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June 2011

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Mintage just 250 coins! One of the most important, most prestigious precious metal issues for the year – and a type never before offered by Downies in Money – we are delighted to present the Perth Mint’s stunning new 2011 $200 Koala 2oz Gold Proof! A must-have for serious gold coin collectors, and anyone interested in coins defined by extremely limited availability, this majestic tribute to Australia’s internationally recognised bush icon

is a truly commanding legal tender issue. Measuring a bigger-thancrown-size 41.10mm in diameter, and comprising TWO TROY OUNCES of pure, prestigious .9999 gold, this unique type will make a stunning centrepiece for any collection – but you will have to act fast. With a vast majority of the mintage of 250 to be dispatched overseas to one of the largest gold coin dealers in the world, and the price well below

market value for such a prestigious, exclusive 2oz Gold Proof, our allocation is necessarily tiny.



2011 $200 KOALA 2oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AS520

Each of these prestigious 2oz .9999 fine Gold Proofs is set in a lavish case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

High ! n e v a e H f e Reli

Gold a standard chunky, d e n is in th Underp Proof – oz .9999 nificent weighty 1 most by a mag but , is n in ig gold co new des e r the th fo y le b b d ta no define detail rd d a n d a n depth same sta ed for igns. us in the des uck of strike after str ly e t Precis its sough rs, the frosted, ly h o s ig s h e d c n a prede nting t’s 2011 the encha ly Perth Min High on ra la e A coin of able a -y o e K n o $100 n d n a f ld ti o o G m z unquestio ch koala Relief 1o sents a e , f e o g it ti res re ortra Proof rep le of Gold the p th II stand p .30mm .9999 gold 7 c e 2 Elizab of is the pinna ge in ently Relief Pro a out promin wless High an official case Proof coin a . from the fl fields. set in Certificate Australia nd u a ro tr with a x g k e c n a a b ticity Struck on planchet of Authen the g in thick 5mm ick as rm fi con th f just – twice as mintage o . 0 0 2,0



KOALA 2011 $100LIEF 1oz E R HIGH OOF GOLD PR e Price su Is l ia Offic AS521

GO 2011 LD $5 PR KOA O L A$ OF a A 1/w w w . d o w n i e s . c o m 136 lso av 25oz aila AS ble 523 .

EXCLUSI VE, YET AFF O RDABLE With the price set at A

$275, worldwid and the e restricted mintage 5,000 coin to just s Mint’s ne , the Perth w 2011 $ 15 Koala 1/1 0 Proof rep oz Gold re a compell sents in combina g tion of excellent v and stric alue tly limited availabilit y. Struck to flawless P ro quality fro m 1/10oz of of

pure .999 9 outstandin gold, this g legal tend Australian er coin giv collectors es a opportunit n irresistible y premier p to enjoy this re series wit cious metal ho the bank. ut breaking A to any co fine addition llection, or a presti g affordable ious yet g 16.10mm ift, each $15 coin is set in an offic ia numbered l case with a C Authentic ertificate of ity confirm ing the tiny m intage.



2011 $1 1/10oz GO5 KOALA Official Is LD PROOF sue Price AS522

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The Fried Egg Jellyfish!

A truly spectacular marine creature, the Mediterranean Jellyfish is the perfect subject for a full-colour coin – as illustrated by this sparkling new 35mm legal tender $2 Proof.

Commonly known as the ‘fried egg jellyfish’, due to its distinctive shape, the Mediterranean Jellyfish inhabits the Mediterranean Sea, naturally enough, as well as the Adriatic Sea and Aegean Sea. An invasive species, swarming into the Mediterranean as the weather gets warmer, this astonishingly beautiful creature has

led to the closure of many resort beaches over the last few years. Struck from 1/2oz of sterling silver, and underpinned by exquisite Proof quality and glorious full-colour, this exclusive legal tender tribute to the Mediterranean Jellyfish is set to be available for a limited time only. Only 1,000 coins have been issued worldwide – each complete with

STOCK JUST A FEW LEFT IN we can secure more, don’t

of the extremely popular Struck from 1/2oz 2010 $2 Australian White of sterling silver, and Spotted Jellyfish Silver with ed anc superbly enh f! With a mintage of full-colour, we still have a Proo and no chance that 0, 1,00 g ainin rem es few exampl

miss your last chance to own this impressive 35mm diameter legal tender coin.

a Certificate of Authenticity – and given demand for its predecessors, and for fullcolour animal coins generally, that mintage will be devastated by demand. PITCAIRN ISLANDS 2011 $2 MEDITERRANEAN JELLYFISH 1/2oz SILVER PROOF A$



In stock end of July




Tiny mintage just 1,000 coins!

