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July 2011

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UCK! JUST 5,000 SmTintR age just 5,000! ■

■ ■ ■

Sell-out certain – tiny from 1oz .999 silver Struck to Proof quality – measures 40.60mm Australian legal tender Mint case with a Set in an official Perthof Authenticity numbered Certificate

– e g a r u o c o t e t u ib r T honouring the Rats of Tobruk… of A stand-alone release great d an ty ali qu e ns imme al ici off s thi poignancy, r de ten al leg an ali str Au rth Pe coin from the one Mint pays homage to s ou fam st of Australia’s mo – nts me ge ga en military the Battle of Tobruk.



2011 $1 BATTLE OF TOBRUK 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS594

broadcaster Lord Haw A lengthy Haw, and, accepting confrontation between the title with typically Allied and Axis forces irreverent humour, the in North Africa during soldiers have since WWII, the siege of been known as ‘The ril Ap in Tobruk began Rats of Tobruk’. 1941. Entombed in ss, tre The second coin of their desert for rs the Mint’s Famous ldie so Allied ce Battles of History withstood fier m fro ds Series, and a mustrai ing bomb lian have for the many the German-Ita in Erw people determined to by led s force the e create the complete Rommel, befor the ed iev collection, this rel y Arm 8th It ys. da 0 exclusive precious siege after 24 ge sie the metal Proof is a fine in rly ea was re we memorial to what was that the Allies a major turning point famously described s rat in WWII. Bearing a as ‘caught like tish Bri finely detailed, by p’ tra in a fully struckrenegade

up design of an Aussie digger in the uniform worn during the Western Desert Campaign, the 40.60mm flan also carries a full-colour depiction of soldiers at the Battle of Tobruk. Commemorating a battle that saw Aussie soldiers exhibit the true Spirit of Anzac – courage, determination, mateship and humour – the 5,000-coin mintage of this unique tribute to Tobruk is sure to be placed under siege.

KEY TO THE SERIES! Honouring Australia’s Baptism of Fire at Gallipoli in 1915, this full-colour Silver Proof has naturally triggered explosive demand. Struck from 1oz .999 silver, and set

in a Perth Mint case 2011 $1 with a Certificate of GALLIPOLI 1oz Authenticity, this eyeSILVER PROOF catching Australian legal Official Issue Price tender coin is the key A$ 107 to the series – lock in AS285 supply today!

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An official Australian legal tender issue, the obverse portrait of Queen Elizabeth II stands out prominently from the flawless mirror field

High Relief Silver Roo bounces back! ANOTHER SELL-OUT SUCCESS CERTAIN… An essential acquisition for anyone lucky enough to have secured the 2010 edition – and for anyone that missed out last year due to the astonishing speed of the sell-out – the Perth Mint’s new 2011 $1 Kangaroo High Relief 1oz Silver Proof represents the finest precious metal minting in Australian numismatics. With the flan measuring a chunky 6mm in width – which is a massive 50% thicker than a normal 1oz silver coin! – this 32.60mm .999 fine silver masterpiece is underpinned by extraordinary depth and detail in the designs. Struck on concave surfaces to ensure that the optimum flow of pure silver is achieved by the strike, the Perth Mint has created the ultimate example of the inspired one-year-only 2011 kangaroo design.

An affordable opportunity to enjoy a design found only on the Mint’s outstanding 2011 Gold Kangaroo BU coins, the depiction of Australia’s primary native icon against the Sun looks sensational struck to High Relief Proof quality from pure, lustrous silver – as does the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. In light of the overwhelming demand for the first High Relief Silver Roo, sold out at speed at the Perth Mint,

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and the innate quality of this spellbinding new coin, the 2011 $1 Kangaroo High Relief 1oz Silver Proof is sure to be one of the most sought after issues of the year. With a sell-out certain – particularly with a majority of the mintage dispatched overseas to one of the world’s largest coin dealerships – the opportunity to guarantee supply of this startling coin at Official Issue Price must be grasped with both hands.

Struck to High Relief Proof quality from 1oz of .999 fine silver Worldwide mintage set at just 20,000 – sell-out guaranteed Set within an official case in a beautifully illustrated outer box Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity Available at the Perth Mint’s Official Issue Price – act now!



2011 $1 KANGAROO HIGH RELIEF 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS595



Aussie icon in fullcolour! of the A unique celebration ic strip in longest running com is bright, Australian history, th legal tender colourful Australian int marks coin from the Perth M of the the 90th anniversary gs. legendary Ginger Meg

DIBLY MINTAGE AN INCRE S! LOW 3,000 COIN and secure the tal his s stunning precious me Depicting Ginger, with 2011 $1 Ginger Megg An iconic element of rth Pe y, Proof from the 1oz dog, Mike, and monke ary ers lar niv pu An po th n 90 alia str in Au Tony, riding a kangaroo Mint. rse, Silver Proof at Official culture, Ginger first full-colour on the reve of y an for ve ha legal A mustIssue Price! this official Australian appeared in print in tender coin bears the Ginger’s legion of fans, November 1921, as t of rs and anyone enchanted Rank-Broadley portrai one of many characte fulls abeth II upon the obverse nt’ Eliz Mi rth Pe ay nd the Su by in the Sydney colour coinage, this Sun comic strip, Us ks, nc Ba unique 40.60mm 1oz my Fellers. Jim .999 fine silver Proof acknowledged as the r ge Gin is sure to be available creator of the , for a short time only. Meggs phenomenon the A seemingly dramatic er soon took ov underestimation of writing of the comic r ge Gin Ginger’s place in the de strip, and ma n pantheon of Australia its unrivalled star. worldwide the re, ltu cu Underpinned by the e mintage has been traits of a typical Aussi restricted to a crazy larrikin – independent, 3,000 coins! cheeky and with a An outstanding tribute healthy disrespect for r’s ge to a truly international authority – Gin h Aussie superstar – wit adventures were in ng ari pe s ap ion r rat ge ne Gin followed by ge s 120 newspapers acros of Australians over the s trie un co 30 n tha s. re de mo following deca today – act now Several notable artists r ge Gin carried on the each A splendid presentation, Meggs tradition after Proof is set in er Silv 9 .99 1oz m 40.60m , e – complete Banck’s death in 1952 a prestigious timber cas e ggs design ssi Me Au ger le Gin ab lica lov s rep a thi with and ed with an S unit GG – ME lid! R by the GE wn into GIN set dra $1 2011 battler is now numbered ed, RY trat SA illus ER , NIV tive AN rma h info 90t y Jason Chatfield – the Certificate of Authenticit 1oz SILVER PROOF ce Pri ue designer of the eyeIss l icia Off s catching reverse of thi AS596



