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Mid May 2010

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Money – Mid May 2010 Page 1 – RAM Rippers! 2006 $1 50 Years Of Television Silver Proof 21,250 2003 $1 Korean War Silver Proof 32,000 2004 $1 Eureka Stockade Silver Proof 29,500 2004 $1 Waltzing Matilda Silver Proof 25,250 Cook Islands 2008 $10 Sydney Opera House 3D Silver Proof 63,750 2002-2008 Mintmark Type Set 18,000 Pages 2 & 3 – PNC prices plummet 2009 $1 Postal Service Bicentenary PNC 6,500 2009 $1 Australia Post Bicentenary PNC 6,500 2009 $1 Australia Post PNC Pair 12,750 2008 $1 Lunar Rat PNC 6,500 2009 $1 Lunar Ox PNC 6,500 2009 Dolphins of Australian Coastline Medallion Cover 8,500 5 x 2009 Dolphins of Australian Coastline Medallion Cover 42,500 2009 Earth Hour Medallion Cover 12,500 5 x 2009 Earth Hour Medallion Cover 62,500 2008 AFL Premiers – Hawthorn Hawks Medallion Cover 8,500 5 x 2008 AFL Premiers – Hawthorn Hawks Medallion Cover 42,500 2008 $1 WWI 90th Anniversary PNC 6,500 Page 4 – Super Savings! 2003 Proof Set 29,750 2003 $1 Vietnam War 30th Anniversary Unc 19,250 2003 $5 Australia’s Volunteers Hologram Silver Proof 53,750 2003 50c RAAMC Centenary Pack Unc 29,750 Page 5 – 08s at mates’ rates! 2008 $1 Year of the Rat Al-Br BU 7,000 2008 $1 Square Kookaburra Penny Silver Proof 53,750 2008 $5 Centenary of Scouts Silver Proof 35,500 2008 $1 Quarantine Al-Br BU 7,000 2008 $5 International Polar Year – Skua Silver Proof 35,500 2008 $5 Rugby League Silver Proof 38,250 Page 6 – Aussie Gold! 1857-1870 Sydney Mint Sovereign Type II Fine 253,000 1902-1910 Edward VII Half Sovereign VF 117,000 1915S Half Sovereign EF-aUnc 147,250 1855-1918 Half Sovereign 7-coin Type Set G-aUnc 1,600,000 Page 7 – Stunning Quality! 1958 Penny PCGS Slab MS64RB (Choice Unc) 46,750 1963 Sixpence Gem Unc 9,500 1959 Halfpenny Gem Unc 29,750 1960 Halfpenny Choice Unc 9,500 1969 2c BU 4,000 Pages 8 & 9 – 2010 Annuals 2010 Burke & Wills 2-coin Unc Set 7,000 2010 Burke & Wills 2-coin Proof Set 19,750 2010 Wedding Proof Set 51,000 2010 Mint Set 12,750 2010 Proof Set 51,000 2010 Baby Mint Set 15,500 2010 Baby Proof Set 51,000 Page 10 – Fabergé Niue 2010 $2 Fabergé Coronation Egg Silver Proof 83,000 SUB-TOTAL COLUMN ONE

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Page 11 – Elvis! AR204 Elvis Presley Movie 31-coin

JFK Half Dollar Collection BU

$27.00 $36.00 $36.00 $45.00 $86.00 $23.00

263,250 1,750 Page 12 – 2010 Roos at Sunset AR102 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset F15 1oz Silver Proof 42,250 AR103 2010 $1 Roo at Sunset F15 1oz Silver BU 38,000 On The Order Form… AQ982 NZ Ancient Reptiles Stamps 15,000

$224.00 $3,75

AJ892 Elvis Presley First Day Cover

$90.00 $81.00 $30.00


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$45.00 $21.00 $45.00 $45.00

$7.75 $68.00 $50.00 $7.75 $50.00 $54.00

$536.00 $248.00 $311.00 $3,375.00

$99.00 $20.00 $60.00 $20.00 $8.25

$13.50 $41.00 $108.00 $27.00 $108.00 $32.00 $108.00

$176.00 pts $

Reptiles Immortalised! Discover the ancient reptiles that lived in New Zealand Cretaceous period with this exclusive five stamp Presentation Pack. Utterly magnificent in design, it explores the behaviour and habitats of five different reptile species. Disappearing over 65 million years ago, these species are brought back to life with vivid ‘field sketched’ illustrations – reconstructions based on the most up-to-date information on animal behaviour, ecology and New Zealand paleontology. Depicting the Allosaurus, Anhanguera, Titanosaurus, Moanasaurus and Mauisaurus, every stamp is beautifully detailed and reveals what it might have been like to meet with the Reptiles face to face! Sensational collector value, each pack comprises one 5-stamp set, one First Day Cover, one self-adhesive mini-sheet, one A2 poster and one sheet of stickers! 2010 NEW ZEALAND ANCIENT REPTILES PRESENTATION STAMP PACK


3495 US$ 30

17,500 pts 15,000 pts

US - Mid-May Money 2010 Order Form  

Downies Money Mid-May 2010 - US ORDER FORM

US - Mid-May Money 2010 Order Form  

Downies Money Mid-May 2010 - US ORDER FORM