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August 2012

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Bringing the Aussie Outback to life! JUST 5,000 SETS ISSUED WORLDWIDE! The first time that kookaburra, kangaroo and koala coins have been united in a single full-colour collection, this groundbreaking new presentation from the Perth Mint forms a glowing tribute to Australia’s most beloved native animals. Given the Perth Mint’s mastery of full-colour, it is somewhat surprising that this state-of-the-art minting technique has never been applied extensively to any of the world-renowned kookaburra, kangaroo and koala coin series. Indeed, when full-colour has been employed in these key collector programs, ograms, it has been used in n moderation – highlighting rather than dominating the coin.

Bringing Australia’s iconic Outback creatures to life, it is the extensive application of full-colour that makes the 2012 50c Australian Outback 1/2oz Silver Specimen Collection so exciting! An official Australian legal tender issue, this eyecatching set comprises three coins – each crafted to the height of Specimen quality from 1/2oz of .999 fine silver. Capturing the essence of the great Aussie Outback, the near crown-sized 36.60mm flan of each coin has been precisely embellished with full-colour, with the koala, kookaburra and kangaroo

contrasting beautifully against the shimmering silver. A fine setting for this pioneering precious metal presentation, each set is housed within the plush confines of an official case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Individually serial-numbered, that Certificate confirms the extremely limited availability of this striking presentation. Just 5,000 sets have been issued worldwide! With demand for such a quintessentially Australian coin collection sure to be huge – both at home and overseas – our allocation has been strictly limited.

Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 5,000 collections Comprises three 36.60mm .999 fine silver 1/2oz Specimen coins Official Australian legal tender – superbly enhanced with colour! Beautifully presented within a plush, official Perth Mint case Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity Excellent value-for-money at the Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price!




Major breakthrough!

Rare French Curved coin!

Struck to Proof One of the standard from t world’s firs 22.2g of 90% silver, modern coin this release sparked k uc str types to be huge interest when in the convex/ unveiled in 2009. t concave forma Marking the First employed for the Moon Landing 40th ern 2012 $5 South anniversary, with Sky Curved 1oz the convex reverse Silver Proof, an depicting the Moon exhaustive search and the famous n of the Europea n ‘Lunar footprint’, market means we ca the mintage of e, rar offer France’s d 2009 hotly pursued 10€ Moon Landing err Curved Silve Proof!

10,000 sold out at speed. Rarely offered and rising in value, we have secured just ten examples of this highly original work of modern minting, with each 37mm 10€ set in a Monnaie de Paris case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


A breathtaking breakthrough by the Royal Australian Mint, Downies is delighted to be able to reveal Australia’s very first ‘curved coin’! A major leap forward by the craftsmen at Australia’s national mint, this unprecedented Australian legal tender type is destined to be one of the most sought after issues of 2012.

The Coin of the Year? Testimony to the RAM’s never-ending quest to create innovative, distinctively Australian collector coinage, the 2012 $5 Southern Sky Curved 1oz Silver Proof has been struck in a convex/ concave format. Crafted to Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this ou groundbreaking release is gr one of perhaps four or five on modern coin types worldwide m created in this remarkable cr dish-shaped style, with every di one of those coins swept on away by overwhelming aw demand. de



The iconic Southern Cross… Honouring one of the nation’s most iconic symbols, the 39.62mm flan is distinguished by a spellbinding portrayal of the constellation, the Southern Cross. One of the brightest of the 88 modern constellations, and among the most visible features of the southern sky, the fully struck-up stars of the Southern Cross contrast brilliantly with the entrancing full-colour depiction of the night sky. With the Southern Cross serving as a navigational beacon for centuries, and playing a key role in Australia’s social, cultural and political life since the time of European Settlement, this powerful Australian theme will undoubtedly intensify demand for this pioneering precious metal Proof.

Sensational Solar Sys Typical of the originality, imagination and technical aptitude of the craftsmen at the Mint of Poland, captivating legal this cap tender tend collection forms an inspiring form full-colour, f fu precious metal pr tribute to the tr Solar So System.

Representing the eight planets found in our Solar System, and the Sun around which they orbit, the 2012 10R Solar System Silver Proof Collection comprises nine coins. Struck to faultless Proof quality from 10g of sterling silver, each of the eight planet coins carries an intriguing, highly creative design, highlighted by an image of the relevant

planet rendered in fullcolour. The 10g sterling silver Sun 10R coin is finished, appropriately, in pure .9999 gold. Individually brilliant examples of the latest in modern minting, the nine coins move to a new level when united as one collection – in part due to the ingenious presentation. The perfect finishing touch to a truly mesmeric legal tender 2

Australia’s first curved coin launched! Sell-out certain… Informed opinion from those within the industry is that the 2012 $5 Southern Sky Curved d 1oz Silver Proof is the most creative, most technically proficient coin produced by the RAM in years. It is sure to be among the most sought after. Indeed, given the originality of this new release, and the hunger of the market for that ‘something g different’, the surprisingly low mintage of 10,000 is sure to be blown away by demand. An irresistible opportunity to own an utterly unique Australian legal tender type, secure your piece of numismatic history at the RAM’s affordable fordable Official fficial Issue sue Price!

An official Australian legal tender issue, this unusual dish-shaped .999 fine silver Proof bears the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the convex obverse



2012 $5 SOUTHERN SKY CURVED 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT027

■ ■ ■

Major innovation! on! Australia’s first convex/concave coin! Struck to Proof quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver Part of an exclusive worldwide mintage of just 10,000

■ ■ ■

Australian legal tender of $5 – measures 39.62mm Beautifully presented within an official RAM case Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

tem Silver Set! collection, each set is housed in an inventive, illustrated, official case, with each planet coin placed in its correct orbital path around the Sun coin. With demand for this cosmic collection sure to be out of this world, we highly recommend an early order!

■ ■

■ ■

Spellbinding 9-coin legal tender tribute to the Solar System Unites eight full-colour ‘planet’ coins with a .9999 gold-plated Sun coin Each 32mm Proof coin struck from 10g of sterling silver Taken from a limited worldwide mintage of 11,111 BELARUS 2012 10 ROUBLES SOLAR AR Set in an inventive, SYSTEM SILVER PROOF ROOF official case with COLLECTION N Certificate of Authenticity AT722



Australia Toll Aust stt ra rali lia li aT oll free 1300 788 358 3

Underpinned by purity, prestige and potential, the 18991931 Complete Perth Mint Gold Sovereign Collection is a core element of Australia’s numismatic heritage – and one of the most exhilarating acquisitions the collector or investor can make.

A comprehensive collection… An extremely rare opportunity, this collection gives you the chance to secure an example of each sovereign struck at the Perth Mint – in betterthan-usually-seen Very Fine to Uncirculated quality! From the 1899P, struck in the year that the new colonial branch of the Royal Mint opened its doors, to the 1931P, issued as Australia abandoned the Gold Standard in the midst of the Great Depression, every single Perth Mint sovereign date can be yours with one order.

The Complete 1899-1931 Perth Mint Sovereign Co A plethora of key dates… Issued during the reigns of Queen Victoria (1899-1901), Edward VII (1902-10) and George V (1911-31), this inspiring presentation comprises thirty-three sovereigns – each struck from 7.98g of 22-carat gold. Hotly pursued as a complete collection, the Perth Mint sovereign series is also notorious for the presence of some of

Australia’s most sought after individual dates. Featuring one of the key dates in the entire Commonwealth Sovereign series, the rare 1926P, the series is also highlighted by the 1899P (3rd lowest mintage sovereign from 1855-1919; just 691,000 struck!), as well as the scarce 1925P, 1927P and 1929P. These desirable dates are all included in this

collection – as well as such crucial coins as the scarce WWI era 1916P and 1917P, low mintage 1928P (just 133,000 struck!), rare 1930P and scarce last issue 1931P.

