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June 2011

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© 2011 All rights reserved. Items offered subject to being sold out prior to order receipt. All previous direct selling lists are cancelled. Prices subject to change without notice. We offer a money back guarantee on all items returned within 30 days of receipt subject to certain conditions. Contact us for details. Downies reserves the right to revise order quantities without notification.


AS549 AS517 AS518 AS519 KC822

AS520 AS521 AS522 AS523 AS524 AR420 AS525 AR822 AS277 AS526 AQ779 AS527 AS528 AS442 AR540 AR717 AR718 AS529 SH088

KC824 AG202 AG203 AG204 AG207 AG208 AG213 AL870 AS530 AK838 AS532 AJ974 AS533 KC825 AG251 AG252 AG256 AG257 AG258 AL068 AN208 AR795 KC823 AS531 AS534 AR395 AS535 AS536 SH081 AM844 AM188 AK485 AS514

Qty US$ Price Total Jellyfish Tuvalu 2011 $1 Deadly & Dangerous Box Jellyfish 1oz Silver Proof $112.00 Sydney Mint Sovereigns 1870 Sydney Mint Type II Sovereign PCGS Graded AU 55 $2,194 Transformers Tuvalu 2011 $1 Transformers Bumblebee 1oz Silver Proof $113.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Transformers Optimus Prime 1oz Silver Proof $113.00 Tuvalu 2011 $1 Transformers Megatron 1oz Silver Proof $113.00 All Three Transformers Coins $292.00 Money June 2011 Page 1: 2011 Gold Koalas! 2011 $200 Koala 2oz Gold Proof Not available in the US 2011 $100 Koala High Relief 1oz Gold Proof Not available in the US 2011 $15 Koala 1/10oz Gold Proof $269.00 2011 $5 Koala 1/25oz Gold Proof $133.00 Pages 2 & 3: Sensational Sea Life Selection! Pitcairn Islands 2011 $2 Mediterranean Jellyfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $83.00 Pitcairn Islands 2010 $2 Australian White Spotted Jellyfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $83.00 Pitcairn Islands 2011 $2 Dragonfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $83.00 Pitcairn Islands 2010 $2 Lanternfish 1/2oz Silver Proof $83.00 Solomon Islands 2011 $10 Dugong Silver Proof $72.50 2011 50c Hawksbill Turtle 1/2oz Silver Proof $66.00 Australian Sea Life Series Case $14.00 Sea Animals Banknote Set Unc $19.50 Page 4: Official Wallabies Tribute 2011 $1 Australian Rugby Union Men of Gold 1oz Silver Proof $113.00 RWC 2011 Champions Silver Proof Collection $643.00 NZ 2011 $1 RWC Webb Ellis Cup 1oz Gilded Silver Proof $148.00 NZ 2011 $1 All Blacks Silver Fern 1oz Silver Proof $93.00 NZ 2011 $1 All Blacks Silver Fern Cu-Ni PNC $28.00 Page 5: Aussie Icons In Silver… 2011 $8 Koala 5oz Silver Proof $464.00 Niue 2011 $2 First Crossing Of The Simpson Desert 1oz Silver Proof $105.00 Pages 6 & 7: Factory Floor Florin Find! 1910-40 Key Date Shilling Set Ave Circ (8) $360.00 1910 Shilling Ave Circ $18.75 1911 Shilling Ave Circ $19.50 1912 Shilling Ave Circ $39.00 1915 Shilling Ave Circ $74.00 1915H Shilling Ave Circ $87.00 1921 Shilling Ave Circ $47.00 1933 Shilling VG $156.00 1940 Shilling Fine $19.50 1946 Shilling Unc $74.00 1942S-1944S Shilling Set Unc (3) $136.00 1945 Sixpence Unc $47.00 1946 Sixpence Unc $87.00 1945-47 Silver Set Unc (5) $273.00 1910 Florin Ave Circ $93.00 1911 Florin Ave Circ $48.00 1914H Florin Ave Circ $74.00 1915 Florin Ave Circ $83.00 1915H Florin Ave Circ $68.00 1932 Florin VG $425.00 1933 Florin VG $44.00 1939 Florin Fine $44.00 1910-39 Key Date Florin Set Ave Circ (8) $681.00 1941-45 Florin Set aUnc-Unc $387.00 1946 Florin Unc $68.00 1947 Florin Unc $68.00 20 x 1946 Florin Unc $858.00 20 x 1947 Florin Unc $858.00 Page 8: Icons Of The Past – Reborn! Cook Islands 2011 $1 Australian Commemorative Florin 1oz Silver Proof Collection $438.00 GB Una & the Lion £5 Gold-plated Cu-Ni Replica $126.00 Cook Islands 2007 50c 1930 Penny Tribute Copper Prooflike $18.50 Cook Islands 2005 $1 1852 Adelaide Gold £5 1oz Silver Proof $98.00 1933 Gold Double Eagle Replica Medal $18.50 Subtotal Column One


