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August 2011

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Lowest mintage in the series!

With the strike-toorder mintage closed at just 2,948, the 2011 $1 VOC Zuytdorp Shipwreck Silver Proof is the lowest mintage issue in the 19962011 Subscription $1 Series – to be enjoyed by an exclusive group of collectors. This is your limited window of opportunity to be one of them! An official Australian legal tender issue, struck to Proof quality from 1oz .999 silver, the 2011 $1 Made to Order Coin honours the VOC Zuytdorp Shipwreck – lost off the Western Australian coast in 1712 whilst en route to Batavia. Owned by the East India Company, and carrying 286 people and a cargo of Netherlands’ 3 Stuiver

and 6 Stuiver silver coins, the wreck of the VOC Zuytdorp was not discovered until 1964. Dominated by a depiction of one of the coins found on the wreck, this 40mm coin forms a compelling tribute to one of the most fascinating maritime mysteries in Australian history – and an exclusive one! As in 2010, when this important annual issue was recast as the ‘Made To Order Coin’, the Royal Australian Mint decided that the 2011 edition of the long-running Subscription $1 Series would not be made available to dealers. As evidenced by the astonishing speed of last year’s sell-out of the tiny number of the 2010 Made To Order Coin

we sourced from the secondary market, we are well aware that many of our clients are passionate followers of the striketo-order series. Thus, we went to great lengths to secure as many examples of the new 2011 $1 VOC Zuytdorp Shipwreck Silver Proof as we could – but you will have to be quick! No longer available at the RAM, our stock of the 2011 $1 Made to Order Coin will be devastated in days – if not hours. Sure to vanish from the market, do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Australian Legal Tender – just 2,948 coins struck!




Struck from 1oz .999 fine silver and set in official case with Certificate of Authenticity

EVERY CENT lth Australia! goes to Kidney Hea y A fantastic opportunit e siv clu ex an re cu to se full-colour medallion, with a mere 1,000 ney issued, the 2011 Kid n llio da Me lly Ra Kar also gives you the chance to make a difference. Every cent will of the retail of A$20 y ne Kid be donated to a! ali str Au h alt He Featuring the official logo and mascot of the Kidney Kar Rally in fullcolour upon the 39.34mm flan, the al-br 2011 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion

has been created by the Downies – along with rie ua cq Ma the of help Mint, the Perth Mint and Totalprint. A genuine ‘team effort’, g the striking, packagin and distribution of this medallion have all been donated! We are very appreciative of the generosity of the aforementioned organisations, as it enables us to donate y EVERY CENT to Kidne ! alia str Au h Healt Inspired to create this project through Managing Director Ken Downie’s

involvement in charitable causes, and his participation in the annual Kidney Kar Rally, Downies is proud to assist in raising funds for this most worthy cause. We hope you will join us in our quest. retail ■ Every cent of price donated to Kidney Health Australia! ition ■ Tiny limited ed just 1,000 fullcolour medallions! ■

Each 39.34mm al-bronze medallion set in an attractive card

Just 1,000 Perth Mint struck medallions available!




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Precious works of indigenous art… IN GLORIOUS GOLD AND STUNNING SILVER! Underpinned by inspiring indigenous art designs, flawless Brilliant Uncirculated quality and impressive presentation, each issue of the Perth Mint’s annual Dreaming Silver & Gold Series has commanded the attention of collectors and art-lovers across the globe. Imbued with the same characteristics as its

much-admired predecessors, the new 2011 Platypus Gold & Silver Dreaming Series will prove no exception to the rule. Capturing the Dreamtime within the art of coinage, these new silver and gold Australian legal tender coins are all distinguished by a magnificent indigenous design of Australia’s internationally renowned platypus – created by indigenous artist, Darryl Bellotti. Struck to BU quality, this series is headlined by the 10g $25 (25.60mm x 15.60mm) and 2.5g $15 (22.60mm x 13.60mm)



2011 $1 PLATYPUS DREAMING 1oz SILVER BU Official Issue Price AS688

coins – each struck from prestigious .9999 gold. An affordable alternative – and perfect complement – to the gold coins, the 47.60mm x 27.60mm 1oz .999 silver $1 gives everyone the chance to own an original work of Australian art. With Australian indigenous art forming the oldest ongoing artistic tradition on the planet, the 2011



2011 $15 PLATYPUS DREAMING 2.5g GOLD BU Official Issue Price AS689

Platypus Dreaming coins will be highly sought after by collectors worldwide. Also forming a perfect, distinctively Australian gift for friends and contacts overseas, each Silver BU coin is set in an illustrated pack, with each Gold BU coin presented in a plush Perth Mint case – each accompanied by an informative, official Certificate of Authenticity.



2011 $25 PLATYPUS DREAMING 10g GOLD BU Official Issue Price AS690

New Bush Babies PNC! For those who missed out on the massively successful 2010 $1 Bush Babies Dingo 1oz Silver Proof – sold out at the Perth Mint within a matter of weeks – this enchanting tribute to one of Australia’s most internationally renowned native icons is simply a must-have – as it is for those who snapped up the $1 Koala PNC offered at right! A one-year-only Australian legal tender type coin, the 30.60mm flan of the 2011 $1 Bush Babies Dingo Al-Br BU bears exactly the same design as that highly sought after Silver Proof – a design that is absolutely

magnificent when struck to the rigorous Brilliant Uncirculated standards of the Perth Mint. Set within a delightful full-colour card, housed in a similarly illustrated envelope carrying an official Australian $1.60c stamp from Australia Post, this unique $1 type is worth the price of the PNC alone! That price is, significantly, within the reach of all collectors – just A$15.95 apiece! With the price so affordable, and the response to the $1 Koala PNC so strong, we must, in the interests of

fairness, enforce a limit of two PNCs per household. 2011 $1 BUSH BABIES DINGO PNC



AS691 Limit two per household

S! THE SERIE FIRST IN– an set within a similarly eye ’s alia str d one of Au ope.

