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Mid-June 2010

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Stock Codes IN the catalogue! In an attempt to make things easier for you, we have added stock codes to every price box within your Mid-June Money catalogue. Now, ordering is made even Qty US$ Price SH076

AL437 KC729 AQ922 AQ946 AR230 AR102 AR103 AR231 AR232 AR233 AR032 AR033 AR034 AR035 AR036 AR037 AR234 AR235 AR236 AR131 KC730 AD082 AK772 AP414 AQ211 AG656 AR286 AP890 AQ799 AO109 AN706 KT275 AR237 AK609 AL940 AR238 AR239 AH780 AD259 AN289 AN298 AR118 AR117 AQ604 AB985 AE524 AE525 AC037 KC731

AR123 AR122 AQ054

AR240 AQ974 AP740 AP699 AR241 AR150 KC614 AN103 AM781

Charles Kingsford Smith 1897–1935 Tuvalu 2010 $1 Kingsford Smith 75th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Money – Mid June 2010 Page 1 – Huge UK Sovereign Cache! 1888-1893 Jubilee Head Melbourne Mint Sovereign Unc 1888-1893 Jubilee Head Melbourne Mint Sovereign Collection Unc 1894S Veiled Head Sovereign Unc 1916S George V Half Sovereign Unc Pages 2 & 3 – Kangaroos in the Outback 2010 $25 Kangaroo in the Outback Gold Proof Trio 2010 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset F15 1oz Silver Proof 2010 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset F15 1oz Silver BU Pages 4 & 5 – Peanuts 60th Anniversary! Niue 2010 $2 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1oz Silver Proof Collection Niue 2010 $50 Peanuts 60th Anniversary 1/2oz Gold Proof Page 6 – The latest from the Perth Mint! Tuvalu 2010 $1 Kings of the Road 1oz Silver Proof Collection 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia BU 5-coin Set 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Heard & McDonald Islands BU 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Tasmanian Wilderness BU 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Blue Mountains BU 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Great Barrier Reef BU 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Shark Bay BU Page 7 – Perth Mint Gold! 2010 $100 Koala 1oz Gold Proof 2010 $15 Koala 1/10oz Gold Proof 2010 $5 Koala 1/25oz Gold Proof 2010 $25 Sovereign Gold Proof Pages 8 & 9 – A new era of European Unity… Last National EU Currencies Coin Collection Slovenia Coin Set (6) Slovakia Coin Set Malta Coin Set (7) Cyprus Coin Set Euro First Currencies Coin Collection Slovenia 2007 First Official Euro Mint Set Slovakia 2009 Euro Mint Set With Token Slovakia 2009 Country Of Mountains Euro Mint Set Malta 2008 First Official Euro Collection Unc Cyprus 2008 First Official Euro Mint Set Last National & First Euro Currency Collection Pair Page 10 – Key Penny Dates! 1925 Penny Fine-VF 1946 Penny VF 1946 Penny Fine 1911-64 Halfpenny Collection (no 1923) Good-Unc 1911-64 Penny Collection (no 1930 Or Overdate) Good-Unc Page 11 – Get on a Mint Roll! 1963 Threepence Mint Roll Unc 1964 Threepence Mint Roll Unc 1977 1c Mint Roll 1982 5c Mint Roll 2010 $1 Centenary Of Girl Guides Mint Roll (20) BU 2010 $1 Centenary Of Girl Guides BU Page 12 – Coins of the Ancients Palau 2009 $1 Caesar & Brutus Pair Gold BU Severus Alexander Denarius Caracalla Silver Denarius Septimius Severus Denarius Trajan Silver Denarius Severus, Caracalla, Septimius & Trajan Denarii Collection w/FREE Antoninianus Page 13 – Solid Serial Special! 2006 $10 MacFarlane/Henry 06 333333 Solid Serial Number Consecutive Prefix Pair Unc (2 notes) 2006 $10 MacFarlane/Henry 06 333333 Solid Serial Number Unc 2008 $50 Stevens/Henry 444444 & 555555 Consecutive Solid Serial Pair Unc Page 14 – Hot and Holy! Andorra 2010 10 Diners Holy Helpers St George Silver Proof Andorra 2010 10 Diners Holy Helpers St Christopher Silver Proof The Lord’s Prayer Silver Pendant With Paper Pages Cook Islands 2005 $1 Pope John Paul II 1oz Silver Proof Page 15 – Great Churches of Europe Palau 2010 $10 Sagrada Familia 2oz Silver Proof Spain 2010 10€ Gaudi – Sagrada Familia Silver Proof Austria 2006-08 10€ Abbeys Silver Proof Collection Austria 2006 10€ Gottweig Abbey Silver Proof Austria 2007 10€ Melk Abbey Silver Proof

