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October 2011

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Qty A$ Price


AR741 AS594 AS945 AS780 AF043 AS946 AS948 AS947 AS949 AS950

AJ413 AJ412 AR757 AR476 AR365 AQ708 KC880

SH080 AJ880 AK640 AM479 AS160 AS159 AS809 AR786 AR785 AR787 AS912 AE779 AF690 KC777 AE492 AH613 AK094 AQ187 AQ186 AS706 AS802 AS801 AK936 AK935 AT041 AR199 AR696 AP410 AC949 AK091 AE039 AH041 AE029 AE028 AP227 AL093 AH062 AL928 AE046 AE050 AL937

Money October 2011 Page 1: Endangered & Extinct Tuvalu 2012 $1 Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle 1oz Silver Proof $116.00 Pages 2 & 3: Great Australian Battles WWII Tobruk/POW Military Medal Group (6) $9,000.00 2011 $1 Tobruk 1oz Silver Proof $112.50 2012 $1 Kokoda 1oz Silver Proof $112.50 2010 Kokoda Campaign Medallion PNC $59.00 2000 Victoria Cross Centenary Al-Br $1 Unc $325.00 Pages 4 & 5: The Year Of The Dragon 2012 $30 Year Of The Dragon Gemstone Kilo Silver Specimen $2,250.00 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Colour 1oz Silver Proof $112.50 2012 50c Year Of The Dragon Colour 1/2oz Silver Proof $69.50 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon 1oz Silver Type Set Limit 1 Per Household $450.00 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Gilded 1oz Silver Specimen $107.00 Page 6: Rare RAM Rippers! 2004 Proof Set $120.00 2004 Mint Set $60.00 2010 $1 ANDA Show C Mintmark Silver Proof $99.00 2010 $1 ANDA Show S Mintmark Silver Proof $99.00 2010 $1 ANDA Show M Mintmark Silver Proof $99.00 2010 $1 100th Anniversary Of Australian Coinage Silver Proof $65.00 2010 $1 100th Anniversary Of Australian Coinage Silver Proof Collection $310.00 Page 7: Decimal Landmarks 1984-2010 $1 Commemorative Collection Unc (17) $295.00 $1 First Coin, Last Note Pack Unc $24.95 $2 First Coin, Last Note Pack Unc $34.95 $5 First Coin, Last Note Pack Unc $69.95 Pages 8 & 9: 2011 – The Best Of The British GB 2011 £5 Royal Wedding Gold Proof $3,450.00 GB 2011 £5 Royal Wedding Silver Proof $115.00 GB 2011 £5 Prince Philip 90th Birthday Silver Proof $109.00 GB 2011 Deluxe Proof Set $129.50 GB 2011 Proof Set $99.95 GB 2011 Mint Set $52.00 GB 2011 £5 Gold BU $3,450.00 Pages 10 & 11: Coins Of The Proclamation Era GB 1787 Silver Shilling VF $189.00 GB 1787 Silver Sixpence VF $121.00 GB 1787 Silver Shilling & Sixpence Pair $285.00 GB 1797 Cartwheel Twopence Fine $145.00 GB 1797 Cartwheel Penny VG $99.00 GB 1799 George III Halfpenny VG $39.00 GB 1806/07 George III Penny VG $24.95 GB 1806/07 George III Halfpenny VG $19.95 GB 1787-1799 Gold Spade Guinea EF $1,650.00 GB 1718 George I Gold Quarter Guinea F-VF $995.00 GB 1762 George III Quarter Gold Guinea F-VF $995.00 GB 1787-1800 Gold Half Guinea Fine $495.00 GB 1804-13 Military Gold Half Guinea VF $795.00 Pages 12 & 13: Predecimal Banknote Bonanza 1915 10/- R2 Collins/Allen VG $3,250.00 1933 £5 R44b Riddle/Sheehan (White Face) Nearly VF $2,995.00 1954 £5 R49 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Consecutive Run Of 10 aUnc-Unc $6,800.00 1933 10/- R9 Riddle/Sheehan Fine (with repairs) $1,750.00 1934 10/- R10 Riddle/Sheehan Legal Tender Overprint Fine $1,050.00 1939 10/- R12 Sheehan/McFarlane EF $1,295.00 1952 10/- R15 Coombs/Wilson VF $335.00 1927 £1 R26 Riddle/Heathershaw EF $1,975.00 1938 £1 R29 Sheehan/McFarlane VF $295.00 1938 £1 R29 Sheehan/McFarlane Fine $129.00 1952 £1 R32 Coombs/Wilson VG $57.00 1961 £1 R34 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank VF $75.00 1961 £1 R34 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank EF $139.00 1941 £5 R46 Armitage/McFarlane VG-Fine $98.50 1941 £5 R46 Armitage/McFarlane Fine $135.00 1949 £5 R47 Coombs/Watt Fine $145.00 1952 £5 R48 Coombs/Wilson VG-Fine $98.50 Subtotal Column One