An exclusive opportunity for our clients, we have secured a small allocation of this new legal tender coin – issued in honour of the deep sea inhabitant, the Dragonfish.

A highly distinctive, teeth, it is, like fascinating creature, many deep sea defined by a lack species, a fish of of scales and rather frightening the presence of appearance. light-producing Captured perfectly photophores upon the near crownscattered over sized 35mm flan, the its body, the Dragonfish instantly Dragonfish is a catches the eye deep sea predator. when rendered in fullDistinguished by colour. greatly enlarged, A strictly limited fang-like edition, with a surprisingly low mintage

of just 1,000, there is no doubt that this dramatic coin will sell-out at speed. Indeed, its predecessor, the Deep Sea Angler Fish Silver Proof, sold out within hours of release, and similarly spectacular demand is anticipated for this new issue. We have just a few of these 1/2oz sterling silver Proofs PITCAIRN avai lable – ISLANDS 2011 $2 DRAGONFISH 1/2oz each complete with a SILVER PROOF Certificate of A$ 8950 Authenticity. AS525


An aptly named deep sea inhabitant, defined by its highly conspicuous use of bio– luminescence and a consequently ghostly appearance, we have just a handful of this unique tribute to the Lanternfish in stock!

Part of a mintage of just 1,000, this dramatic, full-colour 1/2oz sterling silver Proof is complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.





In stock end of July

Giant of the Deep – the Dugong!

A fine tribute to one of the few remaining species of sea cow, this exceptional legal tender release pays homage to the Dugong Dugon – commonly referred to as the Dugong. A gargantuan sea creature, weighing approximately 500kg and measuring three metres, the Dugong is

the biggest surviving ocean-dwelling planteating mammal, hugging the sea floor as it grazes upon ‘sea meadows’. With a low birth rate, combined with the deterioration of seas meadows as a result of environmental poisons, this extraordinary aquatic giant is now perilously endangered.

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Bearing a beautifully struck-up design of the massive Dugong upon its crownsized 38.61mm flan, contrasting superbly against the full-colour marine scene, this exclusive 20g sterling silver Proof is set in a case, and is complete with a Certificate of

Authenticity confirming the tiny worldwide mintage of just 2,500.






! d e h c n u a l s e i r e S New Sea Life CIHIANCE? ONLY YOUR ONEdieAncNe D of Sea Life

unique precious metal m au e on to r so es cc Proof offers ample roo The su waiting to s tor llec co lled ski s s nt’ for the Mi of the Perth Mint’ pounce on this new artisans to work their the most sought after of t firs the se, ea rel er t be magic, and the she programs, the firs Sea Life II Series will is in II co e the Lif a of y Se alit the qu coin in just as sought after – apparent at a single 50c 1/2oz Silver Proof especially considering en be t jus s ha glance. Series the quality of the coin! l, unveiled! As colourfu Do not delay your Crafted to Proof as exclusive and as order. With each quality from 1/2oz of beautifully presented coin in Sea Life I pure .999 silver, this as its predecessors in soaring in value glorious tribute to the Sea Life I, this eye– the Lionfish endangered Hawksbill catching Australian is worth A$185, ed Turtle is distinguish legal tender coin is with the Leafy by the Mint’s expert sure to sell-out just as Sea Dragon and ur. olo application of full-c fast. Seahorse now A$110 Measuring a near al apiece – the time to in Washed away by a tid wn-sized 36.60mm cro at the , nd ma s strike is right now – wave of de diameter, the flan of thi the Mint’s affordable Sea Life I Series was Official Issue Price! extraordinarily popular. Not only did the five full-colour 1/2oz coins sell-out at the Perth Mint – they sold out at breakneck speed. Indeed, the 10,000t coin mintage of the firs , ies ser the release in honouring the Lionfish, sold out at the Mint in just one week, with its t four successors subjec r to similarly spectacula demand. With a huge



2011 50c HAWKSBILL TURTLE 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS526

ESENTATION! R P R LA U C TA C E P S A next To be issued over the

a Housed in a case with each numbered Certificate, is set in Sea Life II Series coin which, x bo ter an illustrated ou er oth the h wit d ite un when ms a for m, gra coins in the pro ne! sce r ate rw de un al ion sensat

ss up few months, don’t pa rt sta to y nit the opportu Proof ver Sil II e Lif a Se ur yo we – ay tod Collection entire guarantee supply of the nts clie ies wn Do series to all issue! t firs s thi re cu se o wh

Less than A$4 per banknote! The perfect partner for any of the plethora of marine tributes found on these pages, this bright, colourful collection comprises five different sea life banknotes from five different countries!

