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Mid September 2011

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All Blacks back in black! TINY MINTAGE JUST 3,000 COINS!

FIRST ! ALL BLAginCal,KSblackCferOnsIN shimmering

Among the most ori most sought after coins of 2011, this 1oz .999 silver tribute to NZ’s All Blacks is most notable for the stunning ‘all a black’ design! Uniting h wit nd rou ckg black ba ee the silver fern, with thr

e against the black surfac at ld he is in co when the the right angle, each 40mm $1 is presented a in an official case with y cit nti the Au of Certificate ge attesting to the minta of just 10,000. NZ 2011 $1 ALL BLACKS 1oz SILVER PROOF A$

– ‘Ka mate, Ka mate! Ka ora, Ka ora!’ (Will I die! Or will I live!) – you could conceive of no finer tribute to one of the most celebrated elements of international sport. Given the barnstorming demand for the first coin in the series, and the excitement generated by what will arguably be the biggest year in New Zealand rugby history, it is a shock that the mintage has been set at just 3,000. With a sell-out of that meagre figure inevitable, our allocation has naturally been tightly restricted, and we have a very small number of coins available. ■ Official legal tender – and an approved All Blacks licensed product

Exclusive All Blacks tribute! Worldwide mintage a mere 3,000 coins! Struck from 1oz of .999 fine silver – measures 40mm in diameter Set in a black leatherette case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity



NZ 2011 $1 ALL BLACKS HAKA 1oz SILVER PROOF AS781 The Silver Fern Device and ALL BLACKS® are registered trademarks of the NZRU



See the Order Form for more official New Zealand Rugby coins!

An officially endorsed, extremely exclusive Australian legal tender coin, thi s memorable tribute to the Australian Rugby Union side, the Wallabies, is the perfect partner to the new, official All Blacks coin offered above.

A stunning sequel to the sought after All Blacks Silver Fern $1 offered below, the second coin in New Zealand’s All Blacks Series is defined by a tiny mintage, outstanding presentation and, most of all, a sensational design! An officially licensed All Blacks product, struck to Proof quality from 1oz .999 silver, this fine piece of precious metal minting honours Te Rauparaha’s ‘Ka Mate’ haka. Perfectly accommodated by the 40mm flan, the design depicts the All Blacks performing this famous pre-match ritual, with three players wearing the traditional black strip of New Zealand’s Rugby Union side. Also featuring edge-lettering

Struck to Proof qualit y from 1oz of pure .999 silver, and featuring a vibrant, energetic desig n, the 2011 $1 Men of Go ld 1oz Silver Proof captu res perfectly the speed, power and excitement of ‘The Game They Pla y in Heaven’. Featuring a fully struck-up depictio n of a Wallaby in action, each coin also features the official Wallabies logo and ‘Men of Gold 2011’ in the green and gold colours of the Aussie team.

And Australia’s Men of Gold! A great way to honour our Aussie heroes as they strive to win Rugby Union’s ultimate prize for the third time, this imposin g 40.60mm Silver Proof has a mintage of just 5,000 coins – each set in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. 2011 $1 AUSTRALIA N RUGBY UNION MEN OF GOLD 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price




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New 2012 Silver Roos launched! Underpinned, as always, by the .999 purity of the precious metal, the official RAM packaging, the Australian legal tender status and the excellent value-for-money, the two new 2012 Silver Rightly Kangaroo coins are also considered united by the striking one of the most one-year-only reverse important dates 2012 $1 motif. Paying homage KANGAROO on the collector to the Mareeba Rock1oz SILVER BU calendar, the Wallaby – named after an Official Issue Price latest in the Royal A$ area of Queensland where 87 Australian Mint’s it is found – this unique AS874 long-running, design instantly catches ever-popular Silver the eye in both Proof Kangaroo Series has and Brilliant Uncirculated been released – and quality. every collector will Measuring 40mm in be impressed! diameter, these official Australian legal tender coins are a must-have

Roo on the rise!

Instantly sold out and already rising rapidly in secondary market value, we have just a few examples of the 2011 $10 Kangaroo 1/10oz Gold Proof in stock! Crafted to Proof quality from 1/10oz of .9999 gold, this n seldom seen Australia is in co r de ten al leg 2011 $10 KANGAROO in a RAM case 1/10oz GOLD PROOF housed rtificate of Ce a h wit AR543 Authenticity confirming the mintage of just 1,500.