A sumptuous presentation… A suitable standard of presentation for one of the most important, most prestigious coin collections in Australian

history, the 33-coin 1899-1931 Complete Perth Mint Gold Sovereign Collection is housed within a luxurious, lockable, highgloss black timber case. Preserving the quality of the coins for the longterm, each sovereign is set in a capsule, which fits neatly within the plush, custom-made coin trays found within the case. Guaranteeing the precise weight and purity of each 22-carat 4

llection gold coin, a Certificate of Authenticity is also included.

Limited window of opportunity… A seldom seen opportunity to explore Australia’s golden history, we strongly recommend an early order. With the Perth Mint sovereign series highlighted by many scarce to rare dates, it took us months to assemble the twelve

collections we originally had available. With seven of those sets snapped up last month, there’s no time to lose!


I Includes an example of e every Perth Mint e Sovereign date S ffrom 1899 to 1931 ■ G Grading from VF to Unc, the 33-coin U set is in betterthan-usually-seen quality ■ Set in a lavish, high-gloss, lockable timber case with a Certificate of Authenticity ■ Immediate action a must! Limited number of sets left in stock!



Over the e 33-yearr pe peri ri rio od d of sovereign producti tio on n in th the west, the Pe rth Mint employed fou r distinct obverse portraits. Designe d by Sir Thomas Brock, the distin guish effigy of Queen Vic ed Veiled Head toria appears on the coins struck from 1899 to 1901 , with the regal po rtrait of Edward VII by George de Sa ulles gracing the obverse from 19 02 to 1910. Crea ted by Australian art ist Bertram Macke nnal, the George V La rge Head portrait was used from 19 11 to 1928, with the George V Modified Portrait employed for the last three dates – 1929-31 .

Australia 358 Austra llia Toll free 1300 788 88 3 58 5


in o c ’ r te s y ‘O g in n in -w d r Awa amed the 2011 Na N echnology Coin T Te o off the Year at the e ent COINS2012 rrec e event in Moscow, his h s unprecedented, tthi th nuine legal tender gen g coin not only

Only features a real pearl released e ers rev the in ed dd embe this year, as a ed ap sh n fla – it features a result of delays like an oyster shell! in production due to the A startling example of the difficulty in striking of power and adaptability such a sophisticated 11 modern minting, the 20 coin, the award-winning $5 Oyster & Pearl Silver 2011 $5 Oyster & Pearl d, just Proof has been create Silver Proof has proven in a al nu an the as lar interestingly enough, pu as po t out at concave/convex forma Pearl $5 issue – sold for yed 2005 m fro r that emplo yea ry eve similar to th d spee 12 20 g -coin kin 00 rea 2,0 db the the groun to 2012. With g 25 tic exo ern Sky Curved s thi of $5 Souther ge minta 3. ed 2& tat pp vas on de o of of Silver Pro .999 silver Pro to le ab re we we , Perfectly recreating the nd ma by de of t en n– tio nm ca viro allo en y al tin natur secure only a der ten al leg l lustrous, authentic icia the lu off ch ea with a whiite pearl, the coin set in a case with d y. pe cit nti the oyster-sha Au of te ica Certif 38mm x 30mm .999 si silver flan features a mmering shim hollogram on PALAU 2011 $5 the concave OY STER & PEARL erse, with reve SILVER PROOF Coat of the C AT540 of Palau Arms o on the found o obverse. convex o


Giant of the Deep… A fine tribute to one of the few remaining sea cow species, and the perfect partner for the coin at right, this official legal tender release pays homage to the biggest surviving ocean-

dwelling planteating mammal – the Dugong. Distinguished by a fully struck-up design of this ‘giant of the deep’ on its 38.61mm flan, standing out against the full-colour marine s ne, each 20g sce st sterling silver P of is set in a Pro case complete w with a Certificate o Authenticity of c nfirming the co m mintage of just 2 00. 2,5

Exclusive Dugong tribute!




Taken from a tiny worldwide mintage of just 2,500, this ur magnificent full-colo coin from the Perth Mint forms a striking tribute to Western Australia’s Shark Bay, and one its key residents – the iconic Dugong. y Struck to Proof qualit from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, this imposing crown-sized coin is distinguished by a majestic fullcolour design upon its 40.60mm flan. Symbolising the sundrenched waters of the World Heritage Listed Shark Bay,




this entrancing Australian legal tender $1 also depicts the giant plant-eating mammal, the Dugong – one of many species found in an area teeming with marine life. The last coin of the Perth Mint’s 2011-12 ANDA Show Series, each 1oz .999 silver Proof is set in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, and l housed within an officia x. bo ter ou ow Sh ANDA 2012 $1 PERTH ANDA SHOW CELEBRATE AU A STRALIA SHARK BAY 1oz SILVER PROOF A$




w w.twit r.c com//downies co book.c com/d om m/downies es s 6

The fastest fish in the ocean! A vivid full-colour tribute to the spectacular Sailfish – the fastest fish in the ocean – this Australian legal tender release from the Perth Mint is official, affordable and, with just 7,500 struck, surprisingly exclusive for a Brilliant Uncirculated coin. One of the fastest creatures on the planet, the Sailfish

has been known to reach speeds of 110 kilometres per hour. To put that into context, the best swimmers competing in London this month might achieve a speed of 8km/hr! Growing to some 3 metres in length, and notorious for its breathtaking leaps out of the water, the Sa Sailfish is also well for w ll known we k its i s phenomenal, it ph ever-changing evercolours. colo

Able to transform instantly from subdued greys and browns to vibrant purples and silvers, the Sailfish is as eye-catching as it is hard to catch! A must-have for any full-colour coin collector, the 2012 $1 Sailfish Al-Br BU carries a vivid design upon its 30.60mm flan, with this speedy species perfectly recreated in colour. lour. Set within an

official Perth Mint card packed with illustrations and information about the Sailfish, the Official Issue Price of this Australian legal tender $1 has been set at a mere A$14.95 – simply sensationall value-formoney for a fullcolour coin!!



2012 $1 SAILFISH AL-BR BU Official Issue Price AT841

An official Australian legal tender issue, with the Rank-Broadley portrait of Elizabeth II found on the obverse, each coin is set in an official Perth Mint card

Massive Manta Ray Eagerly anticipated by those seeking to complete their seeki Sea Life II collection, the Perth P Pe r Mint’s 2012 50c Manta Ray 1/2oz Silver M Ma Proof will also catch Pr the th eye of anyone entranced by the en Mint’s world-renowned M full-colour minting fu techniques. te tec Struck to Proof quality from Stru m 1/2oz of .999 fine silver, this exclusive coin honours the exclus massive Manta Ray. Typically growing 3m 3 to 4m across, this unusual creature is well known c for its extraordinary body shape and triangular ‘wings’ which it uses to ‘fly’ through the ocean. Harmless to humans, yet once feared for its ‘monstrous’ appearance, the distinctive anatomy of this gigantic creature has been captured perfectly in full-colour upon the 36.60mm flan of this Australian legal tender coin. Taken T a from a llimited im mintage o off 10,000, each .99 fine Silver .999 Pro is housed Proof n an a official Perth in Min case with a Mint numbe numbered Certificate Auth of Authenticity


A coin with real bite! on its prey, the 2012 $2 Defined by Great White Shark the unparalleled Silver Proof carries presentation, what is arguably the mesmeric the most realistic application of portrayal of a shark full-colour and the ever seen upon limited availability, a coin! Perfectly this Great White complemented by Shark $2 coin is a splash of fullmost notable for the colour, representing stunning design. the ocean, each .999 fine silver coin Capturing the horrifying appearance also features bitemarks, piercing the of this man-eating monster as its giant 40.70mm diameter jaws set to snap shut flan!


