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Mid September 2012

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AT997 SH151

AT993 AT995 AT996 AT998 AT990 AT989 AT972 AT844 AT909 AT968 AT635 AT768 AT971 AT018 AT016 AS997 AS998 AT329 AS996 AS995 KC959 AS999 AT000 AT001 AT707 AT464 AE100 AT050 AT324 AT386 AT636 AT639 AT641 AT412 AT413 AT939 AT260 AU032 AT705 AT191 AT402 AS526 AS826 KC934 AT508 AR036 AR132 AT510 AT541 AT542

KC777 AE779 AF690 AE492 AS802 AS801 AS255 AK935 AS257 AS259 AU051 AN289 AU052 AS651 AU053 AN290 AU054

Qty A$ Price Mid September 2012 Money Page 1 Deadly Australians 2013 $1 Australian Saltwater Crocodile Bindi 1oz Silver FrUnc $80.00 Tokelau 2012 $5 Deadly & Dangerous 0.5 gram Gold Proof Set $599.00 Page 2 The new 2013 Silver Roos! 2013 $1 20th Anniversary Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof $100.00 2013 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof $100.00 2013 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver FrUnc $80.00 Page 3 Fabulous Fifties! 2012 50c Tetra-Decagon Lunar Dragon Cu-Ni Unc $10.00 2013 50c 50 Years of Surfing Australia Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 2013 50c 50 Years of Racing at Bathurst Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 Page 4 Australia’s native icons... 2012 $1 Koala High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 2012 50c Australian Outback 1/2oz Silver Specimen Collection $175.00 2012 $1 ANA Show Koala 1oz Silver BU $99.00 Page 5 Birds of Australia 2013 50c Birds of Australia Red-tailed Black Cockatoo 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2012 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 2012 $1 AAT Emperor Penguin 1oz Silver Proof $104.00 2013 $1 Kookaburra 1oz Silver Unc $39.95 Pages 6 & 7 2012 – the key RAM annual issues 2012 Mini Gold Proof 8-Coin Set $590.00 2012 Silver Proof Year Set (5) $305.00 2012 Proof Set $130.00 2012 Mint Set $32.50 2012 Berlin World Money Fair Edition Mint Set $59.50 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin Proof Set $53.00 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin BU Set $19.00 2012 Annual Coin Sets (5) $274.00 2012 Baby Proof Set $125.00 2012 Baby Mint Set $45.00 2012 Wedding Proof Set $145.00 Page 8 2012 – the year in review... Canada 2012 $20 Diamond Jubilee Silver BU $34.95 Canada 2012 Diamond Jubilee Royal Cypher Silver-plated BU $34.95 GB 1887-92 Jubilee Crown Fine+ $99.00 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee BU $29.95 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $139.00 2012 Diamond Jubilee Royal Silver Set $522.50 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee PNC $44.95 GB 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medallion $9.95 NZ 2012 $1 Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $139.00 Tuvalu 2012 $1 Titanic 1oz Silver Proof $127.00 Alderney 2012 £5 Titanic Silver Proof $139.00 GB 2012 £2 Charles Dickens PNC $29.95 GB 2012 £2 Charles Dickens Bimetal BU $18.95 Page 9 New British Gold £5! GB 2012 £5 St George & Dragon Gold BU $4,250.00 Pages 10 & 11 Magnificent Marine Medley! 2012 50c Manta Ray 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2012 50c Surgeonfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2012 50c Octopus 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2011 50c Hawksbill Turtle 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2011 50c Starfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $65.00 2011-12 50c Australian Sea Life II Collection w/presentation Box $325.00 Tokelau 2012 $5 Marine Life Orca Silver Proof $99.00 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Great Barrier Reef BU $14.95 2010 50c Moray Eel 1/2oz Silver Proof $79.00 Palau 2012 $2 Endless Paradise Silver Proof Collection (5) $495.00 Pitcairn Islands 2011 $2 Fangtooth Deep Sea Fish 1/2oz Silver Proof $89.50 Pitcairn Islands 2011 $2 Black Sea Nettle Jellyfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $89.50 Page 12 The Coins of Colonial Australia GB 1787 Shilling & Sixpence Pair VF $285.00 GB 1787 Shilling VF $189.00 GB 1787 Sixpence VF $121.00 GB 1797 Cartwheel Twopence Fine $145.00 GB 1718 George I Quarter Guinea F-VF $995.00 GB 1762 George III Quarter Guinea F-VF $995.00 GB 1788 Half Guinea F-VF $995.00 GB 1804-13 Military Half Guinea VF $795.00 GB 1797-1800 1/3 Guinea Type I Fine $495.00 GB 1804-1813 1/3 Guinea Type III Fine $495.00 Page 13 Mint Roll Mayhem! 10 x 1977 1c Unc $5.00 1977 1c Mint Roll (50) $10.00 10 x 1979 1c Unc $4.50 1979 1c Mint Roll (50) $9.00 10 x 1980 1c Unc $4.50 1980 1c Mint Roll (50) $9.00 10 x 1981 1c Unc $4.50 Subtotal Column One