If you haven’t most internationally guaranteed supply recognised inhabitants of the first issue in – this official Australia Australia Post’s $1 a Post release features Bush Babies , mp sta n alia str Au c $2.35 PNC Series eon e, iqu un united with a yet, fret sh Bu $1 11 20 nly r-o yea not! We ed Babies Koala BU. Grac still have as n sig de e sam the with the 2011 the much sought after $1 Bush $1 Bush Babies Babies Koala 2010 Silver Proof – sold ala Ko ! PNC in stock at the Perth Mint at an s A fine tribute astonishing speed – thi n alia to Australia’s str Au g tin an ench on cuddliest legal tender type is set n rd, ico ca d bush ne sig de ly erb a sup

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catching official envel r Triggering even stronge , ted ipa tic an n interest tha of n tio ca allo d ite lim r ou this official Australian legal tender PNC has been severely depleted in by demand. With this ly on is it l fee mind, we right to apply a limit of ld. one PNC per househo 2011 $1 BUSH BABIES KOALA PNC A$


AS598 Limit one per household


Aussie legal tender! STUNNING FULL-COLOUR! Defined by the lively presentation, BU quality and spellbinding use of fullcolour underpinning its extremely popular predecessors, the Perth Mint’s sparkling new 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Series gives you the chance to add a variety of one-yearonly Australian legal tender coins to your collection – at a price to please all pockets! Yet another wonderful opportunity to journey around the Great Southern Land, the 2011 series comprises five different BU $1 coins – each representing one of Australia’s officially inscribed World Heritage Sites and its associated wildlife. Individually brilliant coins, honouring Purnulul National Park, the Wet Tropics of Queensland, Macquarie Island, the Gondwana Rainforests and Australian Fossil Mammal Sites, the 5-coin set unites to form a vibrant reflection of Australia’s unique landscapes and marine environments. An enlightening, important appreciation of Australia’s wondrous natural beauty, this oneyear-only presentation would make a fantastic gift for friends and contacts overseas – or for those yet to be introduced to the joys of collecting. Moreover, with every coin an official, Commonwealth Government approved

Australian legal tender issue, the 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Al-Br BU Collection is a must-have for traditional decimal enthusiasts. Given the incredibly low retail price, no one needs to miss out! Housed in beautifully illustrated, official Perth Mint cards, these 30.60mm al-br fullcolour coins are very affordable individually at an Official Issue Price of just A$14.95 apiece. Available at over A$5 off the combined individual prices of the five coins AND including a FREE series album, the complete set represents simply unbeatable collector value! ■ Comprises five Australian legal tender $1 coins ■ Struck to BU quality by Australia’s own Perth Mint ■ Each 30.60mm coin embellished with full-colour! ■ Presented in individual, official display cards ■ Buy the set – SAVE A$5 – and get a FREE album!


Representing the Park’s ancient environment, with a native short-eared wallaby set against the breathtaking Bungle Bungle Range

Depicts a waterfall and native Burrawang Palms of Queensland’s spectacular Wet Tropics – united with a Southern Cassowary

Celebrating the beautiful trees and native palms of the Gondwana Rainforests, as well as the large, long-tailed songbird, Albert’s Lyrebird

Including a fully struck-up portrayal of the fur seal, set against a full-colour depiction of the rugged Macquarie Island coastline



SAVE A$5! PLUS FREE ALBUM Portraying the Riversleigh Fossil Mammal Site, and a recreation of one of the fossils found at the site in Narracoorte – the Thylacoleo carnifex marsupial lion 3

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Heroes and Villains! WORLDWIDE MINTAGE One of the most important elements of literature, the heroes of history need their roguish rivals – indeed, they couldn’t be heroes without them! Underpinned by impeccable Proof quality, innovative presentation and – with a mintage of just 1,500 – extremely limited availability, this imaginative new legal tender collection from Australia’s Perth Mint celebrates some of the most famous heroes of literary history – and their villainous counterparts!

Heroes of history – and their famous foes!

Exquisite full-colour designs… A typically impressive exhibition of the Perth Mint’s unique expertise, each 2011 $1 Heroes & Villain 1oz Silver Proof forms a dramatic fusion of traditional numismatic sculpture and the glories of full-colour minting. Imaginatively designed and superbly struck, the broad 40.60mm diameter coins capture both the characters and the atmosphere of these celebrated literary tales, with each detailed, frosted Proof quality design contrasting brilliantly against an exquisite full-colour backdrop.

Good versus Evil – it’s a never-ending battle, and a battle that has fascinated humanity since time immemorial. It should be no surprise, therefore, that literary history is littered with legendary adversarial combinations – the most famous of which are featured in this memorable Perth Mint collection! Sherlock Holmes & Professor Moriarty, Van Helsing & Dracula, Robin Hood & The Sheriff of Nottingham, Peter Pan & Captain Hook, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde…the rivalries honoured in this prestigious presentation encompass some of the world’s most well known fictional protagonists.

A compelling presentation… As with all Perth Mint official issues, the obvious quality of this fascinating legal tender collection is not confined to the coins alone. Providing the most appropriate environment for a collection based on some of the most well known works of literary fiction,

the Mint has housed this stunning set of precious metal Proofs within a plush, official display case, presented in an inventive book-style outer box – perfect to slot into your bookcase! Confirming the strictly limited edition, each collection is also complete with an individually serialnumbered Certificate of Authenticity.

An exclusive window of opportunity… Somewhat of a shock, considering the seemingly insatiable appetite of the global collector community for high-quality, full-colour coins, that mintage has been restricted to a mere 1,500 sets. With this outstanding legal tender presentation sure to spark substantial interest across the globe – especially from the burgeoning European market – Downies has been able to secure just a small allocation from that tiny limited edition, and our stocks won’t last for long.