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$591.00 $4,246.00 $553.00 $336.00 $2,121.00 $85.00 $76.00

Qty US$ Price Total AN105 AO363 AP178 KC611 AN102 AM782 AN106 AO362 AP177 AR243 AR132 AR290

currently unavailable in the US

AR299 SH066 AR030

$305.00 $56.00 $12.75 $12.75 $12.75 $12.75 $12.75 currently unavailable in the US


$234.00 $116.00 $574.00 $251.00 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00 $17.00 $251.00 $49.00 $39.00 $29.00 $85.00 $49.00 $417.00 $233.75 $135.00 $115.00 $192.00 $421.00 $98.00 $84.00 $10.25 $13.75 $32.00 $3.50 $127.00 $77.00 $77.00 $77.00 $77.00 $307.00

$672.00 $336.00 $842.00 $68.00 $68.00 $34.00 $67.00 $234.00 $74.95 $210.00 $47.00 $47.00


Austria 2007 10€ St Paul Im Lavanttal Abbey Silver Proof Austria 2008 10€ Klosterneuburg Abbey Silver Proof Austria 2008 10€ Seckau Abbey Silver Proof Austria 2006-08 10€ Abbeys Silver BU Collection Austria 2006 10€ Nonnberg Abbey Silver BU Austria 2007 10€ Melk Abbey Silver BU Austria 2007 10€ St Paul Im Lavanttal Abbey Silver BU Austria 2008 10€ Klosterneuburg Abbey Silver BU Austria 2008 10€ Seckau Abbey Silver BU Page 16 – Red-hot Aussie Silver Proofs! 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia – Brisbane ANDA Show 1oz Silver Proof 2010 50c Australian Sealife – Moray Eel 1/2oz Silver Proof On The Order Form... Benin 2010 100 Francs Cannabis Scented Cu-Ni Silver-plated BU 2010 $1 Kangaroo at Sunset 1/5oz Silver Proof Tuvalu 2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof Canada 2010 50c Lenticular Daspletosaurus BU

$47.00 $47.00 $47.00 $153.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00

$81.00 $47.00

$59.95 $37.50 $591.00 $27.95



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a NEW HIGH for your collection! Sure to spark ‘reefer madness’ amongst Australian collectors, this astonishing new release represents one of the few ‘scented’ coins in world coinage. Rub the distinctively shaped leaf depicted in fullcolour upon the reverse, and the heady aroma of cannabis is released! A light-hearted addition to any collection, or perhaps an amusing gift, the 2010 100 Francs Cannabis Scented Cu-Ni Silver-plated BU specifically depicts hemp – the extraordinarily useful fibre created from plants of the Cannabis genus. Employed by humans from, at the very least, the Stone Age, hemp is used in clothing, food, construction, paper and medicines, with the Cannabis sativa plant from which it is derived acknowledged as amongst the most productive, most environmentally friendly crops. Not only defined by the amazing rub’n’sniff reverse, this 38.61mm coin is also notable for the limited availability. Indeed, with just 2,500 struck, and demand expected to be high, the mintage is sure to go up in a puff of smoke! With Downies securing only a tiny stash, you must act now!