Set in a unique ‘water-filled’ case, featuring a shark skin feel lid, the mintage of this coin has been set at just 5,000. The coin is not available until late August, but, given that a rapid-fire sell-out is anticipated, we felt compelled to rush you news of this release at the earliest possible juncture. Immediate action a must!



2012 50c SEA LIFE II MANTA RAY 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT705

NIUE 2012 $2 GR K GREAT WHITE SHARK SILVER PROOF AT828 Delivery late August D

Australia Toll free 13 1300 A ustra 3 00 0 788 358 7

Sure to sell-out within days…

the ■ The second in st notable for the mo of p Ma ive as , los ve exp As distincti Map of Australia flan. ver Sil alia as d str an Au e siv clu ex Comprising an ounce BU Series! definitively Australian of .999 fine silver, it the r, sso ce ted de pre its as ■ Mintage restric is this unusual shape ins co 00 second issue of the 6,0 to the al that inspired Perth Mint’s sensation – rapid sell-out overwhelming interest r ve Sil a ali str Map of Au the certain in in in the first co no BU Series is sure to is re the d an , ies ser ■ Crafted to be as sought after. s new Map thi t tha t Specimen quality ub do r, l e ine wil With that predecesso se ea rel alia str from 1oz of .999 fin Au of e celebrating the sam the to silver T be subject Kookaburra, SOLD OU th losive demand. exp SS Struck by the Perth LE ■ in at the Mint ll sel icia fire off idas an rap nt ly a Mi With THAN A WEEK, on ender er out of the 6,000-coin Australian legal ten immediate phone ord d an , ble vita ine the ge minta t in an official case will ensure you have refore ■ Se the n tio s ca thi g allo r rin ou cu se with a numbered chance of cannot overstate to we ute y, tin trib g din bin Certificate of ell sp the need for an early Authenticity the Australian emu. – by phone. If you er ord the il, Highlighted by send your order by ma l exquisite Specimen wil u yo ail, em n or eve strike, the precise miss out. Call us today lful of on ati applic on 1300 788 358, and ive colour and the exclus guarantee supply of worldwide mintage of one of Australia’s most just 6,000, this official innovative coins. r Australian legal tende coin is, of course,



M P OF 2012 $1 MA L EMU AUSTRALIA V R BU 1oz SILVE Is ue Price Official Iss AT842 Limit one per household

Just 5,000 coins struck! Enshrining the flourishing friendship between Australia and China in Australian legal tender, this crownsized .999 silver coin is official, eye-catching and astonishingly exclusive. The worldwide mintage has been set at just 5,000! A highly symbolic tribute to the developing economic, political, cultural and social ties of the two great nations – beginning with the establishment of formal diplomatic relations Dominated by a bold, muscular design of the kangaroo bounding across the Australian Outback, this imposing 40mm .999 silver Proof forms a striking tribute to Australia’s primary native icon. Struck by the RAM for an

exactly 40 years ago in 1972 – the broad 40.60mm flan of this unique type features the animal emblems of Australia and China respectively. Also highlighted by a bold, bright full-colour version of each nation’s flag, this impressive coin is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the limited mintage. That mintage of 5,000 seems like a serious underestimation of demand. nd.

international coin program, with the entire 5,000coin mintage dispatched overseas, we have only a few w coins available e – each set in an official RAM case with a RAM Certificate of Authenticity.

Indeed, with anticipated demand in China alone set to wipe out this meagre figure, we have been granted the tiniestt of allocations.


Official O f Australian le eg tender legal b – bearing the por portrait of Queen Eliza Elizabeth II


2012 $1 CHINA & AUSTRALIA FRIENDSHIP 1oz SILVER BU Official Issue Price AT843

Carving coin C g out a coin n above, China’s China’ strong niche in the enchanting one-years international silver only legal tender i nder crown market, China’s 2012 10 Yuan c n annual 40mm 1oz Silver 1oz BU a U Silver Panda sells is sure to S out prove no o year after year. Struck to Brilliant exception S Uncirculated standard to the U from a troy ounce rule. f of o .999 fine silver, CHINA 2012 10 YUAN PANDA A and the compulsory 1oz SILVER BU U complement to the A$ 55 China-Australia AT742 Friendship



AT730 8


The Wombat in Sell-out certain!

Certain to be as pursued as th hotly fine silver, the e Opal key Koala Silver aspect of the Proof – sold 2012 out at the Per $1 Opal Wom th Mint in ba less than a w 1oz Silver Pro t eek! – we of is are delighted that it has the to give our sa clients what mintage as th me is likely to e Opal be a once-inKoala. There aare chance to ow lifetime 8,000 coins av only n the new ai 2012 $1 Opa to the entire w lable l Wombat or ldwide 1oz Silver Pro market, and, of! with a sell-out inevita Defined by a bl breathtaking allocation is na e, our fusion of prec turally tin ious metal nyy.. and authentic If you want to Australian ex pe rie nc ce e opal, this grou this latest – an ndbreaking ■ Struck d possiblyy series has pr gr ea test – expres oved a si to Proof on major triumph of the power for the of modern quality from Perth Mint. A m in ting, then yo rguably 1oz of pure, lu even better th CALL us now u must strous an similarly . A phone .9 99 99 silver innovative, hi or de r is essential. ghly sought Such ■ Genuine after issues su will be the de , pure ch as the mand Australian blac Treasures of fo r th e 2012 $1 Opa Australia k l opal embedd Silver Proofs Wombat 1oz ed and Silver Proof in every coin! award-winning that if you mai Crystal l your Silver Proofs, or ■ de r, W or orldwide ev en se th $1 Opal Koala e 2012 email, you will nd it by m in tage just Silver si mply be Proof instantly too late. 8,000 – sell-ou captured t attention wor guaranteed ldw Given the num ide. ■ Austral ber of ian collectors left emptylegal tender An unusual, ex handed after tre the Koala – measures attractive Austr mely ali sold out in re tender obverse an legal cord time, 36.60mm in type, with the Opal Wom the portrait of bat Silver diameter Elizabeth II surrounded by Proof is expe a distinctive, cted to sell■ Tiny al highly decora out even fast location – tive circular er motif limit of one co predecessor. than its in per household m ust apply A spectacula r tribute to one of Austral ia beloved nativ ’s most e creatures, created throug h wondrous am a algam of pure, genuine 2012 $1 OPAL A W 1oz SILVER PROMBAT black opal an ustralian OOF d .999 Official Is


Co C om mplete with a num nu mbered Certi ficate of Au Autth he en nttic iciity ty,, eac ch .999 Silv Si lve err Proof is se t in an of offic ficial case feat a light set in th uring e lid l – re representing the moon sh shining down on the no nocturnal wo mbatt!



sue Price AT840

Limit one per household

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 9

Just NINE coins left in stock! Catching the eye of military aficionados, as well as those enchanted by the finest in state-of-theart minting, the 2012 $5 Vietnam War 5oz Silver Proof has, as predicted, proved a major hit across the globe. The 400-coin mintage g is now sold out!