Qty A$ Price AK511 AP233

KC874 AS271 AL269 AS274 AR989 AR990 AK240 AM517 KC875 AP571 AP572 AP573 AP800 AP574 AQ669

AH202 AC634

AD299 AD295 KC733 AS971 AJ474 AS972 AS973 AS974 AM993 AR060 AF955 AP739 AS975 AS975 AK542 AH277 KC873 AS936 AS937 AS938 AS935 AS931 AS932 AS933 AS934

AS155 AS976 AS977 AS765 KC876 AS978 KC877 KC878

1954 £10 R62 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Fine $175.00 1954 £10 R62 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank VG $95.00 Page 14: Legends Of Hollywood Cook Islands 2010-11 $5 Legends Of Hollywood Silver Proof Collection $474.00 Cook Islands 2011 $5 Legends Of Hollywood Silver Proof Trio $279.00 NZ 2005 $1 King Kong Bronze BU $29.95 Cook Islands 2011 $5 Terminator 2 3-Coin Collection $295.00 Page 15: Penguins & Antarctica! NZ 2011 $5 Yellow Eyed Penguin Silver Proof $115.00 NZ 2011 $5 Yellow Eyed Penguin Cu-Ni BU $39.95 NZ 2005 $5 Penguin Cu-Ni BU $27.50 Japan 2007 Antarctic Research Mint Set $39.95 Antarctica 2008-09 $2-$20 Note Set Unc (5) $79.50 Antarctica 2008 $2 Ross Polymer Note Unc $7.00 Antarctica 2008 $3 Haakon Polymer Note Unc $7.50 Antarctica 2008 $5 British Polymer Note Unc $11.25 Antarctica 2009 $10 Scott Windows Polymer Note Unc $22.95 Antarctica 2008 $20 Worsley Polymer Note Unc $66.00 Antarctica 2008 $1-$3 Polymer Note Collection Unc (3) $15.95 Page 16: Complete Shilling & Florin Collections! 1910-63 Complete Silver Florin Collection Good-Unc (55) $1,985.00 1910-63 Complete Silver Shilling Collection Good-Unc (49) $645.00 Page 17: Predecimal Stamps Collections Complete 1953-65 Elizabeth II Stamp Collection MUH (122) $695.00 Complete 1937-53 George VI Stamp Collection MUH (91) $895.00 George VI & Elizabeth II Stamp Collection MUH (213) $1,450.00 Page 18: An Australian Selection… 1937 Crown aUnc-Unc $110.00 1938 Crown aUnc $495.00 1951 & 1954 Florin Pair Unc SAVE A$40 $78.00 1946 6d Choice BU $145.00 1946 1/- Choice BU $125.00 1946 2/- Choice BU $98.00 1971 & 1972 50c Pair Unc $95.00 1990 $1 Unc $49.00 1991 & 1992 20c Pair BU $42.95 1991-1993 10c Trio BU $17.00 Buy 10 Sets and SAVE A$81 $89.00 1998 & 1999 20c Pair BU $9.95 2001 $2 BU $69.00 Page 19: The Coins Of Ancient Rome Constantine The Great 307-337AD Follis Trio F-VF SAVE A$20 $99.85 Constantine The Great 307-337AD Follis Gloria Exercitvs F-VF $39.95 Constantine The Great 307-337AD Follis Vot/XX VF $39.95 Constantine The Great 307-337AD Follis Providentiae AVGG VF $39.95 Constantius II 337-361AD Centenionalis Fine $29.95 Valentinian I 364-375AD Centenionalis Glory Of Rome VF $39.95 Valentinian I 364-375AD Centenionalis Victory Republic VF $39.95 Valens 364-378AD Centenionalis Glory Of Rome VF $39.95 Valens 364-378AD Centenionalis Security Of The Republic VF $39.95 Page 20: A South American Selection Mexico 2011 Libertad 1oz Silver BU $62.50 Peru 2010 1 Nuevo Sol Estela & Chullpas BU Pair $8.95 Peru 2011 1 Nuevo Sol Macchu Picchu & Santa Catalina BU Pair $8.95 Peru 2010 1 Nuevo Sol Sarcophagus & Tumi De Oro BU Pair $8.95 Peru 2010-11 1 Nuevo Sol Unc Collection (6) $26.85 Peru 10 & 20 Nuevo Soles Banknote Pair Unc $31.50 South America 6-Banknote Collection (6) $75.00 Americas Coin Set Collection (6) $49.95 Subtotal Column Two