A unique celebration of Australia’s fascinating wildlife, the third and last release in the RAM’s 2011 $1 Air Series has just been launched! A vivid finale, these eyecatching coins represent a wonderful – and affordable – opportunity for all collectors to enjoy the glories of full-colour minting. Joining the Kookaburra, Rosella, Sacred Kingfisher and Major Mitchell Cockatoo legal tender coins, the last pair in the

for the huge number of Silver Kangaroo collectors – and for anyone with a penchant for the finest in Australian coinage. Strictly limited to a mintage of 20,000, the 2012 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof is beautifully presented in an official RAM case with a Certificate of Authenticity, whilst the 2012 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver BU is housed within an illustrated, official RAM card. No matter which you choose, each of these immaculate coins is…

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struck to the 2012 $1 KANGAROO 1oz rigorous SILVER PROOF standards Official Issue Price of the Royal A$ 100 Australian Mint AS873 comprised of a troy ounce of lustrous, pure .999 silver housed in official Royal Australian Mint presentation packaging an imposing crown-sized coin, measuring 40mm in diameter

Just 1,500 struck in gold!

The latest in one of the RAM’s most successful recent series, the new 2012 $10 Kangaroo 1/10oz Gold Proof is now ! available at Downies g? lon w ho But for An inspired move, the RAM’s decision to expand the annual Kangaroo Series by k including a coin struc from the world’s favourite precious metal has been met with universal

program celebrates the Birdwing Butterfly and the Flying Fox respectively. A vibrant tribute to these renowned native creatures, and forming a great way for you to share your love of collecting with the younger brigade, each coin is set in an eye-catching, informative RAM pack – ‘ready-towrap’ as a fantastic gift! Not issued for circulation, these official Australian legal tender coins are therefore also crucial to the thousands of

t acclaim. Each of the firs four coins in the series d all sold out in a flash, an t are rocketing in marke ue iss 07 20 e value. Th .9999 fine gold catalogues at A$1,800 of must st Pro today, with even the mo be missed. t no and recent editions (2010 A quick-fire sell-out 2011) now well above is inevitable. A$400 apiece. icial Housed in a plush, off e let mp co RAM case, with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming 2 $10 KANGAROO 00, 2010oz GOLD PROOF the tiny mintage of 1,5 1/1 this AS875 the chance to obtain impeccable 17.53mm

traditional $1 series collectors aiming to keep their collections complete. Your big chance to assemble the complete 2011 $1 Air Series in one hit, these impressive fullcolour coins are within the reach of all at an Official Issue Price of JUST A$14.95 APIECE!



2011 $1 Air Series 2011 $1 CRIMSON ROSELLA AL-BR BU Official Issue Price




2011 $1 KOOKABURRA AL-BR BU Official Issue Price






New 2011 Roo at Sunset BU! NOW IN STOCK AT DOWNIES!

Following a surprise acquisition, Downies is delighted to be able to give our clients the chance to secure the 2011 $1 Roo at Sunset 1oz Silver BU! As the perfect partner to its highly sought after predecessors, and a must-have for those who missed out in 2009 and 2010, our tiny allocation from the mintage of 7,000 means that time is of the essence for those keen to enjoy Australia’s finest modern coin design. Capturing the spirit of the Australian Outback,

and beautifully accommodated by the broad, crownsized 40mm diameter flan, that design is truly magnificent. Internationally acclaimed, having been nominated for Krause’s Peoples Choice Coin of the Year, this spellbinding motif was the key to the huge success of the 2009 & 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset 1oz Silver BU coins – both of which sold out at super speed. Struck by the RAM for The Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection, and graced with a ‘F15’

privy mark, we knew that interest in this distinctively Australian precious metal coin would be huge. Despite our best efforts, however, we have been able to source only a very small number of examples of this official Australian legal tender issue. Immediate action is a must!



2011 $1 ROO AT SUNSET F15 PRIVY 1oz SILVER BU AT029 Limit two per household

Unique full-colour 50c type! A landmark Australian legal tender release, as only the second full-colour 50c issued individually by the RAM, this eyecatching coin forms a sensational addition to the commemorative 50c series – and a must-have for all Aussie coin collectors!

Issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the Triple Zero Emergency Call Service, the vibrant design honours the three arms of the Emergency Services – police, fire brigade and ambulance. Uniting the instantly recognisable colours of the respective services

with the Emergency Call Service Triple Zero logo, the reverse carries a truly spectacular fullcolour design. Set in a RAM card, demand for this unusual full-colour issue will be huge – especially given that it will not be issued for circulation! Never to be found in change, this one-year-only type is a

must-have for anyone seeking to maintain a complete collection. 2011 50c TRIPLE ZERO EMERGENCY CALL SERVICE CU-NI UNC Official Issue Price




– COMPLETE! 2011 $1 SACRED KINGFISHER AL-BR BU Official Issue Price



2011 $1 FLYING FOX AL-BR BU Official Issue Price




2011 $1 BIRDWING BUTTERFLY AL-BR BU Official Issue Price

2011 $1 MAJOR MITCHELL COCKATOO AL-BR BU Official Issue Price






AS589 3




COMPLETE 2011 $1 AIR SERIES Official Issue Price KC866

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

FINISHED IN PURE GOLD! Top value at A$29.95, the 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Lenticular Cu-Ni Gold-plated Proof is a stunning amalgam of 24-carat gold, vibrant colour and moving imagery. The ideal subject for the application of Lenticular technology, the great beauty and fierce appearance of the Tassie Tiger is captured perfectly by the Moving Image motif. With the design

created from footage of the last Tasmanian Tiger to die in captivity, taken at the Hobart Zoo in 1933, this 40mm gold-plated coin forms a truly authentic memorial to the 75th anniversary of the extinction of the species. A dramatic addition to any collection, the 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger Cu-Ni Goldplated Proof is set in an informative pack.






