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April 2010

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Celebrate Australia! OFFICIAL AUSSIE LEGAL TENDER TYPES! Incorporating a stunning array of Australian legal tender coins, the Perth Mint’s 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia BU Series has just been unveiled! Official, affordable and distinguished by glorious fullcolour, this eyecatching series gives everyone the chance to celebrate both Australia and its unique natural beauty. A distinctive presentation, and a must-have for Australian coin collectors, the 2010 Celebrate Australia Series

comprises five fullcolour $1 coins – all crafted to the rigorous BU standards of the Perth Mint. Forming a striking tribute to the nation’s abundant natural treasures, each 30.60mm coin is devoted to one of Australia’s key World Heritage Sites. Famous around the globe, the Great Barrier Reef, Greater Blue Mountains, Tasmanian Wilderness, Shark Bay and Heard Island & McDonald Islands are all featured in this outstanding new program, with each of these captivating natural wonders represented

in full-colour, united with an image of its associated wildlife. An affordable way to enjoy this state-of-theart minting technology, and a great way to introduce the joy of coin collecting to the younger brigade, the 2010 $1 Celebrate Australia Series also forms the perfect Aussie gift for friends and contacts overseas – especially given the value! Well within your reach individually at an Official Issue Price of A$14.95, BUY THE COMPLETE SET AND SAVE A$10!

■ ■ ■

Features five 30.60mm Australian legal tender $1 coins Struck by the Perth Mint to BU standard Superbly enhanced with full-colour! Presented in official, individual display cards Top value individually – buy the set and SAVE A$10!

Sell-out imminent… Including a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, each 36.60mm .999 silver coin is set in a case in an illustrated outer box, that, when placed with the outer boxes of the other coins in the series, will form one complete marine photo!

A must-have for those hooked on this stunning Australian legal tender series, the 2010 50c Seahorse 1/2oz Silver Proof has continued the barnstorming success of the Perth Mint’s sought after Sealife Series. With the first three coins of the series – celebrating the Lionfish, Leafy Sea Dragon and Clownfish – now all officially sold out at

the Mint, little time remains for you to secure this exquisite example of full-colour minting. With a sell-out of the 10,000 coin mintage imminent, you must act immediately to net this marine masterpiece at the affordable Official Issue Price. 2010 50c SEAHORSE 1/2oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price A$

55 US$ 47 Limit two per household

2010 $1 CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA BU Official Issue Price A$

1495 each 1275 each






2010 $1 CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA 5-COIN SET BU Official Issue Price

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Mintage just 2,000 – already sold out! Continuing the glittering success of recent Australian ‘Show products’, the Royal Australian Mint’s 2010 $1 Perth ANDA Show Currency Centenary Silver Proof has proved a smash hit with collectors. The highlight of Western Australia’s key numismatic festival, the mintage of just 2,000 coins has already sold out!

Never used before on an Australian legal tender coin, the RAM’s unique Perth ANDA Show mintmark features a Roo leaping through a ‘P’

Given the evergrowing interest in official Australian Coin & Banknote Show issues, the success of this new Perth ANDA Show release is no great shock. Extremely exclusive and highly distinctive, Show products are hotly pursued, with many simply disappearing from the market, never to be seen again. Crafted to the height of Proof quality from 11.66g of .999 fine silver, this unique tribute to the Centenary of Australian Currency

forms an excellent casein-point. Bearing a ‘first-time’ mintmark, with a kangaroo leaping through a ‘P’, the 2010 $1 Perth ANDA Show Currency Centenary Silver Proof is already impossible to find. With the tiny mintage devastated by demand, this is certain to be the only time we will be able to offer this utterly unique Australian legal tender type to our clients. A limit of one coin per household must apply.



US$ Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, each 25mm .999 Silver Proof is set within distinctive Perth ANDA Show presentation packaging

Limit one per household


A MAJESTIC PRESENTATION Among the most impressive Philatelic Numismatic Covers we have seen, this eye-catching collectable forms a memorable tribute to one of the most important moments in Australian history – the issue of our first national currency. Dominated by a stunning portrait shot of Edward VII, and decorated with silver foil, the illustrated,



embossed envelope plays host to the RAM’s 25mm 2010 $1 Currency Centenary ‘C’ Mintmark Al-Br Unc. Not to be issued for circulation, this unique type is united with two official Australia Post stamps, bearing superb photographs of the obverse and reverse of a high-grade example of the very first Australian florin. 2010 $1 CURRENCY CENTENARY PNC A$




A most affordable way to mark the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first coins, and sure to be popular with PNC, stamp and coin collectors alike, this striking release will be available for a short time only. With our stocks lower than expected, a quickfire sell-out is certain. We highly recommend an early order.

A new look for an An admirable old favourite, w e are innovation by th delighted to fin e ally RAM, the set show our client s the co mprises the impressive new se for the latest iss tting 25mm C Mintmark ue $1, united with in the long-runn ing the S, M and B Mintmark $1 Se ries. Privymark $1 Normally releas ed coins – each throughout the year, struck to the COMPLETE annual standa BU rd. Mintmark Serie s ca now be secured n in one hit – 2010 $1 CURREN CY CENTENARY housed in a M IN TM AR single Mint K/ PRIVYMARK AL -BR Set-style BU SET pack! Official Issue Pr ice A$


Limit two per household



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Portrait of power SPECTACULAR IN FULL-COLOUR! One of the most vivid, most eye-catching coins issued by the Perth Mint in recent years, sure to make the British collector community snap to attention, this majestic commemoration of Australia’s first national currency is a must-have for all full-colour coin collectors. Crafted to the pinnacle of Proof quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver, the broad 40.6mm flan of this official Australian legal tender coin is dominated by a stunning image of King Edward VII. The first British monarch to appear on Australian coinage, Edward’s noble features graced the sterling silver 1910 florin, shilling, sixpence and threepence. The only Australian national currency issued in his name, these iconic coins form the perfect backdrop to the majestic portrayal of Edward

found on the reverse – based on the 1902 Harking back to Coronation portrait of the predecimal era, the Mint’s the King by Sir Samuel rarely seen Luke Fildes. employment A most exclusive of denticles around the rim Australian legal tender of the reverse, coin, this spectacular united with the precious metal Proof glory of hi-tech is sure to be among full-colour minting, creates the most sought after a traditional, yet currency centenary modern tribute commemoratives. to Australia’s first national coinage ■ Crafted to Proof quality from 1oz of .999 silver ■ Worldwide mintage set at just 7,500 coins ■ Housed in an official US$ 77 case with numbered 2010 $1 100 YEARS OF Certificate of AUSTRALIAN CURRENCY Authenticity 1oz SILVER PROOF ■ Set in an outer box Official Issue Price bearing the Edward VII Coronation portrait ■ Complete with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity ■ Available at the Perth Mint’s Official Issue Price!



