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2006 $1 Television Mintmark (B, C, M, S) Set Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the introduction of television in Australia, this set comprises the C, M, S & B Mintmark 25mm Al-Br $1 BU coins – each set in the original RAM pack of issue. With a current catalogue value of $20, don’t miss the chance to add this Australian legal tender set to your collection at 25% off!

Dansco Supreme Pages 41mm For any world crown collector, the 41mm Supreme Album pages from Dansco – the world leader in numismatic presentation – are a must-have at any price. The perfect way to keep your crown collection safe and secure, these high-quality album pages are now available at 95 over 75% off!


Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 Please Note: some products may be shown smaller than actual size

ov S A er V 25 E %



Movie of our choice

SA $ 5 VE 0

Tuvalu 2009 $1 Saltwater Crocodile 1oz Colour Silver Proof w/ scuffed packaging In utterly perfect condition – but with the outer box and case damaged – we are forced to crucify the market price of the .999 silver Crocodile $1 Proof by $50!

$14 95

ov SA er VE 75 %



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The T starting point of decimal currency, the 1966 1c and 2c pair is a fundamental element of every Australian collection. The standard A price for the pair in EF-aUnc is a p pr surprisingly affordable $6.95 – Downies s Stocktake Sale price is a genuine shock. 95 Pay a mere $4.95!


Ordering Details MAIL


SA 28 VI % N G

1966 1c & 2c Pair EF–aUnc

A sensational start to our Stocktake Sale, you can now secure a full-colour US legal tender tribute to the King of Rock & Roll for just $7.95! Struck at the US Mint and enhanced with colour by the Morgan Mint, each JFK Half Dollar honours one of the 31 movies in which Elvis appeared – movie of our choice. AS650

It only happens once a year – but it’s always worth the wait. Yes, Downies’ Stocktake Sale is back – and the bargains are hotter than ever! Our recent stocktake revealed a massive range of material, and, in a concerted effort to create some space in the Downies Vault, we have packed your Sale catalogue with a dynamic diversity of goodies – all available at mouth-watering markdowns! However, with our standard prices slashed by up to 50%, you must act quickly to take advantage of this sizzling selection of supersized savings. Although, in many cases, we have huge quantities to move, experience tells us that some products will be wiped out at speed. Avoid disappointment – get your order in early!

USA Elvis Presley Colour Movie Coins


ENDS 5pm, 6 September 2011

SALE! $20 Lucky Dip With every envelope comprising a collectable worth more than the face value, Downies $20 Lucky Dip represents outstanding value – even at full price. With a massive 25% slashed off regular retail during our Stocktake Sale, however, our $20 Lucky Dip means that you simply can’t lose!



SA 25 VI % N G

Luck Dip y




Super savings on sought after sets! ne S A ar V ly E $2 0

2008–2011 Two-Coin Unc Set Collection


A once-in-a-lifetime discount, the four official RAM 2-Coin Sets can now be yours at a stunning 30% off regular retail! SAVE nearly $20!

2010 Boston ANA World Money Fair Mint Set

ov SAV er E $7 4

2007 & 2011 Berlin World Money Fair Mint Set Pair



Unveiled at the 2007 and 2011 World Money Fairs respectively, these official RAM Show products are among the most exclusive issues in the 1966-2011 Mint Set Series. Distinguished by an official World Money Fair overprint, only 1,500 of each 6-coin set (5c-$2) were released!


Seldom seen on the market, this distinctive Australian legal tender pair has a combined current value of $179.50 – except during Downies Stocktake Sale! A must-have at our special price, we will smash the normal price by a staggering 41%! SAVE $74.50 whilst stocks last!


Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 2

SA $ 3 VE 4

Distinguished by an outer sleeve completely different to that of the standard 2010 Mint Set, and defined by a tiny limited edition of just 2,500, the RAM’s very first official USA Show Mint Set simply vanished from the market. Although we have just a handful of 6-coin 6 coin (5c-$2) ((5c $$2)) sets in stock, this h is your chance to secure his this exclusive Aussie Show Product at an A unbelievable 43% 3 off current 3% market value off $79! SAVE $34!





Headlined by the one-year-only International Yearr of Astronomy 20c commemorative, and withh the ANDA Show Sets housed in packs distinguished by unique ANDA Show overprints, this collection of four 6-coin sets (5c-$2) has a standard retail value of nearly $195. Whilst stock lasts, we will slash the regular value by over 25%! SAVE $50!

Honouring the International Year of Planet Earth, the International Year of Astronomy, the Burke & Wills Expedition and the Australian Wool Industry respectively, the 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 2-Coin Sets are highlighted by a combined total of SIX unique, one-year-only commemorative types – plus two Platypus 20c coins. Beautifully presented in official RAM packs, our standard price for the four sets is $64.95.


SA $ 5 VE 0

Comprising the standard 2009 Mint Set AND the three 2009 ANDA Show Mint Sets (mintage just 1,500 apiece!), the COMPLETE 2009 Mint Set Series is seldom offered – and never at a price like this!

