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September 2011

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The new 2012 Silver Kookaburras! NOW AVAILABLE AT DOWNIES!

An eagerly anticipated release, with the extraordinary surge in global demand for silver bullion showing no signs of abating, we are delighted to pre sent the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Silver Kookaburra Specimen Series! Underpinned by flawless quality, impeccable purity and a stunning new reverse design, the latest issue in Australia’s biggest selling bullion program provides an option for everyone. Official

Australian legal tender, the new 2012 Silver Kookaburra Series comprises the 40.60mm $1 1oz, 75.60mm $10 10oz and gigantic 100.60mm $30 Kilo – all struck to Specimen quality from .999 fine silver. Bearing a sharply detailed, one-year-only reverse design depicting the King of the




Australian Bush sitting in a eucalypt, there is no doubt that this new release will catch the eye of collectors across the globe. Moreover, this scintillating series is sure to command the attention of the everincreasing number of people seeking to make a decisive




move into precious metal investment. Global demand for all silver coins is soaring, and the Perth Mint’s Government-backed Kookaburra coins – considered one of the world’s most trusted precious metal investment alternatives – have naturally been targeted. Indeed, the



*All prices subject to daily bullion price fluctuations and will be charged on the date of receipt of order.

300,000-coin mintage of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 1oz Kookaburras completely sold out, with the increased 2011 mintage of 500,000 also devastated within months! Considering the market’s insatiable appetite for silver, and given the quality and beauty of this new series, there is no doubt that the Perth Mint’s 2012 Silver Kookaburra coins will prove to be just as sought after as their immediate predecessors.

Not applicable for lay-by.

DOWNIES BULLION BONANZA! The one-stop-shop for all your silver and gold needs, Downies retail outlets in Melbourne and Sydney are packed to the rafters with the tremendous variety of new 2012 bullion coins from the Perth Mint. Kookaburras, Dragons, Koalas, Kangaroos – no matter what you are after, you will find it at Block Arcade Coins in Melbourne and Town Hall Coins in Sydney. Our retail

stores are constantly apprised of the latest bullion prices, so all coins are sold at the current rate and, with all coins right there in the shop, there’s no time spent waiting for the post to arrive! For more information on the Perth Mint’s thrilling new range of 2012 bullion coins, go to, and for the new 2012 Lunar coins, check out!

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The George VI and Elizabeth II

With the designs revised at the start of his reign, the George VI penny and shilling carry the famous Bounding Roo and Ram’s Head motifs respectively

A fine setting for this historic set, the three George VI issues are housed behind archival bubble within a large, informative full-colour pack

Designed by Thomas Humphrey Paget, each coin bears the portrait of King George VI on the obverse

The perfect pathway to our predecimal past! A value-for-money reminder of the nation’s currency heritage, forming a tremendously affordable way to establish a link with the Australians of generations past, we are delighted to present the new-look George VI and Elizabeth II Pounds, Shillings & Pence Packs!

Our first national currency system… Issued under four signature combinations (our choice), the George VI £1 note was issued from 1938 until 1952




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Important, attractive and very affordable, the 1938-52 George VI and 1953-65 Elizabeth II Pounds, Shillings & Pence Packs provide an excellent overview of Australia’s first national currency system. Before 1966, Australia’s currency was based on the traditional

British system – a system with origins in Ancient Roman times. Commonly known as ‘LSD’, with the abbreviation based on the Latin words librae, solidi and denarii, Australia’s denominations were Pounds (L), Shillings (S) and Pence (D). Nicknamed a ‘quid’, a ‘bob’ and a ‘copper’, Australia’s £1 note, shilling and penny are all represented in these historic presentations!

A watershed in Australian currency history… Taking you back to the troubled times of the WWII era, the 1938-52 George VI Pounds, Shillings & Pence Pack also embodies a major turning point in Australian numismatic history. Australia’s banknotes now carried the new monarch’s portrait, whilst a revision of the coinage in 1937 meant that, for the first time, each denomination carried a different design. Incorporating some of Australia’s most memorable currency issues, this pack unites the famous George VI £1 note, the 1938-52 Ram’s Head

Pounds, Shillings & Pence Packs!

The last of their kind, the Elizabeth II shilling and penny were the final types of their respective denominations

Shilling and the 1938-52 Bounding Kangaroo Penny in average circulated quality – dates of our choice.

The last Australian predecimal types… The final types of their respective denominations, drawing the curtain down on the predecimal era, the 1953-65 £1 banknote, 1953-63 Shilling and 1953-64 Penny are crucial to Australian coin collectors. Included in Very Fine to Extremely Fine, dates of our choice, the copper penny features the Bounding Kangaroo reverse, with the Elizabeth II silver shilling being the last type of the shilling series to carry the Ram’s Head design. Australia’s last £1 note, bearing the signatures of Coombs/Wilson and the youthful portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, is included in Fine condition.

Beautifully presented… No matter whether you choose the George VI Pack or Elizabeth II Pack, you will undoubtedly be impressed with the new look of the presentation.

In each case, the £1 note, silver shilling and copper penny are secured within see-both-sides, archival quality bubble, and then housed in a beautifully illustrated, highly informative full-colour presentation portfolio. Comprising details on the currency of the era, the portfolio creates a fantastic setting for your collection.

Protecting the quality for the long-term, the £1 note, silver shilling and copper penny are set within archival bubble in a colourful, informative pack

Outstanding collector value! The impeccable presentation serves as further confirmation of the excellent collector value of the 1938-52 and 1953-65 Pounds, Shillings & Pence Packs. Very affordable individually at A$99.95 and A$79.95 respectively, buy BOTH the George VI set and Elizabeth II set and SAVE A$10!


