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Mid March 2012

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8/03/2012 1:46:16 PM

Qty A$ Price

SH119 AT329 AT486 AT469 AT472 AT470 AM555 AQ029 AQ196 AQ395 AR815 AR471 AS540 AS646 AS902 AT485 AT481 AT482 AT487 AT484 AT483 AT489 AT490 AT491 AT492 at387 at388 at389 at390 at391 AT494 at393 AT386 AT322 AT006 AT005 KC897 AT294 AT295 at283 AT288 AT296 AT285 AJ573 AJ698 AK396

Mid March Money 2012 Page 1 Vietnam War Tribute... Niue 2012 $1 Vietnam War 1/2oz Silver Proof $75.00 Pages 2 & 3 Aussie Show items! 2012 WMF Mint Set $49.95 2012 $1 WMF Berlin Bear Privy Koala 1oz Silver BU $49.00 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf ‘P’ Counterstamp BU $16.00 2012 $1 Wheat Sheaf ‘Enlighten Festival’ Bluebell Counterstamp BU $19.95 2012 $1 Celebrate Australia Shark Bay 1oz Silver Proof $107.00 2007 Berlin World Money Fair Edition Mint Set $120.00 2009 Brisbane ANDA Show Mint Set $49.95 2009 Melbourne ANDA Show Mint Set $49.95 2009 Sydney ANDA Show Mint Set $49.95 2010 $1 Currency Centenary ANDA Show ‘C’ Counterstamp BU $20.00 2010 Boston ANA World Money Fair Mint Set $79.00 2011 $1 ANDA Show B Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $14.00 2011 $1 ANDA Show M Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $14.00 2011 $1 ANDA Show S Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $14.00 Pages 4 & 5 The Sands of Gallipoli Collection 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Digger Bronze Figurine $98.00 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Keyring $9.95 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Medallion $14.95 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Pen $19.95 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Collection (6) $225.00 2012 Sands Of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Pair $125.00 Pages 6 & 7 Aussie Notes - in Rare Pairs & Runs 1954 R16 10/- Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $2,250.00 1953 R33 £1 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Consecutive Run Of 4 Unc $1,595.00 1961 R34 £1 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $1,475.00 1954 R49 £5 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Consecutive Pair aUnc-Unc $1,790.00 1960 R50 £5 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Run Of 6 Unc $4,950.00 1960 R50 £5 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Pair aUnc-Unc $990.00 1942 R59 £10 Armitage/McFarlane Consecutive Trio aUnc-Unc $9,850.00 1960 R63 £10 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Trio aUnc-Unc $4,500.00 1960 R63 £10 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Pair aUnc-Unc $3,000.00 1966 R81s $2 Coombs/Wilson Star Note Consecutive Pair Unc $7,450.00 1969 R83s $2 Phillips/Randall Star Note Consecutive Pair Unc $9,950.00 Page 8 The Diamond Jubilee 2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Royal Silver Set $522.50 2012 Diamond Jubilee 1oz Silver Proof 3-Coin Set $375.00 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $80.00 2012 50c Diamond Jubilee Cu-Ni BU $9.00 GB 2012 Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Medallion Pair $29.90 GB 2012 Diamond Jubilee St George & Dragon $14.95 GB 2012 Diamond Jubilee Queen Victoria Veiled Head $14.95 Page 9 The Year of the Dragon 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon Lion Privy 1oz Silver BU $59.95 2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon Colour 1/10oz Gold Proof $395.00 2012 $1 Lunar Dragon PNC $15.95 2012 $1 Lunar Year Of The Dragon 1oz Silver Prooflike $99.95 Pages 10 & 11 The Relics of War... Germany Occupied Poland Stamp Pair MUH $8.50 Germany 1942 Postage Dues 11 Values Comp MUH $9.95 Germany 1943 Armed Forces & Heroes Day Set MUH $34.95 Subtotal Column One