Total AU031 AU055 AN293 AU056 AU030 AU057 AU029 AU058 AU028 AU059 AU027 AU060 AN295 AR728 AS504 AS493 AQ428 AN018 AS778 AT911 AT912 AT913 AT914 AT915 AT916 AT917 AT918 AT919 AT920 AT921 AT922 AO787 AO788 AO789 AO790 AO791 AO792 AO793 AO843 AO794 AO795 AO796 AU061 AT872 AE526 AD888 AR892 AU020 AT891 AT892 AT893 AT894

AT309 AT632 AT907 AQ129 AS519 AT730 AT025 AT027 AT053 AS645

Qty A$ Price 1981 1c Mint Roll (50) $9.00 10 x 1987 1c Unc $6.00 1987 1c Mint Roll (50) $12.00 10 x 1988 1c Unc $6.00 1988 1c Mint Roll (50) $12.00 10 x 1990 1c Unc $10.00 1990 1c Mint Roll (50) $20.00 10 x 1975 2c Unc $9.00 1975 2c Mint Roll (50) $18.00 10 x 1977 2c Unc $7.50 1977 2c Mint Roll (50) $15.00 10 x 1980 2c Unc $7.50 1980 2c Mint Roll (50) $15.00 2010 20c Centenary of Australian Tax Office Mint Roll Unc (20) $24.95 2011 20c International Women’s Day Mint Roll (20) $24.95 2011 20c International Volunteers 10th Anniversary Mint Roll (20) $17.95 2009 $1 Centenary of Age Pension Mint Roll Unc (20) $39.95 2007 $1 APEC RAM Mint Roll Unc (20) $45.00 2011 $1 CHOGM Mint Roll (20) $39.95 Page 14 Essential Collector Accessories! Coin Capsules Box of 10 (16.5mm Threepence) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (8mm 1c) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (19.5mm Sixpence & 5c ) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (21mm $2) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (22mm 2c) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (24mm Shilling & 10c) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (25mm $1) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (26mm Halfpenny & $1) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (29mm Florin & 20c) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (31mm Penny) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (32.5mm 50c) $7.95 Coin Capsules Box of 10 (39mm Crown) $7.95 Bag Of 50 Mylars Assorted $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 17.5mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 20mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 22.5mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 25mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 27.5mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 30mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 32.5mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 35mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 37.5mm $9.90 Bag Of 50 Mylars 39.5mm $9.90 Timber Coin Case $19.95 Renniks Australian & NZ Token Values 1st Ed. $39.95 Page 15 World’s most famous Ancient coins Alexander the Great Silver Drachm F-VF $295.00 Vespasian Judaea Capta Silver Denarius Fine $395.00 Athens Owl Silver Tetradrachm VF $895.00 Greece 2011 1€ Athenian Owl Unc $6.95 Page 16 Deadly & Dangerous Low Certificates! Tuvalu 2006 $1 Red-back Spider 1oz Colour Silver Proof Cert # 1 $2,995.00 Tuvalu 2006 $1 Red-back Spider 1oz Colour Silver Proof Cert # 2 $2,995.00 Tuvalu 2008 $1 Blue-ringed Octopus 1oz Colour Silver Proof Cert # 1 $795.00 Tuvalu 2008 $1 Blue-ringed Octopus 1oz Colour Silver Proof Cert # 2 $795.00 On the Order Form... 2012 $1 Battle Of Kapyong 1oz Silver Proof $104.00 Tuvalu 2012 $1 Marilyn Monroe 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 Tuvalu 2012 $1 Dragons Of Legend St George & The Dragon 1oz Silver Proof $114.50 Tuvalu 2009 $1 Transformers Megatron 1oz Silver Proof $80.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Transformers Megatron 1oz Silver Proof $80.00 2012 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 2012 50c 50th Anniversary Of The Australian Ballet Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved 1oz Silver Proof $110.00 2011 $5 Queen’s Visit Al-Br Unc $20.00 2011 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Princes Bridge Silver Unc $109.00 Subtotal Column Two



Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________ SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia For Overseas Rates, see website

$9.25 $12.00 $20.00 FREE

*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges – We will advise cost on a case by case basis

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

Icon in silver…

JUST 5,000 struck!

Celebrating one of the true icons of Celeb the silver screen, this official legal tender coin from the Perth Mint te pays p homage to the ill-fated sex goddess, Marilyn Monroe – who g died in mysterious circumstances exactly 50 years ago.

The ppenultimate issue of the Perth Mint’s Famous Battles Per in Australian History Series, this t official Australian legal tender coin commemorates t Australia’s most significant contribution to the 1950-53 Korean War – at the Battle of Kapyong.

Distinguished by a luminous photographic image of Marilyn, the t broad 40.60mm flan of this exquisitely struck 1oz .999 fine e silver silv Proof also carries a facsimile of Marilyn’s signature. Strictly limited M to a mintage of 12,500, each coin is m beautifully beautifull presented within an official Perth Mint ca case in a superbly illustrated outer box. Completing the presentation, this sparkling Silver Proof is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Bearing a finely detailed, B fully fu struck-up design of an Australian soldier in Korean Aus War kit, the 40.60mm flan of this unique .9 .999 fine silver Proof also featuress an a image of some of the Aussie ddi diggers that halted the Chinese spring offensive at Kapyong, and off therefore prevented the enemy taking the city of Seoul. A fine tribute to this crucial moment in the Korean cr War, tthis exclusive Australian legal tender ten type is strictly limited to a mintage of just 5,000 coins – each set in an official Perth – Mint case with a numbered A$ A $ Certificate of Authenticity. 2012 $1

Eye-catching, exclusive and superbly presented, this impressive coin is the perfect way to secure a lasting celebration of her glittering, if all too short, reign as the Queen of Hollywood.


104 10


TUVALU 2012 $1 MARILYN MONROE 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT632


SELL-OUT imminent!

Megatron’s bac back!

A superlative example of the art of coinage, forming a fantastic way to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, the third coin of the Perth Mint-struck Dragons of Legend Silver Proof Series pays homage to the mythical story of St George & the Dragon. G




Sure Su to impress anyone with an appreciation of the power and a precision precisi of modern minting, there is no doubt doub that a great deal of time and effort has gone e gon into the creation of the stunning reverse design of this striking 1oz .999 fine Silver Proof. A unique legal tender tribute to one of the world’s most famous folkloric tales, the 40.60mm flan bears a dramatic full-colour portrayal of the legendary battle where St George – who w would ultimately become the Patron Saint of many countries, including includi England – slew an evil plague-bearing Dragon. plague Sure to t sell out, as with both of its predecessors, each coin co is set in a Perth Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming A the th mintage of just 5,000.







