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April 2012

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The First Koala Kilo Silver Proof! MINTAGE JUST 500!

weighty, measuring a gargantuan 100.60mm in diameter. A breathtaking work of modern minting, the only thing small about the 2012 $30 Koala Kilo Silver Prooff is the mintage. A mere 500 Koala Kilo coins have been struck! Even if every one of those coins was to be retained in Australia, that tiny mintage would still seem a dramatic underestimation of demand. As it is, a significant portion of the limited edition is destined for the huge US Silver market, ensuring a mad scramble for the few coins remaining in Australia. With our allocation therefore tightly restricted, and a sell-out at the Mint inevitable, the need for a speedy response from our clients is obvious.

Sure to be one of the biggest releases of the year – both physically and figuratively – we are delighted to unveil the Perth Mint’s first ever Koala Silver Proof Kilo! Underpinned by exquisite Proof quality, handsome presentation and strictly limited availability, the 2012 $30 Koala Kilo Silver Proof will command most attention by virtue of its sheer size. One of the world’s biggest coins, this precious metal mammoth is crafted from a whopping ONE KILO of pure, lustrous .999 silver. That’s more than 32 troy ounces! Providing the perfect venue for the Perth Mint’s enchanting, one-yearonly koala design, this massive Australian legal Austra tender coin is tend as big as it is

JUST A$14.95! stunning value-formoney at an Official Issue Price of just ly An astonishing A$14.95. A fantastic affordable Aussie gift, each all for opportunity n 20.60mm Australian ow to ns alia str Au legal tender 10c coin er silv a pure .999 in an official, coin from the Perth is set d card. ate str c illu 10 12 Mint, the 20 ver Sil z 2 10c 0o 201 1/1 ala Ko plyy KO K ALA 1/10oz BU iss simp SILVER BU Official Issue Price Of A$




S Struck from ONE KILO IIf you ever wanted of pure .999 tto add some pure silver – over 32oz! A ssie gold to your Au ■ Tiny worldwide collection, this is mintage just A ! ce an your ch 500 coins – sensational initiative 2012 $2 sure to sell out the of rt pa KANGAROO 0.5g on the 2012 $30 KOALA ing ■ Measures Perth Mint, bring GOLD BU KILO SILVER PROOF ce Pri rite ue ou 100.60mm Iss fav l ’s icia rld Off the wo Official Issue Price A$ in diameter 5950 precious metal AT514 and 14.60mm AT516 w within the reach of the thick! al all Australians, 11.60mm .9999 fine ■ Housed in a plush, official case 2012 $2 Kangaroo 2 and illustrated outer box 0. 0 0.5g Gold BU is a ■ Complete with a numbered m must-have at a mere Certificate of Authenticity . A A$59.50



BUNNY MONEY! An ideal Easter gift for the young and the young at heart, this official legal tender 50 Senti coin from Tanzania features a full-colour portrayal of the Easter Bunny on

the obverse! A most affordable present at less than A$10 apiece, each 20mm coin is housed within a delightfully illustrated, ready-towrap Easter pack.

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A stunner in Silver Proof! A must-have for those who own its perfect partner, the 2011 $1 Ram’s Head Silver Proof, the 2012 Silver Proof $1 is a superb recreation of Australia’s last 3d type.

Issued from 1938 to 1964, during the reigns of George VI and Elizabeth II, the Wheat 3d was created by George Kruger Gray at as part of the Great Recoinage of

1937. A brilliant design when struck to Proof quality from .999 silver, especially on a much larger flan than the

2 2012 $1 WHEAT SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price O

set at just 12,500, each coin is presented in an official RAM case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.





Whilst a fine tribute W to the Wheat Industry, the key In thing about the 2012 $1 Wheat BU type is that it is not to be issued for circulation – making the 2012 $1 Al-Br Mintmark/ Privymark 4-Coin BU Set a vital acquisition for decimal collectors.

Dynamite Dragon

An official Australian d an legal tender issue, an tal me us cio affordable pre r na Lu the of nto meme e New Year, this uniqu for le tab no st mo is type the RAM’s exquisitely n– detailed Dragon desig k uc str en magnificent wh re pu m fro ty ali qu of to Pro silver.

original 3d, this 25mm, 11.66g Australian legal tender $1 is one of the finest issues in the RAM’s 1992-2012 $1 Silver Proof Series. An exclusive limited edition, with the mintage

lar Proving extremely popu as s, tor llec co with Lunar by well as those enchanted of Pro ver Sil the RAM’s $1 .66g Series, each 25mm 11 set is in co er .999 fine silv a in an official case with y cit nti the Au of Certificate ge of nta mi the to ing est att 10,000.

Comprising g the 25mm Al-Br Wheat Sheaf $1 C Mintmark and S, M and B Privymark coins, united within an official Royal Australian Mint pack, this value-for-money set represents the only way you can maintain a complete decimal collection! 2012 $1 MINTMA M RK/ PRIVYMARK 4 OIN AL-BR 4-C BU SET Of icial Issue Price Off

2012 $1 DRAGON SILVER PROOF O icial Issue Price Off Of A$ A






Not issued for circulation!

Must-have $1 type!

Whilst the RAM’s 2012 $1 Dragon Al-Br Unc has generated great demand as the most affordable way to celebrate the Lunar New Year, this unique, one-year-only Australian legal tender type has naturally caught the eye of decimal collectors.

An apt tribute to the 100th Australian Open, with the two coins depicting the trophies held aloft by the winners of the Women’s and Men’s singles (Victoria Azarenka and Novak Djokovic), these unique types are also a must-have for ttra tr aditional c co ollectors.

Not to be issued for circulation, and not issued in any other format, this is the ONLY way you can secure this must-have $1 type – and the ONLY way you can keep your collection complete! Top 0,, value at A$13.50 n each 25mm coin M RA a in is set pack.

2012 $1 100th AUSTRALIA AN N OPEN MEN’S TROPHY AL-BR BU Official Issue Price A$



2012 $1 100th AUSTRALIAN OPEN WOMEN’S TROPHY Y AL-BR BU Official Issue Price e

20 2 $1 YEAR OF 201 THE DRAGON T AL-BR UNC f icial Issue Price Off O A$

Why? Because, with neither coin issued for circulation, this dynamic duo is crucial to anyone seeking to preserve a complete collection! Within the reach of tennis fans and decimal enthusiasts alike at A$15 apiece, each 25mm coin is set in a pack.






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New Australia Remembers 20c!

All new from the Zoo!