Originally a play, written by Scottish novelist and playwright, JM Barrie, the story of Peter Pan and his notorious counterpart Captain Hook was first published as a novel exactly 100 years ago

A unique, imaginative and highly appropriate setting for this exploration of the heroes and villains of literary history, each 5-coin set is housed in a book-style presentation case, complete with a serialnumbered Certificate of Authenticity

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Enshrined in pure silver! JUST 1,500 SETS! Secure your collection at the Perth Mint’s Official Issue Price! ■

Exclusive! Extremely low worldwide mintage just 1,500 sets!

Comprises five unique .999 fine 1oz Silver Proofs

Struck by the Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender

Measuring 40.60mm, each coin is enhanced with full-colour

Housed in a superb, official Perth Mint presentation case

Includes an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity



TUVALU 2011 $1 HEROES & VILLAINS 1oz SILVER PROOF SET Official Issue Price AS692

First published in 1897, Irish author Bram Stoker’s gothic tale Dracula – and the battle between the vampiric Count and the slayer, Abraham van Helsing – is among the most memorable works in the history of literature

The key characters in a tale that has been told for more than six centuries, the rivalry of the fearless outlaw Robin Hood and his archenemy the Sheriff of Nottingham embodies the ongoing battle between individual freedom and tyrannical authority

Official legal tender of the Commonwealth nation of Tuvalu, each 40.60mm .999 fine silver Proof carries the Raphael Maklouf portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse

An insightful examination of the battle between Good & Evil that defines the human condition, first published in 1886, the story of Dr Jekyll and the murderous side of his personality, Mr Hyde, was the brainchild of literary giant, Robert Louis Stevenson

Created by author and physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and first appearing in print in 1887, the inimitable private detective Sherlock Holmes and his arch nemesis Professor Moriarty are among the most celebrated protagonists in literary history 5

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Exceptionally pretty examples! Near flawless, lustrous aUnc quality! Gold Rush history you can hold in your hands, struck at Australia’s first official Mint, the 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign is unquestionably one of Australia’s most important coins. The very last issue of Australia’s first Sovereign Series, this key date is always highly sought after – especially when found in the near flawless state of preservation seen here!

AUSTRALIA’S FIRST MINT Domiciled in the Rum Hospital, built from 1811-16 during the stewardship of Australia’s 5th Governor, Lachlan Macquarie, the Sydney Mint was Australia’s first official mint. The first overseas branch of Britain’s Royal Mint, established in response to the 1850s Gold Rush, the first coins struck at the Sydney Mint were 22-carat gold Half Sovereigns and Sovereigns. Defined by highly distinctive designs, with ‘Australia’, ‘Sydney Mint’ and the denomination emblazoned on the reverse, these coins were intended to be legal

tender in NSW only, but quickly gained worldwide acceptance. Actually preferred to British issues, it was the global popularity of the Sydney Mint types that caused the downfall of the series! With authorities in London keen to eradicate the distinction between British and colonial issues, the Mint was forced to use standard British designs from 1871. A short-lived issue, but an eternal reminder of Australia’s Gold Rush heritage, the 1855-70 Sydney Mint Sovereign Series is a core component of numismatics in this country.

A guarantee of the stated quality – and a major advantage for the collector in the event of the re-sale of the coin – each aUnc 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign is sonically sealed within an official PCGS acrylic capsule inscribed with the official grade

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The last date of the 1855-70 Sydney Mint Sovereign Series, with the Mint forced to use standard British designs from 1871, the 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign is hotly pursued for its ‘last issue’ status. Also notable as the 4th lowest mintage coin of the 1857-70 Type II series, with a mere 1.2m struck and many lost to precious metal profiteers in the 141 years since issue, this historic 22-carat gold coin is also sought after for its rarity in premium condition. Unsurprisingly, the 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign is seldom offered to collectors in the upper echelons of quality, making an opportunity such as this extremely important. Clearly set aside soon after issue, and underpinned by sharp designs and a lovely, original full mint bloom, the small number of 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereigns we have in stock have been officially graded at AU55 and AU58 – the equivalent of aUnc – by the US-based Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). One of the world leaders in independent, 3rd party coin verification, PCGS use the extraordinarily exhaustive Sheldon Scale with which to grade coins. Indeed, although both coins available here are in about Uncirculated quality, the tiny differences in the minimal wear apparent in each has resulted in a 3-point difference on the scale – testimony to the meticulousness of PCGS’ assessment of every coin placed in its care. With the coins before you, official verification of the virtually faultless state of preservation is hardly necessary – at a single glance, the quality is immediately apparent. Exceptionally pretty examples, the very last Australian Sydney Mint Sovereign in about Uncirculated condition represents one of the finest acquisitions that the collector could make.

Mintage just 2,500! Sell out certain! Proving an instant hit with collectors worldwide, the Three Kings of 1936 precious metal coins have been the subject of huge demand. With the 2011 $200 Three Kings of 1936 Gold Proof sold out, and the 2,500coin mintage of the 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 50g Silver Proof severely depleted, time is running out for those interested in this stunning tribute to one of the most

extraordinary years in British history. An entirely predictable result – given the quality of the strike, the presence of 50g of .999 silver and the plush presentation – the fierce demand for the 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof can be largely attributed to the inspired design. Uniting the official portrait of Edward VIII with those of his predecessor and successor – George V and

the portraits of the Three Kings of 1936 are particularly eye-catching embellished with 24-carat gold. Struck by Swiss precious metal experts Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, the 2011 $5 Three Kings of 1936 Silver Proof is also notable for the impressive presentation. Thick and weighty, each of these diamondshaped legal tender

George VI – this 35.20mm x 35.20mm coin represents a rare opportunity to own a genuine legal tender coin bearing the effigy of the reluctant king. Designed by EB Mackennal (George V) and Thomas Paget (Edward VIII & George VI),

issues is set in a large timber case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 2,500. With that a sell out of that meagre mintage inevitable, do not ignore this important opportunity to guarantee supply of this majestic precious metal Proof.



