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Introduction The pursuit of excellence is at the heart of the education that we offer at Downe House. A fundamental part of that is recognising and supporting girls who have particular gifts and talents. Downe House offers Scholarships to girls with exceptional academic potential as well as excellent potential and ability in Music, Art, Drama or Sport. There is also a Headmistress’s Award for girls who have the capacity to make an outstanding all-round contribution to the School community. Candidates will usually have a track record which shows high levels of commitment, engagement and, of course, ability in their chosen areas. Our Scholars and Exhibitioners play a key part in the life of the School. They encourage and inspire others and, as well as expecting to see high levels of self-motivation, we recognise how important it is to nurture their talents. An Award Holder will therefore have a Tutor/Mentor to guide her and support her to reach her potential. She will also have access to a range of relevant specialist activities to ensure she remains stimulated. I hope that you will find all the information you require readily to hand in this booklet about our Awards but please do not hesitate to ask if anything remains unclear.

Mrs Emma McKendrick Headmistress

an adventure in education

Stretching and challenging the most able The Heads of Section have the great pleasure of working closely with the Scholars, Exhibitioners, Award Holders and the Outstandingly Able to help them feel at ease and to work at levels that satisfy them. The Heads of Section and Tutors, along with a dedicated Coordinator for the Outstandingly Able, work together to ensure that all academic and pastoral staff understand each pupil’s individual abilities, talents, aspirations and personal interests so that they can be guided, gently, to take up opportunities that will allow them to stretch above and beyond the curriculum. At different times throughout the academic year, we offer these girls the opportunity to meet together for discussions and dinners, to attend lectures, to host visitors from other schools and to go on special trips which have the specific purpose of stretching them either in a particular area or in a more general way. With the help of colleagues, we seek to give these girls perspectives and insights that challenge and inspire them. We will always encourage them to share their knowledge and interests and to inspire others. Our door is always open to girls who may feel that they would benefit from mentoring, or, who just wish to have a member of the teaching staff sharing a triumph, a disappointment, a personal story or an aspiration.


Scholarships Overview We encourage and welcome Scholarship applications from girls registered to join Downe House in line with general entry. We also award Scholarships at 16+ for outstanding candidates in Academic studies, Art, Drama, Music and Sports. For a guide to our Awards see the table below. For more specific information about eligibility, the application procedure and the duties of Award Holders, please ask for a copy of our information booklets for the relevant subject area/s by emailing Miss Angela Nutt, Registrar:

Scholarship subject areas

Age categories for applicants


11+, 12+, 13+, 16+


11+, 12+, 13+, 16+


13+, 16+


11+, 12+, 13+, 16+


11+, 13+, 16+

Multiple Award Applicants From time to time, candidates may wish to be assessed across a number of areas, for example, Academic, Music and Sport. If a candidate is successful in two or more areas she will be requested to choose one area where she will follow a full Scholars’ Programme. Her programme of commitments will then be reduced in the other areas so as to ensure that she does not become overwhelmed or spread herself too thinly. A girl who wins an Academic Scholarship and a Scholarship in Music and Art and elects to focus on the Academic Award will follow a full Academic Scholars’ Programme and a Minor Scholars’ Programme for Music and Art. A maximum of three awards will be given to any one candidate.

“Pupils approach their academic and other challenges spiritedly and with a sense of adventure.” Independent Schools Inspectorate report, March 2017

Academic Awards The Downe House 11+, 12+ and 13+ Academic Scholarships are awarded on the results of examinations and interviews with the Headmistress, Head of Lower School/Upper School and other relevant members of staff, which are held each year in January. In addition to these major awards, Exhibitions are also awarded in each age group. Further minor awards for excellence in specific fields may be made if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves. Awards (Scholarships and Exhibitions) are also available for entry to the Sixth Form.


an adventure in education

Headmistress’s Awards There is also a Headmistress’s Award which recognises an outstanding all-round performer at Common Entrance.

