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Mid August 2011

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AS709 AS451 AS689 AS690 AS688 AS615 AS660 AS656 AS654 AS655 AS662 AS691 AS645 AR965 AS539 AE756 KC505 AS729 AS730 AS649 AS537 AR955 AR691 AR475 AR465

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Qty US$ Price Mid August Money Page 1 — Last Tassie Tiger – Lenticular! Niue 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Gold-plated BU $28.00 Niue 2011 $5 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Silver Proof $99.00 Pages 2 & 3 — The Art Of Numismatics Niue 2011 $24 Da Vinci Codex Kilo Silver Proof Collection $3,650.00 Cook Islands 2011 Hieronymus Bosch Earthly Delights 2oz Silver Proof Coin Set $323.00 Pages 4 & 5 — New From The Perth Mint! Tuvalu 2011 $1 Ships that Changed The World – Golden Hind 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Ships that Changed The World – Santa Maria 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2011 $15 Platypus Dreaming 2.5g Gold BU $224.00 2011 $25 Platypus Dreaming 10g Gold BU $829.00 2011 $1 Platypus Dreaming 1oz Silver BU $83.00 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Set BU (5) $69.00 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Macquarie Island BU $14.75 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Gondwana Rainforests BU $14.75 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Purnulul BU $14.75 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Wet Tropics Of Qld BU $14.75 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Australian Fossil Mammal Sites BU $14.75 2011 $1 Bush Babies – Dingo PNC $15.95 Pages 6 & 7 — Hot Aussie Show Product! 2011 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Princes Bridge Silver Unc $103.00 2011 $1 Perth ANDA Show Narrows Bridge Silver Unc $103.00 2011 $1 Brisbane ANDA Show Story Bridge Silver Unc $103.00 Sydney Harbour Bridge Medal $7.95 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge Mintmark (B, C, M, S) Collection $14.75 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge Unc Mintmark Of Our Choice $4.95 2011 $1 Sydney ANDA Show Blue Mountains 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2011 $1 Melbourne ANDA Show Heard & McDonald Islands 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2011 $1 Brisbane ANDA Show Great Barrier Reef 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Perth ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Canberra ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof $126.00 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Northern Territory ANA Show 1oz Silver Proof $126.00 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Sydney ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof $156.00 Pages 8 & 9 — First & Last Prefix $20 Polymer 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA97 Unc $152.00 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA97 Consecutive Pair Unc $303.00 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA97 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $756.00 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans Unc $108.00 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Pair Unc $215.00 1997 $20 Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $537.00 1998 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Unc $147.00 1998 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Consecutive Pair Unc $293.00 1998 $20 Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $732.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Unc $76.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Consecutive Pair Unc $151.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $376.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry KM02 Unc  $78.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry KM02 Consecutive Pair Unc $156.00 2002 $20 Macfarlane/Henry KM02 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $390.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Unc $74.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Consecutive Pair Unc $147.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $366.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Unc $69.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Pair Unc $137.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $342.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry DA03 Unc $78.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry DA03 Consecutive Pair Unc $156.00 2003 $20 Macfarlane/Henry DA03 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $390.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA05 Unc $64.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA05 Consecutive Pair Unc $127.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry AA05 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $317.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Unc $54.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Pair Unc $108.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $269.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry GB05 Unc  $64.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry GB05 Consecutive Pair Unc $127.00 2005 $20 Macfarlane/Henry GB05 Consecutive Run Of 5 Unc $317.00 1997-2005 $20 Collection Unc (11) $873.00 1997-2005 $20 Consecutive Pair Collection Unc (22) $1,746.00 Sub-total Column One


Total KC871 AL339 AS274 AS317 AS469 AS449 AS450 AS614 AS281 AS326

AE016 AK121 AP723 AJ305 AJ841 AK590 AJ840 AS755 AS756 AS757 AR562 AA535 AS364 AS758 AR706 HI491 AS759 AR663 AR663 AH536 AP167 AS760 AS230 AS761 AS762 AS151 SH070 SH071 SH072 SH073 KC872 AS876 AS877 AS892 AS874 AS873 AS889 AS890 AS891

