coins are perfect – and perfectly priced! Giving as many people as possible the chance to enjoy this innovative series, the Official Issue Price of just US$15 for a full-colour Australian legal tender $1 coin represents simply outstanding value-for-money. 

Official Australian legal tender issues – not issued for circulation

Struck to BU quality – brilliantly enhanced with full-colour

Housed within official, richly informative full-colour packs

Sensational value-for-money at Official Issue Price

Must-have for Air, Land and Ocean $1 Series collectors


1475 each


Available February 6 2012

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