Top value at just A$8! Arguably A rg tthe h finest of the iissue issu s RAM’s R AM Australia Remembers Series, R emem with 28.52mm w ith the 2 featuring a flan featu maritime striking m design, this unique d i th commemorative c honours one of the h unsung heroes of u WWII – the Australian W Merchant Navy. M Playing a crucial role P in the transportation of supplies o essential es during durin the war, and d suffering a higher suffe rate of casualties casu than any of the armed forces, forc

Celebrating elebrating the Sumatran Tiger and Southern Corroboree Frog respectively, the latest issues in the RAM’s Animals of the Zoo Series have just been launched! A dramatic fusion of traditional numismatic sculpture and the glory of fullcolour, the distinctive, vibrant hues of the Sumatran Tiger and Southern Corroboree Frog have been perfectly recreated upon the 25mm flan of each of these coins. Issued to mark the 150th anniversary of the world-famous Melbourne Zoo, and specifically designed to delight those yet to experience the joys of coin collecting, there is no doubt that these one-year-only types

will also be targeted ta by long-term decimal collectors. Not issued for circulation, these Australian legal tender coins are crucial to anyone desperate to maintain a complete commemorative $1 collection. With each coin available at the Royal Australian Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price of just A$15, there’s no reason why anyone should miss out!

2012 20c 0c MERCHANT ANT NAVY BU Official O ff Issue Price A$


the men of the Merchant Navy are remembered for their courage and commitment. Honoured with memorials and service medals, Australia’s merchant mariners have now been enshrined in official Australian legal tender. Whilst a must-have for those fascinated by Australia’s rich military heritage, there is no doubt that this coin will be hotly pursued by decimal collectors. Not issued for circulation, and never to be found in change, this one-yearch only on 20c type is crucial to anyone keen on preserving a complete pr collection! Presented co in an informative RAM card, ca and within the reach of all Australians at an Official Issue Price of just A$8.


Must-have for a complete collection! Commemorating the Australian Year of the Farmer and the UN International Year of Co-operatives respectively, these Australian legal tender coins from the RAM represent official recognition of two key contributors to Australia’s long-term economic prosperity

– and represent a must-have for serious decimal collectors! Not to be issued in any other form, and not to be released into general circulation, these 25mm Al-Br BU $1 types are vital to the thousands of people seeking to preserve a complete collection.

A small price to pay to maintain a comprehensive decimal set, each coin is available at the RAM’s affordable Official Issue Price.

2012 012 $ $1 11 150th 50 50th ANNIVERSARY OF MELBOURNE ZOO FROG AL-BR BU Official Issue Price A$



2012 $1 150th ANNIVERSARY OF MELBOURNE ZOO TIGER AL-BR BU Official Issue Price

2012 $1 YEAR 2 OF THE FARMER AL-BR BU Official Issue Price Off A$









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Honouring the Battle of Long Tan… FAMOUS BATTLES SERIES COMPLETE! 2011 $1 TOBRUK The final stanza in an 1 1oz SILVER historic, poignant military y PROOF m, Official Issue Price commemorative program, A$



2012 $1 KOKODA 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price A$



the Perth Mint’s popular Famous Battles in Australian History Silver Proof Series is now complete! Commemorating one of the fiercest engagements of the Vietnam War, the grand finale of the series pays tribute to the extraordinary efforts of Aussie diggers at the Battle of Long Tan. On the 18th of August 1966, 6, a small Australian Army contingent ingent encountered the Viet Cong ng in a rubber plantation near the village of Long Tan. Receiving help from NZ and US personnel, and close fire support 2012 $1 LONG TAN 1oz SILVER PROOF from Australian artillery, Official Issue Price the tiny force of just AT518 108 men held off the 2,000-strong VC force for more than four hours amid a tropical downpour. r. Distinguished by a detailed, ed, fully struck-up design of an Australian soldier in the kit worn by those who bravely took on Honouring the brave the VC in the dense Vietnamese ry, With this Unc 50c determination and se jungles, united with an image lfcoin not to be issued sacrifice of the digge of Australian personnel at Long rs for circulation, this who inflicted Japan’s Tan, this 40.60mm .999 silver presentation is the on first defeat on land in Proof forms a compelling tribute ly way you can keep your the Pacific War – an to one of the most decisive event collection complete! We known by many as the victories in Australia’s rich ll battle within your reach at jus that ‘saved Australia’ military heritage. t A$9, – this each coin is set in an poignant commemora official Sure to be sought after by tive coin pack. marks the 70th anniv the many people attempting ersary of the 1942 Kokoda Ca to complete their Famous mpaign in what was then the Au Australian Battles collection, stralian territory of Papua. and, indeed, anyone with Enshrining a key eleme an interest in Australia’s nt of the Anzac legend in Au wartime history, the stralian legal tender, the RAM exclusive worldwide mintage has also created a must-ha of just 5,000 is sure to be ve type for collectors. placed under great pressure. 2012 50c ■ Exclusive! Mintage set KOKODA 70t 0th h at just 5,000 coins! AN A NIVERSARY UNC ■ Struck to Proof quality Official Issue P O Of Pri rice ce from 1oz .999 silver A$ 9 ■ Australian legal tender AT022 – measures 40.60mm ■ Set in official case with a Certificate of Authenticity

A$$ A



2012 $1 KAPYONG 1oz SILVER 1 PROOF Official Issue Price A$
















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Unique Vietnam War tribute… Commanding the attention of Australian military aficionados, as well as those enchanted by the finest in stateof-the-art minting, the 2012 $1 Vietnam War 1/2oz Silver Proof has, as predicted, been extremely popular across the globe. As a result of the political controversies surrounding the conflict, the efforts of Australian service personnel during the Vietnam War have often been overlooked. Preserving and passing on the Anzac Spirit, the 50,000+ Australian men and women that took part in the nation’s ‘longest war’ served Australia with pride, courage and determination. In large part, the wave of demand for the 2012 $1 Vietnam War 1/2oz Silver Proof is due to the fact that this coin represents a rare opportunity to pay homage to their contribution to Australia’s proud military heritage. Official, affordable and, with just 2,500 coins struck, extremely exclusive, this unique precious metal Proof has also naturally been targeted by the everincreasing number of collectors drawn to the wonder of full-colour

minting. A compelling example of the art of numismatics, the broad, near crown-sized flan of this official legal tender coin forms an ideal venue for the precise, historically accurate full-colour depiction of an Australian Special Forces soldier, a regular Australian soldier and an Iroquois helicopter. Outstanding value-formoney at a mere A$75 for a near crown-sized, full-colour, .999 silver Proof – especially given the surprisingly low mintage – don’t miss the chance to secure this important Australian military commemorative at the eminently affordable Official Issue Price. ■ Exclusive! Tiny worldwide mintage of just 2,500 coins! ■ Struck to Proof quality from half a troy ounce of .999 silver ■ Official Niue legal tender issue – measures 36mm in diameter ■ Housed in a case NIUE 2012 $1 with a numbered VIETNAM WAR Certificate of 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Authenticity Official Issue Price





