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November 2011

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Qty US$ Price AS593 AS969


World War II Collection World War II Banknote, Stamp & Coin Album Ram’s Head Privymark Pack 2011 $1 Ram’s Head H,P,A & D Privymark Pack Money November 2012 Page 1: Diamond Jubilee 2oz Gold Proof 2012 $200 Diamond Jubilee 2oz Gold Proof

$279.00 $18.75 $5,846.00

Please note: this coin is highly exclusive. Phone orders are advised SH121 AT051 AS483 AJ197 KC881 AS779 AS778 AS887 AT188 AT050 AT185 AS709 AS451 AS989 AT082 AS275 AR026 AS998 AS997 AS995 KC882 AS996 KC883 AT001 AS999 AT000 AS993 AS994 AS991 AS990 AS992 AT186

AS224 AS225 AS594 AS945 AP066 AQ879 AS136 AS970 AP713 AD987 AF474 HH284 AS000 AF043 AT187 SH079 AT189 AR942 AS435 AT190 AT191 AQ703 AQ650 AT192 AS470

Pages 2 & 3: The Road To Federation Road To Federation Gold-plated Halfpenny Collection $97.00 Pages 4 & 5: More Diamond Jubilee Tributes! Canada 2012 $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof Trio $438.00 Canada 2012 $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof $119.00 St Edward’s Crown Replica $39.00 2011 $5 Queen’s Visit Unc w/free CHOGM $1 Unc $19.50 2011 $1 CHOGM Unc $3.75 2011 $1 CHOGM Mint Roll (20) $37.00 GB 2011 Crown Jewels Stamp Presentation Pack $18.50 2012 $1 Diamond Jubilee 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 GB 2012 £5 Diamond Jubilee Cu-Ni BU $19.95 Pages 6 & 7: Sailing Through History… Tuvalu 2012 $1 Mayflower 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Golden Hind 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Santa Maria 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2011 Masterpieces in Silver Collection $351.00 Palau 2011 $10 HMAS Australia 2oz Silver Proof $243.00 Palau 2011 $10 Vittorio Veneto Battleship 2oz Silver Proof $288.00 Palau 2010 $10 USSR Marat 2oz Silver Proof $288.00 Pages 8 & 9: 2012 – The Key Annual Issues… 2012 Mint Set $32.00 2012 Proof Set $127.00 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin BU Set $18.75 2012 Mint Set & 2-Coin BU Set Pair w/Free 2001 50c Federation Unc $18.75 2012 Australian Wheat 2-Coin Proof Set $52.00 2012 Proof Set & 2-Coin Proof Set Pair w/Free 1966 50c Silver Round $52.00 2012 Wedding Set $142.00 2012 Baby Proof Set $122.00 2012 Baby Mint Set SOLD OUT Page 10: Saluting The Presidents Cup 2011 $10 Presidents Cup Gold-plated 5oz Silver Proof $525.00 2011 $1 Presidents Cup 1oz Silver Proof $113.00 2011 $1 Presidents Cup Silver Proof $65.00 2011 $1 Presidents Cup Al-Br Unc $14.50 2011 $25 Presidents Cup 1/4oz Gold Proof $751.00 Page 11: The Year Of The Dragon! Cook Islands 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Rectangle 1oz Silver Proof 4-Coin Set $418.00 Pages 12 & 13: Remembrance Day Tributes USA 2011 $1 US Army Silver Proof $84.00 USA 2011 $1 Medal Of Honor Silver Proof $84.00 2011 $1 Tobruk 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2012 $1 Kokoda 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Rising Sun Badge Collection (7) $96.00 2010 $1 ANZAC Day Al-Br BU $12.75 2011 $1 ANZAC Day Al-Br BU $12.75 2011 $5 Remembrance Day Al-Zn-Br $24.50 Rising Sun Collar Badge Replica $14.75 1999 $1 The Last Anzacs Silver Proof $108.00 2001 $1 RAAF 80th Anniversary Al-Br BU $29.00 1990 $5 ANZAC 75th Anniversary Al-Br Unc $12.75 2011 20c Australia Remembers BU $6.50 2000 $1 VC Centenary Al-Br BU $317.00 Page 14: Early Christmas Gifts! 2011 $1 Christmas PNC $15.75 Christmas Pudding 9-Coin Pack $29.50 Page 15: Babies Bounce Back! Tuvalu 2011 50c Baby Dragon 1/2oz Silver Proof $66.00 2011 50c Bush Babies Bilby 1/2oz Silver Proof $117.00 2011 50c Bush Babies Koala 1/2oz Silver Proof $107.00 2011 $1 Bush Babies Kangaroo PNC $15.75 Page 16: Stunning Sea Life Selection! 2012 50c Sealife II Surgeonfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $66.00 2010 50c Sealife Clownfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $88.00 2006 $1 Clown Fish Al-Br Unc $9.75 Palau 2011 $1 Clownfish Silver-plated Prooflike $24.50 2007 $1 Great White Shark Al-Br Unc $17.25 Subtotal Column One



