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Mid September 2010

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Qty AR230

SH077 AR547 AR548 AR549 AR550 AR551 AR552 AR553 AR554 AQ772 AP688 KC758 AR471 AR476 AR365 AR475 AR465 AR314 AR243 AR382 AQ155 AR309 SH083 AR473 SH068


A$ Price $2,495.00

$94.50 $375.00 $395.00 $1,250.00 $1,450.00 $1,450.00 $1,099.00 $995.00 $695.00 $1,495.00 $1,450.00 $2,895.00


Qty AM252 AQ228 AP780 AJ230 AP833 KC757 AP747 AN466 AJ794 AP991 AO961 AO910 KT003 AQ427 AJ856 AO581

$35.00 $99.00 $99.00 $95.00 $95.00

GX014 HE022 AA269 AE271 AF042 AJ027

$105.00 SOLD OUT

AR478 AR479 AP062 AQ437

$79.95 $79.95 $14.95


$94.50 $8.95 $89.95 $4,999.00 $475.00 $350.00 $195.00 $250.00 $250.00 $275.00 $195.00 $60.00 $80.00 $40.00 $40.00 $45.00 $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $35.00 $40.00 $80.00 $75.00 $75.00 $80.00 $65.00 $95.00 $95.00 $95.00 $85.00 $85.00 $95.00 $145.00 $185.00 $185.00 $195.00 $350.00 $220.00 $145.00 $90.00 $120.00 $125.00 $110.00 $95.00 $95.00 $120.00 $45.00 $120.00 $45.00


SH070 GZ083 HF249 GZ059 GZ074 HF258 AB677 AB687 HF350 AE675 AQ513 AR540 AR038 AQ785 AR555 AR541 AR542 AR544 AR545 AR546 AR557 AR524

Pages 10 & 11 – From The Depths Of The Vault! Disney Minisheet Collection MUH Australia 1850s Traders Token Fine Finland 2004-2009 2€ BU Set GB 1842-49 Charles I Shilling F-VF Poland Complete 2008 Annual Collection Silver Proof Collection Gold Fanam & Silver Dirham Pair German East Africa 1916 20 Heller F-VF Jamaica 1996-2005 6-coin Set Unc Aluminium Coin Carry Case Liberia 2004 $5 Arnold Schwarzenegger Californian Governor Cu-Ni Unc Spain 2004 10€ FIFA World Cup Silver Proof Russia 2008 3R European Beaver Silver Proof US Mis-strikes Set Of 4 BU France 1790s Assignat Revolution Notes Set F-VF (3) Germany 1888-1914 5 Mark Wilhelm II F-VF Russia 2008 3R 150th Anniversary First Russian Stamp Silver Proof Page 12 – Masterpieces From The RAM! 1988 Masterpieces In Silver Set 1989 Masterpieces In Silver Set 1991 Masterpieces In Silver Set 1999 Masterpieces In Silver Set 2000 Masterpieces In Silver Set 2003 Masterpieces In Silver Set Page 13 – Complete 2008–10 Masterpieces Set! 2010 Masterpieces In Silver Pair In Two-coin Case 2010 Masterpieces In Silver Pair In Shipper 2008 Masterpieces In Silver Pair In Two-coin Case 2009 Masterpieces In Silver Pair In Two-coin Case Page 14 – The Three Musketeers Belarus 2009 20R Three Musketeers Silver Proof Collection Page 15 – 2010 Anniversary Sets 1910 King Edward VII Year Set 1960 Queen Elizabeth II Year Set 1930 King George V Year Set 1920 King George V Year Set 1940 King George VI Year Set 1950 King George VI Year Set 1970 Queen Elizabeth II Year Set 1980 Queen Elizabeth II Year Set 1990 Mint Set 2000 Mint Set 2010 Mint Set Page 16 – New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2011 Webb Ellis Cup Coin NZ 2010 $1 Heitiki 1oz Silver Proof On The Order Form… 2010 $1 Currency Centenary B,S,M,C Mintmark/Privymark BU Pack 2010 $1 Currency Centenary H,P,D,A Privymark BU Pack 2011 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver Proof 2011 $1 Kangaroo 1oz Silver BU 2011 $1 Year Of The Rabbit Al-Br Unc 2011 $1 Year Of The Rabbit Silver Proof 2011 $1 Year Of The Rabbit 1/10oz Gold Proof 2010 $1 Year Of The Tiger Silver Proof 2010 50c Australian National Service 60th Anniversary PNC

A$ Price


$69.95 $49.00 $133.00 $99.00 $895.00 $49.95 $59.50 $12.95 $99.00 $9.95 $89.00 $129.00 $53.00 $65.00 $75.00 $295.00 $140.00 $130.00 $160.00 $195.00 $195.00 $195.00 $130.00 $105.00 $130.00 $130.00 $349.00 $169.00 $32.00 $27,995.00 $65.00 $54.00 $29.00 $79.00 $24.95 $149.00 $140.00 $30.00 $129.00 $129.00 $15.00


