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March - April 2010

President’s Column PRESIDENTIAL PERSPECTIVE To follow up on my last article on WIFME, I would like to introduce Bill’s First Theorem of Hobbies. A body of individuals, on the average, engaging in a hobby, will be devoted to that hobby only to the extent that the hobby stays a pleasurable experience, meets one or more basic needs, and does not become routine. Some may think the trick to maintaining member engagement is to balance the needs and preferences of the individual with the needs and preferences of the Chapter. This has an element of truth to it. But since the Chapter is simply a collection of individuals with differing pleasures and needs, it follows that it is not possible to realistically define the needs and preferences of the Chapter in such a way as to satisfy all individuals. Thus the definition of balance in this case becomes unclear. What is a pleasurable experience for one and meets one’s needs may be very different from what is pleasurable for and meets another’s needs.

As leaders and planners of the Chapter and of our weekly meetings, we cannot know everyone’s pleasures and needs. Only each of you as individuals can determine this. So I ask you to take 5 minutes (yes, right now) and think about what pleasures you derive from coming to the chapter meeting and what needs it satisfies. (this is a pause for you to do this)….. … now take the next step and suck up every bit of pleasure and need fulfillment you can from our meetings. If your pleasures and needs at our meetings are not being met to your satisfaction, then take action, become more involved, and actively peruse your specific pleasures and needs. It is all but guaranteed that most of them will be realized while engaging in this pursuit. After all, the end is simply the end – it’s the journey that really keeps our pleasures and needs satisfied. For me the pleasure of singing well and the need to have a few hours of escape from my busy everyday life is what keeps me committed. I look forward to every Chapter meeting as a whole new life experience, and thus for me they never become routine and I can say with conviction: It’s great to be a barbershopper in the Downeasters! Yours in harmony, Bill

INSTALLATION BANQUET 2010 Downeasters and friends gathered at the Sacred Heart Church in Yarmouth on Saturday January 16 for our annual Installation Banquet. A potluck buffet coordinated by Diane Blanchard (thank you, Diane!). Good food, good times and good songs where had by all as we celebrated the end of one award winning year and prepared for the beginning of our first International Competition year!

Downeasters Barbershop Chorus Greater Portland Chapter P.O. Box 48, Yarmouth, ME 04096 (207) 846-6841 Downeasters Leadership for 2010 Bill Peterlein……………………………………. President Walt Dowling .….……..……...VP, Music and Performance Cy Kendrick……..…..….………VP, Chapter Development Dave Marstaller………...……..…………………..Secretary Larry Bean……..…………………………………Treasurer Dave Cole…...…..…….………………….Delegate to NED Ted Tracy…….. ……………..……………....Past President Jack Baggs……..………………………………… Director Dwight Pensiero……………....……..…………....Librarian Tom Liebert…………..…VP, Marketing/PR & Webmaster Richard Roberge...……………………….Chorus Manager Tom Liebert………..………….……………….Webmaster Dave Brown ………..…………...Board Member At Large Dave Cole….….…….…….…….Board Member At Large Phil Gage ……………………….Board Member At Large Bruce Sturgis…….………..…Downeast Soundings Editor Email: Photos in this issue by Tere Porter

Help Save Mailing Expenses Cotton Damon Installs Officers Past President Ted was emcee for the evening and Cotton Damon did us the honor of installing our officers for 2010 (with a small mention of this reporter’s Rum Beef Stew…) Besides installing our leadership for the year, our Barbershopper of the Year is announced as well, and this year our Director, Jack Baggs earned that honor! Although he insisted that it was all of the Downeasters that worked hard and earned the award. Congratulations, Jack!