Qty US$ Price AT045 AS377 AR717 AS871 AS442 AL269 AQ336 AK817 KC891 AS939 AR540 AT193 AT194 AT195 AS889 AS890 AS891 AT043 AT162 AT163 AT168

On The Order Form… France 2011 10€ Cosette Silver Proof NZ 2012 $1 Maori Art Matau Silver Proof NZ 2011 $1 All Blacks Silver Fern 1oz Silver Proof NZ 2011 $1 All Blacks Haka Silver Proof NZ 2011 Rugby World Champions Silver Proof Collection NZ 2005 $1 King Kong Bronze BU NZ 2009 $1 75th Anniversary Of NZ Cu-Ni BU NZ 2005 $1 Lions Tour Nickel-Brass BU NZ 2005 & 2009 $1 Commemorative BU Trio NZ 2011 Web Ellis 3D Stamp NZ 2011 $1 RWC Webb Ellis Cup 1oz Gilded Silver Proof 2012 $100 Lunar Dragon Colour 1oz Gold Proof 2012 $25 Lunar Dragon Colour 1/4oz Gold Proof 2012 $10 Lunar Dragon Colour 1/10oz Gold Proof Also available 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Al-Br Unc 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Silver Proof 2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon 1/10oz Gold Proof Niue 2011 $5 2012 Year Of The Dragon 1/4oz Gold Proof Canada 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus-Shaped Dragon Silver Proof Canada 2012 $15 Lunar Lotus-Shaped Dragon Silver Proof in shipper Canada 2012 $250 Lunar Dragon Kilo Silver Proof Subtotal Column Two


$75.00 $136.00 $136.00 $136.00 $581.00 $29.50 $41.00 $28.00 $64.00 $19.50 $156.00 $3,023.00 $770.00 $331.00 $13.25 $54.00 $352.00 $795.00 $119.00 $119.00 $22.95


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TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________

Les Miserables!! A spectacular start to a series honouring the most celebrated elements of French literature, Monnaie de Paris has just unveiled this exquisite precious metal tribute to Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Enshrining the world famous image of Cosette – the martyred child of Les Miserables – struggling to carry a heavy bucket of water upon the broad road 37mm flan, this 22.2g 90% Silver Proof roof also bears a striking portrayal of the author upon the obverse. A strictly limited edition, with the mintage restricted to 10,000, each official legal tender 10€ coin is housed in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. US$



Features real Kiwi Greenstone! Following the barnstorming success of the Heitiki coins, New Zealand has issued another groundbreaking tribute to the rich, fascinating traditions of Maori art.




NE W !

Part of a mintage of just 3,000, this sensational new Silver Proof is distinguished by a portrayal of hei matau – a pendant treasured by the Maori as both a ceremonial adornment and a talisman of days of old. The perfect complement, the 38.60mm flan of each 1oz .999 fine silver Proof also features a genuine piece of New Zealand greenstone. Also known as pounamu, a treasure held in high esteem by the Maori people, this is the very first legal tender issue to feature this distinctive stone. With huge demand expected – the Hei Matau Gold Proof sold out instantly – we have been granted only a small allocation of coins – each set in an official, attractive leatherette case.

L LAST CHANCE at this price!