Absolutely sensational value-for-money at an average price of just under A$4 per genuine legal tender note, this presentation is also notable for the pristine quality, with each note in strictly Uncirculated condition.

Comprising a broad range of interesting, official banknote issues from all over the world – our choice of types – this affordable set is a fine introduction to the colour and variety of international currency. 3

A fine presentation, and the perfect gift for those new to the wonderful world of numismatics, each Uncirculated 5-banknote set is housed in an illustrated, informative pack.




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Official Wallabies tribute!

metal Proof also d, An officially endorse features the official extremely exclusive d r Wallabies logo an Australian legal tende ld 2011’ Go of en ‘M coin, this splendid in the famous new Silver Proof from green and gold the Perth Mint forms colours of the a truly memorable Aussie team. tribute to one of st ate Surprisingly gre Australia’s – ns tio exclusive, given titu ins ing ort sp y gb Ru the huge following an the Australi enjoyed by Rugby Union side, Union across the s. the Wallabie globe, and the d, ee sp Capturing the excitement generated power and excitement Cup y by Rugby World of ‘The Game They Pla ntage of mi the , 11 20 in Heaven’, the 2011 the 2011 $1 Men of $1 Men of Gold 1oz Gold 1oz Silver Proof a Silver Proof forms the has been restricted to perfect way to honour – each ins co 00 5,0 re me we our Aussie heroes as beautifully presented count down the days within an official Perth ied to Rugby World Cup Mint case, accompan w 2011, to be held in Ne lly serialua ivid ind an by r. of Zealand later this yea numbered Certificate l wil ies The Wallab Authenticity. go into the most prestigious, most





fiercely competitive Rugby Union tournament with high hopes, aiming to try become the first coun ee thr on e titl to win the occasions, following Australia’s historic victories in 1991 and 1999. Struck to the pinnacle of Proof quality from a troy ounce of pure, precious .999 silver, the broad 40.60mm flan of this new Australian legal tender coin is distinguished by a vibrant, energetic ly design. Featuring a ful of n tio pic de struck-up a Wallabies player in action, each precious

Exclusive! Tiny mintage restricted to just 5,000 coins! Official Australian legal tender – struck by the Perth Mint Underpinned by exquisite Proof quality – and brilliant full-colour! Set within an attractive, official case, set in a fullcolour outer box

Housed in an official Perth Mint case, each official Australian legal tender coin carries the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse

Includes an individually serialnumbered Certificate of Authenticity Secure your official Wallabies tribute at the Official Issue Price!

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The FIRST 5oz Silver Koala!


A dramatic innovation by Australia’s precious metal specialists, the Perth Mint has just unveiled the very first Koala coin struck from 5oz of pure, precious silver! Also, the first Silver Koala struck to Proof quality, this unique coin is to be enjoyed by the privileged few. Just 300 examples are available in Australia! A big, bold, beautiful Australian legal tender coin, the massive 60.60mm diameter flan of the 2011 $8 Koala 5oz Silver Proof provides the perfect venue to enjoy the great artistry of the intricately detailed one-year-only koala

design. Depicting an adult and a young koala resting in the fork of a tree, this impressive motif looks spectacular when struck to the Mint’s immaculate Proof quality. One of very few Australian legal tender coins bearing the unusual $8

at just 5,000 coins. More astonishing, the anticipated overseas demand for this stunning tribute has led the Mint to allocate virtually the entire mintage for the international market! A race against time for any of our clients that are keen to secure this huge, groundbreaking 5oz Silver Proof Koala, the Mint has set aside just 300 examples for Australian audiences. With a rapid-fire sellout of this tiny number assured, and Downies allocation tightly restricted, the need for an immediate order is obvious.

denomination, this imposing precious metal Proof is beautifully presented within an official Perth Mint case, complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity. That Certificate attests to the surprisingly exclusive nature of the release, with the worldwide mintage set

Struck from FIVE troy ounces of .999 fine silver – over 150 grams! Underpinned by the Perth Mint’s exquisite Proof quality Worldwide mintage just 5,000 – only 300 coins issued in Australia! Australian legal tender – measures a massive 60.60mm in diameter! Housed in a plush, official case, in an illustrated outer box Complete with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity




2011 $8 KOALA 5oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS529

First Crossing esert of the Simpson DCO INS! Capturing the hypnotic beauty and hostile nature of the foreboding Australian hinterland, this exclusive legal tender coin pays homage to Ted Colson (1881-1950) – the first European to cross the Simpson Desert, exactly 75 years ago.