Limit two per household 3

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– y c a ir P f o e g A n e ld o The G ! E T E L P M O C is n io t c e ll the co at Within the reach of all d an 5th the , .95 14 just A$ rth Pe final coin in the Mint’s Golden Age of just Piracy $1 Series has ed fin De d! se ea rel been ve by full-colour, innovati lue, va top d an n tio nta prese ute trib r this legal tende in to the notorious Capta is 01) William Kidd (1645-17 as its sure to be as popular predecessors. Joining the first four of the series, celebrating ), Blackbeard (1680-1718 ), -88 35 (16 n rga Henry Mo ) and Calico Jack (1682-1720 s thi ), 22 -17 82 (16 rt Black Ba one of new release honours the the ‘biggest names’ of Golden Age of Piracy.

area Falling within the grey d an r ee between privat pirate, Kidd roamed the ates oceans in search of pir e for be , ps shi h nc Fre d an his d an ied tin his crew mu yed powerful backers betra , on nd Lo in him. Hanged rot in to left s wa dy bo d’s Kid for yed sta it ere a gibbet, wh ng of rni wa m gri a as rs yea piracy. the consequences of joy en to y An affordable wa a d an , ng nti mi ur full-colo ger great gift for the youn as collector, this new coin, set with its forerunners, is ited in a card that when un in ins co r with the other fou tic tas fan a ms for ies the ser ! pirate poster montage

Struck to BU quality from al-bronze, and superbly embellished with full-colour

Official Tuvalu legal tender, with Maklouf portrait of Elizabeth II on the obverse

Official Perth Mint issues – each measuring 36.60mm in diameter Set in official Perth Mint packs – and top value at Official Issue Price

TUVALU 2011 $1 WILLIAM KIDD PIRATE BU Official Issue Price






TUVALU 2010-11 $1 GOLDEN AGE OF PIRACY SET (5 coins) Official Issue Price KC831

Australian Bush Babies – reborn!

nity to add a unique, An affordable opportu legal tender type to ian tral Aus nly ar-o one-ye coin is presented BU h eac ion, ect your coll ur card, set within colo fullive ress imp on an envelope cial offi ed trat illus y a similarl

y A fantastic opportunit to ts for our clien enjoy the muchadmired designs of st one of Australia’s mo t en successful rec the collector programs, d Perth Mint has joine to st Po a ali str Au with launch the new 2011 ries! Bush Babies PNC Se le, Celebrating the lovab iconic koala, the first s PNC in the series unite an official Australian $2.35c stamp with a unique Australian legal tender type from the Perth Mint. Struck to impeccable Brilliant Uncirculated standard , from aluminium-bronze and measuring 30.60mm 5

decimal in diameter, this onecollectors – and d year-only type is grace the perfect present with the same stunning for any budding coin on reverse design found collector, or friends s the highly sought after and contacts oversea oz n alia Bush Babies Koala 1/2 str Au e iqu un s thi of – hin wit Silver Proof. With each is e typ r ues legal tende the four subsequent iss an at all of ch rea the to also feature a fully ce of just e of Official Issue Pri on of n sio ver p k-u uc str . .95 15 A$ m the charming motifs fro of S Pro ver Sil ut l-o sel t 2011 $1 BUSH BABIE tha C ul PN erf A nd AL wo KO a is Series, this Official Issue Price that opportunity for those A$ a 1595 ate cre to missed out 98 AS5 s complete Bush Babie household per two it Lim Collection! A must-have for traditional

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Snapped up instantly by Downies on behalf of our clients, we are delighted to present this extraordinary hoard of crucial Australian banknotes – including some of the most sought after, rarest King George V issues, and a stunning array of incredibly rare Star Replacement Notes!

Knockout hoard leaves

Whilst not especially notable for its size, this fantastic find was unquestionably the work of a collector with a deep knowledge of Australian numismatics – and an eye for quality. Covering more than half a century of Australian currency, virtually all of the banknotes remain in an excellent,

1918 10/- Cerutty/Collins Fine



■ ■

1933 10/- Riddle/Sheehan aEF


Crucial, undeniably rare type from the early days of Australia’s first national currency system Australia’s second 10/- design type and second signature combination Huge potential – jumped from A$725 to A$4,500 in Fine in the last ten years!