Qty A$ Price AS596 AS892 AS877 AS876 AS590 AS589 AS002 AS001 KC866 AS749 AS005 AQ832 AP601 AN547 AO285 AO286 AS713 AS119 AS120 AQ689


AS980 AS966 AS979 AS981 AS982 AS983 AS984 AS985 AS986 AS850 AS851 AS852 KC881 AS779 AS778 AS989 AS970 AS969

Page 21: Hot Aussie Moderns! 2011 $1 Ginger Meggs 90th Birthday 1oz Silver Proof 2011 50c 50th Anniversary Of Triple Zero Emergency Call Service Cu-Ni Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Flying Fox Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Birdwing Butterfly Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Sacred Kingfisher Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Major Mitchell Cockatoo Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Kookaburra Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Crimson Rosella Unc 2011 $1 Air Series Set Page 22: Knockout Niobium! Luxembourg 2011 5€ Castle Of Mersch Silver Niobium BU Austria 2011 25€ Robotics Silver Niobium BU Austria 2010 25€ Renewable Energy Silver & Niobium BU Austria 2009 25€ Year Of Astronomy Silver Niobium BU Austria 2008 25€ Fascination Of Light Silver Niobium BU Austria 2007 25€ Aviation Silver Niobium Bimetal BU Austria 2006 25€ Satellite Navigation Silver Niobium Bimetal BU Canada 2011 $5 Full Buck Moon Silver Niobium Proof Page 23: Treasures Of the World! 2011 $1 Treasures Of Australia Pearl 1oz Silver Proof 2011 $100 Treasures Of Australia Pearl 1oz Gold Proof Somali Republic 2009 250 Shillings Treasures Of Tutankhamun Cu-Ni Gold-plated Proof Collection (5) Page 24: The Tassie Tiger In GOLD! Niue 2011 $100 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular 1oz Gold Proof On The Order Form… 2012 $1 Australian Citizenship BU Netherlands 2011 5€ 100th Anniversary Of The Mint Building Silver-plated BU Tuvalu 2011 $1 Wildlife In Need Orangutan 1oz Silver Proof 2011 $1 Bush Babies Sugar Glider PNC 2012 1oz Kangaroo Gold Unc 2012 1/2oz Kangaroo Gold Unc 2012 1/4oz Kangaroo Gold Unc 2012 1/10oz Kangaroo Gold Unc 2012 Kilo Kangaroo Gold Unc 2012 Kilo Kookaburra Silver Unc 2012 10oz Kookaburra Silver Unc 2012 1oz Kookaburra Silver Unc 2011 $5 Queen’s Visit Al-Br Unc w/FREE $1 CHOGM 2011 $1 CHOGM BU 2011 $1 CHOGM Mint Roll (20) 2011 Masterpieces in Silver 100th Anniversary Of The Royal Australian Navy 2011 $5 Remembrance Day Al-Zn-Br Unc 2011 $1 Ram’s Head H,A,D,P Privymark Al-Br 4-Coin Set Subtotal Column Three



For every true Aussie…

$10.00 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $89.70

$195.00 $99.00 $99.00 $99.00 $99.00

A coin for all Australians, crafted to the impeccable BU standards of Australia’s precious metal specialists, the fourth issue in the Perth Mint’s $1 Citizenship Series has just been launched!