To help save on costs as we prepare for our trip to Philly, we are asking if any of you who currently receive a printed copy of the Soundings through the mail would be willing to just receive the electronic version through email? If so, please send an email to us at and indicate that you can forgo the printed version for the emailed version (a .pdf file). The Soundings can also be read online through a link on our website:

March 28 (Sun) What: Benefit Concert Type: Public performance Location: First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church 425 Congress Street Portland, ME

April 9-10 (Fri & Sat) What: Granite/Pine and Patriot Division Competition Type: Barbershop competition (public welcome) Location: Marshall Middle School 15 Floyd Street Billerica, MA

April 12 (Mon) What: Coaching Retreat with Steve Tramack Type: Downeasters Competition Chorus-only event Note: Other chorus members DO NOT need to attend Location: Harrison Middle School, Yarmouth, ME Time: 6:30 PM 10:00 PM

Jack Baggs Barbershopper of theYear 2

April 14 (Wed) What: Northshoremen Chorus Fundraiser to benefit the Downeasters Type: Barbershop performance (public welcome) Location: Italian Community Center 300 Rantoul Street Beverly, MA Time: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

May 22 (Sat) What: "Come Fly With Me" -- Downeasters Annual Concert, featuring Acoustix Quartet Type: Public performance Location: Winslow Auditorium Scarborough High School 20 Gorham Road Scarborough, ME Times: 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM Admission: Adults $20, Seniors $15, Students $10. EARLY BIRD SPECIAL! Buy your tickets by May 9th to enjoy these SAVINGS: Adults $18, Seniors $13, Students $8 More info: Call Dave Cole at (207) 846-6841

June 12 (Sat) What: Coaching Retreat with Steve Tramack Type: Downeasters Competition Chorus-only event Location: Harrison Middle School, Yarmouth, ME Time: 9:00 AM 2:30 PM

June 28 - July 4 What: International Convention of the Barbershop Harmony Society Type: Barbershop competition (public welcome) Location: Philadelphia, PA Hotel: Marriott Downtown.

INTERNATIONAL PUTS LOCAL QUARTET ON DEMO TAPE by Dick Wheeler In 1983 Fanfare (Fred Moore, Roy Peppiatt, Russ Lund, and Jim Simpson) represented the N.E.D. at the International Quartet contest in Seattle. Their complete performance was taped without their knowledge. Later that year this writer sent for an instructional video on Stage Presence which at that time was a judging category. Contestants were judged on costume, facial expressions, bowing, eye contact, and in general their deportment beginning with their appearance and ending with their exit. Imagine my surprise upon viewing the tape. There were four guys I knew doing their routine. Their sound was in the background while some speaker (unidentified) analyzed their stage presence collectively and individually. It was brutal! Of course I passed the tape on to the quartet. They were stunned! I had completely forgotten about this until Fred alluded to it at the recent installation banquet.

The 2010 Convention Pin

Portland to Host 2010 District Convention In case you have not heard, your Board of Directors has approved the Downeasters hosting the 2010 Northeastern District Convention. Miles has volunteered to chair this project – thank you, thank you, thank you, Miles. The date is most likely to be October 23 and 24, TBD by the NED Board. This is a great opportunity for the District Champs! Please give Miles any assistance he may ask for. 3

Music Committee-2010 Music Committee (Music Leadership Team) This committee has hit the ground running, working hard to make each member’s barbershop experience as satisfactory for them as possible. The Committee includes the Section Leaders, David Brown, Cy Kendrick, John Mansfield, Walt Dowling and member at large Jim Curtis. Together, they bring a rich depth of experience to the Committee.

Initial efforts of this group include: -Updating rules and regulations for chorus and competition chorus members. -Setting goals to enhance each member’s barbershop experience -Initiating a regular schedule for sectional rehearsals It is the mutual respect and cooperation each member has demonstrated thus far which has allowed this group to discuss important topics which relate to the music of the Downeasters. The MLT plans to meet on the first Wednesday of each quarter.