our scholarships programme


Araminta Plumstead, Upper Fourth When I received this Scholarship, I was so exhilarated and now that I am here at Downe, it entails much more than I imagined. The unique educational environment here has helped to advance my learning skills and made me capable of far more than I thought possible at first, not only in my studies, but on the sports field as well. It has developed my resilience, and enabled me to balance several commitments at once, whilst also becoming more independent in coping with all facets of School life. As an Academic Scholar, there is inevitably a great deal of expectation and pressure, but if Downe House has taught me anything, then it is to go the extra mile and surprise people! It has opened many new doors of exploration for me and given me a passion to learn. Teachers are on hand to guide my educational adventure and support my choices. My favourite aspects of the Scholarship are the extracurricular opportunities, such as debates and the Downe House journal. The fantastic teaching staff are the building blocks, as they always motivate us to be the best that we can be, and never cease to encourage us to aim for the stars. The lessons inspire me to do a little extra and research a subject in more detail. The Downe House Scholars’ Programme stretches me to discover my potential. The teachers nurture my progress, help me to look outward to my future in the world outside School and to learn to teach others, and support them as our teachers have supported us. Therefore, to be a Scholar is more than wearing an impressive badge; it is a privilege and great honour, with many responsibilities. As Malcolm X once stated, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.� Being a Scholar at Downe House prepares me for what I may face tomorrow, today.


an adventure in education

academic scholar

Antonia McClintock, Lower Fourth

Daisy Williams, Upper Fourth

I have been a Headmistress’s Scholar since I joined Downe House in the Remove. It is a great honour to have been the recipient of this award, but there is also a sense of responsibility that comes with it. When I received the award I felt extremely proud and it made coming to Downe House for the first time a little less daunting!

When I received my Scholarship, not only was I excited, but also nervous. However, this feeling was immediately erased when I arrived at School. My Tutor and my Housemistresses have encouraged and helped me sign up for extra-curricular opportunities, such as career talks, presentations on current affairs and subjects of interest.

Since joining, I have embraced the many opportunities that Downe has to offer and participated in many extra-curricular activities, such as ballet and all of the weekend activities, including the residential trip to Calshot Activities Centre! I have also attended enrichment lectures given by young, inspirational women such as Molly Hughes who became the first European woman to climb Mount Everest from both sides, and Belinda Kirk who, along with three others, was part of the first all-female team to row around the UK. It was a privilege to attend these lectures, as they were not open to our year. They both told incredible, inspirational stories and I came away feeling motivated to make the most of all the experiences on offer here at Downe House. Being a Headmistress’s Scholar has already given me many opportunities that I would not have otherwise had and I hope that these opportunities continue through the coming years as I take my GCSEs and A Levels, so that I can achieve my very best.

The number of clubs and activities available to Scholars, and also other pupils at Downe, is truly extraordinary. Over my three years here I have made the most of clubs such as cookery, wall climbing, art and pottery. Currently I am participating in hip-hop and a special House book club. I also take singing and oboe lessons, which I enjoy immensely and are a great escape from the busy academic life at Downe. I also highly recommend Speech and Drama, which is a fabulous activity for those interested in the arts. The academic life here is brought to life by amazing teachers who provide countless chances for success. Overall, my Headmistress’s Scholarship has made my time here at Downe House extremely fulfilling. By Daisy Williams

By Antonia McClintock

headmistre�’s scholars



‘Artwork of high quality adorns the sch�l.’

Independent Schools Inspectorate, March 2017


an adventure in education


Art at Downe House If you want to find creativity at Downe House you will find it in the Art Department. You will find it in the Remove (Year 7) who shouts in delight as she produces a wax crayon rubbing. You will find it in the Upper Fourth (Year 9) as she realises that art is a means of expressing all her ideas and emotions, and you will find it in the Lower Sixth (Year 12) as she learns how to control a paintbrush to apply oil paint. But most of all you will find it in the Art Department staff. The Art Department teachers are all subject specialists with a high level of commitment and dedication. They work extremely hard to produce contemporary schemes of work to inspire the pupils, and the presentation of work is considered to be very important. The Art Department facilities consist of three art studios, a pottery, a photography studio, darkroom and an Art History suite. All pupils study Art for the first three years. Pupils may then opt to pursue Fine Art at GCSE Level, AS and A Level. Art History is offered as a Pre-U subject in the Sixth Form. Photography is offered as an AS and A Level option in the Sixth Form and pupils work in dedicated studios with lighting and ICT equipment. Pupils have the opportunity to work in a wide range of media often on a large scale. Paintings are produced in acrylic, watercolour and oil paint. Ideas are developed from a variety of sources and pupils are encouraged to use personal experiences to inform their work. The art produced is imaginative and ambitious and the subject matter is both abstract and figurative. Printmaking, collage, silk painting and three-dimensional work are all embraced with enthusiasm. Gallery visits and workshops enable pupils to appreciate work from first-hand experience and pupils are encouraged to collect information about art movements and exhibitions. The Sixth Form girls benefit from life drawing classes and cross-curricular workshops with the Photography and Art History students. Our pupils have been accepted onto Foundation courses at many different art colleges including Brookes, Farnham and Parsons (New York). They have also gained places onto direct entry Art degree courses at Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle and the Ruskin School in Oxford.