! 1 $ m a tn ie V d e r e ff o ly e Rar

nal Vietnam Forces Natio for the a. err nb The perfect partner Ca in l Memoria just a ve coin above, we have Whilst a highly distincti s M’ RA the of amples ry lita few exa mi n Australia intage coin is seldom seen, low-m commemorative, this th 30 r Wa tors. llec co Vietnam al 2003 Vi cim de crucial to ion, niversary $1 Unc in Ann Not issued for circulat r $1 is stock! the 2003 Vietnam Wa only Australian imperative to those seeking The o e al tender lega to maintain a complet ibute to those ttrib tr collection. w o served in wh t gap A rare chance to fill tha h conflict, tthe n, tio llec co al in your decim h s unique tthi t (jus e ag int -m low this y e portrays ttyp ty Al-Br 57,000 struck!) 25mm ey architectural k key an in d use ho is $1 c Un ments of the lem e ele M official, informative RA r. de fol




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The Year of the Dragon – INCREDIBLY LOW LIMITED EDITION! Arguably the most vibrant, most eye-catching fullcolour coin collection ever produced by the precious metal specialists at the Perth Mint, Downies is delighted to g have received an allocation from the tiny limited edition of the 2012 2 Lunar $ L $1 Dragon D Dr a 10-Coin 1 10 1oz 1 1o Silver Si BU B Set!

A breathtaking collection… A prestigious acquisition for any collector, and an awe-inspiring gift for anyone born in the Year of the Dragon, this sensational collection comprises ten Australian legal tender coins. Struck to the pinnacle of Brilliant Uncirculated quality from pure, lustrous .999 silver, each of those coins measures a largerthan-crown size 45.60mm in diameter – the perfect venue for the collector to enjoy the Perth Mint’s powerful, universally admired Year of the Dragon design.

Struck to rigorous Str BU quality from o an ounce of .999 fine ssilver, each Austral Australian legal tender coin mea measures an expansive 4 45.60mm in diameter

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Exclusive! Worldwide limited edition restricted to just 2,500 sets! Comprises TEN larger-than-crown size 45.60mm 1oz .999 silver coins Underpinned by exquisite BU quality – and expert application of fullcolour Housed within a plush, official Perth Mint presentation case Accompanied by an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity

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in a cornucopia of colours! JUST 2,500 SETS ISSUED! A cornucopia of colours! Whilst sure to be hotly pursued for the pure .999 silver, superb, official presentation and strictly limited availability, this spellbinding set is most notable for the extensive, varied application of fullcolour. A dramatic illustration of the latest in modern minting, nine of the ten coins have been precisely enhanced with a different combination of bold colours! Individually superb, and absolutely stunning when drawn together as a complete collection, the nine full-colour coins are complemented perfectly by the non-colour Dragon 1oz Silver BU – a coin that sold out at the Mint long ago.

Extremely limited availability… In light of the ferocious demand for all Perth Mint Year of the Dragon issues – many of which have sold out at unprecedented speed – it is somewhat of a shock that the Mint has set the limited edition of the 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 10-Coin 1oz Silver BU Set so low. Guaranteeing a sell-out, and enhancing the long-term collector value of this psychedelic selection, the limited edition has been restricted to a mere 2,500 collections!

A fine presentation… Providing the perfect environment for this outstanding Year of the Dragon issue, this attentiongrabbing Australian legal tender set is beautifully presented within an official Perth Mint series case. Completing the presentation, and guaranteeing the precise size, weight and purity y of each coin, the 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon 10-Coin oin 1oz Silver BU Set also so features an individually ally numbered Certificate e of Authenticity, providing official confirmation of the limited edition.

Limited window of opportunity… With the Perth Mint setting that limited edition at a mere 2,500, and demand for this stunning nning presentation expected ed to be huge, our allocation cation has naturally been tightly ghtly restricted. Act now! A As with ih every Year of the Dragon release, to delay your order is to invite disappointment.

A fine setting for this prestigious precious metal prestigious presentation, the ten silver presentation, coins are housed within the coins plush confines of an official plush Perth Mint case

An official Australian legal tender release, each of the ten coins is distinguished by the obverse portrait of h II Queen Elizabeth

A$ A


2012 $1 LUNAR DRAGON 10-COIN 1oz SILVER BU SET Official Issue Price AT520

Australia 1300 Au u s ralia Toll free 13 3 00 7 788 358 7

April the 15th 1912 – … e f i l o t r e t s a s i d e h t Bringing

nt the globe. With the Mi rful evidence of we po 0,00 20 the g expectin Capturing the the peerless quality of coin mintage to sell yal moments before Ro the of ge ina co the st ge out at speed, our the world’s lar Canadian Mint. Bringing allocation as official s ou uri lux st mo ng and the disaster to life usi Mint distributor passenger steamship ers of relief, lay le ltip mu an o int d has been tightly he smas the reverse depiction restricted. iceberg, the Royal d an of the Titanic – s ha nt Mi of n dia Cana ■ Struck to Pro particularly the iceberg m fro y ly just unveiled this alit ad qu de that ripped the spectacular legal 15.87g of .9999 hole in her starboard the to st tender tribute mo fine silver t side – stand ou centenary of the the m fro y ntl ne promi ■ Worldwide sinking of the RMS ed mintage restricted background field. Titanic. ins co 0 ,00 20 ary to of The 100th annivers err issue Struck to faultless Pro de nd aster has dis Official legal ten the of ■ of g quality from 15.87 34mm in w wave res ne a asu ed me – pir ins .9999 fine silver – the diameter of demand for Titanic highest level of silver d this an ilia rab l case mo me ANIC ■ Set in an officia purity in numismatics CANADA 2012 $10 TIT precious metal ing d nn ere stu mb nu a h wit R PROOF al VE SIL – this official leg city Proof is sure to be Certificate of Authenti AT522 tender coin stands as hotly pursued across



ION! UNIQUE PRESENTAT Whilst highlighted by not one but TWO striking full-colour designs of the ill-fated Titanic, this affordable centenary tribute from the Royal Canadian Mint is perhaps e most notable for the e ve tiv ati sensational, imagina g. ing gin ag ck pa n tio nta se pre Struck to the Mint’s rigorous BU standard d from cupro-nickel, an well within your reach at less than A$35, this near crown-sized in 35mm legal tender co


A ghostly tribute… is presented within an ve eye-catching, innovati die a g rin atu Fe pack. cut window highlighting the full-colour 25c, the informative pack p also includes a pop-u ic! illustration of the Titan



Struck by Britain’s Royal Mint, this haunting tribute to the Titanic is arguably the most poignant numismatic memorial to the world’s most famous maritime disaster. Struck to Proof quality, this 38.61mm 28.28g sterling silver £5 features an accurate portrayal of the Titanic leaving Southampton on her first and final voyage. A moving backdrop, the reverse also

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depicts the ghostly figure of Thane – the Titanic memorial statue erected in Belfast in 1920. Limited to a mintage of just 7,500, each Alderney legal tender £5 is set in a Royal Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity




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the sinking of the Titanic The Titanic – a compelling chronicle in colour… STUNNING VALUE-FOR-MONEY AT JUST S A compelling com chronicle of of the greatest of one o disasters of the 20th century, this stunning legal tender collection forms a dramatic memorial to the sinking of the Titanic exactly one century ago – on the 15th of April 1912. An outstanding presentation, defined by historic full-colour designs, strictly limited availability and absolutely avai sensational value-for-money, sens the collection comprises ten genuine British 1967 Halfpennies. The last date of Ha Britain’s predecimal halfpenny B series, the 25.50mm flan of se each ea coin has been enriched with wi a full-colour design relating to the catastrophe, rel with each design protected by clear layer of enamel. a cle Depicting Depictin the Titanic Titani on her h maiden ma

voyage, the giant ship sinking beneath the icy waters of the Atlantic, the lavish surroundings enjoyed by the 2,200 people on board, the Titanic’s captain & his officers, the vessel’s final resting place – and many more – this superb 10-coin set represents a dramatic reflection of the tragic demise of the largest, most luxurious liner in the world. A fine setting for an eye-catching, deeply poignant commemorative collection, the ten full-colour coins are housed within a black case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. Given the affordability of the 2012 Titanic Halfpenny 10-Coin Collection – available at an average price of less than A$9 per full-colour coin! – combined with the barnstorming demand for all Titanic memorabilia in this important anniversary year, the limited edition is surprisingly low. With this historic




presentation sure to be targeted by collector and non-collector alike, and as we have been able to secure only a small allocation from the limited edition of 5,000, we must recommend immediate action. ■ An eye-catching tribute to the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic ■ Extremely exclusive, with just 5,000 collections issued worldwide ■ Comprises ten genuine British Queen Elizabeth II 1967 halfpennies ■ Presented within a case accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity ■ Sensational value-for-money at just A$89.95 – less than A$9 $9 per coin! oin!



THE 1912 NY! TITANIC PEaturNing a dramatic

Royal Struck at the the in in ta ri B Mint in tanic Ti e th at th year , the 1912 et her doom me c Penny oured Titani Colo propriate ap t forms a mos emorate way to comm of what is y the centenar e world’s th y dl te undoub own most well-kn e m mariti catastrophe.

Fe sign full-colour de ship tic es of the maj Atlantic, e th to in g in sink very few e th of e with som es ho caped passengers w ctured pi es liv r with thei nd, this ou gr re fo e th in er ish legal tend 30.80mm Brit e th ne yo er coin gives ev ur those no chance to ho e 15th 1912. th il pr A o on lost a full-colour Top vvalue for 5! coin at A$9.9 GB 1912 COLOURED Y T NIC PENN TITA A$ 95



Australia free 1300 788 358 Aust stra st r lia Toll fre re ee 1 9

Bringing a dramatic new look to the Sands of Gallipoli Series, each of the high-quality commemoratives offered atures on these pages features i imagery from the moving military artwork ‘The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915’. Described as “the most accurate depiction to date of the dawn landing at Anzac Cove”, The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915 is the work of one of the world’s finest living military artists, David Rowlands. A man whose atmospheric oil paintings have won Royal favour, and commissions from military organisations around the world, Rowlands created this splendid artwork with support from the Australian Army History Unit. Historically accurate in every detail, The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915 forms the perfect subject for the latest edition in this inspiring Australian military commemorative series.

Capturing the Anzac Sp FEATURES REAL SAND FROM GALLIPOLI! of quality, originality and authentic Aussie history, this new set is also underpinned by limited availability. Just 2,500 have been issued! Although, as always, defined by the inclusion of authentic sand from Gallipoli, this sparkling release brings a new look to this popular series. Providing an historically accurate appreciation of the Gallipoli landing on 25 April 1915, each of the six 50mm silver-plated medallions features a segment of the painting ‘The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915’. The first time that full-colour minting techniques have been

A compelling acquisition for any Australian as we approach our most important day of national commemoration – Anzac Day – the 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Collection forms a poignant tribute to the key moment in Australia’s military heritage. A dramatic fusion


GREAT VALUE! United by quality, history and the presence of photopresenc quality imagery from quali the painting The Spirit – Gallipoli S Landing 1915, La the th 40mm 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Sa Keyring and 50mm Keyri 2012 SANDS OF GALLIPOLI 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Medallion are united KEYRING A$ 95 by one other crucial 9 characteristic – valueAT481 for-money. Finished Bringing a core element of our military history within your reach, the stylish 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Pen is top value at A$19.95. Featuring

in highly polished silver and gold, and set on informative cards, the Sands of Gallipoli Keyring and Sands of Gallipoli Medallion are within the reach of all Australians at A$9.95 and A$14.95 respectively.

an image from The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915, and finished in highly polished silver and gold, this fine piece of military

employed so extensively in the series, the essence of David Rowlands’ artwork has been captured perfectly by the 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Collection. In addition to the quality, importance and strictly limited availability, the collection is also notable for the outstanding value-for-money. At less than A$40 per massive 50mm full-colour silver-plated medallion, it would be tough to find better value for your collector dollar – especially given the presentation! Housed within a magnificent, freestanding timber case with the vial of Gallipoli sand and a numbered Certificate




memorabilia is set 2012 SANDS on a card – ready OF GALLIPOLI PEN to wrap up as a A$ 1995 fascinating gift! AT487

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An intricately commanding 255mm tall. detailed work of Featuring a vial of real art you will be Gallipoli sand, set into proud to own the plaque adorning and display, this the plinth, each superb bronze Aussie Digger statue of an Aussie bronze figurine is digger in the uniform presented in a box worn at Gallipoli is with a numbered defined by flawless Certificate of quality, imposing Authenticity. dimensions and genuine sand from Anzac Cove. An affordable acquisition at 2012 SANDS OF GALLIPOLI under A$100, DIGGER BRONZE and a strictly FIGURINE limited edition A$ 98 with 5,000 issued, AT485 this historically accurate military commemorative has been cold-cast from bronze, and stands a

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irit in full-colour… LIMITED EDITION JUST 2,500! of Authenticity, each set also includes an Anzac Hat Badge replica and a miniature version of Rowlands’ painting on a metal plate! A poignant way to pay homage to those who have laid down their lives for Australia in all wars, the 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Collection also gives you the chance to make a difference. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this set will be donated to the RSL, with the Sands of Gallipoli Series already raising more than A$500,000 for the benefit of current and ex-service personnel and their families.




■ Exclusive! Worldwide

limited edition just 2,500 sets! Comprises six 50mm silver-plated full-colour medallions Features a vial of real sand from the beaches of Gallipoli Set in a timber case with numbered Certificate of Authenticity Includes Rising Sun Badge replica and miniature painting! A lavish presentation, the collection of six 50mm silver-plated medallions is housed within a timber display case complete with a fullsize Rising Sun Badge replica and a miniature version of the painting The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915.