NIUE 2011 $5 THREE KINGS OF 1936 50g SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price SH106

Bearing the portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse, each legal tender 35.20mm x 35.20mm FIFTY GRAM .999 silver $5 is set in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

KEY PERTH MINT DATE! From Fine to Unc, and all grades in between, the 1926P Sovereign is the highest cataloguing Perth Mint sovereign – and a key date in the Australian sovereign series. A highly sought after issue, with a tiny mintage of just 1.132m, the 1926P is absent from most sovereign collections – regardless of the grade. A wonderful opportunity to secure this crucial

LAST LARGE HEADS! Historic, important dates, we have in stock the final two Perth Mint Sovereigns distinguished by the Large Head effigy of George V – in superb Uncirculated quality! The first George V obverse, the Large Head Portrait was used on sovereigns from

the first in 1911 until replaced by the Modified Portrait in 1929. Defined by low mintages – with just 1.384m 1927P and a tiny 133,000 1928P Sovereigns struck – the last two dates of the series are seldom offered in the pristine state of preservation seen here.

sovereign in rarely seen quality, we have the 1926P Sovereign available in lustrous, eye-catching Extremely Fine condition. Just a few coins in stock! 1926P GOLD SOVEREIGN EF




sovereigns, One of Australia’s rarest n examples ow kn few the of e on we have n in stock! of the 1926S Sovereig re details! mo for 8 35 8 78 00 Call 13








AS244 7


Australia’s highest predecimal coin denomination, and the second of only two dates of Australia’s largest issued coin type, the 38.50mm, 28.27g sterling silver 1938 Crown is notorious for the tiny mintage. Indeed, with production halted at 101,600 due to the Crown’s unpopularity as a circulation coin, the 1938 Crown is one of the lowest-mintage predecimal issues.

Imposing, distinctive and, with so many melted for the silver, very scarce in any grade, we have the 1938 Crown in Very Fine condition.





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The COMPLETE 1966-85 $2 note series! 1966 $2 COOMBS/WILSON UNC A$ HF693










First seen following decimalisation in 1966, with the series concluding in 1985, Australia’s $2 banknote was issued under eight different signature combinations. Your big chance to enjoy a comprehensive appreciation of the series, each of those signature combinations is represented in this highly desirable collection – with every note in Uncirculated quality! An affordable compilation, the 1966-85 $2 Banknote Signature Collection is highlighted by a wide array of historic, sought after Australian notes. A key addition to any collection, the 1966 Coombs/Wilson $2 is a must-have ‘first issue’ type, whilst the 1968 Coombs/Randall $2 is among the highest cataloguing decimal notes. Issued in low numbers, this scarce note is double the value of the next highest cataloguing Unc $2 signature combination! A comprehensive reflection of the series, these numismatic luminaries are united with the $2 notes

released under the signature combinations of Phillips/Randall (1969), Phillips/Wheeler (1972), Knight/Wheeler (1976), Knight/Stone (1979), Johnston/Stone (1979) and the last in the series, Johnston/Fraser (1985). Although the $2 was issued under eight signature combinations, this set includes NINE notes. Why? Because, as a bonus, we have included BOTH the original 1972 ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ and 1974 ‘Australia’ banner $2 notes issued during the Phillips/Wheeler signature combination! A very rare opportunity, all nine notes, including the extremely scarce 1968 $2 Coombs/ Randall, are presented in immaculate Uncirculated condition – at a sensational saving! The set of nine is now A$100 off the standard price in Unc, but why not secure a rare Consecutive Pairs 18-note collection and SAVE A$200?


SAVE A$ 100!










SAVE A$ 200!













…and every $2 coin from 1988 to 1999!

A fantastic opportunity to add some often overlooked decimal dates to your collection in pristine condition, this affordable compilation comprises an example of EVERY $2 al-br coin issued from 1988 until 1999 – with each coin in flawless Uncirculated quality!

With some dates defined by comparatively low mintages (1993 4.9m and 1998 8.7m) and, as with all noncommemoratives, every coin largely ignored at the time of issue, the 1988-1999 $2 series is generally scarce in Uncirculated condition. Today, dates from early in the $2 series

are impossible to source from change in anything other than well circulated condition, and many are rising steadily in value in top grade. Highlighted by the first Australian $2, issued in 1988, the first RankBroadley portrait $2 type, issued in 1999, AND the rare 1991 $2 –

not issued for circulation, found only in RAM sets and defined by a tiny mintage of just 147,900! – this 12-coin collection is a must-have for those seeking to maintain a complete decimal collection in the best possible condition. With every coin in superb Uncirculated quality, this is your chance!



1988-99 $2 AL-BR COLLECTION UNC (12 coins) AS697

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The COMPLETE 1966-91 $10 note series! AS A SET OF SINGLE NOTES – AND A SET OF CONSEC PAIRS! An historic, highly sought after Australian series, rarely offered in such a comprehensive format, we are delighted to present the COMPLETE 1966-91 $10 Banknote Collection in Uncirculated quality – both as a set of single notes AND as a set of Consecutive Pairs! A sensational opportunity to create a complete collection in an instant, this allencompassing compilation comprises an example of every signature combination and type from the paper $10 series. From Australia’s first $10, issued in 1966 at the inception of the decimal system and bearing the Coombs/Wilson signatures, to the last, bearing the Fraser/Cole signatures – and every note in between! – all fourteen different paper $10 issues are included! Headlined by the rare 1967 $10 Coombs/Randall, valued at A$850 in Unc, as well as the hotly pursued 1968 $10 Phillips/Randall (value A$145),

1974 $10 Phillips/Wheeler Aust (value A$248) and 1976 $10 Knight/Wheeler Centre (value A$225) the collection comprises many notes that are extremely scarce in top grade. Indeed, with the last paper $10 first issued two decades ago, and so many notes lost, destroyed or well circulated over the years, the opportunity to secure all fourteen types in absolutely premium condition is seldom seen. With every one of these $10 notes sourced directly from original RBA bundles, and therefore in flawless Unc quality, this is just such an opportunity! Beyond your guarantee of immaculate Unc quality, our purchase of RBA bundles also means you can secure the 1966-91 $10 Banknote Collection in Consecutive Pairs – at well below market price! The set of 14 Unc notes can be yours at A$80 off normal price, with the regular retail of the Unc Consec Pair set slashed by a whopping A$160!