A rare opport unity to 40mm .999 si secure this tr lver ibute is set in a case coin the 150th anni to with versary Cer tificate confirm a of one of Aus in tralia’s the mintage of 5, g most famous 000 – sold out at sp commercial eed in 2004. ventures, we have five examples COOK ISLA 2004 $1 COBBNDS of the 2004 $1 150th ANNIV & CO. Cobb & Co 1o ER z SILVER PRO SARY Silver Proof in OF st ock. A$ Seldom offere 34 9 d, each AJ 420


ANCE? LASTg thCe H unusual

Celebratin three occurrence when eat Gr led ru s monarch lendar year, Britain in one ca e Kings of the 2011 $5 Thre close to a is f 1936 Silver Proo Restricted to t. ou llse e complet each 0, 50 a mintage of 2, NIUE 2011 $5 36 50g m 19 0m .2 35 x m REE KINGS OF F TH 35.20m OO is set in 50g SILVER PR ice .999 silver Proof Official Issue Pr se with a large, stylish ca ate of A$ 199 fic rti a numbered Ce SH106 . ity tic Authen

Portraying the hero of Banjo Paterson’s famous poem in pursuit of a pack of wild horses, the Perth Mint-struck 2010 $1 Man from Snowy River 1oz Silver Proof forms a memorable tribute to one of Australia’s key literary works. Taken from a mintage of 5,000, each 40mm .999 silver Proof is set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity.



VER G IN SIL SOARIN of 5,000, ge nta mi a Perth

ring the beauty and hostility of the Outback, this exclusive legal ten der coin NIUE 2011 $2 honours Ted FIRST CROSSING OF THE SIMPSON DESE RT Colson (18811oz SILVER PROOF 1950) – the Official Issue Price first European A$ 116 to cross the SH088 Simpson Desert.




North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696




MINTAGE JUST 2,000! Captu

each 40mm coin is set in a high-gloss timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.


Struck from 25g of lustrous sterling silver, this inspiring Proof coin is a prestigious precious metal tribute to Australia’s Tasmanian Tiger. Featuring a ‘Moving Image’ design created from footage of the last known Tasmanian NIUE 2011 $5 Tiger taken in TASMANIAN 1933, each coin TIGER is set in a case LENTICULAR SILVER PROOF with a Certificate Official Issue Price of Authenticity. A$ 116 Mintage just SH091 3,000!


Stumbling over a small ba at the ANA Show in Ch tch of coins icago, we are delighted to once again offer the 2009 $1 Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Silver Proof! Restricted to a mintage of just 5,000 – sold out in rap id fashion – each 40mm .999 fin e silv TUVALU 2009 Deadly & Dangerous co er $1 SALTWATER in is set in a plush case with a CROCODILE 1oz numbered SILVER PROOF Certificate of Authenti city. A$

Struck by the Mint from 1oz .999 fine silver, this eye-catching full-colour coin marks the 75th anniversary of the untimely demise of Australia’s greatest aviation pioneer – Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Restricted to



Bearing a fine portrait of the intrepid explorer, each 38.61mm .999 silver Proof is set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of just 2,000.

Perth Mint Myths sure to prove a hit! JUST 4,000 SETS ISSUED! Whether you are a traditional collector looking to secure a range of Australian legal tender types, or seeking a way to pass on your love of numismatics to the younger generation, the Perth Mint’s 2011 $1 Young Collectors Mythical Creatures BU Collection is perfect for every purpose and priced for every pocket! Housed in a brilliant album, and exclusive with only 4,000 sets issued, this fascinating exploration of folkloric tradition comprises

nine 30.60mm $1 Australian legal tender coins – each honouring a different mythological creature. Forming a gift that will amaze, delight and enlighten, the nine coins are united with an informative Certificate of Authenticity, a doublesided poster, colour stickers and a mini magnifying glass!



Whilst sure to impress those new to numismatics, the inclusion of nine Australian legal tender coins means that this series is also a key acquisition for decimal collectors. Fantastic value-for-money at an average price of just A$11 per coin, the 2011 $1 Young Collectors Mythical Creatures BU Collection is within the reach of all!

