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March 2012

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ORDER BY MAIL Downies Ltd, 4533 MacArthur Blvd, #888 Newport Beach CA, 92660

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1 877 897 7696

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LAYAWAY SERVICE Downies offer a complete layaway service for orders in excess of $400. Payment must be made in equal monthly installments. If you would like to use our layaway service, complete the details below or phone 1 877 897 7696. TOTAL OF ORDER


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$ ________ is due

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$ ________ is due

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$ ________ is due

On receipt of your order, we will forward confirmation to you detailing your layaway arrangements and enclosing our full terms and conditions. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this service or would like a copy of our terms and conditions please phone us on 1 877 897 7696.

© 2012 All rights reserved. Items offered subject to being sold out prior to order receipt. All previous direct selling lists are cancelled. Prices subject to change without notice. We offer a money back guarantee on all items returned within 30 days of receipt subject to certain conditions. Contact us for details. Downies reserves the right to revise order quantities without notification.

AT429 AT424 AT425 AT426 AT427 AT428 AT435 AT430 AT431 AT432 AT433 AT434 AT441 AT436 AT437 AT438 AT439 AT440 AT349 AT350 AT351 AT352 AT353 AT354


AT329 AT398 AM555 AQ029 AQ196 AQ395 AR815 AR471 AS540 AS646 AS902 AT399 AT346 AT400 AS136 AT401 AT442 AT403 AT402 AT408 AT243 AT242 AT404 AT406 AT407 AT405 AT411 AT410 AT409 AD291 AD292 AM364 AL068 AS594 AS945 AT309 AP066 SH135 SH133 AD987 AT013 KT376 KT590 AT298 AT299 AT412 AT457 AT458 AT413 AR940