Australia’s first $20 note!

1966 $10 Coombs/Wilson Unc 1967 $10 Coombs/Randall Unc 1968 $10 Phillips/Randall Unc

SAVE A$ 80!

1966-91 $10 COMPLETE BANKNOTE COLLECTION (14 notes) KC861

1972 $10 Phillips/Wheeler C of A Unc 1974 $10 Phillips/Wheeler Aust Unc 1976 $10 Knight/Wheeler Centre Thread Unc 1976 $10 Knight/Wheeler Side Thread Unc 1979 $10 Knight/Stone Gothic Unc 1979 $10 Knight/Stone OCR-B Unc



SAVE A$ 160!

1983 $10 Johnston/Stone Unc 1985 $10 Johnston/Fraser Unc 1990 $10 Fraser/Higgins Unc 1991 $10 Fraser/Cole PIL Unc




See the Order Form for individual prices!

1991 $10 Fraser/Cole No PIL Unc

Replacing the £10 note 45 years ago, and the highest denomination at decimalisation in 1966, the Coombs/ Wilson $20 plays a special role in the story of Australian numismatics. A one-year type as well as a ‘first year of issue’ note, marking a major milestone in Australia’s currency heritage, the Coombs/Wilson $20 is always a popular choice with 9

collectors. With four and a half decades having come and gone since first issued, it has also become one of the scarcest decimal types. An essential part of every Australian banknote collection, this is your chance to add it to yours in premium grade quality – at a price everyone can afford! Obviously set aside soon after issue in 1966, the small stock

of $20 Coombs/ Wilson notes we have available are conservatively graded at Extremely Fine – and offered at a mere A$39.50 apiece! An historic, ‘first-of-itskind’ Australian note, available at less than double face value, you won’t find better value-for-money! Act now!



1966 $20 COOMBS/ WILSON EF AS299

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The Silver of Bloody Mary

Spade in premium grade!

A powerful fusion of beauty, history and rarity, Britain’s Gold Spade Guinea is an original artefact of Australia’s colonial heritage. England’s premier gold coin before replaced by the sovereign in 1817, the Guinea is most

desirable when found in high grade – as here. A coin of great beauty, the 1787-99 Guinea circulated extensively in the early days of the colony, and was a natural inclusion in Australia’s first currency system – the Proclamation of 1800. Scarce in high grade, and yet surprisingly affordable for such an authentic piece of Australian history, we have a few Spade Guineas in superb EF – date of our choice.

Issued during the brief joint reign of Queen Mary and King Philip, the 1555 Silver Shilling is very rarely seen on the Australian market – regardless of the grade. The daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, and half-sister and predecessor to Elizabeth I, Queen Mary ruled for only five years – ruling jointly with her husband, King Philip of Spain, from 155458. Most notorious for restoring England to Roman Catholicism, and the suppression of




religious dissenters that led to her nickname of ‘Bloody Mary’, Queen Mary also re-established the sterling standard for all English silver coins. One of few coin types struck for Mary and Philip, and featuring portraits of the Queen and King on the reverse, the single, neatly plugged sterling silver 1555 Shilling GB 1555 MARY we have in stock is & PHILIP SILVER in highly collectable SHILLING aFine about Fine AR739 condition.


GB 1788 Half Guinea & 1797 Guinea Gaming Token Pair

GB 1902-10 Edward VII 5-Coin Penny Set Ave Circ


A$ 95 ■

A$ ■


Fascinating British tokens – issued during the Victorian Era and used for gambling Faithful, actual-size recreations of George III Half Guinea and Guinea – struck in brass


Used like modern poker chips – and in very nice condition for their antiquity An affordable way to enjoy the famous designs of crucial Proclamation Era gold coins

Comprising the last two British farthing types – issued for George VI (1949-52) and Elizabeth II (1953-56) Sparkling, high grade examples, taken from mint rolls, each coin is in lustrous red Unc quality Historic, desirable coins Britain’s final two farthing types are surprisingly affordable at just A$9.95 for the pair


A$ 95


The GB Farthing Monarch Set (George V, George VI and Elizabeth II) in VF+ is also available! A$7.95 AQ055

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696


Incorporates five different penny dates from the reign of Edward VII – our choice Circulating extensively in Australia before our first national coinage issued in 1910 ■ Unites noble portrait of Edward VII with Britannia Seated motif upon the reverse ■ In average circulated quality, and an affordable acquisition at under A$2 per coin

GB & Ireland 1960s Halfpenny & Penny Pair x 10 Unc

GB George VI & Elizabeth II Farthing Type Pair ■


Each 40-coin collection comprises TEN 1960s British halfpennies, TEN 1960s British pennies, TEN Irish 1960s halfpennies and TEN Irish 1960s pennies! As good as the day they were struck, every coin is presented in strictly Unc quality Fantastic value, these 40 coins are yours at an average price of under 50c per coin!






History, Quality, Provenance, Rarity…

A coin of rich English Civil War history, powerful provenance and rarely seen quality, the Ireland 1643-44 Ormonde Silver Half Crown is also defined by its undeniable rarity. One of the key coins in the Irish series, the 1643-44 Ormonde Half Crown was struck as an ‘emergency issue’

for England’s Charles I during the First English Civil War (1642-46). Issued during the uprising by Irish Catholics starting in 1641, known as the Great Rebellion, the 1643-44 Ormonde Half Crown was struck as a show of Irish Catholic allegiance with Charles I. Authorised by the King from his military HQ in Oxford, this series

is named ‘Ormonde Money’ after the Earl of Ormonde, who, as part of the king’s council in Ireland, proclaimed the new coin as legal tender in the Kingdom of Ireland. Struck from silver plate or maybe worn silver coin, this emergency issue is very rare in the strong grade seen here.

