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July 2012

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Australia’s ! n i o c d l o g t s e t t o h Notable for the N , imposing dimensions ty ali qu e lat immacu d and extremely limite a w ne the y, ilit availab a 2012 $200 Koala 2oz 2 G Gold Proof is certain to be one of the most of h hotly pursued coins th the year. A commanding r A stralian legal tende Au the to k uc str s se, ea r rel rt Mint’s most Perth o us standards, rigoro th this majestic precious s m metal Proof comprise ES NC OU OY TWO TR of .9999 gold! n Spanning a larger tha w -size 41.10mm in crown

al cial of cia n offi i iis set in an oin coin Each c E case with a numbered y Certificate of Authenticit



2012 $200 KOALA 2oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AT757

diameter – the perfect nt’s venue to enjoy the Mi one-year-only koala design – the 2012 $200 Koala 2oz Gold Proof forms the consummate ld centrepiece to any go n. tio llec coin co is Unfortunately, this coin a ly on ce gra to ed stin de n tiny number of Australia 250 collections. With just nt struck, and a significa percentage of that mintage dispatched to lthe USA, a rapid-fire sel in as – ble vita out is ine 2011. Indeed, indicative of the barnstorming ld demand for all large go 00 $2 11 20 coins, the

Simply the best… Fo the modern For F gold coin collector, g go there could be no th finer fin acquisition fi than the t 2012 $100 Koala High Relief 1oz Gold Proof. Defined P by b an unparalleled standard of strike, creating extraordinary depth and detail in d the t designs, this exquisitely struck 1oz e .9999 Gold Proof must . be b seen ‘in the flesh’ to t be believed.

Double the thickness of a standard 1oz Gold Proof, with the Perth Mint employing an extra thick 5mm planchet, the 27.30mm 2012 $100 Koala High Relief 1oz Gold Proof is visually spectacular. The razor sharp, delicately frosted reverse and obverse designs virtually leap out from the background fields! A fine setting for such a prestigious, exclusive Australian legal tender

Koala 2oz Gold Prooff e, sold out in record tim the d ha ly on and we chance to offer it once our in Money. Even then, limited allocation was et sadly inadequate to me demand, and we were ny disappointed that ma of our clients were left empty-handed. With the 250-coin 00 mintage of the 2012 $2 of Pro ld Go Koala 2oz d, instantly oversubscribe ce on n tio ca and our allo , again tightly restricted the e tat ers ov we cannot te importance of immedia action.

z and The 2012 Koala 1/10o available are ofs Pro ld Go z 1/25o on the Order Form!

issue, each coin is presented in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 2,000.



2012 $100 KOALA HIGH RELIEF 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AT759

JUST 3,000 ISSUED! Historic, exclusive and affordable, this unique release has been created to celebrate Downies 80th anniversary.

Part of a limited edition of just 3,000, and available at the Melbourne ANDA Show on 7th-8th of July, each pack

comprises the ‘notissued-for-circulation’ 2012 $1 Wheat Al-Br C Mintmark Unc, united with an Unc 1953-64

Wheat Silver 3d! Come join us at the Show and secure this exclusive limited edition! ww.fa fa face ace c bo ook k.c com///d /dow owni nies ies

– a i l a r t s u A The Battle for


d The year was 1942, an ge en all ch a ed fac a ali Austr y. unlike any in its histor r With the Japanese wa ough machine storming thr ion the Pacific, and invas ly of Australia seeming me imminent, the then Pri Minister John Curtin Battle announced that ‘the n. gu be d for Australia’ ha tic ma dra by ed nn rpi Unde rb pe su , full-colour coins ictly presentation and str the y, ilit limited availab stralia 2012 $1 Battle for Au on cti lle Silver Proof co ute forms a compelling trib of ys da to the darkest World War II.

Australia under siege…

rld Unlike World War I, Wo the it h wit ht War II broug nflict prospect of military co . tep ors do ’s on Australia 1941, er mb ce De 7 on , en Wh a, lay Ma ked Japan attac that Thailand and the USA, ing rify ter a me ca prospect be ved hie ac an Jap . lity rea the victory after victory in cific Pa the of s nth mo rly ea y em en the h War, and wit our to ser clo r eve g vin mo a shores, Australians felt on asi inv of r fea l rea y ver r throughout 1942 – a fea ing intensified by the bomb of Darwin, the midget submarine attacks on ttle Sydney Harbour, the Ba the of the Coral Sea and gn. Kokoda Campaig

Harbour The attack on Sydney damage l ima Although inflicting min nkk was HMAS – the sole ship sun of 21 Kuttabul, with the loss e rine arin ma bm lives – the midget sub 2 attack on Sydney in 194 t reinforced the fear tha entt invasion was imminen

Captured in fullcolour…

most Sure to be among the the of s ue iss er aft sought year, the 2012 $1 Battle of for Australia Silver Pro four Collection comprises ins – official legal tender co ight he the each crafted to g 25 m fro y alit qu of of Pro ring of sterling silver. Captu of one of the key events the Battle for Australia with a dramatic fusion c of traditional numismati of ry glo the d an ure sculpt ch ea , ng full-colour minti lly 40mm coin is individua a superb. United within the luxurious timber case, ms complete 4-coin set for n tio ora em mm co tic ma a dra al tic cri st of one of the mo of y tor his the in nts mome our nation.

