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October 2011

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Demand for Silver Eagle soars! SELL-OUT ALREADY CLOSE AT HAND!

A spectacular legal tender tribute to the d majestic, endangere Tasmanian WedgeTailed Eagle, this outstanding new Perth Mint-struck coin has put the market in a flap. With soaring demand ensuring that a sell-out of the mintage is imminent, this may well be your last chance to swoop down on the 2012 $1 Tasmanian Wedgetailed Eagle Silver Proof. One of the largest birds of prey in the world, instantly recognised by the shape of the tail and its sheer size, the Tasmanian Wedgetailed Eagle is a truly magnificent creature. Critically endangered, with a population believed to be less than 1,500 birds, the noble beauty and fierce independence of Australia’s biggest

With every coin

from the Deadly raptor is captured us ous ero ger ang & Dan perfectly in full-colour Series – the natural g sin po im the upon or to the esssor ces predec frame of this sparkling Extinctt & Endangered iess – rocketing in erie Ser 40mm precious metal ary market value, ond sec eye the Proof. Indeed, chance to obtain the s mis not do coin at catching beauty of the splendid legal tender this ve the Official Issue Price design alone would ha of h Official legal tender, eac ensured the success n $1 coin bears the Ian meet demand – and so this new release – eve t of e Rank-Broadley portrai it has proved. without the ready-mad the Queen Elizabeth II on the by d ate obverse audience cre a sell-out close th Wi & first coin in the Extinct at hand – just weeks of Endangered Series. ■ Crafted to Pro after release! – you z of al 1o fin m s fro thi y ss st qualit must not mi One of the hotte .999 us ure tro the sec lus r, to re, y yea pu nit the rtu of po op releases silver this unique precious 5,000-coin mintage of n the nia at ma of y Tas Pro $1 tal me the 2011 ■ Exclusive! Tin Official Issue Price! Tiger 1oz Silver Proof worldwide mintage was wiped out in record restricted to just time. With the 2012 $1 5,000 d Perth Tasmanian Wedge-taile ■ Struck by the l Eagle Silver Proof a icia off as nt $1 2 Mi 201 LU VA TU der coin of such obvious, ten al leg u MANIAN val TAS Tu innate quality, and its DGE-TAILED EAGLE h WE witth se ca a in d lar, ■ House 1oz SILVER PROOF predecessor so popu Eye’ rds ‘Bi ce ssy Pri t glo ue a tha Iss l ly icia Off it was always like wood grain finish SH111 the mintage of 5,000 old to by a seh hou ate qu per Limit two ■ Accompanied would be inade e numbered Certificate y cit nti of Authe

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‘One of the most important – and rarest – pieces of military memorabilia lia we have ever offered…’ Ken Downie

Genuine ‘Rats of Tobruk’ Medal Group! Unquestionably one of the most important, most prestigious pieces of militaria Downies has ever offered in Money, we are proud to present this historic, genuine group of Australian World War II military medals – awarded to Sapper Robert Charles Boulger, one of the ‘Rats of Tobruk’. A major turning point of WWII, and a battle that saw Aussie soldiers exhibit the true Spirit of Anzac – courage, determination, mateship and humour – the siege of Tobruk began in 1941. Entombed in their desert fortress,

Allied soldiers withstood bombing raids from the German-Italian forces for 240 days, before the 8th Army relieved the siege. It was early in the siege that the Allies were famously described as ‘caught like rats in a trap’ by British renegade broadcaster Lord Haw Haw, and, accepting the title with typically irreverent humour, the soldiers were known as ‘The Rats of Tobruk’. One of those who defied the Axis Power bombardment at Tobruk was RC Boulger – an Australian serviceman whose military career was as colourful as it

was admirable. Enlisting in Adelaide in October 1939, and discharged in March 1946, Boulger not only served at Tobruk, but later managed to escape from enemy captivity in 1943 whilst a Prisoner of War (POW) in Europe. Bearing the traditionally rudimentary design of a rat upon the reverse, the Rats of Tobruk Medal received by Boulger as testimony to his service at Tobruk is the highlight of this prestigious set of




WWII decorations. Just 500 examples of the Rats of Tobruk Medal are known to exist! Along with the rare numbered Rats of Tobruk Medal, which is impressed with the medal number 160, and engraved with Boulger’s service number, SX737, the set comprises the 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal, War Medal and Australian Service Medal – each a genuine, original decoration pantographed to SX737 R.C. Boulger. An exceedingly rare aggregation, particularly given the combination off Boulger’s Boulger s

service in Tobruk and his status as an escaped POW, the medals are also accompanied by an array of personal memorabilia, including a studio portrait of Boulger in uniform, as well as photocopies of documents including Service & Casualty Form, AMF Statement by POW and Proceedings for Discharge Sheet. A rare opportunity to forge a permanent connection with one of the Aussie battlers who took on the Fascist forces at the siege of Tobruk, this authentic, important piece of militaria is, in historical terms, absolutely priceless.

Honouring the Rats of Tobruk… A fine addition to any an Australian coin collection, and a mustco have ha for the many people determined to pe assemble the complete as Famous Battles of Fa Australian History Au collection, this coin from co the th Perth Mint honours the legendary Battle of Tobruk. A commanding precious metal Proof, created through a fusion of traditional numismatic sculpture and statesc of-the-art minting of technology, this broad, te imposing crown-sized im coin carries a finely co detailed, fully struckde up design of an Aussie digger in the uniform worn dig during the Western Desert du Campaign. Forming Ca

a striking, poignant contrast, the broad 40.60mm flan of each coin also features a full-colour depiction of soldiers at the siege of Tobruk. A strictly limited edition, this official Australian legal tender coin has a tiny mintage of 5,000 – each presented in an official case set within an illustrated outer box, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Guarantee supply at Official Issue ■ Exclusive! Price! Mintage restricted to just 5,000 coins! ■ Struck to flawless Proof quality from 1oz 2011 $1 TOBRUK of .999 fine silver 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price ■ Australian legal tender AS594 – measures 40.60mm in diameter




S in an official Set ff case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity Still available at the Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price!

North Nort rth rt h Am Ame America e r ica Toll free 1 877 897 7696 eric 2

Honouring the heroes of Kokoda… MINTAGE JUST 5,000 COINS! The third coin of the Perth Mint’s inspiring Famous Battles in Australian History Series, this official Australian legal tender coin pays homage to one of Australia’s most famous military engagements – the World War II 1942-43 Kokoda Campaign. A series of fierce engagements between Allied and Japanese forces, the Kokoda Campaign is notorious for the extremely mely difficult difficu ult

conditions faced by Aussie servicemen in what was then the Australian Territory of Papua. A single-file track, passable only on foot, the Kokoda Trail crosses some of the most rugged, most inhospitable terrain in the world. Enduring overpowering daytime humidity and freezing nighttime temperatures, as well as malaria, leeches, torrential rain and brutal hand-to-hand combat, the e Allies

ultimately drove the enemy over the mountains, with the campaign ending with Japanese surrender in January 1943. An official Australian legal tender issue, struck to Proof quality from 1oz of .999 silver the 2012 $1 Kokoda 1oz Silver Proof forms a compelling tribute to the brave Aussie diggers that took on Japanese forces in these nightmarish nig conditions. condit Measuring Mea a crownc sized siz

out at the Mint – the 2012 $1 Kokoda 1oz Silver Proof is sure to inspire a torrent of orders.

40.60mm, 40 60mm each coin bears a detailed, fully struck-up design of an Aussie digger in the jungle kit worn during WWII, united with a full-colour image of Australian soldiers on the Kokoda Trail. With the Famous Battles in Australian History Series proving very popular – the Gallipoli tribute is sold



2012 $1 KOKODA 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS945

10,000 issued – sold out in a week! A unique, highly sought after tribute to one of the key events in Australian military history, the 2010 Kokoda Campaign Medallion PNC illustrates the overwhelming passion of the collector community for important military commemoratives.

The limited edition of 10,000 sold out in about a week! Honouring a campaign defined by the Anzac Spirit of courage, mateship, endurance and sacrifice – a campaign in which more than 600 Australian lives were lost – this special comprises a edition compri Australian 55c Austra

stamp, united with a 38mm medallion on an official, individually numbered cover. The perfect partner for the new Perth Mint coin, and d never before offered in Money, we have just a few examples in stock. 2010 KOKODA CAMPAIGN MEDALLION PNC A$



Limit one per household

Key to the $1 series!

One of the hottest ite ms in modern numismati cs, the RAM’s rarely offered 2000 Victoria Cross Centenary $1 is Australia’s most soug ht after $1 type. Followi ng patient accumulation , we now have FIFTEEN examples in stock! Mark rking the centenary of the first VC awarded to an Australian serviceman – se

Neville Howse, in 1900 during the Boer War – the 2000 VC $1 was not iss ued for circulation, and is one of the lowest mintage coins of the Australian $1 ser ies. A mere 98,809 coins were struck, and the laws of supply and demand ha ve seen the market price soar. Issued at A$5, thi s important military trib ute has jumped in value to A$300+!