Once part of the famed Sid Hagley Collection, the single example in stock is graded about Very Fine with a slight flan crack.




Return of the Monarchy! Issued to mark the 350th anniversary of one of the most crucial moments in English history, this 38.61mm £5 cu-ni coin honours the

GB 1967 Penny & Halfpenny Pair x 10 Unc ■



■ AQ324


Comprises six British legal tender crown-sized 28.28g sterling silver Proofs – each with 2012 Olympics logo in full-colour!





GB 2011 £5 London Countdown BU ■

Official London 2012 Olympic issue – honours British icons such as Stonehenge, Churchill and Big Ben! Set in an official Royal Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity & six Story Cards



Official Royal Mail philatelic tribute to Britain’s most highly regarded album covers Celebrates such iconic covers as Led Zeppelin IV and the Rolling Stones’ Let It Bleed Uniting a 10-stamp souvenir sheet and an informative 10-stamp Presentation Pack A must-have for music fan and stamp collector alike at a mere A$24.95


GB 2010-11 £5 British Icons Silver Proof Collection


GB 2010 Great Album Covers Presentation Pack & Souvenir Sheet Pair

Vital dates in British currency history – the LAST predecimal halfpenny and penny! Each set comprises TEN 1967 pennies and TEN 1967 pennies in Unc condition The 1d features Britannia, used for every monarch since Charles II (1660-85) – the 1/2d depicts a ship, said to represent Francis Drake’s Golden Hind


the Restoration. Struck to flawless BU quality, each coin is set in an official Royal Mint pack featuring details of the life of Charles II.

return of the monarchy under Charles II (son of Charles I) after the failed experiment with republicanism following the English Civil Wars – an event known as

The official ‘One Year To Go’ London 2012 Olympic Games £5 Countdown coin! Official British legal tender – struck to the rigorous BU quality of the Royal Mint Bearing an innovative design, each 38.61mm £5 set in an official Royal Mint pack A wonderful 2012 Olympics keepsake, and spectacular value-for-money at under A$20



AR970 11


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Austria 1780 Maria Theresa Thaler Silver BU



Canada 2009 Holiday Gift Set


Dated 1780, this trusted trade coin circulated around the world for 120 years after first struck! Crafted from .833 silver, the modern version of this famous 39.50mm coin is housed within a superb full-colour pack



Cocos Keeling Islands 2003 $10 Silver Proof




Honours Darwin’s historic visit to the Cocos Keeling Islands aboard the Beagle in 1836 One of few Cocos issues – struck to flawless Proof quality from 25g of sterling silver Housed in a timber case with a Certificate of Authenticity – mintage just 2,000!

■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■



Soon to adopt the Euro, Poland’s current coinage will soon be consigned to history A fine keepsake, comprising nine denominations from the 1 Grosze to 5 Zlotych In premium grade EF to Unc, this affordable coin set is housed in a plastic pack


■ ■

■ ■ ■

■ ■




Comprehensive appreciation of Finland’s commemorative 2€ issues from 2004 to 2009 Comprises seven 25.75mm 2€ coins – plus an Economic Monetary Union medallion! Each 2€ BU bimetal collection set in an official, full-colour Mint of Finland pack

■ ■ ■


The last national coinage of Cyprus, before the country’s adoption of the Euro in 2008 Comprises six coins from the 1c to the 50c, with all coins grading from EF to Unc Housed within a protective plastic pack, and excellent value-for-money at A$19.95

■ ■ ■



Although many Czechs oppose the move, the Czech Republic will ultimately join the Eurozone Features 9 coins (10 Haleru-50 Korun) – 10, 20 & 50H already withdrawn from circulation Graded EF-Unc, this historic memento is housed in a protective plastic pack

Last George III (1760-1820) 1/2d type – struck at Matthew Boulton’s Soho Mint A Proclamation Era coin, circulating at double face value in early colonial Australia In Very Good quality, this 205-year-old coin is astonishingly affordable at just A$19.95

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Hungary EU New Nations Coin Set



Comprises ten genuine Cash Coins of the Northern Sung Dynasty (960-1127AD) In an impressive state of preservation, the ten coins grade from Fine to Very Fine Outstanding value for 900+ year old coins – average price less than A$2 per coin!

An innovative type, with a vial of genuine oil embedded within the imposing 40mm flan! Honours J.D. Rockefeller, and his revolutionary contribution to the oil industry Each gold-plated, 1oz .999 silver BU bears the portrait of this famous US industrialist



Cyprus EU New Nations Coin Set

GB 1806 Finland Halfpenny VG 2004-09 2€ BU Coin Set A$1995 A$



An official Royal Canadian Mint issue, celebrating the Festive Season Comprises Canada’s six traditional denominations, plus a full-colour Santa Claus 25c! Set in a beautifully designed, official pack, shaped to represent Canada’s maple leaf

Cook Islands 2008 $10 1oz Silver BU A$

China Cash 10-Coin Pack


Czech EU New Nations Coin Set

Poland EU New Nations Coin Set A$



■ ■



Like Poland and the Czech Republic, Hungary is also destined to embrace the single European currency Includes seven coins (1-200 Forint) – 1 & 2F coins withdrawn from circulation in 2008 A fantastic opportunity to secure Hungary’s last pre-Euro national coinage in EF-Unc

GB c1790s Trade Token VG A$



■ ■ ■

Issued by businesses to overcome a severe coinage shortage during the 1790s We have a wonderful array of British Traders Tokens in stock – our choice of type Remarkably affordable for such historic ‘coins’, each Traders Token is graded VG

Images smaller than actual size

GB Henry III Cut Silver 1/2d


A$ ■ ■ ■


Germany 1875-1910 5M F-VF

From the 11th to the 13th centuries, English pennies were cut to create halfpennies! Issued for Henry III (1216-72) – one of few monarchs to reign for more than 50 years Officially sliced across Long Cross of penny – with strong detail in portrait and inscription

A$ ■ ■

Germany 2006 2€ Unc


A$ 95 ■

■ ■


■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■


■ ■ ■




Official legal tender issue from the Southern Caribbean nation of Trinidad & Tobago Comprises six coins (1c-$1) including unique 1995 ‘Food For All’ commemorative $1 In flawless Unc condition, and a must-have at this price – little more than A$1 per coin!