KC756 GX187 GX188 GX189 GX190 GX191 GX192 GX193 GX194 GX195 GX196 GX197 GX198 GX199 GX200 GX201 GX202 GX203 GX204 GX205 GX206 GX028 GY062 HF349 HN193 AA515 AB060 AB351 AB726 AC020 AC361 AC955 AD681 AE674 AF279 AG339 AH400 AJ413 AK250 AL195 AM063 AN095 AP138 AP140 AQ514 AQ512

Kangaroo In the Outback 2010 $25 Kangaroo In the Outback Gold Proof Trio Money – Mid September 2010 Page 1 – Tassie Tiger Tuvalu 2011 $1 Tasmanian Tiger 1oz Silver Proof Page 2 – British Gold! GB 1887-93 Jubilee Half Sovereign aUnc GB 1860s Young Head Half Sovereign EF GB 1821-25 George IV Sovereign Type I VF GB 1825-30 George IV Bare Head Sovereign Type II gVF GB 1830s William IV Sovereign VF GB 1850s Young Head Sovereign Unc GB 1850s Young Head Sovereign EF GB 1869 Young Head Sovereign EF Page 3 – Sydney Mint Sovereigns! 1866 Sydney Mint Sovereign gEF 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign gEF-aUnc 1866 & 1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign Pair gEF-aUnc Pages 4 & 5 – Showstoppers 2010 Boston World’s Fair Of Money Mint Set 2010 $1 100 Years Of Coinage ANDA Show ‘S’ Mintmark Silver Proof 2010 $1 100 Years Of Coinage ANDA Show ‘M’ Mintmark Silver Proof 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Boston ANA Northern Territory 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Sydney ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Melbourne ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Brisbane ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof Page 6 – Official & Affordable 2010 $1 Young Collectors Backyard Bugs BU Set 2009 $1 Young Collectors Space BU Set Tuvalu 2010 $1 Blackbeard The Pirate BU Page 7 – Heroic Horses Of History Tuvalu 2010 $1 First Official Australian Horse Race Bicentenary 1oz Silver Proof 2010 50c 150th Anniversary Of The Running Of The Melbourne Cup Cu-Ni BU Tuvalu 2010 $1 Man From Snowy River 1oz Silver Proof Pages 8 & 9 – 1966-2010 Annual Proof Set Series 1966-2010 Complete Proof Set Collection (46 Sets) 1966 Proof Set 1969 Proof Set 1970 Proof Set 1971 Proof Set 1972 Proof Set 1973 Proof Set 1974 Proof Set 1975 Proof Set 1976 Proof Set 1977 Proof Set 1978 Proof Set 1979 Proof Set 1980 Proof Set 1981 Proof Set 1982 Proof Set 1983 Proof Set 1984 Proof Set 1985 Proof Set 1986 Proof Set 1987 Proof Set 1988 Proof Set 1989 Proof Set 1990 Proof Set 1991 Proof Set 1992 Proof Set 1993 Proof Set 1994 Proof Set 1995 Proof Set 1996 Proof Set 1997 Proof Set 1998 Proof Set 1999 Proof Set 2000 Proof Set 2001 Proof Set 2002 Proof Set 2003 Proof Set 2004 Proof Set 2005 Proof Set 2006 Proof Set 2007 Proof Set 2008 Proof Set 2009 Proof Set 2009 Two-coin Proof Set 2010 Proof Set 2010 Two-coin Proof Set


$14.95 $65.00 $50.00 $12.95 $45.00 $265.00 $45.00 $14.95


Subtotal Column One $____________ Subtotal Column Two $____________ Shipping Charges Insured Mail – Australia (only for orders $100 and under) Receipted/Registered Delivery Australia Express Courier Within Australia (Priority Shipping) Orders Over $500 Within Australia Overseas Rates* Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D

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*Orders over 2kg we reserve the right to add additional charges. We will advise cost on a case by case basis. See website for listing of countries in each ‘Zone’.

SHIPPING $___________ TOTAL ORDER VALUE $___________

The BIGGEST ever Mintmark $1 Series! Includes three FIRST-TIME Privymarks! An astonishing innovation on the part of the RAM, the 2010 $1 Mintmark/ k/ Privymark Al-Br BU Set comprises, for the first time ever, a whopping EIGHT GHT coins!










2010 $1 CURRENCY CENTENARY H, P, D, A PRIVYMARK BU PACK Official Issue Price AR555

In stock 4 october

Among Australia’s longest-running, most popular collector programs, the annual Mintmark Series was traditionally released progressively throughout the year, and usually comprised four or five coins. In 2010, the RAM has acted on calls from the collector community for a more convenient format for the series, and as a result, has issued two complete 4-coin sets. A wonderful opportunity to secure all eight 2010 Mintmark/Privymark coins in one hit, the first four coins (C Mintmark and S, M and B Privymark) can now be united with the second chapter of the 2010 series. Featuring the A, H, D and P Privymark $1 issues – representing Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Perth respectively – the second 2010 4-coin Privymark Set is, like its predecessor, housed within a splendid new style of pack.