Build your collection over time…

Providing a convenient, e ee nte affordable way to guara g din an tst supply of this ou presentation, the 2012 $ Battle for Australia $1 S ver Proof Collection Sil

is to be issued over the next four months at the nth. rate of one coin per mo the g tin ora em Comm ur, attack on Sydney Harbo be l wil in co t firs your y, dispatched immediatel oin 4-c the h wit along ing series case. The remain t sen be l wil ins co three ing to you over the follow ur yo h wit s, nth mo three by last coin accompanied te ica rtif Ce d ere mb a nu r of Authenticity and fou at d ue val nts pri d ere numb ! EE FR for urs A$49.95 – yo

Limited window of opportunity…

As with all Australian s, military commemorative r de ten al leg ive this exclus collection is certain to create explosive ge demand. With the minta re me a to restricted 1,942 sets worldwide, for time is of the essence s those interested in thi the memorable tribute to 70th anniversary of the B Battle For Australia.

Valued Va alued at A$49 A$49.95 95 but yo yours with the complimentss of Downies, each collection n is accompanied by four iindividually n numbered A4 ssize iz prints com//downies w.facebo 2

70 years on… JUST 1,942 SETS! n The Kokoda Campaig land during the Pacific on eat def first Japan’s Campaign is seen by oda Kok 2 194 War, the saved Australia’, and t tha tle bat ‘the as some the of t par key a e om has bec Anzac legend

h Battle of the The T Cor Co al Sea The Th largest naval bat batttle fought so close Au tralia, Allied to Aus to ef rts during effo the Battle of the Coral th Se prevvented Japan’s Sea y– in sion of Port Moresb inva sion a prerequisite to an inva tralian mainland of the Austra

The bombing of Darwin Known as ‘Australia’s Pearl Harbour’, the first bombing of Darwin left more than 250 people dead and at least another 300 wounded, and dealt a huge psychological blow to the Australian populace

Exclusive! Tiny worldwide mintage just 1,942 collections! r 25g ■ Comprises fou sterling silver Proof coins, each measuring 40mm in diameter al ■ Official $1 leg tender issues of the Commonwealth nation of Niue n set ■ Each collectio timber ish lav a hin wit case in an illustrated outer box

A ffi i l llegall ttender d An official issue, each full-colour 40mm Silver Proof features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse

Includes ffour FREE individually numbered A4 size prints valued at A$49.95! Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that matches the numbered prints!


95 per coinn

NIUE 2012 $1 IA LIA BATTLE FOR AUSTRA TIO N CTION SILVER PROOF COLLEce Official Issue Pri SH148 Australia Silver Proof The 2012 $1 Battle forued over the next four months. iss be to is tion l be Collec 4-coin series case wil Your first coin and the ly, with the remaining three ate edi imm d che pat nths. dis r the following three mo coins sent to you ove

A superb setting for this exclusive legal tender collection, each set is housed within a lavish timber case

Australia To free 788 Toll ll ffre ree re e e 13 1300 0 7 00 88 358 3


The coin of

2012… The new 2012 $1 Kangaroo High Relief Silver Proof!

Sought after for the inspiring originality, strictly limited availability and impeccable presentation, the 2012 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is most desirable due to the sheer quality. Indeed, Perth Mint officials have described this exquisite precious metal issue as the Mint’s finest coin of 2012, and we cannot but agree. Whilst part of a tradition of High Relief minting that stretches back over the centuries, the 2012 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is one of very few Australian legal tender coins struck to this unyielding standard.

Twice as thick as a normal 1oz Silver Proof, with the planchet some 6mm in width, the difference between a standard strike and a High Relief strike is obvious when you see this magnificent .999 silver coin firsthand. The depth and detail in the designs is simply breathtaking. Deserving a place in every Australian coin collection, each 32.60mm 2012 $1 Kookaburra High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is set in a Perth Mint case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the worldwide mintage of 10,000.

Unparalleled detail and depth…

A sparkling celebration of Australia’s primary native icon, and powerful evidence of the peerless precious metal expertise of the Perth Mint, the new $1 Kangaroo High 2012 $ Relief 1oz Silver Proof has released! just been b





2012 $1 KOOKABURRA HIGH RELIEF 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT635 An official Aust Australian tralilian legal tender issue, the obverse of this superbly struck High Relief Silver Proof carries the Ian RankBroadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II co om/ m/do do own wnies wni

interest around the world. Providing a sensational opportunity to enjoy a design found only on the Mint’s 2012 Gold Kangaroo BU coins, the 2012 $1 Kangaroo High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is sure to provoke just as

2012 $1 KANGAROO HIGH RELIEF 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT760

A massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz th silver coin at a chunky sil 6mm in width, this .999 silver masterpiece is, ffine si each Perth Mint High llike ike ea Relief coin, defined by the R extraordinary depth and e detail in the designs. Struck d on concave surfaces to o ensure that the optimum e fflow of silver is achieved by the strike of the die, b tthe Mint has gone to great lengths to capture the llengt distinctive beauty and dist powerful muscularity of po the iconic kangaroo. th That the Mint’s skilled T craftsmen have been cr successful in pursuit of su that goal is evident from tha single glance at this a sin spellbinding $1 coin. spellb One of few issuing O authorities to have mastered the art of High Relief minting, the few High Relief Silver Proofs issued by the Perth Mint have created huge

much interest – in part due to the fantastic collector value! With the Official Issue Price surprisingly set at just a few dollars above that of a standard 1oz Silver Proof, this outstanding work of numismatic craftsmanship is a must-have for every Australian collector. ■ Struck to High Relief Proof quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver ■ Exclusive! Worldwide mintage restricted to just 20,000 coins ■ Measures 32.60mm in diameter – and a chunky 6mm in width! ■ Set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity ■ Outstanding valuefor-money at the affordable Official Issue Price! 4


