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Mid August 2012

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AT817 AT703 AT924 AT815 AT445 AT471


AT540 AS119 AT507

AT844 AT843 AT841 AT773 AT653 AT442 AT401 AM182 AK492

AT682 SH142

KC952 AT925 AT926 AT927 AT876 KC953 AM557 AN221 AM743 AM874 AO869 AN539 AO391 AP411 AQ255

Money Mid August 2012 Page 1 Deadly & Dangerous – in .999 GOLD! Tokelau 2012 $5 Deadly & Dangerous 0.5 gram Gold Proof Set $599.00 Pages 2 & 3 Exclusive Aussie Show Products! 2012 $1 Philadelphia ANA Show Colour Koala 1oz Silver BU Please allow three weeks for delivery $99.00 2012 $1 Philadelphia ANA Show Lunar Dragon White 1oz Silver BU Please allow three weeks for delivery $99.00 2012 $1 Sydney ANDA Show Lunar Dragon Blue 1oz Silver BU Please allow three weeks for delivery $99.00 2012 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Lunar Dragon Yellow 1oz Silver BU $99.00 2012 $1 Brisbane ANDA Show Lunar Dragon Purple 1oz Silver BU $125.00 2012 $5 Sydney ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $55.00 2012 $5 Melbourne ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $69.00 2012 $5 Brisbane ANDA Show Capital City Hall Antique Unc $69.00 2012 $5 Perth ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $79.00 Pages 4 & 5 Wars of the 20th Century… 20th Century Wars Collection of Banknotes, Stamps & Coins $295.00 Page 6 A plethora of pearls! Palau 2011 $5 Oyster & Pearl Silver Proof SOLD OUT 2011 $1 Treasures Of Australia Pearl 1oz Silver Proof $249.00 Palau 2012 $5 Marine Life Protection Green Pearl Silver Proof $119.00 Page 7 New from the Perth Mint! 2012 50c Australian Outback 1/2oz Silver Specimen Trio $169.50 2012 $1 China & Australia Friendship 1oz Silver BU $96.00 2012 $1 Sailfish Al-Br BU $14.95 2012 $1 Cheetah Al-Br BU $14.95 2012 $1 Monarch Butterfly Al-Br BU $14.95 2012 $1 Boxing Kangaroos Al-Br BU w/Album $19.95 2012 $1 Boxing Kangaroos Al-Br BU $14.95 Page 8 Exclusive Square Pattern Tributes Australian Square Pattern Proof Collection (24) $299.00 Cook Islands 2006 $1 1919-1921 Square Penny Pattern 1oz Silver Proof $89.95 Page 9 The rare 1921 Kookaburra Square Pattern… 1921 Kookaburra Square Pattern Penny Type 12 aUnc $49,500.00 Page 10 Every Perth Mint Sovereign! 1899-1931 Complete Perth Mint Gold Sovereign Collection VF-Unc $26,995.00 Page 11 Complete from 1938 to 1964! 1938-64 Complete Predecimal Set VF-Unc (189) SAVE A$200 $2,985.00 1938-64 Halfpenny & Penny Set VF-Unc (78) $995.00 1938-64 Threepence & Sixpence Set VF-Unc (58) $695.00 1938-63 Shilling & Florin Set VF-Unc (53) $1,495.00 Page 12 All the way with the USA! USA 1878-1921 Morgan Silver Dollar VF $89.95 USA 2007-2010 $1 Presidents BU Set (16) $59.00 USA 2007 $1 George Washington President BU $4.75 USA 2007 $1 James Madison President BU $4.75 USA 2007 $1 John Adams President BU $4.75 USA 2007 $1 Thomas Jefferson President BU $4.75 USA 2008 $1 Andrew Jackson President BU $4.75 USA 2008 $1 James Monroe President Dollar BU $4.75 USA 2008 $1 John Quincy Adams President BU $4.75 USA 2008 $1 Martin Van Buren President BU $4.75 USA 2009 $1 James K Polk President Dollar BU $4.75 Subtotal Column One



Qty A$ Price AQ254 AP727 AQ833 AR404 AR402 AR403 AR401 AT873 AT935 AT382 AT928 AT929

AT027 AQ683 AE935 AT930 AT572 AT584 AT887 KC954 AT549 AM176 AQ276 AT931 AQ055 AT932 AT933 AT934 AQ324 AQ695 AT281 AR923 AT751 AT797 AT509 AT058 AT902 AR970