A$ ■ ■ ■



Australia’s first £1 note, issued during WWI and excessively rare in all grades Seldom seen on the market – jumped from A$900 to A$4,200 in last 10 years Just one example of this classic early Australian note available – graded Fine

■ ■ ■



■ ■ ■


Fantastic opportunity to secure the very last George V £1 in superb aUnc! ■ Incredibly rare in this condition, and a worthy addition to a collection or portfolio ■ Rarely offered, this historic note has moved from A$775 to A$4,600 since 2000 in aUnc Also available – 1933 £1 Riddle/Sheehan EF A$1,750 AK115




The first 10/- note of the Legal Tender Series – issued for just one year! In about Extremely Fine condition – tremendously rare in this premium grade Hotly pursued, this note in EF has soared from A$3,250 to A$13,750 since 2000


1933 £1 Riddle/Sheehan aUnc A$

1936 10/- Riddle/Sheehan aUnc

■ ■

1932 £1 Riddle/Sheehan (Thin) EF

1924 £5 Kell/Collins Black Signatures VF

1933 £5 Riddle/Sheehan Pink Face VF



Key Depression Era note – distinguished by thin signature of HJ Sheehan ■ A splendid example, we have one note in tremendously rare Extremely Fine ■ A note with huge potential – soaring from A$900 to A$6,000 in the last decade Also available – 1932 £1 Riddle/Sheehan Thin VF A$1,490 AG692




The final 1923-33 Gold Payable £1 – features Thick signature of HJ Sheehan Seldom available to collectors, and a must-have in superb about EF quality A great Australian rarity – moving from A$1,750 to A$11,000 in EF since 2000



An historically crucial type – the very last 10/issue of King George V Scarce in any grade, but incredibly rare in near flawless aUnc quality as here Valuable long-term acquisition – moving from A$1,300 to A$9,500 in aUnc since 2000

1932 £1 Riddle/Sheehan (Thick) aEF

1915 £1 Collins/Allen Fine A$

rarely seen state of preservation, with many grading from Extremely Fine to Uncirculated condition. The thing that makes the quality of this hoard truly exceptional is the identity of the notes in question. This astonishing

The first £5 of the Gold Payable series – distinguished by black signatures Extraordinarily rare in the premium grade Very Fine quality presented here More than quadrupled in value in last 10 years – A$2,500 to A$10,500 in VF!

North America Toll free 1877 897 7696






An historic type, several examples of the last George V £5 were found in the hoard ■ Featuring George V ‘Pink Face’ portrait, this ‘final issue’ type is rare in any grade ■ Jumped fivefold in value since 2000 – from A$900 to A$4,500 in VF Also available – 1933 £5 Riddle/Sheehan Pink Face Fine A$1,450 AO683 ■

collectors seeing Stars! stash included some of the rarest, most hotly pursued, ‘classic’ banknotes from the King George V era – notes that, on the rare occasions they are offered on the market, are seldom seen in anything other than very well worn condition. When you also consider the wealth of premium grade Star

Replacement Notes that were found, then the significance of this discovery – and the tremendous long-term potential – becomes apparent. Indeed, given the rarity of the types and

1952 £1 Coombs/Wilson Star aFine

1942 10/- Armitage/ McFarlane Star aFine




A$ ■


The first Australian Star Note! Historic, important and incredibly rare Seldom offered, irrespective of the grade, we have one note available in about Fine More than doubled in value in Fine in last ten years – from A$7,250 to A$16,000!

■ ■ ■


■ ■




A$ ■ ■ ■


■ ■

■ ■ 7



Key collector type – the very last Australian $2 Star Replacement Note A first-time offer for Downies, the one note in stock carries Phillips/Randall $2 Star Note Last Prefix ZFS! At least tripling in value across all grades since 2000, this rare note is in EF

1969 $10 Phillips/Randall Star Unc




Australia’s first $10 Star Replacement Note – a key to the series A compelling acquisition in this state of preservation – near flawless aUnc In the last decade, the note has jumped from A$2,100 to A$4,000 in the premium grade of aUnc


Issued under the Reserve Bank, Australia’s final £1 Star Note is a must-have type A premium grade example – extremely rare in Very Fine quality Strong performer – increased fivefold in value (A$600 to A$3,000) in VF since 2000


1966 $10 Coombs/Wilson Star aUnc A$


1969 $2 Phillips/Randall Star EF


A Consecutive Pair from the rarest $2 Star Note signature combination! ■ Among Australia’s rarest notes – especially rare in Unc, and virtually never seen in Consec Pairs ■ Never before offered by Downies, this rare pair carries Coombs/Randall $2 Star Note First Prefix ZFH! Also available – 1968 $2 Coombs/Randall Star ZFH Unc A$8,900 AS610


The first, and one of only two $5 Star types, with no Coombs/Wilson $5 issued One of the most sought after notes of the series – very rare in premium grade Nearly doubling in value in EF, as here, since 2000 – from A$3,100 to A$6,000


1967 $5 Coombs/Randall Star EF


1968 $2 Coombs/Randall Star Consec Pair Unc

Australia’s first $1 Star, issued during the first decimal signature combination Extremely rare in aUnc, and virtually never seen as a Consecutive Pair A stunning opportunity, with Consec Pairs embodying tremendous long-term potential

The last George VI £1 Star Note – a most historic predecimal type An immensely desirable issue, and tough to find in about Fine as seen here A note of great potential, at least tripling in value across all grades since 2000

1961 £1 Coombs/Wilson Res Bank Star VF

1966 $1 Coombs/Wilson Star Consec Pair aUnc A$


the quality of the actual notes, this major hoard is clearly one of the most important handled by Downies in nearly 80 years in the trade. With, in many cases, just one example of each type available, an early order is essential.

