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Mid April 2012

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Qty US$ Price Total Ingots - Great Gold Rushes of History! Legendary Gold Rushes of the World Gold Ingot Collection $1,946.00 Money Mid April 2012 Page 1 2012 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion! 2012 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion $9.75 Page 2 New from the Perth Mint! 2012 $30 Koala Kilo Silver Proof NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US 2012 10c Koala 1/10oz Silver BU $14.75 2012 $2 Kangaroo 0.5g Gold BU $59.00 Page 3 The Year of the Dragon - in full-colour! 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 10-coin 1oz Silver BU Set $966.00 Pages 4 & 5 Military memorabilia... 2012 $1 Long Tan 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Niue 2012 $1 Vietnam War 1/2oz Silver Proof $74.00 WWI Two-up Set $24.50 2012 20c Merchant Navy Unc $8.00 2012 50c Kokoda 70th Anniversary Unc $9.00 Airman’s Code Set $88.00 Airman’s Code Medallion $39.00 Rising Sun Badge Collection (7) $96.00 NZ 2012 $1 NZ Air Force Silver Proof w/Badge $136.00 Page 6 Key Sovereign dates... 1872M Young Head Shield Sovereign VF $776.00 1887S Jubilee Head Sovereign F-VF $776.00 1925S Sovereign Choice Unc $727.00 Page 7 Titanic Centenary Tributes Tuvalu 2012 $1 Titanic 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 GB 2012 Titanic Halfpenny 10-Coin Collection $88.00 1912 Sovereign Trio gVF-gEF $2,141.00 1912 Gold Sovereign gVF-gEF $717.00 Pages 8 & 9 High quality hammered silver! GB Edward III 1327-77 Silver Half Groat Fine $292.00 GB Edward I 1272-1307 Silver Penny VF $171.00 GB Henry III 1216-72 Silver Penny VF+ $191.00 Normandy Richard I 942-96 Silver Denier VF $243.00 Page 10 Wonderful Whales! Tokelau 2012 $5 Marine Life Orca Silver Proof $97.00 2011 $1 AAT Killer Whale 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Israel 2010-12 Biblical Art Silver Proof Trio $483.00 Page 11 Stylish accessories... 1951 Commemorative Florin Pocket Watch $292.00 Endure Sixpence Silver Bracelet $80.00 Endure Florin Silver Necklace $120.00 Endure Sixpence & Florin Silver Jewellery Pair $171.00 Page 12 Innovative Star Wars tributes! Niue 2011 $2 Star Wars Darth Vader NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US 1oz Silver Prooflike Collection Niue 2011 $2 Star Wars Millennium Falcon NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US 1oz Silver Prooflike Collection On The Order Form… Austria 2012 20€ Egon Schiele Eurostar Silver Proof $75.00 Austria 2012 20€ Lauriacum Silver Proof $79.50 Austria 2011 20€ Aguntum Silver Proof $79.50 Austria 2011 20€ Carnuntum Silver Proof $79.50 Austria 2010 20€ Vindobona Silver Proof $79.50 Austria 2010 20€ Virunum Silver Proof $79.50 Austria Rome On The Danube Collection Case $84.00 2000 $5 Sydney Olympics Al-Br Unc Collection (28) $317.00 2012 $1 Australian Olympic Team Five-Coin BU Set NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US 2012 $1 ANZAC Day PNC $15.75 Subtotal Column One


The Art of Coinage…

A superb example of the art of modern minting, the Austrian Mint has just released this spectacular precious metal tribute to one of the nation’s most internationally renowned painters – Egon Schiele (1890-1918). Rising to prominence early in life as an outstanding draftsman and artist, and accepted by Gustav Klimt as his protégé at age 17, Schiele was known for both his intense, prolific painting and controversial bohemian lifestyle during the archconservative age of pre-WWI Austria. Capturing the essence of one of his famous works, this spellbinding legal tender 20€ coin from the Austrian Mint is distinguished by an astounding reproduction of ‘Portrait of Wally’ – a painting completed in 1912 depicting his lover Valerie Neuzil. The obverse of the coin features a precise reproduction of one of the existing photos of Schiele, taken by photographer Anton Tricka in 1914, united with a representation of a Schiele chalk drawing completed in the year of his death, known as ‘The Croucher’. Part of a new collaborative program that will see fourteen nations from the European Union each contribute a coin based on the theme ‘Artists’, this poignant precious metal Proof from Austria forms a fine memorial to a painter whose artistic fire burnt brightly but briefly before swept away by the flu epidemic following World War I. An official Austrian legal tender issue, each of these 20€ coins is… 

struck to the immaculate Proof standards of the Austrian Mint

Postage & Insurance – USA


crafted from 20g of 90% silver, and measures 34mm in diameter

Postage & Insurance – Canada


Postage & Insurance – Overseas


part of a restricted worldwide mintage of 50,000

Orders over $500


beautifully presented within an official Austrian Mint case

accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity

State Tax (Californian Residents) @7.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Sales Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg (4.4lbs), we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________