Honouring the Anzac Legend… Representing sensational value-formoney at just A$125 for two massive 50mm silver-plated Proof medallions, and graced with genuine sand from the beaches where the Anzacs fought so gallantly throughout 1915, this memorable presentation forms an affordable way to experience David Rowlands’ artistic excellence.

Housed in a stylish case, the 2012 Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Pair comprises two of the medallions found in the collection above – each bearing a segment of the artwork The Spirit – Gallipoli Landing 1915. The defining feature of this tremendous series, real Gallipoli sand is found in a capsule set within the case, united with a mini Rising Sun

Badge and a miniature version of Rowlands’ poignant artwork. Part of a limited edition of 5,000, each set features es a numbered Certificate e of Authenticity.




Australia Toll free 1300 7 788 358 88 3 5 58 11

Britain’s new 2012 Diamond STRUCK FROM SILVER – WITH One of the most important collections to be issued in Britain in recent times, the new 2012 Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof Set is a thrilling amalgam of lustrous precious metal, immaculate quality, sumptuous presentation and strictly limited

availability. The worldwide limited edition has been restricted to a mere 2,012 sets!

A rare, important event… Unlike other issuing authorities around the globe, the Royal Mint does not release a Silver do Proof Set on an annual Pr basis. Traditionally, the ba Mint prefers to keep its M powder dry for only the po most important m p

events, such as the New Millennium in 2000 and the Queen’s 80th birthday in 2006. With Elizabeth II celebrating her 60th anniversary as monarch in 2012, the Mint has created a special Silver Proof Set to honour the Diamond Jubilee, ee, giving collectors the rare are opportunity to own every British coin in n silver.

Quality, luxury and originality… Only the 5th time in the Queen’s 60-year reign that the Mint has issued every circulating British coin type in silver, this landmark collection is the epitome of quality, luxury and

originality. Headlined by the majestic, one-yearonly 38.61mm 28.28g Diamond Jubilee Crown, this exquisite 10-coin set is also highlighted by the Technology £2 and innovative Charles Dickens £2 commemorative – both of which have been selectively plated in gold! Just as notable, notabl le, the ssett th

Featuring F Fea eaturing three unique, one one-year-onlyy com gy commemoratives, with the Technology £2 and an Charles Dickens £2 selectively plated £2 24 in 24-carat gold!

Mintage just 1,000!

Underpinned U Und nderpinned by by the flawless quality, impeccable purity and superb presentation, presentation New Zealand’s 2012 Silver Proof Set is perhaps most notable for the astonishingly low mintage. Ensuring a sell-out, that mintage has been set at just 1,000! Attracting great interest on both sides of the Tasman NZ 2012 SILVER PROOF SET and, indeed, across the world, the 2012 Silver Proof AT408 Set features an example of each of New Zealand’s



circulating denominations – the 10c, 20c, 50c $1 opportunity & $2. A fantastic opportunit y to enjoy New Zealand’s distinctive, richly historic designs struck to the finest possible quality, each coin rigorous has been crafted to rigorou s Proof standard from .999 999 silver – with the 10c finished d in pure gold! A fine setting for what is arguably New Zealand’s most prestigious annual issue, the five .999 silver coins are presented within the plush confines of an official case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of just 1,000 sets.

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Simply stunning in silver!

Enshrining En Australia’s beloved traditional decimal designs in pure, lustrous .999 silver, the 2012 Silver Proof Set is a musthave for anyone with an eye for quality. The nation’s premier annual silver issue, this sumptuous Australian legal tender presentation

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Jubilee Silver Proof Set! NINE COINS PLATED IN GOLD! are protected within capsules, and then beautifully presented within a lavish, official Mint case. Completing the presentation, a superbly illustrated booklet accompanies each set, incorporating a numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the extremely low limited edition of 2,012.

also includes the seven Royal Arms definitive types from the 1p to the £1, which, for the very first time, have also been selectively plated in the world’s favourite precious metal!

A stunning, exclusive presentation… Providing a fitting environment for such a rare, exclusive, prestigious collection, ten superbly struck the te sterling silver Proofs sterlin

Limited window of opportunity! With the Mint well aware that this

us issue is prestigious e heavily sure to be cribed, oversubscribed, we had to o fight tooth-and-nail d-nail to secure an n allocation from the tiny limited edition off 2,012. With only a small mall number of sets in stock, it is imperative tive that you get your order in early. As with the few previous British Silver lver Proof Sets, ts, once this magnificent nificent presentation tion is gone, it will be gone forever!

Limited edition just 2,012 sets! ■ A typi typically impressive presen presentation from Britain’ Royal Mint, Britain’s this pre prestigious 10-coin Silver P Proof set is housed within a lavish case, c complete with a numbe numbered Certificate of Authen Authenticity confirming the limi limited edition of just 2,012

■ ■ ■ ■

H ighlighting Highlighting their place in the their Royal shield, this Royal iiss the very first time that the seven new that definitive coins from definitive th 1p to the £1 have the be finished in gold! been

Comprises ten sterling silver legal tender coins – NINE plated in gold! Underpinned by the Royal Mint’s immaculate Proof quality Tiny worldwide limited edition restricted to just 2,012 collections! Housed within an elegant, official, blue presentation case Includes illustrated booklet and numbered Certificate of Authenticity




Struck from .9999 silver! incorporates examples of all six circulating denominations from the 5c to $2. Created with specially prepared dies dies, and distinguished by sharply detailed, highly frosted designs, gracing the most pristine of mirror fields, Australia’s familiar decimal motifs move to a new level when struck to this unparalleled standard from pure precious metal.

Extremely exclusive, Ex xtremely exclu with mintage set wi th the mintag 5,000, the at a mere 5,000 2012 Proof Set 20 012 Silver Proo timber is housed in a ti numbered case with a num plaque set beneath the handcrafted lid, as well as a matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity.



2012 SILVER PROOF SET Official Issue Price AT016

Co Commanding tthe he attention of collectors across the globe, Canada’s first ever Silver Proof Set comprises EIGHT .9999 Silver Proofs – with FOUR plated in pure gold! Struck to flawless Proof quality, this prestigious set is headlined by a gold-plated 36.07mm $1 Crown, gold-plated $2, gold-plated $1 and rose-pink gold-plated

1c, united with the silver 5c, 10c, 25c and 50c. Crafted from .9999 silver – the highest silver purity in numismatics – the eight legal tender coins are beautifully presented within an official Mint case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Although we received an allocation from the mintage of 20,000 by virtue of our role as official Mint distributor,

strong demand means we have just a few sets left in stock. Don’t miss your chance to secure this pioneering precious metal presentation!




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

1 dot

2 dots





Key predecimal Variety, featuring dots above top scroll and below bottom scroll Very scarce, with the mintage believed to be approximately 200,000 coins Seldom offered, we have just a few examples in average circulated quality

■ ■

■ ■ ■




■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■


SAVE A$50! 1980 5c Mint Roll x 10 A$99.50






The first shilling and florin issues of the 1960s – in superb, original condition Clearly set aside at issue, each coin is in strictly Uncirculated quality An absolute bargain given the quality – SAVE A$10 OFF catalogue p price!

