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Mid May 2011

Have we got your correct name and address? Update your contact details here and forward to our office in the enclosed Reply-paid envelope. Title (Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss): _________________ First Name: ____________________________ Surname: _____________________________ Address: ______________________________ _____________________________________ City: _________________________________ State: _____P’code: ______ Country: ________ Email: ________________________________ Phone:________________________________



PO Box 888, Abbotsford VIC 3067

Daytime Phone No: ( _____ )____________________________ Email Address:________________________________________

ORDER BY TELEPHONE Toll free: 1300 788 358


OR Phone: +61 (0) 3 8456 8456 Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

ORDER BY FAX +61 (0) 3 8456 8401


ORDER IN PERSON TOWN HALL COINS Shop 5, Town Hall Square 464-480 Kent Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 9299 4131 Email: Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm Thurs until 6pm, Sat 10am – 3pm Queen Victoria Building

Block Pl


Block Arcade

Expiry Date:_____/_____

Id No: _ _ _ _

Signature: ___________________________________________


Downies offer a complete lay-by service for orders in excess of $400. Payment must be made in equal monthly instalments. If you would like to use our lay-by service, complete the details below or phone 1300 788 358. Total of order Included with this order is the first payment (equal to 1/4 of total) In 30 days, the second payment of In 60 days, the third payment of In 90 days, the final payment of

$ $ $ ________ is due $ ________ is due $ ________ is due

On receipt of your order, we will forward confirmation to you detailing your lay-by arrangements and enclosing our full terms and conditions. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding this service or would like a copy of our terms and conditions please phone us on 1300 788 358.


Block Arcade

Elizabeth Street Entrance

Australia on Collins

Please allow 2–3 weeks for delivery

Collins Street Entrance Centre Way


We are here

Block Ct

St Andrews Cathedral


We are here

Town Hall Station

We are Town Hall Square here located underground



Sydney Town Hall




BLOCK ARCADE COINS Shops 11 & 12, Block Arcade, 98-100 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Vic 3000 Phone: (03) 8677 8888 Email: Mon-Thurs 10am – 5pm Fri until 6pm, Sat 10am – 3:30pm To Bourke Street

This is a new order which includes payment Cheque/Money Order (enclosed)  Credit Card (details below) Visa  Mastercard  Diners  Amex

ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE Downies is a member of the Australasian Numismatic Dealers Association Inc., International Association of Professional Numismatists and Australian Direct Marketing Association.

© 2011 All rights reserved. Items offered subject to being sold out prior to order receipt. Some items may not be immediately available from our retail outlets. Some images appear larger/smaller than actual size. All previous direct selling lists are cancelled. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices may include GST. We offer a money back guarantee on all items returned within 30 days of receipt subject to certain conditions. Contact us for details. Downies reserves the right to revise order quantities without notification. Downies Coins Pty Ltd ABN 46 097 060 663

Qty A$ Price SH088

KC213 KC214 KC215

AS436 AS437 AS438 AS439 AS440 KC798 SH106 AS472 AS473 AS474 KC814 AS194 AR102 SH054 KC806 AS475 AS476 AS477 AS478 AS280 AP797 AS495 AR430 AR075 AQ475 AS479 AS480 AR654 AR291 AR657 AS481 AS482 AR652 AR653 AS483 KC807 KC808 KC809 AJ306 AS333 AS334 AS335 AS336 AS337 AS338 AS339 AS340 AJ342 AS341 AS342 AH318 AS343 AS344 AS345