New Rome on the Danube Silver Proof NOW AVAILABLE! CAPTURING AUSTRIA’S ANCIENT HISTORY… Hotly purs pursued su as a unique window into Austria’s intriguing Ancient Anciennt past, the Rome on the Danube Silver Proof Series Seriies has proved to be a tremendous success for thee Austrian Mint. Paying homage to different th Roman cities established along Austria’s famous Ro R River Danube, we are delighted to announce R that t we have the latest issue of this sought after precious metal series in stock – as well as all four of its predecessors! As with those predecessors, honouring the cities of Vindobona, Virunum, Carnuntum and AAguntum, the 2012 20€ Lauriacum Silver PProof is a must-have for those interested in Europe’s rich, fascinating Ancient history. A key Eur strategic straate site for the Roman Empire, Lauriacum is also famous as the site of the martyrdom of St Florian faam patron – the patr ron saint of Austrian firefighters. A Roman officer who refusedd tto renounce his Christianity during the great purges of 304AD, just three years before the great Christian Chris stia Emperor Constantine the Great came power (307-37AD), Florian was put to death to ppo inn Lauriacum as a result of his unwillingness to recant his beliefs, and is depicted on the reverse with the Christian Emperor Gratian r (367-83). Commanding the attention of collectors across the globe, this spectacular program will impress anyone enchanted with the art of


numismatics. Truly eye-catching coins, each of the five legal tender 20€ coins thus far released is defined by an intricately detailed, instantly eye-catching design. Producing coins of extreme complexity, great originality and tremendous beauty, the Austrian Mint’s engravers have captured the essence of the Ancient Roman era. Struck to the Mint’s most rigorous Proof standard, the sharply sculpted reverse and obverse motifs look simply superb. A fantastic opportunity for those yet to enjoy the Austrian Mint’s Rome on the Danube Silver Proof Series, we have all five official 90% silver 20€ Proofs currently in stock – with each coin beautifully presented within an official Mint case complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the strictly limited worldwide mintage of 50,000. For those seeking to assemble the complete 6-coin collection, a lavish, velvet-lined timber series case is also available, bearing a reproduction of a Sestertius of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius on the lid. No matter which of these spectacular coins you select, each is… 

struck from 18g of 90% silver, and measures 34mm in diameter

strictly limited to a worldwide mintage of 50,000 coins

underpinned by the flawless Proof quality of the Austrian Mint

an official Austrian legal tender issue, with a face value of 20€

beautifully presented within an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

7950 each














Not offered in years! Celebrating what is widely acknowledged as the ‘greatest ever Games’, the official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Al-Br $5 Collection will be fondly remembered by a great many of our clients. But when was the last time you saw this collection on the market? The impending London 2012 Olympic Games makes this the perfect moment to rediscover and enjoy one of Australia’s most important commemorative series. Not offered by Downies for many years, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Al-Br $5 Collection comprises 28 official Australian legal tender coins. Struck by the Royal Australian Mint, this was the very first series in Olympic Games history to honour each of the disciplines to be showcased at the world’s greatest sporting extravaganza, with each coin devoted to a particular sport. Crafted from aluminium-bronze, and set within a colourful, official card, every $5 coin bears a unique, lively motif upon its 38.74mm flan, united with the official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games logo – incorporating the Olympic Rings.

Just 5 ! k in stoc

Honouring our Aussie Olympians! Officially approved, beautifully presented and extremely affordable, this impressive 5-coin set from the Perth Mint forms an official Australian legal tender tribute to the Australian Olympic Team set to descend on London in search of golden glory. Fantastic value-for-money at an Official Issue Price of just $69, this AOC-authorised presentation comprises five 30.60mm Australian legal tender coins. Struck to BU quality, four of the five al-br coins depict an Aussie athlete engaged in one of the many disciplines to be showcased at the 2012 Olympic Games, with the fifth portraying the Australian Olympic Team mascot, the iconic Boxing Kangaroo. A must-have for sports fans and traditional decimal collectors alike, the five Australian legal tender coins are housed in individual cards, with the set presented in an album.

Still fantastic valuefor-money at just US$325 US$32 for the set – an average price a of under und US$12 per coin! – each c official ci Sydney 2000 Olympic Olym Games 28-Coin 28-C Collection is beautifully b presented within pre the original, official album alb of issue.









New $1 Anzac Day PNC! An important keepsake of Australia’s key day of national commemoration, the 2012 $1 Anzac Day PNC forms a poignant tribute to the nurses that have served, and continue to serve, in the Australian Defence Force.



2012 $1 ANZAC DAY PNC Offici cial Issue Price AT562

Honouring those who face the brutal consequence of war – the sick, wounded, dead and dying – each PNC is headlined by an Australian legal tender $1 from the Perth Mint portraying nurses from both World Wars. A unique type, the 30.60mm

$1 is set upon a card that fits within the official, illustrated envelope, which is adorned with an Australian 60c stamp depicting the 3rd version of the Rising Sun Badge – approved in 1904 and worn proudly by Australian Defence Force nurses during WWI and WWII. A timely acquisition as we approach Anzac Day, this official military commemorative is within the reach of all at just $15.75.

US - Mid-April Money - ORDER FORM  

Downies Money Mid-April 2012 Order Form - North American Edition

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