A sensational opportunity to secure every one of the Royal Australian Mint’s popular 2-Coin Unc Sets, we have the COMPLETE 20082011 series at an unbeatable and unrepeatable super Sale saving!


2009 Mint Set Collection

Classic RAM quality – stunning Downies savings!

SA $2 VE 0

2009 Two-Coin Proof Set

Headlined by the unique, one-year-only Year of Astronomy 20c, united with the Mob of Roos $1 – in superb Proof quality An irresistible bargain, the Official Issue Price of $45 is a thing of the past – at over 44% off, you SAVE $20!


Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 3


An official tribute to the Year of Planet Earth – includes 20c commemorative amongst its 6 coins (5c-$2) Normally $35, we have cut the price of this official RAM Mint Set by over 17%! Immediate action a must!


H Honouring i the th International I t ti l Year Y off Astronomy, this impressive RAM collection includes six Proof coins – 5c to $2 Never more affordable, we have hammered the price of the 2009 Proof Set by nearly 35%! Usually $115 – now just $75!


SA $ 4 VE 0

2009 Proof Set


H uring Honouring i our proudd vo volunteer l tradition, this set includes six coi coins (5c-$2) including unique 20c & 50c commemoratives With a huge number of sets to clear, the price has been slashed by 40%! SAVE $25 off the standard price of $60!


Comprises two immaculate Proof coins – the one-year-only International Year of Planet Earth 20c, and Mob of Roos $1 With a mountain of sets in stock, we are forced to devastate the normal price by an unbelievable 50%! SAVE $25!


SA $2 VE 5

2008 Two-Coin Proof Set



Including Australia’s first $1 commemorative, the Year of Peace 1986 Proof Set features 7 coins – from the 1c to $1 Sensational opportunity! Our standard price of $75 has been smashed by a stunning 40%! SAVE $30!


One of the last Mint Sets to comprise all eight Australian denominations – 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2 Although we have just 15 in stock, we can sacrifice this set at nearly 20% off the normal price – SAVE $10!

SA $6 VE

2008 Mint Set



SA $ 3 VE 0

1986 Proof Set

SA $2 VE 5

2003 Mint Set


Featuring Australia’s six original decimal denominations (1c-50c), each carrying the original Machin portrait A most affordable opportunity to add pristine RAM Proofs to your collection, this set is top value at just $25 apiece GX199

$169 ov S A er V E 16 %

1980 Proof Set

One of the most sought after RAM Mint Sets – comprises six Unc coins from the long-gone 1c & 2c to the 50c Indicative of the rising market price of the series, this key set is usually $189 – SAVE $20 whilst stocks last!

SA $1 VE 0

1989 Mint Set


$74 50


Australia’s first Mint Set, this 6-coin Unc set (1c to Silver Round 50c) was issued at the inception of decimalisation Normally $98, this historic set has been slashed by nearly 25%! Save a whopping $23.50 off the standard price! GX212

SA $2 VE 0

1972 Mint Set


ov S A er V E $2 3

1966 Mint Set

Perth Mint Prices Plummet!


$1 AV Cook Islands 2010 $1 Great E Naval Battles 1oz Silver Proof Pair 00


Tuvalu 2010 $1 Great Warriors 1oz Silver Proof Collection 


2010 $1 Citizenship BU 

Includes four 40.60mm ‘Great Warrior’ 1oz .999 silver Proofs – mintage of just 5,000 apiece! Declaring war on the standard price, Downies can slash nearly 18% off the regular retail of $420 – SAVE $75!


SA 1 VI 5% N G

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358


Comprises two 38.74mm Al-Br Unc coins set in an official Perth Mint pack – mintage just 20,000! Cataloguing at $35, we ccan offer this unique llegal tender set at an ooutrageous $12 – SAVE more than 60%! m


o 2010 Centenary Of Commonwealth ver AVE 16 Coinage Miniature Coin Set % 4

ov SA er VE 60 %


This sparkling BU 30.60mm Al-Br Aussie legal tender coin celebrates the importance of Australian citizenship Set in an official, fullcolour Perth Mint pack – now over 15% off the regular retail!



2005 $1 Kangaroo & Kiwi Icon Pair Al-Br BU

Sold out at the Perth Mint, this imposing 40.60mm $1 is struck to immaculate BU quality from 1oz .999 silver Sensational silver savings! Normally $59, we have crushed the standard retail by nearly 34%! SAVE $20!


SA $7 V E 5



2009 $1 Kookaburra 1oz Silver Unc

This 40.60mm 1oz .999 silver Proof marks bicentenary of the birth of Felix Mendelssohn (1809-47) – mintage just 5,000! An affordable opportunity to honour one of the world’s great composers at less than $100


Struck from 1oz .999 silver, with a mintage of 5,000 apiece, the Trafalgar and Salamis coins are hotly pursued Setting sail for super silver savings, this pristine pair is now nearly 29% off – SAVE a mind-boggling $100! KC844

SA $2 VE 0




Unique 1oz .999 silver Proof tribute to the centenary of the first expedition to reach the South Magnetic Pole Normally retailing at $125, we are willing to knock off a sizable 20% – SAVE $26!