2011 $1 YOUNG COLLECTORS MYTHICAL CREATURES 9-COIN BU COLLECTION Official Issue Price AS825 Limit two per household


The ideal complemen t to the set above, this leg al tender 25c honours Canada’s most famou s mythical creature – the 10-foot tall, 200+ kilo , ape-man known as

Sasquatch. Depicting the Sasquatch in full-colo ur, this near crown-sized 35mm BU coin is set in an official Mint folder wit ha map showing where the Sasquatch was last see n!

The Star of the Series!

An official Australian legal tender coin, struck from pure .999 silver, the 2011 50c Starfish 1/2oz Silver Proof is a glittering example of the Mint’s precious metal prowess. Perfectly accommodated by the 36.60mm flan, the t tha Starfish’s powerful A stand-alone release y an red hues forms a to al is sure to appe r, cto dramatic contrast with full-colour coin colle se tho the sparkling silver for ve and a must-ha surface of the seeking to assemble II e coin. Lif a the complete Se the t, Se of Pro r As exclusive Silve as it is eyesecond issue in the lar pu po s nt’ Mi rth Pe program forms a fine tribute to one of Australia’s 2011 50c most RFISH 1/2oz STA f ree s ou fam R PROOF VE SIL – inhabitants Official Issue Price the Starfish. AS826


catching, with the mintage set at just 10,000, the 2011 50c Starfish 1/2oz Silver Proof is also beautifully presented. Housed in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, each coin is set in an outer d box which, when unite with the other four coins in the series, forms a spectacular underwater scene!


29 95




ught after, as with the inaugural issue of any program, the first coin of the Perth Mint’s Sea Life Series II forms a striking, vibrant tribute to the Hawksbill Turtle. Arrayed with a brilliant full-colour appreciation of this

endangered Aussie creature upon the 36.60mm flan, this unique Australian legal tender coin is struck to Proof quality from 1/2oz of .999 silver. Set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of 10,000, grasp the chance to secure this exclusive type at Official Issue Price!



2011 50c HAWKSBILL TURTLE 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS526 5

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Unprecedented demand expected! With interest driven by the appeal of the mythical dragon, and the global hunger for silver, the launch of the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Year *All prices subject of the Dragon to daily bullion Silver BU Series price fluctuations and will be charged has been met with on the date of devastating demand. 2012 50c YEAR 2012 $2 YEAR OF receipt of order. OF THE DRAGON THE DRAGON Indeed, although this is Not available for 1/2oz SILVER BU 2oz SILVER BU the first chance we have lay-by. y y it it il il b b a a A$ r avail A$ r avail 25 95 fo fo had to offer this series ll ll a a c c Please Please AS834 AS836 to our clients in Money,

our allocations have already been severely depleted, with the 2012 $1 Year of the Dragon 1oz Silver BU already SOLD OUT! A fantastic opportunity to enjoy the sheer excellence of the Perth Mint’s precious metal coin production, we do, thankfully, have stock available of the Mint’s other 2012 Year of the Dragon Silver BU issues. Providing an option for everyone, this outstanding .999 fine silver series

encompasses coins from the ever-popular, near crown-sized 36.60mm 50c 1/2oz and the imposing 55.60mm 2oz right up to the gargantuan 10 Kilo! A viable option for anyone seeking to add precious metal to his or her portfolio, these highly desirable silver coins will be hotly pursued by collectors worldwide. Whatever your motivation, we highly recommend immediate action.

Dragon Gold 1oz already sold out at Downies! As with the silver issue above, initial demand for the Perth Mint’s 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold BU Series has proved overwhelming. With Downies allocation of the 1oz coin already sold out, time is of the essence for those of our clients interested in securing a coin from one of the world’s leading gold bullion series.

Mint’s gold bullion continues to soar – as exemplified by the sell-out of the 30,000coin mintages of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Lunar 1oz Gold issues. The demand for the 2012 Lunar 1oz is indicative that this series is certain to be targeted by precious metal investors. With this in mind, you 2012 $15 YEAR 2012 $25 YEAR must not ignore this early OF THE DRAGON OF THE DRAGON opportunity to secure a coin 1/10oz GOLD BU 1/4oz GOLD BU ity from the 2012 Year of the ilability A$ r availabil A$ 205 fo for ava ll a all490 c c e e s s Dragon Gold BU Series. a a Ple Ple AS843 AS842

Although our original stock of the 1oz has been wiped out, we are pleased to announce that we have a wide variety of 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold BU coins available. Highlighted by the 18.60mm $15 1/10oz and 22.60mm $25 1/4oz coins, this series includes coins from the 1/20oz up to the 10 Kilo – all struck from .9999 fine gold. With more and more people seeking a Government-backed way to secure .9999 gold, demand for the Perth

*All prices subject to daily bullion price fluctuations and will be charged on the date of receipt of order. Not available for lay-by.