SOLD OUT $99.00 $189.00

A distinctively Australian program, this popular series enshrines the importance of Australian citizenship in genuine Australian legal tender. Graced with the Perth Mint’s powerful Australian Coat of Arms design, this sparkling 30.60mm BU coin represents a fine addition to any established Australian collection. Clearly a must-have for those of our clients who secured any of the previous three issues in the series, this new 2012-dated release is also a perfect gift for any proud Australian.

$249.00 $3,170.00 $395.00


Beautifully presented within an official, full-colour card incorporating a Certificate of Authenticity, complete with a foldout stand for easy display, the 2012 $1 Citizenship BU is well within your reach at the Perth Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price.

$3,150.00 $12.95


2012 $1 AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP BU Official Issue Price AS980


Quick Response a must!

$114.50 $15.95 POA POA POA POA POA POA POA POA $20.00 $3.95 $37.00 $360.00 $25.00 $19.00

Unquestionably one of the most unusual, most inventive legal tender coins offered by Downies in nearly 80 years in the industry, we are delighted to have secured stock of the Netherlands stunning 2011 5€ 100th Anniversary of the Mint Building Silver-Plated BU!


Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________ Subtotal Column Three $____________ SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia Overseas Rates* Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D $19.00 $24.00 $30.00 $30.00

$8.25 $11.00 $15.00 FREE

*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges • We will advise cost on a case by case basis SEE WEBSITE FOR LISTING OF COUNTRIES IN EACH ‘ZONE’

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

Uniting traditional numismatic sculpture with the latest in 21st century technology, the reverse of this groundbreaking 29mm silver-plated cu-ni coin is highlighted by a QR (Quick Response) Code. Using a smartphone application designed to read QR Codes, users will be directed to the Royal Dutch Mint website where they are will get a couple of ‘surprises’ upon arrival. A layout of the Dutch Royal Mint building, the cornerstone of which was laid on June the 23rd 1911, is also A$ 95 featured on the reverse, with the portrait of Queen NETHERLANDS 2011 5€ Beatrice surrounded by a patterned motif found on 100th ANNIVERSARY the obverse. OF THE MINT BUILDING A unique, fascinating addition to any collection, each SILVER-PLATED BU Brilliant Uncirculated coin is sealed within an official


pack, accompanied by an information booklet.


Mintage just 5,000! Another sell-out certain! A stu un stunning sequel to the immensely popular Panda Silver Proof – sold out in short ord de – the Perth Mint-struck 2011 $1 Orangutan 1oz Silver Proof has just order bbee been released! Defined by pure silver, superb presentation and strictly limited aavailability, this spellbinding full-colour tribute to the perilously endangered Orangutan is sure to mirror the success of its hotly pursued predecessor. Found in the wild only in the islands of Borneo and Sumatra in South East Asia, the loss of natural habitat to the expanding human population has pushed this majestic beast to the point of extinction. A much admired creature, an adult and a baby Orangutan are superbly depicted in fullcolour upon the 40.60mm flan of this .999 silver Proof. A fine addition to any full-colour coin collection, this unique release also offers you the chance to make a difference, with part of the proceeds from the sale of each coin to be donated to the World Wildlife Fund Australia. Struck by the Perth Mint as Tuvalu legal tender of $1, each 1oz .999 fine silver Proof is set in a pplush case with a numbered numbe ere Certificate of Authenticity Authen ntic confirming worldwide the tinyy w mintagee of 5,000 – certain – certa ain to sell out at speed. speed d.




New Bush Babies PNC! A crucial opportunity for anyone attempting to compile the complete Bush Babies PNC Series, this enchanting tribute to Australia’s Sugar Glider is simply a must-have for those who missed out on the massively successful 2010 50c Bush Babies Sugar Glider 1/2oz Silver Proof – sold out at the Perth Mint at astonishing speed. The fourth release of the program, following the extremely popular Koala, Dingo and Bilby PNCs, the 30.60mm flan of the 2011 $1 Bush Babies Sugar Glider Al-Br BU is distinguished by exactly the same design as the highly sought after Sugar Glider Silver Proof – superb when struck to the rigorous BU standards of the Perth Mint. Set within a delightful full-colour card, housed in a similarly illustrated envelope carrying an official Australian $4.70 stamp from Australia Post, this unique, one-year-only Australian legal tender coin is worth the price of the PNC alone! That price is, significantly, within the reach of all collectors – just A$15.95 apiece! A$ With W the Official Issue Price so low, and the response to the t $1 Koala, $1 Dingo and $1 Bilby Bush Babies PNCs so s strong, we must, in the interests of fairness, apply a limit of two PNCs per household.