Set in an official pack listing Australia’s VC winners, the unusual opportunity to secure Australia’s most desira ble $1 commemorative typ e must not be missed.


32 5


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 3


Huge coin? Huge demand! HIGHLIGHTED BY A GENUINE RUBY! The massive kilo format, the pure .999 silver, the sensational full-colour design, the strictly limited availability, the Australian legal tender status,

the genuine ruby embedded in the Dragon’s eye…the 2012 $30 Year of the Dragon Gemstone Kilo Silver Specimen is a ‘complete’ collector coin. One of the w world’s largest legal tender issues, with the weight and purity g guaranteed by the Australian Au Government, Govern gargantuan this ga new $30 coin measures a mea breathtaking bre 100.60mm 10 and an comprises co a whopping ONE KILO O of .999 fine

silver. Offering a broad canvas for the Mint’s designers to work their magic, c, the imposing frame of this precious metal giant is distinguished by a dazzling portrayal al of the lithe, powerful dragon ragon – brilliantly enhanced nced with full-colour. The perfect finishing touch to an intricate, dramatic design, the dragon’s eye is adorned with a real ruby! Despite the popularity of the Lunar Kilo Series, especially across Asia, the Mint has retained the traditional worldwide mintage of just 5,000 coins. With the mintage co of virtually every Year of the Dragon g coin thus far released re devastated devasta by demand d

– within days in many cases – and, given the almost unrivalled array of features of the Silver Kilo, there seems no doubt that this supersized silver stunner will follow suit.




Worldwide mintage just 5,000 coins – sellout assured! Struck to Specimen standard from a KILO of .999 fine silver One of the world’s biggest coins – measures 100.60mm in diameter! Stunning new design, highlighted by a ruby in the eye of the dragon Set in an official Mint case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

First Lunar Proofs in full-colour! Graced with a spellbinding, blazing red depiction of the legendary dragon, the new 2012 50c Dragon 1/2oz Silver Proof and 2012 $1 Dragon 1oz Silver Proof are the very first Silver Proof Lunar coins enhanced with full-colour – and among the finest full-colour coins ever issued by the Perth Mint. Masterful examples of this groundbreaking technique, with the fiery red dragon contrasting dramatically against the sparkling silver surface, these vibrant Australian

legal tender coins will spark fierce demand. Sure to catch the eye of Lunar buyers, full-colour collectors and, indeed, anyone who appreciates the power of modern minting, the 36.60mm 1/2oz and 45.60mm 1oz seem set for a quick-fire sell-out. Immediate action is absolutely essential. With Perth Mint Dragons flying out the door at unprecedented speed, our allocation of $1 YEAR OF these startling .999 fine THE2012 DRAGON COLOUR Silver Proofs has been 1oz SILVER PROOF tightly restricted, and a Official Issue Price sell-out is inevitable. AS948





2012 50c YEAR OF THE DRAGON COLOUR R 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS947

Set in n an of official offi ficial fic ial Perth P Min Mint nt case, eac each ach h i iincludes l d a numbered b d Certificate of coin Authenticity confirming the mintage of 10,000 – sure to sell out at speed

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 4


Tiny limited edition just 1,500! SELL-OUT A CAST IRON CERTAINTY… NTY Y… A sensational selection from the Perth Mint’s Lunar New Year silver series, the 2012 $1 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver Type Set is underpinned by variety, value and extremely limited availability. With the limited edition just 1,500, and demand for 2012 Dragon coins surpassing anything we have seen since the Lunar series began in 1996, this sumptuous new collection is certain to sell-out at speed. An exquisite illustration of the diverse talents of Australia’s precious metal specialists, each set comprises four 2012-dated 45.60mm 1oz .999 silver coins. The Silver Proof Dragon is simply magnificent, with the dramatic contrast between the frosted designs and gleaming mirror fields instantly catching the eye. Defined by the sharpest BU strike imaginable, the Mint’s

traditional 1oz Silver Specimen Dragon is also included, along with the glittering 24-carat Gilded and blazing red fullcolour Dragon coins. Individually brilliant, the four Australian legal tender coins move to a new level when united in one collection. A prestigious presentation, this unique precious metal medley is set within the plush confines of an official Perth Mint case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the limited edition of 1,500. Given the astonishing demand nd for the Year of the Dragon issues thus s far released by the Mint, time is of the essence for those of our clients interested in this scintillating silver selection.

Comprises ses four 45.60mm coins – each struck from 1oz .999 silver Tiny worldwide limited edition n just 1,500 4-coin coin sets! Housed in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity Tiny allocation! Just 30 sets in stock! Rapid sell-out guaranteed!



2012 $1 YEAR OF THE DRAGON 1oz SILVER TYPE SET AS949 Strictly limited to one per household


Dragon in Silver & Gold A stunning fusion precious metals, of pr and highlighted by a k superb, sharply struc the n, sig de e rev r vers re n w 2012 $1 Year of ne h Dragon Gilded tthe oz Silver Specimen 1o 1 as just been ha h a nched by the llau la erth Mint! Pe P Sure to provve popular S with Lunar buyers, th s thi ex uisite exq e se will relea

also be pursued by those enchanted with selectively gold-plated coins. As the precise application of 24-carat gold to silver coins is a demanding process, and with few mints , able to master the art ldgo ly tive few selec d plated coins are issue in s thi th Wi r. each yea d mind, the annual Gilde l cia cru is ue Lunar iss of to a very broad band s. collector

An official Australian legal tender issue, sure to attract the interest of collectors right round the globe, the imposing 45.60mm 2012 $1 Year of the Dragon er 1oz Gilded Silver t in a set is en im ec Sp Perth Mint case with a of numbered Certificate ing rm nfi co y Authenticit the worldwide mintage of 50,000 coins.



2012 $1 YEAR OF D THE DRAGON GILDE N 1oz SILVER SPECIME Official Issue Price AS950

Australia ia T Toll free 1300 30 00 7 788 358 5

The RAM’s highly sought after 2004 Proof Set… FEATURES HOLOGRAM ROOS $1! N Notable as the first, and thus far only, a Royal Australian Mint R Proof Set to include P a hologramatic coin, the 2004 Proof Set th is among the most sought after issues s of the long-running o 1966-2011 series – 1 very rarely seen on the market. Indeed, we have not been in a position to highlight this dramatic, groundbreaking collection in Money for several years, making this unlikely mak opportunity extremely opp important. imp Underpinned by the Un splendid presentation, sp and an the impeccable Proof quality of Pr the th coins, the 2004 Proof Set was of Pro course most notable cou for tthe sensational hologramatic Mob of holo Roos $1. The result of Roo

the Mint’s pioneering Replica Micro Moulding technology – developed in league with CSIRO – Stuart Devlin’s $1 Roos design has arguably never looked better. With the swirling cornucopia of colours instantly catching the eye of series collectors, and those new to Australia’s most important annual issue, demand went through the roof. One of the most popular RAM Proof Sets at the time of issue over the last 20 years, this spellbinding set remains one of the most sought after of the series. A modern numismatic masterpiece, very rarely available to collectors, it has taken Downies many months to build up sufficient stock ock to be able to

offer this unique set to our clients. With only 34 sets available, an immediate order is highly recommended. ■ Includes six Proof quality coins, from the 5c to the $2 ■ Headlined by the revolutionary Mob of Roos Hologram $1 ■ Housed in official, colourful RAM presentation packaging ■ Very rarely offered – just 34 sets in stock! Act now!



2004 PROOF SET AJ413

The 2004 Mint Set is also available! A$60 AJ41 AJ412

Astonishingly low mintages! PERFECT PARTNER…

Among the most exclusive Australian Show Products ever issued by the Royal Australian Mint, we have available just a few examples of each of the highly sought after 2010 $1 ANDA Show M, S & C Mintmark Silver Proofs! Celebrating the centenary of Australian coinage, each Mintmark coin is crafted to Proof quality from 11.66g

.999 Whilstt .9 999 silver. 9 il Whil typically impressive examples of the RAM’s precious metal prowess, the M, S and C Mintmark issues are most notable for the astonishingly low mintages. With the Mint melting down all coins not sold or allocated to dealers attending the Show from the maximum mintage of 2,000, the number of coins in existence

minuscule. The i min is i l Th final mintage of the C Mintmark issue was only 1,300, with the M and S Mintmark coins having mintages of just 1,500 and 1,500 respectively! With just a few of these rare Australian legal tender coins in stock – each in distinctive ANDA Show packaging – this limited window of opportunity will soon slam shut.