USA 2009 $1 John Tyler President Dollar BU USA 2009 $1 William Henry Harrison President Dollar BU USA 2009 $1 Zachary Taylor President Dollar BU USA 2010 $1 Abraham Lincoln President Dollar BU USA 2010 $1 Franklin Pierce President Dollar BU USA 2010 $1 James Buchanan President Dollar BU USA 2010 $1 Millard Fillmore President Dollar BU USA 2012 $1 Presidents BU P&D Mintmarks Set (8) USA 2012 $1 Presidents BU Set (4) USA 2009 DC & Territories Gold-plated Quarter Collection (6) USA 2009 Quarter Columbia District Mint Bag (100) USA 2009 Quarter Puerto Rico District Unc Mint Bag (100) Page 13 Cracking curved coins! 2012 $5 Southern Sky Curved 1oz Silver Proof France 2009 10€ Moon Landing Curved Silver Proof 1986 Israel President Visit To Australia Silver Medal 1986 Israel President Visit To Australia Tombac Medal Page 14 Medieval English Silver… GB Edward III 1327-77 Silver Half Groat F-VF GB Henry VI 1422-61 Silver Half Groat good Fine Page 15 A fine British selection… Spink 2012 Coins Of England 47th Ed. GB 1757-58 6d & 1/- Pair F-VF GB 1758 Shilling F-VF GB 1757-58 6d VF GB 1860-92 Farthing Laurel Wreath Head Ave Circ GB 1895-1910 Victoria & Edward VII Farthing Pair VG GB 1911-56 Farthings Monarch Set VF+ GB 1893-1901 Veiled Head 3d VG GB 1902-10 Penny & Halfpenny Pair VG GB 1911-36 Half Crown Pair VG-Fine GB 1967 Penny & Halfpenny Pair Unc x 10 GB 2010 £1 Capital Cities BU Pair Page 16 New Roos at Sunset! 2012 $25 Kangaroo At Sunset 1/5oz Gold Proof 2011 $25 Kangaroo At Sunset 1/5oz Gold Proof 2012 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset 1/5oz Silver Proof On the Order form… Canada 2012 $10 Praying Mantis Silver Proof Tokelau 2012 $5 Exotic Butterfly 3D Silver Proof Palau 2011 $2 Bumblebee 1/2oz Silver Proof GB 2012 £5 Countdown PNC GB £5 Great British Icons Silver Proof Collection Subtotal Column Two


$4.75 $4.75 $4.75 $4.75 $4.75 $4.75 $4.75 $29.95 $16.95 $49.95 $199.00 $199.00 $110.00 $159.00 $152.00 $19.95 $299.00 $249.00 $49.95 $249.00 $169.50 $119.50 $5.50 $9.95 $4.95 $9.95 $4.95 $39.95 $19.95 $27.95 $995.00 $995.00 $65.00 $89.95 $129.00 $89.50 $25.00 $475.00


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SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia For Overseas Rates, see website

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A MOMENT IN TIME captured forever… Capturing a fleeting moment in the life of the natural world, this poignant precious metal C Proof from the Royal Canadian Mint represents a spectacular synthesis of the art of numismatics and the art of photography – and a collector coin of the utmost quality. Struck to immaculate Proof standard from 15.87 grams of pure, prestigious .9999 silver – the highest standard of silver purity in international numismatics – this official legal tender coin is distinguished by a faultless recreation of an award-winning image by noted te photographer Robert Ganz. Depicting a Praying Mantis in perfect profile bending a grass ph flower ow earthward, this moving image was selected by Canada Geographic as its Wildlife Photograph of the Year in 2011. Testimony to the power and precision of modern minting, the Photo photograph photogra of this fascinating predatory insect has been reproduced in astonishing detail upon the 34mm flan of the 2012 $10 Praying Mantis Silver Proof. Surprisingly exclusiv exclusive, given the fierce demand for all Royal Canadian Mint issues, the worldwide mintage has been restricted to a mere 7,500 coins. 