6 Mid March 12 OF.indd 2



Qty A$ Price

AK398 Germany Nazi Set Of 11 Stamps MUH AK814 Germany 1941-44 Swastika Stamp Set MUH (8) AK680 Germany 1941-44 Hitler Head 1-80p Block 4 Set MUH (19) AJ567 Germany 1943 Hitler’s Birthday Stamp Set MUH AK682 Germany NAZI 1943 Hitler Youth Block 4 Set MUH (16) AH419 Germany WWI Iron Cross Medal AH417 Germany WWII Iron Cross Medal AH418 WWII Merit Cross With Swords Medal AH472 WWII Burma Star Medal AK562 WWII Pacific Star Medal AH473 WWII Italy Star Medal AH474 WWII Africa Star Medal AK691 WWII France & Germany Star Medal Page 12 New Niobium! AT454 Austria 2012 25€ Bionics Silver & Niobium BU at495 Malawi 2009 50 Kwacha Milestones in Space Niobium BU Set (5) AS005 Austria 2011 25€ Robotics Silver & Niobium BU AQ832 Austria 2010 25€ Renewable Energy Silver & Niobium BU AP601 Austria 2009 25€ Year Of Astronomy Silver & Niobium BU AN547 Austria 2008 25€ Fascination Of Light Silver & Niobium BU AO285 Austria 2007 25€ Aviation Silver & Niobium Bimetal BU AO286 Austria 2006 25€ Satellite Navigation Silver & Niobium Bimetal BU AS749 Luxembourg 2011 5€ Castle Of Mersch Silver & Niobium Proof On The Order Form… AT019 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Frog BU AT020 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Tiger BU AT014 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Elephant BU AT015 2012 $1 150th Anniversary Of Melbourne Zoo Gorilla BU AT017 2012 20c Merchant Navy Unc AT022 2012 50c 70th Anniversary Of The Kokoda Trail Cu-Ni Unc AT319 2011 Australia Post Year Collection am252 Disney Cartoon Characters Mini Sheet Collection MUH (10) ar768 GB 2010 Wallace & Gromit Christmas Stamp Presentation Pack al268 NZ 2005 King Kong Souvenir Postcard Set Subtotal Column Two


$19.95 $15.00 $150.00 $14.95 $49.80 $145.00 $295.00 $95.00 $79.95 $135.00 $65.00 $50.00 $150.00 $99.00 $495.00 $99.00 $99.00 $99.00 $99.00 $149.00 $98.00 $195.00

$15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $15.00 $8.00 $9.00 $99.95 $69.95 2012

$16.95 $12.95



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Full-colour Aussie legal tender types!


All new from the Zoo!

Full-colour Aussie legal tender types! Celebrating the majestic Sumatran Tiger and the spectacular Southern Corroboree Frog respectively, the latest issues in the Royal Australian Mint’s Animals of the Zoo Series have just been unveiled! As colourful, as affordable and as beautifully presented as the Lowland Gorilla and Asian Elephant $1 issues, these unique Australian legal tender coins are sure to be just as popular. Issued to mark the 150th anniversary of the world-famous Melbourne Zoo, these eye-catching $1 coins represent a dramatic fusion of traditional numismatic sculpture and the latest in full-colour minting techniques. The perfect subjects for full-colour coinage, the distinctive, vibrant hues of the Sumatran Tiger and Southern Corroboree Frog have been perfectly recreated upon the 25mm flan of each of these dramatic Australian legal tender coins. Designed to appeal to the broadest possible audience, and sure to spark the interest of those yet to experience the joys of coin collecting, these unique, one-year-only types will undoubtedly be targeted by traditional decimal collectors. Not to be issued for general circulation, and never to be found in your change, these vivid full-colour coins are crucial to anyone desperate to maintain a complete commemorative $1 collection.



15 each

2012 $1 150th anniversary of melbourne zoo frog, tiger BU Official Issue Price



With each coin available at the Royal Australian Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price of just A$15, there’s no reason why anyone should miss out! ®®

Unique, one-year-only Australian legal tender types


Precisely enhanced with glorious full-colour


Not issued for circulation – must-have for collectors


Housed within colourful, informative, official RAM packs


Sensational value-for-money at Official Issue Price!

at019, at020


0 0

The heroes of Kokoda…

Unsung heroes…

0 5




2012 20c merchant navy Unc Official Issue Price

5 5




Arguably the finest issue of the RAM’s Australia Remembers Series, with the 28.52mm flan dominated by a striking maritime design, this unique military commemorative pays homage to one of the unsung heroes of WWII – the Australian Merchant Navy. Playing a crucial role in the transportation of essential supplies during the war, and suffering a higher rate of casualties than any of the armed forces, the men of the Merchant Navy are remembered for their courage and commitment. Honoured with memorials and service medals, Australia’s merchant mariners have now been enshrined in official Australian legal tender. Not to be issued for circulation, and never to be found in change, this one-year-only 20c type is beautifully presented in an official, informative RAM card.