As a result of the political controversies surrounding the conflict, the efforts of Australian service personnel during the Vietnam War have often been overlooked. Preserving and passing on the Anzac Spirit, the 50,000+ Australian men and women that took p part in the nation’s

‘longest war’ served Australia with pride, courage and determination. In large part, the demand for the 2012 $5 Vietnam War 5oz Silver Proof is due to the fact that this coin represents a rare opportunity to pay homage to their contribution to Australia’s proud military Australia heritage. heritage and beyond the Above a ongoing interest strong o Australian military in all Aus commemoratives, comm gargantuan this g

65mm .999 fine silver 5oz Proof has also commanded the attention of those entranced by the largest precious metal coins – and those seeking coins defined by extremely exclusive limited availability. Likely to be your final opportunity to be one of just 400 to proudly call this coin your own, we have just NINE examples of the 2012 $5 Vietnam War 5oz Silver Proof left in stock.

Worldwide mintage of 400 coins – now sold out! Crafted to Proof quality from 5oz .999 fine silver Official Niue legal tender – measures a huge 65mm in diameter Set in a timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity



NIUE 2012 $5 VIETNAM NIU WAR 5oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price O SH120

Measuring a massive 65mm in diameter, each legal tender coin is crafted from a whopping FIVE OUNCES of .999 fine silver!


Just 5 apiece! A$

A fine tribute to those who took on the VC at Long Tan, this poignant Lapel Pin represents the Long Tan Cross – a memorial erected in 1969 at the site of the battle. Finished with white enamel, and graced with a colour insert depicting the ribbons of official Australian medals issued during the Vietnam War, each gold-plated 27mm x VIETNAM WAR 22mm lapel pin is set LONG TAN CROSS LAPEL PIN on an illustrated card. A$ 5 A must-have at a mere A$5 apiece! AQ241

Struck by the Perth Mint, this unique Australian legal tender coin honours the efforts of Aussie diggers at the Battle of Long Tan – one of the fiercest engagements of the Vietnam War. In August 1966, a small Australian Army contingent encountered the Viet Cong in a rubber plantation near the village of Long Tan. Receiving help from allied personnel and Australian artillery, the tiny force of 108 men held off the 2,000-strong VC force for over four hours amid a tropical downpour. Depicting an Australian soldier in Vietnam War kit, united

with an image of Aussie soldiers at Long Tan, this .999 silver Proof forms sa compelling tribute te to one of Australia’s s most decisive military triumphs. s. A poignant military commemorative, each 40.60mm coin is housed in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the limited worldwide mintage of 5,000.



2012 $1 LONG TAN 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT518 ce ebo book c own nies es s 10

Limited edition just 1,000! Issued Is ssued tto commemorate the commem comme 50th anniversary of an nni the start sta of Australia’s 10-year involvement 10-y in i the t Vietnam War, this stunning W Wa collection forms co a meaningful way for fo Australians to to pay homage to to the 50,000+ brave bra men and women wom who so proudly proud served their c country during Australia’s A t alia’s longest, Austra controversial most co military milita engagement. eng Presented Pre within a wi prestigious p timber display tim case, this ca glorious glo collection col comprises com superbly six su designed Vietnam designe medallions – War medal each struck to

immaculate Proof quality from silverplated brass. Measuring a massive 50mm in diameter, each of those medallions bears a striking full-colour design honouring an element of the Australian war machine that served in Vietnam, with the Navy, the Infantry, the Air Force, Armour, Artillery and Signals all featured. A commanding, authentic military commemorative presentation, each fullcolour reverse motif is a perfect reproduction of the work of a celebrated Australian artist, including Ken McFadyen – the official Australian war artist in Vietnam. Distinguished by the application of full-colour on both sides, the obverse of each 50mm medallion features the 50th Vietnam 5

anniversary insignia, united with a colour portrayal of Vietnam War campaign ribbons. A poignant way to honour the often unheralded efforts of Australian service personnel in Vietnam, the 2012 Vietnam War 50th Anniversary SilverPlated Medallion Set is surprisingly affordable – especially considering the limited availability. y. Given that only 1,000 0 sets have been issued, ed, the average price of A$39.85 per large silver-plated, colour medallion represents fantastic collector value.


Tiny y world worldwide ldwide limited edition restricted to just 1,000 sets! Comprises six huge 50mm Proof medallions – plated in precious silver Set in a timber case with numbered Certificates of Authenticity Top value-for-money at an average price of under A$40 per medallion!



The first Aussies ‘on the ground’

National Liberation Finished in genuine Front an Respon R nd din ing g to request silver, this 50mm sts military win d its g, the fro m So uth Vie tnam, medallion pays homa Viet Cong. Depicting ge Australia sent Arm y to the first Aussies an AATTV member training advisers in to serve in Vietnam – ad vising a South Au gu st of 1962 to the Australian Army Vietnam soldier, ass ist the loc al forces Training Team Vietna with the AATTV 50th m in the war against the (AATTV). anniversary insignia communist-backed on the obverse, this

unique, imposing medallion forms a striking tribute to the key role of the AATTV, and to the start of Australia’s lon g involvement in the conflict. Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming

the edition of 1,000, each 50mm silverplated medallion is presented in a stylish steel and leatherette case. 2012 VIETNAM WAR 50th ANNIVERSARY AATTV SILVERPLATED MEDALLION A$



Australia free A u st Au stra t rali lia li a To T o ll ffre Toll ree re e 13 1300 00 7 788 88 3 358 58 11

Rome on the Danube Collection – COMPLETE!







Honouring Roman H c cities established o on the famous River D Danube, this stunning collection forms a c unique window into u Austria’s intriguing A Ancient past. Now, A with the release of w the last coin of the series, celebrating Brigantium, you have B the chance to own the th COMPLETE 2010-12 C 20€ Rome on the 2 Danube Silver Proof D Set in one hit! S Celebrating the Roman C cities of Vindobona, c Virunum, Carnuntum, Aguntum, Lauriacum and Brigantium, this spectacular program will impress anyone enchanted with the art of numismatics. Truly

eye-catching, each of the six 34mm 18g 90% silver coins is struck to the Mint’s most rigorous Proof standard, and is defined by sharply sculpted, intricately detailed reverse and obverse motifs. Coins of extreme complexity, great originality and tremendous beauty, the Austrian Mint’s engravers have captured the essence of the Ancient Roman era perfectly. Official distributor for the Austrian Mint, Downies has the COMPLETE set of six legal tender coins currently in stock! For those of our clients seeking a particular coin to complete their

collection, the six Silver Proofs are available individually on the Order Form, with each presented in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 50,000. For those yet to enjoy one of Europe’s leading collector programs, this is a fantastic opportunity to secure the complete collection in one fell swoop. Buy all six coins, and receive the official velvet-lined timber series case bearing a reproduction of a Sestertius of Emperor Marcus Aurelius on the lid – valued at A$98 but yours for FREE!