A fine tribute to the ce c ntenary of Au A stralia’s first national currency system, the 2010 $1 100th Anniversary of Australian Coinage Silver Proof forms the ideal complement to the exclusive ANDA Show Mintmark $1 coins offered at left. No longer available at the Royal Australian Mint, each 25mm 11.66g

.999 silver Proof is set in an official case, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 12,500. 2010 $1 100th ANNIVERSARY OF AUSTRALIAN COINAGE SILVER PROOF A$



The Complete 2010 $1 100th Anniversary of Australian Coinage Set A$310 KC880

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 6

Comprehensive Collection – in Unc! Underpinned by attractive presentation, excellent value and premium grade quality, the Complete 1984-2010 $1 Commemorative Collection represents your big chance to secure every $1 type issued for circulation in Australia up to 2010 – in Uncirculated condition!

More durable and more cost-effective than the $1 note, the first al-br $1 coin was issued in 1984 – the Mob of Roos $1, designed by Stuart Devlin. Unique in Australian numismatics, as the ONLY Roos $1 bearing the original decimal portrait of Elizabeth II, the 1984

Roos $1 was joined by Australia’s first commemorative $1 in 1986, celebrating the Year of Peace. In the quarter of a century since, a further fifteen $1 commemoratives have been issued, with every one of those coins – PLUS the first Mob of Roos date – included in this comprehensive 17-coin coin presentation.

Although all 17 oneyear-only 25mm al-br $1 types have been issued for general use, it is very tough to compile the 1984-2010 $1 Commemorative Collection from circulation – and impossible to do so in top grade. Set in a 420mm x 297mm pack, with every $1 in Unc,

this collection renders that search through change irrelevant!



1984-2010 $1 COMMEMORATIVE COLLECTION UNC SH080 *Mintmark $1 issues may be used


DE DEMISE EMISE OF THE DOLLAR Attractive, affordable and historic, this unique set celebrates a truly radical change in Australia’s circulating currency – the death of the $1 note and birth of the $1 coin. First issued in 1966, the $1 note series ended in 1984. More durable and offering greater economy, the 1984 Roos $1 coin that replaced the note

was destined to be a one-year issue, as the only $1 to carry the Machin portrait of Elizabeth II. Included in Unc, and top value at A$24.95, Australia’s last $1 note (issued under Johnston/Stone) and the first Mob of Roos $1 coin are set in an informative pack.




TA-TA T A-TA TO O THE $ $2! the Johnston/ Fraser $2 and the 1988 $2 al-br coin are found in this affordable presentation. Offered in strictly Unc quality, both ‘last & first’ legal tender issues are beautifully presented within an attractive, informative fullcolour pack.

Like its lower denomination $1 counterpart, the $2 note fell victim both to rising inflation and the greater durability and economy of coinage. In 1988, the final $2 note was released – the same year that Australia’s first $2 coin was issued. A permanent memento of this major milestone in Australian currency, both

Marking M ar death of tthe h d Australia’s A ustr paper p aper $5 note the birth of and th first $5 coin, the firs impressive, this im affordable afforda presentation presen is defined by value, quality and importance. The 1967-92 paper $5 series ended during the Fraser/ Cole signature combination, when the $5 became the first standard denomination to be replaced

by polymer. The perfect partner to this key type, the first $5 coin was issued in 1988 to honour Australia’s new Parliament House. A fitting tribute to a major landmark in Australian currency history, these key types are presented in Unc, set within a full-colour pack. $5 LAST NOTE, FIRST COIN PACK A$






Australia Toll 1300 788 358 stralii a To T ll free e1 7

Struck from 39.94g of gold! N LONGER NO AVAILABLE A AT THE MINT! Struck from 39.94 grams of 22-carat gold, this is your chance to secure a truly prestigious, official British celebration of the marriage of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. With this stunning Gold Proof no longer available at the Royal Mint, and with only a few coins in stock at Downies, it may well be your last chance.

Simply glowing with Royal Mint quality, the superbly sculpted design of the happy couple looks magnificent struck from the world’s favourite precious metal. As exclusive as it is eye-catching, with the mintage just 3,000, this majestic British £5 coin has naturally commanded the attention of collectors across the globe. Not only sought after as the most prestigious tribute to the ‘wedding of the year’, the success of the 2011 £5 Royal





The Duke turns 90! Struck to fl flaw flawless awle less Proof quality from 28.28g of sterling silver, the 2011 £5 Prince Philip 90th Birthday Silver Proof offers you a great opportunity to honour a life of selfless service and remarkable e achievement.

As with the struck 28.28g Gold £5, the 38.61mm 2011 £5 Royal British legal Wedding Silver tender coin in Proof is no stock – longer available in an each official at the Royal case with a Mint – making Certifica this opportunity Authe te of nticity very important confirming the indeed. We mintage of have just 14 of 50,000. this exquisitely


Wedding Gold Proof Wed can also be attributed to the astonishing current global demand for all large, exclusive legal tender gold coins. Set in a timber-framed veneer case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, we have just five of these imposing 38.61mm coins remaining in stock.


Last chance in silver?

Limited stock remains!

Prestigious and exclusive, the annual Deluxe Proof Set is one of the world’s most hotly pursued numismatic issues. Defined by the sumptuous presentation, and a tiny mintage of just 15,000, the 14-coin 2011 Deluxe Proof Set is also notable for the surprisin singly good valuefor-mon ne ey y.. Pay jus stt A$9 per Pro oo off coin!

P of a grand tradition Part of Royal Family silver o commemorative crowns, c tthis 38.61mm precious metal Proof is graced with P a stunning portrait of Philip – approved by both the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen. A strictly limited edition, with just 20,000 coins issued worldwide, each £5 is set in an official Royal Mint case, with a complete w numbered Certificate numbe Authenticity. of Au




Housed in a lavish, united with the official leather Technology £2 and case, complete seven definitive with a booklet coins (1p-£1). Just incorporating a few sets in stock! a Certificate of Authenticity, the 2011 Deluxe Proof Set features the 38.61mm Prince GB 2011 DELUXE Philip £5, Mary PROOF SET Rose £2, King AR786 James Bible £2, See the Order Form Cities £1 Pair for the 2011 Proof Set and WWF 50p,



and 2011 Mint Set!

North N No rth America T Toll free 1 877 897 7696 8

One of the world’s most sought after coins… Part of a series with a heritage stretching back to 1820, Britain’s 2011 £5 Gold Brilliant Uncirculated coin is one of the most enthralling, most historic and most prestigious numismatic issues for the year. Sure to be hotly pursued by collectors across the globe – as with all large gold coins – this majestic near crown-sized legal tender issue is also one of the exclusive. The mintage has been restricted to just 1,000 coins!

to recreate the original splendourr of the St George & the Dragon design for the 2011 £5 Gold BU U release. Using original tooling from the 1820s and 1870s to create new dies, the Royal Mint’s Engraving Team has created a coin that is utterly faithful to Pistrucci’s numismatic ic masterwork.

As with the tremendously rare Ge George III 1820 £5 P a Pattern issue, the name o off designer Benedetto P i Pistrucci appears in full on the reverse

MINTAGE JUST 1,000! Comprising the same amount of gold as when first struck during the reign of King George III – the exact equivalent of five sovereigns – this magnificent British legal tender issue has been crafted from a whopping 39.94 grams of 22-carat gold. Continuing a grand tradition, this 2011-dated precious metal giant is also distinguished by the same design as the original 1820 £5 Gold Crown. Measuring 36.02mm in diameter, the large flan forms a fine venue for the full appreciation of the timeless beauty of Benedetto Pistrucci’s St George & the Dragon design. Nearly two centuries after this legendary motif was first seen on British coinage, the Royal Mint has gone to great lengths

As in 2009 and 2010, this special cial treatment is sure to intensify demand for what is already one e of the world’s most prestigious, s, most admired, most sought after gold coin issues. Although h Downies, as an official distributor tor of the Royal Mint, has received d a guaranteed allocation of the 2011 £5 Gold BU from the tiny mintage of 1,000, our stock is sure to be devastated by demand – as is the case every year.


Str from Struck a massive 39 39.94g of 22 gold, 22-carat each 36.02mm each di diameter legal tender plush coin is set in a plush, prestigious Royal Mint case, complete with an individually numbered 8pp Certificate of Authenticity


GB 2011 £5 GOLD BU AS912

Australia Toll ffree 1300 788 358 9

The Coins of the Proclamation The 178 1787 Silver Shill g Shilling



Governor G P h Philip G Gidley King R RN


The History… The development of Australia as a nation and the development of its domestic currency system are inextricably linked. How a penniless, starving colony populated mostly by convicts was able to transform into an orderly society with a stable currency system is one of the most intriguing chapters in Australian history. In large part, the Proclamation of 1800 unwittingly inspired this transformation. For convict and settler alike, life was hard in Britain’s isolated southern possession. The harsh, unfamiliar landscape yielded little for the newcomers, and disease was rampant throughout the tiny population of 5,000. Simply surviving under these circumstances was an achievement, but for those who did, there was another difficulty to be faced – the lack of an official system of currency. The result? Economic chaos. Rum was the dominant measure of value, with a few coins from overseas supplementing a system of barter. The mix of foreign coins – from Europe, South America and Asia – were few in number, and as they originated from different currency systems, it was impossible to determine relative values. The arrival of some four tonnes of Britain’s 1797 Cartwheel Penny brought matters to a head, providing the trigger for Governor Philip Gidley King’s Proclamation of 1800. Assigning fixed values to the great diversity of coins circulating at the time, King hoped to engender the confidence and certainty necessary for a stable economy, as well as discourage the drain of coinage from the colony via visiting traders. The success of these twin aims was mixed, but one thing is certain – King’s Proclamation of 1800 constituted the first official currency system in Australia, and proved a defining moment in Australia’s monetary history.