■ ■ ■


A landmark Australian issue – the very last $10 of the Star Note series An exceptionally rare decimal type – seldom seen, regardless of the grade A rarity of the highest order, the one note found in the hoard was in immaculate Unc condition

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

On the rise… In the long-term and the shortterm, the price of silver is rising – in large part due to the economic, political and cultural uncertainty that has swept over the globe in the last few years. With an intrinsic value trusted for millennia, precious metals thrive on such uncertainty, and with the troubles in evidence around the world not about to disappear, some analysts predict that the rise of precious metal prices will not end quickly. Over the last two decades, the increased demand and upward price trend has been patently clear, but the increase over recent times has been dramatic. In December 2005, an ounce of silver was valued at A$9.73c – recently, the spot-price of silver hit an astonishing A$44 per ounce! That’s a 352% increase in just six years! $50 $40 $30

Silver Price ($/ounce)

$20 $10 0

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 April 2011

This has had a direct impact on numismatics as, with the melting pot in action day and night as a result of the dramatic surge in prices, there has been a significant drop in the availability of Australian silver coins. The 80% silver 1966 Round 50c offered at right is an excellent case-in-point. With this unique silver type rarely discovered in large hoards today, with so many melted for the intrinsic value, the opportunity to secure the 1966 50c in bulk should not be missed.

Australia’s Famous Silver Round 50c BUY IN BULK AND SAVE! Australia only ever struck one circulating silver decimal coin – the 1966 Silver Round 50c. An intriguing, unique type, it continues to play a leading role in Australian numismatics. Your chance to make a crucial addition to your collection, a recent hoard find means we can offer Australia’s last silver coin in premium grade EF to aUnc quality – both individually and in bulk lots of ten! The highest denomination coin at the commencement of decimal currency in 1966, the Silver Round 50c instantly became the subject of great controversy. The hullabaloo about the shape of the coin, over confusion with the 20c, soon gave way to a more serious problem.

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Rising global precious metal prices meant that the intrinsic value of the 80% silver 50c rapidly outstripped its face value! Whether melted for the silver or, as here, hoarded away for the future, Australia’s only silver decimal coin simply disappeared from circulation. When the next 50c was issued, after two years of argument, the new 1969 50c was neither silver nor round. The 1966 Silver Round 50c was thus left as a unique, one-year-only type.

Rarely found in this quantity, the discovery of nearly 1,000 premium grade examples of the 1966 Silver 50c represents a wonderful opportunity. Still very affordable individually, buy ten coins SAVE A$25!



1966 50c SILVER ROUND EF-aUnc SH051



1966 50c SILVER ROUND x 10 EF-aUnc SH051

Australia’s Commemorative Florin Series – COMPLETE! Beautifully designed, historic and unique, Australia’s Commemorative Florin Series is a genuine collector favourite. Recording some of the most special events in our history, and the starting point of Australia’s great tradition of commemorative currency, these four coins form one of the nation’s key collector programs. Issued in tiny numbers, with many destroyed for the intrinsic silver value over the decades, the series is headlined by the rare George V 1934-35 Centenary Australia’s first commemorative, and arguably most beautiful coin, the 1927 Canberra Florin celebrated the opening of the nation’s new Parliament House

Florin. Issued to celebrate the twin centenaries of the founding of Victoria and settlement of Melbourne, the total number of 1934-35 Centenary Florins issued was a mere 54,000, making it one of the rarest predecimal coins. Recognised by many as Australia’s most beautiful coin, the George V 1927 Canberra Florin is also included, along with premium grade examples of the George VI 1951 Federation Florin and Elizabeth II 1954 Royal Visit Florin. An echo of the past, every coin is in Very Fine to Extremely Fine condition!

Put simply, no collection is complete without the inclusion of these key Australian type coins – and, at our price, no collection has to be! We have all FOUR commemorative florins available – housed within superb Mint Set style packaging! Offering ‘see-bothsides’ protection and display, this informative, colourful presentation provides an impressive 1927-54 environment for your COMMEMORATIVE valuable collection. FLORIN SET VF-EF AS612 With a limited number in stock of the rarest The last predecimal coin in the collection commemorative, – the famed 1934-35 and first Centenary Florin – commemorative an early order issued for Elizabeth II – would be honouring the only prudent.


Tribute to the centenaries of the founding of Victoria and settlement of Melbourne – only 54,000 issued and very rare!


tour by a reigning British monarch

The sole George VI commemorative florin was issued in 1951 in honour of the 50th anniversary of Australian Federation

An affordable option…

Beautifully presented, the 1927-63 Florin Souvenir Set represents an affordable option for those of our clients seeking to enjoy Australia’s most important predecimal commemorative series. Fantastic value-formoney at a mere A$65, this impressive set is headlined by Australia’s first commemorative – and arguably most beautiful coin – the George V 1927 Canberra Florin. Also including the sole George VI commemorative florin,

issued to honour the 50th anniversary of Federation, and the final predecimal commemorative, issued to celebrate the Royal Tour of Queen Elizabeth II in 1954, the set also includes a bonus example of Australia’s very last florin date – issued in 1963 and, like each coin in this set, struck at the historic Melbourne Mint. In Very Fine to strictly Uncirculated condition, the four silver

predecimal coins are set behind archival bubble and housed within an impressive, illustrated, informative Mint 1927-63 FLORIN Set-style pack. SOUVENIR SET



VF-UNC AS613 9

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The Severan Dynasty – a Roman soap opera… Following a major acquisition from Europe, Downies is delighted to present this variety of genuine, original Ancient Roman silver portrait coins from one of the empire’s most intriguing, notorious ruling families – known as the Severan Dynasty. The dynasty was established in 193AD by the wise emperor, Septimius Severus and his wife, Julia Domna, with power then passing to the paranoid, brutal Caracalla. Caracalla, who in 211AD murdered his brother and 20,000 of his supporters to claim sole power, was himself assassinated by one of his own soldiers, in 217AD, and following a one-year usurpation, Elagabalus became emperor.