I I s ie b a B h s u B w e N Series laOuNnLYcChHeANdC!E?


new release, the first The sequel to one Bush Babies II Silver of the Perth Mint’s Proof will be just as most hotly pursued ecially in sought after – esp programs, the first co y of the alit qu the en giv in the Bush Babies II coin! 50c 1/2oz Silver Proof en be t Struck to immaculate jus s ha s Serie l, rfu lou Proof quality from co unveiled! As as d 1/2oz of .999 silver, an e siv clu as ex d nte se this glorious tribute to beautifully pre the iconic kookaburra as its predecessors r s thi I, s is perhaps even bette in Bush Babie rs! sso ce de an pre than its eye-catching Australi re Distinguished by the legal tender coin is su on t. Mint’s expert applicati to sell-out just as fas the near ur, olo l-c ful of s Inspiring overwhelming crown-sized flan of thi demand, the Bush mm Silver .60 36 e iqu un m Babies I Series was Proof offers ample roo extraordinarily popular. lled ski s nt’ Mi the for lir Not only did the five ful artisans to perform the colour coins sell-out at er she the d an , gic ma sold the Perth Mint – they quality of their work is d. out at breakneck spee apparent at a single Indeed, the 10,000-coin aroo glance. mintages of the Kang ofs Pro r Do not delay your de Gli r ga and Su t tha ly order. With each coin sold out so quick ce an ch e in the Bush Babies I on d ha we only e in ins Series soaring in value to offer these co 0 10 A$ of to well over Money! The Dingo Pro n apiece – the time to sold out before we eve ge hu a th strike is right now – Wi nt! pri went to le s tor at the Mint’s affordab audience of collec ! ce Pri this Official Issue waiting to pounce on




S II 2012 50c BUSH BABIE KOOKABURRA 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT77661

ucial opport Downies client unity for s, new series de with this st one of the ho ined to be ttest releases of 2012, this is yo e to ensure supp ur chance ly COMPLETE 5- of the co Babies II Colle in Bush ction! We guar a antee that yo u will receive every Bush Babies II coin at the Offici Pric r e upon rele al Issue as PL LUS a free Per e – th Mint series case!

i off is roo e Silver Pro Each .999 fine E tificate set in a case with a Cer g to the of Authenticity attestin of 10,000 strictly limited mintage ed! – sure to sell out at spe


Celebrate Australia in full-colour! Whether to share your love of Australia – or coin collecting A – with another, or to obtain a unique collection of official Australian legal tender types, A the Perth Mint’s new fullcolour 2012 $1 Celebrate Cele Australia A Au B Set BU i simply is a musthave. h a

Comprising five one-yearonly $1 types, the set honours a stunning array of Australia’s most treasured landscapes and marine environments. Enhanced with full-colour, the 30.60mm flan of each $1 portrays one of the nation’s key World Heritage Sites, including the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Lord Howe Island Group, Fraser Island, Kakadu National Park and Willandra Lakes Region. An essential acquisition for decimal

collectors, each Australian legal tender 30.60mm $1 coin is presented in an official display card, with the complete set housed in an official album. Clearly apt as a distinctively Aussie gift for friends overseas, this tribute to the Great Southern Land will also delight children of all ages. No matter who you are buying for, the affordable 2012 $1 CELEBRATE Official Issue Price of AUSTRALIA AL-BR A$69.95 makes it the BU SET perfect present! Official Issue Price


6995 AT762

Australia Toll 788 358 Aust Au A stra st rali ra lia li a To Tol l l ffree ree re e 13 1300 00 78 8 3 88 58 5

Australia’s greatest polar explorer Paying P aying tr tribute to a m ma to man rightly remembered as remem mb one one o of Australia’s greatest greate explorers, this this unique u Australian legal Aus str tender ten nd $1 coin from fro om the Royal Australian Mint Au us has has been issued in in honour of Sir Si Douglas S Mawson M (1882-1958). (18 88 The RAM co Th could hardly c have selected ha ave selec cte a more deserving candidate de eserving c for the fifth issue in the fo Inspirational Australians In Series. Although S achieving a great many ac things in his lifetime, th Mawson’s name is M inextricably linked with

Struck to rigorous Uncirculated quality from al-bronze, each 25mm diameter $1 coin is set within an informative, M illustrated, official RAM presentation card


Indicative of the explorer’s iconic status, the portrait of Sir Douglas Mawson was chosen to feature on Australia’s first

the exploration of Antarctica. Indeed, it was largely due to Mawson’s efforts that over 40% of Antarctica is owned d and protected by Australia. Continuing ng a long association between Mawson and official Australian legal egal tender, with the intrepid id adventurer depicted upon Australia’s first $100 note as well as several commemoratives, the 25mm flan of this new release portrays Mawson as he is best remembered – ready to face the harsh Antarctic conditions in the name of science. Whilst an affordable way to honour a truly

$100 note. Bearing the Johnston/Stone signatures, this landmark Australian legal tender type is available in Unc quality.