The GB 1787 shilling and sixpence pair is also available! A$285 KC777

Scarce silver... With Britain experiencing silver shortages as a result of turmoil across Europe, silver coins of the late 18th century are scarce. Notwithstanding this, the 1787 Shilling and Sixpence both made it to Australian shores, circulating in the 1790s and early 1800s.

Struck in the year that the First Fleet set sail from England, the 1787 Shilling and Sixpence are not only of undoubted ted historical significance ce – they are truly beautiful coins. Much admired for the beauty of the George III portrait and the splendid armorial an reverse, these historic coins rev are both available in Very Fine. Fin



GB 1787 SILVER SIXPENCE VF AF690 Th 1787 The 7 Silverr e Sixpence

Australia’s biggest coin! Weighing nearly two ounces, and measuring 41mm, the massive copper 1797 Cartwheel coppe Twopence is an Twope imposing reminder of impos Australia’s earliest Aust colonial days. col Circulating at Ci double face value do at the time of the Proclamation, P Britain’s first Br copper 2d was co struck at the Soho stru

Mint, run by noted industrialist Matthew Boulton. Britain’s largest, heaviest coin, and also the first 2d to feature Britannia, the Cartwheel 2d represents supreme value for such a big piece of early Australia. Graded Fine.



GB 1797 CARTWHEEL 2d Fine AE492

History within your reach! A genuine Proclamation Era coin, circulating in Australia during the early colonial period, the 1799 Halfpenny of George III (1760-1820) brings this formative period of Australian

history within the reach of all. A oneeyear type, uniting the portrait of George e III with Britannia, we have this affordable Proclamation Era type in VG.




North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 10

Era – colonial history in your hands… Premium grade Spade! A fundamental element of every Australian collection, the 1787-99 Gold Spade Guinea forms a compelling reflection of our colonial past. England’s premier gold coin until replaced by the sovereign in 1817, the George III Spade Guinea is especially desirable when found in premium grade – as presented here. Struck only from 1787 – when the First Fleet left Portsmouth in England on its 12,000-

mile journey to Britain’s new possession – until 1799, the Spade Guinea circulated extensively in the earliest days of the colony. A natural inclusion in Australia’s first currency system, the Spade Guinea was given one of the highest values of Governor King’s Currency Proclamation of 1800, valued at £1 2/-. Featuring a spade-like Shield from which the coin takes its name, the 24mm, 8.4g Spade Guinea is rare in high grade – and yet

still affordable for such a key piece of Australian history. Graded EF, we have just a few in stock – dates of our choice.




Rare George I gold! Struck nearly three centuries ago, and notable as a one-yearonly issue, we have never before had the pleasure of offering our clients this scarce, unusual fractional gold denomination – the 1718 Gold Quarter Guinea of King George I (1714-27). The unpopularity of the 15mm 2.12g 1718 Gold Quarter Guinea as a circulation coin stands in stark contrast to the strong long-term popularity of the type amongst collectors. A

One-yearonly type!

hotly pursued, ued, unique issue, ue, we are delighted to have secured a small batch of this historic gold coin in n better-than-usually-seen en Fine to Very Fine quality. lit


Gold coinage during Go the reign of George III th (1760-1820) comprised (1 a variety of fractional denominations, such as de the Half and One-Third th Guineas, but in only one Gu year – 1762 – did the ye country issue a Quarter co Guinea. A beautiful Gu coin, the 15mm 2.12g 1762 Quarter Guinea circulated in Australia during the earliest colonial period – and yet is seldom offered



Bearing the same memorable Shield design, with the distinctive portrait of George III on the obverse, this 21mm gold coin forms a key part for of Australia’s colonial heritage co





The last Half Guinea type!

Must-have Half! The ideal complement to the 1787-99 Spade Guinea, we also have a tiny number of the renowned Gold Spade Half Guinea in stock!

in this country. y. A fantastic stic opportunity, unity, we have a ffew examples of this rare British gold coin in Fine to Very Fine condition.

– and a must-have for Proclamation collectors. Struck in relatively low numbers and scarce today, we have a few examples in pleasing Fine quality – dates of our choice.

The last Gold Half Guinea type, the 1813 Gu Military Half Guinea Militar M beautiful, scarce is b and fascinating. an Struck from St 1804 to 1813, 18 this historic th 20mm, 4.2g gold 20 coin is known co the ‘Military’ as th Guinea as it Half G carries the same designs as the 1813 Military Guinea – a coin struck for British



troops engaged in the Peninsular War on the Continent, with locals accepting only gold foreign currency. Seldom seen in Australia, we have six examples in impressive Very Fine – dates of our choice.




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 11

Banknotes are booming! Predecimal or decimal, paper or polymer, pre-Federation or Commonwealth…no matter where you look, the field of Australian banknotes is a ‘market on the move’, with demand rising to unprecedented levels. This phenomenal surge in interest is largely due to the widespread recognition of banknotes as an attractive investment alternative. With astute investors joining the notoriously strong band of collectors, the increased size of the market has placed huge pressure on the limited number of notes available. This competition, in turn, has guaranteed constant, powerful surges in secondary market value. The rising market value of notes serves to reinforce the lucrative reputation of the field, and drawing more people to the series, the boom-boom cycle is maintained. Australia’s 1913-65 predecimal banknote series provides a perfect illustration. Although this series has been the subject of tremendous price-growth in recent times, there are still plenty of opportunities to become a part of the banknotes boom – as seen in the fine selection of predecimal notes available here.


Bearing Australia’s first signature combination, and representing Australia’s second 10/- design type, the 1915 10/- Collins/ Allen is as rare as it is historically invaluable. Indeed, this note is a great Australian rarity – regardless of the grade.

Like the Half Sovereign, Sovereign the 10/- circulated more widely – and is harder to find – than its higher denomination counterparts. The 1915 Collins/Allen 10/- is a prime example. Seldom seen on the market, even in lower grade, this type is widely recognised for rarity

in in any condition – and soaring market values. Indeed, this type has quadrupled in value in VG in little more than a decade! Seldom in a position to present this historic Australian rarity to our clients, we recently secured two examples of the highly sought

after 1915 10/10/ Collins/ Allen from auction. Offered in Very Good condition, both will be snapped up in days. Act now!



1915 10/- R2 COLLINS/ ALLEN VG AT041

The Final Five! A$


1933 £5 R44b RIDDLE/ SHEEHAN (WHITE FACE) nearly VF AR199

Representing ng a radical change from preceding £5 note designs, the 1933 Riddle/Sheehan £5 was the first Legal Tender Series £5 – and last £5 of George V.

The later notes of the last George V £5 print-run are, as here, distinguished by a white-faced portrait of the King. Marginally rarer than the earlier Pink Face issues, this note is tough to find in

premium grade. grade As with all high denomination notes, few people had the luxury to casually pop a few aside as a keepsake – or in hope that this note would be the valuable investment item that it has

become. Worth A$1,000 in 2001, the value of the 1933 Riddle/Sheehan £5 in VF is now A$4,750! Very competitively priced at A$2,995, we have one example in nearly Very Fine.

Extraordinarily rare in this format… An incredible opportunity for the serious collector or astute investor, we are delighted to be able to present this sensational consecutive sequence of TEN Elizabeth II £5 notes in stunning about Uncirculated to Uncirculated condition! Of the first Elizabeth II £5 type, issued under the authority of the th Commonwealth Bank, C this premium grade run is, th put simply, extraordinarily p rare. Consecutive pairs ra or runs of five are rare o enough, but a run of e ten predecimal notes te

Call our Rarities Manager David Jobson

in this stunning quality is all but unheard of today – particularly when considering higher denominations. The £5 and £10 were too valuable for most people to set aside, even individually, let alone a large, consecutive sequence of ten notes! Just one run of 10 in stock!