Struck by the Perth Mint, and a bargain at just A$80 apiece, we have BOTH of the Transformers Megatron Silver Proofs in stock! Comprising a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, each official legal tender Transformers coin is crafted to the finest of Perth Mint Proof quality, and is graced with a dramatic full-colour design of the evil Megatron upon the imposing 40mm flan. A musthave for the legion of Transformers fans, and for any full-colour coin collector, each precious metal Proof is presented within a special Transformers case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the strictly limited mintage of just 5,000.

Eye-catching curves!

True Blue Roo!

Driven by the unique, convex/concave format, Australia’s very first ‘curved’ coin has instantly struck a chord with collectors. A unique Australian legal tender type, the 2012 $5 Southern Sky Curved 1oz Silver Proof is powerful evidence Silv of the RAM’s quest to create iinnovative, distinctively Australian collector coinage. As eyecatching as it is inventive, the concave reverse of this 39.62mm .999 silver Proof features a fullcolour appreciation of the night ssky, highlighted by the stars of the SSouthern Cross.

A collector coin of the utmost quality, 2012 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 the RAM’s 20 Privy 1oz Silver Proof forms a striking tribute to Australia’s most celebrated native icon.

Strictly limited to a mintage of Str rictly lim 10,000, 10,00 Australia’s first convex/ concave coin is housed in con an official RAM case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

An imposing crown-sized coin, the 40mm flan of this 1oz .999 silver Proof is dominated by a bold, muscular design of the kangaroo, bounding across the Outback. Enhancing the strong sense of movement that makes this coin so enchanting, the kangaroo’s shadow has been incorporated into the design, with a windmill in the background.


110 0



2012 $5 SOUTHERN RN SKIES CURVED 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT027


Mintage JUST 1,046! Honouring one of Melbourne’s Melbou most mos famous landmarks, lan the th 2011 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Princes Bridge Silver Unc U is one of Australia’s most mo exclusive Show Products. The T total tota mintage comprised ccomprise a mere 1,046 coins! 1 Struck to Frosted S Unc U quality from 1oz 1 .999 fine silver, this th exclusive 40mm type ty had a maximum mintage of 2,000. As a result of the RAM’s ‘meltdown policy’, however, whereby those coins not sold at the Show or sold during a brief period of availability on the Mint’s website, would be destroyed, the mintage was closed at just 1,046.




We have just a few of this Australian legal tender coin in stock – each set in an official ANDA Show card.

Created for the Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection, the entire mintage of 5,000 was dispatched overseas. Knowing that the RAM was not intending to offer this coin in Australia, we took advantage of our international contacts and secured a small number of coins – each set in a RAM case with a RAM Certificate of Authenticity.

Unique 50c type! Majestic Crown! Whilst the aesthetically hetically brilliant 2012 50c 0c Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary Cu-Ni Unc is certain to appeal to a broad crosssection of the community, this one-yearonly Australian legal tender typee is sure to be highlyy sought after by decimal collectors. Not to be issued for circulation, this is the ONLY way you will be able to secure the 2012 50c Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary Unc – and therefore the only way you can keep your collection complete! Outstanding value at the Official Issue Price of just A$9, each coin is set in an official RAM credit card-style pack.

A unique, distinctive Australian legal tender type, e, this official Royal Australian Mi Mintt iissue was released in honour of the 2011 Royal Tour of Australia by Queen Elizabeth II.




Appropriately, given that the Queen’s 2011 visit to this country was her 16th Royal Tour, the reverse of this imposing 38.74mm diameter Australian legal tender type carries an eye-catching design comprising sixteen crowns. Struck to the height of Uncirculated quality from Al-Zn-Br, and still available at the Royal Australian Mint’s Official Issue A$ Price, the 2011 Royal Visit $5 is beautifully 2011 $5 QUEEN’S VISIT presented within an AL-ZN-BR UNC attractive, official, Official Issue Price freestanding pack. AT053


Mid-September 2012 ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-September 2012 Money Order Form Australian Edition