Yemen 2004 20 Riyals Unc


An extremely diverse legal tender set, celebrating an array of sea creatures Comprises ten different coins from ten different countries – grading from EF to Unc An affordable acquisition, and a great gift for a young collector – just A$1.25 per coin!

A one-year-only legal tender type – hoarded en masse, like all 2€ commemoratives Depicts one of the city of Hamburg’s most famous buildings – the Church of St Michael Available at an appealing A$9.95 apiece, and in strictly Uncirculated quality

A$ 95


Comprises five Unc coins (1-50 Kopeks) from ■ the ex-Soviet territory of Transnistria An independent, self-governing state, ■ Transnistria is as yet unrecognised by the UN An exotic addition to any world coin collection, ■ and an affordable one at just A$9.95



Trinidad & Tobago 1978-2004 Set Unc

Sealife 10-Coin Set EF-Unc


An official legal tender issue from the former Soviet state of Uzbekistan Unique, one-year-only type, marking the 2,200th anniversary of Tashkent City In strictly Uncirculated, and an affordable addition to your collection at just A$7.95

Germany 2008 2€ Unc A$ 95

Unique official legal tender bimetallic type from Germany – must-have for 2€ collectors Pays homage to Schwerin Castle, found in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern In strictly Uncirculated condition, and a genuine bargain at a mere A$11.50 apiece

A$ 95

Uzbekistan 2009 100 Som Cu-Ni Unc A$ 95


insight into post-WWI German hyperinflation – inflation that ultimately rose to 300 million per cent! Comprises 28mm 50 Marks, 38mm 100 Marks, 44.5mm 10,000 Marks, 44mm 5m Marks and 44.5mm 50m Marks – graded aUnc-Unc


Transnistria 2000-05 Set Unc


Official legal tender bimetal 2€ commemorative from Germany – in strictly BU quality One-year-only type – marks the 10th anniversary of the Economic Monetary Union An interesting bimetallic issue, and outstanding value-for-money at under A$9

An imposing 90% silver 5M crown from the united German Empire (1871-1918) Issued for Wilhelm (1861-88) and Wilhelm II (1888-1918) – our choice of type


Germany 2009 2€ BU



295 Scarce, low-mintage types, offering a unique A$

Germany 2007 2€ Unc


Crucial acquisition for 2€ collectors, this type was Germany’s first 2€ commemorative! Depicts the well known gate in the northern city of Luebeck, in Schleswig-Holstein Measures 25.75mm, as with each official 2€ commemorative offered on these pages

A$ 95


Germany 1923 50 Mark-50m Mark Set aUnc-Unc


A$ 95 ■ ■ ■


The very first bimetal 20 Riyals date issued by the Middle Eastern nation of Yemen Comprises brass-plated steel core, circled by a stainless steel ring – in Unc quality! A key acquisition for world, and bimetal, coin collectors – especially at just A$7.95!

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US 2010 $1 Eagle 1oz Silver BU


A$ ■


The 2010 dated issue from the world’s most collected coin series – struck to crisp BU quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver Stunning designs – uniting the graceful Walking Liberty with the power of the US Eagle

US 2010 $1 Veterans Silver Proof


A$ ■

■ ■

US 2011 $1 US Army Silver Proof


A$ ■


Official recognition of all US service personnel permanently disabled in the line of duty One of only two silver commemoratives authorised by the US Government in 2010 Struck from 26.73g 90% silver, each 38mm $1 Proof set in case with Certificate

US 2011 Medal of Honor Silver Proof A$ ■ ■ ■



Unique tribute to the Medal of Honor – the USA’s highest award for bravery Depicts the US Navy, Air Force and Army Medals of Honor upon the obverse Each 38mm 26.73g $1 90% silver Proof set in a case with Certificate of Authenticity

Honours the role of the US Army in defending the US from the colonial period to today One of only two 2011 silver commemoratives authorised by the US Government Housed in a case with Certificate, each 26.73g 90% silver Proof measures 38mm

US 2010 Proof Set A$ ■


US 2010 Presidents Proof Set


Comprises three 2010 sets – the 4-coin Presidents $1 set, the first 5-coin America The Beautiful Quarters set and 5-coin standard types set – each in a US Mint case! This ‘three-sets-in-one’ issue represents absolutely stunning value-for-money – pay a mere A$4.95 per sharply struck Proof coin!

A$ ■ ■ ■

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(03) 8456 8401 BY EMAIL


Fantastic opportunity to own the complete 2010 Presidents $1 set in the highest quality Beautifully presented in a case in official US Mint outer box – complete with Certificate Super saving! Normally A$39, we have this flawless 4-coin Proof Set at a mere A$29!

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US 2011 Presidents Proof Set


A$ ■ ■



A comprehensive appreciation of the latest issue in the $1 Presidents Series Given quite a different look to their BU counterparts, each coin struck to flawless Proof quality Set in a case with a Certificate in a US Mint outer box – SAVE A$5.95 off usual price!

■ ■




Second in a series celebrating role of Native Americans in development of the USA Features Hiawatha Belt, symbolising unity of the five nations of Iroquois Confederation Secure this key one-year-only type in immaculate BU – at a stunning A$4.95 apiece!

US 2011 $1 Presidents BU Set


A$ ■ ■ ■


Latest in the popular USA $1 Presidents program – must-have for series collectors Includes Johnson (1865-69), Grant (186977), Hayes (1877-81) & Garfield (1881) coins Taken from original US Mint rolls, and therefore in strictly Brilliant Uncirculated quality


US 2010 $1 Presidents BU Set


A$ ■

The third issue in this important US Mint Series represents the peace alliance forged by the 1621 Wampanoag Treaty Sourced from Mint Rolls and offered in flawless Brilliant Uncirculated condition!


