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Mid May 2010

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Downies’ A fabulous opportunity for Money catalogue ion edit cial spe clients, this ation of mouthbin com ng is not only a stunni of our most e watering bargains AND som a Bonus also it’s – rs offe ent popular rec Points Reward Catalogue! catalogue can EVERY product in this Money ts! With a Poin us Bon be redeemed using ch to choose whi from n ctio sele ic tast fan st recent, hottest – including many of the mo nce to cash in on cha big issues – this is your ulated as part of um acc e hav you ts poin the loyalty program. Downies’ popular customer sell out at speed, With some products sure to In an attempt to ck. qui be st mu however, you our clients as of ny fulfil the orders of as ma t to restrict righ the e erv res will we e, possibl ed on plac its lim cific spe quantities, with some products.

Switched on Savings! A much admired Australian commemorative type, paying homage to the 50th anniversary of the introduction of television in Australia, this flawless 25mm 11.66g .999 fine silver Proof from the Royal Australian Mint is now available at 40% below regular retail! Presented in an official case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, the 2006 $1 TV Silver ed Proof is normally A$50. For a limited time only, this superb silver Proof is now a stunning A$29.95 – that’s less than the original Official Issue Price!

2003 $1 Korean War Silver Proof An incredible opportunity to secure a hotly pursued 11.66g .999 silver type, the 25mm 2003 $1 Korea Proof is w now A$35 below usual retail – nearly HALF PRICE!

2006 $1 50 YEARS OF TELEVISION SILVER PROOF A$ 95 25,000 pts

29 27


21,250 pts

Limit 2 per household

2004 $1 Eureka Stockade Silver Proof off


37,500 pts s

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the 1854 Eureka Stockade Uprising, this unique 25mm 11.66g .999 fine 29 off silver Proof is A$29 whilst stocks last!t! A$ 34,500 0 pts ptts


s 32,000 pts

29,500 0 pts

40 36

Limit 2 per household d

Cook Isl 2008 $10 Sydney Opera House 3D Silver Proof Featuring a gold-plated silv er Sydney Opera House replica , which can be set into or displayed upright atop the 40mm flan, this exclusive .999 silver 1oz $10 Proof (minta ge just 5,000!) is normally A$1 49. SAVE A$54 whilst stocks last! A$ 75,000 pts US$ 63,750 pts Limit 2 per household

95 86

40 US$ 36

2004 $1 Waltzing Matilda Silver Proof off Part of the 2004 Masterpieces in Silver Set, and not normally available individually, this 25mm 11.66g .999 silver tributee da is to Waltzing Matilda ule and housed in a capsule has been A$ slashed by 15%! US$

50 45

29,500 pts 25,250 pts

Limit 2 per household

Limit 2 per household o old

2002-08 $1 Mintmark BU Comprehensive, top quality and incredibly affordable, this set comprises an example of all seven Mintmark $1 coins issued since 2002 – including six types not issued for circulation! Set in official packs (mintmark of our choice), the set is top value at A$17 off!




21,000 pts US$


18,000 pts

Australia a Toll Fr F Free r ee re e e 1300 00 0 788 8 35 358

Reduced to clear! Price Downies deliver on price!

Aiming to clear our stock, we are willing to sacrifice the 2009 $1 Australia Post Bicentenary PNC and 2009 $1 Postal Service Bicentenary PNC at little more than cost. A slashing saving on these twin tributes to the 200t h anniversary of Australia’s postal system, both official comm emorative issues are available at ALMOST HALF PRICE! Headlined by a one-year-only Australian legal tender 25mm $1 al-br type from the Royal Australian Mint – a type not issued for circulation and never to be found in change – thee 2009 $1 Australia Post Bicentenary PNC is crucial to seriouss decimal collectors. The perfect partner, offering everyone the he chance to enjoy the glories of full-colour minting, the 2009


A$ 95

9 9


$1 Postal Service Bicentenary PNC is highl ighted by a unique 30.6mm BU $1 coin, struck by the Perth Mint. A must-have for PNC fans, philatelic buffs and coin collectors alike, these PNCs usually retail at A$17 .95 each. Whilst stocks last, the 2009 $1 Australia Post Bicentenar y PNC and 2009 $1 Postal Service Bicentenary PNC are just A$9.95 apiece! Buy both and SAVE a whopping A$19!