JUST 2,000 Artistiques TINY MINTAGEable Produits terrain.

One of the unsung heroes of Australian exploration, Colson trekked by camel from northwest of Oodnadatta to Birdsville, and back again, in just 36 days, covering nearly 900km of mostly unexplored,

inhospit Marking the 75th anniversary of Colson’s largely unheralded achievement, this 38.61mm full-colour coin features a fine portrait of this burly, cheerful, unassuming Aussie pioneer. Produced by Swiss precious metal experts

Métaux Précieux, the mintage of this .999 silver 1oz Proof has been set at just 2,000. Considering the intense interest in Australian exploration, and the demand for full-colour coins honouring Australian icons, a sell-out of this tiny mintage is inevitable.




Each .999 fine Silver Proof is housed in a large, stylish case, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity 5

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Fantastic factory

A phenomenal opportunity for our clients to secure some of the key dates of the 1910-64 Australian predecimal series, we recently leapt at the chance to secure one of the largest hoards of silver that we have ever handled – a hoard comprising an astonishing 18,000 coins! One of very few fresh hoard discoveries of recent times, this

Shilling Shock!

MASSIVE 18,000-COIN HOAR sizeable silver stockpile was uncovered when the family of a deceased Sydney factory owner was finalising his estate. Preparing the factory for sale, the removal of rotting floorboards revealed bags and bags of predecimal silver

A rare chance to secure the key dates of the Australian shilling denomination in one hit, this secret Sydney stash was notable for the presence of every one of the most sought after issues of the 1910-63 Shilling Series. Seldom offered, irrespective

Complete S Mintmark Shilling Set! Historically fascinating, the coins struck for Australia by US Mints during WWII are always in demand. A fantastic opportunity to secure some of these key coins in pristine quality – at a price to please all pockets – we were able to assemble a massive number of complete 1942S-44S 1/- sets from this momentous hoard find.

Featuring the S Mintmark of the San Francisco Mint below the Ram’s Head on the reverse, and underpinned by the distinctive glowing lustre instantly associated with US-struck Aussie silver, the 1942S, 1943S and final US date 1944S Shillings are all in sparkling Uncirculated quality. SAVE A$41 OFF the current catalogue value!

coins! Along with an incredible 13,000 florins, the hoard also consisted of over 3,000 shillings and nearly 2,500 sixpences! Based on the dates found, and the quality of the coins, this secret silver

of the grade, the eight shilling dates found in this set are missing from a majority of collections. Featuring the first three shillings – 1910, 1911 & 1912 – the set also encompasses the rare 1915 and 1915H (mintages 500,000 and 800,000 respectively), plus the rare 1921* and key George V date – 1940. Also including

the star of the series – the rare 1933 1/– mintage just 220,000 – this vital compilation can be yours at A$100 below the current catalogue value!



1910-40 KEY DATE SHILLING SET AVE CIRC (8 coins) KC824

As good as the day they were struck… As good as the day they were struck at the Melbourne Mint, well over five decades ago, this exciting collection of King George VI predecimal silver is noteworthy for the immaculate quality of the coins – and the unbeatable ‘Hoard Savings’!

Comprising coins specifically chosen for their strictly Uncirculated state of preservation, this 5-coin George VI set includes the 1945 Sixpence, 1946 Sixpence and 1946 Shilling, united with the 1946 and 1947 Florins. Very scarce today, the five coins

have a combined catalogue value of A$358 – making our special ‘Hoard Savings’ price too good to resist! SAVE a sensational A$79!



1945-47 SILVER SET UNC (5 coins) KC825



1942S-1944S SHILLING SET UNC (3 coins) AS532

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floor florin find!

RD! HUGE ‘HOARD SAVINGS’! stash was most likely assembled in the immediate aftermath of World War II. A huge variety of early predecimal silver dates were found in highly collectable circulated condition, mixed with an enormous number of later, WWII-era

Distinguished by a veritable ‘who’s who’ of the 1910-63 series, this huge hoard comprised all of the most important florin dates – all of which are included in this set! Featuring Australia’s first florin, the unique Edward VII 1910 issue, as well as the first George V date (1911), the set also

dates in mint-state quality. Although the most plausible theory is that these coins represented profits from black market trading, with rationing still in force in the mid 1940s, we will never be sure why this gargantuan hoard was

incorporates the rare 1914H, 1915 and 1932 coins – with tiny mintages of 500,000, 500,000 and 188,000 respectively! The 1915H (mintage 750,000) and 1933 (a mere 488,000 struck!) are also included, along with the 1939 2/- – the scarcest George V florin, with a mintage of just 630,000.