Pure silver united with genuine JADE! Whilst underpinned by flawless quality, pure silver and strictly availability, this stunning Year of the Dragon coin is most notable for the ring of genuine Burmese jade! Struck to Proof quality from 2oz .999 fine silver, this exclusive legal tender release

is distinguished by the most dramatic of reverse designs. Measuring an imposing 55mm in diameter, this ornate precious metal Proof features two dragons towards the edge, united with a 24-carat gold-plated dragon in the centre. Procured from Burma, and verified as genuine by the Gem Appraisal

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696

Center at Peking University, the jade ring brings balance and beauty to a coin of unprecedented splendour. With the mintage restricted to a mere 2,888, we secured only a tiny allocation of coins – each housed in an official case with a numbered Certificate

of Authenticity AND a Certificate guaranteeing authenticity of the jade! LAOS 2012 2000k LUNAR DRAGON JADE 2oz SILVER PROOF



AS814 6


Stunning in Gold Proof… Forming the ultimate acquisition for Lunar collectors, Joining one the Three-Coin Set Sure to command the of the most prestigious, attention of collectors comprises the huge most important Lunar crown-sized 39.34mm right across the world, New Year series in $100 1oz, the 22.60mm particularly given the global numismatics, $25 1/4oz and 18.60mm immense global appeal the Perth Mint’s new $15 1/10oz. Struck of the mythological Australian legal tender dragon, the key issue in to Proof quality, and 2012 Year of the Dragon this stunning new series featuring a dramatic Gold Proofs are official, is the magnificent Three- portrayal of a lithe, eye-catching and very, powerful dragon, each Coin Gold Proof Set. very exclusive. of these exquisitely





2,580 S

2012 $100 YEAR OF THE DRAGON 1oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AS820



2012 $25 YEAR OF THE DRAGON 1/4oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AS819

issue. Forming one of the Mint’s most exclusive collector programs, the 2012 Year of the Dragon Gold Proof Three Coin Set and the individual 1oz coin has been restricted to a mere 3,000 apiece! The limited edition of both the individual 1/4oz and the 1/10oz coins has been restricted to a mere 5,000 each! A prestigious addition to any collection, each official Perth Mint issue is set in the plush confines of an official display 2012 $15 YEAR OF THE DRAGON case, complete with a numbered Certificate of 1/10oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price Authenticity.

struck, pure .9999 gold coins is also available individually. But you will have to be quick! Despite the known popularity of the dragon, and the anticipated demand for all Year of the Dragon issues, the Perth Mint has refused to increase the mintages of this highly desirable Australian legal tender


339 AS818



2012 $1 YEAR OF THE DRAGON AL-BR BU Official Issue Price




Distinguished by a fascinating, sharply detailed design, and honouring what is undoubtedly the most famous of the twelve Lunar yearsigns, the 2012 Year of the Dragon Australian legal tender coins are sure to be the most sought after of the RAM’s Lunar Series. Struck to Proof quality, the 1/10oz .9999 gold $10 is the most prestigious element of the 2012 series – and the most exclusive. Set in a RAM case with a

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this 17.53mm Proof coin has a tiny mintage of just 2,500! An affordable, yet prestigious gift, the 25mm 11.66g .999 silver Proof is also set within an official RAM case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the strictly limited edition of 10,000. Not to be issued for circulation and a must-have for a complete $1 collection, the 25mm al-bronze Year of the Dragon $1 is just as important to

collectors as it is to Lunar buyers. A great gift for anyone born in the Year of the Dragon (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 or 2000), each coin is available at Official Issue Price.

2012 $1 YEAR OF THE DRAGON SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price




2012 $10 YEAR OF THE DRAGON 1/10oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price


AS891 7


OU D 275


COMPLETE AAT PREDECIMAL STAMP SET! As a result of a surprise acquisition of original sheets of Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) philatelic issues, we are now in a position to offer the COMPLETE AAT predecimal stamp collection – in Blocks of Four! Used by personnel at AAT bases, and also valid for use in the general Australian postal system, the very first issues of The compulsory complement to the predecimal stamps offered above, our recent bulk acquisition of early Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) stamps means we can also present the first AAT decimal philatelic issues – in Block of Four format!