7,500 pts


6,500 pts 2009 $1 AUSTRALIA POST PNC PAIR


16 1525


7,500 pts 6,500 pts

15,000 pts 12,750 pts


An ideal complem ent Year of the Rat PN to the C at left – and available at the sa me mouthwatering discount – we have a few examples of the 20 09 $1 Year of the Ox PNC left in stock. Starring a unique 30mm $1 type, struck bby the Perth Mint, united with two C ristmas Island Ch stamps, we have s shed more tha sla n 33% off the re ular retail price reg of official commemora this colourful, tive release. SAVE A$5!

Celebrating the Year of the Rat in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, this official commemorative PNC is headlined by the Perth Mint’s unique, one-year-only 30mm $1 type. Also featuring two official stamps of the external Australiann Territory, Christmas Island, this eye-catching PNC had an Official Issue Price of A$14.95. Sensational value-for-money at a mere A$9.95 apiece!

9 US$ 9

9 9


2009 $1 Lunar O

2008 $1 Lunar Rat PNC

A$ 95


A$ $ 95

7,500 pts

A$ 95

6,500 pts


9 9

North America Toll Free 1 877 897 7696

7,500 pts 6,500 pts 2

es slashed by up to 75%!

Sensaational savings!

Dynamite Dolphin Deal!

ch hundreds of millions of hich i whi An eventt in r, this official people participate each yea homage to s pay ase rele t Pos a trali Aus est ever larg ld’s wor the – r Earth Hou n. paig cam climate awareness ing the Individually numbered, confirm 9 Earth 200 limited edition of 10,000, the three fullHour Medallion Cover unites allions with med r Hou th Ear m colour 38m ps. Issued at three official Earth Hour stam has forced us A$29.95, a surplus of stock al Cover vidu indi an of e to slash the pric yet, buy by an astounding 50%! Better n Covers FIVE 2009 Earth Hour Medallio amazing an E SAV and 5 4.9 for a crazy A$3 e! A$114 off the original pric

ne of Australia’s ti g one b atin Celebr aquatic inhabitants, ired adm st mo Post ing this eye-catch Australia , now, issue is colourful, official and a ting Uni ble! rda affo ly ing nish asto 38mm Dolphin 55c stamp and a full-colour lusive collectable y numbered pack, this exc uall ivid medallion within an ind t at A$19.95. Not Pos ia tral Aus by ed issu !) was ually at LESS (limited edition just 10,000 ivid ind er Cov ion dall Dolphin Me THAN HALF the only can we offer the 2009 recommended 95 000 pts retail price 10, A$ OF 2009 DOLPHINS – we can offer AUSTRALIAN COASTLINE US$ 50 8,500 pts five Covers at MEDALLION COVER just A$19.95! pts Less than A$4 95 000 50, A$ 5 x 2009 DOLPHINS OF apiece! AUSTRALIAN COASTLINE US$ 42,500 pts MEDALLION COVER

6 6


19 18


Premiership quality!


A$ 95

9 US$ 9



24 23


ptts 15,000 pts 15

3495 US$ 32

75,000 pts


12,500 pts

62,500 pts

2008 $1 WWI 90th Anniversary PNC

A unique nique tribute to Hawthorn’s stunning victory over red-hot favourites Geelong in the 2008 AFL Grand Final, this official Australia Post release was originally issued at A$19.95 – it’s now just tion A$9.95! Individually numbered from a limited edition allion llion of 10,000, and featuring a 38mm diameter medallion and a 55c stamp, we are also willing to offer this unique commemorative in lots of five at a ridiculous A$24.95! At an average price of less than A$5 apiece, you SAVE a massive A$74 off the original price! 2008 AFL PREMIERS – HAWTHORN HAWKS MEDALLION COVER

1495 US$1350 A$

ll ti tt t collecting li ’s hhottest Uniting two of Australia’ fields – PNCs and militaria – this unique commemorative was naturally very popular when issued in 2008. At more than 33% off the Official Issue Price, it will never be more popular than right now! A memorable tribute to the 90th anniversaryy of the f l end of WWI, this official PNC includes five vividly colourful, official Australia Post 50c stamps, united with a superbly designed Perth Mint Australian legal tender 30mm $1 type. Issued at A$14.95, this impressive A$ 95 7,500 pts 2008 $1 WWI Australian 90th ANNIVERSARY commemorative US$ pts 6,500 PNC is a steal at less than A$10. Limit 2 per household