HE MINT! SOLD OUT ArldT’s T n en ee be largest Silver BU has

A typically brilliant work of numismatic design from the Royal Canadian Mint, this affordable $20 honours one of the Arctic’s most famous inhabitants – the Polar Bear.







The wo onishingly land carnivore, and ast lar. With pu po largest bear, the mand huge frame of the de ven by the dri ar Be lar Po ed lov be -catching eye red ptu has been ca n, the sig de perfectly upon the culate ma im s thi 27mm flan of ality qu BU official legal tender the d an m fro k issue. Struc ue-for7.96g of .9999 fine val y price, ne mo st he hig silver – the 250,000the er silv of el lev mintage has in co l ba glo purity in dy sold out at ea alr a cs numismati nt! Mi the 12 2 20 – the P lar We have just 24 $20 Po a Bear coins left in stock – each complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.

St Struck to Proof quality, th this unique 20g sterling er coin silve forms a fine tribute chto the muc misunderstood Proving O ca or Killer Whale Or predictably – a carnivorous popular when ‘monster of the offered earlier this deep’ dubbed a year, our original ‘killer’ due to its allocation of the brutal hunting full-colour 2012 $5 Orca Silver Proof has been virtually wiped out. Indeed, we have a mere 18 coins remaining in stock!



inspirational Australian, this new coin is not to be issued for circulation and is therefore a must-have for collectors. A small price to pay to keep your collection complete, the Official Issue Price has been set at a mere A$13.50!


AT336 om/ m do down wn nie ie ies

methods. Superbly accommodated by the 38.61mm flan, the reverse depicts an Orca in fullcolour soaring from the shimmering blue water of the ocean, with a fully struck-up portrayal of an Orca in the background. An official legal tender issue of the Commonwealth nation of Tokelau, limited to a mintage of just 2,500, each 2012 $5 Orca Silver Proof is set in a plush case.




The Emperor of the Antarctic! Distinguished by a superb full-colour design, the 9th coin of the Perth Mint’s AAT series has just been released! Eagerly anticipated, with this program one of Australia’s most sought after modern series, the 2012 $1 AAT Emperor Penguin 1oz Silver Proof is sure to mirror the sell-out success ess of its predecessors. The tallest, heaviest Antarctic penguin species, s, the Emperor Penguin is known for its distinctive markings and deep-seated parental instincts. The only penguin to breed during the Antarctic winter, Emperor Penguins trek 50-120km over ice to breeding colonies, where the female lays one egg. Upon hatching, the female and male take turns foraging for food in the sea and caring for the chick in the colony. Capturing the Emperor Penguin’s strong parental instincts, this 40.60mm .999 silver 1oz Proof coin depicts an adult tending its chick in full-colour, united with fully struck-up and full-colour designs of Emperor Penguins in the foreground and background respectively. Sure to appeal to anyone enchanted by the world-renowned quality of Perth Mint full-colour coinage, the 2012 12 $1

First Silver & Crystal Coin! AAT Emperor Penguin 1oz Silver Proof is obviously a must-have for those attempting to assemble the complete AAT series. With seven of the eight previous AAT coins sold out at the Perth Mint, the e incentive to immediately guarantee supply of the 9th coin in the series is very strong indeed. ■ Struck to Proof quality from 1oz .999 fine silver ■ Very exclusive – worldwide mintage just 7,500 ■ Australian legal tender of $1 – measures 40.60mm ■ Housed in an attractive, officiall Perth Mint case ■ Features a numbered ered Certificat Certificate of Authenticity Authe



2012 $1 AAT EMPEROR PENGUIN 1oz SILVER PROOF Official O Off icial Issu Issue Price AT768

Bea Beautifully designed and superbly struck, this legal tender $5 features a fine portrayal of the rare Yellow Eyed Penguin on the 38.74mm flan. Set in an official pack, and great value given the tiny mintage, we have just a few coins left in stock.

the 1.45g core of genuine crystal forms a superb complement to the silver, and is the driving force behind the fierce ongoing demand for this groundbreaking coin. Extremely exclusive, with just 5,000 struck, we have FIVE of these innovative 38.60mm 23.45g coins in stock – each set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity.




MINTAGE 7,500! SOL D OUT! Maintaining the

JUST J T 2,000 2 STRUCK! S Honouring one of the world’s rarest penguins, the 2011 $5 Yellow Eyed Penguin Cu-Ni BU is one of the world’s rarest crown-sized BU coins. Just 2,000 were struck!

Part of an awardwinning series, with the 2009 £2 Turtle Crystal Silver Proof chosen as the Most Innovative Coin at the 2011 Coin of the Year Awards, this enchanting r ease represents rel a breathtaking b breakthrough f the art of for n numismatics. This w was the first legal te der coin in the ten w world to unite precious silver with a heart of crystal! Struck to Proof quality, the 22g loop of sterling silver depicts the 2nd largest penguin in Antarctica – the King Penguin. Bearing an intricately carved portrayal of a chick,

immense popularity of the soug ht after AAT Series, the fullcolour 2011 $1 AAT Kil ler Whale 1oz Silver Pro of is officially sold out at the Perth Mint! An important opportu nity, with the new 2012 AA T release sure to inspire a surge in demand for its predecessors, we have a tiny number of this dra matic Australian legal tende r

coin in stock. Comprisi ng 1oz of pure .999 silver, each 40.60mm coin is set in an official case with a Certificate of 2011 $1 AAT Authenticity KILLER WHALE confirming 1oz SILVER the mintage PROOF of 7,500. A$ 119 AS288




Australia Tolll ffree 1300 788 3 358 ree 1 5 7

Australia’s first decimal coin

THE COMPLETE 114-COIN MACHIN An important element of Australia’s currency history, and increasingly scarce in premium grade, we are delighted to give our clients the chance to own the COMPLETE 1966-84 Decimal Coin Collection – in strictly Uncirculated quality!