Tiny worldwide mintage just 7,500 coins

Struck to flawless Proof quality from 15.87g of .9999 fine silver


Official Canadian legal tender – measures 34mm in diameter

Beautifully presented within a plush, official Royal Canadian Mint case


Complete with an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity




Unique q 3D Butterfly Silver Proof! A sensation sensational opportunity to experience one of the latest and greatest innovations in modern numismatics, we have just a few examples of this stunning 3D butterfly tribute tribut left in stock! A spectacular example of the latest in modern minting, it looks as tthough this mesmerising butterfly has just landed on the coin! A highly original addition to any collection, this astonishing legal tender coin ccelebrates the butterfly Ornithoptera priamus. A vibrantly coloured butterfly, found in northeast Australia, this distinctive species forms the perfect subject for a full-colour coin – especially when portrayed in 3D! Blessed with wings arrayed with a superb, shimmering green and black pattern, the Ornithoptera priamus looks amazing recreated in full-colour on this 38.61mm legal tender coin. Creating the most lifelike tribute one could imagine, the butterfly literally Creati sits upon the surface of the coin, with its iridescent, translucent wings poised above the w explosive full-colour flower design. With the worldwide mintage of 2,500 sold out at speed, and our stock now cconsisting of just a few coins, you must not let this opportunity flutter by! mu

Tiny mintage just 1,000! Underpinned by a vibrant full-colour reverse design, lustrous silver and impeccable Proof quality, this impressive legal tender tribute to the Bumblebee (Bombus latreille) is perhaps most notable for the extraordinarily exclusive mintage. A mere 1,000 examples of the 2011 $2 Bumblebee 1/2oz Silver Proof were struck for worldwide distribution!




It will come as no shock that, in light of current demand for full-colour animal coins, this tiny worldwide mintage was simply devastated by demand – as was our original allocation. Struck to immaculate Proof quality from half a troy ounce of sterling silver, and capturing the Bumblebee’s distinctive black and yellow markings upon the near crown-sized 35mm flan, we are delighted to have secured just a few more examples of this distinctive precious metal Proof whilst at the World’s Fair of Money held in Philadelphia earlier this month. A fine addition to any full-colour coin collection, each official legal tender coin of the tropical paradise of the Republic of Palau is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity providing official confirmation of the tiny mintage of 1,000.




Official London 2012 Olympics PNC! Official, eye-catching and fantastic value-formoney, this splendid new Philatelic Numismatic Cover (PNC) from Britain’s Royal Mail forms the perfect – and perfectly affordable – way to secure a permanent record of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Celebrating the beginning of the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza, with the date of the Opening Ceremony enshrined in the postmark, the London 2012 Olympic Games PNC is headlined by the Royal Mint’s striking 38.61mm diameter 2012 Countdown £5 BU coin. The final issue of the Mint’s 2009-12 Countdown £5 Series, this official British legal tender £5 crown is set upon a card, and housed within a delightfully illustrated cover. The perfect complement to this intriguing, highly original work of numismatic art, the cover is adorned with four spectacularly colourful, official Royal Mail stamps. Superbly designed, each stamp unites one of London’s most iconic landmarks – including the Tate Modern, the Tower Bridge, the Olympic Stadium and the London Eye – with an action shot of an Olympian. An ‘Official Product of London 2012’, distinguished by the presence of the official 2012 Olympic Games logo, this impressive commemorative PNC tribute is also a strictly limited edition. With our allocation tightly restricted as a consequence, we highly recommend an early order!




Official £5 Crowns of the London 2012 Olympic Games! Officially authorised by the London Organising Committee of the and Paralympic Games – and featuring Olympic Games Ga G Olympic the Olym pi Rings on every coin! – the Great British ritish Silver Icons Silv ver Proof Collection forms a wonderful you way for yo ou to celebrate what has been a fantastic truly fantas st fortnight of intense sporting competition. competit tio collection of quality, character and A ccol colour, co olo this splendid presentation comprises six 38.61mm sterling silver co om ££5 Proofs – each highlighted by the official London 2012 Olympic Gamess logo in full-colour, incorporating the Olympic Rings. A strictly limited edition, ion,, and sure to be sought after in the future aan re collectors as much as by Olympic memorabilia m collectors, this memor memorable British legal tender set forms coin collectors a compelling, permanent keepsake of the hugely successful London 2012 Olympic Games. AAlso a must-have for those enchanted by the imaginative artistry and technical excellence of Britain’s Royal Mint, we have only a few of this prestigious collection left in stock.




An officially endorsed London 2012 Olympic Games commemorative

Each coin adorned with the official London 2012 Olympicc Games logo – in full-colour!

Comprises six 28.28g sterling silver £5 coins – each struck to flawless Proof quality

Official British legal tender, with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II found on each obverse

Set within an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity and Story Cards

AUS - Mid-August 2012 - ORDER FORM  
AUS - Mid-August 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-August Money Order Form Australian Edition