Qty US$ Price Total Discover Australia In Gold & Silver! 2012 $50 1/2oz Gold Proof Five-Coin Set $7,289.00 2012 $50 Green & Gold Bell Frog 1/2oz Gold Proof $1,458.00 2012 $50 Kookaburra 1/2oz Gold Proof $1,458.00 2012 $50 Whale Shark 1/2oz Gold Proof $1,458.00 2012 $50 Kangaroo 1/2oz Gold Proof $1,458.00 2012 $50 Goanna 1/2oz Gold Proof $1,458.00 2012 $15 1/10oz Gold Proof Five-Coin Set $1,604.00 2012 $15 Green & Gold Bell Frog 1/10oz Gold Proof $321.00 2012 $15 Kookaburra 1/10oz Gold Proof $321.00 2012 $15 Whale Shark 1/10oz Gold Proof $321.00 2012 $15 Kangaroo 1/10oz Gold Proof $321.00 2012 $15 Goanna 1/10oz Gold Proof $321.00 2012 $5 1/25oz Gold Proof Five-Coin Set $707.00 2012 $5 Green & Gold Bell Frog 1/25oz Gold Proof $142.00 2012 $5 Kookaburra 1/25oz Gold Proof $142.00 2012 $5 Whale Shark 1/25oz Gold Proof $142.00 2012 $5 Kangaroo 1/25oz Gold Proof $142.00 2012 $5 Goanna 1/25oz Gold Proof $142.00 2012 $1 1oz Silver Proof Collection $522.00 2012 $1 Red Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Whale Shark 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Green & Gold Bell Frog 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Goanna 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Kookaburra 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 March Money 2012 Page 1 The Eagle – In Pure Gold… Niue 2012 $100 Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1oz Gold Proof $2,950.00 Pages 2 & 3 Berlin Show Special Editions! 2012 WMF Mint Set $49.00 2012 $1 WMF Black Dragon 1oz Silver BU $126.00 2007 Berlin World Money Fair Edition Mint Set $117.00 2009 Brisbane ANDA Show Mint Set $49.00 2009 Melbourne ANDA Show Mint Set $49.00 2009 Sydney ANDA Show Mint Set $49.00 2010 $1 Currency Centenary ANDA Show ‘C’ Counterstamp BU $19.50 2010 Boston ANA World Money Fair Mint Set $78.00 2011 $1 ANDA Show B Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $13.75 2011 $1 ANDA Show M Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $13.75 2011 $1 ANDA Show S Counterstamp Al-Br Unc $13.75 Pages 4 & 5 Perth Mint New Releases! Not available in the US 2012 $1 Australian Olympic Team 1oz Silver Proof 2012 Australian Olympic Team Three Coin Set Not available in the US 2012 Anzac Day Al-Br BU $13.25 2011 Anzac Day Al-Br BU $13.25 2012 $1 Boxing Kangaroos Al-Br BU $14.75 2012 $1 Boxing Kangaroos Al-Br BU w/Album $19.50 2012 $1 Dragon High Relief 1oz Silver Proof $108.00 2012 50c Sea Life II Octopus 1/2oz Silver Proof $66.00 Pages 6 & 7 All New From New Zealand! NZ 2012 Silver Proof Set $288.00 NZ 2012 $1 Kiwi Treasures Kowhai 1oz Silver Proof $136.00 NZ 2012 $1 Kiwi Treasures Kowhai 1oz Silver BU $98.00 NZ 2012 Proof Set $185.00 NZ 2012 $5 Fairy Tern Cu-Ni BU $43.00 NZ 2012 $5 Fairy Tern Silver Proof $126.00 NZ 2012 Mint Set $78.00 Pages 8 & 9 Sydney Harbour Bridge 80th Anniversary 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge Stamp Trio MUH $1,946.00 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge Stamp Trio VFU $386.00 1911-36 George V Silver 3d & 6d Set G-VF (39) $386.00 George V 1927-36 Commemorative Stamp Collection MUH $2,906.00 George V 1927-36 Commemorative Stamp Collection FU $971.00 Sydney Harbour Bridge Toll Money Pack $19.50 1932 Florin VG $386.00 Pages 10 & 11 Military Memorabilia… 2011 $1 Tobruk 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Kokoda 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Kapyong 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Rising Sun Badge Collection (7) $96.00 Rising Sun Collar Badge Replica $14.75 1967 Anzac Lapel Badge Replica $9.75 1999 $1 The Last Anzacs Silver Proof $108.00 2012 50c & 20c Shores Under Siege Cu-Ni BU 3-Coin Set $25.00 WWI Service Medal Trio $243.00 WWII Service Medal Trio $142.00 Pages 12 & 13 Titanic Centenary Tributes… 1912 M,S,P Gold Sovereign Trio gVF-gEF $2,141.00 1912 Gold Sovereign gVF-gEF (mint of our choice) $717.00 Tuvalu 2012 $1 Titanic 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Canada 2012 25c Titanic Cu-Ni BU $24.50 Canada 2012 50c Titanic Silver-plated Copper Proof $38.50 Alderney 2012 £5 Titanic Silver Proof $136.00 GB Titanic Remembered Medallion $16.75 Subtotal Column One


AT332 AT333 AT335 AT355 AT227 AS997 AS998 AS995 AS996 AT000 AS999 AT001 AT261 AT262 AT263 AO366 KC922 KC923

SH115 SH116 KC852 SH038 AS383 AS712 AS286 AT251 AT253 AT252 AT459 AT443 AT414 AF903 AT415 AT416 AE039 AE025 AT417 HA419 HA437 HA438 SH119 AJ637 AQ486 AR772 AT247 AE955 AS317 AT069 AT336