The perfect partner! THE ORIGINAL COINS OF 1910! The most authentic possible centenary celebration, and an historic complement to the regal Silver Proof offered above, the 1910 Edward VII Year Set forms a compelling tribute to the 100th anniversary of Australia’s first national coinage. A seminal moment in Australian history, the first coins of the young nation included the sterling silver

threepence, sixpence, shilling and florin – struck at Britain’s Royal Mint. The foundation stone of every Australian collection, the 4-coin 1910 set would prove to be a one-year-only issue, as the sole Australian coinage of Edward VII. With Edward dying in May, and the coins of 1911 bearing the portrait of George V, the 1910 set is unique and highly sought after – regardless of the grade.

A fantastic opportunity to add this scarce coinage issue to your collection, the complete 1910 Year Set comprises an average circulated example of each of the four silver denominations – housed in an illustrated, informative full-colour pack.






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Purity, presentation, prestige… JUST 1,000 STRUCK! Celebrating one of the most colourful chapters of Australian history with the latest in modern minting technology, the 2010 $25 Ned Kelly 1/4oz Gold Proof forms an exclusive, prestigious tribute to Australia’s iconic bushranger. Issued to coincide with the 130th anniversary of Ned’s death, executed at Melbourne Gaol in 1880, the 2010 Ned Kelly $25 1/4oz Gold Proof is a dazzling example of the Perth Mint’s precious metal expertise. Crafted to Proof quality from .9999 gold, the 22.60mm 1/4oz flan offers the ideal venue for the Mint’s meticulous full-

colour techniques, with the portrayal of Ned and his helmet contrasting brilliantly against the lustre of the pure, luxurious gold. Targeted by gold collectors and full-colour coin enthusiasts alike, as well as by those seeking a prestigious tribute to this iconic Australian character, the race is on to be one of the privileged few to own this spectacular coin. With the Mint striking just 1,000 examples, and initial demand proving predictably strong, you must not miss the chance to guarantee supply at Official Issue Price!

Ensuring a sell-out, the mintage has been restricted to just 1,000 Crafted to immaculate Proof quality from 1/4oz .9999 fine gold Australian-made – struck by the Perth Mint as official Tuvalu legal tender Set in a timber case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity





TUVALU 2010 $25 NED KELLY 1/4oz GOLD PROOF Official Issue Price

Sentenced to death for the murder of Constable Lonigan at Stringybark Creek, Ned Kelly was executed at Melbourne Gaol in November 1880

Mintage und Crucial to the long-term fame of Ned Kelly, the armour suits worn by the gang at Glenrowan are among Australia’s most iconic artefacts

The siege at Glenrowan in June 1880, where Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart were killed, and Ned was captured

Following the killing of the troopers at Stringybark Creek, and the raids in Jerilderie and Euroa, the reward for the outlaws rose to an astonishing £8,000

Imposing fullcolour coins, luxury presentation, pure precious metal, strong’s no wonder the 2010 $1 Ned Kelly Silver Proof Collection has been so popular. With the mintage of 1,880 all but exhausted, time is of the essence for those seeking to secure this spectacular legal tender coin collection. Uniting a superb high-relief strike with stunning full-colour, this eye-catching collection comprises four 1oz .999 fine silver 40mm coins struck by the Perth

Mint. Depicting his world-famous coat of armour, the £8,000 reward notice issued in February 1879, the Glenrowan siege and Ned’s execution respectively, the four coins represent a unique chronicle of the last months of Ned’s reign as Australia’s most wanted outlaw – and form a collector presentation of immense quality. An outstanding tribute to one of Australia’s most famous characters, each of these stunning collections is...

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Ned in pure gold: a steal at this price! MINTAGE JUST 5,000 COINS! A brilliantly designed, superbly struck tribute to the notorious Ned Kelly, this new legal tender release gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the luxury, beauty and prestige of the world’s favourite precious metal. The dramatic rise in gold prices over the last few years has taken coins struck from this rare, prestigious metal beyond the reach of many collectors – making opportunities such as this very important. Simply sensational value at less than A$100, this splendid

Gold Proof $5 is sure to be blown away by demand – especially given the quality of the coin! Spanning 11mm in diameter, and distinguished by an innovative, detailed design, the 2010 $5 Ned Kelly 0.5g Gold Proof is a powerful example of the modern minter’s craft. A coin of such obviously broad appeal, it is somewhat of a shock to learn that the mintage of this miniature masterpiece has been set so low. Considering the compelling combination of pure gold, strong Aussie theme and outstanding collector

value, the mintage of 5,000 is remarkably small, and likely to be inadequate to sate demand. Although we managed to secure an allocation of these unique .9999 gold coins – each presented with a specification card – we are sure to sell out at speed at this value-formoney price.






A MINIATURE MASTERPIECE An official legal tender commemoration of Australia’s most notorious outlaw, distinguished by the obverse portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, the 2010 $5 Ned Kelly 0.5g Gold Proof is a true miniature masterpiece.

Measuring 11mm in diameter, the strong detail in the innovative design, and the exquisite contrast between the frosted and mirrored surfaces, is testimony to the breathtaking precision of modern minting methods.


er siege! ■

taken from a tiny limited edition of just 1,880 – sell out imminent comprised of four Perth Mint 1oz .999 silver Proofs – official Tuvalu legal tender housed within a lavish timber case, set in an eyecatching outer box accompanied by an 8pp booklet with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity complete with a FREE limited edition Ned Kelly Print! Valued at A$29.95!


A strictly limited edition, with just 1,880 issued, this individually numbered 210mm x 297mm print is FREE with every collection! Retails at A$29.95!





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The Art of Coinage – Maori style! MINTAGE JUST 4,000! Capturing the beauty and fascination of traditional Maori art within the art of modern minting, New Zealand has created a collector coin of rich symbolism, eyecatching beauty and inspiring originality. Very exclusive, with just 4,000 struck, this memorable legal tender coin honours one of the most fundamental symbols of Maori art – the Heitiki. Traditionally worn around the neck by Maoris of high rank, and handed down the generations in a bestowal of authority, status

and power, the Heitiki is usually carved from pounamu – New Zealand greenstone. Deeply ingrained in Maori society, and recognised internationally, the Heitiki forms a most compelling subject for a full-colour coin. A perfect recreation of the rich, distinctive green hues of this ancient Maori symbol, the Heitiki is brilliantly portrayed upon the crown-sized 40mm flan of this .999 silver coin. A stylish, highly original

presentation, each Silver Proof is set in a handmade waka huia (treasure box) designed by the official carver to the Maori King and is accompanied by a numbered authentication booklet packed with information on the Heitiki and waka huia. A unique, intriguing addition to any collection, this exceptional release would also be perfect as a gift for anyone who appreciates objects of beauty with a tale to tell.