A landmark Australian currency issue, the Coombs/Wilson £1 note issued during the reign of Elizabeth II was the very last of the predecimal era The first obverse design of the Queen’s long reign, the youthful portrait of Elizabeth II was created by Mary Gillick



SAVE A$10!




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Must-have Australian legal tender types! TINY MINTAGE JUST 4,000 SETS! Featuring a fantastic selection of Australian legal tender types, and extremely exclusive with only 4,000 sets issued, the Perth Mint’s 2011 $1 Young Collectors Mythical Creatures BU Collection is a must-have for traditional collectors. Also the perfect way to pass on your love of numismatics to the younger generation, this mesmerising exploration of mythology is perfect for every purpose and priced for every pocket! Underpinned by great variety, superb presentation and top value, this strictly limited edition will take you on a magical journey to the mythical world. Housed in a brilliantly designed album, this fascinating set comprises nine Australian legal tender coins celebrating a range of mythological creatures – dragons, ogres,

unicorns and more! Created specifically to catch the eye of younger collectors, the set also features an array of bonus items, including an informative Certificate of Authenticity, a fabulous double-sided poster, full-colour stickers and a miniature magnifying glass! Whilst a great opportunity to secure a birthday or Christmas gift that will amaze, delight and enlighten, this innovative series is also a key acquisition for decimal collectors. With nine brilliantly designed, expertly struck Australian legal tender 30.60mm $1 coins included, this striking presentation is a crucial addition to any established Australian coin collection. At the Mint’s affordable

Official Issue Price, it’s within the reach of all! At just A$11 per coin, and considering the amazing range of ‘extras’ and the astonishingly 2011 $1 YOUNG COLLECTORS small mintage of just MYTHICAL 4,000 sets, the 2011 CREATURES 9-COIN $1 Young Collectors BU COLLECTION Mythical Creatures BU Official Issue Price Collection represents AS825 unbelievably good value- Limit two per household for-money.



MYTH? OR MISSING LINK? Celebrating Canada’s most famous mythical creature, this legal tender 25c honours the Sasquatch – the 10-foot tall, 200+ kilo, ape-man which, according to centuries of folkloric tradition, inhabits the wild

mountain forests of the Yukon. A tremendously affordable opportunity for all collectors to enjoy the glories of fullcolour minting, the near crownsized 35mm flan of this unique coin carries an unusual, innovative design,

with the Sasquatch peering up at the viewer. The perfect gift for younger collectors, each coin is set in an official informative Royal Canadian Mint folder, complete with a map showing where the Sasquatch was last seen!





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Celebrating the 2011 50c Bilby Silver Bilby, the new Bush Proof – sold out at Babies PNC is sure the Mint in weeks. to mirror the succes s A genuine bonus for of its hotly pursued those who missed ou t predecessors – in on that sought after large part due to the coin, demand for this Perth Mint’s Bilby $1 ! PNC will be massive Set in a full-colour – as evidenced by card, housed in an the huge interest in 2011 $1 BUSH BABIES BILBY PNC illustrated envelope the Koala and Dingo Official Issue Price carrying an Australia n Bush Babies PNCs. A$ 60c stamp, the 1595 Act now – with our 30.60mm 2011 $1 AS853 allocation strictly Limit two per household Bush Babies Bilby limited, a limit of two Al-Br BU carries the per household must same design as the w w w . d o w n i e s .ap cply o .m


The Star of the Silver Sea Life Series! A glittering illustration of the Perth Mint’s precious metal prowess, the second coin of the Sea Life II Silver Proof program has just been unveiled – and it will undoubtedly be the Star of the Series! Honouring the Starfish – a distinctively shaped sea creature found in the tropical-temperate regions

around Australia – this unique Australian legal tender coin instantly catches the eye. Perfectly accommodated by the imposing frame of this near crown-sized 36.60mm .999 Silver Proof, this bright, vibrant reef inhabitant looks sensational rendered in glorious fullcolour. Forming a vivid contrast, the powerful red hues of the Starfish stand out brilliantly from the dazzling Silver Proof surface of the coin.

A stand-alone release that is sure to enchant any full-colour coin collector, and simply a must-have for the thousands of people eagerly attempting to assemble the complete Sea Life II Silver Proof Series, the 2011 50c Starfish

1/2oz Silver Proof is as beautifully presented – and as exclusive! – as it’s sought after forerunners. Housed in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the worldwide mintage of just 10,000, each Starfish Silver Proof is set in an illustrated outer box

which, when united with the other four coins in the series, forms a spectacular underwater scene! A fantastic opportunity to build a complete collection in a matter of months, the 2011 50c Hawksbill Turtle Silver Proof, offered below, and the new 2011 50c Starfish Silver Proof are both available at the Mint’s extremely affordable Official Issue Price.



2011 50c STARFISH 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS826


A spectacular marin e creature, the Australi an White Spotted Jellyf ish is the perfect subject for a full-colour coin – as illustrated by thi s sparkling legal tende r $2 Proof.


Carrying a brilliant full-colour appreciation of this highly distinctive species upon the 35mm flan, this unique legal tender issue is struck to Proof quality from 1/2oz sterling silver. An extremely exclusive release, with the minta ge of just 1,000 devastat ed by demand, we have just a few examples of the 2010 $2 Australian White Spotted Jellyfish Silver Proof left in stock – each complet e with a Certificate of Authenticity.