Art Scholarships and Exhibitions are valid in the fi rst instance up to the end of GCSEs providing the Award Holder maintains a suitable standard of endeavour and fulfi ls the duties required of an Art Award Holder. Awards are then reassessed at this stage for entry to the Sixth Form to ensure Art still plays a central part in the life of an Award Holder.

art scholar 8

an adventure in education

staff team Art Scholar Emma Bracken, Lower Fifth Being an Art Scholar at Downe House has been such a privilege. It has given me so many opportunities to improve my skills and my confidence in the subject. I have also loved being able to attend the Art Club every week where I can put all my academic work to one side and focus on my art. I love experimenting with different materials and we are always being encouraged to try new things even if they turn out a little different from expected. Individuality is at the heart of the Downe House Art Department. We have the opportunity to explore printing techniques, collage, ceramics, silk painting and different types of drawing in the light and airy art rooms. At the moment, I am preparing for my Art GCSE and I am finding it extremely interesting and creative. I really love the freedom of being as imaginative as I want in my sketchbook and I always look forward to my hours spent working on it in the evening. Despite the amount of work we have to produce, everyone who is studying Art GCSE in my year absolutely loves it. One of the best things about being an Art Scholar is that we are able to visit many art exhibitions and are encouraged to take advantage of all the art lectures provided by the School. Last year in the Summer Term, we all went on a trip to New Greenham Arts, the studio space of the Corn Exchange Theatre in Newbury. It houses an auditorium, a gallery, ten resident artists’ studios and a studio space for workshops. It was a day filled with debates, tours of the studios and a live performance from a theatre company rehearsing for an Arts Festival. On this trip, we explored the idea of how the human body has been used in contemporary art, the role of women in paintings and how to portray a message through an art installation. I loved the day we spent there and I left feeling very inspired.

Mrs Sally Scott Head of Department Sally obtained a BA in Fashion and Textiles and a PGCE, both at the University of Central England in Birmingham. She was appointed in 1985 and promoted to become Head of Department in 1988. She has led the Department through four inspections with energy and enthusiasm and was promoted to Head of Faculty in 2004. She has developed the Fine Art GCSE, AS and A Level courses to produce outstanding results. Her particular interest is in mixed media work and she has introduced silk painting and collage throughout the School. She now teaches mainly examination classes and is responsible for the Contextual Studies element of the A2 course.

Mrs Kirtsten Mortimer Art Teacher Kirsten has a BA in Fine Art Painting (Brighton), an MA in Fine Art Print Making (Camberwell) and a PGCE (Plymouth). Kirsten was appointed in 2002 and has extensive knowledge and interest in print-making and has improved the standard of print-making within the department. Through her efforts, printmaking has now become an integral part of the Art curriculum throughout the School. Kirsten worked at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth for two years as a scenic painter and prop maker, she taught for three years in Cornwall and is still a practising artist. She has exhibited at various shows in London and the South West. There are three other members of the Department teaching Pottery, History of Art and Photography. There is also a part-time technician.


drama We are proud of the strong history of old girls forging successful careers in the Performing Arts industries; whether they be on stage, in front of a camera, producing, writing, directing or in the many production roles behind the scenes.