1997-2005 $20 Consecutive Run of 5 Collection Unc (55) 1966 $1-$20 Coombs/Wilson Set aUnc-Unc Pages 10 & 11 — Wonders Of The World Cook Islands 2011 $5 Terminator 2 Three-Coin Collection Canada 2011 $20 Maple Leaf Silver BU Eurozone 2011 2€ Bimetal Collection In Pack Unc (5) Israel 2011 2NIS Dead Sea Silver Proof Israel 2011 1NIS Dead Sea Silver Proof Fiji 2011 $5 ZOOM – Sydney 2oz Silver Proof Cameroon 2011 1000Fr Papillons Exotiques 3D Butterfly Silver Proof Cook Islands 2011 $20 Tutankhamun 3oz Silver Proof Premium Edition Page 12 — An Australian Selection… 1960 £10 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Unc 1953 £1 Coombs/Wilson Commonwealth Bank Consecutive Pair Unc 1961 £1 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Consecutive Pair Unc 1961 £1 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank Unc 1940 Shilling VF 1933 Florin Fine 1939 Florin VF 1952 Melb Penny MS64 (PCGS) Choice Red Unc 1963 3d & 1963 6d Pair MS66 (PCGS) Gem Unc (2) 1963 1/- MS66 (PCGS) Gem Unc 1985, 1986, 1987 20c Trio BU 1992 $1 Barcelona Unc 1994 $1 Mob of Roos & $1 Decade Dollar Pair BU Page 13 — Buy In Bulk And SAVE! 1931 2d, 3d, 6d Kingsford Smith Stamp Sheet Of 80 Set Of Three MUH (240) 1931 Kingsford Smith Stamp Set Of 3 In Blocks Of 4 MUH (12) 1976 $50 Knight/Wheeler Side Thread Unc 1976 $50 Knight/Wheeler Side Thread Consecutive Pair Unc 1934 2d Red MacArthur Used 10 x 1934 2d Red MacArthur Used NZ Tram Token NZ Tram Token Bag Of 10 Page 14 — All Aboard! GB 2011 Thomas the Tank Engine Medallion Cover Liberia 2011 $5 Trans-Siberian Railroad Silver Proof Liberia 2011 $5 Mallard Steam Train Silver Proof Page 15 — Travel Around The World! Palau 2011 $5 Abu Simbel Hologram Silver Proof Imperium World Coin Collection (12) Page 16 — Predecimal Portrait Sets 1910 Edward VII Portrait Set Ave Circ 1911-36 George V Portrait Set F-VF 1938-52 George VI Portrait Set F-VF 1953-64 Elizabeth II Portrait Set EF All Four Portrait Sets On the Order Form… 2011 $1 Air Series Birdwing Butterfly Al-Br BU 2011 $1 Air Series Flying Fox Al-Br BU 2011 50c 50 Years Of Triple Zero Emergency Call Service Cu-Ni Unc 2012 $1 Mareeba Rock-Wallaby 1oz Silver BU 2012 $1 Mareeba Rock-Wallaby 1oz Silver Proof 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Al-Br BU 2012 $1 Year Of The Dragon Silver Proof 2012 $10 Year Of The Dragon Gold Proof

Qty US$ Price $4,364.00 $259.00

Sub-total Column Two


$288.00 $29.95 $39.95 $138.00 $101.00 $204.00 $115.00 $1,995.00 $1,902.00 $873.00 $576.00 $288.00 $47.00 $96.00 $107.00 $181.00 $88.00 $83.00 $47.00 $78.00 $36.00 $1,846.00 $98.00 $239.00 $454.00 $4.75 $30.00 $4.75 $9.75 $29.00 $66.00 $66.00 $136.00 $1,902.00 $165.00 $78.00 $58.00 $58.00 $333.00 $14.75 $14.75 $9.75 $59.00 $74.00 $13.25 $49.00 $269.00


Sub-total Column One


Sub-total Column Two


Postage & Insurance – USA Postage & Insurance – Canada Postage & Insurance – Overseas Orders over $500

$10.00 $16.00 $22.00 FREE

State Tax (Californian Residents) @8.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg (approx 4lbs), we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________

S E S ! A E L E R NEW 2011 $1 Air Series – COMPLETE! A unique celebration of Australia’s fascinating wildlife, distinguished by stunning full-colour designs, the third and last release in the Royal Australian Mint’s 2011 $1 Air Series has just been launched! A vivid finale, these eye-catching coins represent a wonderful – and affordable – opportunity for all collectors to enjoy the glories of full-colour minting.