SA $ 8 VE

Comprises Balaklava, Hastings and Cannae ‘Great Battles’ 40.60mm 1oz .999 silver Proofs – mintage just 5,000 apiece! The trio would usually cost you $334 – now over 40% off! SAVE a massive $139 while stocks last!

Includes six miniature predecimal coin replicas – precisely struck in copper & silver! Mintage a crazy 1,500! Tiny coins, tiny mintage and tiny price! SAVE over 16% off the standard retail of $24.50!



Tuvalu 2009 $1 Felix Mendelssohn 1oz Silver Proof




S $1 AV 39 E

Tuvalu 2009 $1 Great Battles Silver Proof Trio


2009 $1 AAT South Magnetic Pole 1oz Colour Silver Proof

SA $2 VE 6



SA 50 VI % N G Measuring 30.60mm, this official Australian legal tender coin honours the World Masters Games – held in Sydney in 2009 An unprecedented opportunity, this unique Al-Br type is now HALF PRICE! Save 50% off the catalogue value of $15!

2009 $1 World Masters Games BU

Paying homage to the centenary of Swimming Australia – struck to Uncirculated quality from al-bronze Cataloguing at $15, this 30.60mm Australian legal ttender coin is now just $7.50 – SAVE a stunning 50%!



SA 50 2009 $1 Centenary Of VI % N Australian Swimming Al-Br BU G


ov S A er V E 30 % The Perth Mint’s 38.61mm 50c BU coin honours the 2007 Grand Sumo Tournament in Hawaii – set in an official card A super stocktake saving, we have slashed more than 30% off the normal price of $27.50!

Tuvalu 2007 50c Grand Sumo Tournament Tourname Al-Br BU

No outer boxes? No certificates? No worries! Prices slashed!


SA $2 VE 0

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the completion of one of Australia’s key landmarks – the Sydney Harbour Bridge Crafted from 11.66g of .999 fine silver, each 25mm coin set in a case Normally retailing at $45, this oneyear-only commemorative is now a mere $25! Save over 55%!



A one-year-only precious metal tribute to the 50th anniversary of the introduction of television in Australia Set in a RAM case – struck to the highest Proof standard from 11.66g .999 silver This unique 25mm Australian legal tender coin is now 33% off! SAVE $15 off the catalogue price of $45


Recreation of the eye-catching, scallopedged Pattern that was a contender for Australia’s first $1 coin in 1984 Part of the 2004 Masterpieces issue – a shining example of Royal Australian Mint quality and creativity Despite the tiny number of coins in stock, we can offer this unique coin at just $37.50

SA $1 VE 5

2009 $1 Australian Citizenship Silver Proof 

Marking the 60th anniversary of the Australian Citizenship Act – passed in 1948, but coming into effect in 1949 Struck to the RAM’s flawless Proof quality from 11.66g of pure .999 silver – set in a case Irresistible bargain! Usually priced at $50, this 25mm Australian legal tender coin now just $25!



2004 $1 Aboriginal Scalloped Pattern


2006 $1 Television Silver Proof 

SA $ 3 VE 0

A unique celebration of the 10th anniversary of the issue of the first Mob of Roos $1, in 1984 Restruck for the 2004 Masterpieces in Silver Set, this 11.66g .999 silver type is part of a tiny mintage of 8,250 Valued at $65, this is your chance to secure this exclusive Australian legal tender coin for just $35!


2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge Silver Proof 

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of one of Australia’s key historical events – the 1854 Eureka Stockade Uprising Measuring 25mm in diameter, each Proof comprises 11.66g of pure, prestigious .999 silver Set in a case – and now available at 1/3rd off! SAVE $15 off regular retail!


2004 $1 Decade Dollar


SA $1 VE 5

Recreating the unique seven-sided experimental Pattern considered for the first $1 – depicts Imperial Lion Taken from the 2004 Masterpieces in Silver Set and not normally available individually – mintage just 8,250 Spectacular value, this .999 silver Proof is now just $29.95



2004 $1 Eureka Stockade Silver Proof 

A memorable tribute to Australia’s unofficial al ‘national anthem’ – Waltzing Matilda, penned ned e by Banjo Paterson in 1895 This unique 25mm 11.66g .999 silver Prooff originally part of the 2004 Masterpieces Set – rarely offered on its own Going for a song, we have this exclusive 2004-dated coin (mintage 8,250!) at 25% % off the standard price! Save $22+!



2004 $1 Lion Silver Proof


Issued to celebrate Landcare Australia, and highlight the enormous importance of environmental awareness Each 25mm $1 struck from 11.49g of sterling silver – set in a case A sizzling saving, we have knocked 45% off the normal retail of $55 – SAVE $25!

ov S A er V E $2 2


2004 $1 Waltzing Matilda Silver Proof


SA $2 VE 5


1993 $1 Landcare

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 5


Dynamite Decimal Discounts! ov S A er V E 30 %

1979 1c Mint Roll An ever-popular way to collect decimal coins, original RAM rolls represent your guarantee of strictly Uncirculated quality. Downies Stocktake Sale represents your guarantee of super savings!