an adventure in education


Drama at Downe House Drama is important in the lives of the girls at Downe House. There is enormous enthusiasm for the subject and excellent standards are achieved at all levels. Facilities are continually expanding to enable the girls to gain an increasingly rich variety of experience and the opportunity to develop not only their own skills in performance, creativity and craftsmanship, but also their critical and appreciative faculties as members of an audience. We are fortunate to be housed in the School’s impressive Performing Arts Centre. Girls have the opportunity to work in a professionally equipped modern theatre and two purpose-built drama studios – rehearsing, performing in and/or directing the frequent productions, performances, festivals and assessments. They are also able to learn, hands-on, the technical aspects of theatre such as sound and lighting, stage management, costume and stage design. Drama forms part of the curriculum for the Lower School, and is a very popular subject at GCSE, AS and A Level. In addition girls may take private Speech and Drama lessons and are prepared for Trinity Guildhall examinations and RADA Shakespeare Awards. We have students gaining places in the National Youth Theatre as well as progressing to study the subject at degree level, either at university or drama school.

Speech and Drama Speech and Drama is an extremely popular extracurricular subject, with around 300 girls each year choosing to take lessons. In the Upper School, girls may choose the subject that best suits their interests. Lessons are available in Speech and Drama, Musical Theatre or Communications Skills. The majority of girls choose to take an examination at some stage during the year. Whilst examinations are always optional, many girls enjoy the sense of achievement that gaining the qualification affords them. We follow the Trinity Guildhall syllabus, and offer the RADA Shakespeare Award to girls in the Upper Fifth and Sixth Form. Lessons in Speech and Drama build confidence, develop creativity and expression, encourage co-operation and teamworking skills, and extend oral and dramatic communication. Girls enjoy Speech and Drama lessons for their supportive and non-competitive atmosphere.


Eliza Horn, Lower Sixth One challenge that I have particularly valued as a Drama Scholar was being on the other side of the lights, directing the House Drama production, ‘The Lion King,’ which enabled me to put the ideas and skills I have learnt into practice. The Drama Mentor Scheme has allowed me to enrich my learning by taking part in the Drama Scholars’ workshops, held every other week with mixed year groups. It has been a great way to expand our abilities and potential as actors.

I have been very fortunate to have a Drama Scholarship since I started at Downe House; it has brought me a huge range of opportunities, plus experiences that have really broadened my theatrical skills. I am honoured to have been successful as a Geraldine James Award Holder – this has given me the opportunity to watch many exciting theatre performances and

During my time at Downe I have been able to perform hugely varied roles on stage.

have a Drama Mentor who encourages

On top of all this the Drama Department also offers the opportunity to complete Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama examinations and RADA examinations, so there is never a dull moment!

have also attended workshops, such

and supports me through the year. I as those with the Royal Shakespeare Company and a RADA workshop, which gave me an insight into tackling monologues at fi rst sight.

Jessica Chapman, Lower Fifth Over the last two years I have performed in ‘West Side Story’ and a School musical inspired by Sondheim’s ‘Into the Woods’. This has expanded my physical theatre skills and I learnt puppetry, using my acting skills to give the puppet life and meaning. In this way I have been able to experience a side of Drama that I have not experienced before! As a Drama Scholar I have had the chance to see multiple productions, pre-show workshops and attend ‘Stage Door’ lectures on topics such as drama careers. The Drama GCSE course has given me the chance to explore thought-provoking productions, such as Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers.’ We are also offered Trinity Guildhall Speech and Drama exams and the opportunity to do the RADA Shakespeare Award in the Upper Fifth. We have a great support network around us. We have Drama Scholar meetings every month to expand our knowledge, dissect different scenes from productions and put forward new ideas regarding Drama at Downe. We also have “Scholar Time” where we come together to act, discuss and watch drama. With a combination of support from the Sixth Formers and the Drama teachers, I have been able to expand my knowledge, and explore characterisation skills in order to play multiple roles. I plan on taking A Level Drama, and being a Drama Scholar at Downe has given me many invaluable opportunities to help me on this journey.


an adventure in education

I was awarded a Drama Scholarship at age 13. I was extremely excited, but a little nervous, to have the opportunity to audition and meet fellow drama lovers but I enjoyed the chance to collaborate with other girls on audition day.