■ ■

Mintage just 4,000 coins Crafted from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver Struck to Proof quality – enriched with full-colour! Set in a handmade timber ‘waka huia’ (treasure box) Includes numbered, informative authentication booklet






New 2010 Kiwis now in stock!

authentication is as important to New booklet, the Proof An eagerly anticipated to is Zealanders as it ing low fol , se a $1 has a mintage relea Australians, and forms of just 8,500, with ion the dramatic sell-out dit ad richly symbolic 09 20 the of s a mere 12,500 es succ to this unique $1 type. Specimen coins issue, the new 2010 .999 m fro nd d ala fte Ze Cra w Ne struck – each of Icons in silver, the 2010 Icons set in a stylish, Kiwi Silver coins are nd coins ala Ze w ! Ne ies of wn Do informative card. at stock are available in Proof of eye the tch ca With a sell-out of Sure to and Specimen, with es both the Proof and collectors on both sid th types notable bo 10 20 the n, ma Specimen mintages of the Tas for supreme quality, anticipated, and our Icons of New Zealand icial presentation off an ars be allocation tightly Kiwi coin packaging and strictly restricted as a result, impressive portrayal of limited availability. ed lov be ’s nd ala immediate action is te New Ze Housed in a leatheret h advisable. d native bird – united wit ere case with a numb the Southern NZ 2010 $1 ICONS Cross. Found OF NEW ZEALAND w Ne on the KIWI SILVER PROOF Zealand flag A$ 9995 and Coat of US$85 Arms, this iconic constellation

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80 68


The Age of the Dinosaurs TINY MINTAGE JUST 1,500 SETS!

One of the biggest collector releases in New Zealand numismatics for 2010, this stunning new presentation is sure to create havoc in the international collector market. The natural successor to the sensationally successful Giants of NZ Silver Set – sold out at super speed – the extremely small mintage of this exclusive tribute to New Zealand’s ‘Age of the Dinosaurs’ is sure to be smashed in record time. Although not instantly associated with dinosaurs, New Zealand was once the home to a variety of large and impressive species. A tremendously historic collection, offering an unprecedented opportunity to march back in time some 75 million years, this exclusive new precious metal coin set celebrates some of the

gigantic reptiles that roamed the Land of the Long White Cloud in the cretaceous period. A release of the highest quality, the 2010 $1 Ancient Reptiles of New Zealand 1oz Silver Specimen Set comprises five superbly struck .999 silver 1oz coins – each devoted to a different species of dinosaur. Celebrating the Allosaurus, Anhanguera, Mauisaurus, Moanasaurus and Titanosaurus with truly dynamic, exceptionally detailed high relief designs,

this intriguing collection will impress every collector with an eye for quality. The perfect environment for such a deeply fascinating, eminently historic coin collection, each precious metal set is housed in a unique, individually numbered leather case – created in the style of an explorer’s journal! Complete with a set of official, matching NZ Post Ancient Reptile stamps, a numbered authentication booklet and a map tracing the path of New Zealand’s dinosaurs on their journey through Gondwanaland to Aotearoa, this outstanding release is not

only defined by quality, beauty and limited availability – it’s defined by sensational collector value as well! With a sell-out all but assured, we have had to fight tooth-and-nail to secure any sort of allocation of the 2010 $1 Ancient Reptiles of New Zealand 1oz Silver Specimen Set, and the small number of sets we have in stock will be snapped up instantly. ■ Comprises five 40mm 1oz .999 fine silver Specimens ■ Tiny worldwide mintage just 1,500 – sell-out certain ■ Complete with an official set of

matching stamps Set in an aged leather ‘explorer’s journal’ case – individually stamped with the number of the collection! Includes official, informative, numbered 15pp authentication booklet Features a map tracing the path of New Zealand’s dinosaurs






FREE! Bearing the same designs as the coins, this official set of NZ Post Ancient Reptile stamps is yours FREE with every collection!

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Australia takes to the s Struck to the most rigorous standards of the Perth Mint, this skilfully designed official legal tender coin forms a compelling tribute to one of the key advances in the field of aviation – the first flight in a heavier-than-air craft in Australia. Distinguished by a striking portrait of the man behind this great


achievement – George Taylor, who designed, built and then flew his glider at Narrabeen in NSW in 1909 – this red-hot release has been extremely popular across the globe. Most exclusive, just 5,000 examples of the 2009 $1 First Australian Flight Centenary 1oz Silver Proof have been struck – each in a case with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Official legal tender, this unique 40.60mm $1 was struck by the Perth Min t





… For the coin alone Naturally high on the hit lists of PNC collectors, and all aviation enthusiasts, this le unique collectab ht ug ca so al has the imagination in of Australian co collectors. lian An official Austra , ue iss er legal tend

by an official rth struck by the Pe Australia Post m Mint, the 30.60m $2.20 stamp fine $1 coin bears a – united upon e appreciation of th a beautifully ry plane of legenda designed, official rry escapologist Ha envelope. man Houdini – the first d re 2010 $1 to achieve powe ENARY OF NT . CE lia ra st Au flight in ED FLIGHT ER W le PO ab cc Crafted to impe PNC is US$ 1550 BU standards, th A$ 1795 is pe ty $1 ue iq old un ented Limit two per househ perfectly complem

Harry hits the heights in

An Australian legal tender coin of great quality and strictly limited availability, this unique Perth Mi nt release honours the 100th anniversary of the first powered flig ht in Australia – achieve d by Harry Houdini in Melbourne in March 1910. An outstanding tribute to a decisive moment

in aviation history, the 40.60mm flan of this unique precious metal coin carries a superb design of Houdini’s plane – in glorious full-colour! Crafted to the peak of Proof quality from .999 silver, each $1 coin is set in an officia l case with a Certificate of Authenticity. Mintage just 7,500!

A most affordable tribute to a major landmark in Australian aviation history

full-colour! 2010 $1 FIRST POWERED FLIGHT CENTENARY 1oz SILVER PROOF Official Issue Price A$




The history of the RAF Paying homage to the oldest, most famous independent air force in the world, established in 1918, this stunning silver coin collection forms a striking

al d sterling silver leg tribute to the long an – each ins co r de ten l distinguished history housed in an individua of Great Britain’s rtificate Ce a h wit se ca Royal Air Force (RAF). of Authenticity. A mustCelebrating some of have for military buff nic e ico st mo ’s rld wo the and coin collector alik n aircraft, including – especially at less tha l, me of! Ca Pro ith ver pw Sil r So the A$60 pe the Spitfire, the Tiger TORY , NAURU 2008 $5 HIS Moth and the Tornado THE RAF 1oz OF s thi , ers F amongst oth SILVER 5 COIN PROO unique presentation COLLECTION US$254 A$ comprises five 38.61mm 299

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Exclusive limited edition Aussie tribute!