SAVE OVER $49 10 x 1985–90 1c CIRCULATING SET Unc





1985 – 89 2c Circulating Set Unc

$595 SAVE OVER $29 10 x 1985–89 2c CIRCULATING SET Unc

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358



The only 2c coins bearing the Maklouf portrait that could have been foundd in your change, the 1985, 1988 and 1989 2c are still very affordable – especially during Downies Stocktake Sale! Offered in Uncirculated quality, this terrific trio is just $5.95! Buy ten sets and SAVE nearly $30! That’s 50% off!


Like the 1c, Australia’s 2c coin was deemed unnecessary by the late 1980s, with inflationary pressures rendering the coin obsolete. Although the 2c was struck in every year until demonetised in 1991, most of the final dates can only be found in RAM Mint Sets, with few issued for general public use. An important part of Australia’s currency heritage, this set comprises the last three dates that were indeed issued for circulation!

SAVE OVER $19 10 x 1988 & 89 2c CIRCULATING PAIR Unc


1990, 1995, 2003, 2007 & 2008 5c Set Unc An irresistible opportunity to add some pristine decimal coins to your collection, this affordable set comprises the 1990, 1995, 2003, 2007 and 2008 5c – all in flawless Uncirculated quality! Coins from the 1966-2011 5c series, like most lower denominations, are seldom set aside at the time of issue, with collectors tending to focus upon commemoratives. With these dates now virtually impossible to find in your change in anything other than circulated condition, this is your chance to keep your collection complete in the finest possible quality. Unbeatable value-for-money at a mere $7.95 for the set, buy ten sets and save a whopping 50%!


SAVE OVER $39 10 x 1990, 1995, 2003, 2007 & 2008 5c SET Unc 6


$395 $


First seen at decimalisation in 1966, but ultimately undermined by inflation, Australia’s 1c coin was demonetised in 1991. A memorable keepsake of the final years of this iconic copper coin, this set comprises an example of every 1c coin issued for circulation bearing the Raphael Maklouf portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.


1985 – 90 1c Circulating Set Unc

Taken from original Royal Australian Mint bags, and therefore defined by strictly Uncirculated quality, this pristine pair represents the LAST two 2c coins bearing the Raphael Maklouf portrait that were issued for circulation. A steal at just $3.95 for this historic duo, why not buy ten pairs for just $19.75? That’s an average price of less than $1 per coin!





An even more affordable option for those of our clients seeking to stash away a memento of Australia’s copper coinage, we also have the 1988 and 1989 2c coins available as a pair – at a similarly scintillating Stocktake Sale saving!

A fantastic opportunity to secure high-grade examples of Australia’s muchloved, long-gone copper 1c coin, the 1979 1c Mint Roll comprises FIFTY coins – with every coin as good as the day it left the Royal Australian Mint. Affordable enough at the full retail of $14.95, we are able to smash the standard price by a startling 33%! At less than $10 for the 50-coin Mint Roll, you will pay an average price of just 20c per strictly Uncirculated coin! With only a small number of 1979 1c Mint Rolls in stock, and the price so low, time is of the essence!

The last five dates struck for circulation, with the 1c issued only in RAM Mint Sets in 1986 and 1991, this complete set includes the 1985, 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990 1c – with every coin in Uncirculated condition! Priced to please all pockets at a mere $9.95 for the set – an average price of less than $2 per coin! – take advantage of our surplus of stock and buy ten sets and save an unbelievable $49.75!

1988 & 89 2c Circulating Pair Unc

Standard types – at anything but standard prices! 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2008 10c Set BU

2007 & 2008 20c Pair Unc

A tremendous opportunity to fill some of those gaps in your collection – at a super Stocktake Sale price! – this 4-coin 10c set is underpinned by pristine, Brilliant Uncirculated quality.

Issued into circulation, but, as non-commemoratives, often ignored by collectors, many will have missed the opportunity to secure the 2007 Platypus 20c and 2008 Platypus 20c coins in strictly Uncirculated quality. This is your chance!

Regularly ignored by collectors, standard decimal types are rarely stashed away at the time of issue. Yes, you will still find these coins – dated 2003, 2004, 2007 and 2008 – in your change today, but in Brilliant Uncirculated quality? Never. A coin doesn’t have to pass through many hands before it exhibits the signs of circulation and, as all decimal enthusiasts want a collection defined by the highest quality, this is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Taken from original RAM bags, each coin is in strictly BU!

$7 SAVE OVER $39 10 x 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2008 10c SET BU


1996–2001 20c Set Unc

Taken from original Royal Australian Mint bags, we have these coins available at an unbelievable $1.50 apiece!

Comprising the LAST three 20c coins to bear the Raphael Maklouf portrait of Elizabeth II, as well as the FIRST three 20c dates distinguished by the current Ian Rank-Broadley effigy, this 6-coin set is important, high-grade and, best of all, incredibly affordable.