With the Perth Mint’s Sea Life I Series proving to be such a massive success, it’s no shock that demand for the first Sea Life II release has been exceedingly strong. e In large part, that is du to the inherent quality of this exclusive Australian legal tender coin. Struck to Proof quality from 1/2oz of pure .999 silver, and superbly enhanced with fullcolour, this near


crown-sized 36.60mm precious metal Proof forms a vibrant, striking tribute to the endangered Hawksbill Turtle. With the mintage 0, restricted to just 10,00 in co I e Lif a Se and each soaring in value, don’t miss the chance to secure your coin at the l Mint’s affordable Officia Issue Price! 2011 50c HAWKSBILL TURTLEF 1/2oz SILVER PROO Official Issue Price A$





AR420 5

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First Commemorative, First Prefix!

A highly sought after type under any circumstances, as Australia’s very first commemorative $5 note, the 2001 Federation $5 is an essential acquisition for the serious banknote collector when found bearing the AA01 First Prefix 2001 $5 FEDERATION 2001 $5 FEDERATION 2001 $5 FEDERATION AA01 FIRST PREFIX – as here. AA01 FIRST PREFIX AA01 FIRST PREFIX CONSEC RUN OF A one-year-only UNC CONSEC PAIR UNC FIVE UNC type, the 2001 A$ A$ A$ 3750 75 18750 Macfarlane/Evans AF478 AS210 AS211 Federation $5 was

issued to mark the centenary of Australian nationhood, and is rightly considered to be a crucial element of every Australian collection. As with all commemoratives, this note was hoarded out of circulation at speed, and, more than 10 years after issue, it is never found in change in top grade. Indeed, even the standard prefix issues of the 2011 Federation

$5 are tough-to-find today, with the AA01 First Prefix issues unquestionably scarce in Unc quality. Following our acquisition of a complete RBA bundle of the 2001 Federation $5 AA01 First Prefix, however, we not only have the chance to offer this key type in strictly Unc – we can offer it in Consecutive Pairs and Consecutive Runs of Five as well!

A RARE, DISTINCTIVE PAIR… Very rare in this format, we have available just a few examples of this very special 2007 $5 Stevens/Henry Consecutive Pair – comprising a note carrying a ‘400000’ serial number united with its ‘399999’ serial numbered successor! Sought after individually, such semi Solid Serial Number Notes are hot property when found as a Consec Pair –

in large part due to the extreme rarity. A 00000/99999 pair appears once in every 100,000 notes printed, with this rarity exacerbated by the number of notes issued for use and well circulated. Beyond this, the printing process

is key to the rarity of this Consecutive Pair configuration. As banknotes are printed from the highest number down, notes with serial numbers ending in 00000/99999 are printed at the beginning of a print-run – the time when the highest rate of

spoilage is experienced. With a high percentage of notes rejected, 00000/99999 pairs are the most likely to be damaged and not issued, thus increasing the rarity of the combination. A fantastic opportunity, the few 2007 $5

Stevens/Henry 400000/399999 pairs in stock are from original bundles and in strictly Unc.



2007 $5 STEVENS/HENRY 400000/399999 CONSEC PAIR UNC AS855

Solid and Consecutive! Bearing solid, consecutive serial numbers 222222 and 333333 – as well as matching prefixes! – this desirable $5 polymer pair is highly distinctive and extremely rare. Released during the first year of issue of




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the Stevens/Henry signature combination, these unusual notes are, like all Solid Serial notes, very scarce individually. With only one Solid Serial note in every 100,000 notes printed, numerical logic dictates that it is unlikely in the extreme that you will find one in your change – especially in Uncirculated quality as presented here. And if finding one Unc Solid Serial Number note in circulation

is improbable, what chance would you have of finding TWO consecutively numbered Solid Serial notes!? And with matching prefixes?! It’s just not going to happen. Featuring matching prefixes, we have a small number of these 222222/333333 Solid Serial Number note pairs in stock – all sourced from original RBA bundles, and therefore in pristine Uncirculated quality.

1997 $5 Prefix Collection in Unc! 1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans BA97 First Annual Prefix

1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans EA97 (last prefix before Test Notes)

IMPOSSIBLE TO ASSEMBLE FROM CHANGE… Rare in the upper echelons of quality, we are privileged to have the opportunity to present the 1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans Prefix Collection – highlighted by First Prefix, Last Prefix and THREE Test Note prefix issues! A most unusual occurrence, the production of the $5 note in 1997 was interrupted by the Reserve Bank’s $5 Test Note print-run, where 300,000 notes were printed specifically to test new inks. The issue of these $5 Test notes, which carried serial prefixes outside the published prefix range for the 1997

$5 note, created an unprecedented sequence of $5 notes for this particular year – a sequence reflected in this unique, desirable, Uncirculated quality $5 collection. Taken from original RBA bundles and therefore presented in the finest possible condition, this virtually complete compilation includes seven 1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans notes. Highlighted by the BA97 First Annual Prefix, the series also comprises the EA97 (last prefix before Test Notes), three $5 Test Notes bearing prefix letters A, B & C respectively, the EB97 (first prefix after Test notes) and the HB97

Last Annual Prefix note. As with all First and Last Prefix issues, and Test Notes, this unique 1997 series is underpinned by significant longterm potential – largely due to the virtual impossibility of finding these notes in change. Indeed, the 1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans HB97 Last Annual Prefix is already worth A$650+ in Unc! Never before offered by Downies, this is a wonderful opportunity for our clients to secure an intriguing, unusual and highly collectable note series in flawless Uncirculated quality.