$8.25 $11.00 $15.00 FREE

y case basis

Honouring the bravery, determination and selfsacrifice of the Aussies who took on Japan in Papua in WWII, the RAM has released this affordable tribute to the 70th anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign.



2012 50c 70th anniversary of the kokoda trail Cu-Ni Unc Official Issue Price at022


One of the most significant battles of the war, the 1942 Kokoda Campaign took place as Japan marched toward the Australian mainland. Although suffering terribly due to the appalling conditions and the ruthlessness of the enemy, Australian soldiers at Kokoda forced the Japanese to abandon their attempt to take Port Moresby. Representing Japan’s first defeat on Australian soil, the campaign has come to be seen by some as the battle that ‘saved Australia’, and has become a key part of the Anzac legend. Depicting the Kokoda memorial on the reverse, this Australian legal tender BU 50c is an important, poignant commemoration of that triumph – and a crucial release for collectors. Not to be issued for circulation, this is the only way you can maintain a complete collection. Set in a RAM pack, and within the reach of all at an Official Issue Price of just A$9.


6 Mid March 12 OF.indd 3

8/03/2012 1:46:29 PM

The ‘2011 Proof Set’ of Australian stamps! Beautifully designed, superbly presented and utterly comprehensive, the 2011 Year Collection from Australia Post is a truly superb collector presentation. Providing you with the ONLY WAY to create a complete set of Australian stamps for the year – headlined, as it is, by a minisheet exclusive to this set – Australia Post has once again created a masterwork of philatelic memorabilia. The ‘Proof Set’ of the stamp world, providing a spectacular showcase of every stamp issued throughout 2011, this important presentation encompass a total of 83 Australian stamps, NINE miniature sheets and one sheetlet. Every element is presented in perfect Mint Unhinged condition, with mounts affixed to the album in which the 83 stamps can be placed. Crucially for the serious Australian stamp collector, the sheetlet is available ONLY in this unique, official Australia Post presentation! Issued for the flood relief in January 2011, the inclusion of this exclusive sheetlet will unquestionably intensify interest in what is already one of the most popular collectables in Australia. A highly professional presentation, the 2011 Year Collection is also distinguished by extensive background information for each official Australian philatelic issue, as well as high quality, full-colour photography and illustrations. With an overall face value of A$79.95 and the price set at just A$99.95, this important annual Australia Post issue will make a worthy addition to any collection – and a fantastic gift for another.



2011 Australia post year collection at319

World of Disney

British icons…

King Kong Lives!

A must-have for fans of this award-winning series, this official Royal Mail release honours Wallace & Gromit – icons of British culture, described as ‘some of the best-known and best-loved stars to come out of the UK’. A fantastic philatelic tribute, the Wallace & Gromit Stamp Pack features seven different stamps. Depicting the dynamic duo posting Christmas Cards (standard & large), singing carols (standard & large) and dressing the Tree, with Wallace featured cooking the pudding (97p) and receiving a dubiously proportioned jumper (£1.46), the seven stamps are set in an official Royal Mail pack.

Generations have grown up with the fun created by Disney, and whether you collect stamps, or just love Disney cartoons, then this array of minisheets is a must-have. An affordable, eye-catching presentation, the set comprises six Vintage Donald Duck Movie Poster Minisheets and four Disney Characters at Work Minisheets – with each official Grenada minisheet comprising nine stamps. Officially approved Disney tributes, offered in premium quality Mint Unhinged condition, this unique philatelic set is A$ 95 also defined by the outstanding value-fordisney cartoon characters mini sheet money – available at an average price of just collection muh (10) 78c per stamp!




GB 2010 Wallace & Gromit Christmas Stamp Presentation Pack ar768

Officially approved memorabilia, this unique presentation captures all the power and explosive anger of the superstar of the landmark feature film, King Kong. An eye-catching set, the collection comprises five official Souvenir Postcards – each bearing a stunning full-colour image of the giant ape running amok. The perfect finishing touch, each Postcard also features one of the five official stamps approved by director Peter Jackson – the Carl Denham 90c, Ann Darrow $1.35c, Jack Driscoll $1.50c, Ann Darrow & Jack Driscoll $2 and King Kong 45c. Excellent value at only A$12.95 – that’s just A$2.60 per card!



nz 2005 king kong souvenir postcard set al268


6 Mid March 12 OF.indd 4

8/03/2012 1:47:18 PM

US - Mid-March Money 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-March Money 2012 Catalogue North American Edition - Order Form

US - Mid-March Money 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-March Money 2012 Catalogue North American Edition - Order Form