staff team Miss Kyia Grandi Acting Director of Performing Arts Kyia completed a BA Hons Italian degree at the University of Bristol before undertaking professional training in Musical Theatre at Guildford School of Acting. After eight years working as a professional actor, she developed her passion for teaching and now teaches curriculum Drama, Musical Theatre, Communication Skills and Speech and Drama at Downe House. She has gained a Masters degree in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Kyia is passionate about the confidence and creativity that the performing arts offer.

drama scholars

Miss Kayleigh Anger Acting Head of Drama (Curriculum) Kayleigh trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she gained BMUs (Hons) in classical vocal studies. After this, she completed her Secondary PGCE in Drama and has been teaching at Downe House for six years. Kayleigh has taught Musical Theatre, Speech and Drama and Curriculum Drama from Remove (Year 7) to Upper Sixth. As a former Housemistress, Kayleigh is particularly interested in the positive pastoral effects of drama and also has a passion for stretching and challenging our Scholars to be the most versatile and curious actors that they can be.

Mrs Rebecca Watson Head of Speech and Drama Rebecca trained at The Arts Educational School, Tring Park and Guildford School of Acting, where she gained a BA (Hons) in Acting. Since graduating in 2004, Rebecca has taught and directed a wide range of age groups and abilities, specialising in the social, emotional and cognitive benefits of the dramatic arts. Rebecca joined Downe House in 2008. She has enjoyed directing several large scale productions over the last three years and is particularly interested in musical theatre and period dramas.




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Music at Downe House Downe House has a thriving Music Department with a strong reputation. The Department is ambitious in its expectations of its students with the aim of providing every girl with the opportunity to thrive musically and ensuring that music is accessible to all pupils. Music is a valued academic and creative subject that is fully inclusive and equips girls with lifelong musical skills. Alongside the Director of Music, Dr Charlotte Exon, and Assistant Director of Music, Mrs Amy McPherson, there are nine other members of full-time music staff and 31 visiting music staff. The Department runs some 600 weekly individual music lessons and the day to day running of these is managed by the Music School Manager. At the heart of the Department are the Concert Room, two class teaching rooms, sixteen practice rooms, a recording studio and a music library. Large-scale concerts take place in the Performing Arts Centre and the Farr Centre, with our Concert Room and the Chapel being used for smaller concerts. Curriculum Music is taught throughout the first three years at Downe House, exploring a wide range of music and introducing key elements of musical style and vocabulary. Music is a popular subject at GCSE with excellent results at A and A*. Equally outstanding are the results achieved by girls who study Music and/or Music Technology at A Level. Many girls go on to study Music at university as well as continuing with vocal and instrumental activities through Higher Education and beyond. The Department runs a very busy and varied Co-Curricular programme of activities. Large instrumental ensembles include Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Sinfonia Strings, Sinfonia Wind and a Big Band. There is a strong choral tradition at Downe House and there are six choirs exploring a variety of repertoire as well as many smaller chamber and vocal ensembles including jazz, pop and rock groups. Our choirs enjoy regular visits to cathedrals including invitations to sing Evensong at Winchester, Gloucester, Chichester and St Paul’s Cathedral, as well as Westminster Abbey. The Department also undertakes music tours with recent destinations including Rome, Venice, Paris, Budapest and Prague. Girls also have the opportunity to participate in the very popular Downe House Young Musician of the Year Competition together with our vibrant ensemble competition Bring the House Downe. Our musicians are regularly represented in the National Youth Choirs, National Youth Choir of Scotland, the National Children’s Orchestra and the Berkshire Youth Orchestra. The Department also has girls who study at the junior departments of the London music colleges. Our Music Award Holders are at the heart of this musical activity. They perform as soloists, in chamber groups and are members of instrumental and vocal ensembles, playing with enthusiasm and displaying musical leadership. Every year a number of girls are awarded Music Scholarships and Exhibitions and go on to play a leading role in the musical life of the School.