Suggesting that the factory owner began compiling his hoard during the early days of WWII, a high percentage of early 1940s florins in the stash were in a perfect or near-perfect state of preservation – as illustrated by this premium grade set.

Your big chance to fill those gaps in your florin collection, the set of eight average circulated, key date coins is available at a whopping A$200 off market price!


hidden beneath the factory floor and then forgotten. What we can be sure of is that our purchase of this extraordinary hoard gives you the chance to obtain some of the most sought after early dates of the predecimal era – as well as pristine condition WWII-era issues – at way below current market value!

Key date early florins!


1910-39 KEY DATE FLORIN SET AVE CIRC (8 coins) KC823

Complete from 1941 until the end of the war in 1945, this important compilation includes eight coins. Distinguished by the 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944 and 1945 Melbourne Mint issues, the set also encompasses the 1942S, 1943S and 1944S

dates – struck at the San Francisco Mint as the US assisted Australian coin production. In magnificent about Uncirculated to Uncirculated condition, this comprehensive, pristine sterling silver selection is now A$150 off market price!

The war years… A$


1941-45 FLORIN SET aUNC-UNC (8 coins) AS531

Save A$520 on mint-state

Whenever it he upped the tempo was that immediately after our Sydney the conclusion of the businessman war – as evidenced actually by the unbelievable began number of 1946 and hiding this 1947 Florin Mint mountain of Rolls found in the predecimal stash! silver beneath the A true godsend for floor of his factory, the serious collector, there’s no doubt tha t 7

this is your chance to obtain the first two post-war florins in superb, lustrous Uncirculated condition – at an unprecedented price! Scarce in this grade today, the 1946 and 1947 Florins both catalogue at A$70 apiece in Unc. Buy a


bulk lot of twenty of either date, and save an incredible A$520!



1946 OR 1947 FLORIN x 20 UNC AS535, AS536

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Stunning in Silver Proof! Comprising four legal tender coins from the Perth Mint, and limited to a mintage of just 1,500, the 2011 Australian Commemorative Florin Collection is the most imposing, most memorable celebration of Australia’s first commemorative coin series. Recreating some of Australia’s most enchanting designs,

A MASSIVE 89 89mm IN DIAMETER! Precisely finished in the world’s favourite precious metal, this masterful goldplated cupro-nickel Proof offers you the rare opportunity to enjoy one of the world’s most revered coins! A spectacular work of numismatic artistry, this perfect recreation of the 1839 Una & The Lion Gold £5 Pattern will make a commanding centrepiece to any collection. Described as ‘beyond improvement’, and with a mintage of a few hundred, the first Queen Victoria pattern portrayed the Queen as Una, or Truth, with the Lion as her

guardian. The ultimate tribute, bearing precise recreations of the universally admired designs upon the gargantuan 89mm flan, each superbly struck Proof is presented in a case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the tiny mintage of just 500. With an original 1839 Una & the Lion Gold £5 Pattern valued at over US$50,000, the chance to secure this mammoth 89mm tribute for just A$129 must not be missed.




each of the 40.60mm 1oz .999 fine silver coins faithfully replicates the obverse and reverse of one of Australia’s four commemorative florins. With the Mint using original examples in the creation of this official legal tender set, the designs of the 1927 Canberra 2/-, 1934-35 Centenary 2/-, 1951 Federation 2/- and 1954 Royal Visit 2/- look magnificent struck to the apex of Proof quality from pure lustrous silver. Complete with a

numbered Certificate of Authenticity attesting to the tiny worldwide mintage of 1,500, the set of four coins is beautifully accommodated within a handsome timber presentation case, set within a full-colour outer box.




’30 PENNY WITHIN YOUR REACH! A wonderful opportunity to celebrate Australia’s most desirable,

highest profile rarity, this official legal tender coin forms a stunning tribute to the legendary 1930 Penny. Set in an informative colour card, and limited to

a mintage of 50,000, the 40mm 2007 50c 1930 Penny Prooflike is struck in copper – just like the original! Unlike the original, this coin is incredibly affordable. Not everyone can own one of the 1,500 known COOK ISLANDS 2007 1930 pennies, 50c 1930 PENNY but this Prooflike TRIBUTE COPPER tribute is within PROOFLIKE the reach of all A$ 95 19 at A$19.95. AM188

THE FAMOUS ADELAIDE £5! Struck from 1oz .999 fine silver, this unique legal tender Proof coin honours one of Australia’s most intriguing colonial issues – the 1852 Adelaide Assay Office Gold £5. Dies were made for the Big Brother of the Adelaide £1, but, if any were struck, no records exist to verify the fact.