■ ■

■ ■


A$ A

2005 20 005 $$11 R Roos ooss & W WWII WIII P Pair air B BU U


A$ ■



Includes standard 2005 Platypus 20c and 2005 WWII 60th Anniversary ary 20c Rare combination, with standard tandard and commemorative types not generally issued for circulation in same year In superb BU condition, with both 20c coins sourced from original RAM bags


Unites Australia’s first 20c commemorative with the 1995 Platypus 20c Platypus 20c only found in RAM sets, with only UN 20c issued for circulation in 1995 1995 UN 20c has mintage of under 5m, with Platypus 20c mintage g jjust 132,269 ,

SAVE A$50! 2005 20c Pair x 10 A$79.50

2005 50c WWII ‘Blob’ Blob Variety Unc Va

1 50c 1970 ‘‘Tilted 7’ Variety Unc V

A A$ ■


■ A spectacular,

extremely scarce e decimal Variety – rarely offered ■ The perfect pair, with 2005 Roos $1 united ■ Distinguished by a dramatic t tic with 2005 WWII $1 commemorative lurch to the right of the ■ Increasingly scarce in top grade, particularly number ‘7’ in the date Roos $1, with few set aside at issue ■ United with standard ■ Hand selected from original RAM bags, each example of our first coin is in glittering BU condition decimal commemorative – SAVE A$50! 2005 $1 Pair x 10 A$99.50 AT528 both in Unc


11960 960 11/-//- & 22/-/ P Pair aiirr U Unc nc

11995 995 20c Platypus Pllattypus & UN Pair BU

In original wrapper, each RAM roll comprises 40 BU examples of the 1980 5c Rarely set aside, RAM rolls are surprisingly affordable – as exemplified here Sensational value-for-money! Pay an average price of just 37c per BU coin!



2 20c 2005 Platypus P & WWII Pair BU P




Historic date – the first Australian florin issued during the reign of King George VI The first 2/- with new Coat of Arms design, following Great Recoinage of 1937 Scarce in lustrous EF quality and a fine acquisition in this premium condition


The first Australian Elizabeth II florin – highly sought after in top grade as here Key type – first of only two florins without ‘F:D’ (Defender of the Faith) inscription A prize catch in this superb quality – in magnificent Uncirculated condition

1980 5c Mintt Rol Roll ll (40 BU Coins) A$

11953 953 F Florin loor orin U Unc nc

Struck at the San Francisco Mint, as US aided Australian WWII coin production A fascinating artefact from World War II, distinguished by the S mintmark Struck from sterling silver, we have this important date in sparkling Unc quality




The rarest 1920 1d Variety, with the estimated mintage a mere 10,000! Often misidentified, this sought after type features a dot above very top scroll A crucial coin for Variety collectors – available in average circulated quality

11944S 944S F Fl Florin l i U Unc A$

11938 938 Fl Florin i E EF F

11920 920 11dd SSingl Single in le D Dot ot Top Scroll Ave Circ

1920 192 20 11dd D Double bll D Dott A Ave Ci Circ


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An extremely rare decimal Variety, with only 1,000 coins believed to exist! An unusual type, with blob below the left hand side off the pastor’s robes created by a chip in the die We have this desirable type in Unc quality

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Australia’s 2nd and 3rd rarest penny dates! Australia’s second and third rarest issued pennies, behind only the 1930 Penny, the 1925 Penny and 1946 Penny are among the most important dates in the 1910-64 predecimal series. Absent from most collections, and sought after in any grade, we are delighted to give you the chance to secure these key dates in pleasing Fine to Very Fine condition.

The rarity of the 1925 Penny and 1946 Penny is, in large part, simply due to the number that were struck. Indeed, even if every King George V 1925 Penny (mintage 117,000) and King George VI 1946 Penny (mintage 363,000) was still in existence, the number struck in these years would still be considered minuscule.

However, the high circulation rate of the penny denomination, combined with the passage of time, means that the number actually available to collectors today is tiny – a fact borne out by the infrequent appearance of either coin on the market. In addition, on the rare occasions when these key dates are offered to collectors,

they are usually only available in very heavily circulated, well-worn condition. With only a tiny percentage of the mintage of either coin remaining in decent grade, the opportunity to secure the 1925 1d and 1946 1d in highly collectable Fine to Very Fine quality must not be ignored. Surprisingly affordable given the importance,

Strruck at the Struck Me Melbourne Mint wit a mintage of with jus 363,000, the just K in George VI King 1 9 1d is the 3rd 1946 llowest ow mintage iissue ss of Australia’s 1 9 1911-64 Penny Se Series

With h the 117 117,000000c coi coin mintage of Au Australia’s 2nd rar ra rarest issued 1d sseverely e depleted o v the 87 years over ssince in issue, the 1925 1d is the mis missing from most c colle o collections

A$$ A

rarity and seldom seen state of preservation, do not miss this mouth-watering opportunity to plug those glaring gaps in your predecimal collection. Although we have several examples of Australia’s second and third lowest mintage penny dates in stock, demand is bound to be fierce.




1946 PENNY F-VF 19 AS676

1925 PENNY P F-VF AR237 A

The 1923 Halfpenny – key to the series… A great Australian rarity, yet still available at a reasonable price, the 1923 1/2d is the key to the 1911-64 Halfpenny Series – sought after by collector and investor alike. Although records indicate that over one million halfpennies were struck in 1923, the vast majority of that figure was struck with dies dated 1922, with the actual mintage of the 1923 1/2d being estimated at 15,000.

Missing from most collections as a result, this celebrated copper rarity is rightly seen as one of the most important acquisitions the serious predecimal collector can make. Moreover, as the 1923 1/2d satisfies all the criteria of a sound rare coin investment, this coin has also caught the eye of those seeking to diversify their portfolios. Highly liquid, tangible, offering flexibility and – with the value in Fine soaring from A$650 in

1997 to A$2,250 today – reliable growth, it is no surprise that investors have joined collectors in the pursuit of the tiny number of examples remaining in existence. Whatever your motivation, any opportunity to secure this iconic copper rarity


must be grasped p with both hands. With only three examples es available, all graded Fine, we highly recommend a prompt response.



Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

Premium predecimals! Last of their kind! The final chapter of our first national currency fir system, Australia’s last s y predecimal notes are p r a compulsory element off every collection o – regardless of your interest. ttraditional r Last L a seen in circulation 46 4 6 years ago, as Australia Au prepared p r tto o embrace decimalisation, d e key tthese h types are ty scarce in any s c grade today, g r and a n are rarely offered in the o f outstanding ou Extremely E x Fine F i quality presented p r here. h e

Forming one of the key signposts on Australia’s numismatic highway, the concluding predecimal note issue was released from 1960 to 1965 under the authority of the Reserve Bank, and comprised the 10/-, £1, £5 and £10. Acknowledged for the distinctive beauty of the designs – designs radically different to those found on the notes of George VI – the 1960-65 Coombs/ Wilson Reserve Bank notes are hotly pursued as the last of their kind. Well known for their scarcity, particularly when considering the higher denomination £5 and £10, these historically invaluable Elizabeth II notes are seldom available to

collectors in the upper echelons of quality. Desired by collector and non-collector alike, the chance to acquire this short-lived, important predecimal banknote collection in superb Extremely Fine must not be missed – especially considering the value-for-money price! Despite the solid growth in market value over the last decade or so, we are in a position to offer this crucial 4-note collection at a whopping A$300 off the current combined catalogue value in EF!




And the first decimal notes! In Unc!

D ! A$N 00 3 TS A SE ER TH TH 90 O BO N ,4 5 Y E A A$ 1 KC92 BU AV S

In 1966, Australia witnessed the birth of a new currency system, with the predecimal 10/-, £1, £5 and £10 supplanted by the new decimal $1, $2, $10 and $20. The $5 denomination was added a year later, completing Australia’s first decimal banknote type set – distinguished by the ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ banner. A vital component of every Australian banknote collection, and sought after by people from all walks of life as a reminder

banner note set of the ‘early days’ in stock (signatures of decimal currency, of our choice) – with before paper notes each note in flawless were replaced by Uncirculated quality! An coin and polymer, irresistible opportunity the ‘Commonwealth’ to add Australia’s banner series lasted only until 1974. It was in earliest decimal note types to your collection that year that the ALP in the finest possible Whitlam Government, quality, this is also driven by a desire to your chance to save highlight Australia’s some big money. With independence from the least expensive Britain, modified the ‘Commonwealth’ banner ‘Commonwealth’ $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 banner to read simply combination cataloguing ‘Australia’. During this at A$695, you SAVE a brief period, Australia’s Commonwealth banner massive A$200! notes were only issued under four signature combinations – 1966 Coombs/Wilson, 1967 Coombs/Randall, 1969 Phillips/Randall and 1972 Phillips/Wheeler. 1966-74 COMMONWEALTH OF Tough to secure in AUSTRALIA DECIMAL pristine condition, 5-NOTE TYPE SET UNC we now have the AL217 complete $1-$20 Commonwealth

A$$ A


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Spectacular Solid Serials Set! In Unc quality, and excessively rare… A rare opportunity for a handful of our clients to take a decisive step into an exclusive, increasingly popular field, we have just a few complete sets available comprising FOUR Solid Serial numbered banknotes from the $5 to the $50!

Seldom seen selection… A rare, eye-catching compilation, this highly desirable set comprises a $5 and $10 issued during the Macfarlane/ Henry signature

combination, united with a $20 and a $50 from the Stevens/Henry signature combination. Not only defined by flawless Uncirculated quality, with each note secured from an original bundle, each of the four notes is distinguished by a 6-digit Solid Serial number! Seldom seen on the market individually, and always snapped up at speed, this is one of very few occasions that

Downies has had the opportunity to offer a complete 4-note Solid Serials collection up to and including the $50 denomination. Why is this so?

Rare in any grade… One of the key factors in the growing popularity of Solid Serial numbered notes is the unquestionable rarity of the field. Put simply,

for every 100,000 notes printed by NPA, only ONE will carry Solid Serials! In isolation, this level of statistical rarity is extreme, and yet one must also take into consideration the issue of circulation. Given the number of banknotes issued by the RBA for general circulation each year, it is clear that the odds against finding a Solid Serial number note in Unc condition are significantly higher than 1 in 100,000.

A$ SAVE! A$ 200


2006-09 $5-$50 SOLID SERIALS 4-NOTE SET UNC KC926

Save a whopping A$200! It is the rarity of Sold Serials notes in Uncirculated quality that makes this offer so tempting – it’s the price that makes it so irresistible! Available individually at A$495 per note, this extremely rare set of four can be yours at A$1,780 – a saving of A$200! With the rarity – and increasing competition for Solid Serial Notes in this immaculate condition – driving prices ever higher, and with only five collections available at this special price, an immediate order is essential.

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 17

Super duper stamp blooper!

Distinguished by a radical change in the design due to a shift in the perforations – with the bottom stamp missing the denomination completely! – the Christmas Island 2011 $1.50 Error Stamp strip of 5 is excessively rare, with only five known

An extremely popular element of philatelics, Downies has had the pleasure of presenting some immensely rare Error Stamps over the years – but few as rare as this! A stunning opportunity for just a handful of our clients, the Christmas Island 2011 $1.50 International Post Error Stamp is known by a mere 35 examples! An extraordinarily rare collectable, by any standards, the Christmas Island 2011 $1.50 Error Stamp type was discovered recently in Tasmania in part-sheet format. Originally, the Error Stamp sheet comprised 50 individual stamps, but 15 of those stamps were used on international postage before the glaring blunder was noticed! And what a blunder it is! Not only one of the rarest Error Stamp

JUST 35 ERROR STAMPS STAMP PS KNOWN TO EXIST! types ever offered by Downies, the Christmas Island 2011 $1.50 Error Stamp is quite possibly the most distinctive. With the perforations misplaced by 5mm – a substantial margin considering the size of a standard Australian stamp – each of these spectacular Error types has the denomination and part of the colourful Christmas design at the bottom rather than the top – producing a completely different looking stamp! Never before offered to collectors, and exclusive to Downies, we secured all 35 known examples of the Christmas Island 2011 $1.50 Error Stamp, consisting of just TEN individual Error Stamps and, crucially, FIVE Strips of 5. Whilst individual Error Stamps are rare and highly desirable, there is no doubt that Pairs, Blocks and Strips

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1300 788 358 (Melbourne Callers: +61 (0) 3 8456 8456)

MAIL: PO Box 888, Abbotsford, 3067

of Error Stamps are even rarer than single errors, and therefore even more hotly pursued by collectors – making this opportunity very important indeed. In strictly Mint Unhinged condition, and complete with MUH examples of a single standard stamp or a standard Strip of 5 for comparison, you will have to act fast to be a part of this phenomenal philatelic find. With such extreme rarity guaranteed to catch the eye of all collectors, we are sure to sell-out at speed.


(03) 8456 8401 BY EMAIL

Town Hall Coins, Shop 5 Town Hall Square, 464-480 Kent St, Sydney Tel: + 61 (0) 2 9299 4131 Fax: + 61 (0) 2 9261 4199 Email: Block Arcade Coins, Shops 11 & 12 Block Arcade, 98-100 Elizabeth St, Melbourne Tel: + 61 (0) 3 8677 8888 Fax: + 61 (0) 3 8677 8890 Email:

©2012 – All rights reserved. Every Downies catalogue is made from paper that is a) sourced from sustainable forests, and b) treated with an environmentally-friendly bleaching process. All items offered are subject to being sold out prior to receipt of order. Products may be photographed not at actual size. Some items in this magazine may not be immediately available from our retail Pr outlets. This list cancels all previous direct selling lists. Prices shown are subject to change without notice. Prices may include GST.