1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans Test Note A Prefix

1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans Test Note B Prefix

1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans Test Note C Prefix



1997 $5 MACFARLANE/ EVANS PREFIX COLLECTION UNC (7 notes) AS854 1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans HB97 Last Annual Prefix

1997 $5 Macfarlane/Evans EB97 (first prefix after Test Notes)

$5 Test Notes – by the bundle! Very scarce individually and rising rapidly in catalogue price, we are delighted to be able to give our clients the chance to secure the sought after ‘A Prefix’ issue of the 1997 Macfarlane/ Evans $5 Test Note – in exceedingly rare original bundles of 100!

Some time after the notes were printed, the RBA confirmed the existence of a very limited $5 ‘Test Note’ print-run. Only 300,000 $5 Test Notes were issued, and of that number, less than 100,000 carried the A Prefix. Given the quantity lost, destroyed or simply well circulated, it stands to reason that the number of A Prefix notes

remaining in premium grade today is very low. An original bundle of these intriguing, hotly pursued notes, as offered here, is undeniably rare. A sensational opportunity for the serious banknote collector to secure the tough-to-find $5 Test type in ‘as issued’ form, we have just a few original RBA bundles in stock – 7

each comprising 100 pristine Uncirculated notes.




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The 1966 to 1993 $20 Note Se 1966 $20 Coombs/ Wilson Unc

1976 $20 Knight/Wheeler Side Unc

1968 $20 Phillips/Randall Unc

1979 $20 Knight/Stone Gothic Unc

1972 $20 Phillips/ Wheeler C of A Unc

1979 $20 Knight/Stone OCR-B Unc

1974 $20 Phillips/ Wheeler Aust Unc

1983 $20 Johnston/ Stone Unc

1976 $20 Knight/Wheeler Centre Unc

1985 $20 Johnston/ Fraser OCR-B Unc

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eries – in superb Unc quality! A sensational, and increasingly rare, opportunity, we are delighted to give our clients the chance to secure an example of virtually every Australian $20 paper type – as either a set of single notes or a very rare collection of Consecutive Pairs! Seldom seen on the market, this set encompasses fifteen

of the sixteen $20 note types issued from 1966 until the paper note was supplanted by polymer in 1994. With only the excessively rare Coombs/Randall $20, offered below, absent, the 15-note set includes some of Australia’s most sought after types – not just across the $20 denomination, but across the whole decimal field!

Notes such as the Phillips/Wheeler Australia banner $20 (valued at A$450), the Knight/ Wheeler $20 Side Thread (valued at A$465) and Johnston/Fraser Gothic $20 (valued at A$700) – amongst others – are all hotly pursued in their own right. Along with a host of highly desirable, scarce types, including the first $20 (Coombs/Wilson) and last paper $20 (Fraser/

Evans), these key notes are all found in this splendid presentation – all in absolutely faultless condition. Selecting only those notes we considered to be in a perfect state of preservation, these prestigious sets are defined by strictly Uncirculated quality. Becoming scarcer by the day in this pristine condition, and particularly

tough-to-find as a set of Consec Pairs, either of these sweeping selections is a musthave for the passionate collector – especially given the super saving! Currently valued at A$4,220, this prestigious 15-note set is now available at a whopping A$1,270 off catalogue price!

1985 $20 Johnston/ Fraser Gothic Unc

1991 $20 Fraser/Cole Unc

1989 $20 Phillips/Fraser Unc

1993 $20 Fraser/Evans Unc



1966-93 $20 BANKNOTE COLLECTION Unc (15 notes) AS866

1990 $20 Fraser/Higgins Unc



1966-93 $20 BANKNOTE CONSEC PAIR COLLECTION Unc (30 notes) AS856

For individual note and Consec Pair pricing, please see the Order Form

Australia’s Rarest Banknote! The Coombs/Randall $20 is the key to the decimal series. Exceedingly hard to find in any grade, this banknote is acknowledged as Australia’s rarest issued decimal note. Seldom offered, and missing from most collections, this is your chance to secure not just one example but an excessively rare Coombs/Randall $20 Consecutive Pair!

If it is difficult to find in average grade, then it is nigh on impossible to source this note in premium quality. Less than 2% of all ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ (1966-74) banknotes were issued in the name of Coombs/ Randall, and the percentage of those that were $20 notes was tiny. As a result, this note has long been in high demand – across all grades. The natural result of this

imbalance between supply and demand is a rising market value, and the Coombs/ Randall $20 is the perfect example. Almost unknown in top grade, this crucial note has leapt from a catalogue price off A$2,000 to nearly A$5,000 in aUnc over the last decade. 9

A wonderful opportunity to complete the $20 collection offered above, the few notes we have in



1967 $20 COOMBS/ RANDALL aUnc HA441

stock are in near flawless about Uncirculated quality.




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Rugby World Cup 2011 Super Special! SAVE

Officially approved, beautifully presented and very exclusive with just 2,011 sets issued, the 2011 Rugby World Cup Champions Silver Proof Collection is now a whopping A$100 off! To celebrate this key international sporting event, which kicks off in New Zealand on September the 9th, Downies has slashed the regular retail of this sumptuous set until the 23rd of October – the day of the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final.

100 until October the 23rd!