Sy d ney ( 0 2 ) 9 2 9 9 4 1 3 1 12

NOTES – POWERFUL POTENTIAL… 1933 1934 10/10/- R10 R9 Sh heeh han Overprint Overpriintt Fine Fine Riddle/Sheehan e//Sheehan F Fine ine ((with with rrepairs) epairs) Riddle/Sheehan A$


The first issue of the Legal Tender Series, and a one-year-only George V 10/- type An important Australian type – rare today, irrespective of the condition Jumping from A$775 to A$2,750 since 2002, this repaired Fine example offers top value

■ ■

1952 10/oombbs//Wilson VF VF R15 Coombs/Wilson A$


■ ■ ■



■ ■ ■



Introduced due to confusion between 10/- & £10 – features Ten Shillings overprint Comparatively rare, the penultimate George V 10/- is missing from most collections Must-have at this price – jumped from A$325 to A$1,200 in Fine since 1999

A$ ■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■



Issued 1939-42 – the first 10/- note issue of George VI – and the rarest Unique – the only George VI 10/- type with signatures in same colour as the note! Climbing in value over the last decade in EF as here – from A$250 to A$1,400

1938 £1 R29 Sheehan/McFarlane an n/McFarlane VF VF

1927 £1 Riddl /H th h EF R26 Riddle/Heathershaw


An historic type – the last 10/- before the untimely death of George VI in 1952 Highly sought after one-year-only issue – especially in Very Fine quality, as here Still remarkably affordable in this condition – just a few examples available!


1939 heeh han//McF Farllane E F 10/- R122 SSheehan/McFarlane EF




A stunning example of the 1927 Riddle/ Heathershaw £1 – in superb EF quality An ever-popular Depression era note – sought after by collector and investor alike A note of great potential – soared from A$450 to A$2,500 in EF since 1999


An essential Australian note type – the very first £1 of King George VI ■ Unique! The only George VI £1 with the signatures in the same colour as the note ■ Fantastic opportunity to secure the scarcest George VI £1 type in strong VF 1938 £1 R29 Sheehan/McFarlane Fine A$129 AE028 1

1941 1961 £5 £1 R46 R34 Coombs/Wilson ooombs/Wilson Res Res Bank Bank VF VF Armitage/McFarlane tagge/McFarlane VG-Fine VG-F Fine 1952 952 £1 R32 Coombs/Wilson C b /Wil VG A$ ■ ■ ■





■ ■

The very last £1 issue of the reign of King ■ George VI – highly sought after A one-year-only type, we have a small batch ■ in Very Good condition Unbelievably affordable opportunity to add this key note to your collection!

1949 £5 R47 47 Coombs/Watt C b /W Fine Fi ■



1 1952 ££5 R48 488 Coombs/Wilson Coombbs//Wilson VG-Fine VG Fine A$


■ ■ ■


Australia’s very last £1 note issue – issued for just five years (1961-65) Issued under the auspices of the Reserve Bank – offered in pleasing VF quality Tremendous value-for-money, this historic type is a bargain at just A$75 1961 £1 R34 Coombs/Wilson Res Bank EF A$139 AH062


The penultimate £5 note of King George VI – issued only from 1949 to 1952 Scarce in any grade, with few of these high denomination notes set aside at issue Offered in Fine condition, and still very affordable in this highly collectable grade



The second George VI £5 issue – an everpopular WWII-era keepsake ■ A scarce, high denomination type – seldom set aside at the time of issue ■ A surprisingly affordable acquisition at less than A$100 in Very Good to Fine 1941 £5 R46 Armitage/McFarlane Fine A$135 AE046

1 1954 ££10 R62 R Coombs/Wilson C mbbs/Wilson Comm Comm Bank Bank Fine Fine A$


The end of an era – the very last £5 note issued during the reign of George VI Increasingly scarce across all grades, we have twelve examples in VG-Fine Outstanding value-for-money – well within your reach at under A$100 apiece

Call our Rarities Manager David Jobson




An historic issue – the very last £10 design type of the 1913-65 predecimal series ■ Issued under the authority of the Commonwealth Bank from 1954 until 1960 ■ Like all high denomination predecimal notes, seldom stashed away at issue 1954 £10 R62 Coombs/Wilson Comm Bank VG A$95 AP233

Sy d ney ( 0 2 ) 9 2 9 9 4 1 3 1 13

Stars of the Silver Screen – IN SILVER! A wonderful opportunity to enjoy the celebrity, the talent and sheer pizzazz of the true legends of the silver screen, we are delighted to offer the COMPLETE 2010-11 $5 Legends of Hollywood Silver Proof Collection! Known across the globe by millions of people, even decades after their respective deaths, the superstars featured in this highly sought after series are showbiz icons. Genuine ‘Hollywood Royalty’, the first three coins in

the series, dated 2010, honour Clark Gable (1901-60), John Wayne (1907-79) and Ginger Rogers (1911-95), with the new 2011-dated issues paying homage to Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2010), Sophia Loren (1934) and Marilyn Monroe (1926-62) respectively. Exclusive, with a mere 2,500 sets issued, the 2010-11 $5 Legends of Hollywood Silver Proof Collection is the perfect way to honour these superstars of American popular culture. Struck to Proof quality from 25g 25 sterling silver,

the crown-sized 38.61mm flan of each legal tender coin oin features an original photograph of the relevant star, taken by noted Hollywood photographer, Bruno Bernard (1912-87). An appropriate, innovative presentation, the limited edition Legends of Hollywood 6-coin set is housed in a movie-reel case with numbered Certificates of Authenticity!




Cook Islands 2011 $5 Legends of Hollywood Silver Proof Trio A$279 AS271 If you secured the first three in n p the series last year, then grasp this exclusive opportunity to complete your Legends of Hollywood Silver Proof Collection!

Allocation Terminated! One of the most influential works in the sci-fi genre, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was mm .74 38 ge the biggest movie lar s thi r The key characte of 1991. It should captures in co the of of one ro’s he gic come as no surprise tra the great pieces of sed rage therefore that the res rep a em cin -fi early sci icial Off y. 2011 $5 Terminator 2 ctl rfe pe – the 1932 film 20th Anniversary Zealand legal w Ne his d rrie that ca by k uc str Silver Proof r, de ten ng name – King Ko Collection would be alia’s Perth str Au ly ted ub is undo in is co ch one of the biggest ea nt, Mi d’s among Hollywoo an official numismatic issues in set s ou most fam ing tur fea for the year. Our ck, pa g stars. Official Kin original allocation lour images and co , ilia rab mo me Kong out ab on ati has been wiped orm inf st issued for the mo out! film. the of n sio ver t recen $1 5 200 NZ the t tale,


With an unremitting stream of requests for this inventive presentation, we felt compelled to seek out more stocks, and thanks to a contact in Belgium, we are delighted to have secured another 10 sets. Taken from a mintage of 2,011, each set comprises three 38.61mm 25g sterling silver Proof coins honouring the original T800 Terminator, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the evil Cyborg T1000. T100 00

A dramatic, innovative tribute to this multi Oscar-winning ng sci-fi movie, each of these exclusive clusive usive 3-coin sets is s housed in a case in the style of the CPU chip from the film!







North No o rt rth h Am Amer America err ic ica a To Toll oll fre free re e e 1 87 877 7 7 89 897 7696 14

Mintage a mere 4,000! Underpinned by that traditional mix of quality, purity and presentation, New Zealand’s 2011 Silver Proof Crown is a coin that any collector would be proud to own.

An exquisite precious metal Proof, with the sharp, fiercely frosted design contrasting against the most pristine of mirror fields, the 2011 $5 Yellow Eyed Penguin Silver Proof honours what considered to is con the world’s be th rarest penguin. rare Struck from Str 1oz 1o pure .999

silver, this unique, one-year-only type is unbelievably exclusive by international standards. A mere 4,000 coins have been issued, each beautifully presented within an official case, united with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity.




Just 2,000 struck! A coin to be enjoyed by a select ct band of collectors,, the 2011 $5 Yellow w Eyed Penguin Cu-Ni BU is one of the rarest BU crown-sized issues in global numismatics. Remarkably, the worldwide mintage was restricted to an astonishingly low 2,000 coins! As eye-catching as it is exclusive, this superbly struck

STRUCK S TRUCK BY THE RAM! this imposing – and very I Issued to raise awareness of the plight affordable – one-yeara only cupro-nickel type of the endangered o is housed in an official Fiordland Crested F presentation pack. Just Penguin, this official P TEN coins in stock! New Zealand legal N tender coin is an ttend extremely exclusive extr e release. The worldwide rrele mintage was set at just mi 4,000 coins! Struck by 4, the Royal Australian th Mint, and M NZ 2005 $5 measuring m PENGUIN 38.74mm 38 CU-NI BU A$ diameter, in d 2750 A AK240

legal tender tribute features a striking design of the rare Yellow Eyed Penguin upon its broad 38.74mm flan – outstanding when crafted to the pinnacle of Brilliant Uncirculated quality. Presented in an official pack, and great value-formoney given the

tiny mintage, our small allocation of this imposing BU $5 Crown is virtually exhausted.