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‘And there came a ce rtain widow, and she threw in two mites…’ Mark 12:41-44 Taking you on a a coin that, as this genuine journey back to noted in the Bible 2,000-year-old Coin the time of Christ, in Mark 12:41-44, the small bronze was used by Jesus of the Bible is in Fair condition, coins issued during in his teachings. an d is complete the later part of Ancient Biblical with a Certificate the Hasmonaean history you can of Authenticity. Dynasty (103-37BC) hold in yo represent the most and ast ur hands, JUDAEA onishingly likely candidate as afford WIDOW’S MITE FAIR able at a mere the Widow’s Mite – A$14 A$ 1495 .95 apiece, AH284

One of the last Hasmonaean Kings of Judaea before the rule of the Herods, the reign of Alexander Jannaeus (103-76BC) was dominated by – lasting 6 years military conflict, an d costing 50,000 as he both sought lives. The Judaean to expand the of historyy, w we empire and crush king ultimately have genuine, fully pro ved victorious, internal dissent identified Alexander and vengeful, – particularly Jannaeus Bronze with Alexander religious dissent. Prutahs available crucifying in Fair to Fine After Alexander 800 rebels and condition. ordered the murdering their massacre of wives and children JUDAEA 6,000 people at ALEXANDER before their the Temple of JANNAEUS eyes. An unusual (103-76BC) BRONZE Jerusalem on a opportunity to PRUTAH FAIR-FINE Jewish holiday, a secure a coin from A$ civil war broke out 49 this brutal period AT535


Whilst known Wh for great public for building works and patronage of th the he arts, Herod th Great, king of the Judaea from 37 t 4BC, has gone to down in history as do an evil madman – an largely due to the lar claim in the Bible that he ordered the JUDAEA HEROD ‘Massacre of the BRONZE Innocents’. PRUTAH In the gospel FAIR-FINE A$ according to 69 Matthew, Herod met AH372 the Three Wise Men

after Jesus’ birth, who asked him the whereabouts of “the one having being born the king of the Jews”. Fearing the usurpation of his throne, Herod had all boys in Bethlehem aged two and under murdered. A great opportunity to own a coin of one of the most infamous figures of Biblical history, we have a few genuine 2,000-year-old Herod Prutahs available.


Roman Governor of Judaea from 26 to 36AD, Pontius Pilate would probably have left little impression on the pages of history – were it not for his decision to sentence a Jewish religious rebel named Jesus of Nazareth to crucifixion.

Forever remembered as the man who sent Jesus Christ to his death upon the cross, Pilate’s decree has ensured that his is one of the most infamous names of history. An amazingly affordable opportunity, this is your chance to own an authentic coin

issued during his time in power! In better-than-usuallyseen good Fine, and guaranteed as genuine, the Pilate Bronze Lepton represents extraordinarily good value at just A$89. JUDAEA PONTIUS PILATE BRONZE LEPTON gF A$



Christ upon the Cross… Distinguished by a vivid, realistic portrayal of Jesus Christ upon the Cross, Chris highlighted by the and h superb application supe of this o full-colour, fu extremely exclusive extr legal l g tender coin le forms an ideal f r fo complement to any co of of the Biblical era coins above. co

A poignant acquisition, or perhaps a moving gift for a loved one this Easter, this unusual 27g cross-shaped coin is struck to impeccable BU quality from cupronickel, and superbly finished in lustrous silver. Measuring 38mm x 30mm, and a strictly limited edition with the worldwide mintage set

at a mere 750, each official legal tender issue is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19


Honouring our Aussie Olympians! OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN LEGAL TENDER TRIBUTE… Bringing B r the excitement of the e x London 2012 Olympic L o Games within the reach of all, the Perth Mint has Pert jjust ju s unveiled tthis official th Australian Au legal tender le tribute tr tto o the Australian A u Olympic Team! O lym Officially Officia approved, beautifully presented and, bes best b of a all,,

CROWNING NG GLORY! Distinguished by A$ a brilliant design


2012 $1 AUSTRALIAN OLYMPIC TEAM 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AT399

depicting Big Ben and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, this dazzling 40.60mm .999 silver 1oz Proof from the Perth Mint forms a spectacular tribute to the Australian Olympic Aust Team. Approved Tea by the AOC, and limited to a an mintage of 7,500, m each Australian ea legal tender coin leg is sset in a case with a Certificate.

extremely affordable, this impressive 5-coin set will be sought after by Australian collectors and sports fans alike! Fantastic value-formoney at an Official Issue Price of just A$69, this authorised presentation comprises five official Australian legal tender coins. Struck to the height of Brilliant Uncirculated quality, and spanning 30.60mm in diameter, four of the five al-bronze coins depict an Aussie Auss athlete engaged in one enga of the t many disciplines to dis be showcased at the world’s greatest gr sporting sp extravaganza, ex

with the fifth portraying the Australian Olympic Team mascot, the iconic Boxing Kangaroo. Sure to appeal to all Australians as we count down the days to the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games in July, the Australian legal tender status of the five coins also makes this a must-have for traditional decimal collectors. Also a fantastic gift for the younger brigade, the tremendous affordability of this impressive 5-coin set means that hat everyone can an play a part in the 2012 Olympic Games.

Approved tribute to the 2012 Australian Olympic Team Comprises five 30.60mm $1 Australian legal tender coins Underpinned by the Perth Mint’s rigorous BU quality Housed in individual cards, with the set presented in an album Outstanding valuefor-money at the Mint’s Official Issue Price



2012 $1 A AUSTRALIAN O OLYMPIC TEAM A AL-BR 5-COIN SET BU Official O ff Issue Price AT537

‘‘GOLD! G G GOLD TO A US AUSTRALIA!’ LIMIT TED EDITION LIMITED JUST 750! Certificate of Authenticity. Most exclusive, the limited edition has been set at just 750!

An AOC-approved Australian legal tender tribute to the Australian Olympic Team, this striking set features a 22.50mm 10g $60 Gold Proof, a 36.60mm 1/2oz Silver Proof and a 30.60mm Al-Br BU – set in an official case with a numbered



Struck to the finest by the AOC, each 22.50mm Proof quality from coin is set in an 10g of .9999 fine gold, and restricted official case with to a tiny mintage of a Certificate of 2,012, this exquisite Authenticity. Perth Mint precious metal Proof forms a prestigious keepsake of 2012 $60 Australia’s AUSTRALIAN participation in OLYMPIC TEAM 10g the 2012 Olympic GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price Games. Approved


1,390 AT347


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