A sun-worshipping transvestite, Elagabalus lasted four years, before murdered and overthrown in favour of his cousin, Severus Alexander. The last SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS 193-211AD A$8995 Severan Emperor, SILVER DENARIUS AE525 Alexander suffered the same fate, with his death in 335AD signifying a period of chaos for the Empire. Whilst you can read in history books about these extraordinary personalities, and A$ JULIA DOMNA SILVER 8995 the amazing tales DENARIUS AF983 of betrayal, murder and general excess that surrounded the Severans, the chance to hold genuine Silver Denarius coins from five different members of this powerful dynasty should not be A$ CARACALLA 211-17AD missed. Buy all five 8995 SILVER DENARIUS AE524 and SAVE A$50!













A noble father – a most unworthy son… The Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-80AD) was a careful, generous and conscientious ruler. His son, the Emperor Commodus (177-92AD) was brutal, paranoid and insane. Although his reign was undermined by uprisings, and by outbreaks of plague, Aurelius personified the virtues that had made the Empire so

great. Commodus personified the vices that would lead to its ruin. Believing he was Hercules’ reincarnation and demanding to be worshipped as a god, Commodus shocked Rome by fighting as a gladiator and renaming the months of the year – and even the city itself! – in his own honour! Increasingly insane, and following cruel and violent reprisals after

several assassination attempts, Commodus created a bloodthirsty atmosphere in which no one was secure. Poisoned and strangled, the emperor was killed on the last day of 192AD. Genuine artefacts from this shocking period of Roman history, we have authentic 1,800-year-old Silver Denarii of both the noble father and his most unworthy son in stock.









A new kind of Emperor… Vespasian was a new kind of emperor – one with a vast experience of life on the frontiers of Rome’s immense empire. Serving all over the Empire before he became the FOURTH emperor to rule Rome in the year 69AD, Vespasian shot to prominence through his role in the Emperor Claudius’ conquest of Britain in 43-47AD. Having survived working for emperors such as Caligula

and Nero, Vespasian was subduing the Jewish Revolt – an event celebrated by the Judaea Capta Denarius offered here – when news arrived of the turmoil in Rome following Nero’s suicide. Leaving his son Titus to finish the job in Judaea, Vespasian took advantage of the uncertain situation, and was proclaimed Emperor after defeating the pretender Vitellius. Vespasian ruled wisely

for 10 years – both restocking the treasury and bringing a period of stability to the empire – and he is remembered as ‘one of the good emperors of Rome’. Well over 1,900-yearsold, these genuine, original Vespasian Silver Denarii give you the chance to hold real Ancient history within your hand – at a surprisingly affordable price.

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696






One of the most famous Roman types, and the cornerstone of many an Ancient coin collection, the Judaea Capta celebrated Rome’s subjugation of the First Jewish Revolt in 70AD





The perfect way to honour one of greatest rivalries in sport, the limited edition 2010 20c Ashes PNC is also a must-have for serious decimal collectors. Why? Because apart from featuring two Australian stamps,


unique RAM 20c type – a type that was not issued for circulation! Vital to anyone keen to maintain a complete collection, this PNC is one of few ways you can obtain this Australian legal tender 20c. 2010 20c ASHES PNC




The ultimate keepsake of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, this stunning set is officially approved, beautifully presented and very exclusive. Just 2,011 sets have been issued! Featuring the 2011 $1 Webb Ellis Goldplated Silver Proof, each set also includes four crown-sized coins honouring previous Rugby World Cup

winners. Individually brilliant, the four legal tender coins represent South Africa (1995 & 2007), NZ (1987), Australia (1991 & 1999) and England (2003) – with the last three exclusive to this set! A limited window of opportunity to secure this prestigious, official 2011 Rugby World Cup commemorative, we have just a few sets left in stock – each set in

an engraved wooden panel, housed in an engraved timber case with a numbered 12pp booklet.




Featuring a 40mm cu-ni Prooflike $1 and two official stamps, this limited edition PNC (just 10,000 issued!) honours the All Blacks. A$29.50 AR718


RARELY OFFERED… Depicting the famous landmark of German unity – the Brandenburg Gate – this seldom seen, official, 32mm 2006 FIFA World Cup 10€ is struck to Proof quality

An official commemorative issue of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, this collection comprises ten different 28mm bronze-plated medallions from ten different 2006 2006 FIFA World Cup nations WORLD CUP 10-MEDALLION (our choice). Top SET value at an average A$ 95 5 price of under 60c AQ084 per medallion!


from 18g of sterling silver, and is housed in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity. GERMANY 2006 10€ 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP SILVER PROOF




2010 WORLD CUP CHAMPIONS! An official legal tender issue of Spain, this 40mm 27g sterling silver Proof 10€ forms a fine tribute to Spain’s first ever World Cup triumph. Taken from a mintage of 20,000, each coin is set in a Royal Spanish Mint case with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Celebrating Italy’s 2006 World Cup victory, this gold-plated sterling silver medallion features Italy’s Coat of Arms in colour, united with the names of the country’s World Cup 2006 FIFA WORLD CUP players. Measuring CHAMPIONS 1oz 45mm, each 1oz SILVER MEDAL Proof is set in A$ 9995 a case with a AM012 Certificate.






2008 $1 150th Uniting a beautifully ANNIVERSARY designed Australia Post OF AUSTRALIAN 50c stamp and a unique RULES PNC 30.20mm BU al-br $1 A$ 2495 Australian AO544 legal tender type from the Perth Mint, this officially licensed AFL PNC forms an affordable tribute to the 150th anniversary of Australian Rules Football.

