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-The Downeasters Soundings Weekly is a weekly email newsletter of the Downeasters Barbershop Harmony Chorus. -Please send any Barbershopping news, Chorus news and show dates, Quartet news and appearances, Notes of Interest- including Chorus Shows and other Public Entertainment dates from around New England, requests to be removed from, or added to, the distribution list, etc. to -Deadline for submission of articles of interest to the chorus is 5:00pm Thursdays. -This, and all Soundings are available online at:

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Downeasters Chorus Rehearsal Agenda for United Methodist Church 52 Tuttle Road, Cumberland, Maine Monday, March 4, 2013 7:00-7:15 Warmup (Jay/Miles) (Risers) 7:15-7:30 Repertoire Run (Crazy, Anytime At All, Come Fly With Me) 7:30-8:15 You Make Me Feel So Young (Risers) 8:15-8:35 Business Meeting (Pews) 8:35-9:10 The Way You Look Tonight (Risers) 9:10-9:30 Two Full Run-Throughs of Contest Set 9:30-9:45 Raffle and Keep the Whole World (Pews) *************************************************************************** ****

Tentative Future Rehearsal Schedules: March 11, 2013

DEBBIE TO ATTEND 7:00-7:15 Warmup (Jim C/Walt) 7:15-7:30 Repertoire Run (Just in Time, Live Til I Die, Almost Like Being in Love) 7:30-8:15 You Make Me Feel So Young clean up (Risers) 8:15-8:35 Break 8:35-9:10 The Way You Look Tonight clean up (Risers)

9:10-9:30 Two set run-throughs of Contest Package (Risers) 9:30-9:45 Raffle and Keep the Whole World (Pews)

Here is the YouTube link to the Downeasters contest song run through on Saturday. -Jay Wiley

Presentation Plans The written Presentation Plans for "The Way You Look Tonight" and "You Make Me Feel So Young" are now available in the Member's Only Library. These are "living" documents. They will be updated as necessary if changes need to be made, and the revision date at the top will be changed. Contest songs: #1 YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG #2 THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT Visit the Members Only Section of for the Music Library and other Downeasters Resources.

Notes of Interest ………………………………………………………… Please send pictures and notes of your quartet’s outings, Shows that you have seen, Shows that you are looking forward to seeing, Quartet or Chorus news from around New England to:

Steve Isherwood Steve is beginning treatment for cancer in the throat area. Since he was originally a Downeasters and is a very well known barbershopper, there may be folks who would like to send him a card. His mailing address is 179 Ontario St., Providence, RI 02907. -Larry Newth

New England Harmony Brigade still accepting apps-Need Bari's and Leads

in Particular Hi Folks: The New England Harmony Brigade is still accepting Applications for the 2013 Rally, in all parts! And we will continue to do so until we reach the maximum of 120 people attending. But your application may not be reviewed and you may not get accepted in time to receive your music by April 15th. And right now, we are somewhat heavy on Basses and Tenors, so you might be wait-listed until we can add enough Bari's and Lead's. The brigade rally takes place September 20th-22nd, 2013 in Marlborough Massachusetts. You can drive or fly to Boston and then drive about 40 minutes to get there. If you think you would enjoy the challenge of learning twelve gold-medal arrangements one hundred percent note and word perfect and then singing the daylights out of them with similarly prepared guys over a beautiful weekend in New England, then the Brigade is for you. Last year's attendees raved about what a great time they had! For more information, or to apply, please go to, or contact . Yours, In Harmony, Lee Daum

PRESS RELEASE: Sounds of Concord Is Now Vocal Revolution For Immediate Release LEXINGTON, MA - The Sounds of Concord, the Concord, MA Chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, today announced its name change to Vocal Revolution. The chorus has been entertaining audiences in the Greater Boston area with its unique four-part harmony since 1970. "Vocal Revolution is a name that more accurately reflects the transformation of our chorus in recent years. Today, we are a large chorus that draws from across the Metro Boston area, not a community chorus based out of Concord, MA," said Douglas Peterson, the Concord, MA Chapter president. "Through this re-branding, we will increase the visibility of our chorus within the community and develop more opportunities to share our love of singing with the Boston area." Vocal Revolution will continue in its mission of educational service, musical development, public performance, and competition. Vocal Revolution meets weekly on

Thursdays at 7:30 PM at Temple Emunah, 9 Piper Rd. Lexington, MA. For more information, please contact Concord, MA Chapter, S.P.E.B.S.Q.S.A., Inc. President, Douglas Peterson at or go to> .