As an original Adelaide £5 – if one exists – would be priceless, this goldplated 40.60mm $1 is an affordable way to enjoy this mysterious Gold Rush coin. Limited to a mintage of just 1,500, each coin is set in COOK IS 2005 $1 a plush 1852 ADELAIDE GOLD £5 1oz case. SILVER PROOF




‘THE WORLD’S MOST EXPENSIVE COIN’ A superb tribute, the 1933 Gold Double Eagle Replica Medal gives you the chance to enjoy the ‘world’s most expensive coin’ – at a price you can afford! Struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality from cupro-nickel, plated in silver and then finished in pure 24-carat gold,

this imposing 40mm medal carries precise recreations of the obverse and reverse of the 1933 Gold Double Eagle $20 – the USA’s most famous coin, sold at auction by Sotheby’s & Stacks 1933 GOLD in 2002 for DOUBLE EAGLE US$7.6 REPLICA MEDAL million! A$ 95



North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696


400 years of coins…

The way of the future, providing you with instant access to over four centuries of international coinage, Krause’s Standard Catalog of World Coins DVD Set is the essential complement to every world coin collection. Incorporating every page from five volumes from

Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan 2009 Pair Unc







■ ■






■ ■






An official $1,000 Rail Bond for the Lehigh Valley Railway Co of Pennsylvania Established to transport coal, the Lehigh Valley Railroad was known as ‘The Route of the Black Diamond’ A beautifully designed piece of ephemera from the USA – issued in 1945


Comprises all 8 standard Euro denominations (1c-2€) – tiny mintage just 5,000! Struck to the impeccable Proof standards of the Royal Dutch Mint Beautifully presented in an official timber case with a Certificate of Authenticity


■ ■ ■


Issued between 270AD and 275AD, during the brief reign of the Emperor Aurelian Part of a recent hoard find, and in highly collectable Fine to Very Fine condition Outstanding value-for-money for a genuine 1,700+-year-old Ancient Roman coin 9


Comprising three different Share Certificates from Tsarist Russia measuring 300mm x 397mm Superb examples of late 19th, early 20th century ephemera – nice condition for 100-year-old documents Perfect for framing, and great value at an average price of just over A$10 apiece

Netherlands 2010 Aurelian Bronze Ant F-VF Proof Set A$ ■



Official legal tender tribute to Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) – first person to reach both North and South Poles A fine memento of the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration’, this affordable crownsized coin is struck to Uncirculated standard from cupro-nickel

Comprises the last florin issued during WWII, and the first post-war shilling Superb examples of numismatic design – especially fetching in premium grade Clearly set aside at the time of issue, each George VI silver coin is in stunning Brilliant Uncirculated condition


Isle of Man 2001 1 Crown Unc

USA Rail Bond

Comprises ten Unc pre-Euro legal tender coins – one from each of the latest countries to adopt, or soon to adopt, the unified European currency Housed in an impressive, informative pack, and excellent value at less than A$20



Russia Share Certificate Trio

Euro Candidates 10-Coin Set Unc A$

Krause DVD set requires no Internet connection and is portable and easyto-use. Sensational value at more than A$250 less than the combined price of the five printed volumes, this DVD set is a must-have for the world coin collector.

GB 1945 2/- & 1946 1/- Pair BU A$

Official legal tender issues from neighbouring former Soviet states Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan Includes Kyrgyzstan 2009 10 SOM, and Uzbekistan 2009 200 SOM honouring the 2,200th anniversary of Tashkent City In strictly Uncirculated quality and a bargain at just A$14.95 for the pair

this esteemed series (1601-1700, 1701-1800, 1801-1900, 1901-2000 and 2001-Present), the set of five DVDs includes almost 100,000 images – with both text and images able to be enlarged by 300% without distortion! Featuring both a ‘countryby-page’ index and up-to-date pricing, the

Palau 2010 $5 Ferrari Silver Plated Proof




Honouring Ferrari’s success at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir in 2010 Graced with a portrayal of the Ferrari F10, driven by race-winner Fernando Alonso Each 35mm x 35mm $1 set in an official case with Certificate – mintage just 5,000!

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The 1910-64 Threepence & Sixpence Collection! SAVE An increasingly rare opportunity, with so many predecimal silver coins melted for the intrinsic value as a result of continually rising metal prices, we have a number of 1910-64 3d & 6d Collections in stock – at way below current market price! Graded from Good to strictly Uncirculated quality, the 1910-64 3d & 6d Collection comprises 100 coins.