Qty US$ Price AR810 KC826 AR734 AP102 AO394 AR737 AR736 AR219 AR129 AR772 AL784 KC214 AD197 KC213 AD198 KC215 AJ573 AJ575 AJ577 AJ698 AK396 AK398 AK679 AK681 AK814 KC810 AN232 AN233 KC811 AN234 AN235 AN237 AN236 AS537 AR973

SH087 AS515 AS504 AS541 AS564 AS538 AS149 AQ584 AS469

Page 9: A Fine International Selection… Krause World Coins DVD Collection (5) Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan 2009 Cu-Ni Pair Unc GB George VI 1945 Florin & 1946 Shilling Pair BU Isle Of Man 2001 1 Crown Unc Euro Candidates 10-Coin Set Unc USA Rail Bond Russia Share Certificate Trio Netherlands 2010 Proof Set Aurelian (270-275 AD) Bronze Antoninianus F-VF Palau 2010 $1 Ferrari F10 Silver-plated Proof Page 10: Australia’s Predecimal Past… 1910-64 3d & 6d Collection Good-Unc (100) 1930 Penny Fine w/Free 1911-64 Penny Set 1911-1964 Complete Penny Set (No 1930) Good-aUnc 1923 Halfpenny Fine w/Free 1911-64 Halfpenny Set 1911-1964 Complete Halfpenny Set (No 1923) Good-aUnc 1923 Halfpenny & 1930 Penny Fine w/Free Collections Page 11: Official Nazi Germany Issues… Germany Occupied Poland Stamp Pair MUH Germany Hitler Stamp Set MUH Germany 1941-43 Ukraine Overprint Stamp Set MUH Germany 1942 Swastika Postage Dues MUH Germany 1943 Armed Forces & Heroes Stamp Set MUH Germany Nazi 11-Stamp Set MUH Germany 1941-44 Hitler Stamp Set (19) MUH Germany 1943 Hitler Youth Stamps (4) MUH Germany 1941-44 Swastika Stamp Set MUH Germany 1934 2 RM & 5RM Dated Church Pair VF Germany 1934 2 RM Dated Church VF (KM81) Germany 1934 5 Mark Dated Church VF (KM82) Germany 1934-39 5 Reichmark Set Trio VF Germany 1934-35 5 Reichmark Church VF (KM83) Germany 1935-36 5 Reichmark Hindenburg VF Germany 1936-39 5 Reichmark Hindenburg VF Germany 1935-39 2 Reichmark Hindenburg VF Page 12: Aussie Quality On Show! 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Brisbane ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof 2011 $2 Perth ANDA Show Lunar Rabbit 2oz Color Silver BU On The Order Form… Kidney Kar Rally Medallion 2011 20c International Women’s Day BU 2011 20c International Women’s Day Mint Roll 2011 50c Royal Wedding PNC GB 2011 £5 Royal Wedding PNC 2011 $1 Duntroon PNC France 2010 10€ Picasso Silver Proof Portugal 2009 1.5€ Morabitino Of Sancho II Cu-Ni Unc Eurozone 2011 2€ Bimetal Collection (5) In Pack Unc Subtotal Column Two