2011 $1 BUSH BABIES IES SUGAR GLIDER PNC NC Official Issue Price ice AS981 Limit 2 per household old

The fourth issue of the Bush Babies PNC Series – celebrates the Sugar Glider

Headlined by a unique 30.60mm al-br Australian legal tender $1 type

Also features an official $4.70 Sugar Glider stamp from Australia Post

Fantastic value-for-money at Official Issue Price – just A$15.95!

NEW 2012 Gold Kangaroos launched! One of Australia’s most eagerly anticipated annual issues, with global demand for all gold bullion soaring to unprecedented heights, the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Gold Kangaroo Series is now available! Whether looking for a definitively Aussie addition to your collection, or searching for a cost-effective, convenient way to own gold, the 2012 Kangaroo Gold BU Series is an unrivalled option. 2012 KANGAROO GOLD Unc POA















AS985 AS984 AS983 AS982 AS986 All prices subject to daily bullion price fluctuations and will be charged on the date of receipt of order. Not available for layby.

For collectors, it will be the sheer quality of the 2012 Gold Kangaroo coins that will command their attention. Struck to the most rigorous Specimen quality, and available in 75.60mm $3,000 Kilo, 32.60mm $100 1oz, 25.60mm $50 1/2oz, 20.60mm $25 1/4oz

and 16.60mm $15 1/10oz formats, these prestigious Australian legal tender .9999 gold coins represent a stylish appreciation of our cherished native icon. For investors, the most important characteristic of the program is the Government-guaranteed weight and .9999 purity of each coin – a fundamental element of any trusted precious metals investment option. Heightening interest in the series, it is notable that these coins will be the ONLY Perth Mint 2012-dated Gold Kangaroos. With the Perth Mint’s Gold Kangaroo Proof Program concluding several years ago, this is now the sole way that the collector and investor can play a part in this eminently desirable Australian legal tender series.

And the NEW 2012 Silver Kookaburras! P.O.A 2011 $100 PLATYPUS 1oz PLATINUM SPECIMEN AS134






Underpinned by flawless quality impeccable quality, purity and a spellbinding new design, there is no doubt that the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Silver Kookaburra BU Series will continue the astonishing recent success of Australia’s biggest-selling precious metal program. Providing an option for everyone, the 2012 series comprises 40.60mm $1 1oz, 75.60mm $10 10oz and 100.60mm $30 Kilo Specimen coins – all struck from .999 silver. Australian

te legal tender, with the weight and purity backed by the Australian Government, each t of the three new 2012 Kookaburras feature a sharply struck design. Sure to catch the eye of collectors, the series will also command the attention of those seeking to make a decisive move into precious metals. One of the world’s most trusted precious metal investment alternatives, the Silver Kookaburra program has provoked huge interest over the last few years. Strong evidence of the fervent demand, the 300,000-coin mintage of the

2008, 2009 AND 2010 1oz Kookaburra coins all SOLD OUT, with the increased 500,000-coin mintage of the 2011 1oz also devastated in months! With every reason to expect similar demand for the new 2012 issue, we highly recommend an early order.










AS852 AS851 AS850 All prices subject to daily bullion price fluctuations and will be charged on the date of receipt of order. Not available for layby.

Unique Silver U Proof Types! P

The Royal Visit $5! V

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy, the RAM’s new 2011 Masterpieces in Silver Set is notable for the flawless PProof quality, superb presentation, strictly limited availability AND the inclusion of Australia’s very first 34mm .999 silver $2 coin types!