The coins of the Roman Rebels… Issued under Victorinus (268-71AD), Tetricus I (271-74AD) and Tetricus II (273-74AD), the coins of the breakaway Gallic-Roman Empire (260-74AD) are genuine, affordable artefacts of one of the most tumultuous periods of Roman history. The ‘Crisis of the Third Century’ began with Emperor Valerian’s defeat by the Persians (260AD). The new sole Emperor Gallienus faced internal revolt, barbarians attacked the northern frontiers, and

the eastern Palmyrene Dynasty broke away. Taking advantage of the instability, western governor Postumus created the GallicRoman Empire that, at its height, included Britannia, Gaul, Hispania and Germania. A measure of stability was achieved in the

west under Postumus, but when he was murdered by his own




troops in 268AD, the 268 Gallic-Roman Empire swiftly fell apart. The Emperor Victorinus ruled for little more than two years, before his constant ‘seduction’ of other men’s wives led to his murder in 271AD. His successor, Tetricus I, ruled 271-74AD, with his son, Tetricus II,

installed as his deputy ins in 273. Having lost much territory after m Postumus’ death, P the th Gallic-Roman Empire could no longer Em withstand Emperor wi Aurelian’s efforts to Au re-conquer the west, and after defeat at the Battle of Chalons in 274AD, the short-lived Gallic-Roman Empire came to an end. Available on the Order Form at just A$39.95 apiece, secure the three Victorinus, Tetricus I and Tetricus II Gallic-Roman Empire bronze coin types and SAVE A$20! 12

Australia’s 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ tribute… Affordable, A f intriguing int in and an officially approved, we ap are ar delighted to to unveil the Perth Mint’s Pe 2012 2 01 50c 2014 FIFA F IFA World Cup Brazil™ 1/2oz B raz Silver S ilver Proof! Struck fr from half a troy ounce ounc of .999 fine silver, and measuring a near crown-sized cro 36.60mm, 36.60mm this eyee

catching coin forms an unmistakably Australian contribution to one of the greatest events in international sport. Featuring a stylised portrayal of a footballer against a map of Australia, surrounded by a full-colour motif rendered in the style of indigenous art, the 2012 50c 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ 1/2oz Silver Proof



2012 50c 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP BRAZIL™ 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT856

is sure to catch the eye of collectors and sports fans across the world. Extremely exclusive, given the anticipated demand for memorabilia in the lead-up to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™, the mintage is a real shock. Just 10,000 coins have been struck! With a vast majority of that mintage set aside for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Commemorative Coin Program, as with the gold coin below, time is of the essence for Australians interested in this spellbinding precious metal Proof.

Licensed 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ product Worldwide mintage restricted to a mere 10,000 coins Struck to Proof quality from 1/2oz of .999 fine silver Official Australian legal tender – measures 36.60mm Set in an official case with a numbered Certificate

Pure gold – pure value!

A wonderful opportu nity to own a prestigious tribute to the 2014 FIF A World Cup Brazil™, this 11.60mm 0.5g .9999 fine Gold Proof from the Perth Mint is sure to prove an essential acquisition for collector and footba ll fan alike. Beyond the intriguing design, flawless Proof strike and Australian

legal tender status, thi s program, precisely crafted minia ture an d huge demand masterpiece is most anticipated, notable for the affordab ility. our allocation At an Official Issue Pri ce has been tightly of A$74.50, everyone has res tricted. the chance to indulge in the luxury, beauty and aura of the world’s favourite precious metal – as lon g as you are quick! 2012 $2 2014 FIFA WORLD CUP With most of the 7,500 BRAZIL™ coin mintage destined 0.5g GOLD PROOF for an international co Official Issue Price in



Each .9999 gold E P Proof is set in a official case an w a numbered with C tificate Cer


The Spanish Tribute The very first selectively gold-plated coin from the Royal Spanish Mint, we can now unveil Spain’s S Sp ain’s new 2012 10€ FIFA Cup Brazil™ F IFA World C Handover Silver Proof! H andover Si Official Span Spanish legal tender, this sstylish 40mm 27g sterling silver Proof embodies the th connection between the t 2010 FIFA World Wo Cup South Sout Africa™ and an the 2014 FIFA FI World

Cup Brazil™. The reverse bears a world map depicting the path from South Africa to Brazil, represented by the swerving trajectory of a football, as well as highlighting Spain – the reigning FIFA World Cup™ champions. The perfect finishing touch, the FIFA World Cup Trophy™ has been precisely plated in pure gold! Sure to catch the eye of collectors and football fans from Melbourne to

Madrid, the 2012 10€ FIFA World Cup Brazil™ Handover Silver Proof is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the worldwide mintage of 15,000.




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

1938 NSW 150th Anniversary Trio MUH A$


An historic, extremely scarce set – comprises 1938 2d Red, 3d Blue & 9d Purple Designs based on a painting of Governor Arthur Phillip at Sydney Cove in 1788 Issued nearly three quarters of a century ago, we have the set in superb MUH

Cattle 11960 960 55/-/ C atttle Industry MUH A$




1976 Montreal Olympics p Block of 4 Set (16 stamps) MUH

11962-65 2/3d Commemorative 11-stamp 1 Set MUH A$

A high-value issue, acknowledged as scarce in this outstanding MUH quality ■ Honours NT cattle industry – bears classic design of cattle mustering in the Outback ■ Part of a hoard of original sheets – buy a Block of Four and SAVE A$20! Also available as an MUH Block of Four! A$98 AL946





Features the six scarce 2/3d types issued 1962-65 – plus five corresponding lower denominations for FREE! Includes 1962 Commonwealth Games (2/3d & 5d), 1963 Royal Visit ((2/3d & 5d), 1963 Commonwealth Cable (2/3d), 1964 First Airmail (2/3d C & 5d), 1965 ANZAC (2/3d, 8d & 5d) & 1965 Co-operation 1 ation Year (2/3d)


Official Australian tribute to the XXI Olympiad – hosted by y Montreal, Canada in 1976 Comprises 18c (Soccer), 18c (Gymnastics), 25c (Diving) & 40c (Cycling) – with Olympic Rings s on each stamp! In Mint Unhinged Blocks of Four our and sensational value at A$1.25c per stamp!

1980 Australian n Aircraft A Block of 4 Set (16 stamps) MUH 11980 980 A Australian ustralian ust tralian D Dogs oogs gs B Blo Block loock 11978 978 F Famous amouuss R Racehorses acehorses Block of 4 Set (16 stamps) MUH of 4 Set (20 stamps) MUH A$


An affordable philatelic celebration of the icons of the Australian racetrack Includes the 20c (Tulloch), 35c (Bernborough), 50c (Phar Lap) & 55c (Peter Pan) stamps A bargain at this price, and a must-have for stamp collector and sports fan alike!







Includes four Blocks off 4 celebrating famous aircraft designed & built in Australia Features the 22c Wackett, 40c Winjeel, 45c Boomerang & 60c Nomad Always popular, with aviation amongst the strongest fields in collecting

1973 AAT 1c-$1 12-stamp Set MUH 11972 972 A AAT AT 7c & 335c 5c Cook Bicentenary Pair MUH


Marks 10th anniversary of 1961 Antarctic Treaty – created to preserve Antarctica for peaceful purposes Beautifully designed, these eye-catching stamps were issued in comparatively low numbers In Mint Unhinged condition, and an absolute bargain at just A$5.95 for the pair! Also available as MUH Blocks of Four!


Celebrating some of the most famous dog breeds found in Australia Encompasses 20c Dingo, 25c Border Collie, 35c Australian Terrier, 50c Australian Cattle Dog & 55c Australian Kelpie Taken from original sheets, each Block of Four is presented in Mint Unhinged quality

11971 971 A AAT AT 66cc & 330c 0c T Treaty rea Pair MUH A$ 95



A$ 95



Commemorating Captain Cook’s circumnavigation of Antarctica in 1772 ■ The 7c bears a portrait of Cook, with his ship, the Resolution, depicted on the 35c ■ In MUH, and an affordable tribute to one of Australia’s most famous figures Secure the pair as MUH Blocks of Four!