The new 2010 4-coin set comprises the A (Adelaide), H (Hobart), P (Perth) and D (Darwin) Privymark coins – the first time the Al-Br $1 Mintmark/ Privymark series has featured D, H and P coins!

Whilst the improved presentation and inclusion of eight different coins will attract much attention, it will be the traditional qualities of the series that will ensure huge interest in the 2010 $1 Mintmark/Privymark Set. Celebrating the centenary of Australia’s first national currency system, the 2010 series is – like every issue in this key collector program – underpinned by a strong theme, interesting design, immaculate BU quality and, importantly, fantastic value-for-money. The first and second 2010 4-coin sets are available individually at an Official Issue Price of A$15 and A$14.95 respectively, meaning that all eight coins can be yours at an Official Issue Price of just A$29.95!

The RAM’s new 2011 Kangaroos! One of the most eagerly anticipated dates on the collector calendar, the Royal Australian Mint has just launched the new 2011 Silver Kangaroos! Defined as always, by pure precious metal, official presentation packaging and tremendous valuefor-money, the new 2011 Kangaroo coins are also underpinned by a stunning one-year-only reverse design. Magnificent when struck to the Mint’s rigorous standards, the design portrays the fascinating Allied Rock-Wallaby – commonly found in northeast Queensland.





2011 $1 KANGAROO 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AR541

In stock 4 October

A fine addition to any Australian coin collection, the 40mm 2011 $1 Silver Roos are available in Proof and BU quality, with the Proof housed in a RAM case with a Certificate confirming the mintage of 20,000, and the BU set in an official card. No matter which Australian legal tender coin you choose, the .999 fine silver Kangaroos are available at the Mint’s Official Issue Price.





2011 $1 KANGAROO 1oz SILVER BU Official Issue Price AR542

In stock 4 October

New 2011 RAM Lunar tributes unveiled! Thee latest atest add addition t to the RAM’s first ever Lunar New Year Program, th the RAM’s new 2011 Year of the Rabbit coins have been unveiled! Providing an option for all, with this just bee unique type available in gold, silver and al-bronze, uniqu these official Australian legal tender coins will be just thes as popular as their predecessors. TThe most prestigious acquisition of the 2011 series, the 1/10oz .9999 fine gold $10 will undoubtedly be highly sought after. undo

Set in an official case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, this 17.53mm Proof has a mintage of just 2,500. An affordable, yet prestigious gift for those born in the Year of the Rabbit – 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 and 1999 – the 25mm 11.66g .999 fine silver Proof is also superbly presented in an official case, united with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 10,000. Housed in an attractive, official pack, the al-br $1 Unc is not to be issued for circulation, and forms a must-have for anyone keen to maintain a complete decimal collection.

Shock release! Unissued by the Mint until now, we have the 2010 $1 Year of the Tiger Silver Proof available at the RAM’s Official Issue Price. Skilfully designed and superbly struck, each 25mm, 11.66g .999 fine Silver Proof is housed in an official RAM case, accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity confirming the worldwide mintage of 10,000.

A$ A$






2011 $1 YEAR OF THE RABBIT Al-Br Unc Official Issue Price AR544

265 2



2011 $1 YEAR OF THE RABBIT 1/10oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price AR546

In stock 4 October

In stock 4 October ober





2011 $1 YEAR OF THE RABBIT SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AR545

In stock 4 October

2010 $1 YEAR OF THE TIGER SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price In Stock 4 October


45 39



Features F Fea at unique 50c type!







Headlinedd bbyy a ‘not-to-be-issued-for‘not-to-be-iss circulation’ 50c type from the RAM, this new Australia Post PNC marks the 60th anniversary of Australian National Service. From the introduction of the scheme in 1951, until it concluded in 1972, a total of 287,000 Australian men were called up for compulsory military service, with over 200 National Servicemen killed in action in Borneo and Vietnam. Issued to coincide with the launch of a new National Service Memorial at the Australian War Memorial on the 8th of September, this official 60th anniversary PNC forms an affordable tribute to the sacrifice of all National Servicemen.

Set upon a beautifully designed envelope, this unique PNC features a 60c stamp depicting the new memorial, as well as the RAM’s 2011 National Service 50c Unc. Not to be issued for circulation, this unique Australian legal tender type is a vital acquisition for those keen on maintaining a complete collection.

AUST - Mid-September 2010 ORDER FORM  
AUST - Mid-September 2010 ORDER FORM  

Downies Money Mid-September 2010 Order Form - Australian Edition