$150 each

SA 3 VI 3% N G

2008 $1 Unc A fantastic opportunity for our clients to secure a key 2008 date in Mint state, we have a huge number of the 2008 Mob of Roos $1 in stock – at a price sure to shock!


$26 $ $2

Very affordable at the full current retail value of $2.95, this is your chance to secure the 2008 Mob of Roos $1 at 32% off! A mere $2 per strictly Uncirculated coin!

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 7



A must-have for those keen to preserve a complete collection in top quality, the 2008 $1 was issued for circulation. However, although you will find this coin in your change, it does not take long before the signs of circulation are apparent. To ensure premium quality, you need to secure this coin BEFORE it reaches circulation. As good as the day it left the RAM, each 2008 Mob of Roos $1 is in guaranteed ‘as struck’ condition! AS663

Seldom stashed away at the time of release, the 1996, 1997 & 1998 Maklouf 20c coins, and the 1999, 2000 & 2001 Rank-Broadley 20c coins are missing from most decimal collections in premium condition. Taken from original RAM bags, and therefore defined by strictly Uncirculated quality, this 6-coin set is sensational value-for-money at just $26.95. Pay little more than $4 per coin!

It is the potential long-term scarcity of coins such as the 2007 Platypus 20c and 2008 Platypus 20c that makes an offer such as this so crucial. An incredibly affordable opportunity to ensure you maintain a complete collection in the highest possible quality, we have the 2007 Platypus 20c and 2008 Platypus 20c in sparkling Uncirculated condition – at an astonishingly low price! AN478 AO774



Unlike commemoratives, which are hoarded en masse, standard Australian decimal types are seldom stashed away at the time of issue. It is only in later years, when gaps appear in collections, that collectors turn their attention to these non-commemorative issues, and by then, it is often too late to acquire such coins in premium grade – or at a reasonable price.


Within the reach of all at just $7.95 for the set, buy ten 4-coin sets and pay just $39.75! That’s HALF PRICE!

SA 2 VI 3% N G

Magnificent aUnc–Unc quality! Unbelievable savings!

SAVE $135 BUY 10 SETS OF 4



SAVE $200 BUY 10 SETS OF 3




Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358







The last of their kind – Australia’s last two predecimal florin dates in Unc! Save $20 on the pair – or grab the chance to buy 10 pairs and save $211!

SAVE $211 8



Struck at the Melbourne Mint, and presented in strictly Uncirculated quality Tremendous value-for-money at more than 28% off the current catalogue value! SA 1962 & 1963 $2 VE Florin Pair Unc 0


End of an era – the final two dates of the 1910-63 Sixpence Series – in Unc! A bargain for the pair at just $8.95 – buy 10 pairs and save a stunning $60!

SAVE $60


Honouring the 1951 Jubilee of Federation and 1954 Royal Visit – graded aUnc Last two predecimal commemoratives – a bargain at more than 40% off! SA $1 VE 1958 Florin BU 0


Fantastic opportunity to enjoy the famed Ram’s Head design in flawless Unc With regular retail slashed by 38%, this coin will never be more affordable SA 1962 & 1963 $ 5 VE Sixpence Pair Unc


An historic pair – the penultimate and last date of the 1910-63 3d Series Graded Unc, and simply irresistible at nearly 40% off the normal price!

SAVE $60



$19 $ 19 9550

First three Elizabeth II 3d dates bearing previously omitted F:D in legend Stunning Unc quality meets sensational savings! Now over 30% off! SA 1963 & 1964 $ 5 VE Threepence Pair Unc


Copper classics – the final three dates of the 1911-64 1d Series – graded Unc! A must-have for every collection at nearly HALF the standard price of $38.95!



Includes the last four shilling dates issued during the reign of George VI Normally $152 in aUnc, as here, the set of four has been slashed by over 40%! SA $1 VE 1957 Shilling Unc 2

SA $2 VE 0




Australia’s last four halfpenny dates – in immaculate Uncirculated quality! Save $12 on the set – or buy 10 sets and save a staggering $135!




Complete, with only 1953A, 1954Y, 1955 & 1959 1/2d dates issued in the 50s In aUnc-Unc, and a must-have at HALF the catalogue value of $94! SA 1962– 64 $1 VE Penny y Trio Unc 9


The last two of only three 2/- dates struck at San Francisco Mint during WWII Glittering Unc quality, and a mind-blowing bargain at $61 off standard retail! SA 1955–57 $2 VE Threepence Trio BU 0

1951 Jubilee & 1954 Royal Visit Pair aUnc





First two Elizabeth II 2/- dates – and only dates missing F:D from obverse With nearly 43% cut from the standard price, you SAVE a massive $30! SA 1961– 64 $1 VE Halfpenny Set Unc (4) 2

SA $6 VE 3

1946, 48, 50, 52 Shilling Set aUnc


$47 $


Struck at San Francisco Mint as US aided Australian wartime coin production  An historic WWII keepsake – now available at over 20% off catalogue value! SA Complete 1950s $ 4 VE Halfpenny Set aUnc–Unc (4) 7




SA $ 6 VE 1

1943S & 1944S Florin Pair Unc


Struck at the USA’s Denver & San Francisco Mint respectively during WWII Highly desirable WWII mementos – especially at $25 off catalogue value SA 1953 & 1954 $ 3 VE Florin Pair aUnc 0


$79 $


SA $2 VE 1

1943S & 1944S Shilling Pair Unc



SA $2 VE 5


1943D & 1944S Threepence Pair BU

Devastating Discounts on Key Predecimal Dates!


