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Mid July 2012

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© 2012 All rights reserved. Items offered subject to being sold out prior to order receipt. Some items may not be immediately available from our retail outlets. Some images appear larger/smaller than actual size. All previous direct selling lists are cancelled. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices may include GST. We offer a money back guarantee on all items returned within 30 days of receipt subject to certain conditions. Contact us for details. Downies reserves the right to revise order quantities without notification. Downies Coins Pty Ltd ABN 46 097 060 663

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Mid July Money 2012 Page 1 Aussie quality on Show! AT817 2012 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Lunar Dragon 1oz Silver BU $99.00 AT815 2012 $5 Melbourne ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $55.00 AT445 2012 $5 Brisbane ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $69.00 AT471 2012 $5 Perth ANDA Show Capital Town Hall Antique Unc $69.00 Page 2 High Relief Heaven! AT759 2012 $100 Koala High Relief 1oz Gold Proof $2,990.00 AT760 2012 $1 Kangaroo High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $110.00 AT728 2012 $15 Koala 1/10oz Gold Proof $329.00 AT758 2012 $5 Koala 1/25oz Gold Proof $145.00 AT635 2012 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $110.00 Page 3 New True Blue Roos! AT730 2012 $1 Outback Kangaroo F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 AT751 2012 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset 1/5oz Silver Proof $65.00 Page 4 Purity, Prestige, Potential... AT521 The Australian Sovereign Prestige Collection $5,915.00 CAR040 1893-1901 Queen Victoria Veiled Head Sovereign aUnc-Unc $595.00 Page 5 A Grand Tradition. AT818 1952-2008 Summer Olympics Coin Collection w/FREE Melb. Stamp Set $1,195.00 Pages 6 & 7 Dynamic Diversity of Decimal Delights! AT819 1972 $1-$20 Phillips/Wheeler ‘Commonwealth Of Australia’ Complete Set Of 5 Notes Unc $770.00 AT820 1973-74 $1-$50 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUSTRALIA’ Complete Set Of 6 Notes Unc $1,295.00 HA419 1972 $1 R74 Phillips/Wheeler ‘CofA’ Unc $95.00 HA427 1972 $2 R84 Phillips/Wheeler ‘CofA’ Unc $90.00 HA431 1972 $5 R204 Phillips/Wheeler ‘CofA’ Unc $275.00 HA437 1972 $10 R304 Phillips/Wheeler ‘CofA’ Unc $110.00 HI473 1972 $20 R404 Phillips/Wheeler ‘CofA’ Unc $500.00 HA420 1974 $1 R75 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $85.00 HI461 1974 $2 R85 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $90.00 HA432 1974 $5 R205 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $250.00 HA438 1974 $10 R305 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $275.00 HI474 1974 $20 R405 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $500.00 HI488 1973 $50 R505 Phillips/Wheeler ‘AUST’ Unc $425.00 AJ880 $1 First Coin & Last Note Pack $24.95 AN328 1966 50c Silver Round VF-EF $19.95 AP117 1966 1c & 2c Pair EF-aUnc $4.95 KC944 2007 APEC $1 & 2011 CHOGM $1 Unc Pair $7.90 AM388 2007 APEC $1 Unc $3.95 AS779 2011 CHOGM $1 Unc $3.95 Pages 8 & 9 The BIGGEST Coins of 2012! AT634 2012 $8 Koala 5oz Silver Proof $495.00 AT704 2012 $8 Lunar Dragon 5oz Silver Proof $495.00 SH120 Niue 2012 $5 Vietnam War 5oz Silver Proof $495.00 AT284 2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon 5oz Silver Prooflike $475.00 AT168 Canada 2012 $250 Lunar Dragon Kilo Silver Proof $2,495.00 AT301 2012 $30 Year Of The Dragon Kilo Silver Prooflike $2,495.00 AT514 2012 $30 Koala Kilo Silver Proof $1,990.00 AS946 2012 $30 Lunar Dragon Gemstone Kilo Silver Specimen $2,050.00 Page 10 Playing Cards in Gold! AP397 Gold-plated Playing Cards Complete Deck $295.00 Page 11 Florin Fever! SH081 2011 $1 Australian Commemorative Florin Silver Proof Replica Collection $449.00 AD245 1934-35 Centenary Florin EF $525.00 SH098 1927-54 Australian Commemorative Florin Replica Set $29.95 Page 12 Half Ounce Hotshots! AT705 2012 50c Manta Ray 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 AT191 2012 50c Surgeonfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 AT402 2012 50c Octopus 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 AS526 2011 50c Hawksbill Turtle 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 AS826 2011 50c Starfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 KC934 2011-12 50c Australian Sea Life II Collection w/Presentation Box $337.50 AR132 2010 50c Moray Eel 1/2oz Silver Proof $79.00 AT058 Palau 2011 $2 Bumble Bee 1/2oz Silver Proof $89.50 AT307 Tuvalu 2012 50c Forever Love 1/2oz Silver Proof $79.50 Subtotal Column One