The ultimate keepsake of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, this prestigious set comprises five unique, exclusive legal tender coins. Highlighted by the spectacular High Relief 2011 $1 Webb Ellis Gold-plated Silver Proof, this sensational presentation also incorporates four coins honouring the previous winners of the Rugby World Cup. Individually magnificent, with each Silver Proof distinguished by a powerful Rugby motif, the four legal tender Crafted from 1oz .999 silver, this 38.85mm $1 is an Australian legal tender issue

coins represent South Africa (1995 & 2007), New Zealand (1987), Australia (1991 & 1999) and England (2003) – with the last three mentioned coins EXCLUSIVE TO THIS SET! Underpinned by a lavish standard of presentation, with the five coins set on an engraved timber panel and housed within an engraved timber case – complete with a magnetic stand for easy display! – you must not

miss this limited window of opportunity to secure this prestigious, official 2011 Rugby World Cup set at way below the standard price. ■ Worldwide limited edition restricted to just 2,011 sets! ■ Comprises five legal tender silver coins – with three exclusive to this set!








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South Africa’s 38.725mm 2R Proof comprises a hefty 33.626g of sterling silver

All Blacks in ALL BLACK!


Set in an engraved wooden panel, housed in an engraved timber case Complete with an individually numbered, detailed 12pp booklet SAVE A$100 off the regular retail price until the 23rd of October!

Measuring 38.85mm, this Perth Mintstruck $1 comprises 1oz of .999 fine silver

Rugby Union’s One of most prestigious the most . tion peti com innovative, A must-have most popular for selectively coins of 2011, gold-plated this 1oz .999 coin collectors, Struck to High silver tribute set is $1 h eac Relief Proof to NZ’s All Blacks in a numbered standard, this features an ‘all black’ with case er timb design! Uniting 40mm .999 silver, a black background wit tificate Cer a h the iconic gold 24-carat silver fern, with three of Authenticity black ferns plated 1oz coin shimmering against the attesting to the black surface portrays the Webb 12,000. when the coin is tilted of tage min Ellis Cup – the at the right angle, each NZ 2011 $1 ALL BLACKS 1oz prize for winning 40 mm coin is set in a BY NZ 2011 $1 RUG case with a Certificate. SILVER PROOF WORLD CUP A$ 9995 GOLD-PLATED 1oz Just 10,000 struck! SILVER PROOF A$

SAVE A$ 100!

Depicting the Webb Ellis Cup, each 40mm $1 is struck from 1oz pure .999 silver

Spanning 38.61mm, this £5 is struck by the Royal Mint from 28.28g of sterling silver


with additional A strictly limited silver ferns in the t jus h edition, wit background, each 10,000 issued, 40mm legal tender ive this exclus coin is set in an PNC honours official envelope, cks NZ’s All Bla united with two Rugby Union official All Blacks d line side. Head stamps. by a unique NZ 2011 $1 ALL ike cu-ni Proofl BLACKS PNC $1 featuring the A$ 2950 cks Bla official All 18 AR7 silver fern logo

TM © RWC Ltd 1986.

The Celtic Silver Staters of the Isle of Wight Hoard IN VIRTUALLY ‘AS STRUCK’ QUALITY! Underpinned by deeply fascinating history, powerful hoard provenance and, perhaps most of all, rarely seen, virtually ‘As Struck’ quality, Downies is proud to present the Isle of Wight Hoard – an incredible stash of 967 Silver Staters from the Celtic tribe, the Durotriges. Ruling parts of southwest Britain from 65BC to 45AD, before the Roman invasion, the Durotriges was one of the most powerful Celtic tribes. More of a close-knit confederation than a tribe, the seafaring Durotriges was one of few groups to strike coinage before the Roman conquest, imitating the coins of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. The Silver Staters before you –

part of the massive hoard discovered on the Isle of Wight in 2005 – illustrate both this connection with Ancient Greece, and also the obvious expertise of the Durotriges in minting coinage. Handstruck on the mainland approximately 2,000 years ago, and probably transported to the Isle of Wight by way of trade, the consistent, round flans and the well-centred strike of these coins tell a tale of craftsmanship. Beyond the compelling connection with the people of Britain at the time of Christ, and the rich hoard provenance, the Silver Staters of the Isle of Wight Hoard are most notable for the exceptionally good state of preservation. Known as ‘Cranborne Chase’ types, and measuring approximately 20mm in

diameter and weighing around 5 grams, the quality of these coins is simply breathtaking. Individually inspected and catalogued by the British Museum, each Silver Stater is in seldom seen good Very Fine quality, with sharply detailed designs and little sign of wear. The Silver Staters of the Isle of Wight Hoard represents a spellbinding opportunity for anyone with an appreciation of history – or an eye for quality. Unquestionably the finest Ancient Celtic coins we have ever handled, we have only a small number in stock, each available with a detailed Certificate of Authenticity.

Imitating the coinage of Ancient Greece, specifically the Gold Staters of Philip II of Macedon, one side of each Celtic Silver Stater carries a stylised head of Apollo wearing a laurel wreath, with the other side distinguished by a Durotriganstyle disjointed horse – based on a Macedonian two-horse chariot & charioteer motif




An astonishing, important find… The largest hoard of its kind found upon the Isle of Wight, this astonishing stash of nearly 1,000 Celtic Silver Staters was discovered by the Isle of Wight Detecting Club in October 2005 – approximately 2,000 years after entrusted to the earth by the Iron Age inhabitants of the Channel Island. The size of the hoard shocked the finders, and it is thought that the 967

coins may have been community savings from trade with the Durotriges, possibly buried during tumultuous times. Found with the base of the earthenware pot in which they were originally interred, the Durotrigan Silver Staters of the Isle of Wight Hoard were dispatched to the British Museum, where they were recorded and photographed.