Set in official Perth Mint gift-box packaging, each set includes an informative booklet incorporating a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the limited edition of 5,000

Headlined by a High Relief Australian legal tender Silver Proof, united with a limited edition Wedgwood plate, this exclusive release from the Perth Mint forms an inspiring tribute to Australia’s very first medallic issue – the Sydney Cove Medallion. One of Australia’s earliest, most iconic artworks, the Sydney Cove Medallion was created by the ‘Father of English Potters’, Josiah Wedgwood in

Britain in 1789 – made from clay collected from Sydney Cove by Captain Arthur Phillip! A fitting tribute to a crucial Australian artefact, the glorious neo-classical design of the Sydney Cove Medallion looks sensational enshrined in High Relief upon the 27mm flan of the flawlessly struck .999 silver Proof. A huge 50% thicker than a standard 1oz silver coin, this unique coin is defined by immense depth to the design. Striking the coin on concave surfaces to ensure the optimum flow of silver, the Perth Mint has gone to great lengths to recreate the beauty of the original Sydney Cove Medallion.

legendary bush ballad, first published 120 years ago, the Perth Mint has created a truly memorable, quintessentially Australian tribute – and a coin that was always destined to appeal to Australians from all walks of life. With a sell-out of the mintage of 5,000 anticipated, don’t miss the chance to secure this unique piece of Australian history at Official Issue Price!






Each set includes a genuine, limited edition Wedgwood fine bone china plate – measuring an imposing 200mm (8 inches) and edged in real platinum!

The Man in demand! Driven by the strong Aussie theme, distinctive design and superb quality, initial demand for the 2010 $1 Man from Snowy River Silver Proof has been very strong. A sparkling celebration of one of Australia’s most important literary works, interest in this full-colour coin is no surprise. Using the latest in minting technology to capture the essence of Banjo Paterson’s

An entirely fitting complement given the identity of the creator of the Sydney Cove Medallion, each set also includes a 200mm, platinum-edged Wedgwood fine bone china plate! Whether to take advantage of an unusual opportunity to journey back to the earliest days of colonial Australia, or secure an exclusive Australian legal tender coin of truly breathtaking quality, you must act now.






Struck by the Perth Mint as Tuvalu legal tender, each 1oz .999 silver Proof is set in a large, stylish case with a Certificate confirming the mintage of just 5,000

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Australia’s WWI diggers

The 2010

STANDING OVER 300mm TALL! Authentic in design and – at over 300mm tall – imbued with a truly commanding presence, these magnificent World War I Aussie servicemen bronze figurines are a musthave for anyone interested in Australian military history.

Superbly detailed, these imposing statues faithfully recreate the standard uniform of a lighthorseman of the Gallipoli campaign and the typical outfit of a 1st AIF infantry private fighting on the Western Front in France in 1916. Nicknamed

Men of

‘Andy’ and ‘Billy’ respectively, the Gallipoli digger stands 315mm tall, with the infantryman an impressive 310mm high. From Andy’s Short Magazine Lee Enfield rifle to Billy’s PH chemical gas hood, every detail of these authentic military tributes is spot-on. Housed within a superbly illustrated presentation box, each individually hand-numbered cold cast bronze figurine is taken from an exclusive limited edition of just 2,000.

Uniting a superb array of massive 50mm medallions with real sand from Anzac Cove, this sumptuous presentation pays tribute to the bravery of each and every Anzac that took part in the ill-fated Gallipoli campaign – and to


153 each




349 297


A GRAND TRADITION… More than just a game, Twoup forms one of Australia’s grandest traditions, and a conduit to some of the most important moments in the nation’s history. Linked to the First Fleet and popular during the Gold Rush, the game is most closely associated with Australia’s military – playing a longstanding role in the Anzac ANZAC COMMEMORATIVE TWO-UP SET


1995 17


Day tradition. Released just in time for Australia’s key day of national commemoration, this new set means that you too can enjoy Australia’s most famous gambling game! Comprising two Australian WWI-era George V pennies and a traditional ‘kip’ with which to toss the coins in the air – housed in an outer box – the Anzac Commemorative Two-up Set is both fascinating collectable and fantastic gift idea.

MEASURES 50mm! Spanning a massive 50mm, the 2010 Sands of Gallipoli Medallion forms a powerful tribute to the Spirit of Anzac. Finished in antique brass, each medallion depicts the Rising Sun Hat Badge on one side, with the VC on the other – with the names of all ten Aussie Gallipoli VC recipients inscribed around the rim. An authentic finishing touch, a vial of real Gallipoli sand is cleverly incorporated within the medallion’s broad frame.



1995 17


TOP VALUE! A lovely accessory, and a poignant tribute to the Anzacs, the Sands of Gallipoli Lapel Pin enables you to display your national pride for all to see. A high quality collectable, proudly produced in Australia, the 22mm x 20mm Lapel Pin is finished in antique brass, and, like every official Sands of Gallipoli issue, also features authentic sand from Anzac Cove. Priced for all Australians to enjoy at less than A$10! 2010 SANDS OF GALLIPOLI LAPEL PIN

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 10

A$ 95

9 8

US$ 50

0 Sands of Gallipoli Series Valour – Australia’s Gallipoli VC winners… SENSATIONAL VALUE AT JUST A$39 APIECE! those amongst them whose acts of valour resulted in the award of the Victoria Cross. A beautifully presented, strictly limited edition release, this prestigious set comprises five beautifully designed medallions. Struck from brass and then precisely finished in both silver and gold, each highly polished medallion depicts two of Australia’s ten Gallipoli VC winners – with a gold-plated portrayal of the 1904 Rising

Sun Hat Badge on the obverse. The perfect finishing touch to a collection honouring the British Empire’s highest award for bravery, the collection is complete with a true-to-life reproduction of the Victoria Cross medal. Perhaps foremost of the many highlights of this exquisite presentation is the inclusion of genuine sand from Gallipoli. The silent witness to the slaughter of the Anzacs as they stormed the tiny

beach of Anzac Cove on 25 April 1915, and to the deeds of the ten men who were awarded the VC as a result of the campaign, the vial of authentic Gallipoli sand makes this a truly memorable tribute. A presentation you will be proud to own, part of the proceeds from this set will be donated to the RSL, with A$500,000 already raised by the Sands of Gallipoli Series.

Includes five 50mm Proof medallions, each plated in silver and gold Highlighted by a vial of genuine sand from the beaches of Gallipoli Features a replica of the VC medal and the 1904 Rising Sun Hat Badge Exclusive! Worldwide limited edition restricted to 2,500 sets Set in a freestanding timber case with a Certificate of Authenticity






VC winners in gold DAILY REMINDER Practical and poignant, this unique Sands of Gallipoli commemorative offers a daily reminder of the Anzacs, and the nation forged from their sacrifice. Finished in antique brass and featuring real sand from the beaches of Gallipoli, this brilliantly designed keyring bears the Rising Sun Hat Badge design, united with a depiction of the VC. A wonderful gift idea – especially at such an affordable price! 2010 SANDS OF GALLIPOLI KEYRING


Historic, exclusive and affordable, this eyecatching set forms a stirring tribute to the ten Australians whose deeds of heroism at Gallipoli saw them awarded the VC. An impressive presentation, the set comprises two huge 50mm gold-and-silver plated medallions –


14 1275

each depicting five of Australia’s Gallipoli VC winners. The perfect complement to these historic, beautifully designed medallions, each set features both a full-size, faithful replica of the VC AND a vial of Gallipoli sand! A fine memento of Australia’s Baptism of Fire, the Sands of Gallipoli Proof Medallion Pair is set in a leatherette case with a Certificate confirming the limited edition of 5,000.