Qty A$ Price AM616 AP068 AC243 AL026 AJ343 AC228 AN208 AG759 AD270 AM917 AR794 AT821 AT822 AT823 AT824 AT825 AT446 AE028 AJ394 AT826 AT365 AT827 AT761 KC939 AS598 AS853 AS981 AT190 AT025 AT026 AT027 AT816 AT460 AS646 AJ657 AJ658 AB399 KC236 AL531 AL756 AL757 AL988 KC948 AM366 AM611 AM612


Page 13 First & Last Prefix Fix! 1973 $50 R505 Phillips/Wheeler YAA First Prefix aUnc $795.00 1973 $50 R505 Phillips/Wheeler YAA First Prefix Unc $1,295.00 $100 R613 Fraser/Cole ZLD Last Prefix Unc $295.00 $100 R613 Fraser/Cole ZLD Last Prefix Consecutive Pair Unc $590.00 $5 R218cL (P) Macfarlane/Evans EA98 Last Prefix Unc $80.00 $100 R616F (P) Fraser/Evans AA96 First Prefix Unc $345.00 Page 14 In the wake of the Great Depression... 1933 Florin VG $39.00 1933 R28 £1 Riddle/Sheehan Very Fine $695.00 1933 R28 £1 Riddle/Sheehan Fine $295.00 1933/1932 Overdate Penny Fine-VF $78.00 Page 15 An Australian Selection... 1912 & 1913 Florin Pair Ave Circ $69.95 1922-28 Shilling 6-Coin Set VG $78.50 1922-28 Florin Set 7-Coin Set VG $119.50 1947 Florin (PCGS Slabbed MS64) Unc $139.00 1953 Halfpenny (PCGS Slabbed MS64) Unc $98.00 1963 Shilling & Florin Pair (PCGS Slabbed MS65) Choice Unc $165.00 Vort-Ronald Australian Banknote Errors $45.00 1938 R29 £1 Sheehan/McFarlane Fine $139.00 1952 R48 £5 Coombs/Wilson VF $375.00 1991 $10 R313 Fraser/Cole Consecutive Pair Unc $69.00 1992 $5 Fraser/Cole Dark & Pale Green Serial Numbers Pair Unc $149.95 1994 $10 Fraser/Evans Unc $189.00 Page 16 Bush Babies Bounce Back! 2012 50c Bush Babies II Kookaburra 1/2oz Silver Proof $67.50 2012 50c Bush Babies II Series - Coin #1 Kookaburra $67.50 2011 $1 Bush Babies Koala PNC $22.95 2011 $1 Bush Babies Bilby PNC $22.95 2011 $1 Bush Babies Sugar Glider PNC $22.95 2011 $1 Bush Babies Kangaroo PNC $22.95 On The Order Form... 2012 50c 50th Anniversary Of The Australian Ballet Cu-Ni Unc $9.00 2012 50c 50th Anniversary Of The Australian Ballet Silver Proof $80.00 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved Silver Proof $110.00 2012 $1 ANDA Show M Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $16.95 2012 $1 ANDA Show B Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $16.95 2011 $1 ANDA Show M Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $19.95 2004 $1 Eureka Stockade ‘E’ Unc $9.95 2004 $1 Eureka Stockade ‘C’ Unc $6.00 1994 $1 Anniversary Unc (Mintmark of our choice) $22.50 2006 $1 Television Mintmark (B, C, M, S) Set $13.95 2006 $1 Television C Unc $5.00 2006 $1 Television S Unc $5.00 2006 $1 Television B Unc $5.00 2006 $1 Television M Unc $5.00 2006 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge Mintmark (C, S, B) Trio Unc $10.95 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge C Unc $5.00 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge S Unc $6.00 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge B Unc $6.00 Subtotal Column Two


Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________ SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia

$9.25 $12.00 $20.00 FREE

For Overseas Rates, see website *Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges – We will advise cost on a case by case basis

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

‘One of the RAM’s finest works…’ THE 50th ANNIVERSARY OF THE AUSTRALIAN BALLET Elegant, beautifully balanced, artistic, entrancing…we could be talking about any of the many dancers to have performed for the Australian Ballet since formed in 1962. We are, in fact, referring to the Royal Australian Mint’s sensational new 2012 Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary 50c type! Available in either Silver Proof or Cu-Ni Unc, every Australian has the chance to enjoy this splendid motif, and celebrate one of the key elements of Australia’s modern culture.







Simply stunning in silver… A superb work of numismatic art, the reverse design of the 2012 Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary 50c looks simply stunning when struck to the highest possible standard from precious metal. A fine acquisition for any modern coin collector, and a prestigious gift for those interested in the arts, each 31.51mm Australian legal tender coin has been crafted to the pinnacle of Proof quality from 18.24g of pure .999 silver. A strictly limited edition, the RAM has struck a mere 5,000 coins – each set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

have for traditionall decimal collectors. Not to be issued for circulation, and never to be found in change, nge, this is the only wayy you will be able to secure the 2012 50c Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary Unc – and therefore the only way you can keep your collection complete! Outstanding value-for-money att the Official Issue Price rice of just A$9, each coin oin is presented in an offificial RAM credit card-style pack. ack. 

Aesthetically brilliant tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Australian Ballet

Offered in .999 fine Silver Proof and CuNi Unc quality

Not issued for circulation!

The most affordable way to enjoy the inspiring Australian Ballet design, this one-year-only Australian legal tender type is simply a must-

Australian legal tender – set in official RAM packaging

Available at the Royal Australian Mint’s Official Issue Price

IN STO August CK 1st

Australia’s first curved coin just released! RAM REACHES FOR THE SKY! A breathtaking breakthrough by the Royal Australian Mint, Downies is delighted to be able to reveal Australia’s very first ‘curved coin’! A major leap forward by the craftsmen at Australia’s national mint, this unprecedented Australian legal tender type is destined to be one of the hottest releases of 2012. Whilst the full details of this unique crown-sized coin are yet to be announced, we believe that this unusual convex/concave coin is crafted to Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver. Celebrating Australia’s role in the exploration of the universe and, appropriately enough, shaped like the famous dishes found at the Parkes Observatory that played such a key role in the 1969 Moon Landing, the 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved Silver Proof is distinguished by a portrayal of Australia’s iconic constellation, the Southern Cross. One of perhaps four or five modern coin types worldwide created in this remarkable convex/concave format, the Mint’s inspiring innovation has given Australian collectors an irresistible opportunity to secure a truly unique Australian legal tender coin. Although, as mentioned earlier, we are still waiting for confirmation of the details, we felt compelled to rush news of the 2012 $5 Southern Skies Curved Silver Proof to our clients at the earliest possible juncture. There is no doubt that, given the tremendous originality of this new release, and the hunger of the market for that ‘something different’, the mintage of 10,000 is sure to be blown blo away by demand. Secure your piece of Australian numismatic history at the Royal Australian Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price!