WINTER OLYMPICS TORCH! Used by runners in the Torch Relay leading to the Opening Ceremony, we have two 2006 Winter Olympics Relay Torches in stock! 2006 WINTER A genuine artefact of sporting OLYMPICS history, each 1.85kg 2006 Winter RELAY TORCH Olympics Torch is 770mm tall A$ 995 and 105mm in diameter. AM348 11

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Cape Verde 1995 200 Escudos


A$ 95

Barbados 1995 $5


A$ ■ ■ ■



Beautifully designed crown sized coin from the West Indian nation of Barbados Issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the United Nations Struck from cupro-nickel, each coin is available in strictly Uncirculated condition


Interesting 7-sided legal tender issue Africa’s smallest republic – Cape Verde Issued to mark 20th anniversary of independence after 500 years of Portuguese rule Struck to Unc quality from cupro-nickel, and a bargain at less than A$10 apiece

Czechoslovakia 1949 50K & 100K Silver Pair EF

75 A startling opportunity to own genuine legal A$

■ ■ ■


A$ ■ ■ ■

A vibrant expression of national sovereignty – the first official coins of East Timor Excellent value, the set comprises the 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Centavos – all in Unc A fine presentation, each 5-coin set is housed in an attractive Mint Set style pack





■ ■

One of few types issued during German East Africa’s brief existence – 1885-1918 Struck in bronze, this relic of European imperialism issued only in 1908 and 1909 Struck in tiny numbers, this imposing, attractive 37mm crown is seldom offered

India 1936 1/4 Anna


A$ 95 ■ ■

Emergency Currency issue struck by besieged occupiers, Germany – a fascinating memento of World War I Genuine ‘Gun Money’, in Fine to Very Fine, each coin was struck from a brass cannon taken from the German Ship, the SS Konigsberg!


Croatia – from the 1 Lipa to 10 Kuna Croatia’s first national coinage after the former Yugoslav state attained independence in 1991 Well within the reach of all collectors at just A$12.95, the set is in pristine Unc

Egypt 1969-2005 7-Coin Set

50 16 An official, affordable legal tender keepsake A$

■ ■ ■


from the Land of the Pharaohs A unique insight into Egypt, featuring an array of richly historic designs In strictly Unc, the set comprises seven coins from the 1 Piastre to 1 Pound

Germany WWII Bohemia & Moravia Set A$



Comprises examples of the only denominations issued for the short-lived German protectorate of Bohemia & Moravia – 10, 20 & 50 Haleru and 1 Koruna in Fine Bohemia & Moravia was established as a protectorate after the Nazi invasion in 1939, but was incorporated back into Czechoslovakia toward the end of WWII

Kyrgyzstan 2009 10 Som Cu-Ni Unc


A$ 95


Intriguing legal tender coin from late in Britain’s rule of India – struck from copper Each Indian 1936 1/4 Anna is distinguished by attractive script on both obverse and reverse Available in Fine to Very Fine, and tremendous value-for-money at just A$7.95 apiece


German German East Africa East Africa 1916 1908 20 Heller F-VF 5 Heller A$5950 F-VF ■ An East Africa

95 12 Comprising nine legal tender coins from A$

East Timor 2004 Unc Set


tender Joseph Stalin portrait coins! Issued for the 70th birthday of the Soviet dictator, and in Extremely Fine condition The one-year-only 28mm 10g 50K and 31mm 14g 100K are struck from 50% silver

Croatia 1993-2004 9-Coin Set

■ ■


A fantastic opportunity to add a genuine legal tender issue of Kyrgyzstan to your collection A former Soviet state, Kyrgyzstan achieved independence in 1991 Struck from cupro-nickel, and presented in strictly Uncirculated quality

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Kyrgyzstan 2008 6-Coin Set


A$ ■ ■ ■


Comprises six different legal tender types from former USSR state of Kyrgyzstan Including the 1, 10 and 50 Tyin, and 1, 3 and 5 Som – all in Uncirculated quality A must-have at our special price – pay little more than A$2 per coin!

Lithuania 2010 1LTL Cu-Ni Unc

Libya 1979-2004 8-Coin Set A$ ■




A$ 95

Seldom offered in Australia, this set is a fine appreciation of the coinage of the deeply troubled nation of Libya – ruled by Colonel Gaddafi since 1969 Comprises eight official legal tender coins – including a wide variety of metallic compositions and highly distinctive shapes. Must-have for the world coin collector!

■ ■

Malaysia 2005 5-Coin Set


An outstanding military commemorative from the former Soviet state of Lithuania Honouring the 600th anniversary of the famous Battle of Grunwald, fought during the Polish-Lithuanian-Teutonic War Very affordable, and underpinned by strictly Uncirculated quality

Moldova 1993-2005 Mauritius 5-Coin Set 1987-2004 A$850 tender of 7-Coin Set ■ Legal Moldova – a former Soviet


■ ■ ■



A diverse legal tender collection from the Indian Ocean nation of Mauritius Run by the Dutch, French and, after 1810, British, Mauritius gained sovereignty in 1968 Comprises seven coins from 1c to 5 Rupees – all in superb Unc quality



state bordering the Ukraine that achieved independence in 1991 after the collapse of the USSR Comprises the first five denominations issued after the attainment of nationhood – the 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 Bani – presented in Uncirculated quality

■ ■

Rare chance to own an official legal tender coin issued during the brief reign of the reluctant monarch, Edward VIII, who abdicated the throne after just 326 days Struck at the Melbourne Mint, and astonishingly affordable given the rich history embodied by this coin – and the superb Uncirculated quality!