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First Melbourne Sovereign!

First of its kind! One of the most important dates in the 1855-1931 Australian Sovereign Series, we have a few examples of the very first Young Head Gold Sovereign in stock! Following a directive from authorities in London, the Sydney Mint was forced

Young Head to replace the Series. Also graced distinctive designs with the superb St of Australia’s first George design, we sovereign series have this ‘first of with standard its kind’ sovereign British designs. in VF quality. The last Sydney s Mint Sovereign wa struck in 1870, with the 1871 Sydney Mint Sovereign being the first date of the 1871-87

As scarce as it is historic, the first, low-mintage Melbourne Mint sovereign is a landmark Australian currency the Mint’s issue – highly sought 1872 date after regardless of would prove to be . de the gra 1872M YOUNG the lowest mintage AD ST GEORGE HE Victorian authorities -87 71 18 issue of the a VEREIGN VF SO for ted ita ag d ha ung Head Series! Yo A$ rs yea 595 ny mint for ma With the combined US$506 after the Gold Rush Shield/St George began, with Britain mintage just 748,000 finally consenting to coins, the 1872M is the proposal. Striking missing from many Shield and, as here, collections. St George Sovereigns,


595 506


Superb Unc quality! Sovereigns in stock As good – in strictly Unc as the day condition! they were the at k The third and fifth uc str dates of the 1887-93 Melbourne a ve ha Jubilee Sovereign we Mint, of Series respectively, small number distinguished by the 1889M and 1892M memorable portrait Jubilee of Queen Victoria by Sir Joseph Boehm, these key coins are highly sought after when found

in this pristine state of preservation. Defined by natural lustre and sharp detail in the design, either – or both – will make a prestigious, yet surprisingly affordable addition to any collection.

50! SAVE A$


695 each 591 each


Buy the pair for A$1,340

Proclamat Great Britain’s premier gold coin before replaced by , the sovereign in 1817 the Spade Guinea ing represents a compell a’s reflection of Australi colonial past. Struck only from 1787 – the year the First Fleet departed from Portsmouth in England rney on its 12,000 mile jou ern uth so w ne n’s tai Bri to , 99 17 til un – possession a ine Gu e ad Sp the circulated extensively in the early days of

e d a r g y n a in le b a ir Des

With low mintages, and higher circulation rates than the full Sovereign, Australian Half Sovereigns are scarce and desirable in any grade. A prestigious acquisition, this set features the final three Half Sovereign types struck on Australian shores!

and most Half Comprising an Sovereigns falling example of each tim to the Half Sovereign type vic lting pot, me , 18 from 1893 to 19 se types the nts Mi d an dates toughare s of our choice, thi d in fin ton tio llec co superb nice h suc features the ition. nd co n ee Qu 00 -19 1893 Victoria Veiled 1893-1918 AUSTRALIAN Head in VF, the VEREIGN 1902-10 Edward VII HALF SOTY PE SET OIN 3-C the d an in VF VF-aUnc V e 1911-18 Georg A$ 935 in EF-aUnc. With US$795 mintages on average just 10% See Order Form for individual prices of the Sovereign,

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 12

Extremely scarce… worldwide, we Among the lowest recently secured of mintage dates a small batch of Australia’s Young s, this undeniably Head Sovereign Serie s important Sydney with the Sydney Mint’ Mint issue – with combined 1879 St each historic, George and Shield 22-carat gold ue Sovereign iss coin available er concluding at just ov in pleasing S 79 18 the 1.3m coins, Very Fine St George Sovereign condition. e arc sc is extremely today. Notable as one of the 1879S highest cataloguing YOUNG HEAD -87 71 18 the of dates ST GEORGE e Young Head St Georg SOVEREIGN VF A$ series, and naturally 575 hotly pursued by US$489 sovereign collectors

mintage of just 1m – The first in a shortthe lowest mintage lived series, issued Sydney Mint only from 1887 until Jubilee date, e rat leb 1893 to ce and the the 50th anniversary second of of the reign lowest Queen Victoria, mintage nt rta po this im Jubilee ue Sydney Mint iss date the g on is am overall. most sought Excellent an ali str Au after value-forJubilee money in s. gn rei Sove Very Fine as Graced with the here. unique, distinctive portrait of the Queen, ss 1887S JUBILEE united with the timele SOVEREIGN VF St i’s cc tru beauty of Pis A$ 545 George & the Dragon US$ S 87 464 design, the 18 a d ha n eig ver So e Jubile

Drawing a veil…

ion Gold! the colony. A natural inclusion in Australia’s first currency system, the Spade was given one of the highest values of Governor King’s Currency , Proclamation of 1800 . 2/£1 at d value A coin of great beauty, the 1787-99 Spade Guinea is scarce in decent grade – and yet le is surprisingly affordab for such an important, authentic piece of Australian history. We have eight coins


The first Jubilee Sovere

available in strong VF quality – date of our choice. GB 1787-99 SPADE GUINEA VF A$

995 845


First from Perth! after Struck just three years mint new Western Australia’s 1902P opened its doors, the VII was the first Edward the sovereign issued by Perth Mint. A valuable de, acquisition in any gra coin in we have this historic quality! Brilliant Uncirculated est Also notable as the low rd VII wa Ed nt Mi rth Pe ge minta st he hig the d sovereign, an cataloguing Edward VII y mint, sovereign issued by an date key s thi s, de gra all s acros t en ific gn ma h is scarce in suc d she mi ble Un y. alit qu 1902P ed by examples, distinguish SOVEREIGN BU rp sha A$ full mint bloom and a 995 will be strike, our small stock US$845 snapped up in days.

An early date from the last sovereign series issued for Queen Victoria, we have just secured a small batch of the 1894S Veiled Head Sovereign in pristine Unc quality! Issued from 1893 to 1901, the final Queen Victoria sovereign type bears one of the most distinguished portraits in Commonwealth numismatic history. Uniting the Veiled Head obverse with the captivating St

George reverse, the 1894S Sovereign is truly beautiful when found in the flawless state of preservation seen here. Remarkable value for such a magnificent, historic example of the Empire’s premier gold coin. 1894S VEILED HEAD SOVEREIGN Unc A$

650 553


Scarce in Unc as here… With gold still used as circulating currency in the days before the global monetary collapse engendered by WWI, Edward VII sovereigns were subject to comparatively heavy circulation rates. With mintages low, the day-to-day use of these coins means that all preWWI Sovereigns are scarce in premium grade – as presented here.

Typical of the sovereigns of the era, the 1907S Sovereign had a low mintage of just 2.539m, with only a very small percentage remaining in pristine, mint state condition. A wonderful opportunity, we have the 1907S in sparkling Uncirculated quality!