A comprehensive presentation… The first chapter of Australia’s decimal story, this compilation embodies the complete 1c to 50c series from 1966 to 1984 – with each coin bearing the original decimal portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, created by Arnold Machin. Headlined by a variety of ever-popular decimal types – the 1c and 2c, the 1966 Silver Round 50c, all the 50c commemoratives – this collection also features many underrated, scarce issues.

The 1968 2c, 1968 20c, 1971 20c, 1972 50c and 1973 50c coins, for example, all catalogue from A$55 to A$100! Other key dates such as the first year of issue 1966 coins, the 1967 10c, the 1972 5c and the 1972 10c are all found in this sweeping 114-coin presentation – along with many other scarce, sought after dates. Australia’s very first $1 coin type, the one-year-only Machin portrait 1984 Mob of Roos $1 is included for FREE!

Tough-to-find in change… Ushered in with the beginning of decimal currency, some 46 years ago, nearly three decades have passed since the curtain came down on Australia’s 1966-84 First Portrait coin series. With this in mind, and considering the dramatic increase in demand for the series in the last decade, it’s no great shock to find that assembling a comprehensive early decimal collection is extremely difficult.

Even though some of the dates will still be found in change, barring the long-gone copper 1c & 2c of course, early decimal coins are impossible to source from circulation in premium condition.





age series – utterly complete!

PORTRAIT COLLECTION! An unbeatable chance to secure every date in strictly Uncirculated quality, the 1966-84 Complete Decimal Coin Collection comprises only those coins taken from original Mint Rolls.

A valuable opportunity… It is the scarcity of the series in Uncirculated



quality that makes this opportunity so important. It’s the price that makes it so irresistible! With catalogue prices continuing to rise as the industry comes to grips with exactly how scarce this series has become, the sensational value of this all-encompassing presentation rivals the premium grade of the coins. Available as 1c & co 2c, 2c 5c & 10 and 20c & 50c 50 sets upon the Order Form, the complete 114Fo coin co collection can now be yours at a massive A$107 yo OFF! O


A comprehensive appreciation of Australia’s first decimal coinage series Comprises an example of every date from 1966 to 1984 – a grand total of 114 coins! Defined by superior quality, with every coin in strictly Uncirculated condition! Outstanding valuefor-money, with the complete set now slashed by A$107!

FREE 1984 ROO S $1! The 19

66-84 Complete D Coin Colle ecimal c includes th tion also e year-only M onea 1984 Mob chin of Roos $1 – set in an RAM pack official and yours for FREE!

Australia Toll free 1300 788 300 7 8 3 88 358 58 8 9

The fastest land animal on earth… As stunning full-colour to the cheetah ttribute ri – tthe fastest land animal on the planet a n – tthis new release from the Perth Mint fro is official, affordable and, with just 7,500 an struck, astoundingly str exclusive for a Brilliant ex Uncirculated coin. Un



2012 $1 CHEETAH AL-BR BU Official Issue Price AT773

A one-year-only Australian legal tender issue, the 2012 Cheetah $1 BU is the latest release in the 2012 $1 Animal Athletes Series – a new program exploring the similarities between the behaviour of animals and human sporting pursuits. Uniting traditional numismatic sculpture with the exquisite application of full-colour, the Mint has captured perfectly the velocity of the world’s fastest land animal. Able to attain speeds of 120km/hr – compared to the fastest

athletes competing in London this month, who might reach 37km/hr – the cheetah exerts so much effort when pursuing its prey that it needs half an hour to catch its breath before it can devour its quarry! An inspired tribute to this fascinating creature, and a compulsory complement to the Big Cats Collection offered below, this unique 30.60mm Al-Br full-colour coin is set in an informative, brightly illustrated card. Sensational value at just A$14.95!

The Big Cats in Silver! he Tiger! Eye of tth An official Australian legal tender coin, issued to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Zoo, this oneyear-only $1 type forms an eyecatching tribute to one of the most famous of the world’s ‘big cats’ – the Sumatran Tiger.

Perfectly recreating the distinctive hues of this majestic creature, this vivid full-colour 25mm Al-Br $1 Unc is set in an official Royal Australian Mint pack and, crucially, was not issued for circulation. Must-have for a complete Australian $1 collection!




Defined by strictly limited availability, pure .999 silver and unprecedented presentation, this vibrant new legal tender release forms a truly memorable tribute to the world’s most celebrated, most beloved ‘Big Cats’.