The State of the Chapter I have been reflecting on the morale of the Chapter with satisfaction. There are several indicators of the morale level of a Chapter. These include number of active members, attendance at performances, amount of informal quartetting at meetings, number of members in active quartets, and level of participation from the members. When morale is high, members are motivated to sing and perform better and they are having fun. By my reckoning, we have 60% of our active members actively involved in a role. Very high in my experience. Please show your appreciation to the following gentlemen. Ted – past president, International Convention Committee Chair Walt – Music VP, International Convention Committee, section leader Cy – Chapter Development VP, Polecat Program coordinator, Section leader Larry – Treasurer, assistant section leader Dave Marstallar – Secretary Dave Cole – Board member, Show Chair Tom Liebert – Marketing and PR VP, webmaster Dave Brown – Board member, mission statement committee co-chair, section leader Phil - Board member, Co-chair mission statement committee Jack – Director Miles – Co-chair social committee, District Convention Chair 4

Larry Newth – Co-chair social committee, Cookbook sales coordinator John Mansfield – Section leader Jim Curtis – assistant section leader Bruce – Soundings Editor Gerry - program, refreshments Ed – behind the scenes promotion Scott – Valentines coordinator Al – Yearbook coordinator Gary – Sunshine coordinator Carl Capello – Clam festival coordinator Dave Burns – Clam festival staff coordinator Dwight – librarian Fred – Associate director, assistant section leader Jim Simpson – Assistant section leader Richard – Chorus manager Bill - President Other statistics: We have 75% of our total membership active. Could be better but very good by any standard. We have 45% of our members in active quartets. We have an average of 75% of active members perform at singouts. Pretty good but wouldn’t it be great to be at 100%! In my opinion this indicates a healthy, happy Chapter with a moderate to high morale. I don’t know about you, but for me… it’s GREAT to be a barbershopper in the Downeasters!!!! Bill Have You Seen our Website Recently? Since winning the NED Competition, Tom Liebert has been focusing on creating a creditable Web presence for the Downeasters. So far, he has completely revamped the Downeasters website by adding substantial content, including video and has provided a link on every webpage pointing to the Soundings archive on currently being maintained by David Brown. Web improvement and maintenance is a substantial ongoing Marketing/PR project.


WEDNESDAY, APRIL 7 -- will be the startup lunch for 2010 for old guys (and those not so old -- but feel old) -- former and present Downeasters. PAT'S PIZZA -- in Yarmouth @ 11:30 A.M. Grand Pooh-Bah and Senior Curmudgeon "Fathah" Wheelah announces that the four lunch meetings of the Over-The-Hill-Gang will be in April, June, August, and October. Dates of the others to be announced.

On The Go was relatively quiet for the last month. We did perform at Maine Medical Center, in the Gibson Pavillion, for former Downeaster member Harvey Weinstein. The patient and the nurses on the floor seemed to enjoy this. The quartet felt really good after doing this sing-out because of how it makes a patient feel.

Thank you Racing City Chorus!

Come, bring walkers, canes, respirators, teeth, hearing aids, bags (you know the kind) -- and stories -- lots of stories. A good OLD time will be had by all!!! RSVP REQUIRED TO: REW -- ("Fathah" Wheelah) 773-1991 WHA (Wheelah's Humble Assistant) 781-2597

Quartet Corner

Port City Sound (shown singing at the Installation Banquet) scored a 20th place showing out of 82 for a 65.1% score and Three judge score of 1171 at International Seniors Quartet Convention International, Quartet Finals Seniors, Tampa, Florida, January 29, 2010! On Friday Feb.12 they delivered a special Singing Valentine "LIVE" on WGME-13's DAYBREAK TV show.

On Monday January 11, Patrick Gilgallon from the Saratoga Springs Racing City Chorus, visited our rehearsal to present us with our Plateau AA Chorus Champion trophy. The big surprise was what the Racing City Chorus members had placed in the trophy for the Downeasters‌

$304 in Liberty and Susan B Anthony coins from Saratoga Springs Racing City Chorus donated towards our International Competition expenses. It’s great to be a Barbershopper in the NED!


2010 Mar-Apr Soundings  

Portland Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Society Newsletter

2010 Mar-Apr Soundings  

Portland Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Society Newsletter