10,000 pts 8,500 pts

9 9

50,000 pts 42,500 pts

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 3

Below Official Issue Price! When the Royal Australian Mint closed the mintage of the 2003 Proof Set at less than 40,000, it was obvious to all and sundry that this groundbreaking Australian commemorative collection would be extremely tough to find in the future – and so it has proved. Seldom seen on the market, the first Australian Proof Set to feature three commemoratives represents an impressive tribute to Australia’s unique volunteer spirit. Comprising six flawlessly struck Australian legal tender coins, housed within an official Royal Australian Mint presentation case, the standard 5c, 10c and $2 are united with the 20c, 50c and $1 Volunteer commemoratives – with the last mentioned enhanced with full-colour! A wonderful opportunity to enjoy a presentation of sparkling originality and shining quality, we have cut the standard retail price of the 2003 Proof Set by a massive 54%! A oncein-a-lifetime chance, the normal price of A$110 has been slashed to a mere A$49.95 – BELOW the original Official Issue Price! Given that this unique RAM release is offered to collectors so infrequently, immediate action is essential. This unrepeatable price is only available whilst stocks last – and at over A$60 off regular retail, that won’t be long! I Comprises six impeccable Proof coins – 5c to $2 I Highlighted by THREE commemorative coins! I Beautifully presented in an official RAM case I Stunning value! SAVE A$60 off the normal price! A$


4995 US$ 45

35,000 pts 29,750 pts

Limit 2 per household

Nearly HALF PRICE!ive, the 2003

memorat A highly sought after military com Unc is a crucial collector $1 ary ivers Ann Vietnam War 30th never found in change, and n latio type. Not issued for circu mintage of 57,000 the 2003 Vietnam War $1 had a tage Australian $1 types! min st lowe the of – making it one an Official Issue Price from Seldom offered, and jumping $1 is set in an official Unc m 25m each 5, A$4 to of A$7.50 gap in your collection, that fill to ce chan RAM folder. A rare PRICE! F HAL ly we have this key coin at near

Save over 60%! Sold out in weeks, the 38.74mm 36.31 g .999 Silver 2003 $5 Volunteer Hologram is virtua lly never seen on the market. Despite the fact that, at any price, our stock will be wipe d out in days, we can offer this sought after coin at just A$49 – SAVE A$76 below the norm al price of A$125! 2003 $5 AUSTRALIA’S VOLUNTEERS HOLOGRAM SILVER PROOF


49 45

6 00 pts 63,0 s


Limit 2 per household

5 50 pts 53,7

Rarity at a rare price! a With just 5,000 created by the RAM for n’ editio ial ‘spec rare this r, corporate orde ed military commemorative is seldom offer HS HMA m 33m a g prisin Com . ctors colle to op Centaur medallion and 1995 Weary Dunl ct 50c – restruck by the RAM for this proje tion is – in a RAM pack, this unique presenta ! A$20 ly near SAVE usually A$69.50. 2003 $1 VIETNAM WAR 30th ANNIVERSARY Unc

23 US$21 A$

22,500 pts 19,250 pts


4995 US$45


ts pts 00 pt 000 35,0 29,750 pts

Limit 1 per household

North America Toll Free 1 877 897 7696 do nies com m 4

Original – and affordable! Bursting with originality, with the swirling patterns forming a fascinating counterpoint to the bold, strong designs of the 1921 Square Pattern Penny, this exclusive precious metal Proof from the RAM would normally cost you A$125. Crafted from a whopping 60.46g of .999 silver, and defined by a tiny strike-toorder mintage of just 6,592, it can now be yours at just A$75! SAVE a massive A$50 whilst stocks last!

Rat retail rammed! Not issued for circulation, this affordable memento of the Year of the Rat is a must-have for $1 series collectors – especially at this sensational price! A must-have for a complete collection, this official RAM presentation represents the ONLY way you can secure this unique, low mintage type. Normally retailing at A$15, and now just A$8.50 apiece, 25mm 2008 Lunar $1 Al-Br BU coin is each 25m housed in an official RAM pack.