AT866 AT

A$ ■

95 18 A complete set, AT867 7

featuring wildlife of Antarctica, and planes nes used to explore the region ■ Comprises 12 different stamps – provides a unique e insight into Antarctica’s beauty and isolation ■ Irresistible value-for-money! y y! Pay just A$1.60 per Mint Unhinged stamp! Or as a complete set of MUH H Blocks of 4! A$75.80 AT8688 wn 14

The world’s first postage stamp! THE LEGENDARY 1840 PENNY BLACK! No matter what area of collectables you favour, everyone knows of the importance and desirability of the 1840 Penny Black – the world’s first postage stamp. First seen nearly 175 years ago, and accurately described as the world’s most famous philatelic issue, this is your chance to secure this iconic stamp in superior grade. First issued just three years after Queen

Victoria took the throne, and bearing a youthful portrait of the new monarch, the Penny Black was introduced in Britain in May of 1840. The idea behind this landmark innovation was to provide evidence of pre-payment of postage as, until this point, the recipient of a letter had to pay postage upon delivery. Although issued for only one year before replaced by the Penny Red, the Penny Black

sparked a revolution in communication, and is considered the foundation stone of global philatelic history. Having not offered this celebrated stamp for some time, we jumped at the chance to secure over 30 examples of the 1840 Penny Black from a long-term British collector with an eye for quality. Seldom seen in such numbers, this historic stamp is rarely seen in the impressive ‘four-margin’ Fine

Used condition on presented here. Printed and issued without perforations, the 1840 Penny Black had to be hand-cut from sheets, and as a result off this imprecise process, ocess very few nicely cut four-margin examples remain in existence today. A fantastic opportunity to own the world’s first and

most famous postage stamp in superior quality, our stocks will not last long.




The first stamps of the Australian Commonwealth!

Encompassing the first stamps of the new Australian nation, the highly sought after 1913-36 Kangaroo Stamp Collection is undoubtedly one of the most important elements of Australian philatelics. Although the Australian Constitution gave the Commonwealth control of postal services in 1901, it was not until 1911 that priority was

given to the creation of Australia’s first stamps, with the launch of a design competition. The winning design depicted George V, but with members of the Labour Government opposed to the King’s portrait being used on Australian stamps, it was rejected. The PostmasterGeneral, Charles Frazer, believed that every letter leaving Australia should bear an ‘advertisement

of the country on its stamp’, and that a stamp picturing the British monarch did not represent the new nation. Following stormy debate, the nation’s first




stamps were issued in 1913 bearing a map of Australia and a kangaroo. From 1913 to 1936, fourteen lower denomination Kangaroo & Map varieties were issued – with all fourteen included in this set! Headlined by the scarce 4d Orange, 5d Brown, 2/- Brown & 5/- Grey, the set also features the 1/2d Green,

1d Red (Australia’s very first stamp!), 2d Grey, 2 1/2d Blue, 3d Olive, 6d Brown, 6d Blue, 9d Violet, 1/- Green & 2/- Maroon, with all 14 stamps in highly collectable Fine Used. As we approach the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first national stamps, demand for these crucial philatelic issues is already on the rise. Don’t miss this vital opportunity!

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

The blood-red poppy… Headlined by the Royal Australian Mint’s magnificent 38.74mm blood-red poppy $5 Al-Zn-Br coin, united with an Australia Post 60c stamp featuring a lone bugler, this official Australian legal tender issue forms a poignant tribute to all who have served Australia during times of war. A strictly limited edition release, with a mere 15,000 PNCs issued worldwide, this moving commemorative is a must-have for all Australians – especially at an affordable A$39.95!

Ace release proves a smash hit! A Proving to be one of the most popular recent PNC releases, this exclusive tribute to the Australian Open 100th Men’s Champion has been a smash hit with sports fans and collectors alike! Featuring an Australia Post 60c p united stamp with an

Australian Open Cinderella, this unique PNC is headlined by the RAM’s 38.74mm Australian legal tender Al-Zn-Br $5 Australian Open BU. Very exclusive, with the strictly limited edition set at a mere 10,000, we have only a few examples left in stock. 2012 $5 AUSTRALIAN OPEN 100th MEN’S CHAMPION PNC A$






For the coin al alone F lone Given demand for the G Perth Mint’s Dragon Silver P Series, with many issues S ssold out at astonishing sspeed, this official Australia Post Lunar A Dragon PNC represents D an irresistible opportunity a tto experience firsthand

2012 0112 $$11 A Australian ustralian Olympic Team PNC A$


■ ■ ■

2012 0112 $$11 A Australian ustralian Open PNC A$



Officially approved tribute to the Australian Olympic Team competing in London Features Perth Mint’s 30.60mm Australian legal tender Boxing Kangaroo $1 Includes 60c stamp, set on superbly illustrated cover. Limited edition just 20,000!

■ ■ ■



■ ■ ■



Unique, official celebration of Australia’s vast army of hard-working volunteers Unites the RAM’s 20c Volunteers Unc with an official Australian 60c stamp Affordable and exclusive, with a mere 20,000 Volunteer PNCs issued worldwide

Headlined by TWO ‘not-issued-forcirculation’ $1 Unc types from the RAM! Comprises a 60c stamp with Australian Open Cinderella, set on an official cover Tiny limited edition restricted to just 15,000 PNCs – just a few examples in stock!

■ ■ ■







■ ■ ■


Honours the voluntary, independent business models known as co-operatives Includes not-issued-for-circulation $1 Unc – must-have for a complete collection Features 60c stamp with Year of Co-Op Cinderella. Just 15,000 PNCs issued!

22011 011 $$11 President’s Cup PNC A$


Official, affordable commemorative tribute to the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II Consists of the RAM’s splendid, notissued-for-circulation 50c Jubilee Unc Comprises two stamps (60c & $2.35) bearing youthful and mature portraits of the Queen n

with two Christmas Island stamps, set upon an official envelope.

20012 $$11 Y 2012 Year ear of Co-Operatives PNC


2012 0112 550c 0c D Diamond iamondd Jubilee PNC

22011 011 20 20c Volunteers PNC A$

the same design found on those sought after precious metal coins. A small price to pay to experience a glorious work of numismatic artistry at A$19.95, each 30.60mm Australian legal tender BU $1 is united

■ ■

95 15 Includes not-issued-for-circulation AT312

President’s Cup $1 – key coin for $1 collectors Features 60c stamp, set on a cover depicting the Royal Melbourne Golf Club A must-have for the coin alone, this official tribute is still remarkably affordable 16

A$ ■


■ ■



Complete set of San Francisco Mint Aussie florins – issued in 1942, 1943 & 1944 Genuine WWII artefact – struck by US to assist Australian wartime coin production Available in strong EF-aUnc quality, each sterling silver coin bears the S Mintmark

1966 11c & 22c Pair EF EF-aUnc U

1946 194 46 & 11947 947 2/ 2/- Pair U Unc nc

1942S-1944S 2SS-11994444SS 22/-/ T Trio rio E EF EF-aUnc F aU Unc ■


A$ 95



The first two florins issued after World War II – struck at the Melbourne Mint Last George VI florins with ‘IND:IMP’ in legend before removed due to Indian independence From a small hoard of Mint Rolls – offered in superb Uncirculated condition


Australia’s first decimal 1c and 2c dates – fundamental element of every collection Superior examples, with both ‘first-year-ofissue’ 1966 coins in EF to about Unc Normally A$6.95 for the pair in premium grade – pay JUST A$4.95 whilst stocks last!