2011 $5 QUEEN’S VISIT Al-Br Unc with FREE $1 CHOGM Official Issue Price KC881

A$ 95


2011 $1 CHOGM BU AS779



2011 $1 CHOGM MINT ROLL (20)

With Elizabeth II due in Australia to open CHOGM, hosted by Perth in 2011, the RAM has unveiled this unique tribute to Her Majesty’s 16th Royal Visit to Australia. Bearing a 16-crown design upon the 38.74mm flan, representing the Queen’s 16 Royal Tours, each BU quality Al/Zn/Br Australian legal tender $5 is housed in an attractive pack. Each pack is complete with a special pocket in which the RAM’s 2011 $1 CHOGM BU RAM can be placed – a unique, ca one-year-only y y type that Downies 2011 CHOG 20 M $1 will provide ffor FREE! CO OIN N SP SPEC PEC CIFI I ICA CATI CAT C ATTION A ONS ONS

Weigh eight ht:: 9 ggrams Diam Dia iameeter: te 25 mm Meta etal: l: Alumi Alumin u ium Bro Bronz onzee Reverse Designium igner ner: Wojciiech ech Pietranikk Obverse Design : Wojc gner: er: Ian RankBroadley Cooin struck by thhee R oyal Aus Austra A ustr ustral us ttra r lian ann M Miint Mint inntt in wnies C Coi Coin Co ooi s Pty Lt LLtd td

Paackaged byy Doo


A groundbreaking Royal Australian Mint release, forming a must-have for every Australian coin collector, this unique tribute to Remembrance Day is underpinned by a spellbinding full-colour design, an unusual scalloped appearance and tremendous value-for-money. An A imposing crown-sized coin, measuring 38.74mm in diameter, the meaas eye-catching reverse is dominated by eye-c eyea stunning depiction of the blood red sstu poppy. Instantly associated with p Remembrance Day – November the 11th, the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that brought an end to WWI in 1918 – the poppy is the ultimate symbol of the sacrifice of those who have died in all wars.


2011 $5 REMEMBRANCE DAY Al-Zn-Br BU Official Issue Price AS970



Full-colour crown at just A$25!

A$ $


An A unprecedented Australian legal lleg tender $5 type, struck to Frosted Froost Uncirculated quality from 20g of aluminium, zinc and bronze, this alu memorable military commemorative is sure to be hotly pursued – especially given the affordability! A stunning opportunity to add a full-colour, crown-sized Australian legal tender coin to your collection, the Official Issue Price of just A$25 represents outstanding value-for-money.

An apt tribute to Australia’s seafaring warriors, established in 1911 when King George V conferred the title ‘Royal Australian Navy’ upon the then Commonwealth Naval Forces, this new set comprises six Australian legal tender coins – each measuring 34mm in diameter and comprising 20.28g of .999 silver. Struck to Proof standard, each coin honours one of the variety of vessels employed by the RAN over its 100-year history, with the HMAS AEII submarine, HMAS Australia II, HMAS Hobart II, HMAS Yarra III, HMAS Sydney III and HMAS Armidale II all featured. Individually superb, the six coins unite to form a spectacular celebration of the Royal Australian Navy’s century of service. Enshrining a core element of Australia’s rich military heritage in official Australian legal tender, the 2011 Masterpieces in Silver Set is sure to be hotly pursued – as with all Australian military commemoratives.

New Ram’s Head $1 Privymark Set! Comprising the 25mm Al-Br Ram’s Head $1 H, A, D & P Coom Privymark coins – representing Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin PPr and a Perth respectively – this impressive Australian legal tender set forms a fine tribute to the crucial role of the Wool Industry in Australia’s economic development. Whilst clearly a must-have for those W seeking to assemble the entire 8-coin 2011 Mintmark/Privymark Collection, the fact that the 2011 $1 Ram’s Head BU type is not to be issued for circulation makes this set a vital acquisition for the serious decimal a collector. With this unique type never to be c co found in your change, this value-for-money set represents a crucial opportunity to keep your Al-Br $1 collection complete! Beautifully presented in a candy-striped RAM pack, reminiscent of the shearers’ clothing in Tom Roberts’ famous 1890 painting, ‘Shearing the Rams’, the 2011 $1 Al-Br H, A, D & P Privymark 4-Coin BU Set is within the reach of all at the Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price.


Artist’s Impression


2011 $1 RAM’S HEAD H,A,D,P PRIVYMARK Al-Br 4-COIN SET Official Issue Price AS969

AUS - October Money 2011 - ORDER FORM  

Downies October Money 2011 Order Form - Australian Edition

AUS - October Money 2011 - ORDER FORM  

Downies October Money 2011 Order Form - Australian Edition