Solomon Islands 2010 $10 Mother Teresa Silver Proof



■ ■ ■


Marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of legendary humanitarian Mother Teresa Struck to Proof quality from 20g sterling silver – measures 38.61mm in diameter Set in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of just 2,500

12 An affordable legal tender collection AP095

from the Indian Ocean archipelago of the Seychelles Britain’s very last African colonial possession to secure independence, achieved in 1976 Highlighting the nation’s unique environment, the 6 coins (1c-5 Rupee) are in Unc

Swaziland 1981 1 Lilangeni


A$ ■ ■ ■


An official legal tender issue of the southeastern African nation of Swaziland A one-year-only commemorative, issued to highlight the Food First campaign Struck from cupro-nickel and available in pristine Uncirculated condition 13


Comprises the first coin types issued by southern African nation of Namibia, which achieved independence in 1990 Includes the 5c, 10, 20c, $1 and $5 denominations – all in Uncirculated quality An interesting set for the world coin collector, and great value at just A$12.95

Sierra Leone 1996-2004 4-Coin Set



South East Asian nation of Malaysia Comprising six coins (1-50 Sen) with national plant Bunga Raya on each obverse In Uncirculated quality and an affordable acquisition at Downies special price

New Guinea 1936 Edward VIII 1d Unc Seychelles A$ 95 1997-2003 6-Coin Set 14 A$


Namibia 1993-2006 5-Coin Set



9 An official legal tender collection from the A$ 95

95 12 Affordable, official legal tender memento of A$

■ ■


the troubled west African nation of Sierra Leone Incorporating the 10, 50, 100 and bimetal 500 Leones coins – all in Unc quality Each coin pays homage to one of the nation’s most important historical characters

Tajikistan 2006 5-Coin Set


A$ 95 ■ ■ ■


Comprising the official legal tender coinage of the former Soviet state of Tajikistan Includes five 2006-dated coins, including the 5, 10, 20, 25 and 50 Dirham Underpinned by Uncirculated quality, and sensational value at A$2 per coin!

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Van Gogh Masterpiece!

Crafted from three ounces (93.30g!) of pure .999 silver, this gigantic 55mm diam eter legal tender $20 is set in a lavish, official leatherette case with a numbered Certific ate of Authenticity confirming the tiny mintage of 1,889 – sold out at a rapid rate






A truly spellbinding recreation of the vivacity and intensity of van Gogh’s most famous work, the Sunflowers series, this exquisite piece of numismatic art sold out at lightning spee d – as with each coin in the highly sought aft er Masterpieces of Art Series. An official legal tende r release, struck from THREE TROY OUNCES of pure .999 silver – 93.30 grams! – the 20 10 $20 van Gogh Sunflow ers Colour Silver Proof is an awe-inspiring coin. Measuring a massive 55mm, the broad flan provides the perfect

A coin of distinctive beauty, recreating one of the world’s most revered decorative styles, this striking legal tender issue honours the globally admired daisy. Originating in the Near East, Cloisonné is an ancient form of metalwork involving a multi-enamelling process and defined by the use of partitions to separate colours. Uniting this exquisite art form with the power of modern minting, this 38.61mm .999 silver Proof features a daisy rendered with gold-plated cloisonné enamelling. With massive demand for predecessors in the series, we have secured only a small allocation from the mintage of 2,500 – each housed in a case with a Certificate.




to van Gogh – the Also distinguished by creator of some of the three zircons embedd world’s most famous, ed in the obverse, and most valuable artworks . limited to a mintage Given that he thought of of 10,00 0, each colour as his principa l colour $1 is complete mode of expression, with a Certificate of it is most fitting that Authenticity. this compelling coin is adorned with vivid NIUE 2007 $1 full-colour designs VAN GOGH COLOUR of two of van Gogh’s most important works SILVER PROOF A$ – Sunflowers and The 159 AM785 Starry Night.


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window of opportunit y to play a part in one of the hottest series in international numismatics. Just fou r coins in stock!


The perfect partner for the coin above, this distinctive legal tender tribute to Vincent van Gogh features blazing full-colour designs – and eye-catching gemstones! Crafted from 28.28g of sterling silver, this 40mm x 28mm Proof is an apt tribute

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MAIL PO Box 888, Abbotsford, 3067

platform to enjoy the most celebrated eleme nt of the Sunflowers series – Sunflowers Version #3. United with 16 Swarovski crystals, the flawless reproduction of this masterpiece forms a fine reflection of the adventurous use of colour for which van Gogh is so famous. With the mintage of 1,8 89 – representing the yea r that the final Sunflowers paintings were create d – wiped out in short order, and this coin virtually never seen on the market, do not ign ore this limited


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Belarus 2011 20R Cutty Sark Hologram Silver BU

The Mint of Poland – a world leader The Mint of Poland was established in 1766, and yet, despite having a history stretching back nearly quarter of a millennium, it has only been in relatively recent times that Poland’s central issuing authority has shot to worldwide prominence. And what a meteoric rise it has been! Perhaps comparable to Australia’s own Perth Mint, in terms of its extreme level

of innovation and technical excellence in both coin design and production, the Mint of Poland is recognised as producing some of the most inspiring, most inventive collector coinage the world has ever seen. Whether it be the use of full-colour, the embedding of historic artefacts or the employment of Moving Image hologramatic technology,

the Mint of Poland has leapt to the forefront of international numismatics. As official distributor for the Mint of Poland, Downies is delighted to have a guaranteed allocation of ALL official Mint of Poland releases – such as the diverse, superb array of interesting, innovative legal tender issues presented on this page.