Taken from a tiny worldwide mintage of just 3,000, the 2011 30 Francs Magnificent Big Cats Silver Proof Collection comprises four official legal tender coins – each struck to the apex of Proof quality from 20 grams of .999 fine silver. Measuring a

See the Order Form for the complete 2012 $1 Melbourne Zoo Series!

broad, crownsized 38.80mm in diameter, each of those coins is adorned by an exquisite full-colour image of one of the most well known members of the feline family, with the leopard, lion, tiger and cheetah all featured. Complete with Certificate of a Certificat Authenticity, this Authenticit collection splendid c as is almost a notable for the original highly orig

presentation as it is for the stunning application of full-colour. The perfect finishing touch, representing each of these world-famous ‘big cats’, the lavish timber collection case features a lid topped with imitation lion, cheetah, tiger and leopard fur!




T The 4-coin Silver Proof 4 ssett is i housed h d in i a lluxurious i ti b case timber – with imitation lion, cheetah, tiger and le leopard fur upon the lid! wnies www fa 10

Official 2012 Olympic Crowns! With the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games now just days away, and Olympic Fever reaching unprecedented heights, this is the perfect time to add Britain’s official 2012 £5 Olympic and Paralympics BU Crowns to your collection! A memorable, officially approved keepsake of the XXX Olympiad, due to begin in London on the 27th of July, the 2012 £5 Olympics Crown BU is distinguished by a

brilliant depiction of the London skyline, featuring some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Highlighting the key skills to be showcased at the London 2012 Paralympic Games – speed, manoeuvrability and accuracy – the official Royal Mint 2012 £5 London Paralympics Crown BU is the perfect partner. Presented within specially designed, informative wallets, set in attractive, official Royal Mint folders, these superbly designed British

legal tender issues represent tremendous value-for-money. At a mere A$34.95 apiece, everyone has the chance to play a part in the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza!







Olympic Countdown concludes! The perfect way to t celebrate the beginning of the be greatest event gr in in international sport, the Royal sp Mint’s complete Mi 4-coin 2009-12 £5 4 -c London Lond Countdown BU is official, BU Collection Co innovative innovati and, crucially, innov unbeatable value-forunbea b t money. mon


Underpinned by flawless Brilliant Uncirculated quality, this affordable British legal tender series comprises four large, crown-sized coins. Celebrating swimming (2009), athletics (2010) and cycling (2011), with the final coin of the series depicting the medal winners’ dais,

each of those coins is a fresh, original work of numismatic art. Individually brilliant, the four 38.61mm Cu-Ni £5 Crowns unite to form a tangible expression of the sense of anticipation experienced by millions of people across the globe

in the lead-up to the XXX Olympiad. Well within your reach at A$94.85 for the set, each London 2012 £5 Olympics Countdown BU is set in an official Royal Mint pack, with the complete collection housed within a FREE illustrated outer box!


The official London 2012 £5 Olympic Games Countdown coins GB 2009-12 £5 are also available LONDON L COUNTDOWN individually – CO COLLECTION BU (4 coins) please see the Order Form AT418

Honouring our Aussie Champions! Officially approved O by b the AOC, AO and strictly limited to an edition of just ju 750, this t i dazzling th Australian Au legal tender le set se from the th Perth th Mint forms M a fine tribute f to the t Aussie

athletes about to represent the nation at the 2012 Olympic Games. Struck to the pinnacle of Proof quality, the collection is headlined by a 22.50mm $60 coin comprising 10g of pure, prestigious .9999 gold. Just as notably, the set also includes a 36.60mm 1/2oz .999 36.6 Silver Proof 50c Sil carrying full-colour ca depictions of the de Sydney Opera Sy

House and Big Ben. Found ONLY in this set, the limited edition of 750 makes this coin one of the lowest mintage Silver Proofs ever issued by the Perth Mint! Featuring the Boxing Kangaroo, the 30.60mm Al-Br $1 BU forms the perfect complement to the full-colour precious metal Proofs. We have only a small number of this exclusive collection available – each set

in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the astonishingly low limited edition of 750.



2012 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM THREE COIN SET Official Issue Price AT346 For more official Australian Olympic Team commemoratives, please see the Order Form

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Last Prefix of Australia’s Last £5 Star Note! The first time that Downies has had the pleasure of offering this great Australian rarity, we are proud to present the 1960-65 £5 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank TC13 Last Prefix Star Note. Part of the estate of a recently deceased collector, this particular example is defined by stunning Extremely Fine quality!

Excessively rare – in any grade… Issued in tiny numbers, it is universally acknowledged that all Australian Star Notes are scarce to rare in any condition. The very last £5 Star Note is no exception to the rule. Extremely difficult to source, in large part because high denomination notes were generally too valuable for most people to set aside, the £5 Coombs/Wilson Star Note is seldom seen on the market.

More importantly in the current context, the £5 Coombs/Wilson TC13 Last Prefix Star Note is virtually never offered.

The Stars of the series… A quick glance at the price-growth over the last 25 years illustrates that Star Notes are among the strongest performers of the 191365 series – especially

when found in premium grade, as here. In 1988, a standard, non-Last Prefix £5 Coombs/ Wilson Star Note in EF was valued at A$2,000. By 2001, the market value had soared to A$9,000, and by 2006 had jumped to A$23,500. With a current catalogue value of A$29,000 – and A$34,500 for the TC13 Last Prefix issue in EF – the enormous potential of this prestigious Australian banknote is blindingly obvious.