■ ■

1970 50c Cook Specimen A$


■ ■

11972 972 50c Unc U

Australia’s 1st decimal commemorative – honours urs bicentenary of Cook’s discovery iscovery of the east coast in 1770 A unique Specimen quality striking – housed in the original red RAM case of issue In perfect, original condition, and surprisingly good value-for-money at JUST A$12.95

A$ ■ ■ ■



■ ■




Scarce in top grade, the RAM’s 1972 50c is one of the key dates of the 50c series Mintage a mere 5.586m! Among the lowest mintage issued coins of entire decimal series! Seldom set aside at the time of issue, and a must-have in strictly Unc quality



■ ■ ■



Replacing the 1989 Phillips/Fraser $20, this note was printed for just one year ■ Print-run cut short by death of Secretary to the Treasury, Christopher Higgins, in 1990 ■ Missing from many collections – especially in superb Uncirculated quality as here Or secure an Unc Consec Pair A$290 AS863

A$ ■


Key dates in the 20c series – not issued for circulation and found only in RAM sets Tiny mintages! 1989 20c – 150,602; 1990 20c – 103,766; 1991 20c – 147,900 Taken directly from RAM Mint Sets and in sparkling Brilliant Uncirculated quality

A$ ■ ■ ■



One of only two note denominations with signature of Deputy Governor of RBA! Deputy Governor, Mervyn Phillips, filled in for 2 months after Governor Robert Johnston resigned A scarce, highly desirable acquisition, we have this key note available in Unc Also available as an Unc Consec Pair!



2007 $5 400000/ 3399999 C Consec Pair Unc P

2006 $5 900000/ 899999 Consec 1990 9990 $$20 20 F Fraser/Higgins raser//Higgins U Unc nc Pair Unc HG554


Australia’s 2nd decimal commemorative – honouring Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II Available as an official, original Royal Australian Mint Roll of 20 BU coins Sensational value-for-money! Pay LESS THAN A$2 per Brilliant Uncirculated coin!

1989-91 1989 89 91 20 20c 0 T Trio i B BU

Representing the last Machin portrait 1c (1984) and first Maklouf portrait 1c (1985) Each official 1984 & 1985 1c RAM Roll includes 50 Brilliant Uncirculated coins Historic memento of Australia’s copper currency – a bargain at under 50c per coin!



1989 19 989 $$20 20 P Phillips/Fraser hillips/Fraser U Unc nc

1984 & 1985 1c Mint Roll Pair (100 BU Coins) ■

1977 77 550c 0c JJubi Jubilee ubbiilee Mi Mint Roll (20 BU Coins)


289 Unites ‘900000’ serial numbered note with

A$ A


its ‘899999’ serial numbered successor! Very rare, with 00000/99999 pairs only appearing every 100,000 notes printed Last $5 issue of Macfarlane/Henry signature combination – offered in strictly Unc

■ ■



Extremely rare – just one 00000/99999 pair per 100,000 notes printed! As with notes at left, rarity exacerbated by the fact that 00000/99999 notes printed at start of print-run – when highest rate of spoilage is experienced In Unc – from the first year of Stevens/Henry signature combination

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 17

ANOTHER SUPER SALE! A major triumph for Downies Australian Coin Auctions as we storm towards our 50th anniversary celebrations in 2013, Sale 311 proved to be yet another landmark event for numismatics. Held at our Melbourne headquarters on the 10th, 11th and 12th July, and underpinned by a broad array of material from a great diversity of fields, Sale 311 was defined by strong interest across the board. Pre-sale activity for the sale surpassed all in recent memory, and the auction floor was alive with competition. Indicative of the health of the numismatic market, Sale 311 was defined by an excellent clearance rate of nearly 87%, with an impressive A$890,000 achieved in final hammer prices. Although difficult to choose from a spectacular range of highlights, there were some outstanding results from the e sale…

Australia’s first Half Sovereign!

Phillips/Randall $20 Star Note Consec Pair EF; estimate A$7,500, realised A$15,000 ■ 1955 Proof Perth Halfpenny & Penny FDC; estimate A$7,500, realised A$11,250 ■ 1956 Proof Perth Penny FDC; estimate A$5,000, realised A$10,000 ■ 1954 10/Coombs/ Wilson Consec Pair serials 999999/1000000 VF; estimate A$5,000, realised A$7,000 Sale 312, to be held in Melbourne on 30th & 31st October and 1st November 2012, is already shaping up to be one of our most exciting auctions ever. The closing date for consignments is nearly upon us, and if you are interested in taking advantage of the booming market, our Auction Manager Chris Meallin would love to talk to you. Chris can be reached by phone on (03) 8677 8806 to make an appointment.

The headlining act of this exciting array of rare, desirable

that this iconic, ‘first of its kind’ type is so rare in any grade. One of the foundation stones of Australian numismatics, this coin is one of the most prestigious acquisitions that you could make. Pursued as much by investors as by collectors, we have just the one example of this highly sought after Australian Gold Rush gold coin available – in aFine/Fine with a minor rim bruise.




Rare in any grade Among Australia’s most sought after rarities, and the compulsory complement to the coin above, the rare 1856 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign is one of only two dates in the shortlived 1855-56 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign Type I series. Physical evidence of the nation’s Gold Rush heritage, the 1856 Half Sovereign is considered rare – regardless of the grade. With a mere 470,000 examples

TELEPH TELEPHONE Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm TOLL FREE

struck, and so many lost in the mists of time, this famous 22-carat gold half sovereign is seldom seen on the market in better grade – as here. A most prestigious acquisition, the e single available example has been conservatively graded at about Very Fine..





1300 788 358 (Melbourne Callers: +61 (0) 3 8456 8456) MAIL: PO Box 3131, Nunawading, 3131

Australian gold, the 1855 Sydney Mint Half Sovereign Type I is Australia’s very first fir half sovereign issue – and among is the th most treasured, most important m coins in Australian c co numismatics. n Struck at Australia’s S first Mint, the 1855 fir Sydney Mint Half S Sovereign had an S astonishingly low as mintage of just 21,000 m coins – making it the co second lowest mintage se half sovereign in the ha entire 1855-1918 Half en Sovereign Series! With S well over a century and w a half having passed since issue, and a vast si majority of that tiny m mintage melted for the m gold, it is no surprise go


(03) 8456 8401 BY EMAIL

Town Hall Coins, Shop 5 Town Hall Square, 464-480 Kent St, Sydney Tel: + 61 (0) 2 9299 4131 Fax: + 61 (0) 2 9261 4199 Email: Block Arcade Coins, Shops 11 & 12 Block Arcade, 98-100 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Tel: + 61 (0) 3 8677 8888 Fax: + 61 (0) 3 8677 8890 Email:

©2012 – All rights reserved. Every Downies catalogue is made from paper that is a) sourced from sustainable forests, and b) treated with an environmentally-friendly bleaching process. All items offered are subject to being sold out prior to receipt of order. Products may be photographed not at actual size. Some items in this magazine may not be immediately available from our retail Pr outlets. This list cancels all previous direct selling lists. Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Prices may include GST.