$109.00 $14.75 $38.00 $20.00 $18.50 $11.00 $33.00 $84.00 $47.50 $54.50 $581.00 $26,813.00 $458.00 $2,726.00 $220.00 $29,246.00 $8.50 $11.75 $19.50 $9.75 $35.00 $19.50 $19.50 $9.75 $14.75 $36.00 $16.25 $29.00 $40.00 $15.25 $15.25 $19.25 $9.75

$103.00 $175.00 $18.50 $1.75 $16.75 $15.75 $39.00 $15.75 $59.50 $6.00 $39.95


Subtotal Column One


Subtotal Column Two


Postage & Insurance – USA Postage & Insurance – Canada Postage & Insurance – Overseas Orders over $500

$10.00 $16.00 $22.00 FREE

State Tax (Californian Residents) @8.75% $___________ (Invoices of $1,500 or more are Tax Exempt) * Orders over 2kg, we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis.

TOTAL ORDER VALUE $_____________


o st A d ee ALI c R o pr UST L AL H A LT A HE

LIMITED EDITION Kidney Kar Rally Medallion! Just 1,000 struck by the Perth Mint! A fantastic opportunity to secure an exclusive, limited edition fullcolor medallion, with a mere 1,000 issued, the 2011 Kidney Kar Rally Medallion also represents your opportunity to make a difference. Every cent of the affordable retail price of US$18.50 is to be donated to Kidney Health Australia! Established in 1968, Kidney Health Australia strives for an ultimate quality of life for Australians living with Kidney and Urinary Tract Diseases. With a mission to “Advance the public health agenda through awareness, detection, prevention and management of Kidney Disease in Australia and our region”, the tireless work of this foundation aims to reduce the staggering 1 in 9 adults exhibiting signs of this ‘Silent Killer’. Downies is proud to be in a position to assist in raising awareness and providing financial assistance for Kidney Health Australia, with the specific aim of funding the ‘Kidney Kids Camps’ run by the organisation. With Kidney Disease affecting people of all ages, ‘Kidney Kids Camps’ is a 5 day program for children aged Kid bbetween 7-17 affected by this disease. Held on an 18 month rotation basis in Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and sponsored by the major fundraising created by the annual Kidney Kar Rally – to be held this August – and lottery campaigns, Kidney Health Australia is dedicated to the continued implementation oof this program nationwide. With the release of this eye-catching medallion, you too can play an important part in this worthy cause. importa Created by Downies, along with the generous Create help of o the Macquarie Mint, the Perth Mint and TTotalprint, this exclusive 39.34mm aluminium-bronze medallion features alum both the official logo and mascot of this renowned foundation – in glorious fullren color! co Set in an attractive card, every cent c of the retail price of US$18.50 of this t medallion will be directly donated to Kidney Health Australia.




Unique Australian Legal Tender Type! A crucial opportunity for those wishing to maintain a complete collection in the highest possible quality, the RAM’s eye-catching 2011 20c International Women’s Day Centenary BU is available both individually and in original Mint Rolls!

US$ 75






Bearing a striking reverse design, this new Australian legal tender type marks the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day – a celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women, and acknowledgment of women’s economic, political and social achievements. An important addition to any collection, we have this one-year-only type available as a single coin in a full-color pack, as well as in original Mint Rolls of 20 coins set in official RAM packaging. Although it will be issued for circulation, you will never have better opportunity than this to secure this oneyear-only type in strictly Uncirculated condition. Very affordable individually at just US$1.75, the official RAM Roll represents fantastic value!


Weiiggh IICCATIIO tt:: ONS Diiaam amettee 11..33 gra ram ams rr:: Meta tal al: l: CCuup 28..552mm Rev ro r o ever -N Niiccckkkeel ersssee D es e s igner ig Obvveerrs er: Vla se Desi se laaddimiir signer: r Gottt Coooiin in st r: IIaan waal str trruuc ucckk bbyy n Raan Pac Pa nkk-Broo ldd ack tth he R ckkaag age Rooyyyaal ged ed by ad a le by Do ley Au A usst Dow str owni traallia niees ia e n Min s Co Cooiin nt nss Pt n Pty Lt Ld

Intern In a

tiona2l011 W 20¢ omen’s Day

US$ S S$



SOLD OUT Within Days!