Ultimately returned to the finders and the landowner, some of the coins of the Isle of Wight Hoard have found their way onto the market, and Downies is delighted to have been able to secure enough of these historic coins to present to our clients. 11

The Isle of Wight Hoard – as featured in the leading British numismatic periodical, Coin News

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Germany Germany 2010 2€ Bremen A (Prussia) 1874-88 Mintmark BU 5M F-VF





Official German 2€ tribute to the smallest of the nation’s states – Bremen Carries a detailed design of the city’s town hall – a Gothic masterpiece built in 1404 An interesting bimetallic type, each coin features the A mintmark (Berlin Mint)

■ ■ ■

■ ■


Germany (Prussia) 1888-1914 5M F-VF


Iceland 1981-99 6-Coin Set




Comprising six different, official legal tender coins from Iceland – all in Unc! Includes 1, 5 & 10 Kronur and 5, 10 & 50 Aurar – last three denominations no longer issued for circulation! Rarely offered in Australia – interesting acquisition for the serious world coin collector

■ ■



A majestic crown-sized 5 Marks coin – struck from 27.777g of 90% silver Issued during reign of Kaiser Wilhelm, Prussian ruler from 1861 and the founder and first emperor of the German Empire (1871-88)

■ ■


An historic 27.777g, 90% silver 5 Marks – issued for the last king of Germany Kaiser Wilhelm II oversaw German defeat in WWI, before fleeing to exile in Holland

Italy 2006 2€ Winter Olympics Unc Isle of Man 2007 Bimetal £2 A$ ■ ■ ■



Historic Isle of Man bimetal legal tender issue – struck from cupro-nickel and brass Honours the Round Tower of Peel Castle – a castle built by Vikings in 11th century AD Excellent value-for-money at just A$14.95, each coin is in strictly Unc condition


A$ 95 ■

■ ■


An official legal tender issue from Italy – the home of the 20th Winter Olympics Each official 25.75mm 2€ commemorative is in strictly Unc – a bargain at A$9.95! A must-have for Olympic memorabilia buffs and coin collectors alike!

Shown smaller than actual size of 75mm

Japan 1972 100 Yen Sapporo Japan 2007 Spain 2009 100€ Centen Antarctic Research Mint Set Gold-plated Silver Proof A$ 1295 AF505

An official legal tender tribute to the XI Winter Olympic Games at Sapporo, issued by host nation Japan Popular one-year-only type – among the early official modern Olympic commemoratives In Uncirculated quality, this 30mm diameter 100Y is top value at under A$10

■ ■



■ ■ ■




Issued in honour of the 50th anniversary of Japan’s original Antarctic expedition Comprising seven BU coins, set in an outstanding, original Japan Mint pack Headlined by unique Jiro & Taro 500Y – canine heroes of the 2nd expedition

■ ■ ■


Issued to honour the 400th anniversary of the first 100 Escudos (or Centen) Each massive 75mm gold-plated coin comprises 168.88g of sterling silver! Set in an official Royal Spanish Mint case with Certificate – mintage just 6,000!

Mexico 2004 100 Pesos Bimetal A$ ■

Malta 7-Coin Set


A$ ■ ■ ■


A fine memento of Malta’s last national currency before the adoption of the Euro Comprises seven coins from the 1c to the 1 Lira – with every coin in EF-Unc quality A bargain at just A$19.95 – pay an average price of less than A$3 per coin!

■ ■



An official legal tender 100 Pesos issue from Mexico – struck from stainless steel and al-bronze A type that was issued for circulation – available here in strictly Unc quality! An affordable, interesting addition to any bimetal or world coin collection

North America Toll free 1877 897 7696


Netherlands 2010 Miffy Baby Coin Set BU

50 43 Official tribute to beloved children’s A$

■ ■


character – Miffy – created by Dutchman, Dick Bruna Comprises eight standard Euro types (1c2€) PLUS special Miffy medallion! Housed in an official, beautifully illustrated Royal Dutch Mint pack

NZ 2009 $1 NZ NZ 1949 75th Royal Visit Anniversary Crown VF+ BU


A$ ■ ■ ■


Issued to honour the proposed Royal Visit of George VI in 1949 A unique, one-year-only type and one of only three crown dates issued by New Zealand In pleasing Very Fine & better quality

A$ ■ ■ ■

44 Marking 75 years since first national coinage

Palau 2009 $5 Braille Silver Antiqued BU


issue of New Zealand Struck from cu-ni to flawless BU quality – measures 39.19mm Just 1,500 issued – each set in an official card with outer sleeve

95 69 Honours the 200th anniversary of invention A$


of Braille – created by Louis Braille Struck to BU quality from 25g of Antiqued sterling silver – mintage just 2,500! Measuring a crown-sized 38.61mm, each $5 coin set in a case with Certificate

■ ■

Poland 2005 2Zl Pope John Paul II BU

Poland 2007 John Paul II In Memoriam Set Unc

Poland 2007 2Zl Knight BU


A$ 50 ■ ■ ■




Unique, one-year-only tribute to Pope John Paul II – measures 27mm in diameter Just 4m coins issued – an absolutely tiny mintage for a circulation issue An affordable official legal tender memorial to the long-reigning Pope

■ ■ ■

A unique tribute to the history of the Polish Cavalry – struck by Mint of Poland Bears an intricately detailed reverse design of a 15th century Polish knight Offered in Unc quality, this unique 27mm coin is a must-have at just A$6 apiece


A$ ■ ■ ■



Translating as ‘Lion City’, Singapore is the smallest nation of South East Asia Comprises six coins from the 1c to $1 – celebrating the nation’s unique flora In Uncirculated quality, and an affordable addition to your world coin collection