A vital opportunity… Conservatively graded at Extremely Fine, the rare opportunity to secure the 1960-65 £5 Coombs/Wilson TC13 Last Prefix Star Note deserves the most serious consideration. Who knows how many years will pass before such a spectacular example is seen on the market again?




Depression Era rarity! A genuine artefact of the Great Depression, first issued exactly 85 years ago, we also have the rare 1927-32 £5 Riddle/ Heathershaw in stock – in better-than-usuallyseen about Very Fine quality!

With the average weekly wage well under £5 during the worst days of the economic crisis, a £5 note represented too much spending power for most people to blithely pop a few away for posterity. With predecimal notes also having a short life-

span in circulation, and regularly withdrawn and destroyed by Treasury, it is no great shock that notes such as the 1927 £5 Riddle/Heathershaw are so rarely offered today. The small number of surviving examples,

combined with the everexpanding size of the market, has ensured strong recent pricegrowth. In just the last decade, the price of the £5 Riddle/Heathershaw in lower grade has tripled, with high-grade notes rising at least fivefold in value!




The ONLY 1918 £1 Cerutty/Collins Unc Consec Pair in existence! One of the rarest, most important banknote te presentations Downies wnies has s handled in 80 years rs in the industry, we have in stock what is, to our knowledge, the ONLY strictly Uncirculated 1918 £1 Cerutty/Collins Consecutive Pair in existence! Without wanting to over-emphasise the point, this is a truly remarkable opportunity. One off the earliest, rarest issues of Australia’s s first national currency ncy system, with the first notes unveiled in 1913, the 1918 £1 Cerutty/Collins is one ne of Australia’s most historic, storric, most sought after banknotes. The nation’s n’s first £1 type, bearing Australi Australia’s a’ss second signature combination, the rarity is in large part due to the tiny number of notes printed. Issued in low numbers to accommodate a comparatively small post-World War I population, and with the £1 experiencing a higher rate of circulation than any other denomination, the he 1918 £1 Cerutty/Collins ns is missing from a vast majority of collections. s. One of the rarest issues es of the 1913-65 £1 series, ies, the 1918 £1 Cerutty/ Collins is naturally sought ught after by investors as much as collectors – especially in superior quality. The long-term performance of this rare type in Unc has been mind-blowing, with the increasing competition for the few existing examples ensuring strong, consistent price-growth. Valued at A$2,750 in 1993, and A$19,500 in 2003, the 1918 £1 Cerutty/Collins in Unc now catalogues at A$70,000. With notes bearing sequential serial numbers much rarer, and enjoying much stronger price-growth, than two non-

consecutive notes in the same grade, the chance to secure the 1918 Cerutty/ Collins £1 as a Consecutive Pair is an awe-inspiring proposition – especially THIS Consecutive Pair! In pristine Uncirculated quality, with a minute pinhole, we believe this pair is unique. To our knowledge, it is the ONLY Uncirculated Cerutty/ Collins £1 Consecutive Pair

in existence! The only other known Cerutty/Collins £1 pair is in gF-VF, and was last seen on the market eight years ago, when it sold for A$20,000. The finest 1918 £1 Cerutty/ Collins notes we have ever offered, this is a truly breathtaking opportunity for one of our clients to join the elite bracket of Australian numismatics.




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! e c n a r a e l C r e p p Trans-Tasman Co A$ 495 2 pennies from New Aussie Zealand in stock. With Downies to ve s… mo ite to g ur favo preparin New Zealand’s first the g new, larger premises rin national coinage was Struck du g as a result of our Kin of s launched in 1933, gn rei , 11 continued expansion (19 but it was not until George V and July Stocktake g George VI Kin 1940 that the nation’s ), 36 n ee Qu d looming large, we are an first halfpennies and (1938-52) . making a determined abeth II (1953-64), pennies were unveiled Eliz the d g an rin effort to clear our ny du Issued the halfpen extensive holding reigns of George VI penny are among st of Australasian mo and Elizabeth II until Australia’s copper coins. An lar collector the conclusion of the pu po , of nt me ele unbeatable way to predecimal era in 1965 coins. A key start a collection, stralia’s first national New Zealand’s lowest Au this is a fantastic denominations are currency system, and opportunity for our ental favourites tim just as collectable – sen n tio na mi clients to secure bulk no and just as affordable as low de lots of pennies and – as their Aussie ues, the popularity iss halfpennies from se coins is counterparts. the of Australia and New ge part due lar in Zealand – at prices to the tremendous Priced to please sure to shock! affordability – as all pockets! illustrated here. A sensational way to begin a predecimal i Classic Kiw collection, and copper… therefore perfect er rtn pa ct rfe as a gift for a new The pe collector, we have for the bulk bags of al cim de pre n alia Australian and New Austr Zealand halfpennies copper coinage, we n tai un mo a ve ha and pennies available also of halfpennies and

by the HALF KILO – at sensational prices! 1911-64 HALFPENNY With no time to sort LF-KILO (90 coins) VG HA through our colossal AL875 cache of copper, we cannot guarantee which dates you will find. What we can guarantee is that these 1911-64 PENNY HALFextra-value bags of KILO (55 coins) VG AL874 Australian and New Zealand predecimal halfpennies and VE SA pennies will provide A$ 10! endless hours of fascination! 1-64 HALFPENNY & 1911-





IR PENNY HALF-KILO PA (145 coins) VG KC261



NY NZ 1940-65 HALFPEN VG N HALF-KILO (90 coins) H AT259


2495 LF-

NZ 1940-65 PENNY HA KILO (55 coins) VG AT258

VE SA A$ 10!