Crossing The Simpson Desert Niue 2011 $2 1st Crossing Of Simpson Desert 1oz Silver Proof Classic Copper Rarities 1923 Halfpenny Fine w/Free Halfpenny Collection 1930 Penny Fine w/Free Penny Collection 1923 Halfpenny & 1930 Penny Fine w/Free Collections Money – Mid May 2011 Page 1: The Wiggles 20th Birthday 2011 $1 Wiggles 20th Birthday Al-Br BU Collection (4) 2011 $1 Wiggles 20th Birthday Big Red Car Al-Br BU 2011 $1 Wiggles 20th Birthday Wiggles Band Al-Br BU 2011 $1 Wiggles 20th Birthday Characters Al-Br BU 2011 $1 Wiggles 20th Birthday Wiggles & Characters Al-Br BU Pages 2 & 3: The Three Kings Of 1936 Niue 2011 $200 Three Kings Of 1936 2oz Gold Proof w/Free Silver Niue 2011 $5 Three Kings Of 1936 50g Silver Proof Pages 4 & 5: Stunning In Silver! 2011 Silver Proof Set 2011 Silver 2-coin Proof Set NZ 2011 Silver Proof Set 2011 Australian & NZ Silver Proof Set Trio Pages 6 & 7: Award Winners! 2011 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset F15 Privy 1oz Silver Proof 2009 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset F12 Privy 1oz Silver Proof 2009-2011 $1 Kangaroo At Sunset Privy Silver Proof Trio British Indian Ocean Territory 2009 £2 Turtle Crystal Silver Proof British Virgin Islands 2011 $10 Frog Crystal Silver Proof Sierra Leone 2010 $10 Centenary Of The Birth Of Joy Adamson Crystal Silver Proof South Georgia & South Sandwich Islands 2007 £2 Penguin Crystal Silver Proof Mongolia 2011 500T Ural Owl Antique Silver Proof Austria 2009 10€ Basilisk Silver Proof Austria 2011 10€ Lindworm Silver Proof Austria 2010 10€ Charlemagne In The Untersburg Silver Proof Austria 2010 10€ Discovery Of Erzberg Silver Proof Austria 2009 10€ King Richard I Lionheart Silver Proof Pages 8 & 9: All NEW From Canada! Canada 2011 $3 Killer Whale Gold-plated Silver BU Canada 2011 25c Sasquatch BU Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Sinosauropteryx Folder BU Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Albertosaurus Folder BU Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Santa & Red Nose Reindeer BU Canada 2011 $20 Murano Glass Ladybug Silver Proof Canada 2011 $20 Wild Rose w/Crystals Silver Proof Canada 2010 $20 Tanzanite Crystal Snowflake Silver Proof Canada 2010 $20 Meridian Blue Crystal Snowflake Silver Proof Canada 2012 $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Silver Proof Pages 10 & 11: First & Last Prefix $10! 1997-2003 $10 First & Last Prefix and Circulation Polymer Collection Unc 1997-2003 $10 First & Last Prefix and Circulation Polymer Consecutive Pair Collection Unc 1997-2003 $10 First & Last Prefix and Circulation Polymer Run Of Five Collection Unc 1997 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Unc 1997 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Pair Unc 1997 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Consecutive Pair Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans AA98 Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Pair Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans GL98 Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans GL98 Last Prefix Consecutive Pair Unc 1998 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Evans GL98 Last Prefix Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Consecutive Pair Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA02 Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry Unc Subtotal Column One


Qty A$ Price AS346 AS347

$112.50 $2,795.00 $27,500.00 $29,995.00

$59.50 $15.95 $15.95 $15.95 $15.95

$5,450.00 $199.00 $295.00 $80.00 $259.00 $599.00

AH945 AS348 AS349 AJ930 AS350 AS351 AS352 AS353 AS354 AS355 AS398

$109.00 $139.00 $195.00 $395.00

AM668 AS484 KC815 AS485 AS486 AS487

$125.00 $125.00

AS488 AS489



$125.00 $119.00 $75.00 $75.00

AR241 AR150

$75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $79.00 $34.00 $33.95 $33.95 $39.95 $199.00 $139.00 $155.00