■ ■

USA 1c Indian Head Bag of 10


A$ ■

■ ■


Conjuring up images of the Wild West, the Indian Head 1c is the quintessential ‘all-American’ coin Struck from 1859 to 1909, and one of the most popular US collector types Available in bags of 10, with all coins in highly collectable condition

■ ■

■ ■



Last of the USA’s 19th century large 1c types – measures 27.5mm in diameter! Struck from 10.89g of 100% copper, this short-lived 1c type bears a striking depiction of Liberty with braided hair A fascinating relic of 19th century America – replaced by much smaller 1c coins from 1857


USA Lincoln Bronze Medal


Marks centenary of manned flight – achieved by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina in 1903 Headlined by a 40mm .999 Silver 1oz Eagle depicting the Wright brothers Also includes 1903 Indian Head 1c and North Carolina & Ohio State Quarters 13


A diverse selection of coins from the ‘Land of the Free’ – all in superb Unc quality Includes six official legal tender coins, from Lincoln 1c to Sacagawea $1



Important, official commemoration of Poland’s favourite son – mintage just 2,000! Comprises nine standard types (1gr-5Zl) and TWO John Paul II 5Zl tributes Each 11-coin Unc set housed in an informative, official Mint of Poland folder


USA 2003 $1 First Flight Collection


USA 1960-2007 6-Coin Set

USA 1837-56 Singapore 1c Large 1997-2005 Copper VG 6-Coin Set A$ 95






A$ ■ ■ ■


Memorable tribute to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) A brilliant work of numismatic portraiture – issued by the Philadelphia Mint Struck from bronze, each official USA medal measures 33.34mm in diameter

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

rler! What a PeaJU ST 2,500!

GE WORLDWIDE MINlusTA trous pearl,

Sure to mirror the super swift sellout success of its predecessors, the latest in the Pearl of the Sea Silver Proof Series has just been w unveiled – and it’s no ! ies wn Do at in stock An inspiring concept, capturing the imagination of collector e, and non-collector alik us cio pre ng this pioneeri is m gra pro tal me ce defined by the presen a – arl pe ine nu ge a of natural jewel, which, l, from time immemoria ty, au be d lise has symbo er oth An e. lov d an rity pu re pu of ion glorious un precious metal and a

2,500 has once again genuine, been enforced, the 2011 $5 Princess ensuring a sell-out. ver of the Sea Pearl Sil Although we have Proof continues this in managed to secure enchanting series a small allocation style. of coins from that Struck to the height tiny mintage – each of Proof quality from set in a plush case 25g of sterling silver, – the barnstorming the 2011 $5 Princess demand for previous of the Sea Pearl Silver issues in the Pearl of Proof is highlighted the Sea Silver Proof r by the inclusion of Series indicates that ou t the most magnificent las n’t wo ck sto re , meag apricot freshwater pearl for long. the hin wit ed dd be em expansive 38.61mm flan. With authorities refusing to bow to ESS collector demands PALAU 2011 $5 PRINCL OF THE SEA PEAR for an increase in the SILVER PROOF limited edition, the of AS276 ge nta mi traditional



SPELLBINDING PRE OIN! Defined by the semi-oval coin within SENTATION C E S N E C IN F IF N S the highly format, tiny mintage RUB & king of original presen Targeted by those see eThe latest in a truly ey se no d catching – an s pleasing – series, thi us groundbreaking precio ed nn rpi de un is of Pro metal & sniff’ by a full-colour ‘rub rub st Ju n. sig de e revers of a the brilliant depiction r, lde ho se en inc s ou religi ense inc c oti ex and a waft of d! se ea is rel

t’ that ‘something differen d an n, tio llec co for their an by those in search of $5 11 20 the t, gif intriguing Proof Scent of Incense Silver as lar pu po as t jus has been rub its hugely successful As a & sniff predecessors. few result, we have just a silver g rlin ste g 25 38.61mm our BU coins in stock from the m fro n tio ca allo original 2,500 worldwide mintage of ha wit se ca a in – each set city. Certificate of Authenti PALAU 2011 $5 SCENT OF INCENSE SILVER PROOF A$



2,500 and a Swarovsk i crystal, the 2011 $5 Seeds of Love Silver BU is perhaps most notable for the stunn ing presentation. Struck from 1/2oz of .999 Antiqued silver, this legal tender issue forms a unique tribute to blossoming of true lov e. Graced with a delicatel y sculpted design, representing the growt h of the seeds of love into the blossoms of eternal devotion, each 30mm x 28.50mm $5 coin is distinguished by a ‘half heart’ shaped Swarovski crystal. When you place the


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©2011 – All rights reserved. Every Downies catalogue is made from paper that is a) sourced from sustainable forests, and b) treated with an environmentally-friendly bleaching process. All items offered are subject to being sold out prior to receipt of order. Products may be photographed not at actual size. Some items in this magazine may not be immediately available from our retail Prices may include GST. outlets. This list cancels all previous direct selling lists. Prices shown are subject to change without notice.

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tation case, and set the lid at the right angle, the mirror found in the case transforms the half-heart into a full heart!


MAIL 4533 MacArt hu Newport Bea r Blvd, #888 ch, CA 92660 TELEPHONE Sunday to Th ursd from 2pm-11p ay m (PT) TOLL FREE 1 877 897 7696 FAX 1 866 87 5 2577 BY EMAIL DowniesUSA

An affordable fusion of precious metals, underpinned by a bold, stylised design, rarely seen square format and faultless Specimen quality, Downies is delighted to present the last coin of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Wildlife Conservation Series.