595 506


Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 13

1943D & 1944S 3d Pair Unc A$ ■ ■ ■

35 US$30

Struck at Denver and San Francisco Mints as US assisted WWII coin production Coins with a fascinating tale to tell, both wartime issues are in glowing Unc quality An affordable opportunity – SAVE A$16 OFF the current catalogue value

1954 & 1958 6d Pair Unc

1948-50 3d Set Unc-BU A$ ■

■ ■




Comprises last 3d with Ind:Imp in legend (1948) and first two dates following change to inscription – 1949 & 1950 A fine acquisition in superior grade, the trio is available in Unc to BU quality An historic set, and very affordable at A$10 OFF today’s catalogue value

A$ ■ ■

2590 US$23

Including Melbourne Mint’s 1954 6d and 1956 6d in Unc quality! The 2nd of only two 6d dates missing ‘F:D:’ (Defender of the Faith) from legend, the 1954 date is the 2nd lowest mintage Elizabeth II 6d Bargain! SAVE A$10 OFF catalogue value for the pair in Unc!

1955-57 3d Trio Choice BU A$ ■

■ ■

1957 Shilling Choice BU

89 US$76

The first three Elizabeth II 3d with F:D: (Defender of the Faith) after this element omitted from 1953-54 3d legend Taken from original Melbourne Mint rolls and defined by Choice BU quality Sensational value-for-money given the quality – SAVE A$30 OFF catalogue price!

A$ ■ ■ ■

1958 Florin Choice BU

3495 US$30

Stunning examples of Australia’s Ram’s Head 1/- – struck at the Melbourne Mint Secured from an original Mint Roll – each coin in lustrous Choice BU condition Quality and value unite! SAVE A$10 OFF the current catalogue price in BU!

A$ ■ ■ ■

49 US$42

Among the most sought after Elizabeth II florin dates – taken from a Mint Roll! Third lowest mintage florin issue from 1943 to the end of the series in 1963 Defined by exquisite Choice BU quality – and now A$11 OFF catalogue value!

1960-64 3d Set Unc 1960-64 1/2d Set Unc A$ ■ ■ ■

1960-64 1d Set Unc

2695 US$23

Includes last five Australian halfpenny dates – 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963 and 1964 Struck at the Perth Mint, and clearly stashed away at the time of issue At A$10 below catalogue value, you pay just over A$5 per strictly Unc coin!


■ ■ ■

US$ 68 58 The perfect partner for the 1/2d set at left – Australia’s final five penny dates As good as the day it was struck, each coin is in superb Unc condition Including scarce 1960 & 1961 1d, the set is top value at A$15 OFF catalogue value

A$ ■ ■ ■

2480 US$22

The curtain falls – the last five 3d dates struck during the predecimal era Struck at the Melbourne Mint, all five coins are in flawless Uncirculated condition An affordable predecimal era keepsake – available at NEARLY 25% OFF catalogue value!

1961-63 6d Set Unc 1960-63 1/- Set Unc


2390 US$21

Final three dates of the Coat of Arms 6d – longest running Australian coin type ■ Comprising 1961, 1962 and ‘last issue’ 1963 dates – 1961 6d considered scarce ■ Struck at the Melbourne Mint, the Unc silver trio is A$8 BELOW CATALOGUE VALUE Buy all

39 US$34

■ ■ ■

Key dates – the final four shillings of Australia’s first national currency system Perfectly preserved, each Ram’s Head shilling is in strictly Uncirculated condition Very affordable in this grade – never more so than now! SAVE A$15 on the set!

37 coins & SAVE A$180! A$

A$ ■ ■ ■

97 US$83

The last of their kind – Australia’s final four silver Florin dates Premium grade examples, each coin is presented in immaculate Unc condition Swinging Sixties Silver Savings! Current market price SLASHED BY A$20!

North America Toll free 1877 897 7696

561 US$477

1960-63 2/- Set Unc



1922-28 Roaring 20s 1/- Set VG

1899S Sovereign BU A$

795 US$676

■ ■ ■

Stunning, original examples of the 1899S Gold Sovereign – glorious BU quality From an original Mint Bag – lovely full mint bloom and surprisingly few bag marks Rare chance to secure a Sydney Mint Queen Victoria Veiled Head sovereign in such a splendid state of preservation

A$ ■

■ ■

67 US$57

Features all six dates from 1922 to 1928 – the last 1/- struck until 1931 due to the Depression Headlined by low mintage, scarce 1924 & 1928 1/- – plus 1925/23 Overdate! In Very Good condition and an affordable acquisition at just over A$11 per coin

1933-36 Florin Set VG-Fine A$ ■

■ ■

79 US$68

Last four George V florin dates – issued as Australia emerged from the Great Depression Headlined by scarce, key date 1933 Florin in VG – 2nd lowest mintage florin! Also features the 1934, low-mintage 1935 and ‘last issue’ 1936 florins in Fine

1968 1c & 2c Pair BU A$

■ ■ ■

US$ 124 106 A complete WWII-era set, featuring all eight florin dates issued in the 1940s Includes 1940 and scarce 1945 in VF, with 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1946 & 1947 in EF Struck at the Melbourne Mint, this premium grade set is A$30 OFF catalogue value!

124 US$106

■ ■

1942 £1 Armitage/McFarlane VF A$ ■ ■ ■

Includes Perth Mint 1968 2c and last date of any denomination struck at Melbourne Mint – the 1968 1c Key coins – the highest cataloguing dates of their respective denominations Stunning Brilliant Uncirculated quality! Straight from original Mint rolls!

895 US$761

■ ■

An affordable opportunity to secure an example of Australia’s long-gone $2 note Superb quality, each note is available in flawless Uncirculated condition A must-have at just A$25 apiece – SAVE A$10 OFF current catalogue value! Also available in Consecutive Pairs! A$50 US$44

■ ■

■ ■

1974 Phillips/ Wheeler $5 Australia Unc A$ ■

Key early decimal dates, this pair was rarely set aside at the time of issue Scarce in premium grade, with 1972 (tiny mintage 5.5m) especially hard-to-find Wonderful opportunity to secure these crucial dates in strictly Uncirculated quality

1960 £10 Coombs/Wilson Reserve Bank VF ■ ■

US$ 295 251 Australia’s very last £10 note, issued under Reserve Bank from 1960 to 1965 The highest issued predecimal denomination – seldom set aside at time of issue Consequently scarce in premium grade, we have this key issue in VF quality

1976 $10 Knight/ Wheeler Centre Unc

195 US$166

First $5 with ‘AUSTRALIA’ banner – scarce type, always popular with collectors ■ Key part of every decimal collection, especially in superb Unc quality as here ■ Don’t miss this super bargain! SAVE A MASSIVE A$90 OFF catalogue value! Grab the chance to secure a Consecutive Pair! A$390 US$332

98 US$84


The short-lived, penultimate £10 issue of the George VI era – genuinely scarce A very pretty note in this quality, this key high denomination type is graded VF Rising in value from A$200 (1999) to current price of A$1,050 – SAVE A$155!