Virtually complete, this impressive set is distinguished by every standard date and type, with only the rare, highvalue 1922/21 Overdate 3d (worth A$10,000 in Fine) absent. Rarely offered in such a comprehensive format, each set includes some of the key issues of the 1910-64 predecimal series. In any grade, the 1915 3d is a crucial

acquisition, with the mintage of just 800,000 ensuring that it is missing from most collections. Highly desirable 3d dates such as the first year of issue 1910, 1914 and 1923 (just 815,000 struck!) are also included, along with the Melbourne Mint’s 1942 3d – the lowest mintage 3d of the series with 528,000 struck. When you consider the inclusion

THE KING OF COINS! An irresistible opportunity for the serious collector, or eagle-eyed investor, we have two examples in stock of Australia’s King of Coins – the legendary 1930 Penny. Issued virtually by accident, with the small number of coins struck in 1930 during die 1930 PENNY FINE testing released WITH FREE with the 1931 1d 1911-64 PENNY SET issue, the 1930 KC214 1d is believed to The 1911-64 1d Set in Good-aUnc (no 1930) is also have a mintage






of the rare 1918M 6d (mintage 915,000), lowmintage 1922, 1924 and 1935 6d, scarce George VI 1939 and 1952 6d and Elizabeth II 1953 6d, the importance of this opportunity becomes clear.



AND THE CROWN PRINCE… A great Australian rarity, and yet still available at a reasonable price, the 1923 Halfpenny is the key to the 1911-64 Halfpenny Series. Very rare, with an estimated mintage of just 15,000, this celebrated copper rarity is rightly seen as one of the most important acquisitions the serious predecimal collector can make. Moreover, as the 1923 Halfpenny satisfies all the criteria of a sound rare coin investment – tangible, highly liquid,

of just 3,000 – with 1,500 examples thought to exist today. Australia’s most desirable coin, the extreme rarity and fierce competition for the 1930 1d has seen the price soar – from A$8,750 in 1997 to a catalogue value of A$28,000 in Fine. Grasp this rare opportunity to become one of the privileged few to own this illustrious coin, and receive a FREE 72-coin 1911-64 Penny Set valued at A$495!

offering flexibility and steady growth – this iconic copper coin has also caught the eye of those seeking to diversify their portfolios. Complete with a FREE 58-coin 1911-64 Halfpenny Set valued at A$225, we have four examples in stock – 1923 HALFPENNY FINE each in Fine WITH FREE condition. 1911-64 HALFPENNY SET


2,795 KC213

Or secure the 1911-64 1/2d Set in Good-aUnc (no 1923). A$ 225 AD198


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1910-64 3d & 6d COLLECTION GOOD-UNC (100 coins) AL784


MAIL PO Box 888, Abbotsford, 3067

An attractive proposition at any time, the chance to create the complete 3d & 6d set in one hit is irresistible at this price. Set in a Dansco Supreme Album – valued at A$49.50 but yours for FREE – the collection is now A$175 under market value!


MAIL 4533 MacArt hu Newport Bea r Blvd, #888 ch, CA 92660 TELEPHONE Sunday to Th ursd from 2pm-11p ay m (PT) TOLL FREE 1 877 897 7696 FAX 1 866 87 5 2577 BY EMAIL DowniesUSA

Occupied Poland Stamp Pair MUH


A$ 50 ■

■ ■

Hitler Stamp Set MUH


Issued after the invasion of Poland – the trigger for the outbreak of WWII Portrays the Eagle, a symbol appearing regularly throughout German history In MUH and a powerful reminder of Hitler’s relentless pursuit of conflict


A$ ■ ■ ■




Comprises 18 different General Government stamps – all in MUH quality Each official Nazi issue carries the grim visage of the fanatical German dictator Seldom seen in Australia, and fantastic value at little more than 50c per stamp!

1943 Armed 1942 Forces & Swastika Heroes Postage Dues MUH Stamp Set MUH A$ 95


■ ■


A strong statement of Nazi supremacy, with each stamp bearing the Swastika in bold colour Comprises 11 different Postage Dues issues – all in Mint Unhinged quality An affordable acquisition at an average price of just 90c per stamp!