Last three 3d dates struck before 1934, as a result of the Great Depression Save an astonishing 43% off the standard price of this historic trio in F-aVF ov S A 1940K.G & 1941K.G er V E 25 Penny Pair Ave Circ %


Crucial dates – the last three florins issued during the reign of George V An affordable addition to your predecimal collection at just $59 for the trio


Struck at the Perth Mint, as denoted by dot between designer’s initials Among the most sought after George VI 1d dates – yours for less than $15!


SA $ 5 VE 0

Ever-popular George VI WWII florin dates – in sparkling EF-aUnc condition Irresistible bargain! Save a gargantuan $50 off the standard retail price!

Australia’s first commemorative – honouring launch of new Parliament House  Save 37% off the price of what is arguably Australia’s most beautiful coin SA 1942, 44, 45, 45Y, 52 $1 VE Halfpenny Set Ave Circ (5) 0



Comprises four sought after WWII 1/2d dates – plus last George VI 1/2d date! Unbeatable value-for-money! Yours at an average price of under $3 per coin!

Historic, sought after coins – the final four Australian George V penny dates Barnstorming bargain! Save an incredible 48% off the normal price in VF-EF! SA $ 4 VE 1946 Penny Fine–VF 1


Crucial date in the 1910-64 series – Australia’s 3rd lowest mintage 1d! Dynamite discount! SAVE a whopping 29% off standard price of $139 in F-VF!

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 9


Last 1/- date struck at Royal Mint, London – minuscule mintage just 800,000! One of the lowest mintage 1/- dates, this key coin slashed by nearly 30%! SA 1933 – 36 $ 4 VE Penny y Set VF–EF ((4)) 6


SA $2 VE 0




1940 & 1941 Florin Pair EF–aUnc


Low-mintage key dates – just 0.673m 1924, 0.664m 1928 & 0.48m 1934 1/- struck Missing from most collections – add them to yours for just $38! Save 20%!


Vital low-mintage dates – 800,000 1915 & 528,000 1942 3d (lowest in series!) Essential for every predecimal collection, this key pair is now over 25% off! SA 1927 $2 VE Canberra Florin EF 3



$38 $


Last George V 1/2d struck in England (1915) and last struck India (1918) Historic, distinctive key date pair – and a must-have at more than 22% off! SA 1924, 28 & 34 $1 VE Shilling Trio VG 0

1915 Shilling Good



$58 58

SA $2 VE 0


Includes standard 1920 1d, with ‘dot above’ & ‘dot below’ scroll 1920 1d types Save 26% on this unusual mintmark trio from the 1911-64 Penny Series SA 1934–36 $1 VE Florin Trio aF–Fine 0

1915 & 1942M Threepence Pair Ave Circ




Only two 2/- dates struck at Heaton Mint – crucial early George V issues Tiny mintages of 500,000 & 750,000 respectively – SAVE $40 on the pair! SA 1926–28 $1 VE Threepence Trio F–aVF 3





Australia’s first three penny dates, with no copper coinage issued in 1910  Simply outrageous value-for-money for such historic coins at a mere $5.95! • , 1920 below • , ove SAV 1920, 1920 above r2 E Pennyy Trio Ave Circ 6%

SA $2 VE 0

1915H & 1918 Halfpenny Pair VG



SA $ 4 VE 0

1914H & 1915H Florin Pair Good



ov S A er V E 33 %


1911–1913 Penny y Trio Ave Circ

Pathways to the past – at prices to please all pockets!

Buried away in the depths of the Downies Vault, we have found a few examples of the 1808 George III Cu-Ni Pattern Collections – in Cupro-Nickel, Golden Alloy and Sterling Silver!

1808 Proof Pattern Replica Collection (12)

Carrying designs representing a variety of nations associated with the British Empire, each of these collections includes twelve 40mm Proof Pattern replicas – with each Pattern bearing the portrait of King George III so well known to Australians through the trigger for the Currency Proclamation of 1800, the 1797 Cartwheel Penny. Beautifully presented, each set is housed in a timber case, accompanied by Certificates of Authenticity.





Crushing the standard prices in a bid to clear this surprise stash, we have shaved 39% off each of these historic collections. The Cupro-Nickel set, normally $99, is now just $60, whilst the Golden SAVE $229 SILVER Alloy set, usually $199, can be yours for a mere $120! A simply sensational saving, the sterling silver set normally retails at $699 – now just $470! Save an outrageous $229!

S $3AVE 9

Historical Currency Replica Collection


Recreating one of the most significant commemoratives of the era to honour the ill-fated expedition, this crown-sized 1861 Burke & Wills Medal Replica is normally $19.95. With the standard retail smashed by 39% during our Stocktake Sale, this faithful replica can now be yours for a mere $12!