A$ ■


1979 $2 Knight/Stone Unc

25 US$22


1949 £10 Coombs/Watt VF

95 US$81

Issued from 1942 to 1949 during the second George VI signature combination A highly symbolic keepsake of the WWII era – in attractive Very Fine condition A sensational bargain, the market price has been slashed by 36%! SAVE A$55!

1971 & 1972 50c Pair Unc


1940-47 Florin Set VF-EF


180 US$153

First Knight/Wheeler $10 type, distinguished by scarce central position of security thread ■ Pristine examples, this distinctive type is available in strictly Uncirculated quality ■ Sensational value! Save a whopping A$100 OFF current catalogue price! Also available in Consecutive Pairs! A$360 US$306

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 15

! T U O D L O S y d a e r l A

Heaven Scent! we have been able A godsend for the to secure just a small collector seeking allocation of the a truly unique Palau 2010 $5 Scent addition to his or of Paradise Sea her collection, this Breeze Silver BU – ‘rub-and-sniff’ coin but our stocks won’t is unparalleled. last for long. Rub the stunning full-colour design A unique collector of this unique acquisition, and a precious metal coin, most unusual gift, and the refreshing, each 38.61mm legal unmistakable aroma tender $5 coin is of the ocean is crafted from 25g released! of sterling silver, and is presented A remarkable within a plush case innovation in the with a Certificate of field of numismatics, Authenticity. demand for this genuinely groundbreaking coin is guaranteed to be huge. Indeed, like so many surfers over the years, the mintage US$ 78 of just 2,500 is sure to be wiped out! PALAU 2010 $5 SCENT OF PARADISE SEA Likely to be your only BREEZE SILVER BU chance to experience Limit one per household this radical concept,



Notwithstanding the Defined by the speed at which the presence of a 2,500-coin mintage GENUINE pearl was exhausted, we embedded in the acted quickly to make reverse, the 2010 sure we secured $5 Pearl of the Sea an allocation of the Silver Proof triggered Palau 2010 $5 Pearl rampant demand. of the Sea Silver Indeed, mirroring the Proof. Crafted to the s es cc su outstanding highest quality from of its predecessors, 25g of sterling silver – with each Pearl contrasting beautifully e Silver Proof from with the authentic blu 2005 to 2009 sold pearl – each r ate shw fre out, the mintage crown-sized of this unique 38.61mm precious metal Proof en be has already t! completely wiped ou

coin is presented within a plush case, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the worldwide edition.





L PALAU 2010 $5 PEAR OF THE SEA SILVER PROOF Limit one per household

Just 2,500 struck!

Sure to appeal to the thousands of collecto rs enchanted by the sensational Australian Sealife Series, we are delighted to have se cured an allocation of the 20 10 $1 Marine Life Turtle Silver Proof! Beautifully enhanced with full-colour, as with its Sealife counterpart, this spark ling precious metal Proof carries a striking desig n of one of Tuvalu’s mo st endangered inhabitants – the Hawksbill Turtle . Superbly accommodate d by the broad, crownsized 38.61mm flan of this official legal tende r release, the vivid use of full-colour technology

makes for a truly enchanting collector co in. Surprisingly, given the current demand for full-colour coinage, the mintage of the 2010 $1 Marine Life Turtle Silver Proof is tiny. Ensuring a sellout, just 2,500 coins ha ve been struck – each ho used in a plush case with a Certificate of Authenti city.




69 95


North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 16

Combining cutting-edge technology with exquisite craftsmanship, the Austrian Mint is one of the most inventive, most inspiring coin producers in numismatics. Vivid testimony to its pursuit of innovative, interesting coinage, the Mint’s use of the rare metal Niobium has captured the imagination of the global collector community.

The latest in Austria’s Silver Niobium Series!

Discovered in the 19th century, and named after Niobe, of Greek mythology, niobium is perfect for a wide variety of commercial applications, being used in medical, electronic, building and nuclear industries. Changing colour in response to the application of heat, the use of pure 99.8% niobium in the production of coinage has enabled the Mint to create an eyecatching array of legal tender commemoratives. Proud to be associated with the Mint through our role as official distributor, we are delighted to present this vibrant array of limited edition Silver & Niobium coins.

is highlighted by the complex designs of this unique legal tender type. Those designs look absolutely stunning struck upon a 34mm flan uniting a 9g ring of 90% silver and a brilliant blue 6.5g core of pure 99.8% niobium. Like each issue in this inspiring series, this unique 16.5g 25€ coin is set in an official case with a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the mintage of 65,000.

A spectacular example of the genuine originality and great beauty of the coinage of the Austrian Mint, and the latest in one of the world’s hottest collector programs, we are delighted to unveil the new release in the Silver Niobium Bimetal Series! A must-have for series collectors, and sure to be targeted by those seeking a unique addition to his or her collection, the 2010 25€ Silver/ Niobium BU coin is devoted to the subject of renewable energy. A hot topic in an age of greater global awareness of environmental responsibility, and dwindling resources, the importance of clean, efficient renewable energy










Pursued by collectors across the world, this early issue in the Silver/Niobium bimetal series celebrates the importance of satellite navigation technology in Europe.

A striking exploration of the history of Austrian aviation, the rich blue niobium core of this limited edition bimetal 25€ makes for a highly distinctive collector coin.

Instantly catching the eye, the Austrian Mint’s use of bright green niobium created tremendous demand for this tribute to mankind’s eternal fascination with light.

Featuring a heart of bright golden niobium, surrounded by 90% silver, this stunning 25€ was among the most spectacular International Year of Astronomy tributes.






99 6950




99 6950





99 6950




Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 17

99 6950


The 1910-63 Threepence & Sixpence Collection COMPLETE! A mouth-watering opportunity, we can now offer you the chance to secure the complete Australian 1910-64 Silver Threepence & Sixpence Collection. Rarely offered as a complete collection, with so many silver coins lost to the melting pot in the wake of soaring silver prices, a significant purchase from a long-time collector means that we now have an incredible twenty-one 3d & 6d sets in stock. Each of those collections is complete, with every standard date and type

represented, barring the ultra-rare 1922/21 3d Overdate. Comprising 100 coins, grading from Good to strictly Uncirculated, each set is distinguished by the presence of some of the key issues of the 1910-64 predecimal series. In any grade, the 1915 3d is a crucial acquisition, with the mintage of just 800,000 ensuring that it is missing from most

collections. Highly desirable 3d dates such as the first year of issue 1910, 1914 and low-mintage 1923 (just 815,000 struck!) are also included, along with the Melbourne Mint’s 1942 issue – the lowest mintage 3d in the 1910-64 series with just 528,000 struck. When you take into account the inclusion of the rare, sought after 1918M 6d (mintage just 915,000), scarce, low-

mintage 1922 and 1924 6d, scarce George VI 1939 and 1952 issues and Elizabeth II firstyear 1953 date, then the importance of this opportunity becomes clear. An attractive proposition at any time, the chance to instantly create an all-encompassing 3d & 6d collection in one hit is irresistible at this price.