A diverse, interesting presentation, this collection highlights some of Australia’s more unusual stamp formats – including sought after se-tenant gutter pairs! Created when two stamp types are printed on the same sheet, with

the AAT encompassed seven different stamps. Highlighted by the first AAT stamp, the sought after 1957 Map of Antarctica 2/-, and the 1961 Mawson 5d, the set also includes the 1959 5d, 8d, 1/- & 2/3d, plus the 1961 Blue Explorers 5d. Issued in comparatively low numbers, and naturally scarce in top grade today, this comprehensive Block of Four collection features

all seven predecimal AAT types issued during this short-lived series. Stashed away at the time of issue in original sheets, and including an array of key Australian varieties, each Block of Four is in superior Mint Unhinged condition. AAT 1957-65 COMPLETE BLOCK OF FOUR STAMP SET MUH




AND THE FIRST AAT DECIMAL STAMPS! Issued at the dawn of the decimal era in 1966 – barring the 5c, which was issued in 1968 – the AAT’s first decimal stamp release comprises a whopping ELEVEN

different types. Issued in denominations from 1c to $1, this series is hotly pursued by philatelists across the globe – in part due to the splendid portrayal of a wide array of iconic Antarctic scenes, and in part due to the general scarcity.

As these stamps were found in original sheets, we have the unusual opportunity to offer these key Australian philatelic types in Blocks of Four. Rarely offered in this format, each Block of Four is

AN UNUSUAL SELECTION… a different stamp found on either side on the central strip, se-tenant gutter pairs are always popular. A fine overview of this fascinating area, this set comprises an array of gutter pair issues, including the first of the decimal era – issued in 1968 for the Soil Science

Congress & Medical Conference. The first ever se-tenant gutter pair strip of six – the 1969 5c First Flight 6-stamp issue – is also included, plus the 1979 20c National Parks se-tenant gutter pair. The 1979 National Parks 10-stamp set is

also featured which, although not strictly defined by a se-tenant gutter pair format, is distinguished by ‘traffic lights’ through the centre – highly sought after by collectors.

in guaranteed pristine Mint Unhinged condition. AAT 1966 11-STAMP BLOCK OF FOUR SET MUH




Outstanding value at just A$39.95, each 20-stamp set is in Mint Unhinged quality. 1968-79 SE-TENANT GUTTER PAIRS SET (20 STAMPS) MUH




DREAMTIME THE ART OF THE stam and art ps – the 20c stamp collectors Among the earliest decimal philatelic issues, this interesting 4-stamp set celebrates Australian indigenous art – the oldest ongoing artistic tradition in the world. Beautifully designed, the collection comprises four

different Bark Painting, 25c Body Decoration, 30c Cave Painting and 35c Grave Posts types. A rich insight into Australia’s ancient heritage, capturing the spirit of the Dreamtime, this 40-year-old stamp issue is sought after by

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696

lovers alike. Taken from original sheets, we not only have the chance to offer these 1971 INDIGENOUS eye-catching stamps in ART 4-STAMP MUH – we can offer them BLOCK OF FOUR SET MUH in Blocks of Four! Pay A$ p! stam per 1995 A$1 r just ove AS883


THE ‘1930 PENNY’ OF STAMPS An iconic rarity spawned by the Depression, like the 1930 Penny, the 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge 5/- is one of the most desirable issues in Australian philatelics.

and this key type is recognised as rare in any grade. A great opportunity to add this Australian philatelic icon to your collection, we have the 5/- Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp – united with the 3d & 2d – in Very Fine Used.

Issued in 1932 to mark the completion of Australia’s great engineering triumph, the high denomination Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp was seldom set aside during the economic misery of the 1930s,





WILD ERROR… One of the most sought after misprints in philatelics, it is believed that from 1.6 billion stamps issued, there were less than 1,200 18c Wildflower Error stamps printed – all MISSING the country, denomination and inscription! Complete with a standard stamp to illustrate the dramatic nature of the mistake –

caused by the absence of black ink during the printing process – this philatelic rarity is seldom offered in strictly Mint Unhinged condition, as presented here. Act now! Limited stocks available! 1975 18c WILDFLOWER STAMP ERROR MUH




SCARCE SMITHY STAMP Issued late in the reign of George V to honour Kingsford Smith’s World Flights, this Depression Era airmail stamp is scarce today – especially in perfect condition. Created specifically for use by Federal Government departments – hence the ‘OS’ (Official

Service) overprint – this historic 6d Airmail issue is desirable in any grade. Surprisingly affordable, we have a small number in superb Mint Unhinged quality.





CORONATION COMMEMORATIVE! Part of one of Australia’s most highly sought after philatelic series, the Robes 5/- was one of three stamps issued to mark the investiture of King George VI in 1937. Depicting George’s wife, Elizabeth, in her Coronation robes, hence the name, the

Robes 5/- stamp was one of the first stamps issued during the reign of the new monarch. A high denomination, and therefore too valuable for people to casually pop away as a memento, it is scarce today – particularly in MUH Blocks of Four as here.