A must-have for those who already have the first four issues in the 2011 $1 Air Series, the last pair in the program celebrates the Birdwing Butterfly and the Flying Fox respectively. A vibrant tribute to these renowned native creatures, and forming a great way for you to share your love of collecting with the younger brigade, each coin is set in an eye-catching, informative RAM pack – ‘ready-to-wrap’ as a fantastic gift! Not issued for circulation, these official Australian legal tender coins are therefore also crucial to the thousands of traditional $1 series collectors aiming to keep their collections complete. Tremendously affordable at just $14.75 per coin means that no one need miss out!


Unique 50c type! In glorious full-colour! Only the second full-colour 50c issued individually by the RAM, this new 2011-dated Australian legal tender coin forms a sensational addition to the commemorative 50c series – and a must-have for all Aussie coin collectors! Issued to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Triple Zero Emergency Call Service, the vibrant full-colour reverse design of this unique type represents the three arms of the Emergency Services – police, fire and ambulance. Rendered in their instantly recognisable colours, the symbols of the respective services are united with the Emergency Call Service Triple Zero logo upon the reverse, forming a truly spectacular full-colour design.

US$ $ 75



Housed in an official RAM card, there is no doubt that demand for this unusual full-colour issue will be massive – especially given that it will not be issued for circulation! Never to be found in change, this eye-catching, one-yearonly type is a must-have for anyone seeking to maintain a complete collection.

New 2012 Silver Roos unveiled! Official Australian legal tender and struck to the RAM’s rigorous Brilliant Uncirculated quality, the new 2012 $1 Silver Kangaroo instantly catches the eye!

Among the most eagerly awaited dates on the collector calendar, the latest in the long-running, ever-popular Silver Kangaroo Series has been unveiled by the Royal Australian Mint – and no collector will be disappointed! Defined, as always, by the purity of the precious metal, the official Royal Australian Mint presentation packaging, the Australian legal tender status and the outstanding value-formoney, the two new 2012 Silver Kangaroo coins are also united by the superb, one-year-only reverse motif. Magnificent in both Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated quality, this unique design celebrates the Mareeba Rock-Wallaby – declared a separate species in 1992, and named after an area of Queensland where it is found. A must-have for the huge number of long-term Silver Kangaroo collectors – or anyone with a penchant for the finest in Australian coinage – the crown-sized, 40mm diameter Silver Kangaroo coins are available struck to Proof or Brilliant Uncirculated standard. The 2012 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof, strictly limited to a mintage of 20,000, is beautifully presented in an official RAM case with a Certificate of Authenticity, whilst the 2012 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver BU is housed within an attractive, illustrated, official RAM card.



No matter which you choose, each of these immaculate Australian legal tender coins is…


struck to the flawless standards of the Royal Australian Mint

comprised of a troy ounce of lustrous, pure .999 silver

housed in official Royal Australian Mint presentation packaging

an imposing crown-sized coin, measuring 40mm in diameter

available at the Mint’s affordable Official Issue Price!





With the price of a standard 1oz Silver Proof soaring well above the $100 mark, this 40mm Silver Proof represents stunning value-for-money at just $69!

The Year of the Dragon! New Australian legal tender tributes! US$


2012 $1 YEAR OF THE DRAGON Al-Br Unc AS889







The only mythological creature featured in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, and unquestionably the most famous of the twelve year-signs, it will come as no surprise that the Year of the Dragon coins are the most sought after Lunar ar New Year commemoratives worldwide. In 2012, we will once again celebrate the Year of the Dragon, with the Royal Australian Mint naturallyy issuing an array of coins to honour the role of this legendary beast in the Chinese Lunar Cycle. A much anticipated release, the RAM’s new 2012 Year of the Dragon Series provides an option for every collector. With this unique Year of the Dragon Australian legal tender type struck from glittering gold, sumptuous silver and affordable al-bronze, the latest addition to the RAM’s first ever Lunar coin series is sure to be as sought after as its predecessors. The most prestigious acquisition of the 2012 series, the 1/10oz .9999 fine gold Proof will undoubtedly be highly sought after by Lunar collectors and nd gold collectors alike. Beautifully presented in an official RAM case, complete plete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this 17.53mm diameter Proof of coin has a tiny mintage of just 2,500! An affordable, yet prestigious gift, the 25mm 11.66g .999 fine silver Proof is also superbly presented within an official RAM case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the strictly limited edition of 10,000. Not to be issued for circulation and a must-have for a complete $1 collection, the 25mm al-bronze Year of the Dragon $1 is just as important to traditional collectors as it is to Lunar buyers. Forming a fantastic gift for anyone born in the Year of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 or 2000), each of these official, brilliantly designed Australian legal tender coins is available at the Mint’s Official Issue Price.

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