Niue 2010 $1 Pronghorn Silver Proof Niue A$ 2011 $1 99 Flying ■ Superbly designed Frog tribute to the remarkable Silver Proof Pronghorn –

■ ■

■ ■ ■

Andorra 2008 10D Da Vinci Silver BU


A$ ■

■ ■


A spellbinding full-colour tribute to legendary Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) 40mm x 28mm flan bears recreations of three of da Vinci’s most famous works Struck from 28.28g sterling silver – mintage of just 15,000 sold out at speed

A$ ■ ■ ■



– honours the fascinating Flying Frog Struck from 28.28g of sterling silver, and measuring 40mm x 40mm Complete with a Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the mintage of just 5,000

■ ■

Headlined by a moving, miniature silver lucky 4-Leaf Clover set within the coin! An imposing 41mm Proof coin, struck from 28.28g of sterling silver Mintage 10,000 – sure to sell-out as fast as its Miniature Horseshoe predecessor

■ ■ ■


Niue 2010 $1 Glider Silver Proof




Full-colour tribute to one of man’s most crucial achievements – discovery of fire Each 38.61mm coin struck to Proof quality from 28.28g of sterling silver Accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity – mintage just 6,000!

From Amber Route Series – honouring ancient trade route from Baltic Sea to Rome Honours Wroclaw – key point on Amber Route in Silesia in north-western Poland Each 38.61mm 28.28g sterling silver $1 includes genuine amber! Mintage 10,000!

50 97 Brilliantly designed tribute to key Amber A$


■ ■ ■



Niue 2009 $1 Wroclaw Amber Niue 2009 $1 Elblag Amber Route Silver Proof Route Silver Proof ■

Niue 2010 $1 Fire Silver Proof


clipper the Cutty Sark on its imposing 38.61mm flan Stunning example of Poland’s innovative, inventive hologramatic techniques Each 28.28g sterling silver BU includes Certificate of Authenticity. Mintage 7,000!


99 Latest issue in the Oddities of Nature Series



Niue 2010 $1 Lucky Coins 4-Leaf Clover Silver Proof


known as a Speedgoat Crafted to Proof quality from 28.28g of sterling silver – measures 40mm x 40mm Includes an official Certificate of Authenticity confirming the 5,000-coin mintage

99 Depicts famous British A$

■ ■ ■ 15

The latest in the Mint’s much-admired How Man Conquered The Skies Series Honours the glider, and the key figure in its development – German Otto Lilienthal Each 40mm x 28mm, 28.28g sterling silver Proof taken from a mintage of 6,000

Niue 2011 $1 Carnuntum Amber Route Silver Proof




Route city of Elblag, in Poland’s north Struck from 28.28g sterling silver – embedded with a piece of genuine amber! An exclusive, sought after 38.61mm legal tender issue – mintage just 10,000!


■ ■ ■


Latest Amber Route coin! As with its predecessors, features real amber! Honours Carnuntum – originally a Roman Army camp town, now part of Austria Part of a mintage of 10,000, each 38.61mm $1 struck from 28.28g sterling silver

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Bird’s eye view of Sydney! YN N I T


aerial panorama of A truly the famed metropolis exciting, of Sydney, based on exclusive, innovative Google Map images, concept, this groundand making use of breaking new 2oz Google Earth images. Silver Proof is A ‘bird’s eye view’ distinguished by an led tai of one of the world’s de ly ing ish aston y cit most well known the aerial view of ly cityscapes, the design ful in – ey dn of Sy ief not only incorporates rel h struck-up hig distinct geographical Silver Proof! o characteristics, but als g s ey’ dn Measuring a whoppin Sy es ass encomp 60mm in diameter, renowned monuments international a m fro k and struc hitecture! The arc d an coin program, with re weighty 2oz of pu ing touch, ish fin ct rfe pe a vast majority of the .999 silver, this startling in is also graced 5,000-coin mintage to co ch ea is of precious metal Pro with a 24-carat goldbe offered overseas. the first time that the sign upon de ted pla As a result, we have ce technological advan r of its 60mm rde bo the been able to secure of global mapping, picting Sydney’s only a tiny allocation de , flan s or positioning, ha skyline and the Sydney of coins for our been united with the use in all its Ho era Op clients – each of age-old traditions glory. housed in a plush, h wit ve Ali . minting of w do win d t ite attractive case en lim A FIJI 2011 $5 ZOOM detail, the employm Certificate SYDNEY 2oz SILVER y to enjoy a nit h rtu wit po op e dg g-e of cuttin PROOF of Authenticity. one of the most ‘ZOOM’ technology in AS614 ts ep nc original co has produced a truly 11 20 the cs, ati sm mi nu breathtaking coin, $5 ZOOM Sydney 2oz with this legal tender Silver Proof has been issue bearing an struck for a major extraordinarily detailed



The Sydney Opera




A stunning celebration of one of Australia’s most world-renowned landmarks, this striking legal tender presentation forms a unique tribute to the Sydney Opera House. A distinctive addition to any collection, this unusual commemorative is an exciting example of the power and precision of modern minting. Featuring an individua lly edge-numbered 40mm 1oz .999 fine silver Pro of $10, this remarkable release is headlined by an intricately struck

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696


Hou se

gold-plated silver mini replica of the Sydney Opera House – which can be set into or displayed upright upon the host coin! Rarely seen on the market, with the worldwide mintage of 5,000 wiped out at speed, we still have a few examples remaining in stock from a recent acquisition of this innovative precious metal Proof from Europe – each housed in a timber ca se with a Certificate of Authenticity.


3D !

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July Money 2011  

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