UNIQUE! New 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset 1/5oz Proof! Mintage jus just s 5,000 – sell-out certain! A startling innovation from the Royal Australian Mint, giving all Australians the chance to enjoy one of the nation’s finest coin designs, we are delighted to unveil the new 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset 1/5oz Silver Proof! Sure to be one of the hottest releases for the year, there seems no doubt that the surprisingly small worldwide mintage of just 5,000 coins will be devastated by demand. The inevitably enormous interest in this unprecedented Australian legal tender type will, of course, be driven by the stunning Kangaroo at Sunset design. First seen in the $25 Roo at Sunset Gold Proof Series in 2007, and subsequently appearing upon 1oz silver coins in 2009 and 2010, the Roo at Sunset motif has captured the imagination of collectors across the globe. A unique appreciation of Australia’s primary native icon, nominated by Krause for the Peoples Choice Coin of the Year award, this spellbinding design has been the power behind some of Australian numismatics’ most highly sought after recent releases. The 2007, 2008 and 2009 $25 Roo at Sunset Gold Proofs all sold out at astonishing speed, and, originally issued at A$365, now catalogue at A$2,000, A$1,500 and A$1,100 respectively. The first ever Roo at Sunset in silver, issued in 2009, was equally successful. The mintages of 4,000 Proof and 7,000 BU coins were simply wiped out by demand, with the Proof leaping from A$99 to over A$150 in value. With the release of the most affordable Roo at Sunset coin, crafted from 1/5oz of .999 silver and measuring 21.69mm in diameter, the success story is set to continue. Beautifully presented in a stylish, innovative, official RAM case, and irresistible value-for-money at an Official Issue Price of just A$50, jus $50, wee highly g y recommend eco e d immediate action.





2010 $1 KANGAROO AT S SUNSET 1/5oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price AR299 Limit 2 per household


Details released. ility are e b to n o o b to be s and availa u want e m e th , g e in o on pric the stunn r Proof w, but if y only o to n n t h io ig it r d e d y Silv can In a sketch at Sunset k now, we to Kangaroo on this page, the ed to be first to at you stay tuned p k th d u a e d n c le n n ig e s u s a m o r h t /o an n recom alian Min possible and sletter at tr s ie u n A w l o a .d y Ro ww ew ther on of ano unced shor tly. w ur weekly email n bscribe. o infor mati o u n to /s n a e to be new issue f the Mint is that th ww.down w r o Word out the hugely popula is s in next coin al Australians Serie n Inspiratio


NED KELLY – captured in pure gold… Tiny worldwide mintage ge just 1,000! Paying homage to one of the most colourful characters in Australian history in the world’s favourite precious metal, the 2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof is eye-catching, prestigious and very, very exclusive. Just 1,000 coins have been struck! Issued to coincide with the 130th anniversary of the death of Australia’s iconic bushranger, executed at Melbourne Gaol in 1880, the 2010 Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is a striking illustration of the Perth Mint’s precious metal prowess. Struck to the finest possible quality from 1/4oz of .9999 gold, the flawless fields of the 22.60mm diameter flan provide the ideal venue for the Mint’s worldrenowned full-colour techniques. Contrasting brilliantly against the lustre of the pure, luxurious gold, the vivid portrayal of Ned and his legendary helmet makes this unique legal tender issue a must-have for full-colour coin collectors. With the worldwide mintage so low, time is of the essence for those interested in the 2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof. With the Perth Mint striking just 1,000 examples, and initial demand as strong as anticipated, do not pass up the opportunity to secure your piece of Australian history at Official Issue Price! 

Ensuring a sell-out, the mintage has been restricted to just 1,000

TUVALU 2010 $25 NED KELLY 1/4oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price

Crafted to immaculate Proof quality from 1/4oz .9999 fine gold

Australian-made – struck by the Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender


Set in a timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity





Coin on the h move!! A$





Eye-catching, innovative and, best of all, extremely affordable, this spectacular full-colour Lenticular coin from the Royal Canadian Mint represents an irresistible opportunity for all collectors to enjoy the latest in modern minting technology. A dramatic tribute to the Age of the Dinosaurs, the brilliantly coloured Lenticular design on this near crown-sized legal tender coin portrays the fearsome Daspletosaurus Torosus – which inhabited western North America around 75 millions years ago, during the Cretaceous period. Depicting the Daspletosaurus Torosus escaping from the Canadian Museum of Nature, where its fossilised remains are on display, this unique 35mm brass-plated steel 50c is underpinned by a dram dramatic ‘Moving Image’ effect. All you have to do is tilt the coin slightly, and this fierce prehistoric carnivore springs into action! A preh distinctive addition to any collection, and a disti fascinating gift, each legal tender 50c coin fas is presented within an illustrated, official Royal Ro Canadian Mint full-colour folder – accompanied by six FREE trading cards! Bringing the glory of state-of-the-art minting technology within your reach, this m unique, oneone-year-only type represents sensational value-for-money at a mere A$33.95.

US - Mid-June Money 2010 ORDER FORM  
US - Mid-June Money 2010 ORDER FORM  

Downies Mid-June Money 20101 United States ORDER FORM