L A TALL TAIL? Headlined by the oneyear-only Jiro and Taro 500 Yen – honouring Ye g the dogs that allegedly do survived from the 1st su Japanese expedition to Ja the Antarctic in 1957 th until the 3rd expedition un arrived in 1959 – the ar 7-coin 2007 Antarctic 7Research Mint Set is R sought after worldwide. so Also comprising Japan’s Jap an’s

traditional al ssix coinage denominations (1-500 Yen), each struck to unyielding BU quality, this official Japan Mint set is JAPAN 2007 housed ANTARCTIC in an RESEARCH impressive, MINT SET A$ official 3995 case. AM517

Cold, hard currency…from the Antarctic! An unusual, eminently affordable keepsake of Antarctica, we have just received a fresh batch of the highly sought after 2008 $2$20 Antarctica Polymer Note Collection! An official Antarctica Overseas Exchange

Office issue, the complete set comprises five notes – all in strictly Unc condition. Among the very few Antarctica notes crafted from polymer, each note forms a highly distinctive tribute to the rich history, unique environment

and great beauty of this fascinating polar wilderness. With the set honouring some of the nations that oversee the territory – New Zealand, Great Britain and Norway – this new release also reflects the joint, long-term

international effort in the Antarctic. Fantastic value at A$79.50 for the set – around A$16 per note – this collection also gives you the chance to contribute to research in Antarctica, with a portion of the

proceeds from the sale of each set supporting ongoing scientific and environmental studies.



ANTARCTICA 2008-09 $2-$20 NOTE SET UNC KC875

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

The 1910-63 Florin Series – COMPLETE!

Undeniably ably the most popular Australian predecimal denomination, it has become increasingly tough for collectors to assemble a complete florin set in recent times. Don’t worry about the difficulty of piece-by-piece accumulation – we have the COMPLETE Australian 1910-63 Silver Florin Collection in stock right now! Headlined by Australia’s first commemorative series – the 1927 Canberra, rare 1934/35 Centenary, 1951 Federation and 1954 Royal Visit florins

– this th his outstanding accumulation is utterly comprehensive. Set in a FREE Dansco Supreme Album valued at A$49, and in better-thanusually-seen Good to Uncirculated quality, the 55-coin 1910-63 Silver Florin Collection is also highlighted

by b some of Australia’s most sought after predecimal dates. Missing from a majority of collections, with most of the tiny mintage of 188,000 lost in the near 80 years since issue, the 1932 Florin is a vital acquisition –

regardless rdless of the grade. Key dates such as the firstyear-of-issue 1910, the 1914H, the 1915, 1915H and the 1919M are also included, along with the sought after 1921 striking, the rare

1933 19 3 florin (mintage just 488,000), and the scarce George VI 1939 issue (mintage only 630,000). With the dramatic recent surge in precious metal prices intensifying the scarcity of all florin dates – but especially those of the George V era – the rare opportunity to compile the 1910-63 Florin Series in one hit must not be ignored.




And every Shilling date from 1910 to 1963! Highli Highlighted by every date d te from the first, da struck for Edward s st r VII V I in 1910, to the last, lla a struck for Elizabeth II more E El l tthan th ha half a century llater, lat la ate this affordable compilation c co m represents a rep re comprehensive c o appreciation of a p tthe th h Australian silver shilling s il series. se seri A hig highly g sought after series, embodying a se er significant slice of sig


Australia’s 20th century history, this important collection includes coins viewed as among the most desirable issues of the 1910-64 predecimal series – across all denominations. The unique 1910 Edward VII 1/-, the rare low mintage 1933, the low mintage 1915 and 1915H, the 1921* date, the 1938 first Ram’s Head type, the low mintage 1940 date, the unique 1946

Perth Mint issue…all are hotly pursued in any grade and all are found in this impressive 49-coin set. With so many coins lost over the many decades since issued, including a vast number melted for the intrinsic value during the recent surge in silver prices, it is difficult to build an allencompassing selection of this crucial series

– especially in better grade, as here. Your big chance to create a collection in an instant, the 1910-63 Shilling Series is presented in Good to strictly Uncirculated condition. A fine presentation, each 49-coin collection is set within a Dansco Supreme Album – normally A$49 but yours with the compliments of Downies!



North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 16

The Complete 1953-65 Elizabeth II Stamp Collection… An utterly comprehensive c omprehensive appreciation a ppreciation of the ffinal inal years of Australia’s predecimal p redecimal stamp series, tthe he 1953-65 Elizabeth II Stamp Collection is vital to the committed philatelist. Moreover, representing a rich insight into Australia’s past, this seldom seen presentation will w wi ll appeal to every Australian A ustralian collector – regardless of your traditional tradit interest. int in terest.

With many of the ea early Elizabeth II stamps scarce, we rarely ha have the chance to offer this important aggregation, aggregati and, as is always the th case, it has taken m many months to assemble the twelve complete sets set we have in stock. A An allencompassing selection, selec each Elizabeth II collection co comprises an example exam of all 122 stamps issued is from 1953 to the end en of the predecimal era. e

Beautifully presented within two high-quality, highly informative albums, each set within a separate slipcase, every one of those 122 stamps has been selected for its immaculate Mint Unhinged quality. A compelling combination of invaluable history, flawless quality and impressive presentation, our small stock of the Complete 1953-65 Elizabeth II Stamp Collection is sure to be wiped out at speed – as usual. With another offering inevitably months away, do not miss this important opportunity.




! E V A S

Buy both sets and SAVE! A$1,450


The Complete 1937-53 George VI Stamp Collection… Transporting the collector back in time to the Australia of the WWII era, the Complete George VI 1937-53 Stamp Collection is historic, beautifully presented, comprehensive and scarce in Mint Unhinged quality – as presented here. Covering WWII and the post war recovery period, the George VI stamp series is a crucial element of Australia’s first national postal system. With the last George VI stamp issued nearly six decades ago, it’s no great shock that this scarce set is rarely available as a complete collection – especially in premium grade.

Following months of careful accumulation, however, we have been able to assemble eight of these highly desirable Australian stamp collections. An all-embracing anthology, each of those sets comprises an example of every Australian stamp issued from 1937 until the coronation of Elizabeth II – 91 stamps in all! An irresistible opportunity to own EVERY Australian George VI philatelic type in top grade, only those stamps in genuine MUH condition have been included in this highly professional presentation.

A fine acquisition for any collector, the Complete George VI 1937-53 Stamp Collection is set within two attractive, informative albums, each housed in a separate slipcase.




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 17

11938 938 C Crown rown aaU aUnc Unc

1937 19 937 C Crown r rown aU aUnc-Unc Unc Unc A$ ■ ■ ■




The 38.50mm 28.27g sterling silver 5/- was issued for coronation of George VI Australia’s largest issued coin and highest predecimal coin denomination Low-mintage type, with just over 1m struck, the 1937 5/- is in aUnc-Unc

■ ■ ■

1946 6d C Choice h i BU A$


■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■



■ ■ ■


Comprises low mintage 1991 10c (just 3.173m struck!) and 1992 & 1993 10c dates Flawless quality, the three successive 10c dates are offered in strictly BU condition Buy ten 3-coin sets and SAVE a whopping A$81! Please see the Order Form!



■ ■


■ ■ ■



Issued for the 1951 Federation ration Golden Jubilee and 1954 Royal Visit respectively Cherry-picked from original rolls, each Unc coin underpinned by lovely full mint bloom Very affordable considering the flawless quality

A$ ■ ■ ■



From the same startling hoard of Mint Rolls as the two 1946 coins at left Seldom offered in such outstanding condition, each florin is graded Choice BU Still remarkably affordable at under A$100 considering the pristine, lustrous quality

1991 199 91 & 199 1992 92 220c 0c Pai Pair ir B BU U




Not issued for circulation, the 1990 $1 is one of the key dates in the $1 series Found only in RAM sets, with the Unc $1 having a mintage of just 103,766 Missing from most $1 collections – add it to yours in impeccable Unc condition

A$ 95


11946 946 22/-/- Ch C Choice hoicee B BU U

■ ■ ■

1998 & 19999 20 20c P Pair i BU

1991-93 10c Trio BU A$

11990 990 $11 Uncc ■

Key early decimal dates, this pair was seldom set aside at the time of issue Scarce in top grade, with 1972 (tiny mintage just 5.5m) a key date in the 50c series Irresistible opportunity to secure these crucial dates in strictly Uncirculated quality


Notable for the stunning Choice BU quality – cherry-picked from original Mint Roll Superb examples of the famous Rams Head 1/- type – sharply struck, with a powerful original lustre Seldom seen so nice – just a few Choice BU examples of the first post-WWII 1/- in stock

19711 & 11972 972 50c 50c Pair Paiir U Unc nc




Second, and rarest, of only two Silver Crown dates – in virtually perfect condition! Notorious for the tiny mintage, with only 101,600 of the 1938 Crown struck Measuring 38.50mm and weighing 28.27g, this key date is very scarce in aUnc