■ ■ ■

1941-44 Hitler Stamp Set MUH


■ ■

1934 2RM & 5RM Pair VF


A$ ■ ■ ■




Features 12 different philatelic tributes to the ‘heroes’ defending the Fatherland Issued to boost the discernibly flagging morale on the German Homefront All stamps in Mint Unhinged condition – taken from original sheets


Comprising 19 MUH stamps – each bearing the Fuehrer’s distinctive portrait Issued from 1941 to 1944, with values ranging from 1 to 80 Pfennig Found in original sheets, and a super bargain at just over A$1 per stamp

■ ■ ■


A colourful array of Nazi stamps, comprising 11 different commemorative and definitive issues – all in superb Mint Unhinged quality Illustrative of the vital propaganda role played by philatelics, each stamp bears dramatic, romanticised images created to raise the spirits of the German nation

1941-44 Swastika Stamp Set MUH




Celebrating the Hitler Youth – the future of the Nazis 1,000 Year Reich A most affordable acquisition, especially given the superb Mint Unhinged quality A wonderful opportunity to own genuine artefacts of the Nazi regime

■ ■ ■


Comprises 8 stamps, with different values ranging from 3 to 50 Pfennig Each stamp carries the Nazis ever-present emblem of evil – the Swastika From a hoard of original sheets, these historic stamps are naturally in MUH

1934-39 5 Reichmark Trio VF A$ ■


Comprises the 65% silver 1934 2RM and 1934 5RM – both in Very Fine quality Issued to commemorate the first anniversary of Nazi rule in Germany Both coins depict the Potsdam Garrison Church, and are marked by the presence of the Swastika

Nazi Germany 11-Stamp Set MUH

A$ 95



Before suffering a devastating defeat on the Eastern Front, Germany occupied large portions of the USSR – including the Ukraine Includes 18 different Ukraine overprint Hitler portrait stamps in MUH – at a mere A$1.10 per stamp!

1943 Hitler Youth Stamps MUH

A$ ■


1941-43 Ukraine O/P Stamp Set MUH



Comprises the 1934-35 Potsdam 5 Reichmark (first coin to bear the Swastika) and 1935-36 non-Swastika and 1936-39 Swastika Hindenburg types Crafted from 90% silver, the trio of genuine Third Reich coins is graded Very Fine 11

1936-39 2 Reichmark VF


A$ 95 ■ ■ ■


One of few German coins of the 2RM denomination to carry the Swastika Each 65% silver coin carries the portrait of national hero, Paul von Hindenburg An historic, eminently affordable remembrance of pre-war Nazi Germany – graded VF

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358

Following the huge success of last year’s Celebrate Australia ANDA Show Series, the Perth Mint’s new 2011 series forms yet another splendid tribute to Australia. Struck specifically and exclusively for the Brisbane ANDA Show, held in May, it will come as no surprise that this unique Aussie Show Product triggered explosive demand when unveiled at Queensland’s premier numismatic festival.

Exclusive Show Special! Like each Perth Mint ANDA Show coin to be issued throughout 2011, the Australian legal tender 2011 $1 Celebrate Australia Brisbane ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof is distinguished by the design of one of the popular 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia BU coins.

Offering an ideal forum for this memorable tribute to the Sunshine State, the broad 40.60mm flan captures the tropical corals of Queensland’s most famous natural wonder, the Great Barrier Reef, with the fully struckup high relief design of a green sea turtle providing a superb contrast. Set in official ANDA Show packaging,

complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this sparkling precious metal Proof is sure to vanish instantly. With a mintage of just 2,500, and Australian Show products so highly prized, this coin will never be found in surplus on the secondary market. Like virtually all releases in this increasingly popular sub-set of collecting, once gone, the 2011

$1 Celebrate Australia Brisbane ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof will be gone forever! With only a tiny number of these 1oz .999 fine silver coins in stock – secured as a result of our unwavering support for Australian numismatic events and our attendance at the Brisbane ANDA Show – we are sure to sell out at speed.





Total mintage just 1,000 coins! SOLD OUT AT THE PERTH MINT! A tremendously exclusive Australian Show Product, the 2011 $2 Perth ANDA Show Lunar Rabbit 2oz Silver BU created immense excitement when unveiled at Western Australia’s key numismatic extravaganza in February. Limited to a mintage of just 1,000 coins, a complete sell-out was all but inevitable – and so it proved. Beyond the attraction of owning one of the Perth Mint’s most exclusive silver issues,

the powerful interest was also attributable to the sheer quality of the coin. Struck to immaculate Specimen standard from a massive TWO TROY OUNCES of .999 fine silver, the expansive 55.60mm flan of this exclusive Australian Show Product carries an exquisite Lunar design. Uniting traditional numismatic sculpture with glorious full-colour, this weighty Australian legal tender coin forms an imposing, distinctive celebration of the Year of the Rabbit.

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696


A once-ina-lifetime opportunity, we have just a few examples of the 2011 $2 Perth ANDA Show Lunar Rabbit 2oz Silver BU in stock – each set in an official case in a Perth ANDA Show outer box, complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.




June Money 2011  

Downies June Money 2011

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