Qty US$ Price Pages 14 & 15 2012 – The Key Annual Issues… Canada 2012 $1 Silver Proof $65.00 Canada 2012 $1 Silver BU $60.00 Canada 2012 Oh! Canada Mint Set $22.00 Canada 2012 Silver Proof Set $299.00 Austria 2012 Mint Set $34.75 2012 Proof Set $127.00 2012 Mint Set $32.00 2012 2-Coin Unc Set $18.75 2012 2-Coin Proof Set $52.00 2012 Baby Mint Set $44.00 2012 Baby Proof Set $125.00 2012 Wedding Set $142.00 GB 2012 Proof Set $98.00 GB 2012 Premium Proof Set $175.00 GB 2012 Mint Set $43.00 Page 16 Patterns Priced To Please… 1808 NSW Prooflike Pattern Collection (6) $29.50 1808 Cu-Ni Prooflike Pattern Collection (12) w/FREE 1808 NSW Pattern Set $69.00 1808 Golden Alloy Prooflike Pattern Collection (12) w/FREE 1808 NSW Pattern Set $69.00 Page 17 Affordable Aussie Packs! 1938-52 George VI Pounds, Shillings & Pence Pack $98.00 1953-65 Elizabeth II Pounds, Shillings & Pence Pack $78.00 1938-65 Pounds, Shillings & Pence Pack Pair $166.00 Indigenous Australia Coin & Note Portfolio Unc $122.00 Page 18 Classic Cathedrals… Cook Islands 2011 $10 Seville Windows Of Heaven Silver Proof $351.00 Cook Islands 2011 $10 Notre Dame Windows Of Heaven Silver Proof $351.00 Cook Islands 2011 $10 Westminster Abbey Windows Of Heaven Silver Proof $351.00 Niue 2010 $1 Cologne Dome Silver Proof $114.00 Niue 2010 $1 Duomo Milano Silver Proof $114.00 Niue 2010 $1 Westminster Abbey Silver Proof $114.00 Page 19 An Australian Selection… 1915, 1918, 1939 1/2d Trio VG-F $126.00 1910 3d & 6d Pair Fine $29.50 1936 6-Coin Year Set VF $96.00 1969 20c Unc $58.00 1991 1c & 2c Pair BU $29.00 1991 $1 BU $19.50 1952 R15 10/- Coombs/Wilson VF $269.00 1952 R32 £1 Coombs/Wilson VF $161.00 1953 R16 10/- & R33 £1 QEII Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Pair VF $142.00 1972 R74 $1 Phillips/Wheeler ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ Banner Unc $68.00 1972 R304 $10 Phillips/Wheeler ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ Banner Unc $87.00 1974 R305 $10 Phillips/Wheeler ‘Australia’ Banner Unc $191.00 Page 20 Exclusive New Vietnam War Tribute! Niue 2012 50c Vietnam War 1/2oz Silver Proof $70.00 Vietnam Polymer 50,000 Dong Unc $14.75 On The Order Form… Palau 2009 $5 Ducati Moto GP & Superbike Champions Silver Proof Pair $191.00 Palau 2010 $1 Greatest Victories Ferrari F10 $51.00 Silver-plated Prooflike Palau 2011 $1 Greatest Victories Michael Schumacher Silver-plated Prooflike $51.00 1988 Adelaide Grand Prix Medal $4.75 Canada 2011 $20 Maple Leaf Silver BU $49.00 Canada 2011 $20 Canoe Silver BU $34.50 Canada 2012 $20 Polar Bear Silver BU $29.50 Subtotal Column Two



Postage & Insurance – USA


Postage & Insurance – Canada


Postage & Insurance – Overseas


Orders over $500


State Tax (Californian Residents) @7.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Sales Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg (4.4lbs), we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________

Ten in stock! The race is on! Following our presentation of the 2009 $5 Ducati World Champions Silver Proof Pair featuring the ‘Number One’ Certificate of Authenticity in your Mid February Money magazine, we have been inundated with orders for this blazing full-colour tribute. With our remaining stock wiped out, we have successfully tracked down another ten pairs, and can once again highlight the unique qualities of this eye-catching legal tender presentation. An official commemorative release, fully endorsed by the legendary Ducati motorcycle company, the 2009 $5 Ducati World Champions Silver Proof Pair comprises two superbly struck legal tender coins. Celebrating Ducati’s Australian world champions, Casey Stoner (MotoGP 2007) and Troy Bayliss (Superbike 2001, 2006 & 2008), each coin is crafted to the finest Proof quality from 20 grams of sterling silver. Capturing these Aussie world-beaters in full flight, each silver Proof coin is distinguished by a dramatic design upon its broad, crown-sized 38.61mm flan – each beautifully enhanced with a brilliant burst of ‘Ducati red’!



Not only eye-catching, the 2009 $5 Ducati World Champions Silver Proof Pair is also extremely exclusive. Sold out long ago, the worldwide mintage was set at a mere 1,000! With only ten $5 Silver Proof pairs available – with each coin set in an individual, officially approved Ducati case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity – the race is on!