Back in Black! B Tre Tremendously popular, officially approved tributes to New Zealand’s legendary All tr Blacks Rugby Union team – winners of B the t 2011 Rugby World Cup – we still have h a few examples of the 2011 $1 All Blacks 1oz Silver Proof and the 2011 $1 B All Al Blacks Haka 1oz Silver Proof remaining in stock! s

To celebrate what has been an enthralling Rugby World Cup 2011 tournament, Downies is willing to Wor give our clients one last chance to secure the 22011 Rugby World Cup Champions Silver Proof Collection at US$100 off Silv the usual price! th Comprising five crown-sized C ssilver Proofs – three of which aare exclusive to this set! – each oofficial legal tender set is superbly presented in an engraved wooden pre panel, housed in an engraved timber pane Complete with an individually case. C cas numbered numb bered 12pp booklet confirming the tiny worldwide mintage of 2,011, we have wo just a few sets remaining in stock. Act ju nnow and SAVE!










Crafted from .999 fine silver, each 40mm Cra legal tender coin is distinguished by a leg memorable reverse design – superbly embellished in ‘all black’! Taken from mintages of 10,000 and 3,000 respectively, the 2011 respectiv $1 All Blacks 1oz Silver Proof and Silv 2011 $1 All Blacks 20 Haka 1oz Silver H PProof are each presented within aan official case with a numbered w Certificate of C Authenticity. Au



Classic Kiwi Crowns – just $64 for the trio!




A ffantastic t ti opportunity t it tto secure some of New Zealand’s most popular recent legal tender commemoratives, we are willing to sacrifice this trio of classic Kiwi $1 Crowns at the crazy price of just US$65!

the 2005 $1 Lions Tour BU and 2009 $1 75th Anniversary of New Zealand Currency BU. If you purchase these coins individually, the King Kong $1 and Lions Tour $1 will cost US$29.95 apiece, with the 75th Anniversary $1 retailing at US$44.

Presented in the official packs of issue, this imposing trio comprises three official legal tender coins. Celebrating the most recent cinematic version of the legendary tale King Kong, directed by New Zealand’s Peter Jackson, the 2005 $1 King Kong BU is united with

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we can crush the combined price of these classic Kiwi crowns by an extraordinary 30%! That’s a saving of nearly $39! With our remaining stock sure to be blown away at super speed, we highly recommend an early order.


Due to the extraordinary demand for all of the new Year of the Dragon issues thus far released, we are delighted to announce that the Perth Mint has wisely brought forward the release date of one of the most important Lunar New Year issues for 2012. Defined by the pure .9999 gold, the sparkling Proof quality, the flawless presentation, the glorious use of full-colour and the strictly limited availability, the new 2012 Year of the Dragon Colour Gold Proofs are now available at Downies! A scintillating illustration of the precious metal prowess of the Perth Mint, this spellbinding new series comprises three individually magnificent Australian legal tender coins. Headlined by the imposing, crown-sized 39.34mm $100 1oz Gold Proof, the series also includes the 22.60mm $25 1/4oz and 18.60mm $15 1/10oz Gold Proofs. Struck to the apex of Perth Mint Proof quality from pure, prestigious .9999 gold, the glorious Year of the Dragon design found upon each coin instantly catches the eye. Typical of the quality of all Perth Mint full-colour coinage, the lithe, powerful Dragon looks absolutely stunning precisely finished in blazing red. Beautifully presented within a distinctive, official Perth Mint case, each of these official Australian legal tender issues is accompanied by an individually serial-numbered Certificate US$ of Authenticity confirming the exclusive limited availability. 2012 $10 LUNAR DRAGON COLOUR 1/10oz GOLD PROOF A mere 5,000 examples of Official Issue Price each coin have been struck for AT195 worldwide distribution!


Given the astonishing demand witnessed for virtually every Year of the Dragon coin thus far released, with many selling out within a matter of days, time is of the essence for those of our clients enchanted by one of Australia’s most desirable, most prestigious Lunar New Year issues. 

Comprises the 39.34mm 1oz, 22.60mm 1/4oz and 18.60mm 1/10oz coins

All coins struck to the height of Proof quality from .9999 fine gold

Exclusive! Mintage of each coin restricted to just 5,000!

Superbly presented, with each coin housed in an official Perth Mint case

Each coin complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity





2012 $25 LUNAR DRAGON COLOUR 1/4oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price

2012 $100 LUNAR DRAGON COLOUR 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price



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US - November Money 2011 - ORDER FORM  

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