MAIL 4533 MacArt hu Newport Bea r Blvd, #888 ch, CA 92660 TELEPHONE Sunday to Th ursd from 3pm-12p ay m (PT) TOLL FREE 1 877 897 7696 FAX 1 866 87 5 2577 BY EMAIL DowniesUSA 18

Among Australia’s rarest coins As the 5th lowest mintage issue in the 1855-1918 Half Sovereign Series, with a mere 38,000 coins struck, it is no shock that the 1886M Half Sovereign is extraordinarily rare. One of the finest examples handled by Downies in 80 years in the industry, this is

your chance to secure this crucial gold coin in exquisite about Uncirculated quality! Distinguished by the eye-catching Shield reverse, and the superb Young Head portrait of Queen Victoria, the 1886M Half Sovereign is, like every coin in the series, scarce to rare across all grades. With mintages of W tthe half sovereign

a mere 10% of the sovereign, and, as a lower denomination, suffering a higher rate of circulation, most half sovereigns are tough to find. With the mintage of the 1886M even lower than the average for the lowmintage Half Sovereign Series, this key date is seldom available to collectors – particularly in the stunning state of

preservation seen here! demands the most serious As beautiful as it is consideration of rare, this spectacular example is underpinned the passionate collector – and by precise detail in astute investor. the design, smooth surfaces and a glorious original lustre. Soaring in value from A$12,500 to A$26,500 since 2004, the chance 1886M YOUNG HEAD to secure this HALF SOVEREIGN aUnc historic coin AT561



Simply magnificent… Dif Difficult to find in any grade, with most any of the tiny mintage of j st 220,000 lost or of just melte for the gold in melted the 129 years since s str struck at the Sydney Mi Mint, the 1883S Ha Sovereign is Half ac acknowledged as ex excessively rare in sup superior grade – as here. h as

A fantastic opportunity for the serious collector – and eagle-eyed investor – we have two absolutely superb examples available. Sure to be snapped up instantly, with demand for Australia’s iconic gold series scaling new heights, we

have one example graded and slabbed by Numismatic Guaranty Corporation at AU53 (equivalent of aUnc). Defined by an extremely rich, original full Mint bloom, the second example, pictured at left, is in brilliant Uncirculated quality, with two faint pin

150-year-old gold! As with all 1855-66 Sy Sydney Mint Half So Sovereigns, the 18 1862 Sydney Mint Ha Half Sovereign is de defined by an incredi incredibly small mintag e and is mintage, extre extremely scarce tod today, irrespective of the grade. Struck ex exactly 150 years ag ago at Australia’s firs first Mint, the mi mintage of the 186 1862 Half Sovereign comp comprised just 210,000






First Jubilee Half A richly historic Australian coin, the affordability of the 1887S proves that the Australian Half Sovereign Series can still be enjoyed by a broad band of collectors – even in the upper echelons of quality. The first of the 1887-1893 Jubilee Series, the 1887S was issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria. Featuring the distinctive portrait of the Queen,

coins! With a majority lost, melted down for the gold value or heavily circulated, this coin is rare in superior grade. We have just one example of this iconic coin in stock – in good Very Fine.



scratches on the obverse. Seldom seen on the market in such magnificent condition, and a prime acquisition for the collector of Australian gold, we highly recommend an early order.





1887S JUBILEE HALF SOVEREIGN gEF-aUnc AS141 and the superb Shield design, this key date is a musthave in superior grade gEF-aUnc – especially at just A$975!

Remarkably affordable… Mintage no more than 300! Considering the rich history, tiny mintage and superb, lustrous Extremely Fine quality, the 1896M Half Sovereign forms a most affordable acquisition. Featuring

the final coinage portrait of Queen Victoria, united with Pistrucci’s St George & the Dragon, the 1896M Half Sovereign was the first of only three Veiled Head

Australia’s last half sovereign, the 1918P is among the rarest half sovereign dates. Although Perth Mint records reveal that no half sovereigns were produced in 1918, it is believed that

half sovereign dates struck at the Melbourne Mint. With the mintage closed at a mere 219,000 coins, this key date is naturally scarce in better grade, as pr presented here.





approximately 200 to 300 examples were struck. Remarkably, records also indicate that half sovereigns were struck in 1919 and 1920 but never issued. Some theorise that these coins could have been struck with

1918 dies, leading to the creation of a date that shouldn’t exist! Extremely rare, the 1918P is the key to the half sovereign series. Just one example in stock – in near-flawless about Uncirculated quality!



Australia Toll 1300 788 alia a To T ll free 13 300 7 8 358 88 19

t i s i V l a y o R 4 5 9 The 1 Florin Hoard! R STASH! SUPER SIZED SILVE Florin was stashed

the 1954 Royal Visit away en masse One of only five Florin has always been al in the mid 1950s. in. co Australian predecim key a considered d an – es tiv Following our ora em comm e-year-only type, on A the – era acquisition of the last of the restricted to a mintage rin Flo it Vis l one such hoard – ya Ro 54 1954 r million, the 19 fou of er d an e, d comprising well ov is a unique typ Royal Visit Florin carrie – we are nt ins me co ele 00 al 1,0 nti se es an the highly symbolic le n delighted to be ab of every Australian t, Kangaroo & Lion desig portant, im s thi the er th off Wi . to on cti d colle a design that create – n alia str jor Au e ma a iqu un discovery of uch great controversy predecimal type at suc . hoard of this crucial ue iss of e tim the in Fine at ble ce aila an Av s. ch ce ur pri yo low issue, this is the same at , ally 5,, .95 nic 9.9 $9 Iro A$ t jus at d to Very Fine to ensure you can ad Celebrating Cel e as sparking debate at e tim Fin ly me tre ur Ex y yo in to d it an one of the on e, the ers rev the 54 er 19 ov the , at .95 collection a mere A$14 jor highlights ajor ma m 1954 Royal Visit Florin g reign of valueVisit Florin represents av yal h llong off the Ro rs yea t ly en ear fer the dif of a obverse laid value-forg 28.50mm 1954 Royal din f -money fo for the an II, tst th ou abe Eliz is Th ely acquisition as controversy to rest. pr ce. pri Visit Florin forms a tim money. mond Jubilee s the first coin to see wa honour the Queen’s Dia we Struck to St the of r de fen (De D’ ‘F: honour Faith) restored to the yal Ro the inscription – a response o the Tour of to the uproar created ng Queen un ou yo 1954 ROYAL VISIT by the issue of the 54 a eth II FLORIN F-VF 19 Elizab d an 53 19 ‘godless’ AG290 t very of – the rt Florins with that pa The compulsory firs fir t tour of the legend missing. restored to complement to Australia the inscription for st rlie the 1954 Royal Visit One of the ea by a the 1954 Royal Visit ’s alia str Au of les Flo rin, we also have examp rei re gning Florin above, and the standard, nongrand tradition YAL VISIT t British RO 4 for every subsequent 195 the ing co ard mm emorative 1954 of ‘ho FLORIN EF monarch – Queen Elizabeth II Florin in stock! commemorative’, AJ773 Florin issue. it Vis yal Ro 54 19 the Known as a ‘godless’ Struck at the florin, this coin was Me lbourne Mint, and the second of only among the most soug two Australian florin ht after Elizabeth II dates dates, along with the , we have this distinctive 1953 issue, where F:D coin in pleasing Fine (Defender of the Faith ) to Very – at a mere was removed from the A$9.95 apiece! obverse legend. The subsequent controversy ensured that the F:D was

A$ 95





A$ 9955


1954 FLORIN F-VF AS717 20

August Money 2012  
August Money 2012  

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