A$ 50

8 US$ 75 7

2008 $1 SQUARE A$ 63,000 pts 6 KOOKABURRA PENNY US$ SILVER PROOF 53,750 pts Limit 1 per household

75 68

ts p pts 000 pt 000 8,,00 8,000 8 8,0 7,000 pts

Super Scouts Save!

Not issued for circulation!

and soaring in tribute, sold out at the RAM e, weighty .999 An official Scouts centenary larg this on t recedented discoun re devastated figu value, we can offer an unp a – ited to a mintage of 5,000 uts Silver Sco fine silver Proof. Strictly lim of ary ten Cen $5 8 36.31g 200 e only, tim by demand – the 38.74mm ited lim a For 9. ue value of A$9 S per Proof has jumped to a catalog sought after coin is just A$55 – a Sup this 4! A$4 of e Scouts Sav


55 US$50 A$

An absolutely crucial coin for those wishing too maintain a alian Mint’s complete decimal collection, the Royal Australian ssued 2008 $1 Quarantine Centenary BU was not issued nge. for circulation and will never be found in change. One of Australia’s lowest mintage $1 issues, with a mintagee of 0, around 50,000, don’t miss the chance to add this unique type to your collection at over 40% off standard retail price! Normally A$155 8.50! – now just A$8.50!

ps 0 pts 500 500 1,50 41, 41


0 pts 35,500

producing the Australia’s first coin struck with a gradient shading effect, Antarctic’s toughest sharpest of detail in the design of the Skua – one of the has a regular retail residents – this unique Polar Year RAM commemorative 38.74mm, 36.31g ic majest this coin, y price of A$82.50. An imposing, weight ional 33% off the sensat a Save A$55! mere a now is Proof silver fine .999 r price – but you must be quick! standa stan rd

55 US$ 50 A$

8 US$ 75 7

s pts 8,000 pt 7,000 pts

Sensational value…

Less than Official Issue Price!


A$ 50

Capturing the speed, skill and strength of the sport upon its broad 38.74mm flan, this weighty 36.31g .999 fine silver coin forms a powerful tribute to Australia’s Rugby League centenary – and, at Downies, an affordablee one! An exclusive preciou iouss metal Proof (mintage just 5,002!), normallyy retailing at A$89, we are willing to sacrifice the few examples we have in stock at almost A$30 off – that’s BELOW LOW the RAM’s Official Issue Price!

41,500 pts


35,500 pts


5950 US$ 54

45,000 pts 38,250 pts

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 5

AUSSIE GOLD! Australia’s first sovereign

Scarce in any grade…

Australia’s first gold sovereigns, and physical evidence of the nation’s golden heritage, the Sydney Mint Sovereign series lies at the heart of Australian numismatics. Bearing distinctive designs, the importance, beauty and history of these 22-carat gold coins have made the series one of Australia’s most popular. A short-lived, iconic type, representing Gold Rush history you can hold in your hands, we have the 1857-70 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type II in Fine – dates of our choice.

An extremely short-lived series, the Australian Half Sovereigns of Edward VII were struck in extremely low numbers from 1902 to 1910 – the final year of the King’s reign. Indeed, just one half sovereign was struck for every ten sovereigns! The tiny mintages, combined with greater circulation as a lower denomination, means that few 1902-10 Half Sovereigns exist in decent grade. An affordable opportunity, we have a few Edward VII Half Sovereigns in Very Fine quality. Date and Mint of our choice.

Ø 19mm

Ø 21.5mm


595 US$ 536


275 US$ 248

253,000 pts

The third last Half Sovereign date struck in Australia, the 22-carat gold 1915S Half Sovereign is not only sought after for its importance, rarity and great beauty in high grade – it is also sought after as a unique memento of Australia’s Baptism of Fire in WWI. Struck exactly 95 years ago at the Sydney Mint, as Australia’s sons stormed the beaches of Gallipoli, this crucial King George V coin is a must have when found in superior grade Extremely Fine to about Uncirculated quality – as here.