Ferrari – get onto a winner! One of the most revered, most successful racing car manufacturers, the history of Ferrari is inextricably linked and great drivers such as Michael with famous victories – an Fernando Alonso. Schumacher and Ferna Enshrining these cchampions of Formula One in official legal tender, the 2010 and 2011 $1 Greatest Victories Silver-plated Prooflike coins are official, of Ferrari Sil affordable and exclusive. Measuring 35mm affordabl 35mm in diameter, and defined by the x 35m unusual diamond-shaped format, the unu 2010 release pays homage to Alonso’s triumph amid the heat and sand of the Arabian Desert at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir in 2010. Paying homage to one of the world’s




most successful, most admired athletes, Michael Shumacher’s victory at the Japan Grand Prix in 2000 is honoured by the 2011 release, with both coins dominated by stunning full-colour portrayals of the Ferraris driven by these legends of world motorsport. Extremely exclusive, with the worldwide mintage of each unique legal tender coin restricted to a mere 5,000, we have only a small number of this dynamic duo in stock – with each coin beautifully presented in an official case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. With Ferrari memorabilia exceptionally popular worldwide, you’ll have to put your foot down to ensure supply of these vibrant full-colour coins!

Just $4.75 apiece! Struck with a handsome antiqued finish, and measuring 32mm in diameter, this unique medallion was issued to celebrate the 1988 Grand Prix, held at the home of Australia’s first Grand Prix in Adelaide. Carrying the official 1988 Grand Prix logo on the obverse, and sensational valuefor-money at a mere $4.75 apiece, our clients will have to burn rubber to secure this unique commemorative tribute!








US$ 75


Pure quality, pure value and… PURE .9999 SILVER! A sensational opportunity to acquire a pure silver coin from one of the world’s leading issuing authorities, Downies takes great pleasure in presenting these superbly struck .9999 fine silver $20 BU coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. Whilst sure to command the attention of those with an appreciation for quality, beauty and purity, the tremendous affordability of this terrific trio is simply a must-have for anyone with an eye for a bargain. A fantastic initiative, aimed at bringing pure silver coinage within the reach of as many people as possible, the Royal Canadian Mint originally issued these impressive $20 coins at face value. The first in the series, celebrating Canada’s most powerful symbol of national identity, the Maple Leaf, proved to be one of the biggest releases in 2011, with the limited edition of 200,000 devastated by demand. The entire mintage sold out at the Royal Canadian Mint in just 29 days! Despite increasing the mintage of the brilliantly designed 2011 $20 Canoe Silver BU in response to the overwhelming interest in the Maple Leaf $20, the limited edition of 250,000 was blown away almost as quickly. Indeed, that seemingly generous mintage was wiped out at the Mint in 34 days, and, like the Maple Leaf $20, the Canoe $20 has disappeared from the market. Given the spellbinding quality of the design, and the unprecedented value-for-money, the inspired 2012 $20 Polar Bear Silver BU is sure to mirror the barnstorming success of its predecessors. Although we procured a substantial stock of the Maple Leaf and Canoe $20 coins in 2011 by virtue of our status as official distributor for the Royal Canadian Mint, our allocations predictably sold out at super speed. With the impending release of the 2012 $20 Polar Bear Silver BU, however, we hunted high and low in order to satisfy the inevitable demand for its predecessors, and managed to track down a few examples of each of the 2011 editions whilst in Europe recently. Struck to the most rigorous Brilliant Uncirculated standard from 7.96g of pure, lustrous .9999 silver – the highest level of silver purity in international numismatics – these spectacular legal tender coins literally shine with the world-renowned quality of the Royal Canadian M Mint. No matter whether you choose a single coin, or all tthree, we highly recommend an early order. Limited stocks available! 

Stunning opportunity to own a pure silver $20 coin from the Royal Canadian Mint

Crafted from 7.96g of .9999 fine silver – highest level of purity in global numismatics!

Struck to the Mint’s most rigorous Brilliant Uncirculated standards

Official Canadian legal tender, each coin measures 27mm in diameter

Complete with an official Royal Canadian Mint Certificate of Authenticity

Immediate action highly recommended – limited stocks available!










US - March 2012 - ORDER FORM  

Downies Money March 2012 Order Form - North American Edition

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