Offi O cial Aussie Tribute!

Celebrating one of the most important days C iin the history of the Royal Family, all official B British tributes to the wedding of Prince William Wi W illiam m and Catherine Middleton have been overwhelmed by demand, with this Royal oover rw Wedding PNC proving no exception. The We W Royal Mail sold out the limited edition R oof 15,000 within days of release!

TThe first Australian legal tender tribute tto a British Royal Wedding since 1981, the 2011 50c Royal Wedding PNC is not oonly an affordable way to celebrate the marriage of William and Catherine – it is a m must-have for coin collectors. must m h

A joint project between the Royal Mail and the Royal Mint, each PNC M features the 38.61mm 2011 £5 Royal Wedding 20 Cu-Ni BU coin, united Cu with four official w ccommemorative stamps set in a minisheet format. Act now! Tiny numbers in stock!


15 5755

2011 50c ROYAL WEDDING PNC C Official Issue Price e AS541

Du Duntroon PNC!

Work Of Art The latest in France’s sought after Great Artists series, we have secured a small allocation of this eye-catching tribute to one of the key figures of 20th century art – Pablo Picasso (1881-1973).

Hea Headlined by a one-year-only Australian legal tender coin from the Perth Mint, this leg eeye-catching PNC issue forms a superb tribute to RMC Duntroon – one of the t world’s leading military colleges, and the w key source of Australian Army leaders for f the last century.



2011 $1 DUNTROON PNC Official Issue Price

Set within wit a brilliantly illustrated cover, and bearing the official RMC Badge, the th 30.60mm $1 coin is united with w an Australian 60c stamp from Australia Post. A wonderful way to mark the centenary of a key element of Australia’s proud military heritage, and sensational value at just US$15.75 apiece.


Why? Because, the 2011 50c W Wh Royal Wedding Unc found in this R oofficial PNC is not to be issued for circulation and will never be found in change! Essential for a complete collection, the official Royal Wedding 50c Ro Unc is united with a U 660c and $2.25 stamp bearing an official photograph of the happy couple.




Struck from 15g of 90% silver, each legal tender coin carries a striking portrait of Picasso upon its 30mm x 21mm flan, united with the full-color paintbrush motif seen on each coin in the series. Featuring a recreation of one of Picasso’s most famous sketches on the obverse, each Proof 10€ is set in an official case with a Certificate confirming the mintage of 20,000.


Pride Of Portugal

NEW 2011 2€ Coins! 2

Using Us the power of modern minting to delve deep into the nation’s proud history, the d Mint of Portugal has released this stunning recreation of one of Portugal’s earliest, most important gold coins – the 13th century Morabitino.

A fantastic opportunity to keep your 2€ collection up-to-date, this set features the five most recent 2€ commemorative issues to emerge from the Eurozone.

Issued during the reign of King Sancho II Is (1209-48), the Morabitino was created to (12 compete with the gold coinage of Muslim com Spain. Spa Honouring a true numismatic treasure, this spectacular Cu-Ni 1.5€ incorporates elements of the original coin, with the denomination and year date styled to resemble the 13th century US$ inscriptions.



Incorporating Luxembourg’s 50th Anniversary of Appointment of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Slovenia’s 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Franc Rozman-Stane, the Netherlands’ 500th Anniversary of Publication of Erasmus’ The Praise of Folly, Slovakia’s 20th Anniversary of the Visegrad Group and Germany’s Cologne Cathedral 2€ coins, this 2011-dated US$ U 95 5-coin set is great value at an EUROZONE 2011 2€ EU average price of BIMETAL COLLECTION (5) under US$8 per BIMET IN PACK Unc coin.



US - June 2011 ORDER FORM  
US - June 2011 ORDER FORM  

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