Ø 19mm


297,500 pts

Gallipoli Gold…


137,500 pts


173,000 pts

117,000 pts


147,250 pts

345 311

The Complete Half Sovereign Type Set! A sensational opportunity to enjoy one of Australia’s most beautiful, most important series, the 18551918 Half Sovereign 7-Coin Type Set offers you the chance to own every Half Sovereign type issued in Australia! An historic, complete presentation, this set comprises an example of each Half Sovereign obverse and reverse type struck in Australia from the first in 1855 to the last in 1918 – seven different types in all. Struck from 22-carat gold, and graded from Good to Extremely Fine, the seven types include the 1855-56 Sydney Mint Type I, 1857-66 Sydney Mint Type II,

1871-87 Young Head Shield, 1887-93 Jubilee, 1893-1901 Veiled Head, 1902-10 Edward VII and 1911-18 George V – dates and Mints of our choice. Uniting beauty, history, luxury and scarcity – with mintages on average 10% of the Sovereign, and most lost or melted for the gold – this comprehensive overview of the Australian Half Sovereign Series represents a prestigious acquisition for any collector. Beautifully presented, each 7-coin Half Sovereign collection is housed within a high quality Dansco Supreme Album – valued at A$49.50 but yours with our compliments.

1887–93 Jubilee

1855–56 Sydney Mint Type I

1893–1901 Veiled Head

1857–66 Sydney Mint Type II

1902–10 Edward VII

1871–87 Young Head Shield 1855–1918 HALF SOVEREIGN 7-COIN TYPE SET G–aUnc


3,750 3,375


1,875,000 pts 1,600,000 pts

1911–18 George V

North America Toll Free 1 877 897 7696 6

Hotly pursued in this condition… y difficultlt With more than five decades having passed since it was issued, and copper notoriousl grade. to preserve in top quality, the 1958 Penny is increasingly tough-to-find in superior of As we rarely have the chance to present this coin to our clients in the upper echelons from quality, we naturally jumped at the chance to secure a small holding of the 1958 Penny and rated Officially condition! flawless absolutely in coin each with – collector an American of Choicee slabbed by the USA’s Professional Coin Grading Service at ‘MS64RB’– the equivalent Uncirculated – the few coins we have in stock are truly exceptional examples. and With demand for high grade predecimal coinage soaring to unprecedented levels, Unc market values skyrocketing due to the surge in competition, the 1958 Penny in Choice is a must-have at just A$ 55,000 pts A$110. 1958 PENNY PCGS SLAB MS64RB US$ 46,750 pts (Choice Unc)

110 99

Genuine Gem quality

The Last Aussie Sixpence!

The second of only two halfpen ny dates struck at the Melbourn e Mint during the reign of Elizabeth II, the 1959 Halfpenny represents an important acquisition for any serious pred ecimal collector, regardless of the grade. When found in the superb state of preservation presented here, it is simply a must-have.

A crucial, historic date in Australia’s first national currency system, the 1963 Sixpence was the final date of its denomination. Whilst always popular due to its ‘last issue’ status, these particular examples of the Melbourne Mint 1963 Sixpence are sure to be snapped up at speed because of their seldom seen quality. A wonderful opportunity to secure this historic silver coin type in superior grade, we have a small number of the 1963 Sixpence in superb Gem Uncirculated condition. An absolute bargain at just A$22 apiece.

1963 SIXPENCE Gem Unc

A$ $

22 20


Taken from an original Mint roll, and barely seeing the light of day in the five decades since issue, the few exam ples of the 1959 Halfpenny we have in stock are magnificent. Underpinne d by original lustre, and seldom seen so nice, each coin is in genuine Gem Uncirculated condition. A fantastic opportunity to add an absolutely pristine Gem Unc exam ple of the famous Bounding Roo halfpen ny to your collection – and surp risin affordable given the qquality. gly y

11,000 pts 9,500 pts

1959 HALFPENNY Gem Unc

Half Century Halfpenny!

– exactly 50 years e struck at the Perth Mint As good as the day they wer look simply stunning nny fpe Hal 0 196 les of the ago – these flawless examp fine, each coin rd hoa ent dition. Part of a rec in Choice Uncirculated con th Mint’s copper Per the of cal typi m bloo t is defined by a lovely full min de. An extremely affordable opportunity to h gra coinage when found in hig or start a collection in upgrade your collection – quality! the finest qu