1946 19 946 11/-/ Ch C Choice hoicee B BU U


The first post-WWII sixpence date – rarely set aside at the time of issue The pick of an original Mint Roll – presented in absolutely exquisite Choice BU Absent from most collections in this impeccable state of preservation

1951 19 9511 & 11954 954 Florin Pair Unc F


Key dates in the 20c series – not issued for circulation and found only in RAM sets 1991 20c has a mintage of 147,900, with only 118,528 1992 20c coins struck! Taken directly from RAM Mint Sets and in sparkling Brilliant Uncirculated quality

2001 $$2 BU


Unites the last Maklouf portrait 20c date with the first Rank-Broadley 20c date Taken from original RAM bags and therefore in pristine BU condition A genuine bargain, this historic pair represents fantastic value at under A$10

A$ ■ ■ ■



The only $2 date not issued for circulation – found only in official RAM sets Mintage just 147,900 – in stark contrast to $2 annual average mintage of 29m! Taken directly from the 2001 Mint Set and therefore in superb BU quality

North America Toll free 1877 897 7696 18

The coins of Constantine the Great! A gifted military commander, clever propagandist and unscrupulous politician, Constantine the Great (307-337AD) was undoubtedly one of the most important, most famous rulers in the near 500-year history of the Roman Empire. Ruling for three decades, Constantine’s reign marked a major turning point in the course of Roman and, indeed, world history. Bringing stability to the Empire, with a return to sole rule following the division of the Empire between east and west, Constantine also installed Christianity as the official religion, and established

a new capital – Constantinople. Constantine’s currency reforms were no less dramatic, with a range of new denominations and types issued during his 30-year rule – as illustrated by the Follis types offered here. Discovered as part of a major Eastern European hoard find, as with all the coins on this page, we have three different Constantine the Great bronze Follis types available. Depicting two soldiers with spears and a standard, the Gloria Exercitvs Follis type is in Fine to Very Fine, with the VOT/XX Follis and the Providentiae AVGG Follis in strong Very Fine condition.

Given the irresistible combination of fascinating history and remarkable affordability, these 1,700-year-old coins are simply a must have for every collector – regardless of your traditional interest. Astonishingly good value – especially if you choose to buy the trio at A$20 off! – this is a wonderful opportunity to hold genuine Ancient history in your hands.


Constantine the Great and his successor as ruler in the east of the once again divided Empire – this bronze Centenionalis was struck c354-361AD. Depicting a soldier spearing a fallen horseman, this coin



39 39

SAVE A$ 20!



A ROMAN COIN FOR JUST No, it’s not a misprint – merely a potent illustration that genuine Ancient coins from one of the world’s greatest ever empires are within the reach of all collectors! Issued for Constantius II (337-361AD) – the son of






features the legend ‘Fel Temp Reparatio’’ (happy days are here again’) – an optimistic expression as the Roman Empire sank into turmoil in the wake of the death off Constantine the Great. at.



Valentinian & Valens – Brothers in Arms VALENTINIAN I 364-375AD CENTENIONALIS GLORY OF ROME VF A$






Th first Roman The Emperors after Em tthe demise of the th Constantine Dynasty, C o Valentinian I and his V a brother Valens returned b r to the system of ‘divided rule’, with the former ru taking the east and the ta llatter the west. The brothers’ rule was to last just over a decade, as the empire began to crumble under the weight of incursions from we Germanic tribes and the G Ge Persians. P e Before their deaths – Be Valentinian died of a stroke Va after becoming enraged aft with a deputation wi from one of the fro

barbaric tribes, whilst Valens was slain in VALENS battle by the Goths – 364-378AD the Eastern & Western CENTENIONALIS Emperors issued an array GLORY OF ROME VF of coin types. We have A$ 3995 four varieties available, AS933 including Glory of Rome and Victory Republic bronze Centenionalis types of Valentinian, and Glory of Rome and Security of the Republic bronze Centenionalis types of Valens. In strong Very Fine condition, and fantastic VALENS 364-378AD value-for-money for CENTENIONALIS SECURITY OF THE 1,600-year-old Ancient REPUBLIC VF Roman coins at just A$ 3995 A$39.95 apiece! AS934

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19

SILVER BULLION BONANZA! One of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins, targeted by collectors and precious metal pr investors alike, we are inv delighted to present de Mexico’s 2011 1oz M Silver Libertad! Sil For collectors, the sheer Fo beauty of the designs is be key ke to demand for this important silver issue. im Struck to BU quality St from 1oz .999 fine silver, fro the crown-sized 40mm

flan captures one of Mexico’s most important landmarks – the Angel of Independence. Tapping into Mexico’s rich numismatic history, the obverse carries versions of the wide variety of eagle motifs used on Mexico’s coinage since independence in 1810. As with so many silver issues, the Governmentbacked Libertad has been swamped by those seeking to add

silver bullion to their portfolios, but, whether investor or collector, we recommend a prompt order. The astonishing recent surge in demand for silver bullion has made sourcing the Mexican Libertad very difficult, and our stock is limited. MEXICO 2011 LIBERTAD 1oz SILVER BU A$



New from Peru!




Do you have any South American S So coins in your co collection? If co you yo do, they are unlikely to be un the th coins found in in this thi sensational new legal tender le series from Peru! The equivalent to the USA State Quarters Series, Peru recently unveiled a new 26-coin

program celebrating the nation’s proud heritage. Entitled the Wealth & Pride of Peru 1 Nuevo Sol Series, each issue comprises two coins, with each coin honouring a Peruvian state and its cultural treasures and sites. A fascinating exploration of Peru, this new program is also notable for

the outstanding value, with each pair just A$8.95! Featuring the Estela & Chullpas coins, and Macchu Picchu & Santa Catalina coins, the 2nd and 3rd pairs are in stock – with the first two coins of the series on the Order Form.




The first p pair of the series and complete 6-coin set are available on the O Order d F Form!!




Notable Notes




Affordable interesting Affordable, and official, this fine selection of South American legal tender banknotes is a musthave for the world collector. Headlined

by Peru’s new 10 & 20 Nuevo Sol notes – never before offered by Downies – the set also includes Mexico’s 20 Pesos & Bicentenary 200 Pesos, plus

Chile’s 2,000 Peso and Guatemala’s 1 Quetzal polymer note. In strictly Unc and excellent value-for-money at just over A$12 per note.

TOUR THE A AMERICAS! MERICAS S! A splendid opportunity to travel round the Americas without leaving the comfort of your own home, this collection comprises six sets from six different countries! Featuring coins in EF-Unc, this selection includes the Haiti 5-coin set, El Salvador 5-coin set, Guatemala 6-coin set,

Nicaragua 6-coin set, Venezuela 5-coin set and Paraguay 5-coin set, with each housed in a pack. Top value at an average price of around A$8 per set! THE AMERICAS COIN SET COLLECTION A$



North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 20

Sold out at the Perth Mint! F Forming yet another stunning success s ffor the precious metal specialists, the m Perth Mint’s 2011 P $1 Ginger Meggs $ 90th Anniversary 1oz 9 Silver Proof was, as S predicted, sold out p in short order.

The tiny mintage of 3,000 coins was wiped out within a matter of weeks! Using the power and precision of modern minting techniques to create an eye-catching tribute to one of the nation’s nation s true cultural icons, this bright, icons colourful coin pays co homage to the ho longest running lo comic strip in co Australian history – Au Ginger Meggs. G




Each Each 40.60mm 1oz .999 Silver Proof is housed in a timber case with Silver a replica Ginger Meggs design set into the lid, c complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 3,000 – sold outt in a flash

The COMPLETE 2011 $1 Air Series!

HAVE T--H MUST ! 50c TYPE , fire brigade

police Only the second and ambulance full-colour united with the Uncirculated 50c Emergency Call the by d ever issue Service Triple Zero RAM, this landmark logo, this unique Australian legal 50c type is a musttender release have for serious forms a sensational decimal enthusiasts. tribute to the 50th Not issued for anniversary of circulation, and the Triple Zero never to be found ll Ca Emergency in change, this Service. one-year-only type An eye-catching is utterly crucial to example of fullanyone seeking to colour minting, preserve a complete with the instantly collection! recognisable colours 2011 50c of the


First appearing in print in 1921, the adventures of this cheeky, flamehaired larrikin have been followed by generations of Australians over the decades, with Ginger still appearing in 120 newspapers across more than 30 countries today. Given the sheer size of Ginger’s legion of fans worldwide, combined with the unique qualities of this vibrant precious metal Proof, a rapid-fire sell-out of the ludicrously small mintage of 3,000 coins was inevitable – and so it proved. With only a few coins remaining in stock, we highly recommend an early order.