Incorporating recreations of the 1930 Penny, 1937 Pattern Penny and 1787-99 Spade Guinea – amongst others – this 12-piece collection of actual size, doublee-sided replicas pays homage to some of the icons of Australian numismatic history. Housed in a case, the set normally retails for $99, but whilst our limited stocks last, we are willing to slash an extraordinary 39% off that figure. A pathway to the past at a price too please all pockets, this memorable collection can be yours for a mere $60!

Burke & Wills Medallion Pack

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A sensational opportunity to add a crown-sized Silver Proof to your collection, we can sacrifice the 40mm 1808 NSW Silver Proof Pattern Replica at an unbelievable $57! Given soaring precious metal prices, the astonishing 40% discount off the normal price of $95 will see our stock wiped out in days – if not hours.


Featuring the famous portrait of George III, united with a powerfully Australian reverse, thiss set includes Patterns in six different metals – Golden Alloy, copper, aluminium, pewter, cu-ni and Antiqued bronzed copper. Originally $89.50, the set is available at just $39.50 – ann average price just $6.50 per Pattern!


A stunning synthesis of quality, variety and value, the 1808 NSW Proof Pattern Collection is now less than half price!


S $3AVE 8

1808 NSW Silver Prooflike Pattern Replica

ne SA arl V y4 E 0%



1808 NSW Proof Pattern Replica Collection (6)

The world’s major landmarks – at a landmark discount! SA $ 4 VE 0

Comprising a $10 coin – struck to the highest Proof quality from 1oz of sterling silver – this eye-catching legal tender presentation is highlighted by a precisely detailed goldplated miniature replica of the Reichstag, which can be displayed upright or set into the 38.61mm flan of the host coin. Usually retailing at $195, this is your chance to secure this unique ue numismatic collectable at a whopping 39% off! Save S an unprecedented $40! Just J six examples in stock!

Celebrating one of Egypt’s most renowned landmarks, this stunning legal tender presentation ntation tation pays homage to the Abu Simbel temples.


Part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site knownn as the Nubian Monuments in southern Egypt, the temples of Abu Simbel were carved out of a mountainside during the 13th century BC. Relocated in 1968, to avoid being submerged during the creation of Lake Nasser, part of this imposing Ancient complex has been superbly recreated as a detailed silver, 24-carat gold-plated miniature – able to be displayed upright or laid a aid flat upon a 38.60mm 1oz .999 silver host coin! oin!


A memorable tribute, e available at an unbeatable price, we have slashed a massive $100 off the regular retail of $199.95! A sensational saving of nearly 50%!


S $1 AV 00 E


Comprising a 38.60mm 1oz .999 fine silver $10 Proof coin – upon which a sterling silver, gold-plated miniature of an Easter Island statue can be laid flat or set upright – this unusual legal tender issue has a regular retail value of $118.75. For a limited time only, Downies wnnies is willing to sacrifice this sought after limited edition e at a mere $72! With a gargantuan 39% stripped from f the normal price, the remaining examples we have in stock will disappear within days.


Cook Islands 2009 $10 3D Abu Simbel

ov S A er V E $4 6

Although great mystery surrounds the 887 statues found on the World Heritage Listed Polynesian isle of Easter Island – commemorated by this exquisite precious metal presentation – there’s no mystery about the outstanding value of Downies Stocktake Sale!

A fantastic opportunity to pay homage to one of Germany’s most significant landmarks – completed e in ed 1894 to house the Parliament of the German Empire piire in Berlin, and the home of the current German Parliament – the standard price of the 2003 $10 3D Reichstag Silver Proof has been slashed!


Cook Islands 2007 $10 3D Easter Islands

Cook Islands 2006 $10 3D Statue Of Liberty A stunning tribute to the Statue of Liberty – a 46 metre high (93m high with pedestal) statue given to the USA by France to celebrate the centenary of the Declaration of Independence in 1886 – this remarkable legal tender presentation stands as stark testimony to the power and precision of modern minting. Featuring a sterling silver, gold-plated miniature Statue of Liberty, which can be set upright or laid flat upon the 38.60mm 1oz .9999 silver host coin, this exceptional collectable is also powerful evidence of Downies’ commitment e ent to giving our clients the best possible savings during d our sensational Stocktake Sale! Normally $107.95, 7 95 we are willing to cut the Statue of Liberty down by nearly 40%! Save $42.95 whilst stocks last!