1960 HALFPENNY Choice Unc

22 US$20 A$


70 60


35, 5,0 000 00 pt pts ts 29,750 pts

Lowest mintage 2c date! Only the second 2c date struck at the Royal Australian Mint, with the denomination struck at the Perth Mint in 1967 and 1968, the 1969 2c is the lowest mintage issued coin in the 1966-91 2c series. With just 13m struck, against an annual average of approximately 107m, we seldom have the opportunity to offer such exceptionally pretty examp les of the 1969 2c to our clients. Don’t miss this chance – espec p ially at less than A$10 apiece!

pts 11,000 pts 1969 2c BU

9,500 pts


9 8

US$ 25

4,500 pts pts 4,000 pts

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 7

TINY MINTAGES! As anticipated, the RAM’s decision to set pre-determined mintages for the 2010 Burke & Wills 2-Coin Sets have instantly sparked a collector stampede. With the mintages surprisingly low, and these unique Australian legal tend tender types found ONLY in these sets, the rush is on for those desperate to main maintain a complete collection. Celeb Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the tragically heroic 1860 Burke & Wills Expedition, the richly histo nature of the theme has also guaranteed interest from non-collectors. Indeed, it is the historic bro broad appeal of these coins – celebrating two of the most famous characters in Australian history – tthat will ensure that the mintages are placed under huge pressure. Th Those mintages are, by any standard, minuscule. The Mint will issue no more than 40,000 of the 20 2010 2-Coin Unc Set, with the 2010 2-Coin Proof Set limited to an incredibly low mintage of just 25 25,000! Not to be issued for circulation and never to be found in change, the Burke & Wills $1 and 20 20c Proof and BU coins are destined to be among the lowest mintage Australian decimal types. The perfect time to make sure your collection is graced by the presence of these individually eyecatch catching Australian commemoratives, these exclusive sets are both available at Official Issue Price. I

FFeatures the one-year-only 2010 20c and $1 commemoratives


AAvailable in both superb Proof and exquisite BU quality


Exclusive! Just 25,000 Proof Sets and 40,000 Unc Sets issued!


Housed in official, informative, attractive presentation packs 2010 BURKE & WILLS 2-COIN UNC SET


8,000 pts


7,000 pts

15 1350

Official Issue Price 20 BURKE & WILLS 2010 22-COIN PROOF SET


45 US$ 41

23,000 pts 19,750 pts

Official Issue Price

The 2010 Wedding Set FIRST TIME IN PROOF QUALITY! A ppresentation of the highest quality, forming a wedding or anniversary present of the highest order, this groundbreaking issue is the first W Wedding Set to feature coins struck to Proof sta standard! An official issue of the RAM, the 2010 Wedding Proof Set com comprises six official Australian legal tender 2010-dated coins – th the 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2. Defined by the most exq exquisite of Proof quality, with detailed designs gracing flawless mir rror ffields, each of those coins is distinguished by the classic mirror ddesig for its denomination. design Be Beautifully presented in an enchanting, official pack, co complete with a Certificate of Authenticity and a plaque for an inscription, the 2010 Wedding Proof Set represents a gift su sure to delight any happy couple on their big day.



120 108


60,000 pts 51,000 pts

Official Issue Price

North America Toll Free 1 877 897 7696 8

Six of the best!

edd by nned rpiinnne rp eerpi nderp Und U lity, official qua x uisite eexq l e, top valu and ing kag a ppac 2010 Mint Set is notable for one the 20 h r feature. Heeding calls from oothe ot ccollectors, the RAM has devoted this co kkey legal tender set to Australia’s bbeloved traditional denominations. al coin Ar ed with Australia’s ‘classic’ decim Array 50c 20c, 10c, 5c, n’s Devli t Stuar with ns, des desig 2010 the $2, e’s Hahn Horst and $$1 united with flyers in the Mint SSet is destined to be one of the highIndicative s. serie lar popu everng, runni longRAM’s featuring sets ctor colle for nd of the general dema hotly AAustralia’s six established designs, the doubled in ppursued 2004 Mint Set has more than from A$15 ing storm Set Mint pprice, with the 1990 to A$150! , and essential acquisition for series collectors An es culated examples Uncir nt Brillia inely genu ing s seek ne anyo the 2010 Mint Set of Australia’s current circulating coinage, ial Issue Price. Offic s is within the reach of all at the Mint’