1940-65 HALFPENNY NZ 19 NNY HALF-KILO PAIR & PEN (145 coins) VG KC895

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The Raising of the Cross recreated in full colour! moment from which the painting takes its name. Set within the middle panel of the foldout timber case, this vivid coin is flanked by two 17.50mm x 35mm $1 1/2oz sterling silver coins. The left hand coin depicts John and Mary watching the grisly event, whilst the right hand coin portrays a Roman officer er directing the execution, with the two thieves in the background. A breathtaking tribute to one of the finest works of the history of art, we have just a few examples of this set from the mintage of 500, and a sell-out is certain.

A presentation that anyone would be proud to display in their home or office, this stunning example of the latest in precious metal minting celebrates The Raising of the Cross by Flemish painter, Sir Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640). An artist well known for his extravagant Baroque style, emphasising movement, colour and sensuality, The Raising of the Cross is one of Rubens’ most famous paintings. A work of ‘gruesome beauty’, capturing the crucifixion of Jesus in the most dramatic way imaginable, the

masterpiece ce was completed in 1611. Thundering with the inspiration of Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists such as Caravaggio, Tintoretto and Michelangelo, Rubens’ colossal painting (central panel 460cm x 340cm; side panels 460cm x 150cm) has been held at the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp since 1816. Recreating Rubens’ epic artwork perfectly, this unique presentation comprises three fullcolour, legal tender Proof coins. The central $2 coin, measuring 35mm x 35mm and struck from 1oz sterling rling silver, depicts the

First with all the hottest releases from right around the globe, Downies is proud to present our clients with this limited window of opportunity to secure the latest issue in the extraordinarily popular Masterpieces of Art 3oz Silver Proof Series! Official legal tender, struck from THREE TROY OUNCES of pure .999 silver – 93.30 grams! – the 2012 $20 Renoir The Sleeping Bather Silver Proof is an awe-inspiring coin. Measuring a massive 55mm, the broad flan provides the perfect platform to enjoy The Sleeping Bather by Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) – a leading French Impressionist, and the last representative of a

Renoir’s The Sleeping Bather… tradition created by Peter Paul Rubens. Framed by 16 genuine Swarovski crystals, the flawless reproduction n of this masterpiece captures the vibrant light and saturated colour for which Renoir is so famous. As Masterpieces of Art coins are among the most sought after in numismatics, with every one sold out at speed,

Th three coins The are set in a superb foldout timber case, complete with an information booklet and a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 500

we advise immediate action. With the mintage restricted to 1,897 – the year in which Renoir completed this famous masterpiece – this spellbinding work of numismatic artistry will be available for a short time only.




Crafted from three ounces (93.30g!) of pure .999 silver Measures a huge 55mm in diameter – official legal tender of $20 Worldwide mintage just 1,897 – tiny number in Australia! Set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity




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First seen in Britain during Ancient Roman times, and used on the coinage of every monarch since C Charles II (1660-85), Britannia has long been revered as the personification of Britain. In 1987, Britain’s iconic warrior maiden was first enshrined in precious metal collector issues, with a rich variety of brilliant Britannia designs seen since that time. The perfect way to mark the 25th anniversary of the modern Britannia series, this unique set features every Britannia desig type! design


The 2012 £1 Britannia ‘First Strike’ Collection A stunning opportunity to secure an example of every modern Britannia reverse type, this remarkable collection comprises nine official British legal tender £1 Silver Proofs – with each set guaranteed to be from the first 400 struck by the Royal Mint! A brilliant concept, celebrating a quarter of a century since the first modern Britannia Series was launched in 1987, the 2012 £1 Britannia 25th Anniversary Silver Proof Set was recently unveiled by the Royal Mint. The set

comprises nine 27mm, e 27mm 16.22g .958 fine silver Proof coins – each distinguished by one of the nine different designs employed by the Royal Mint since the modern Britannia series began in 1987, with the current portrait of Elizabeth II found on the obverse. An extremely exclusive release, the Royal Mint set the overall mintage of the 2012 £1 Britannia 25th Anniversary y Silver Proof Set at just 2,012. In a remarkable twist, sure to capture the captu

imagination of collectors colle ectors ecto across the globe, the Mint then set aside the first 400 collections taken off the presses to be issued as a special ‘first strike’ presentation. With news of this inspired Royal Mint initiative instantly sparking frenzied demand, Downies quickly took advantage of our extensive international network

to secure an allocation n from the limited edition of 400 ‘first strike’ sets. Housed in an elegant Royal Mint case with an official Certificate of Authenticity confirming both the strictly limited edition AND that each collection was among the first 400 struck by the Royal Mint, we are delighted to announce that we have fifty sets in stock.

With the Britannia Series so popular, and the lure of securing coins struck so early in the production run so strong, there is no doubt that our allocation will be blown away at speed. Don’t delay your order!




Housed H o oused within an ff case official case, each set includes a 25th anniversary b booklet AND an official Royal Mint Certificate of Authen Royal Authenticity attesting to both the limited edition of 400, and to th the fact that each set was presses one of the first 400 off the presses! i f b k 16

July Money 2012  

Downies July Money Catalogue - 2012

July Money 2012  

Downies July Money Catalogue - 2012