Issued by accident as the sun set on the predecimal era, we have just a few examples of the 1963 5d Stamp Block of 9 Imperforate Left & Right Pair! Produced in an unusual uncut formation of 288 stamps, each 1963 5d stamp sheet included 42 imperforate in between panes and 36 imperforate on margin. This meant that a variety of imperforate configurations were possible for this ‘Royal Definitive’ issue, including the two Blocks of Nine offered here. An unusual error pair, never before offered by Downies, one Block

of 9 is distinguished by imperforate stamps on the left hand side with the other featuring imperforate stamps on the right hand side! One of the last great predecimal errors, and rarely seen in this format, the 1963 5d Stamp Block of 9 Imperforate Left & Right Error Pair is a must-have for the serious stamp collector. In superb Mint Unhinged quality, we have only a few pairs in stock.






STEAMING STAMPS! As popular with train buffs as they are with serious philatelists, this Block of Four Set comprises four stamp types – each honouring one of Australia’s most famous trains. 9

Unveiled in 1979, and celebrating some of Australia’s most well known locomotives from the era of steam, this colourful set features the 20c Double Fairlie, 35c Puffing Billy, 50c Pichi Pichi and 55c Zig Zag. In immaculate

MUH, the Block of Four set is fantastic value at just A$19.95 – an average price of little more than A$1 per stamp! 1979 STEAM TRAIN STAMP BLOCK OF FOUR SET MUH




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

The superb façade of the Block Arcade has been described as one of Australia’s best surviving examples of the Victorian Mannerist style

An astonishing record of the fire in 1889 that destroyed the building in which the Block Arcade was subsequently built

Retaining its original 19th century splendour, the Block Arcade remains one of Melbourne’s most iconic tourist attractions

1300 788 358 (Melbourne Callers: +61 (0) 3 8456 8456) FACSIMILE

(03) 8456 8401 BY EMAIL

Block Pl Block Arcade

Collins Street Entrance Centre Way


in one of Melbourne’s most grandiose, most historic buildings. Tours of the Block Arcade are held on a daily basis, and with a tremendous variety of shops on hand – including Downies of course! – why not head to the city and enjoy an afternoon combining your love of coins with a truly enchanting, engrossing journey combining the best of the Victorian Age with the best in modern Victorian culture.

Downies Block Arcade Coins – proud to have been located at Melbourne’s historic Block Arcade since 1993

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Originally named Carpenter’s Lane, the arcade was widely known as ‘The Block’, and ‘doing The Block’ became one of Melbourne’s most fashionable Saturday shopping traditions. Some things never change, and the Block Arcade’s reputation as one of Melbourne’s most appealing shopping experiences remains as powerful as ever. Indeed, window shopping in the Block Arcade is one of the ‘100 Great Things to do in Melbourne for under $10’! Proud to be part of such a key element of Melbourne’s heritage, we would love our clients to visit our Melbourne retail outlet in person, and take

Block Arcade

Following the acquisition of what was clearly a prime piece of real estate, a group of local businessmen commissioned the architect David C. Askew to design a shopping arcade, which was erected from 1891 to 1893. Given a remit to replicate the Galleria Vittoria in Milan, Askew’s union of a mosaic tile floor, glass canopy and superb mix of wrought iron and carved stone finishings created one of Melbourne’s most ornate interiors.


Block Ct

was originally the home of Briscoe’s Grain Bulk Store from 1856 to 1883. George & Georges Drapers, which would ultimately become ‘George’s’, Melbourne’s most exclusive department store, occupied the building until a catastrophic fire in September of 1889 – a fire that took the lives of three firemen and caused £200,000 damage.

Elizabeth Street Entrance

Downies, Australia’s leader in coins and banknotes, with nearly 80 years experience in the industry, is proud to have established a prominent place on the Australian commercial landscape. We are just as proud to be associated with one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings – the historic, grandiose Block Arcade. The Block Arcade, where Downies’ Melbourne retail outlet, Block Arcade Coins, has been domiciled for nearly two decades, and where you will also find Downies Australian Coin Auctions,


Downies at the Block Arcade!

To Bourke Street


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Giving us the chance to say ‘thank you’ to our clients for their unswerving loyalty, and giving you the chance to enjoy a range of fantastic freebies, our Bonus

your accumulated Bonus Points – such as this one! Whether you choose to use your Bonus Points, or purchase at the Official Issue Price, this is a fantastic opportunity to secure some of the

Points Rewards Program is a key element of the Downies experience. As well as releasing regular Bonus Points Rewards Catalogues, we also provide special opportunities to redeem

RAM’s key annual issues before the mintages are officially closed. Thank you for your continued involvement in the program – enjoy your rewards!


The most important annual issues in Australian numismatics,

the Royal Australian Mint’s 2011 Proof Set and 2011 Mint Set are both distinguished by the employment of Australia’s classic, original decimal designs.