30 US$ 27 A$


15,000 pts

Unparalleled in Proof…

There is no better way to enjoy the artistic brilliance of Australia’s traditional decimal designs than when struck to the highest standards. The nation’s mos t important annual issue, the official RAM 2010 Proo f Set gives you just that opportunity. A fine initiative by the Mint, sure to be appreciated by series collectors, each collection comprises six flawlessly struck coins. With sharply detailed, highly frosted desig ns set upon the most pristine of mirror fields, Stuart Devlin’s Echidna 5c, Lyrebird 10c, Platypus 20c, Coat of Arms 50c, Roos $1 and Horst Hahne’s Indigenous Elder $2 look stunning in Proof quality. As with the Mint Set, the previous Proof Sets to bear Australia’s much-admired standard designs are amon g the he most sought after of the series. A great opportunity to secure the 2010 Proof Set at the Mint’s Official Issue Price , this luxurious presentation is housed in a superb, official RAM case.



60,000 pts


An aaffordable, meaningful gift, the 201 2010 Baby Mint Set is also sure to be hotly pursued by those seeking to m maintain a complete $1 collection. Not to be iss issued for circulation and not found in any other set, the inclusion of a unique 20 2010-dated Australian $1 type makes this set a m must-have! United withh the 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c andd $$22 in an officia official pack with a 27mm co olour medallio colour medallion – both based on th the Blinky Bill books – this unique 22010 $1 type bears a striking pportrait of Blinky Bill author, D Dorothy Wall. A$ 18,000 pts

35 US$ 32

120 108


51,000 pts Official Issue Price

12,750 pts

Official Issue Price



The perfect way to mark the arrival of the 2010 baby, this official RAM Proof Set is a gift that will be treasured forever. Comprising legal tender coins bearing the year-date of birth, struck to th the most rigorous quality, you could not conceive of a more im impressive way to establish a permanent record of this mo most special event. Housed in a leatherette case with a Cer Certificate, each 6-coin set (5c(5c-$2) is united with a colour 40m 40mm Blinky Bill medallion – per perfect for the inscription of the ne new baby’s details! A$ A


15,500 pts

Official Issue Price

120 108


60,000 pts 51,000 pts

Official Issue Price

Australia Toll Free 1300 788 358 9

The famous ! g g E n o i t a n o r o C é g Faber The crowning glory of your collection… Mint of Poland, An inspiring coin from the most innovative, most the recognised as among es in Europe, this insightful issuing authoriti pays homage to of massive 56.56g Silver Pro ces of jewellery in pie s ou fam st mo one of the ation Egg of the ron history – the Fabergé Co II. las ho Nic last Russian Tsar,

extravagance associated with Symbolising the luxury and alty, the Fabergé Coronation Roy the heyday of European our the official investiture Egg was made in 1897 to hon 1896. A breathtaking in sia Rus of r Tsa of Nicholas II as it s and intricate enamelling, combination of gold, diamond a of One art. r’s elle jew e of the is considered a masterpiec Romanov Dynasty by Peter range of Eggs created for the to reveal a superb miniature ned Carl Fabergé, the Egg ope 1793 for Catherine the Great of the ‘Gold Coach’ – built in procession. tion ona Cor 6 and used in the 189 onation Egg upon it’s broad Por traying the Fabergé Cor n flan, united with a depictio l tica ellip 41.6mm x 55.6mm a ke ma will coin $2 ic jest of the Gold Coach, this ma to n to any collection. Crafted fascinating, unique additio nted an gra n bee e hav we , rds the most rigorous standa er Fabergé Coronation Egg Silv allocation of the 2010 $2 Poland – but our of t Min the for tor ribu Proof as official dist stocks won’t last for long! silver lity from 56.56g of sterling I Crafted to Proof qua ldwide mintage just 5,000! I Exclusive! Tiny wor 6mm x 55.6mm der of Niue – measures 41. I Official legal ten Certificate of Authenticity I Complete with a

Mail Tel: Toll Free:

PO Box 888, Abbotsford Vic 3067 Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

1300 788 358

Melbourne & international callers +61 (0) 3 8456 8456


(03) 8456 8401


195 US$176 A$


g 56.56 grams of Crafted from a whoppin majestic $2 this r, silve ling ster s lustrou ndid tribute to the sple a nts rese rep coin – estimated in Fabergé Coronation Egg 24m! 2004 to be worth US$