Struck in silver – finished in gold!

Struck to return, albeit in Specimen limited numbers, standard from and forms a fitting 11.8g of sterling finale to this silver, and sought after series. finished in gold, Un derpinned by this inspiring a potent mix of coin honours traditional and one of Canada’s modern influences, most fascinating this unique type creatures – the is a stand-alone Black Footed release of great Ferret. Thought to beauty, limited have been extinct case, each availability and as a result of coin includes excellent value – human hunting of a Certificate its key food source and a must-have of Authenticity – the prairie dog – for those who confirming the secured any of the Black Footed mintage of its predecessors. Ferret has since 15,000. made a miraculous Set in an official






Striving to bring you the widest possible choice from the everexpanding world of numismatics, we are delighted to offer, for the first time, a coin

finished in ruthenium! Bearing a detailed colour portrayal of Africa’s endangered Black Rhino, this stunning 42mm x 42mm legal tender co in is crafted from 2oz of .999 silver, and then

STUNNING PRISM TECHNOLOGY! Adding a new layer of fascination to the glories of fullcolour minting, this official legal tender tribute to the zebra has been created with ‘prism’ technology. Distinguished by an eye-catching portrayal of this distinctive African inhabitant, with

the prism design shimmering in startling contrast to the stylised appreciation of the savanna, each 38.61mm silverplated cu-ni coin

is part of a mintage of a mere 2,500!





pre-Euro coinage. Comprising eight Euro denominations (1c2€), this one-year-only BU issue honours the salmon – found on the predecimal florin and decimal 10p. Housed

plated in ruthenium – a rare ‘transition metal’ belonging to the platinum family. An exotic acquisition, and an exclusive one, we have been fortunate to secure a few examples from the tiny mintage of 999 – each with a

numbered Certificate of Authenticity. CAMEROON 2010 1,5 00F BLACK RHINO 2oz r SILVER PROOF





A FINE CATCH FOR ANY COLLECTOR! Tapping into Ireland’s rich numismatic history, the 2011 Mint Set is the second of a series dedicated to animals found on the nation’s


in a pack depicting parts of Ireland, the salmon and the florin, the mintage of this exclusive issue has been set at just 20,000. IRELAND 2011 EURO ANIMALS OF COINAGE MINT SET




A fine tribute to one of the few remaining sea cow species, this legal tender release honours the biggest surviving ocean-dwelling plant-eating mammal – the Dugong. Bearing a struck-up design of this massive creature on its 38.61mm flan, contrasting against the full-colour

marine scene, each 20g sterling silver Proof is set in a case complete with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the tiny mintage of just 2,500. SOLOMON ISLANDS 2011 $10 DUGONG SILVER PROOF





The Whale. A brilliant work The mintage has of modern been set at just numismatic design, recounting 5,000! A sparkling celebration of this one of the most renowned tale, famous Biblical each 13.92mm tales, this Proof coin is prestigious Israeli struck from legal tender Gold Proof forms an ISRAEL 2010 1 NS exclusive tribute JONAH & THE WHALE to Jonah &

1/25oz of .999 fine gold, and is set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Australia Toll 179 free 1300 788 358 A$ 15


Capture the last Tasmanian Tiger! A spectacular amalgam of pure 24-carat gold, vibrant colour and dramatic moving imagery, the stunning 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Cu-Ni Gold-plated Prooflike has naturally caught the eye of collectors across the globe. An iconic element of Australian history, the Tasmanian Tiger is the ideal subject for the application of state-of-the-art Lenticular minting technology. Instantly recognisable due to its powerfully striped coat, the great beauty and fierce appearance of this unusual Australian marsupial is perfectly captured by the Moving Image design found upon the broad

STUNNING LENTICULAR DESIGN! 40mm flan of this gold-plated legal tender coin. Creating the most authentic possible memorial to the 75th anniversary of the extinction of the species, the Moving Image design was produced using original footage of the last known Tasmanian Tiger to die in captivity, taken by noted naturalist David Fleay at the Hobart Zoo in 1933. A dramatic addition to any collection, and a distinctively Aussie gift for friends and contacts overseas, the 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Cu-Ni Goldplated Prooflike represents simply outstanding value-formoney at the Official Issue Price of A$29.95.

A stunning Lenticular legal tender tribute to the iconic Tasmanian Tiger Struck by Swiss precious metal specialists, Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux Features Moving Image design – created from footage of the last Tassie Tiger! Finished in 24-carat gold, each cu-ni Prooflike coin measures 40mm in diameter Set in an informative, fullcolour pack with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity Restricted to a limited edition of 10,000 – top value at Official Issue Price!




Last chance in silver?

A prestigious precious metal tribute to one of Australia’s most intriguing, most distinctive inhabitants , the 2011 $5 Tasmanian Tiger Silver Proof has, as predicted, sparked overwhelming demand worldwide. The tiny mintage of 3,000, which always looked to be a serious underestimation of demand, is close to a complete sell-out! An official legal tende r issue, struck to the finest possible Proof quality from 25g

of lustrous sterling silver, this inspiring collector coin is, like it’s gold-plated cu-ni counterpart, distinguished by a vibrant ‘Moving Image’ design of Benjamin – the last known Tasmanian Tiger. Created from actual film footage of Benjamin taken by naturalist David Fleay in 1933, this seamless, flowing Lenticular motif is a powerful illustration of the best in 21st centu ry minting.

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696

Set in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, do not miss this vital opportunity to guarantee supply of this exclusive Silver Proof at the Official Issue Price.





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