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-The Downeasters Soundings Weekly is a weekly email newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Chorus. -Please send any Barbershopping news, Chorus news and show dates, Quartet news and appearances, Notes of Interest- including Chorus Shows and other Public Entertainment dates from around New England, requests to be removed from, or added to, the distribution list, etc. to -Deadline for submission of articles of interest to the chorus is 5:00pm Thursdays. -This, and all Soundings are available online at:

And away we go‌ Downeasters Chorus Rehearsal Agenda for United Methodist Church 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Monday, July 2, 2012 6:45-7:25

Competition songs-Voluntary participation




Welcome Warmup


Sectional-Teddy Bear


Chorus-Teddy Bear


Chorus-concert songs a. Come Fly With Me b. Almost Like Being In Love c. How Deep Is The Ocean




Chorus-concert songs a. Just In Time b. Love Me c. Teddy Bear d. Lost In The Stars e. America The Beautiful




 PAVILION SHOW OLD ORCHARD BEACH PAVILION Tuesday, July 10, 2012 7:00 P.M. The following is information concerning the July 10th show at the Old Orchard Beach Pavilion facility. 1. Song list

a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h. i. j.

Come Fly With Me Almost Like Being In Love How Deep Is The Ocean Quartet-one or two Just In Time Love Me Teddy Bear Quartet-two Lost In The Stars America The Beautiful

2. Uniform a. Tux pants b. Colored shirt c. Black vest, tie, shoes and socks 3. Location-2 Church St.-Off Union Ave., Old Orchard Beach 4. Time to appear-Not later than 6:30 P. M. 5. Parking-Personnel at the Pavilion request that we park at Old Orchard Beach High School, since parking is very limited at the Pavilion site. There is a shuttle, starting at 6:00 P. M., from the high school to the concert site. a. Directions to the high school-From Exit 36, I95, bear left at 7-11(Saco Ave,) and proceed to the first traffic light. Turn left at the fire station. The high school is a short distance on the right. *******************************************************************

Competition Chorus Auditioning Those members interested in auditioning for the Competition Chorus, who have not yet done so, may do so through the second Monday in August. Please keep your Section Leader informed. Upcoming Dates to Remember July 10 Tue TBA July 20-22 Fri, Sat, Sun July 21 Sat 3:30 PM

Chorus concert at Old Orchard Beach Pavilion, along with Royal River Yarmouth Clam Festival Downeaster’s Concert @ Yarmouth Clam Festival

Pavilion/Clam Festival-July, 2012 Tentative Song List: Come Fly With Me Chattanooga Choo Choo Almost Like Being In Love When I Fall In Love Love Me

How Deep Is The Ocean? Boardwalk Just In Time When I Fall In Love Lost In The Stars America The Beautiful Note: If, When I Fall In Love, is not sung at the Pavilion Show, it will be replaced with Old Cape Cod. Notes of Interest ………………………………………………………… Please send notes of your quartet’s outings, Shows that you have seen, Quartet or Chorus news from around New England to: Boston Saengerfest Male Chorus at OOB July 21 Anyone that may not be at the Clam Festival on this evening may be interested in checking out the Boston Saengerfest Male Chorus. They sing at The Temple in Old Orchard Beach on Saturday July 21. The concert is at 7:30 PM. In the attached program you will see they have a VLQ that sings some barbershop. It may be fun to try to grab a few guys to sing a tag! -- Mike Soper Chapter District Coordinator I am pleased to announce that Marshall Wagner has accepted the position of chapter coordinator for the Downeasters Chorus' involvement in the District Contest. Please make sure that anything involving the contest goes through Marshall from this point on and please bring him up to date on anything that is in place or is in the works already. Thanks, Granville SUNDAY JULY 22 Gentlemen. Yarmouth Clam Festival is upon us, three weeks from today, everything should be set up and fine tuned. The YFC as always, ends at 6:00 PM on Sunday and we just don't walk away and leave everything where it is for next year.!!. We need several volunteers to tear everything down and get it back into our shed at the Yarmouth land-fill. As of now, we have 4 guys signed up for this project and are asking you to consider giving a few more hours. We also need guys with pick up trucks to transport all of the material, and of course you need to bring your trusty battery operated drill/driver. Please contact me, or Bill Peterlein, Carl has his hands full getting other things done. Thanks for your help. Marshall 2012 Fall District Convention & Contests October 19-21, 2012