Honours Presidents Fillmore (1850-53), Pierce (1853-57), Buchanan (1857-61) and Lincoln (1861-65) Available in perfect Brilliant Uncirculated condition – straight from US Mint Rolls! Hoarded en masse in the US, and rising in price, the set of four is still very affordable

US 2010 5c, 10c & 50c BU Set


A$ 95 ■

US 2010 Lincoln 1c BU



A$ 95

Includes the 2010-dated Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and JFK Half Dollar An affordable addition to your world coin collection – sensational value at just A$3.95! Unbeatable value – immaculate quality! Taken from Mint Rolls and in strictly BU

Key issue in the most collected circulating US coin series – in superb BU quality! 15

US 2011 America The Beautiful Quarters BU Set


Quarters issue – top value at just A$1.99 per BU coin! Celebrates Arkansas’ Hot Springs National Park, Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, California’s Yosemite National Park, Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park & Mount Hood National Forest Site

A fine tribute to one of the most important leaders in US history – Abraham Lincoln (1861-65)

Unites traditional Lincoln portrait with the Union Shield – emblematic of the President’s key role in the preservation of the US as a single national entity

9 The first America The Beautiful A$ 95


US 2010 America The Beautiful Quarters BU Set


Comprises 2011 Lincoln 1c, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson Nickel and JFK Half Dollar Sourced from original Mint Rolls from the US Mint, and in pristine BU condition An affordable opportunity to enjoy the classic US denominations in top grade


US 2011 1c, 5c, 10c & 50c BU Set A$ 95


Struck at Denver and Philadelphia Mints, this issue features TWO 14-coin BU sets All 2011 coins included – four Presidents $1, five America The Beautiful Quarters & five standard types Genuine bargain, the pair retails at A$60 – now A$49! Pay less than A$2 per coin!

Includes TWO 14-coin BU Sets – struck at Denver and Philadelphia Mints respectively Features four Presidents $1 coins, five America The Beautiful Quarters & five standard types Normally A$60 for the pair, the 2010 Mint Sets can now be yours at a mere A$49!

A$ 95




US 2011 $1 Native American BU

US 2010 $1 Native American BU A$ 95


US 2011 Mint Set Pair

9 The second 5-coin BU collection in this A$ 95

■ ■


popular, powerfully American program Honours Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg National Military Park, Montana’s Glacier National Park, Washington’s Olympic National Park, Mississippi’s Vicksburg National Military Park & Oklahoma’s Chickasaw National Recreation Reserve

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Ships That Changed The World! SIR FRANCIS DRAKE & THE GOLDEN HIND…

Paying homage to one of history’s most renowned seafaring vessels – Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hind – the second coin in the Perth Mint’s Ships That Changed The World 1oz Silver Proof Series is a masterpiece of maritime memorabilia. Famous as the vessel upon which Drake circumnavigated the globe (1577-80), the ship was named after the golden ‘hind’

(female deer) found on the crest of Drake’s patron, Sir Christopher Hatton. Hatton was also the key sponsor of Drake’s round-theworld expedition – an expedition that set sail to pass South America through the Straits of Magellan, and to explore the coast beyond. Not only a successful mission of exploration, Drake’s voyage also saw him return with a hold full of Spanish treasure – an achievement for which Elizabeth I,

who had given her blessing for attacks on England’s enemy, bestowed a knighthood on the famous sailor. A fine tribute to this ‘household name’ of maritime history, the spacious 40.60mm flan of this official legal tender issue is distinguished by a fully struck-up portrayal of the Golden Hind, set against a full-colour map of the globe.

A must-have for those that secured the first coin in this spectacular series – offered below – the mintage of this 1oz .999 fine silver Proof has been restricted to just 5,000, with each coin set in an official Perth Mint case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.




First in the series! Highly sought after – as with the first coin in any program – the 2011 $1 Santa Maria 1oz Silver Proof has provided a spectacular start to the Perth Mint’s Ships that Changed the World Silver Proof Series. An extremely exclusive precious metal Proof, with a mintage of 5,000, the first coin in the program celebrates one of history’s most famous seafaring vessels – Christopher Columbus’ Maria. Santa Maria Although he wasn’t the first European to reach the Americas,

Columbus’ famous voyages of exploration represent the starting point of the colonisation of the New World, and the Santa Maria – the biggest ship he employed in 1492-93 for the first voyage – played a crucial role in this process. Depicting the Santa Maria in full sail, and a must-have for maritime enthusiasts and coin collectors alike, each 40.60mm .999 silver 1oz Proof is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the worldwide mintage of 5,000. TUVALU 2011 $1 SHIPS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD SANTA MARIA 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price A$




The must-have complement to the new Perth Mint precious metal Proof above, we have been able to secure a tiny number of this exclusive tribute to Sir Francis Drake. Distinguished by both a fine portrayal of this controversial seafarer AND the British Royal Navy ensign in fullcolour, this unique commemorative type is struck to the height of Proof quality from 28.28g sterling silver.

We have just a few of these impressive 38mm legal tender coins from the Channel Island of Jersey in stock – each housed within a plush presentation case. JERSEY 2003 £5 FRANCIS DRAKE SILVER PROOF




Mutiny on the Bounty! Exclusive, with a mere 1,500 coins struck, this superb fusion of silver and gold honours the HMAV Bounty –

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696

notorious in maritime history for the mutiny of its crew against William Bligh, and for its role in the European settlement of Pitcairn Islands. Struck to Prooflike quality from 1oz of .999 silver, this crown-sized


legal tender coin carries a precisely gold-plated design of this legendary Tall Ship upon its imposing 40.70mm flan. Set in a timber ‘Captain’s Trunk’ case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the tiny mintage of 1,500, we have just a few coins left in stock.





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