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must leave the building! Save A$100! A sensational oopportunity to enjoyy a comprehensive, ccolourful tribute to tthe glittering moviee ccareer of the King oof Rock’n’Roll, w we have a large h holding of the Elviss P Presley Movie 31C Coin JFK Half Dollarr C st Collection, and must sslash the regular retail etail price b by an astonishing 29%! A spellbinding appreciation of Elvis’ prolific, if brief, movie career, this ey eye-catching presentation comprises 31 official US legal tender JFK Half Dollars. Struck to Brilliant Uncirculated quality at the US Mint and then brilliantly enhanced with full-colour by the US Morgan Mint, eeach coin carries a striking image of one of the King’s feature films. FFrom the first in 1956 (Love Me Tender) to the last in 1969 (Change oof Habit) – and all 29 in between! – every one of Elvis’ movies are ccelebrated in this magnificent full-colour coin collection. O Offered at a never-to-be-repeated price, this is your chance to obtain aan official piece of Elvis memorabilia – approved by Elvis Presley EEnterprises – at way below regular retail. Normally A$349, we are w willing to slash the standard price of the Elvis Presley Movie 31-Coin JJFK Half Dollar Collection by a whopping A$100! ELVIS PRESLEY MOVIE 31-COIN JFK HALF DOLLAR COLLECTION BU


248 US$ 224

309,500 pts 263,250 pts

The King of Stamps! Headlined by an official USA stamp, this fully authorised, goldembossed First Day Cover forms a fine memento of the most famous Rock’n’Roll star of all time. Issued in Memphis, Tennessee – site of the King of Rock’n’Roll’s legendary homestead, Graceland – and distinguished by an official USA Elvis stamp, this unique FDC is a must-have for fans of the King. At this unbelievable price, it’s a must-have for everybody! Just A$4.95 apiece!


A$ 95

2,000 2 000 00 0 pts t

US$ 75

1,750 pts

4 3

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A new dawn for the Roo at Sunset! WORLDWIDE MINTAGE JUST 5,000! Certain to be among the hottest coins of the year, the 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset 1oz Silver Proof is sure to repeat the sell-out success of the 2009 release. As the perfect partner to its highly sought after predecessor, and a must-have for those who missed out last year, the tiny mintage of 5,000 means that time is of the essence for those keen to enjoy Australia’s ustralia s finest modern coin design.

upon a 40mm flan – at a more affordable price – the 2009 $1 Roo at Sunset Silver Proof sold out at speed, and has soared in value to A$150+. Struck by the RAM for The Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection, and graced with an ‘F15’ privy mark, it was only due to our international contacts that we were able to secure this distinctively Australian precious metal Proof. With our allocation limited, and initial demand predictably strong, we must recommend immediate action.

Capturing the spirit of the Australian ustralian Outback – and capturing thee ross imagination of collectors across uly the globe – that design is truly magnificent. Internationally acclaimed, having been nominated for Krause’s Peoples Choice Coin of the Year, this spellbinding motif was the key to the huge suucce of the $25 Kangaroo success at SSunset 1/5oz Gold Proofs. Giv collectors the chance Giving to enjoy the design set

Set in an official F15 S capsule cap psul in an official RAM case, case each 1oz .999 Proo is complete with silver Proof a numbered, official RAM Certificate of Authenticity

A$ 2010 $1 ROO AT 49,500 pts SUNSET F15 PRIVY US$ 42,250 pts 1oz SILVER PROOF Limit 3 per household

99 90

Bouncing back in BU! An outstanding piece of numismatic artistry, the design of the 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset F15 Privy 1oz looks stunning struck to the RAM’s rigorous BU standards. Like the Proof above, this majestic 40mm 1oz .999 silver coin has been created for The Fabulous 15 Silver Crown Collection, with a majority of the mintage of 7,000 similarly spirited away overseas. Given that the 7,000-coin mintage of the 2009 $1 Roo at Sunset BU sold out, and knowing that interest in the 2010 release in Australia would be huge, we did our utmost to secure as many coins as possible when this official Australian legal tender issue was recently unveiled. Despite our best efforts, however, we have only a small number in stock – each set in an official RAM case with an official RAM numbered Certificate of Authenticity. A$ 2010 $1 ROO AT 44,500 pts SUNSET F15 PRIVY US$ 38,000 pts 1oz SILVER BU Limit 5 per household

89 81

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