The Contest cycle culminates in the Fall with: 1. District Chorus & Quartet Championship 2. Chorus International Qualification 3. Seniors Quartet International Qualification NED Fall Contest orders of appearance Listed below is the preliminary order of appearance for choruses and quartets: CHORUSES 1. Poughkeepsie, NY 2. South Shore, QC 3. Hanover, NH 4. Burlington, VT 5. Saratoga Springs, NY 6. Nashua, NH 7. Central, CT 8. Manchester, CT 9. Providence, RI 10. Concord, NH 11. Schenectady, NY 12. Kentville, NS 13. Fall River, MA 14. Greater Montreal, QC 15. Beverly, MA 16. Hartford, CT 17. Lowell, MA 18. Concord, MA 19. Danbury, CT 20. St. John's, Nfld 21. Downeasters (host)

'The Soundings' 50th Anniversary Issue. Here’s that link – Enjoy! Upcoming Dates to Remember July 10 Tue TBA July 20-22 Fri, Sat, Sun July 21 Sat 3:30 PM

Chorus concert at Old Orchard Beach Pavilion, along with Royal River Yarmouth Clam Festival Downeaster’s Concert @ Yarmouth Clam Festival

COACHING Schedule: June-October, 2012 August 20 Monday Sept. 21 & 22 Friday evening & Saturday October 1 Monday Future Events:

Jul. 10 (Tue) What: A night of Harmony with The Downeasters & The Royal River Chorus Where: Seaside Pavilion - Old Orchard Beach Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm Jul. 20, 21, 22 (Fri, Sat, Sun) What: Yarmouth Clam Festival Where: Yarmouth Food Court - Lime Rickey Booth Time: All Day Jul. 21 (Sat) What: Downeaster’s Concert @ Yarmouth Clam Festival Where: Yarmouth Clam Festival Time: 3:30pm Aug. 20 (Mon) What: Chorus Coaching Where: Time: 7:00pm Sep. 14 - 16 (Fri, Sat, Sun) What: New England Harmony Brigade Where: Central Massachusetts area Time: Fri 3:30pm, Sat All Day, Sun Breakfast Link to The New England Harmony Brigade website: Sep. 15 (Sat) What: Camden Windjammer’s Annual Show Guest quartets: Port City Sound AND Downtown Crossing Where: Rockport Opera House Time: 7:00pm Sep. 29 (Sat) What: The Nor’Easters Annual Show Guest quartets: Back Bay Four AND Downtown Crossing Where: Methodist Church, Church Rd, Brunswick Time: 7:00pm Nov. 10 (Sat) What: Wounded Heroes Benefit Performance Where: Winslow Homer Auditorium, Scarborough High School Time: 2:00pm Nov. 19 – Nov. 22 (Fri-Sun) What: Northeast District Convention & Contests Where: TBD - Maine Time:

Downeasters Leadership for 2012 President Granville Barrows <> Primary: (603) 553-3608 Secretary Dave Marstaller <> Primary: (207) 751-1339 Secondary: (207) 865-3731 VP - Music and Performance

Past President Bill Peterlein <> Primary: (207) 576-3313 Secondary: (207) 926-3054 Treasurer Carl Cappello <> Primary: (207) 829-2840 VP - Mktg & PR

Walt Dowling <> Primary: (207) 934-5857 Co-VP of Membership & Chapter Development Cy Kendrick < Primary: (207) 449-8587 Secondary: (207) 729-5201 Board Member at Large Mike Soper <> Primary: (508) 517-1647 Secondary: (207) 730-5624 Director Jack Baggs <> Primary: (207) 892-5192 Webmaster Lawrence Bean <> Primary: (888) 678-9866 "Soundings" Newsletter Editor Bruce Sturgis <> Primary: (207) 312-3423 Secondary: (207) 784-1510

Bruce Sturgis Soundings Weekly Editor email: Downeasters Barbershop Chorus

David Sweet <> Primary: (207) 967-8553 Co-VP of Membership & Chapter Development David Brown <> Primary: (207) 650-2454 Board Member at Large Marshall Wagner <> Primary: (207) 232-1543 Chorus Manager Ryan Norfleet <> Primary: (207) 253-9433 Secondary: (207) 510-1444 Librarian Dwight Pensiero <> Primary: (207) 353-3244 DVP of Membership Dave Cole <> Primary: (207) 671-4730 Secondary: (207) 797-9618

6/29/2012 Soundings Weekly  

The weekly newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Chorus

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