Distinguished D ist by fullby glorious gl colour designs, the R Royal Roy Australian Aust Mint’s Min 2011 $1 2 20 Air Ai Series forms a fo fo unique, un affordable aff celebration cele of Australia’s of Au wildlife wildlife – and forms a crucial f acquisition acqu for traditional ta tr decimal de collectors! co

Honouring the Kookaburra, Rosella, Sacred Kingfisher, Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Birdwing Butterfly and Flying Fox, the set comprises six 25mm al-br $1 coins. Set in individual RAM packs – ready to wrap as a fantastic gift for those new to numismatics – these ‘not-to-be-issued-forcirculation’ Australian legal tender coins are also a must-have for anyone aiming

E Each $1 coin is presented in e an official, richly informative RAM packk



to maintain a complete collection. Sensational value at an Official Issue Price of a mere A$89.70, act now and assemble the RAM’s COMPLETE 2011 $1 Air Series Set in one hit!



COMPLETE 2011 $1 AIR SERIES SET Official Issue Price KC866

Australia Tol Toll 1300 l l free 13 3 0 788 358 21

NIOBIUM KNOCKOUT! SOLD OUT WITHIN DAYS! Earlier this year, Luxembourg issued the latest in its sellout Silver & Niobium Bimetal coin series. Within days, the mintage of 3,000 was completely sold out. Now, following an intense search of the European market, with this coin incredibly difficult to source, we have managed to track down TEN examples of this instant rarity on behalf of our clients! Struck by the masters of Silver/Niobium bimetal coin production, the Austrian Mint, this spectacular legal tender issue pays homage to Luxembourg’s famous

Mersch Castle – originally constructed in the 12th century. A dramatic fusion of numismatic artistry and technological innovation, the portrayal of this historic landmark looks simply stunning forged ged from a loop oop of sterling rling silver, ver,

united with a brightly coloured core of pure niobium. Weighing 16.6g, and measuring 34mm in diameter, each immaculate Brilliant Uncirculated coin is presented in an official pack.

With the astonishingly quick sell-out of the mintage of 3,000 illustrative of the rising passion of the global collector community for new numismatic horizons, there is no doubt that our stock of ten 2011 5€ Castle of Mersch Silver Niobium BU coins will be gone in an instant. Don’t delay your order!




Canada’s first Niobium coin! A great leap forward by the innovators at the Royal Canadian Mint, we are delighted to present Canada’s first coin uniting sterling silver with the rare metal niobium! Sure to be hotly pursued by the

growing numbers entranced by this new bimetallic combination, this 28mm 8.5g $5 coin celebrates the Summer Moon – also known in Canada as the ‘Full Buck Moon’. A genuinely unique addition to any collection, with the oxidisation selective ox of the ni niobium core m meaning that no two coins are coi

exactly the same, each Proof is set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of just 7,500 – sold out at super speed.




TELEP TELEPHONE TELE PHONE E Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm TOLL FREE

An apt subject for one of the world’s most technologically advanced programs, the latest in Austria’s Silver Niobium Series forms a dramatic tribute to robotics. ro Arguably the Ar finest, most eyefin catching coin in ca this highly sought th after af series, the

oxidised niobium core reveals a breathtaking array of colours – bronze, blue, pink, purple and copper! And, with the final nature of the shimmering surface of the coin determined by the particular flow of the metal during striking, every coin is unique! Uniting a 7.15g

99.8% niobium heart with a 9g 90% silver ring, each 34mm 25€ legal tender coin is set in an official case with a Certificate attesting to the mintage of 65,000.





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s e r u s a e r T e h T of Australia… AGO! UNEARTHED IN CHIC

And in pure .9999 gold…

A sensational opportunity for a handful of our clients, to we are in a position once again offer the hotly pursued 2011 $1 a Treasures of Australi – of Pro r ve Sil z 1o Pearl A! sourced from the US Sold out at the Perth d Mint at top speed, an vanishing from the market, we were as surprised as we were delighted to stumble across a small holding of the 2011 $1 Pearl 1oz Silver Proof at the ANA Show in Chicago in August. Naturally, we snapped up the lot, giving us a rare, unexpected opportunity to offer the final instalment of one of Australia’s t most successful recen collector series – and what a coin it is!

A superb tribute to Australia’s wealth of natural riches, each coin includes a genuine Australian keshi pearl, set in a locket, surrounded by a Mother of Pearl inlay. Struck to Proof quality, each 40.60mm 1oz .999 silver coin is also graced with an abstract interpretation of Australia’s marine environment. Given the unique qualities of the coin, and the huge audience waiting to pounce on this release (the 2007 Sapphires, 2008 Opals, 2009 Diamonds and 2010 Gold Nuggets coins all lsold out) the rapid sel – ck sho no s out wa unlike our discovery of this stunning coin in the USA! With only a small number of coins

secured from the Chicago ANA Show – each set in a Mint case with a numbered Certificate – the need for immediate action is obvious.




A prestigious acquisition for any collector, we still have a few examples of the final coin in the 2007 11 $100 Treasures of Australia Gold Proof Series in stock! One of few coin types to feature moving parts, this 36.10mm Australian legal tende r issue combines a massive ONE TROY OUNCE of .9999 gold with one of Australia’s most desirable gems. Highlighted by a

genuine keshi pearl an d a Mother of Pearl inla y set within a clear locket , each of these innovati ve $100 1oz Gold Proofs is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 1,000.



2011 $100 TREASURE S OF AUSTRALIA PEARL 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AS120

The Treasures of King Tut! Un Underpinned by pu pure gold-plating, ffull-colour fu l and u un unparalleled pr presentation, this sp sparkling legal tender se honours the set le leg legendary Treasures o off Tutankhamun. An eye-catching tribute to o one of the greatest ever ev ve archaeological finds, the set comprises fin five 38.70mm coins. fiv Precisely finished in Pr pure pu gold, and handenamelled in the en distinctive blue hues di of Lapis Lazuli, each

cupro-nickel Proof coin portrays one of the treasures found in Tutankhamun’s Tomb in 1922 – the Death Mask, Statue of Ptah, Statue of Horus, Scarab Beetle Necklace and the Udjat Eye. We have just a few 5-coin sets left in stock – each housed in a 130mm x 380mm x 185mm case based on Tutankhamun’s sarcophagus, and complete with a Certificate of

Authenticity AND a 190mm statuette of Anubis, the God of the Dead!




Australia ra Toll free 1300 788 358 23

Struck from ONE OUNCE of pure .9999 gold! MINTAGE JUST



anian In 1936, the last Tasm o. Now, Zo rt ba Ho Tiger died at last of the er, lat ars ye 75 some Tiger ian an sm Ta the 2011 $100 of will Pro ld Go z 1o lar cu Lenti Among soon be gone as well. to be ins co ld go t es fin the guished by issued in 2011, distin l-colour a stunning 8-frame ful design, lar cu nti Le e Moving Imag of just ge nta mi um xim ma the hold of es thr the on 75 is already than s les a complete sell out – h! nc lau er aft two weeks

Specifications S ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Metal: .9999 Gold Denomination: $100 Quality: Proof Diameter: 40mm Mass: 1 ounce

finest Indisputably one of the ins co r de ten al full-colour leg the d, ere off r eve ve ha we is no overwhelming interest from ONE k uc Str all. at se pri sur fine gold, TROY OUNCE of .9999 res ptu this prestigious coin ca nce of the the distinctive appeara stunning h wit er Tig n nia ma Tas Produced Lenticular technology. t known using footage of the las captivity, in die to er Tasmanian Tig ay Fle vid taken by naturalist Da s thi , 33 19 in o Zo rt at the Hoba

Offered on a subscription basis, delivery of this prestigious 1oz .9999 fine Gold Proof will take place in early November


dynamic design is the ular foundation of a spectac e on to ute trib r de ten legal tive na e tru of Australia’s icons. With this imposing 1oz 38.60mm .9999 gold anding mm co o als in $100 co se the attention of tho e enchanted by the uniqu e beauty, rarity and prestig rite ou fav ’s rld of the wo ll precious metal – as we ins co g kin see as those limited defined by extremely rd to ha t no it’s – ility availab eedy understand why the sp um xim ma the of sell-out ge of ‘strike-to-order’ minta . nd ha at se clo 75 is so ht rig y pa u Whether yo e now or take advantag by lay nt nie of our conve miss service, you must not to y nit rtu po this final op le be one of only 75 peop joy en to be glo across the ive this exceptional, exclus c ati sm mi work of nu craftsmanship. nticular ■ A stunning Le ian tribute to the Tasman er Tig less Proof ■ Struck to flaw quality from 1oz .9999 g ld fine go r’ mintage ■ ‘Strike-to-orde 75 coins – sell-out just 7 close at hand! al ■ An official leg tender issue, with a face value of $100 ■ Measuring 38.60mm, the 1oz gold flan features edge-numbering r ■ Set in a timbe a h wit case numbered Certificate of Authenticity



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