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SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS Downe House offers Scholarships to girls with exceptional academic potential and our Award Holders play an important role in the academic life of the School, inspiring others to strive for excellence.

already entered for the School will be required to register before sitting for an Award and it is likely they will already be holding a conditional or unconditional place.

Types of Award We offer two types of Award. Full Scholarships are given to pupils who show exceptional academic ability and commitment, while Exhibitions are offered to pupils who have impressed us with their approach to study and who we feel show potential.

Duties of an Academic Award Holder An Academic Scholar is required to:

Value of Academic Awards The position of Academic Award Holder is an honour and privilege, allowing the recipient to play a prominent role in the life of the School and take on leadership opportunities. Award Holders benefit from regular mentoring and have access to enrichment and supercurricular opportunities to stretch and challenge them. Our Academic Scholars are encouraged and supported in their ambitions, whether it be to produce a student newspaper, enter an essay competition or apply to one of the world’s top universities. Eligibility and Procedures Academic Scholarships are awarded at 11+, 12+, 13+ and 16+. The Downe House 11+, 12+ and 13+ Scholarships are awarded on the results of examinations and interviews with the Headmistress, Head of Lower School, Upper School or Sixth Form and other relevant members of staff, which are held each year in January. No special preparation is needed for the examination. In addition to these major awards, Exhibitions are also awarded in each age group. Further minor awards for excellence in specific fields may be made if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves. Candidates must be under 12, under 13 or under 14 on 1 September following the examination. Girls sitting for entry to the Sixth Form must be in the final year of their GCSE studies or equivalent. Current headteachers are asked to write reports on their candidate’s academic ability, progress and personal qualities, which will be given careful consideration. There is no examination fee, but girls who are not

• Maintain a high standard of endeavour and conduct • Embrace opportunities to extend her learning • Make presentations, lead discussions or share knowledge with fellow pupils • Set an example in the way she approaches her studies • Enter competitions or set up new initiatives as appropriate. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What are the benefits of being an Academic Award Holder? All Award Holders will be guided through their School journey by an Academic Mentor. This will usually be the Head of Academic Enrichment. A fortnightly meeting will take place in which girls will explore areas of academic interest and plan how they can stretch and challenge themselves, carry out academic research and they will enjoy lively debate too. They will meet regularly with other Award Holders to share ideas together and will, from time to time, have the opportunity to work with Award Holders at and from other schools too. What qualities are looked for in a successful Academic Award Holder? The most important characteristic is that the Award Holders will show a genuine love of learning and a thirst for knowledge. They will enjoy independent study, be prepared to challenge themselves and show initiative in their learning. They will also be generous in their support of other pupils, encouraging them to share in the joy of learning. How can my daughter prepare for the examination? The best way to prepare for the examination is to read as much as possible, both novels and also newspapers and journals that are age appropriate, but challenging. Making the most of any learning opportunities that they have at their current school and also practising one or two of the past Scholarship papers will help

candidates to become familiar with the format and style of questioning.

The final decision about all matters relating to Scholarships lies with the Headmistress.

What do the interviews entail? The interviews will be a chance to talk about topics of interest to the candidates. They should be comfortable with discussing topics that they have been studying and be familiar with current affairs. It is likely that they will be asked to debate some topical issues, for example, equal rights, environmental challenges, assisted suicide. Whilst they would not be expected to have a detailed knowledge of all areas, they would be expected to be able to think through the possible arguments surrounding these issues.

For general enquires about Scholarships please contact Miss Angela Nutt, Registrar on or 01635 204701.

What is expected of an Academic Award Holder? An Academic Award Holder will be expected to perform at a high level across the curriculum and to work effectively in the classroom, contributing constructively to debate and producing work that often shows high levels of independent exploration. They will participate in an appropriate number of academic enrichment activities which will be agreed with their Academic Mentor but which will take account of their full range of school commitments. They will also give a talk and presentation each term to other pupils to share areas of interest with them. As they progress through the School, they are likely to become Academic Mentors who will help and encourage younger Award Holders. How long is the Award held for? Academic Scholarships and Exhibitions are valid in the first instance up to the end of GCSEs providing the Award Holder maintains a suitable standard of endeavour and conduct and fulfils the duties required of an Academic Award Holder. Awards are reassessed at this stage to ensure that the Award Holder has maintained a focus on academic excellence before entry to the Sixth Form. At 16+ Awards are held for the duration of the Sxith Form. Decisions about Scholarships If a candidate performs well in the Assessment Day tests, she will be invited to sit the Scholarship examinations. A candidate’s current school or parents may put her name forward and her performance in the Assessment Day tests should give evidence to support this proposal.

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Academic Awards and Scholarships Information Booklet  

Information and frequently asked questions about Academic Scholarships and Awards at Downe House.

Academic Awards and Scholarships Information Booklet  

Information and frequently asked questions about Academic Scholarships and Awards at Downe House.