Comprehensive, with all standard issued dates and types included In generally excellent condition, the coins range in grade from Good to Unc Presented in a Dansco Supreme Album – valued at A$49.50 but yours for FREE!





1910-64 COMPLETE 3d & 6d COLLECTION Good-Unc



TELEPHONE Monday to Friday from 8am-5pm TOLL FREE

1300 788 358 (Melbourne Callers: 8456 8456)

MAIL PO Box 888, Abbotsford, 3067


(03) 8456 8401 BY EMAIL

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The 1966-2006 1c & 2c Collection COMPLETE! A rare opportunity at a rare price, we have the entire Australian copper 1c and 2c collection from 1966 to 2006 in stock – with every coin in pristine Unc condition! Always popular with collectors, the 1c & 2c series is perhaps the most difficult decimal collection to assemble – largely due to the passage of time and the ultimate withdrawal of the denominations from circulating currency. Many of the early decimal issues are tough-to-find in superior Unc grade, with the 1968 1c and 1968 2c genuinely scarce. Moreover, the series comprises many dates not issued for

circulation. Collectors never had the chance to secure the 1986, 1991 or 2006 1c, nor did they have the opportunity to stash away the 2c coins of 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991 or 2006. With these dates issued in very low numbers, and found only in Mint Sets, they are naturally missing from many collections and rising in value. Presented in Uncirculated quality, every one of these key coins is found in this utterly comprehensive collection! All fifty-four 1c and 2c dates issued from the start of decimal currency until today are set within a stylish, sturdy Dansco Supreme Album – valued at

A$49.50 but yours for FREE!





1966-2006 1c & 2c COLLECTION (54 coins) UNC

Includes scarce 1968 2c plus seven dates not issued for circulation – including only 1c and 2c with Rank-Broadley portrait of Elizabeth II!

And every 5c and 10c as well! The perfect partner to the classic copper collection above, we also have a small number of utterly complete 5c & 10c sets. As with the 1c and 2c series, the 5c and 10c series is littered with dates that are genuinely tough-to-find in better grade. Naturally drawn to commemorative issues, people tend to neglect traditional decimal coins, with few stashed away at the time of issue. Nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than with the 5c and 10c

denominations, with early dates particularly scarce in the strictly Uncirculated condition that underpins this stunning collection. More importantly, six dates in the 5c and 10c series were never issued for circulation, and cannot be found in change. Found only in RAM sets, and therefore struck in tiny numbers, the 1985 5c (valued at A$30), 1986 5c (A$7), 1985 10c (A$10), 1986 10c (A$10), 1995 10c (A$25) and 1996 10c FREE Dansco Supreme Albums valued at A$49.50 each

(A$40) are all highly sought after and rising in market price. Given the combination of scarce early dates and ‘not-issued-forcirculation’ dates, it is impossible to assemble a complete 5c and 10c collection in Unc quality – unless you talk to Downies! We have just eight sets in stock.





1966-2007 5c & 10c COLLECTION (84 coins) UNC

Headlined by the scarce 1972 5c and 10c, valued at A$35 and A$20 respectively, this complete set also includes SIX dates not issued for circulation!

Australia Toll free 1300 788 358 19

The Silver Crowns of 2010! When you consider the imposing dimensions, pure precious metal, exceptional value, fascinating variety and government-backed legal tender status, it’s not hard to see why the Silver Crown is among the most collected types in numismatics.

Whilst always popular, Silver Crowns have never been in greater demand than right now. The financial crisis has inspired many to seek out tangible assets such as silver, with the complete sell-out of the 100,000-coin mintage of Britain’s 2009 £2 Silver

Britannia and 600,000-coin mintage of China’s Panda indicative of the recent surge in interest in all precious metal issues. Acting quickly to ensure our clients got a piece of the action in 2010, we have secured stocks of each of

GB 2010 £2 Britannia A$

Mexico 2010 Libertad

42 US$35


■ Carries a new,

unique design, bearing a serene but strong portrait of this Ancient British icon ■ Struck to Uncirculated standard by Britain’s Royal Mint ■ 40mm in diameter and comprised of 1oz pure silver



40mm tribute to this magnificent African beast – crafted to BU standard ■ Official legal tender – comprising 1oz of .999 silver ■ Key part of every crown collection

95 US$


Fiji 2010 Turtle $2 A$

3750 US$ 3195


■ Crafted to BU quality from 1oz of pure, .999 silver – measures 40mm ■ Honouring the native icon, the turtle – a creature with a long association with Fijian currency ■ A new addition to this key collector field

collected 1oz coin – struck from .999 fine silver to BU quality ■ Unites the powerful Eagle reverse with the graceful Walking Liberty design ■ An official US Mint issue, the 40mm Silver Eagle is legal tender of $1

Austria 2010 1.5€ Philharmonic A$

3295 US$24

Australia 2010 Koala $1 A$

3295 US$24

■ A stunning

■ The third issue

in the world’s first silver bullion series denominated in Euros ■ Carries the Philharmonic design, so well known from Austria’s gold series ■ Measuring 37mm, each coin is struck from 1oz of .999 silver

SAVE A$26!

3795 US$28

■ A one-year-only legal tender tribute to the rare, worldrenowned Panda ■ Among the world’s most popular Crowns, each BU coin measures 40mm ■ Struck from an ounce of pure .999 silver – must-have collector piece

■ World’s most

38 US$33

■ A striking


USA 2010 Eagle $1

■ Canada’s most recognisable symbol of national identity – the Maple Leaf ■ 38mm in diameter and crafted to .9999 purity – the world’s purest silver coin ■ Legal tender, each 1oz $5 struck to flawless Royal Canadian Mint BU quality

Somalia 2010 Elephant 100S

36 US$27

a beautifully balanced design – one of the world’s most desirable silver coins ■ Struck to flawless Brilliant Uncirculated quality from 1oz .999 fine silver ■ An affordable – and an essential – addition to every Silver Crown collection

3395 US$25

the Turtle Silver 1oz from Fiji! Defined by tremendous affordability, this ever-popular area of numismatics is within the grasp of all collectors. Great value individually, buy all nine coins and SAVE A$26!

China 2010 Panda 10Y

■ Graced with

Canada 2010 Maple $5 A$

the key Silver Crowns from around the globe. Featuring a wonderful range of new designs, this sensational selection features the most important releases of the field, including issues from Australia, the US, Canada and China, plus a brand new Silver Crown type –

tribute to Australia’s cuddliest bush icon – struck by the Perth Mint ■ Crafted to immaculate Specimen quality from a troy ounce of .999 fine silver ■ A genuine Australian $1 coin (40.6mm) graced with a one-year-only design

Buy all nine for A$29925 US$233

North America Toll free 1 877 897 7696 20

Downies Money - April 2010  

Downies Money - April 2010 Edition