IN STOCK August 1st

Struck to immaculate Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver

Taken from an exclusive limited worldwide mintage of just 10,000

Beautifully presented within an official Royal Australian Mint case

Accompanied by an individually serial-numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Exclusive $1 Types! Ex Bearing the Royal Australian Mint’s exquisite recreation of the 1938-64 Silver Threepence design, the 2012 $1 Brisbane ANDA Show B Counterstamp Unc and 2012 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show M Counterstamp Unc are typical of all Australian Show Products – official, unique and very, very exclusive. Counterstamped on the Royal Australian Mint’s mobile press at the Brisbane and Melbourne Shows respectively, these desirable 25mm Al-Br Australian legal tender coins were issued in the tiniest of numbers. Just 5,000 of each type were struck! Presented in an official ANDA Show packs, and now SOLD OUT at the Royal Australian Mint, you must not ignore what is likely to be your ONLY chance to add these rare ANDA AND Show $1 coins to your collection. co


1695 each

Seldom seen… Rarely offered, we alsoo have just a few examples of the RAM’s 2011 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show M Counterstamp Unc in stock! A strictly limited edition, with just 5,000 Ram’s Head Al-Br 25mm coins counterstampedd at the 2011 Melbournee ANDA Show, each coinn is set in an official ANDA pack.





AT816, AT460


Hit TV Series! A highly sought after element of the Royal Australian Mint’s ever-popular $1 Mintmark Series, this affordable Australian legal tender collection marks the 50th anniversary of the introduction of television to Australia.


5 each

2006 $1 TELEVISION C,S,B,M UNC AL531, AL756, AL757, AL988




Bearing an intriguing reverse design, highlighted by a depiction of one of the earliest television cameras, the M, B, S & C Mintmark $1 coins form a fine tribute to one of Australia’s most important technological innovations. Beyond its historic significance, the unique, one-year-only 25mm Al-Br TV $1 type is also a key coin for traditional collectors. Not issued for circulation and never found in change, this type is crucial to those attempting to maintain a complete collection! Thus, an important acquisition for $1 series collectors, and a marvellous gift for those that can remember the days that television first flickered into life in Australia, the 2006 $1 TV Mintmark coins are very affordable individually. Buy the complete 4-coin M, B, S & C Mintmark Set and save over 30%!

Not in change!

Unique Mintmark! Save over 35%!

One of the earliest issues in the RAM’s $1 Mintmark Series, this lowmintage (just 258,820 struck!) one-year-only type celebrated the 10th anniversary of Australia’s $1 coin denomination. Crucially, this unique 25mm Australian legal tender type was not issued for circulation – meaning it is missing from a majority of $1 series collections. A wonderful opportunity to keep your own collection complete, A$ 50 we have this key type available at a most 1994 $1 DECADE OF THE affordable A$22.50 – DOLLAR UNC Mintmark of our choice.

A ‘not-issued-for-circulation’ type, commemorating the 150th anniversary of the miners’ uprising at Eureka Stockade during the early days of the Gold Rush, this 25mm Al-Br Australian legal tender coin is utterly unique. A musthave for seriouss $1 series collectors, s, this is the ONLY coin in the RAM’s 1993-2012 $1 Mintmark Series to carry an E Mintmark!



A$ 95



Struck in honour of the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this one-year-only, ‘not-issued-forcirculation’ set from the Royal Australian Mint’s Mintmark Series comprises three coins, bearing the C, S and B mintmarks respectively. Cataloguing at A$17 – but yours for a crazy A$10.95! – each of the three 25mm Al-Br $1 coins in A$ 95 this set is presented in 2007 $1 SHB MINTMARK the original (C,S,B) TRIO UNC RAM pack of KC948 issue.


AUS - Mid-July Money 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-July Money Order Form Australian Edition

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