Music Scholars receive free tuition in a maximum of two instruments, which may include the voice, up to a maximum of 30 lessons per year for each instrument. Music Exhibitioners receive free tuition in one instrument, up to a maximum of 30 lessons per year. An individually tailored music mentoring and enrichment programme is provided exclusively for all our Music Award Holders to support and nurture their musical development and enrich their experience of music at Downe House.

music scholar 16

an adventure in education

staff team Antonia Holloway, Upper Fourth I was one of the few lucky people to be offered a Music Scholarship at the school of my dreams. Downe House has offered me opportunities far beyond the curriculum. I also participate in extra-curricular activities including orchestras and musical groups and much, much more. The Music Department staff have helped and inspired me inordinately. They have allowed me to try new things, giving me a Mentor to help to strive for the very best including auditioning for the Royal College of Music and the National Youth Orchestra. I love the Music Department at Downe, there is always someone you can trust to help with all musical worries (and even just to share your passion for music with). I’m hoping to take my diploma next year as well as get into the National Youth Orchestra. I know the Department will help me to achieve my best.

Dr Charlotte Exon Director of Music Charlotte Exon is the Director of Music at Downe House, and before taking up this role she was the Director of Music at Westonbirt School. She is passionate about girls’ education, particularly their achievement of musical excellence and has been recognised for her work in music education at the National Education Business Awards. Following the completion of her PhD in Music at the University of Birmingham, she studied for her PGCE at Southampton University before entering the teaching profession. Apart from being an accomplished oboist, she has had extensive conducting experience with numerous orchestral and choral ensembles, taking on conducting positions and engagements both nationally and internationally. Indeed it was under her baton that the second UK performance of Shostakovich’s operetta ‘Cheryomushki’ was performed and brought her to national musical attention: ‘Charlotte Exon conducted … with her usual wit and style. She’s certainly one to watch’ (Opera). As a conductor, she was also a finalist for the Vilar Young Artists Scheme at The Royal Opera House. Furthermore her choral conducting experience has involved preparing choirs for a range of exciting choral experiences from cathedral work to festival and competition work. As an experienced and dynamic musician, Charlotte is also in much demand as an adjudicator for music competitions. However, it is in teaching that she brings together her diverse musical skills with an inspiring vision that enables and empowers others to experience and enjoy the vibrant and kaleidoscopic world of music.

Mrs Amy McPherson Assistant Director of Music Amy McPherson studied Music at Oxford University, where she was awarded a first class honours degree. Whilst at Oxford she also studied flute with Kate Hill (Royal Academy of Music). After graduating in 2010, Amy taught at Felsted School, most recently as Head of Academic Music and studied for a PGCE with Buckingham University. Amy continues to be an active solo, chamber and orchestral performer, recently being awarded Licentiate of the Royal School of Music with distinction. In her teaching career Amy has conducted ensembles in a wide range of styles, from marching bands to funk bands. She is a firm believer in the social, cultural and intellectual benefits of studying music and is passionate about encouraging student involvement and success in musical activities.


Physical Education at Downe House offers your daughter an exciting range of sports to participate in. We aim to provide a foundation for lifelong participation and enjoyment alongside competitive opportunities for all.

sport 18

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Sport at Downe House On Saturdays we expect over 350 girls take part in inter-school competitions; this is complemented by a busy fi xture list on Wednesday afternoons. With 100% match participation at junior level, every girl entering the School gains a taste of technique, practices, discipline and teamwork. Our girls achieve outstanding results and the School has a national reputation for lacrosse, athletics and squash. Many girls achieve County, Territorial and International Honours in a variety of sports. The major sports at Downe House are lacrosse, hockey, netball, swimming, squash, cross country, athletics, gymnastics, tennis and dance. As each girl progresses through the School she is able to specialise in her chosen sports and work with dedicated sports coaches to develop her potential. Every team at Downe House is taught by a specialist sports coach and we maintain small group sizes. Downe House has a strong House system and girls are also able to compete for their House in interhouse sports competitions throughout the year. Our Physical Education programme is designed to introduce girls to all the major sports at Downe House and to provide an introduction to a range of activities. Girls in LV (Year 10) and above also have the option to participate in football, badminton, basketball, volleyball, cricket, life saving and spinning. Academic Physical Education can be studied in the Sixth Form following the A Level Physical Education course. Girls study theoretical aspects of sport which include: Anatomy and Physiology, Sport Psychology and Historical and Contemporary Issues in Sport. Girls who have studied this have gone on to University to follow a wide variety of courses which include Medicine, Engineering, Law and Psychology. We are very proud of the extremely high standards achieved by the girls. Downe House has a strong ‘sport for all’ ethos; we aim to ignite a passion for sport in all our pupils.