Nauru 2003 $10 3D Reichstag

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ov S A er V E $4 2


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Celtic Warrior Figurine



Approximately 4cm high 12



Includes Black Egyptian Cat 10cm, Egyptian Cat Pencil Topper, Egyptian Cat Gilt Pendant, Cleopatra VII Silver Tetradrachm Coin Pack, Egyptian Hieroglyphic Ruler




AN137 377




$57 Celtic Cross Letter Opener ner

Egypt Quintet

SAVE $38




$57 Wadjet Eye Gilt Pendant

Aynsley Diana Portrait Mug

SAVE $38



$82 Scarab Pendant

Aynsley Diana Charity Mug

SAVE $53


Aynsley Diana Bread & Butter Plate

Eureka Stockade 150th Anniversary Gold-edged Plate

Ancient Greek Replica Coin Trio

Henry VIII Trio


Henry VIII Painted & Pewter Figurine Pair

SAVE $35


SAVE $39




Knight Figure Pencil Topper



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Interlaced Zoomorphic Eagle Head Pendant

$1495 39% SAVING






Interlaced Cross Pin Badge


Interlaced Cross Gem Pin Badge





Includes Henry VIII Foot Combat Armour (approx 14cm high), Henry VIII Pewter Necklace, Henry VIII Tudor Bust

Mini Medal Set (4)

Mini Medieval Figure Set


Norman Knight & Henry Plantagenet Figurine Pair


Roman Soldier Figurine Trio

SAVE $4950

Roman Pewter Mini Figurine Pair


Roman/Medieval Ancient Catapult


Mary Queen Of Scots Replica Coin Pair

$99 Scottish Pewter Mini Figurine Pair



Each approximately 13cm high

Each approximately 8cm high KC167

Includes Saxon Warrior, Saxon King, Norman Knight, Viking Warrior Each approximately 4cm high 80








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Each approximately 6cm high 14







Includes Roman Gladiator, Julius Caesar Each approximately 5cm high



Elizabeth I & Shakespeare Pewter Mini Figurine Pair

Skull Pencil Topper

Lord’s Prayer Silver Pendant Pair


Titanic Table Linen Replica Trio

SAVE over $47


Tudor & Renaissance Thimble Pair


Roman Centurion Helmet & Medieval Thimble Pair







USA Civil War North & South 6-piece Set

$49 British Historic Quill Pen Replica Trio


Includes Titanic Hand Towel, Titanic Napkin, Titanic Place Mat

Each approximately 5cm high




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Each approximately 6cm high

PNCs – priced to please!


AP685 AP P6855


AR351 AR R351

Unique tribute to the 200th anniversary of Australia’s postal system Headlined by the Perth Mint’s Australian legal tender, full-colour 30.60mm BU $1 coin A discount worth writing home about, we have slashed a mighty 35% off the retail of $17!

Official Australia Post tribute to Girl Guides Australia centenary Highlighted by the RAM’s unique, one-year-only 25mm Australian legal tender al-bronze $1 coin Priced to clear, we can slash the regular retail by over 36%! Save $6.95 whilst stocks last!

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Paying homage to one of Australia’s most admired aquatic inhabitants Uniting a 55c stamp and a full-colour 38mm Dolphin medallion in an individually numbered pack Issued by Australia Post at $19.95 – now available at well under HALF recommended retail!



Unique keepsake of the world’s biggest ever Expo – held in Shanghai Includes the Perth Mint’s memorable Year of the Tiger Australian legal tender 30.60mm BU $1 Outstanding value-formoney! SAVE nearly 39% off the standard retail price of $17.95!


$7 !

Honouring Hawthorn’s stunning victory in the 2008 AFL Grand Final Featuring a 38mm diameter medallion and a 55c stamp, set within an individually numbered pack This official Australia Post release was originally issued at $19 – now a crazy $8 apiece!

2010 $1 Burke & Wills PNC 


2010 $1 Shanghai World Expo PNC 

AR093 AAR R0933


2009 Coloured Dolphins Medallion PNC

2010 $1 Centenary Of Girl Guides PNC 


2008 Hawthorn Premiers Medallion PNC

AR381 AR R381

2009 $1 Postal Service Bicentenary PNC

Official Australia Post Sydney 2008 World Youth Day tribute Comprises the Perth Mint’s unique full-colour Australian legal tender 30.60mm $1 BU Super stocktake saving! Regular price of $14.95 a thing of the past – pay just $9! Save 39%!

AL L fo 9 r $ PN an 85 Cs ot

Marking 150 years since the ill-fated 1860 Burke & Wills Expedition Features Perth Mint’s one-year-only Australian legal tender 30.60mm BU $1 coin With the retail smashed by 35%, this official Australia Post issue is now a mere $11 apiece!

2011 20c Ashes PNC 


AR780 AR R7800

AO785 O785 O

AR095 AR R0955

Honours the centenary of Australian quarantine regulations Comprises a ‘not-issuedfor-circulation’ 25mm al-bronze Australian legal tender $1 type Save $7.95! Normal retail value of $19.95 now blown away by a whopping 39%! ACT NOW!

AR139 AR R1399

2008 $1 World Youth Day PNC

AN509 AN N5099

2008 $1 Australian Quarantine Centenary PNC



Official tribute to the Australia v England 2010-11 Ashes series Features a unique 20c – not issued for circulation and must-have for a complete collection! Normally $19.95, this limited edition PNC is a bargain at $12 – SAVE 39% off regular retail!


% 30 G C s R IN N VE AV L P O S L A N O

SALE 2011  

Downies SALE 2011