No matter which Australian legal tender collection you choose, each set comprises six coins from the 5c to the $2, with each coin struck to the rigorous standards

of the Royal Australian Mint. A permanent record of Australia’s circulating currency for the year, the affordable

2011 PROOF SET Official Issue Price

2011 Mint Set is housed in an official pack, with the prestigious 2011 Proof Set presented within an impressive, official RAM case. 2011 MINT SET Official Issue Price





A66,000 POINTS

A12,000 POINTS

MATCH! PERFECT wit hin an elegant,

A wonderful way to celebrate the happy couple’s big day, the 2011 Wedding Set represents a perfect match of quality, presentation and value. Comprising six Proof coins (5c$2), each Australian legal tender set is superbly presented

official RAM case, with a Certificate of Authenticity and a plaque for an inscription. 2011 WEDDING SET Official Issue Price A$





A48,000 POINTS

UNIQUE $1 TYPE! The perfect way to mark the arrival of the 2011 baby, this affordable BU collection comprises six coins from the 5c to the $2, united with a 27mm colour Blinky Bill medallion. Highlighted by a unique 2011-dated

$1, depicting Blinky Bill author Dorothy Wall, each set is housed in an official Royal Australian Mint pack. 2011 BABY MINT SET Official Issue Price A$



A14,000 POINTS


six flawlessly struck Proof coins from the 5c to the $2, and highlighted by a large 40mm Blinky Bill medallion, the 2011 Baby Proof Set forms a most prestigious celebration of the arrival of a newborn – and

a gift that will be treasured forever. Still available at Official Issue Price, each set is superbly presented in an official case.

2011 BABY PROOF SET Official Issue Price




A58,000 POINTS

RIDING ON THE SHEEP’S BACK… A fitting tribute to the key role played by the Wool Industry in Australia’s progress from ramshackle

penal colony to thriving, independent nation, the 2011 2-Coin BU and Proof Sets are also a musthave for serious collectors.

With the 20c and $1 Wool coins not issued for circulation and not in the 2011 Proof & Mint Sets, these Australian legal tender sets are

2011 2-COIN BU SET Official Issue Price

vital to those keen to preserve a complete collection. Very exclusive, with the pre-

determined mintages restricted to just 40,000 BU and 25,000 Proof sets, each collection is housed in a RAM pack.

2011 2-COIN PROOF SET Official Issue Price








A18,000 POINTS 11

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Whether to enjoy the peerless expertise of the Perth Mint, or to take a decisive step into precious metal investment, the new 2012 Silver Kookaburra Series can be all things to all people – and it’s available right now at Downies! For collectors, it will be the sheer quality of the 2012 Silver Kookaburra Series that will command their attention. Offered in 40.60mm $1 1oz, 75.60mm $10 10oz and gargantuan 100.60mm $30 Kilo formats – all struck from .999 fine silver – these exquisite coins represent a stylish celebration of the King of the Australian Bush. Distinguished by a superb oneyear-only design of a kookaburra, perched on a eucalyptus tree, these official Australian legal tender coins look simply magnificent struck to the Mint’s rigorous Specimen quality.

Just as importantly, the series will, as always, appeal to the everincreasing number of people seeking to add precious metal to their portfolios. The ongoing global economic difficulties continues to inspire unprecedented demand for silver, and the Perth Mint’s Governmentguaranteed Kookaburra coins – considered one of the world’s most trusted precious metal investment alternatives – have naturally been targeted by investors worldwide.

Indicative of the recent interest in the series, the 300,000-coin mintage of the 2008, 2009 and 2010 1oz Kookaburras completely sold out, with the increased 2011 mintage of 500,000 also devastated within months! With the surging global demand for silver showing no signs of abating, and given the immense quality of this new series, it is rightly anticipated that the 2012 Kookaburra coins will continue the


ity vailabil A$ all for a95*

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A$ all for availa*bility

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* bility

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call fo Please


*All prices subject to daily

bullion price fluctuations and will be charged on the date of receipt of order. Not available for lay-by.


The latest in one of the world’s most sought after gold bullion series, the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Gold Kangaroo Series (1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz and Kilo) will be in stock at Downies from the start of October!

KOALAS AND KANGAROOS – COMING SOON! Offered in 1/2oz, 1oz, 10oz and gigantic Kilo formats, the Perth Mint’s new 2012 Silver Koala coins will be available at Downies from the start of November!

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astonishing success of Australia’s Number One bullion program. Act now, and guarantee supply of the Perth Mint’s only 2012-dated Silver Kookaburras! ■ Available in 40.60mm 1oz, 75.60mm 10oz and 100.60mm Kilo formats ■ The epitome of purity, each coin is crafted from .999 fine silver ■ Genuine Australian legal tender – struck by Australia’s own Perth Mint ■ Underpinned by the Mint’s worldrenowned Specimen standards


Mid-August Money 2011  

Downies August Money 2011

Mid-August Money 2011  

Downies August Money 2011