Sports Scholarships are awarded to pupils at 11+, 13+ and 16+. The 11+ Scholarships are awarded for five years but will be reviewed annually. The 13+ awards are awarded for three years and reviewed annually. 16+ Scholarships are awarded for the two years of the Sixth Form.

sports scholar 20

an adventure in education

staff team Anna Neville, Lower Fifth Since joining Downe House I’ve been very lucky to have had the chance to pursue my love of sport. During my first few years I focused on netball, and with the support of the Downe House coaches I managed to get into Berkshire Satellite 1. In addition to this, I played for the Eagles netball club where we won the South Region league and qualified for U14 Nationals where we finished third. While I still love representing the School in netball, my focus has widened thanks to the opportunities that Downe has given me. I am fortunate to have been part of the U14A tennis team, I have represented Downe House and Berkshire Schools in cross country, have been part of the squash team that qualified for the Nationals, and have also been one of four athletes in the U15 Berkshire pentathlon team that came second in SE England. My main passion has been lacrosse, where I have had the privilege of being joint captain of the Downe House U15 team who made it to the semi-finals of the 2017 National Schools tournament. In addition to playing for the School, I was selected for the County and the SW U15 lacrosse team for the last two years, and would love to one day represent England. I continue to receive tremendous support from the PE staff, particularly through the Sports Scholarship Programme. I have weekly strength and conditioning sessions, fitness training and a Sports Mentor to help keep me focused and aid in my development. Recently, all Scholars had the chance to work with former England cricketer Lydia Greenway and Olympic rower Toby Garbett. We have also had the opportunity to be coached by former England netballer Shaunagh Craig. This allowed me to see the commitment it takes to reach the top level in sport from both a physical and mental perspective. Outside the Scholarship Programme I was given the chance to travel to Portugal for a pre-season tennis training camp and I am looking forward to the lacrosse tour to America. Â

Mrs Lydia Rayne Director of Sport Lydia Rayne has been Director of Sport at Downe House since 1997 and she is responsible for the overall leadership of the Department. Her aspiration is to ensure that every girl is given the opportunity to reach her potential. Lydia has ensured that Downe House has a national reputation for excellence in lacrosse, having won the National Schools Championships four times and guided many girls to achieve County and National Honours. The PE curriculum encourages girls to explore a range of sporting opportunities. This has encouraged girls to achieve National Honours in such varied disciplines as sailing, eventing, skiing and rowing. An ex-international player representing Scotland in lacrosse as well as being a Regional and County lacrosse coach (senior and junior), Lydia also represented the Scottish Midlands in Junior Hockey and competed in the Scottish Schools Cross Country and Athletics competitions. She completed a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Physical Education and Environmental Studies at Chelsea College (now part of Brighton University) in 1988.

Mrs Lizzie Broyd Head of Physical Education Lizzie Broyd joined Downe House in 2004 and is responsible for coordinating the curriculum that all the pupils follow, as well as the academic Physical Education course. Girls in the Sixth Form can select to study A Level Physical Education as part of their curriculum, as a major subject. The Department has achieved some outstanding academic results under her guidance. Lizzie specialises in coaching hockey, and she has led the School teams to achieve excellent results with several girls achieving County Honours at junior level. She also coaches the School gymnastic teams; the girls are regularly placed in the top ten nationally at the GISGA competition. Having played hockey at Senior Regional and County level, Lizzie gained a Bachelor of Education degree in Physical Education at Brighton University in 2004.


We provide an Information Booklet for each Scholarship Department (Academic, Art, Drama, Music and Sport) covering the eligibility criteria and the procedure for applying.

an adventure in education Downe House, Cold Ash Thatcham, Berkshire, RG18 9JJ


For further information please contact:

t: 01635 204719 f: 01635 202026

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Downe House Scholarships and Awards  

Find out how Downe House stretches and challenges the most able and how Scholars and Exhibitioners play a key part in the life of the School...

Downe House Scholarships and Awards  

Find out how Downe House stretches and challenges the most able and how Scholars and Exhibitioners play a key part in the life of the School...