LiveWire 2-28-13: Grammys to honor music educators ... Barbershop recordings nominated for CARA awards ... Toronto ... Harmony U ... and more! A free weekly email newsletter of the Barbershop Harmony Society: Link:

LiveWire - BHS Weekly Newsletter Past Issues of LiveWire and Subscriptions available at this link:

'The Soundings' 50th Anniversary Issue. Here’s that link – Enjoy!

Future Events: Mar. 15-17 (Fri - Sun) What: Granite and Pine Division Contest Where: Chelmsford Middle School 250 North Road Chelmsford, MA 01824 Times: TBA Mar. 25 (Mon What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Apr. 17 (Wed) What: Beverly Bash Where: Beverly, MA, exact location: TBA Times: TBA Apr. 20 (Sat) What: Bangor's Annual Show Where: location: TBA

Times: TBA Apr. 22 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Apr. 26-28 (Fri-Sun) What: Harmony Inc Area 2 Contests Where: Leominster, MA Times: TBA May 4 (Sat) What: Downeasters Annual Show Where: Yarmouth High School Performing Arts Center, Yarmouth, Maine Time: 7:00pm May 18 (Sat) What: Kora Shrine Center Concert Where: 11 Sabattus Street, Lewiston,, Maine Time: To Be Announced May. 20 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Jun. 10 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Jul. 29 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Aug. 3 (Sat) What: Deertrees Theatre Concert Where: 156 Deertrees Road, Harrison, Maine Time: To Be Announced Link: Aug. 23 (Fri) What: Coaching Retreat Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm Aug. 24 (Sat) What: Coaching Retreat Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

Aug. 26 (Fri) What: Carry Over Retreat Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Sep. 20-22 (Fri - Sun) What: New England Harmony Brigade Extreme Quartetting Weekend Cost: $285 Total, $140 due with Application The Big Saturday Night Show (Public Invited) Sat. 7:00pm Where: Marlborough, Mass For more info: Sep. 21 (Sat) What: Windjammers Annual Show Where: Rockport Opera House, Rockport Times: 7:00pm Sep. 23 (Mon) What: Coaching Rehearsal Where: Tuttle Road Methodist Church Time: 7:00pm Sep. 28 (Sat) What: Noreasters Annual Show Where: Methodist Church, Church Rd. Brunswick Times: 7:00pm Oct. 18-20 (Fri - Sun) What: Fall NED District Convention/Contest Where: Westbrook Performing Arts Ctr. 471-Stroudwater Street Westbrook, Maine 04092 Times: TBA Nov. 13-17 (Wed-Sun) What: Harmony Inc International Convention Where: Windsor, ONT. Times: TBA

Downeasters Leadership for 2013 President Granville Barrows <> Primary: (603) 553-3608 Secretary Dave Marstaller <> Primary: (207) 751-1339 Secondary: (207) 865-3731

Past President Bill Peterlein <> Primary: (207) 576-3313 Secondary: (207) 926-3054 Treasurer Carl Cappello <> Primary: (207) 899-2200

VP - Music and Performance Miles Hunt <> Primary: (207) 653-8591 VP of Membership & Chapter Development Jim Johnston <> Primary: (774) 233-0517 Secondary: (845) 264-4583 Board Member at Large Mike Soper <> Primary: (207) 318-7454 Secondary: (207) 730-5624 Chorus Manager

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3/1/2013 Soundings Weekly  
3/1/2013 Soundings Weekly  

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