AL432 AR351 AR524 AM716 AQ913 AM173 AN509 AR933 AS490 AR719 SH085 AS491

$155.00 $139.00

$575.00 $995.00

AS501 AS278 AS492 AR784

2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Pair Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry GL02 Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry GL02 Consecutive Pair Unc 2002 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry GL02 Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Consecutive Pair Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry AA03 Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry DF03 Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry DF03 Consecutive Pair Unc 2003 $10 (P) Macfarlane/Henry DF03 Consecutive Run Of Five Unc 1972 $10 TBB Paper Phillips/Wheeler Commonwealth aUnc 1972 $10 TBB Paper Phillips Wheeler Commonwealth Consecutive Pair aUnc Page 12: Path To Our Predecimal Past Elizabeth II 1953-64 Complete Halfpenny Collection EF-Unc (9) Elizabeth II 1953-64 Complete Penny Collection EF-Unc (16) Buy Both Copper Collections SAVE $58 1949-64 Threepence IND:IMP Set EF-Unc (18) 1914, 1916, 1917 Shilling Trio aFine-Fine 1916, 17, 18 Florin Trio aFine-Fine Page 13: Banknote Bonanza! 1960-65 10/- to £10 QEII Note Set Of 4 Fine-VF 1966-74 $1-$20 ‘Commonwealth Of Australia’ Decimal Note Type Set Of 5 VF-EF Buy Both Sets SAVE $30 Page 14: Shrine In Silver Palau 2010 $10 Sagrada Familia 2oz Silver Proof Spain 2010 10€ Gaudi Sagrada Familia Silver Proof Page 15: Plethora Of PNCs! 1998 50c Bass & Flinders ANDA Show November 1st PNC 2010 $1 Girl Guides PNC 2010 50c National Service 60th Anniversary PNC 2007 $1 Sydney Harbour Bridge PNC 2010 $1 Currency Centenary PNC 2006 50c Dame Edna 50th Anniversary PNC 2008 $1 World Youth Day PNC 2011 50c Year Of The Rabbit PNC Page 16: Sweet Smell of Success! Palau 2011 $5 Scent Of Incense Silver Proof Benin 2010 100 Francs Christmas Tree Scented Silver-plated Proof Cook Islands 2011 $5 Scent Of Australia Eucalyptus Silver BU Benin 2011 100 Francs Marijuana Scented Leaf-shaped Silver-plated Proof On The Order Form… ‘Steiff Catherine’ Royal Wedding Teddy Bear Cook Islands 2011 $5 Seeds Of Love Silver Antique Tuvalu 2011 $1 Giant Panda 1oz Silver Proof GB 2011 50p WWF BU Subtotal Column Two


$80.00 $160.00 $55.00 $105.00 $250.00 $50.00 $95.00 $190.00 $60.00 $110.00 $220.00 $249.00 $498.00 $78.00 $159.00 $179.00 $189.00 $39.00 $98.00 $298.00 $169.00 $437.00 $295.00 $119.00 $149.00 $15.75 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $24.95 $14.95 $18.95 $111.00 $79.50 $111.00 $79.50 $495.00 $99.95 $114.50 $19.95


$2,350.00 $60.00 $110.00 $250.00 $95.00 $180.00 $425.00 $60.00 $110.00 $250.00 $95.00 $180.00 $425.00 $55.00 $100.00 $200.00 $45.00


Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________ SHIPPING CHARGES Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia Overseas Rates* Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D $19.00 $24.00 $30.00 $30.00

$8.25 $11.00 $15.00 FREE

*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges – We will advise cost on a case by case basis SEE WEBSITE FOR LISTING OF COUNTRIES IN EACH ‘ZONE’

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

The official Royal Wedding Teddy Bear! Just 1,500 available worldwide! Celebrating the historic Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the inventors of the Teddy Bear have just released this sensational official limited edition – the Catherine Royal Wedding Teddy Bear! Taken from a worldwide limited edition of 1,500, this high quality Teddy is handmade by the craftsmen at Steiff. The world-renowned Steiff gold button ear tag, the distinctive presentation, the commemorative embroidery, the exquisite, authentic mohair… everything about the Catherine Royal Wedding Teddy Bear confirms that it is the genuine article from the company that created the very first Teddy Bear in 1902. Sure to sell-out at super speed, with the strength of Teddy Bear collecting and the powerful Royal Family theme ensuring massive demand, we have been granted the tiniest of allocations of this exclusive, prestigious Royal Wedding collectable. A must-have for Royal Watchers, the Catherine Royal Wedding Teddy Bear is arrayed with a wealth of features – each is… 

made from finest mohair and fully jointed, so you can change the pose!

270mm tall, and individually numbered from the limited edition of 1,500!

adorned with a gorgeous apricot silken ribbon bearing the names of the Royal Couple

enriched with a pair of entwined love hearts, embroidered upon the left foot

complete with the well-known Steiff ear tag – authenticating the status of this genuine Steiff limited edition

housed in a Steiff Presentation Bag made from regal velvet




A spellbinding presentation… A$



Defined by the unusual semi-oval format, thee extremely limited availability AND the presence of a genuine nuine Swarovski crystal, the 2011 $5 Seeds of Lovee Antique Silver Proof is perhaps most notable for the spellbinding presentation. Struck from 1/2oz of .999 fine Antiqued silver, this official legal tender issue of the Cook Islands forms a unique tribute to blossoming of true love. Graced with a delicately sculpted design, representing the growth of the seeds of love into the blossoms of eternal devotion, each 30mm x 28.50mm mm $5 coin is distinguished by a ‘half heart’ rt’ shaped Swarovski crystal. When you place lace the coin within the highly original presentation ation case, and set the lid at the right angle, the mirrorr found in the case transforms the half-heart into a full heart! A truly special gift for the one you love, we have secured a small allocation of the 2011 $5 Seeds of Love 1/2oz Silver coin from the tiny worldwide mintage of 2,500.

New series launched! Mintage just 5,000 coins! A fantastic new program, comprising legal tender coins struck by the Perth Mint, the Wildlife in Need 1oz Silver Proof Series has just been launched! Honouring a variety of the world’s most endangered creatures, and defined by pure silver, superb presentation and strictly limited availability, this innovative series is sure to continue the incredible current success of full-colour animal coins from the Perth Mint. The first of the five rare, endangered animals to be honoured is the Giant Panda – a peaceful, bamboo-eating member of the bear family native to China. Instantly recognisable, with distinctive black markings around the eyes, ears and body, the loss of its natural habitat to the expanding human population has pushed this majestic beast to the point of extinction. Superbly depicted in full-colour upon the 40.60mm flan of this .999 silver Proof, the ever-popular Giant Panda is an excellent choice as the starting point for the series. A fine addition to any fullcolour coin collection, this unique release also offers you the chance to make a difference, with part of the proceeds from the sale of each coin to be donated to the World Wildlife Fund Australia.



TUVALU 2011 $11 GIANT PANDA 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AS492

Struck by the Perth Mint as Tuvalu legal tender of $1, each 1oz .999 fine silver Proof is set in an attractive case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity

With the first coin of any program always the most highly sought after, the opportunity to secure this unique type at Official Issue Price is an important one – especially given the mintage! Considering the explosive popularity of fullcolour animal coins from the Perth Mint, the mintage of just 5,000 coins seems a dramatic underestimation of demand.

Changing the way we live… Established in 1961 with an aim to save endangered species, the World Wildlife Fund now plays a much wider role, educating humanity and attempting to reduce the general impact of people on the environment. The perfect partner to the coin above, with the plight of the endangered Giant Panda and the impact of humans upon their shrinking environment epitomising the charter of the WWF, this official Royal Mint British legal tender release marks the 50th anniversary of this crucial institution. Brilliantly designed, with fifty different iconic images surrounding the instantly recognisable panda logo, this one-year-only 27.30mm British legal tender type forms a most fitting memento of the 50th anniversary of the WWF. Struck to impeccable Brilliant Uncirculated quality, and beautifully presented within impeccab an informative, official pack arrayed with details of the key achievements of the WWF over the last half century, this affordable release also gives you the chance to play a part in the important ongoing work of the WWF. A great opportunity to support one of the world’s most influential philanthropic organisations, part of the proceeds from the sale of each coin will be donated by the Royal Mint to the World Wildlife Fund.



Official British legal tender tribute to the WWF 50th anniversary


Struck to BU quality – measures 27.30mm in diameter

GB 2011 50p WWF BU

Housed within a typically impressive Royal Mint pack


Part of the proceeds from the sale of each coin donated to the WWF

AUS - Mid-May 2011 ORDER FORM  

Downies Money Mid-May 2011 Order Form - Australian Edition

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